LIPINSKI, HELEN - mutant girl, as youth encountered Micronauts.
    control toys, fire optic blasts
    (app)--Micronauts I#18

LIPPERT, RAY - formerly of Carltonco, joined Damage Control
    --Damage Control II#2 (3, 4, Damage Control III#1-3

LIPPY LOUIE - Skrull from Kral, rival of Boss Barker, used Torgo as his prime warrior, presumably slain in the slave revolt
    *D* (app-kral)--Fantastic Four I#91 (92, 93

LIPSCOMBE, Dr. ANGELA - neuropsychologist, college girlfriend of Bruce Banner, abandoned by him when she was accepted for further research and he was not, sought for aid by him when he contracted Lou Gehrig’s disease
    (net)--Incredible Hulk III#12 (12(fb1,2), 12-20, Avengers III#39, 40, Hulk#29, 30, 32

LIPTON, ALEX - Roxxon research & development, brain patterns made part of Vision, killed when discovered Roxxon's secret weapon
    --Avengers Spotlight#40d

LIPTON, LAURA - wife of Alex, sought out Vision to be reunited with her husband
    --Avengers Spotlight#40 (Avengers I#348

LIPTON, TRENTON III - Great Game sponsor, brought Poison (Cardinale) into the competition
    --Spider-Man I#64

LIR - presumably Leir, worshipped in Hyborian era

LIR, MANNANAN MAC - presumably Leir, Celtic deity worshipped by Bran Mak Morn, etc.

LIRA - Light Brigade, possible aka LYRA
    (app-lb)--Death's Head III#9

    posed as albino servant of Kang
    (app-immmortus)--X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book 1: The Past

LISA ?? - lover of Charles, turned into a werewolf by Violet
    --Monsters Unleashed#1

LISA ?? - Souls of the Damned, lesbian, accepted into Heaven
    (app-crow)--Hellstorm#7 (10(fb), 7-10

LISA ?? -     University of Wisconsin-Madison, grounds crew
    (app-alaris)--Inhumans V#5

LISA ?? - Black Dahlias
    --Order II#5, (identified) #6 (6 (fb), 5, 8-9

LISA - niece of Uncle Morty, went for drinks with Morty in Union Square, covered in vampire blood when the Union Square Suicide Bomber blew himself up, returned home to her boyfriend, compelled to go to Xarus, told him that she thirsted, vamped or drained by Xarus.
    --X-Men II#1

LISA ?? - youth in tornado-damaged Oklahoma town, befriended Captain America (Steve Rogers)
    --Captain America#616/5 (2011)

LISIMBA - Wakandan, palace guard, had just had daughter when killed by invading Skrulls
    *D*--Black Panther IV#40 (40d)

LISSA of the Hyborian era - Gazali, rescued by Amalric
    --<REH untitled>, Drums of Tombalku, Savage Sword of Conan#21

LISSAL of the "Age of Legend" - princess, joined Pit Tippit, Trolkin, & Vandal against Arak
    (app-arak)--Tower of Shadows#7/3

LITERAL LAD - see SPELLCHECK (app)--Tangled Web of Spider-Man#18

    --Avengers III#40

LITHODIA REXIAN race - extraterrestrial, four natives inhabited Easter Island with intent of eventually conquering Earth, discovered @ 1959 by unidentified pilot and planned to kill him, but left him alone after he decided he had just imagined it; four remained on Easter Island
    (app)--Tales to Astonish I#5/1

LITTER (Basenji, Dane, Pitbull, Poodle, Terrier)
    - ESU foreign exchange students who genetically engineered themselves to be able to transform into humanoid dogs, fought Spider-Man and Captain Britain
    (app)--Excalibur I#53 ([53 (fb)], 53 (fb)

LITTERBUG ( ) - Morlocks, formerly part of the Chicago sect
    armored roach-like form, dig/tunnel through concrete
    (198, app)--Morlocks#1 (2-4, Uncanny X-Men#487-489

LITTLE, ABNER - Collectors, Council of Antiquarians, formerly involved with Black Panther, sought Iron Man’s aid in locating an artifact
    MISTER LITTLE* (app)--Black Panther I#1(2-7, Iron Man III#18, 21/2, 22, Black Panther III#40-45

LITTLE, DONNA - owner of Donna Little's Trailer Park, wife of Terrance, mother of Roz
    --She-Hulk II#24

LITTLE, ROSALIND "ROZ" - daughter of Donna & Terrance
    --She-Hulk II#24

LITTLE, TERRANCE - husband of Donna, father of Terrance
    --She-Hulk II#24


LITTLEBEAR, Pvt. JAY – World War II, Native American, Leatherneck Raiders, later imprisoned unjustly and joined Deadly Dozen, former wrestler, shot and killed by Germans on the Dozen's final mission
    used bow and arrow
    *D* (app)--Captain Savage & Leatherneck Raiders#1 ([1(fb)], 1-8, Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders#9-11, Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#64, CSahBR#12-19, [Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#1(fb)], 1(fb), 1-2, [3], Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#104, CKahDD#4-5, 6(fb), 6-9

LITTLE BERTHA of Earth-Nightside - Others, former leader of the Little People, slain + replaced by Tiny Tim as part of the plot of the Five
    *D* (app-others)--Nightside#1 (1(fb,d)

LITTLE CLOUD - Native American, transported to Canada by Hurricane (Harry Kane)
    --Marvel Westerns: Western Legends#1

LITTLE D - Microverse, dwarf-like leader of Den O’ Thieves and the mobs on Prisonworld, allied with Micronauts
    (app)--Micronauts I#53 (54, 57

LITTLE FLOWER (    ) - @ 1836, Renegades, French-Canadian(?)
    abnormally strong
    (app-renegades)--Western Gunfighters II#1/5 (4/3

"little green men" - extraterrestrials?, battled Captain America (Jeff Mace) and Bucky (Fred Davis) in 1947
    --Captain America: Patriot#2 (2010)

LITTLEHALE, Mrs. ; -mother of Lighttrakker
    --Power Pack I#37 (39, 40

LITTLEHAWK, BONITA -     mother of Jimmy, shot him when he tried to kill American Eagle
    (app-jimmy)--Marvel Comics Presents I#128 (128/2

LITTLEHAWK, JIMMY - Navaho criminal, tracked down by American Eagle
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#128 (128/2(fb), 128/2

LITTLE HERCULES ( ) - Super-strong and super-intelligent twelve-year-old.
    --Daring Mystery Comics#5 (June, 1940)

LITTLE JOHN - associate of Robin of Locksley (aka Robin Hood)
    --Knights of Pendragon I#18

LITTLE JOHN ( )    A criminal accomplice of Robin Hood and Friar Tuck
    tall and gangly and relied on his brute strength in combat
    --Captain America Comics#59/2 (November 1946) “Pennies from Heaven”

LITTLE JOHN - see JOHNS, JESSE (app-skywolves)--Marvel Fanfare I#16

LITTLE JOHN (John Lewandow) - Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation
    --Thing I#34

LITTLE LATVERIA - Latveria-theme truck stop and tourist Mecca, North Carolina, along Route 95
    --Generation X: Crossroads, p249-250

LITTLE LOCO (Luis Rodriguez) - criminal in Spanish Harlem, trained by Black Tarantula, came to rule a gang after the Tarantula was imprisoned, hired to kill a woman and make it look like a suicide, exposed by Daredevil, killed by Black Tarantula
    *D*--Daredevil II Annual#1 (1 (fb), 1d

"little man in black" - encountered and fled from It, the Thing that couldn't Die
    (app)--It, by Theodore Sturgeon; adapted in Supernatural Thrillers#1


LITTLE PEOPLE - see LOST RACE--Savage Sword of Conan#68/2, 69/2

LITTLE PEOPLE (Tony Casino) - criminals, sought vengeance for life of humiliation, tried to fill mob position after death of Tommy Casino, cut enemy’s legs off at the knees, forced them to serve he and his dwarf allies
    --Punisher VI#16 (17

LITTLE PEOPLE of Earth-Nightside (Little Bertha, Tiny Tim) - Others, able to control the Worms of the Earth

LITTLE POISON (   ) - female Axis spy; encountered Monstro the Mighty
    (app-Monstro)--Comedy Comics#10 (June, 1942)

LITTLE SIMBAS (    ) - youths brainwashed into serving Col. Shetani
    --Uncanny X-Men#474

LITTLE SKITTERLING - Demon Horde, told Hela that Thor had allied with the Wolves of the North
    --Thor: Wolves of the North#1

LITTLESKY, EVAN - brother of Portal
    --Darkhawk#45 (46, 49, 50

LITTLESKY, - mother of Portal
    --Darkhawk#45 (46, 49,50

LITTLESKY, SYLVIA - sister of Portal
    --Darkhawk#45 (46, 49, 50

LIU, WILLIAM - Chinese scientist, employed by Yellow Claw, attempted to warn Avengers, killed when bomb implanted within him set off by the Yellow Claw
    (app)--Avengers I#204 (205d

LIUCHOW, Dr. CHEN - legion of the night, Taiwanese, former student of Chinese History, former professor at University of California-Berkely, used fin fang foom to escape tyranny of communist china in past, then tricked Foom into returning to his lair and placed him back into slumber, battled Foom/Aan Taanu alongside the Legion
    (app)--Strange Tales I#89 (Legion of the Night#1, 2

LIVERER of Reality-12115 - Galactus-esque being obsessed with consume pate made from multiversal counterparts of a single duck; unzipped warp in belly threatened all reality, rezipped by Howard the Duck and Legion of Howards
    --SHIELD III#10

LIVEWIRE (Rance Preston) - circus of crime, former agent of psycho-man.
    uses electrified lariat
    (I#2,D#2)--Fantastic Four An#5 (Power Man#24, 25, Howard the Duck#27, Marvel Two-In-One#70, 76, Ghost Rider II#72, 73, Incredible Hulk II#292, Power Pack I#59, Spider-Man/Devil Dinosaur Annual 1998

LIVEWIRES (Cornfed, Gothic Lolita, Hollowpoint Ninja, Homebrew, Social Butterfly, Stem Cell)
    successors to Mannites & LMDs, track down and destroy other top-secret research programs, destroyed by hivemind mechas, collected by Stem Cell to be rebuilt

LIVEWORLD dimension - realm of Dreamqueen, formerly inhabited by Laura Dean or Goblyn, physical substance is able to be altered by minds of those inhabiting it
    --Alpha Flight I#55

LIVIA - priestess of the Exiles of Central City
    (app-greatcoordinator)--Fantastic Four I#294 (295

LIVILLA - evil goddess, patron of Xennus
    (app-sib)--Dr. Strange II#46

LIVING ARSENAL - see CANCER (LMD Zodiac) (app)--Defenders I#49,50

Living Asteroids
    --Amazing Adult Fantasy I#10 (3/1962 ), 3rd story "No Sign Of Life"

LIVING BOMBS - sacrificed selves to try to kill Vision in protest of relationship between him and Scarlet Witch
    (app)--Avengers I#113 ([113(fb)], 113

LIVING COBALT TIME-BOMB - see FREAK (Hogan)--Iron Man I#84

LIVING BRAIN - robot created by Mr. Petty of international computing machines corporation, brought to midtown hs for demonstration, two criminals attempted to steal it to have it predict horse races, short-circuited it in the process, went on rampage at midtown until deactivated by spider-man, later used by another group of criminals and still later rebuilt by Steve Petty and sent on a rampage for revenge on a bully.
    housed vast information database, possessed capacity to analyze information and adapt to new challenges, superhuman strength, advanced form could fly + hover
    (1960s, app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#8 (Peter Parker: Spider-Man#20 (fb), [Web of Spider-Man#35(fb)], 35

LIVING BUDDHA - servant of Shuma-Gorath, ruler of Shadow-Men of Kaa-U, possibly trained Cagliostro, killed in collapse if crypts of Kaa-U
    *D* --Marvel Premiere#9 (Lofficier's Book of the Vishanti, 9, 10d)

LIVING COLOSSUS - see IT--Tales of Suspense I#14

LIVING BULLDOZER - see BULLDOZER (app)--Captain America I#133

LIVING CHRISTMAS TREES - see DOCTOR TANNENBAUM's living Chrismas trees (app-tannenbaum)--GLA#1

LIVING COLOSSUS 2099 of Earth-Amalgam - it the living colossus + colossal boy, legion of galactic guardians II
    --Spider-Boy Team-Up#1

LIVING DEMON - see GOR-KILL (app-gorkill)--Tales of Suspense I#12

LIVING DIAMOND (Jack Winters) - mutant, X-Humed, forced Cyclops to assist him, latent powers activated by exposure to radiation.
    originally possessed diamond fists, later transformed entirely into mobile diamond-form, destroyed, briefly resurrected by Black Talon
    JACK O'DIAMONDS*, DEAD DIAMOND* *D* (1960s, app)--X-Men I#41/2 (42/2d, She-Hulk II#34+35(zombie)

LIVING EARTH of Earth-Evolutionary War - evolved life on Earth eventually merged with the planet
    (app-ee)--What If? II#1

LIVING ERASER - Dimension Z, executed after temporarily usurping the role of the Supremacy.
    used wrist-devices to phase others out of existence in their dimensions and bring them to his
    *D* (2006#6, app)--Tales to Astonish I#49 ([49(fb)], 49, Marvel Two-In-One#15(fb), 15, [Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#2(fb)], [She-Hulk II#35(fb,d)]

LIVING ERASER - Dimension Z, successor to i, similar powers and appearance
    (2006#6, app)—She-Hulk II#35 (37, [Defenders II#1?]

LIVING ERASERS – Legion sent to Earth during attacks by Yandroth
    (2006#6)--[Defenders II#1]

LIVING LASER (Arthur Parks) - criminal, former research scientist, designed costume, mutated by siphoning process of Kenneth Sturdy, eventually transformed entirely into light, Lethal Legions, Mandarin’s Minions, Batroc’s Brigade, Hood's army
    formerly used costume able to fire lasers, later transformed entirely into light, powers vastly amplified
    "TITANIUM MAN" (I#6, D#7, M, OH:AZU#1, net)—Avengers I#34 (35, Avengers An1, Captain America I#105, Av78, 79, Avengers Annual#6(fb), Av151, 153, An5, Av164-166, Iron Man I#153(fb), 152, 153, 211, Quasar#6, [30(fb)], IM#258-260, 263, 288, 289, Incredible Hulk II#418, [New Avengers#1-3]/4(fb), Iron Man: The Inevitable#1-6, Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#1-5, New Avengers#35, Annual#2

LIVING LIGHTNING - see LIGHTNING MACHINE (app-legion)--Tales to Astonish I#97

LIVING LIGHTNING (Miguel Santos) - Queen's Vengeance, Avengers West Coast, Pacific Overlords, Rangers, college student at UCLA, son of a member of Legion of Living Lightning, gained ability to transform self into electricity, stationed at deep space monitoring station while taking correspondence courses
    (M, OH: Av2005, net)--Avengers West Coast#63 (70, 72-74, Avengers West Coast An6, 6/4, AWC75(fb), 75-79, AWC#80, Avengers I#345, Quasar#33, Wonder Man II#8, Thor I#446, AWC#82, WondM#9,Av347, Captain America I#401(Cage#8), AWC#84-86, Annual#7/4, 7/5, WM12/Infinity War#2/Fantastic Four I#367/Moon Knight III#41, Quas38/InfW3/Fantastic Four#368, 369/IW4, WM15, IW6/F4#370, Darkhawk Annual#1, Avengers West Coast Annual#7, Iron Man Annual#13, AWC#87, IM285,286, AWC88, 89,90, WM16-18, AWC92, Darkhold#5, AWC96, Force Works#8, 10/2, Avengers III#1-3, [4], 27, 38, 47, 48, 50, 53, 55, Order#5,6, Marvel Universe: The End#1, 5, 6, Av86-88, GLA#2, 4, Civil War#5, 6-7/Amazing Spider-Man#537-538/Civil War: Front Line#11

LIVING LIGHTNING LAD 2099 of Earth-Amalgam -living lightning + lightning lad, legion of galactic guardians I
    —Spider-Boy Team-Up#1

LIVING LIGHTNING LASS 2099 of Earth-Amalgam -living lightning + lightning lass, legion of galactic guardians I
    --Spider-Boy Team-Up#1


LIVING MONOLITH (Ahmet Abdol) - Twelve, archeologist, led cult of living pharaoh, found homeless by apocalypse, had sinister graft a sample of alex summers/havok’s dna to him, had symbiotic relationship where he and havok each only possessed half of their full power, eventually absorbed so much power that he became immobile, cast into space by thor, grew into near planetary size, mind tried to manipulate living pharaoh (Martinez), body discovered by skrulls, returned to earth and reanimated by apocalypse, served as channeling medium for the energy of the twelve.
    absorb and project cosmic energy as force; by blocking out other absorbers of cosmic radiation, such as havok or by channeling power through a focusing medium ie cheops crystal, transform into immense and powerful entity
    -the LIVING PLANET*, LIVING PHARAOH* (I#6, D#18, M, 198, net)--X-Men I#56 (Marvel Graphic Novel: Revenge of the Living Monolith(fb), XMen#56, 57, Marvel Team-Up I#69, 70, Power Man/Iron Fist#56, 57, Revenge of the Living Monolith, Marvel Comics Presents I#25, [Sensational Spider-Man II#19,20], UX372 + 373(inert), [374], 376, [XMen II#96], UX377, Cable II#76, X97, [UX378], X98

LIVING MUMMY (N'Kantu) - SHIELD's Howling Commandos monster force, former son of Swarili chieftain @ 1000 BC, enslaved by Egyptians serving Aram-Set, led rebellion against them, defeated and mummified by Nephrus, revived in modern times, former ally of Dr.Druid in the Shock Troops,
    rock hard body, great strength, weakness to fire
    (I#6, U#4, M, OH: Hor, CWBDR, app)--Supernatural Thrillers#5 (10(fb), 14(fb), 5(fb), 5, 7-15, [Bloodstone#3(fb)], Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2,3], Marvel Two-In-One#95, Captain America I#361, Quasar#45,46, Bloodstone#2,3, Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#1-2, [3], 4-6, Amazing Spider-Man#535, Civil War: Front Line#5/2, Civil War#6-[7], Legion of Monsters: Satana#1/2

    Used Pharaoh’s Eyes
    --X-Men I#54 (Marvel Graphic Novel: Revenge of the Living Monolith(fb), 54-60, Supernatural Thrillers#9, Marvel Team-Up I#69,70, Power Man/Iron Fist#56,57 Revenge of the Living Monolith GN, Sensational Spider-Man#19,20, XMen II#95

LIVING PHARAOH (Akasha* Martinez) - mutated and formerly possessed by spirit of Living Pharaoh
    (app)—Sensational Spider-Man II#19 (20

LIVING PLANET - see EGO--Thor I#132

living planet -
    --Marvel Tales I#151(10/1956 ) "It's Alive"

LIVING PLANET - form of Living Monolith while in inert form in space
    --Revenge of the Living Monolith GN (Sensational Spider-Man#18

LIVING ROCK - weapon of lava men, grew in size and power and threatened to destroy the realm of the Lava Men, pushed to the surface by machine of Lava Men under Basallo’s orders based on the advice of Jinku, virtually destroyed by Avengers, later reformed.
    Would explode with devastating force at a certain size, or if struck, except for one small area in which it could be destroyed
    (app)--Avengers I#5 (Thor I#481

LIVING ROOM - immense single-celled entity used by Hydra to engulf and slay their prisoners, Iron Fist + Doug + Lillian Hsu succeeded in forcing it to divide and escaped through its cleavage furrough
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#130/4 (131/4

LIVING SHADOWS - other-dimensional creatures brought to earth by Yellow Claw, sent to re-capture Suwan from FBI
    --Yellow Claw#4

LIVINGSTON, LAURIE - @ World War II, Deadly Dozen, former prisoner of Nazis, Achilles' tendon severed by Dr. Sweikert
    *D* (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#98 (Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#5(fb), [98(fb)], 98, Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#1(fb), 1, 5, 6(fb), 8-9

    --Incredible Hercules#113

LIVING TALISMAN - used by Enchanters
    (app-enchant)--Thor I#143 (144, 145, 486-488, Thor II#14-19

LIVING TOTEM of the Old West - 1870s, alien
    immense animated totem pole
    (Outlaw Files, app)--Rawhide Kid I#22 ( West Coast Avengers II#18

LIVING TOTEM - moving totem pole
    (Marvel Monsters, Outlaw Files)--Strange Tales I#74

LIVING TOTEM (Whistle Pig) - formerly of the British Columbian Haida tribe @ 150 years ago, lover of Sweet Grass, spirit transferred into totem pole by jealous sorcerer Cold Winter, went on rampage, eventually trapped by a group of vigilantes in what would become Joshua Tree National Monument, contacted 30 years ago by spirit of Cam Larson who befriended and taught him to speak and regain his coherence, freed by Flora & Wolf Punnett then held them prisoner for Larson to gain release of his spirit, attempted to prevent Cam's spirit from leaving him, forced to release him by Samson, then regained sanity with Samson's aid and joined him on his adventures
    (app, AZU#2)--Doc Samson II#1 (1 (fb), [1 (fb)], 1-5, 4/2, 5/2

LIVING TRIBUNAL - conceptual entity, guardian + judge of the multiverse, safeguards it from imbalances of mystical forces, uses Magistrati as agents
    three faces: front (equity), right/fully hooded (necessity), left/partially hooded (revenge).
    vast immeasurable power
    Chief Justice*, Magistrate*
    (I#6, D#7, M, 2006#6, app)--Strange Tales I#157/2 (Adventures of the X-Men#12, Strange Tales#157/2, 158/2, 160/2, 163/2, Rom#41, What If I#32, [43/2(fb)], Secret Wars II#6, Silver Surfer III#31, What If II#6, Quasar#26, Infinity Gauntlet#3, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#1, Infinity War#3, 4, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#9/IW5, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#11, Quasar58, Fantastic Four Annual#27, Rune/Silver Surfer#1, Secret Defenders#25, X-Men Forever#1, Thor II#41, Marvel Universe: The End#4-6, Guardians of the Galaxy#47-50, She-Hulk I#7, [8], II#20 (fb)
    Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comic#1 (2014)

LIZ ?? - New Orleans, owner of Liz's Pie Shop
    (app-melanee)--Namor I#51

LIZ ?? - Milton Summers high school

LIZ ?? - friend of Tara, slain by vampires
    --Captain Britain and MI13#10 (11d)

Lizard (Lon Draga) - criminal archer; encountered Challenger
    --Mystic Comics#10 (August, 1942)

LIZARD (Curtis Connors*) - Sinister Twelve, former surgeon, lost arm in war, drank chemicals in an attempt to duplicate regenerative abilities of lizards, now transforms periodically into powerful, savage humanoid lizard dedicated to the destruction of the human race.
    control reptile life, scale sheer surfaces, powerful tail, poikilotherm
    (I#6,D#7,M, OH: Spdm2004, ME,net) <chronology incomplete; see also Connors, Curt>--Amazing Spider-Man I#6 (6(fb), 6 Untold Tales of Spider-Man#9, X-Men: First Class I#2, A32, 43-45/Spider-Man: Blue#3, A75-77, A101, 102, 106, Marvel Team-Up I#19, 20, A165, 166, Spectacular Spider-Man II#33(fb), 33, 34, Secret Wars I#1, 2, 6-12->cc. Spec127(fb), 127, A312, 313, 356, Spider-Man#1-5, A365(fb), 365, Web of Spider-Man#109-111, [Spec237], 238, 239, Spider-Man Unlimited#19, Spider-Man Unlimited II#15 (fb), Spider-Man: Lifeline#2, 3, Spider-Man: Quality of Life#1-4, [Peter Parker: Spider-Man#51], [Spectacular Spider-Man III#12(fb)], 11-13, MK Spider-Man#7(fb), 10-11, Sensational Spider-Man III#25 (fb), 23-27, Amazing Spider-Man#533, Spider-Man Family#2/2

LIZARD - mindless creature formed from tail of Lizard/Connors by lab assistant, killed by Lizard/Connors
    *D*--Amazing Spider-Man Super-Size Special#1/3 (Spectacular Spider-Man II#238(fb2), ASSS#1/3, Spider-Man Super-Size Special#1/3, Venom Super-Size Special#1/3, Spectacular Spider-Man SSS#1/3,Web of Spider-Man SSS#1/3, Prime Infinity, Prime II#1,2, Spec237,238d)

LIZARD (Bill Connors) - mutated by father in effort to cure him from cancer
    --Sensational Spider-Man III#24 (25(fb), 23-24

LIZARD-BIRD- created by Frank Johnson for comic book cover/story
    (app)--Strange Tales I#88

LIZARD BOOM STICKS - chewing snack, apparently made from dried lizard corpses

lizard men - see LIMBOS--Marvel Mystery Comics#19 ()

LIZARD MEN - race of Deviant mutates in the form of reptilian humanoids, formerly mistaken for Abominable Snow Man while wearing furs and traveling in Himalayas, encountered by Victor Cartwright, used as agents of Kro, journeyed to Midnight Mountain and attempted to help capture Makkari.
    Armed with bloodhound missile
    (app)--(g) Tales to Astonish I#24; Marvel Universe#6 ([TTA24(fb)], [TTA24(fb)], 24, Marvel Universe#6, 7

LIZARD MEN - underground race, found by and mutated Eric Kane
    (Marvel Monsters)--Journey Into Mystery I#64

LIZARD MEN of TOK (Zorak) - Sub-Atomica, enemies of Pearla
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#16 (Marvel Two-In-One#87(fb), 87, [Defenders II#1]


LIZARD WARRIORS of Earth-78411 - human warriors + conquerors, enslave dinosaurs and use as mounts and warriors
    DINO RIDERS--Devil Dinosaur#8

LI-ZYA of the Hyborian era - Khitan, daughter of Kuchum, had affair with Conan
    --Savage Sword of Conan#190 (191-192

L’KLEKK’TAK - Kosmosian, led rebellion against Jekuakket in effort to launch attack on Earth, secretly allied with Keka’akeluak, betrayed by him and framed for murder of Jekuakket, presumably executed

LLAMA BOY ( ) (alternate Earth?) - applied to the Legion of Losers against Spider-Man
    (app)--Spider-Man Magazine#247

LLAMAS, - scientist involved with creation of the Children of the Vault
    --[X-Men II#191] ([191 (fb)]

LLAN the SORCERER - ancient evil, worshipped by cult of Dark Elves in Svartalfheim, released from imprisonment every ten thousand years, battles Talisman, in recent times ensorcelled dexter rayne, who freed him from imprisonment and was then possessed by him, revived the Master, sought to open the Gateway of the Night
    vast sorcerous powers
    -Dexter Rayne, SORCERER*, BRINGER of DESPAIR*, OPENER of the WAY*, ARCHITECT of MADNESS* (M, Mystic Arcana)--Alpha Flight I#71 (72, [73-75], 76, 78, 79, 80, [81, 82], 83-86

LLEWELLYN, OWEN - Super Soldiers, Welsh mutate, body nearly destroyed in explosion, remade as one of Sir Marcus Grantby-Fox's squaddies, memory returned by Alec Dalton
    GOG* (app)--[Super Soldiers (MUK)#2, 3], 4 (4(fb), 2, 3(fb), 3-5, 6(fb), 6,7, 8

Llhupa (    ) - female Tibetan werewolf from the City of the Howling Demons; encountered Vision (Aarkus)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#14 (December, 1940)

LLOIGOROTH – Old Ones?, demon of the nameless one, empowered Grim Reaper
    (app-lotul)--Avengers I#352 ([353], 354

LLOYD, ANITA - psychic, consulted Code: Blue, had visions of Yggdrasil
    --[Thor I#492]

LLRISSA of the Hyborian era - Sythia, former servant of Vassilisa, slain by her
    *D* (app-vas)--Red Sonja III#8 (9-11

LLRRLLLLNNLLYYRRL - female Battleworld resident, aided by Thing vs. Takers; used by Grimm the Sorcerer to retrieve, reactivate Ultron; disintegrated by Ultron
    --Thing I#11

LLTTHHIINNGGG - one of the creatures from Pandara's Box

LLYNA - Lemurian, sister of Karthon, made to look like Dorma and allowed to be killed in effort to torment Namor
    *D* (app-karthon)--Sub-Mariner I#12, (true form, named) #13

LLYRA (Llyra Morris) - daughter of Llyron + Rhonda Morris, mother of another Llyrron, Frightful Four, former high priestess of Set, killed husband Merro to gain power in Lemuria, usurped power from Karthon, killed Dorma, poisoned Namora, guardian of the Serpent Crown
    mesmerize others, especially men, control certain forms of marine life, alter appearance
    -Laurie Morris (D#7,M, net-Lemuria)--Sub-Mariner I#32 ( 36, 37, 44-46, 50, Amazing Spider-Man I#213-215, Silver Surfer An2, Iron Man An10, Uncanny X-Men Annual#13, Amazing Spider-Man An23, Avengers West Coast#52, Avengers Annual#18, New Mutants Annual#5, Fantastic Four An22, Namor I#23, 26, 30-31, [Namor I#47, 49],50-57,Fantastic Four Unlimited#11/2, Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch#1/3, Mystic Arcana: Sister Grimm#1/3

LLYRON - father of Llyra, met Rhonda Morris when captured by men employed in her oceanarium, fell in love with her, stayed with her, catching exotic fish for her, died saving her life from a shark
    *D*--Sub-Mariner I#32

LLYRON - Fathom Five, son of Leon McKenzie + Llyra, aged by Vyrra, mind of Vyrra (or Llyra)
    (1990s, net)--[Namor I#50], 54 ([50-53],54-57,61,62, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1, [Fantastic Four I#402], F4:AR#2, Fantastic Four Unlimited#11/2, New Thunderbolts#1-6

L'MATTO - Badoon, became Captain Universe, fought Guardians of the Galaxy when they attempted to alter time
    (app)--Guardians of the Galaxy #30 (31-33

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