LI-KUNG of the Hyborian era - god
    --Conan the Barbarian I#32 (33, 34

LIL - right-hand woman of Dr. Lang, assisted the Angel in defeating the Six Big Men
    --Marvel Comics#1

    alias used while time traveling to 1867 with Bishop
    --X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book 1: The Past

L'IL NEO (Andy ??) - saved from being shot by Daredevil passing by
    (app-andy)--Daredevil II#12

L’IL PORKER - scout ship used by Razorback and Taryn O’Connell from the Big Pig
    --Sensational She-Hulk II#45 (45(fb)

L’IL PROFESSOR - associated with Rudy the Robot
    (net-goldage)--(g) Daring Comics#8

LILA ?? – The Belonging, former lover of Rebecca Glass, enslaved by Dracula + convinced the rest of the group to undergo the ritual that sacrificed their lives
    (app-bel)—Tomb of Dracula III#1 (2-4

LILA ?? of Earth-93060 - old friend of Eden Blake, married to Jim
    --Mantra (uv) I#9 (15, 16, 21

LILAC (    ) - agent of ICON, creator of the Berserker android
   (app)--Unpublished Shamrock & Peregrine story for Marvel Comics Presents by RJM Lofficier & Leo Duranona

LILAC MURDERER (   ) - serial killer, left lilacs at the scene of the crime
    (app)--Daredevil IV#13

LILANDRA (Lilandra Neramini*) - Shiar Majestrix, sister of D'Ken and Deathbird, former consort of Professor X, allied with Starjammers during exile from Shiar, grand admiral to Imperial Guard, arranged capture and trials of Phoenix and Reed Richards, led forces in Kree/Shiar War
    (I#10,D#7,M,net)--XMen I#97, 102, 105 (107(fb), Classic X-Men#14/2, XM I#106(fb), 97, 98, Marvel Team-Up An1, XM I#102, CXM#10, 11, [XM I#103], 104, CXM#13, XM#105, 107, 108 ,CX15, [XM109(fb)], 109, CX#16, [XM111], 113, 114, CX#21, [XM115], 117, 118, 125, Uncanny X-Men#135-138, 154, 156-158, 161, 163-166, Excalibur I#116(fb), UX167, New Mutants I#4, XMen Special Edition#1/2, UX168, NewM7, UX173, 174, An7, UX175, 177, NM19, UX200, 201, 203, NM50, Fantastic Four I#261,262, XMen:Spotlight on the Starjammers#1, 2, UX275-277, [Captain America I#398, Avengers West Coast#80, Quasar#32, Wonder Man II#7], Av345, [Iron Man I#278, Thor I#445, Cap399, AWC81], Q33, WondM#8, [A346, IM279], Thor446, [C400], AWC82, [Q34, WM9], Av347, X-Men Unlimited#5, UX320, XMen II#40, 41, Av389, Starjammers#1-4, StarMasters#1, XMU#13 ,UX344, 345, Galactus the Devourer#5, 6, X-Man62, Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet, Maximum Security#1, UX387, MaxS#2, Avengers III#35, MS#3, X#117, 122, 124-126, 133, Captain Marvel VI#15-18?, Captain Universe/Daredevil#1, UX481-482, 484-486, X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#1-5

LILIA - gypsy witch queen, grand-daughter of Cagliostro and Lubya, daughter of Miarka and Nikolai Mordo, mother of Lilia, held Book of Cagliostro, passed it on to daughter
    --Dr. Strange III#8/2

LILIA - see CALDERU, LILIA (app)--Marvel Premiere#12

LILIAS - Microverse, Qarn, princess, daughter of Timhotep
    --Captain Marvel V#14, (named) #22 (24

LILIBET - queen in Scotland, cousin of Alasdhair Kinross, in 1936 as young girl, encountered Kitty Pryde + Phoenix/Rachel + Logan, assisted them against Shadow King + Strucker + Geist
    --X-Men: True Friends#1, 3(adult) (1-3(past), 3

LILIN (Bad Timing, Blackout (descendent), Bloodthirst, Creed, Dark Legion, Doc, Fang, Girth, Infinks, Meatmarket, Nakota, Outcast, Parasite, Pilgrim, Pixel, Scatter, Short-Circuit (descendent), Sister Nil, Skinner, Skitter, Spitfire, unidentified infant, "Goblins")
    - children of Lilith (and Asmodeus(?))
    <chronology incomplete> (1990s)--Ghost Rider III#28( GR41

LILITH (Bat Zuge or Kiskillilla) - ancient Sumerian goddess, alleged first wife of Adam, apparently degenerated into demon sorceress, former ally of Centurious + Zarathos, impregnated by Zarathos
    - LILITU*, MOTHER of DEMONS, MOTHER of the LILIN, Vampire Goddess (M, OH: Hor, app)--Vampire Tales#4 ([Monsters Unleashed #1/7], Ghost Rider III#28, Spirits of Vengeance#1, Morbius#1, SoV#2, [GR#30], Darkhold#1, SoV#3, Nightstalkers#1, GR#31, [32], SoV#13, GR41, SoV#14, Morb13, [14], 15, GR42, SoV#15, GR43, SoV#16, Ns14, GR44, Marvel Comics Presents#143, DarkH#15, Morb16, MCP144/2, Dr. Strange III#60, SoV#17, Midnight Sons Unlimited#4, Witches#1-4, Captain Britain and MI13#3-4

LILITH - SHIELD's Howling Commandos monster force, daughter of Dracula and first wife Zofia as a result of an arranged marriage, mother committed suicide after she was forced to leave by Dracula, transformed by the gypsy Gretchen into unusual vampire, once killed by Quincy Harker after Dracula killed his wife, seeks destruction of Dracula, temporarily bonded to form of Angel O’Hara, freed by the gypsy Viktor Benzel, a descendent of Gretchen.
    immune to sunlight, not repelled by cross, not completely dependent on drinking blood, unable to personally kill Dracula, continues to exist until he is permanently destroyed
    *Dec/Res* (I#13,D#18, OH: Hor, app)--Giant-Size Chillers#1 (GS Chill#1(fb), Tomb of Dracula II#5(fb), 5(fb)/GS Chill#1(fb), [Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#18 (fb)], Tomb of Dracula I#60(fb), ToD II#5(fb), ToD II#3/4(fb), 5(fb), GS Chil#1, [OHotMU D#18(fb)], GS Chillers#1, Vampire Tales#6, Dracula Lives#10/4, 11/3, Marvel Preview#12, 16/4, Tomb of Dracula I#66, 67, Tomb of Dracula II#5, 6/2, Uncanny X-Men An6, Dr. Strange II#62"d", [Dracula: Lord of the Undead#3(fb)], [Ghost Rider III#84(fb)], 82-85, Spider-Man Unlimited#20, Dracula: Lord of the Undead#3(fb),  Drac:LotU#1-3, Witches#1?, [Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#1], 2-6, Legion of Monsters: Morbius#1/2

LILITHA, LAKE of - see LAKE of LILITHA--Thor: Son of Asgard#1, 5

LILITU - see LILITH-Mother of Demons.
    Babylonian name--Ghost Rider III#28

LILITU of the Hyborian era - werewolf woman
    --House of Arallu; (MU) Conan the Barbarian I#38

LILLI - Uranian Eternal, attracted to Marvel Boy/Grayson, sought to accompany him back to Earth

    (app)--Alpha Flight II#2 ([4 (fb)], 2-5, 8-9, 12, 14-->Ghost Girl)

LILLIE the SPIELER - see McGURTY, LILLIE--Runaways II#27

    --Avengers: Terminatrix Objective#4

LIMBO dim (Immortus, Tempus, Space Phantoms)
    - alien world, exists outside of timestream, base of Immortus.
    all time exists simultaneously, any time period in any reality can be reached from here
    --Avengers I#2

LIMBO - bar, run by T-Bone, frequented by Daniel Axum
    --Thunderbolts#76 (77, 78

LIMBO ICE - chronal energy that immobilizes beings and objects in time; Major Victory and Avengers Mansion of Earth-691 were found within Limbo Ice by the Guardians of the Galaxy
    --Guardians of the Galaxy II#2

Limbos (    ) - race of lizard-men in the Belgian Congo; encountered Ka-Zar (David Rand)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#19 (May, 1941)

Limping Ghost (Wendall Wickard) - fake ghost; encountered Young Allies
    --Young Allies#19 (Spring, 1941)

Limpy (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#10 ()

LIN, CHO - agent of Fu Manchu, former trainer of Shang-Chi
    --Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#1 (1(fb), 1

LIN, PAULA - Worldwatch office manager
    --War Machine#5

LINCOLN - see MISSING LINK (app)--Incredible Hulk II#105

LINCOLN, ABRAHAM - American president, lived 1809-1865, assassinated by John Wilkes Booth
    --Battlefront#30 (Marvel Comics Presents#161

LINCOLN, MICHAEL - former assistant of Ralph Rider, jealous of him, suspected of being Photon (Jason Dean)
    (app-phot)--Nova I#12 (Amazing Spider-Man I#171

LINCOLN, SAM "BIG BEAR" - boxer, hid evidence linking mobster to judge slaying, killed by Silencer
   --Peter Parker: Spider-Man / Elektra '98 Annual

LINCOLN, WILLIAM "WILLIE" - blind Vietnam veteran, ex-cop, part of American troop in Vietnam that was responsible for the Bengal.
    owns dog "Boy"
    --Daredevil I#47 (258(fb,blinded) 47,49, 57-59 258


LINDA - weapon by Frank Drake, attacked supernatural creatures on a molecular level, named after Linda Blair

LINDEN, MATTHEW - young fan of Thor, bullied by other kids until Hercules told story of Thor defeating him
    (app)--Thor I#356

LINDERS, DAMIAN of Earth-73479 - Wets, relucantly slew anti-Wets brother Karl after rescuing him
    --Savage Tales I#2/2: Dark Tomorrow

LINDERS, KARL of Earth-73479 - brother of Damian, exiled from the city and rescued by Damian but then slain by him for hating his nature
    --Savage Tales I#2/2: Dark Tomorrow

LINDSAY, - SHIELD II, formerly served with Gen. Ross in Hulkbusters
    --Iron Man V#19 (20

LINDSEY ?? of Earth-982 - Midtown high school, friend of Simone DeSantos
    --Amazing Spider-Girl#1 (2, 5

    - sanctuary of the new Morlock dream, collapsed by Masque's sect
    --Uncanny X-Men#490

LINDSTROM, Professor - @ 1956, scientist, designed Flexus, captured by Yellow Claw and forced to coat Temujai with Flexus
    (app-temujai)--(g) Yellow Claw#2

LINDSTROM of Earth-M - Midwestern US bigot, friend of Lindstrom, reacted with hostility and violence to the arrival of the Silver Surfer and Ardina in his neighborhood
    (app-earthm)--Silver Surfer hardcover

LINDSTROM, MAX - Swedish, UN liaison to Namor
    (app-trufaut)--Sub-Mariner II#1 (1, 3(fb), 3


LING, ambassador - Chinese, protested lack of knowledge of the Inhumans' former presence in Tibet
    (app)--Avengers Annual#12

LING, COLONEL WAI - Chinese Communist officer, employed Dr. Yen and the Psychotron, apparently slain in the destruction of his base
    *D* (app)--Avengers I#41 (42, 43, 44d)

LING, Mr. - small times illegal arms dealer, used Timothy Rice to distract Punisher, killed by Punisher
    *D* (app-rice)--Marvel Comics Presents#59/4

LINDY, DANIEL - Maggia, Nefaria family
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#21

LING, KATHY of Earth-148611 - Psi-Force.
    SHOCKWAVE* (PsiF#21, app)--Psi-Force(nu)#1 (Psi-Force Annual#1 (fb), PsiF#3 (fb), 1-3, Untold Tales of the New Universe: Psi-Force#1, PF#4-8, 9 (fb), 9-12, PF Annual#1, PF#13-14, 16, 17, 20 (fb), 19, Justice#23/2 (fb), 23/2, PF24, 25, 27-text, 27, 28-29, Justice#29, PF#30, Jus#30, PF#31-32, 32-text

LING, MEI - former fiancé of Mandarin, sacrificed life to save Janice Cord after realizing that the Mandarin was evil
    *D*--Iron Man I#9 (10, 11d)

LING, SINPEI - lover of Radioactive Man
    --[New Thunderbolts#7]

LINGA - Sandorr’s hunters, extra-terrestrial female, killed by US government agent associated with Hidden Ones?
    blue skin, dark hair, sharp claws, stretch limbs, fire energy blasts from left eye
    *D*--Fantastic Four III#51

LINGARD, TEDDY - former pop star, starred in Chiller video in which Dazzler was almost killed, now is a psychotic and lives with a chimpanzee and a dwarf
    <patterned after Michael Jackson>
    --Dazzler I#33 (X-Men Unlimited#32(fb)

LINK (Lorne Lincoln) - mutant, Heartbreak Hotel, left alongside Poltergeist to consider becoming a cowboy
    telekinetic powers, mime-like makeup
    (app-heartbreak)--Beauty & the Beast#2 (3, 4

LINK ( ) – "Rejects," agent of Arcade, enemy of northstar.
    Beastly appearance, superhuman strength + durability
    (net)—Northstar#3 (4

    identity used as leader of Cult of Hades--XFor/Champions An1998

LINK of Earth-9910 ( ) - leader of group of mutants, former pupil of Witness.
    telepath, gets headaches from use of power, wf, dark hair
    (net)--Bishop: Last X-Man#2 (3, 4-14

Link, Gus -
    --USA Comics#15 ()

LINK, Mr. + Mrs. - mysterious caretakers of Darkmoor, possibly natives of Otherworld or Camelot or some other royalty, adopt form of elderly couple, worked with Ranulph Haldane, vowed to train Shevaun if anything ever happened to him, own cat Lucifer
    --Dark Angel#8 ([8(fb)], 8

LINK 313 - Shi'ar starship; destroyed
    --Captain Marvel III#1

LINNEA race of Reality-77119 (Fylla) - 50 year war with Rumati ended by Silver Surfer by taking away their weaponry
    --Silver Surfer: Requiem#3 (2007)

LINSKI, LAYLA – werewolf, Braineaters, leader of the original sect encountered by Jack Russell, slain by a member of the Sword of the Lord
    *D* (app-brain)—[Marvel Comics Presents#54/2], 55/2, (named) 56/2 (57/2, 58/2, 59/2d)

LINSTREA race of Earth-928 circa 2099 - planet Tsomnaia.
    airborne, create harmonic resonance that shape their crystal garden
    (app)--Doom 2099#18

LINUS ?? - archeologist, husband of Helen, gained her respect after destroying Thorg
    (app-thorg)--Tales to Astonish I#16

LION ( ) - criminal, trapped Sun Wukong, who later returned as Monkey King and dropped him in the same trap
    (app-monkey king)--Fear Itself: Monkey King#1

LION of NEMEA  - see NEMEAN LION (app)--Hercules III#1

LION of SHEM - see AKHIROM--Savage Sword of Conan I#36

LIONFANG (Alejandro Cortez) - battled Luke Cage, left with spinal injuries, incorrectly reported to have been killed by Scourge of the Underworld-3, ran drugs for Woodward Himes
    mentally control lions, tigers, etc., transmit his knowledge to them, able to gain their enhanced abilities in exchange; restricted to a wheelchair
    (app)--Hero for Hire#13 ([Captain America I#394(d)]),New Avengers: Luke Cage#2,3

LION GOD of the Hyborian era - god
    IRON LIONS--Savage Sword of Conan#101

LION GOD (Sekhmet) - Ennead, son of Atum, brother of Bast, worshipped in African, possessed Mr. Umbala
    Avenger of Wrongs, Eye of Ra, Liege to the King of Beasts, Lord of the Veldt, Lion Lord, Scarlet Lady, She Who is Powerful; possibly HATHOR* (AZU#4, app)--Avengers I#112 (114

LION GOD - Broadway musical, performance interrupted by the Ultimator
    --Avengers Annual 1999

LIONHEART (Kelsey Shorr Kirkland Leigh) - Avengers, mother of Jenny and Martin, ex-wife of Richard, daughter of Mrs. Shorr, face lacerated in past home assault, died trying to protect Captain America from Thunderball (possessed by agent of Morgan le Fay), resurrected and given title and powers by Braddock, chose Sword of Might, returned to defeat Morgan le Fay, but not allowed to reveal true nature to children, assaulted Captain Britain for his role in her losing her children, allied with Albion until convinced to turn against his destructive path by Excalibur
    CAPTAIN BRITAIN*, LIONHEART of AVALON* (OH: Av)--New Excalibur#4 (5, 18, 19-24

LIONHEART ( ) - Brute Force, cybernetically enhanced lion
    (app-Brute Force)--Brute Force#1 (2-4

LIONHEART 3442 (Lady Anula, Lord High Protector, Major Oak, Methinx, Tuck, Yorick)
    - Tuck's planet
    --Death's Head II#3 (Death's Head II#6-8, Death's Head & Die-Cut#1(fb), 2, Death's Head Gold#1(fb)

LIONHEART of AVALON - see CAPTAIN BRITAIN (Leigh) (AvH)--Avengers III#77

"LION KING" - lion mutated to gain human intelligence and mind-control powers
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#83/3

LION KING - alias of the alien Bommbu
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#60/1

LIONMANE (general Lo Chien) - mutant, led group of pirates in attack on Madripoor to regain statue of Mulan, raised money in order to make himself the most powerful of new Chinese warlords following dissolution of current government.
    enhanced strength, nearly impenetrable skin
    (app)--Heroes for Hire#18 (19

LION THRONE - Halwan's ruling throne, served for over 100 years by one family of bodyguards

lions - Tower of the Elephant
    (app-yara)--Conan the Barbarian I#3

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