LO, JAE - Madripoor, acted as agent for Wolverine at the Bloodsport, took money from Viper to poison him
    --Wolverine II#167 (168

LO LIN LAAM - giant dragon, fought Fin Fang Foom in the past
    --[Marvel Holiday Special 2006#1/2] ([1/2 (fb)]

LOA (Arani Ryan) - mutant, Xavier Institute, Alpha Squadron
    "swim" through solid material, crumbling it behind her
    (New X-Men Yearbook, 198)--[New X-Men: Academy X#4], 13, (named) New X-Men Yearbook ([NX:AX#4], 13-14, New X-Men II#23, [24], 31, 32, 33-34, 37-41, 42-43

LOAN SHARK (Jack Fleisher) - criminal, tried to make example of Red Fowler, encountered + defeated by Ghost Rider/Blaze
    --Ghost Rider II#65

LOBLOLLY ( ) - Brute Force, fought Thunderbolts. Named for thick gruel in old England.
    female, amorphous, light green, alter shape at will
    (app-Brute Force)—Thunderbolts#31 (32

LOBO of Hyborian era - companion of the witch Zelata, aided Conan against Nemedian soldiers
    --Hour of the Dragon?, Giant-Size Conan#3

LOBO of the Old West - wolf companion of Red Wolf (Johnny Wakely), presumably deceased
    (app-rw)--Marvel Spotlight I#1 ( Red Wolf#1-6, Blaze of Glory#2, [3, 4]

LOBO of the 1970s - wolf companion to Red Wolf (Thomas Thunderhead)
    magical powers
    (app)--Red Wolf#7 ([9fb)], 9(fb), [7(fb)], 7, [8(fb)], 8, 9

LOBO - @ World War II, fishing ship used as a base by the Sky-Wolfs, dock for the Lobo II
    (app-skywolves)--Marvel Fanfare I#16 (17

LOBO - original wolf-companion of Red Wolf (Talltrees), killed by Bengal, fleece worn by Talltrees
    *D*--Avengers I#80 (81, Marvel Chillers#3, 5-7, Incredible Hulk II#265, Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1, [2, 3], West Coast Avengers II#8, 9(fb), Marvel Super-Heroes III#2/6, Marvel Comics Presents I#72/4(fb, d)

LOBO - second wolf of Red Wolf (Talltrees), adopted by him as a pup after mother + siblings killed by wilding hunters
    --Marvel Comics Presents I#72/4 ( Dr. Strange III#25, Nomad II#10

LOBO II - @ World War II, submarine used by the Sky-Wolfs, docked within the Lobo fishing ship
    (app-skywolves)--Marvel Fanfare I#16 (17

LOBO, el - crooked landlord
    (app)--Within Our Reach /

LOBO, el (Ricardo Arroyo-López) - fled San Gusto at the end of the civil war, to become a low rent slumlord in New York

LOBO, CARLOS - mutant werewolf, brother of Eduardo. grey hair
    (U#4,net-lb)—Spectacular Spider-Man II#143 (152(fb), 143, [145], 149, Web of Spider-Man#50, Sp150, 151, 152, W53, Sp154, W54, 55

LOBO, EDUARDO - mutant werewolf, Doom's Brigade, Carlos's brother, dated Glory Grant, inadvertently shot + killed by her when she was aiming at Spider-Man
    *D* (net-lb)—Spectacular Spider-Man II#143 (152(fb), 143, [145], 146, Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge, Web of Spider-Man#47, 48, Sp149, W50, Sp150, W51, Amazing Spider-Man I#316, Sp151, 152, W53, 54, 154, W55d)

LOBO, FRANCISCO "LUCKY" - gangster, associated with Green Goblin (Osborn), arrested by police after Goblin exposed his plans to them in order to take over his gang, plans foiled when entire gang was arrested, attempted to blackmail Sundown
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#23 (Untold Tales of Spider-Man#18, A23, Amazing Spider-Man An1997(fb), An1997

LOBO, MAXIMUS - mutant, head of Lobo Technologies, leader of the Dominant Species, blew up his building, with him in it, when threatened with defeat at the hands of the Juggernaut; depowered on M-Day
    --Uncanny X-Men#417 (418-420, Exiles#28-30, Young X-Men#1

LOBO the DUCK of Earth-Amalgam - Howard the duck + Lobo
    (app)--Lobo the Duck#1 (GS Bat-Thing#3, GS Bat-Thing#6, Lobo the Duck magazine#35, GS Bat-Thing#69, Lobo the Duck#1, 2

LOBO BROTHERS (Carlos and Eduardo) - leaders of los hermanos de luna(The Brotherhood of the Moon?), grew up in mexico, moved to texas after powers surfaced, ran drug smuggling operation, arranger sent persuader to try to kill them, after which they came to new york to seek vengeance on the kingpin
    (net)—Spectacular Spider-Man II#143 (152(fb), 143, [145], 149, Web of Spider-Man#50, Sp150, 151, 152, W53, Sp154, W55 ->carlos)

    --Uncanny X-Men#417

LOBO's BOYS (James) - Brooklyn street gang
    --New Warriors II#

LOBROS - Microverse, Death Squad, native of Homeworld, given form of Lobros by Body Banks, shell cracked by Devil, either repaired or replaced, then slain by Bug
    (app-lobros)--Micronauts I#35 ([36(fb)], 35-36, 46-49, 50d

LOBROS race - Microverse, power parasites, double hollow tongues, predators of Insectivorids
    (app)--[Micronauts I#26/2], 35

LOBSTER LAD - servant of Madame Yang Fei Kwei, contortionist, mutated and enslaved by her as punishment, released when next person punished.

LOBSTER MAN - see TURK, RICK. movie character--[Amazing Spider-Man II#43], 44 (45

LOBSTERMAN - real character, or Turk attending the auction of the Venom Symbiote?
    -- Marvel Knights Spider-Man#6 ([12?]

LOBSTER PEOPLE - mutated by radiation, achieved rapport with the hulk
    --Sentry/Hulk#1 (1(fb)

LOBSTROS - Microverse,  lobster-like cyborg bio-engineered in the Body Banks, telepathically controlled by Lobros, attacked Devil, slain by Marionette and Commander Rann
    --Micronauts I#36

LOC (    ) - Blood Brothers of Central City, killed by Grafik
    (app-blood)--X-51#10 (11d)

LOCASIO, MARIO "SHORTY" - mobster, owned don Pardo money, hired Deadpool to kill Pardo, but Deadpool was distracted as Shorty insulted Pardo, leading to Pardo ordering Shorty's death
    (app)--Deadpool III#57

LOCH (   ) - Braddock Academy student, fought Thanos' forces alongside Avengers Academy and other international student heroes
   (app)--Infinity: The Hunt#1 (2-4

LOCH FEAR (Black Jamie MacAwber, Angus MacTavish, Monster) -Scotland
    --Incredible Hulk II#192

LOCH FEAR MONSTER - turned to stone along with Macawber
    --Incredible Hulk II#192

LOCH NESS MONSTER - plesiosaur brought into Loch Ness by one of the Brass Frogs
    (app-bf)--Black Panther I#1 (1(fb), [Super Spider-Man & Captain Britain#233], 234, Incredible Hulk II#408, ?Moon Knight V#2+4?, Wolverine/Doop#2(fb)

LOCI of Earth-Cable - giant insectoid creatures living in Ebonshire

LOCICERO, A.J. - directed Damage Control, the movie
    --Damage Control III#1(2-4

LOCKDOWN (Jomo Kimanye) - Shadow City protector, partner/lover of Rosetta Stone, revived from suspended animation to pursue the Fantastic Four after they escaped from Shadow City; arrived aboard the Coterie ship and assisted in battle against them
    Talented warrior and athlete, uses battle armor to fire mind bolts, resist toxins, etc., uses Night Cruiser ship
    (2006#6, app)—Fantastic Four III#17, 18 (Contest of Champions II#3-5

LOCKE, ALEXANDER of Earth-Cassandra - Tranquility city, father of Cassandra, assisted Gene in exposing history of Skrull treachery
    (net)--Marvel: Lost Generation#8 (7/3, 6, 2/2, 1/4

LOCKE, CASSANDRA of Earth-Cassandra - daughter of Alexander, traveled progressively further back in time to gain evidence history of Skrull treachery over the last 200 years, mortally wounded in explosion at Yellow Claw's headquarters in 1961, arrived in 1955 to give Patrick Carney the belt to become Yankee Clipper before dying. bf
    -Dr. LOCKE* *D* (net)--Marvel: Lost Generation#12 (Amazing Spider-Man II#16, M:LG#12, 10, 9, 8, 4, 7/2, 7/4, 3, 1d)

LOCKE, TED - special effects man, missing both hands, ally of human fly
    --Human Fly#1 (2-6, 13-16

LOCKE, JEREMY K. - coalition, agenda against Elektra, paraplegic, fiancé killed by Elektra, captured her + forced her to see what she was, released her into the desert, kidnapped by the Hand, killed by Elektra to take down the last of the Hand
    *D*--Elektra II#11(12-16, [19], 20-22

LOCKE, - SHIELD, Operation: Lightning Storm, Psy-Ops liaison, brain damaged accessing psychic blast against Gnashers
    --Ms. Marvel#13 (14, 15-17

LOCKE, Dr. - Hydra, attempted to take brainwash Madrox, crushed to death by him
    *D*--X-Factor III#15 (15d)

LOCKER, Mr. - lawyer, defended Scarlet Spider
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#403 (Spider-Man#60, Spectacular Spider-Man II#226

LOCKETT, TERESA - Nick Fury's assistant when he was director of S.H.I.E.L.D. II
    --Captain America V#5

LOCKHART, BECKY - SHIELD financial agent , fell in with intelligence cabal bent on controlling SHIELD, Val found her leaking information to punisher and eliminated her
    *D* (net-shield)--Fury of SHIELD#1 (2-4, Ghost Rider III#65, Double Edge: Omega

LOCKHEED - extraterrestrial dragon/native of the Flock;  X-Men, SWORD, formerly Excalibur; came to earth with X-Men after encounter on Broodworld
    small, fly, breathe fire
    (D#7, OH: X2005, net) <chronology incomplete>--Uncanny X-Men#166 (168, X-Men/Alpha Flight II#1, UX169, 172-175, [Captain America I#289], UX An7, X-Men/Micronauts#1, 4, [UX180], Secret Wars I#1, 2, 12, [Fantastic Four I#265], UX181,183, New Mutants I#18, 21, UX189, 192, An8, XMen/Alpha Flight I#1, 2, UX193, 194, Nightcrawler I#1-4, Power Pack I#12, UX An9, UX210, An10, UX211, NM46, UX213, Fantastic Four vs XM#3, 4, UX227, NM63-65, Excalibur Special Edition, Excalibur I#3-6 ,Marvel Comics Presents #31/4, 32, 37, 38, Excalibur I#9, 11, Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem, Ex20, 26, 12-19, 21-25, 29, 30, 33, 34, XMen: Spotlight on the Starjammers#1, Thor I#427-429, She-Hulk II#26(fb), 26, Ex37, 39-41, [Excalibur: Possession], Excalibur: Air Apparent, Ex42-45, 47-50, 54-56, 59, 60, 76, An2/3, Ex96, 100-102, 113, 114, [Kitty Pryde: Agent of SHIELD#1], 2, 3, Ex117-120, Wolverine II#125, 126, Ex124, 125, X-Men Unlimited#43, X-Treme X-Men#46, X157, UX444, New X-Men: Academy X#4, Astonishing X-Men III#2,4, X165, UX460, AXM#8, 11, UX468, Excalibur IV#1-3, Astonishing X-Men#15-18, 20, 22-24, Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men#1

LOCKHEED of Earth-12180 - pet bird (parrot?) of Wendell Stuart, set free by Wendell to prevent himself from consuming Lockheed
    --Marvel Zombies 5#5

LOCKJAW - pet of Crystal,
    immense dog, teleport himself and others across space or dimensions, release energy bursts, immensely strong
    "SLOBBERCHOPS," "SPARKY" (I#6,D#7,M)--Fantastic Four I#45 (Inhumans: Untold Story#1(fb1), F4#45-48, 55, 56, An4, F4#57, 58, 61, 62, 64, An5, Incredible Hulk II An1, F4#82, Amazing Adventures II#1, Silver Surfer I#18, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine#3, 4, 7, 8, 12, F4#105, 117,118(118/2), [Avengers I#104], F4#131(fb), Av100(fb), F4#131, Incredible Hulk II#175, Av127, F4#150, 160(Super-Villain Team-Up#2(fb)),161, Inhumans I#3-5, 7, 8, 10-12 , Captain Marvel I#53, F4 An12, Marvel Two-In-One An4, [Avengers An12(fb)], F4#239, 240, Dazzler#19, F4#248, Hlk279, Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1, [2, 3], Vision & Scarlet Witch I#4, AvAn12, Thing3, 4, Dazz32, Av244, 245, F4 An18, Av247, F4 An22/2, Av306, X-Factor An2, F4 An21, 21/2, Daredevil I#275, Avengers West Coast#56, [57], 60-62, Marvel Comics Presents I#68/4, New Warriors I#6, XFac67, Silver Surfer III#60, Av334, 336-338, XFac71,72, Av343, 351, 356,357, Nova II#13, Fantastic Four Unlimited#11, Inhumans II#1, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1, F4#402, F4:AR#2, Av390, F4#415, Fantastic Four II#8, 10, Quicksilver#10(fb), 4, Kazar V#10, Q5, 6, 10, 13, Inhumans III#1-4, 4(fb), 8, 10-12, Fantastic Four III#68, Fantastic Four: Foes#4, Hercules III#3, 5, Marvel Knights 4#30, Son of M#1-5, Thing II#4, 5-6, 7, [8 (fb)], 8, Marvel Holiday Special 2007#1/3

LOCKLEY, JAKE - former alias of Moon Knight, cab driver
    --Marvel Spotlight I#28
    , Moon Knight VI#13

LOCKLIN, BEN - band member of Lila Cheney, bass guitar
    --New Mutants Annual#1 ([Uncanny X-Men#206], New Mutants I#42 UX210,214

LOCKS, PETE of Earth-Shadowline - Shadow, former lover of Bets, killed by Buddy’s creations.

LOCKSMITH ( ) - escape artist + lock designer, former employer of Tick Tock, believed super-powered beings have overshadowed the achievements of ordinary humans, captured + imprisoned superheroes + villains, including Angar the Screamer, Daddy Longlegs, Dansen Macabre, Enforcer, Flying Tiger, Gypsy Moth, Hangman, Killer Shrike, Needle, Nekra, Poltergeist, Shroud, Spider-Woman (Drew), Tatterdemalion, Tigra, Werewolf.
    defeated when prisoners escaped
    (app)--[Spider-Woman I#47], 50 (50(fb1), 50(fb2)/[47-49], 50

LOCKUP (    ) - Brood Mutants, killed by X-Men.
    paralyze others with a touch
    *D* (app-brood mutants)--Uncanny X-Men I#232 (233, 234d)

LOCOMOTIVE BREATH (Laslo Maqzel) - Rush Club, Slorenian mutant.
    virtually immortal, genius, designed + wore powerful exoskeleton
    (app)—War Machine I#12 (13, 14

LOCRIN of the Hyborian era - cousin of Conan
    --Savage Sword of Conan#119

LOCUS (Aaron Verne) - devoted student of geometry, forced to become banker to pay the bills, tapped into universal equation.
    form geometric shapes out of energy
    (app)—Thor I#301 (301(fb), 301

LOCUS (Rayna Piper ) – Mutant Liberation Front, ally of Reignfire, sought by Weapon X, slain by Sabretooth to prevent them from getting her.
    phase shifter, warp space, female
    (net)—X-Force I#27 ( 43, 75, 76, 78-80, 85, Weapon X#1d)

LOCUST (Prof. August Hopper) – entomologist + designer of insecticides, former professor at Metro college, fired for radical theories, employed by Ryan chemicals, discovered means of enlarging and controlling insects via ionic bombardment, planned to create a menace which only he could control in order to regain respect.
    wore exo-skeleton + mechanized wings, controlled enlarged insect via signals from antennae, used ionic stun ray, project sticky silk netting, wm, dark hair + beard
    (2006#6, app)--X-Men I#24 (Incredible Hulk II#194, X-Factor I#52, Order#4

LOCUST KING (Ambrose    ) - creator of the Locust Project, father of Shyla, slain by her
    *D*--Human Torch II#7 (8, 9d)

LOCUST PROJECT (Ambrose, Shyla)- based in the Balkans, sought to solve population and hunger problems by shrinking everyone to 1/70 of their original size, investigated by Human Torch (Storm); Shyla slew Ambrose and escaped when Johnny destroyed her size-changing platform
    --Human Torch II#7 (8-10

LOCUSTS 2099 (Adonai, Marion) -

LODAH - Fall People of the Savage Land, part of Tongah's village, apparenlty had a wife, a daughter, and another, younger child.
    (app)--Ka-Zar the Savage I#5

LODENKO, VICTOR - killed in 1982 by Winter Soldier (James Barnes)
    --Captain America I#617 (2011)

LODESTONE (Andrea ) – Crimson Cowl (Hammer)’s Masters of Evil, former longtime employee of Phillip Bazin.
magnetic powers
    (net)--[Darkhawk#6], 7 (8, 14, 15, Thunderbolts I#24, 25

LODESTONE ( ) - Warpy, Seraphim
    magnetic powers, blue + yellow suit, white helmet, situs inversus (mirror image appearance) of hands
    (net-c9)—Excalibur I#63


LODGE of Earth-93060 (Bacchus, Cancer, Archibald Candle, Chiron, Clipper, Firearm (Swan), Firearm (II), Mars (d), Patel, Strauss, Streakback (d), Yates (d))
    - British secret agency—Firearm (uv) I#

LODUR? - see VE--Journey into Mystery I#97

LODUR - Asgardian god, warrior, assisted in attempts to repel Thor when he attempted to break exile
    (app)--Thor I#289

LOEDER (    ) -
    --Captain America Comics#40 ()

LOEW, Mrs. - Yancy Street, great-grandfather brought the golem of Yancy Street to USA
    --Marvel Knights 4#22

LOEW, Mr. - Yancy Street, great-grandfather of Mrs. Loew, brought the golem of Yancy Street to USA
    --[Marvel Knights 4#22] ([22(fb)]

LOFN - Asgardian goddess of passion, created mists that temporarily enslaved Thor for Lorelei and Loki
    (app)--[Thor I#357]

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