LANCE ?? - son of Bullet, possesses extreme paranoia of nuclear war
    --Daredevil I#250 (252, 259, 267, 291


LANCE OF ST. MAURICE - see SPEAR OF DESTINY -- (app)--The Twelve: Spearhead,

LANCE, ED - attempted to photograph Anarchist and Dead Girl's release from prison, filed civil action against Anarchist after he disintegrated his camera
    (app-anarchist)--X-Force I#129

LANCEs of LIGHT of Luminia - wielded by Luminians against Shadow Demons
    (app-vallarr)--Iron Man I#26 (26(fb), 26


LANCELOT - Knights of the Round Table, right-hand man to King Arthur, had love affair with Guinevere, possibly survived on as Bowman
    -SIR LANCELOT*, BOWMAN* (app)--(g) Black Knight Comics#1 (Marvel Premiere#14, Marvel Preview#22, Strange Tales I#134?, Black Knight Comics#1, New Excalibur#11, [12 (fb)], 12

LANCER of Earth-Heroes Reborn (Samantha Dunbar) - mutated by Dr. Doom to assist him in defending dimension from the Dreaming Celestial, traveled to Earth-616 alongside Doom and his allies
    wf, project energy blasts, skilled strategist
    (OH2006#3-Doom's generals, FFE)--Heroes Reborn: Doomsday (HR: Ashema, HR: Doom ,[Fantastic Four III#24], 25, 26, [27], 28, Doom#1-3, Doom: Emperor Returns#1, 2

LANCER, Corporal FREDDY - us army, enemy of James Scully, betrayed him to the Viet Cong to escape imprisonment, accompanied Scully as guard on the ship that flew into the Bermuda Triangle Time Warp, but thrown back though it by explosion of ship, joined with Senator "Stoneface" Turner in plan to find Scully and his allies, sought to kill Scully because he figured Scully would eventually try to find him and kill him. wm, blond
    --Skull the Slayer#1, (fully named)6 (6(fb), 7(fb), 1, 6, 7

LANCER, ROBERTA- Camarilla of the N'Garai, binder of souls, blond
    (app-cam)--Marvel Preview I#7

LAND dim, the (Seetah, Silent People) - summoned Gargoyle (Christians) to their realm for unknown reasons
    --Strange Tales: Dark Corners#1/3

LAND between NIGHT and DAY - extradimensional realm, contains Dakimh's Castle in the Sky
    --Howard the Duck I#22 (23

LAND of the FORSAKEN dimension ("slugs") - realm in which Millennius was imprisoned in distant past by Odin
    --Silver Surfer /Thor Annual 1998

LAND of FUZZ (Captain Know-More, Doctor Va-va-va-voom, Galactic Cuss, Herbie, Jolly,  Micro Nuts (Chug, Commander Re-Ran, "Mary A. Nette"), Thang, Wreck, Youaretoo the Looker)
    EARTH-97103* (app)--What If II#100/2

LAND of LEGENDS dim (Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, John Henry, Pecos Bill, Uncle Sam, Father Time)
    - mystic realm to which beings who have become American legends are brought, Captain America resisted efforts of father time to place him there, landscape changes to conform with the America of its inhabitants
    (app)--Captain America I#383

LAND of MISTS - see SAVAGE LAND-- (Namor I#15

LAND of SHADES dimension - mystic realm to which Olympian gods were banished by Typhon, connected to Hades
    --Avengers I#49

LAND of SKULLs - see NEGARI--Moon of Skulls; Savage Sword of Conan#34/2

LAND of SPRING of Earth-148611 - Farplace

LAND of WINTER of Earth-148611 - farplace

LAND WITHIN (Cat People) - alien world, dimensional prison to which the original cat people were banished centuries ago, contains portal to Arcturus IV
    --Adventures into Fear#22

LANDA - Inniverse, former wife of Occulus
    (app-inn)--Fantastic Four I#363 (364(fb), 363-365

LANDAR - Axi-Tun ruler, son of Trantor, temporarily deposed by brother Voltan, allied with Star Masters in opposing his plan to destroy the Charter
    used energy blasters
    (app)--Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4 (5

LANDARK - Dimension of Blindness
    --Doctor Strange: Through Six Dimensions

LANDAU, RYAN - husband of ??
    --Civil War#5

LANDAU, LUCKMAN, & LAKE (Zoe Culloden, Chang, Emmett, Expediters, Mr. Ramavishnu, Miss Kirkegand(d), Dr. Carling, Rose Wu, Noah DuBois, C. Roberts, Montgomery, Dixon, Youngsoo)
    Mutates (Doris, Herbert, Fleshwerks
    - interdimensional/intergalactic holding firm, insurance company - LANDAU, LUCKMAN, LAKE, & LeQUARE*
    --Wolverine II#5 (Logan: Path of the Warlord, Deadpool III#23(fb1+2), Deadpool minus 1, Deadpool III#23(fb3),
    Wolverine II#5,
    Wolverine II#97, 98, [Uncanny X-Men#332], DpIII#8, 13-15, 16(fb2), 17, 19-25, 31

LANDAU, LUCKMAN, LAKE, & LeQUARE - see Landau, Luckman, & Lake.
    original organization, truncated when Lequare was seemingly killed
    --Deadpool minus 1

LAND CRUSHER - weapon used by "Sky Demons" to destroy life on Dinosaur World
    (app-sky demons)--Devil Dinosaur#5

LANDERS, BOB - husband of Carol
    --Fantastic Four I#134 (140, 142, 147

LANDERS, CAROL - childhood friend of Sue Storm
    --Fantastic Four I#134 (139, 140, 142, 143

LANDGRAVE (    ) - Nobility
    --[Wonder Man III#1 (2007)], 3 (4-5

Landis, Captain - scarred spy, impersonated American officer; battled Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#50 (December, 1943)

LANDON, Mr. - head of revised Brand Corporation, mutated by chemicals
    --Spider-Man: Mutant Agenda#1 (2, 3

LANDRU, HENRI DÉSIRÉ - 19th century serial killer, sold skulls at the Bazaar at the End of Unreason
    (app)----Marvel Super-Heroes III#12 ([12(fb)], 12, [14/2]

LANDRU, JOHN - father of mutant boy
    --X-Men: Endangered Species#1 (2007)

LANDRU, Mrs. - mother of mutant boy
    --X-Men: Endangered Species#1 (2007)

LANDRU, - mutant boy, declined invitation to Xavier Institute, died after stepping in front of a truck
    *D*--X-Men: Endangered Species#1 (2007) ([1 (fb), 1 (fb, dies)]

LANDSCAPE (Brett ) - bounty hunter, allied with Grovel and Spat.
    alter appearance of surroundings, multi-colored costume
    --[Uncanny X-Men I#346], 347 ([348]

LANDSCOMB, of Earth-Ultraverse - Aladdin
    *D*--Rune I#4

LANDSFIELD, Mr. - Empire State University student, dozed off in the classroom of Peregrin Took, who cast frightening illusions into his mind
    (app-took)--Marvel Comics Presents#127/4

LANDSLIDE ( ) - Outcasts, wears hood over face when above ground to protect eyes from light, manipulate earth and ground
    (app-out)--Marvel Treasury Edition #25(Incredible Hulk II#263(fb), 263, Rom#28, Iron Man An12

LANDSLIDE (Lee Broder) - nanotech creation of Cerebro, Cerebro’s X-Men, possibly based on Blob & Beast, killed along with rest by Cerebro.
    superhuman strength, wm, large appendages
    *D*--Uncanny X-Men#360 (X-Men II#80

LANE, CONSTANCE - covered up for Armand Laxto after he killed Elsie Duboise
    --Blonde Phantom #13

LANE, JANE - girlfriend of Steel Spider, wf
    --[Spectacular Spider-Man II#72], Amazing Spider-Man I#263 ( Spider-Man Unlimited#5, Amazing Spider-Man Super-Size Special#1/2

LANE, RALPH of Earth-311 - circa 1602 AD -

    (net-preff)--(g) Young Men#21

LANE, TRICIA - friend of Meg, "dated" Hunter Todd, drug overdosed by Mr. Brownstone, died; her disappearance prompted the Black Cat to investigate Mr. Brownstone
    *D*--Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do#1 (1 (d) / [5 (fb)]

LANG, Dr. - leader of the Six Big Men, set the Angel after them so he wouldn't have to split the money, defeated by the Angel
    --Marvel Comics#1

LANG, Mr. - @ 1960, sought to buy the Greenwood Place mansion, scared away by Mr. Howard and other "beings from beyond,"
    (app-howard)--Tales to Astonish I#7/3

LANG, Mr. - father of Tyler, hired Speedfreek to kill Jefferson Wolfe for infecting Tyler with HIV
    (app-speedfreek)--Incredible Hulk II#388

LANG, BURT - met and swiftly fell in love with and became engaged with Lenore Danton, but was vampirized by her and her mother after discovering Lenore’s werewolf stepfather, Archibald.
Suspense#27 (1953)

    daughter of Ant-Man/Lang and Peggy Rae, had congenital heart disease repaired by Dr. Erica Sondheim
    --Marvel Premiere#47 (Micronauts I#19, Iron Man I#137, Marvel Team-Up I#103, IM155, Marvel Two-In-One#87, Avengers I#223,[224], IM224, 225, 233, Marvel Comics Presents#11/3, IM243, [Amazing Spider-Man An24], Marvel Comics Presents#81/3, [Fantastic Four I#393], 403-405, 407, Fantastic Four Unlimited#12, F4#408-411, [414], 416, Avengers An1999(fb1), Tales of the Marvel Universe#1/2, Heroes for Hire#10(fb), 7, [9], 10, Avengers III#26, Marvel: Double Shots#3/2, Av58, 62, 73, 76, Young Avengers Special#1 (fb), Young Avengers#1-6-->Stature

Lang, Garvey - hijacker; battled Black Widow (Claire Voyant)
    --Mystic Comics#5 (March, 1941)


LANG, PAUL - gangster, hired Speedfreek to kill his AIDs-infected son's lover
    --Incredible Hulk II#429 and/or 430

    ex-wife of Scott Lang (Ant-Man), wife of Blake
    --[    ], Avengers III#62 ([73], 76, Young Avengers Special#1 (fb)-->Peggy Burdick

LANG, SCOTT-see ANT-MAN—Avengers I#181 (Marvel Premiere#47(fb(Av181))->ant man

LANG, Dr. STEPHEN - designed Mark III Sentinels, later agent of Phalanx, memories programmed into Master Mold, reanimated via transmode virus by Magus, controlled by Bastion
    (net)--X-Men I#96 (100(fb), 96, 97, [Classic X-Men#6/2], XM98, 99(CXM7, 7/2), 100/CX8, Incredible Hulk An7, X-Factor I#106(fb), Uncanny X-Men#291, 313, X-Force III#3-4, 6, 7

LANG, TYLER - former lover of Jefferson Wolfe, contracted HIV from him; his father hired Speedfreek to kill Wolfe
    (app-speedfreek)--Incredible Hulk II#388

    named for Scott Lang (Ant-Man)
    --She-Hulk III#12

Langer, Private - mechanic and saboteur; battled Flying Flame
    --Tough Kid Squad Comics#1 (March, 1942)

LANGKOWSKI, VERONICA - ex-wife of Walter, mother of his child?, took over his holdings upon his "death" and refused to return them to him as Wanda Langkowski
    (net)--Alpha Flight I#59 (61

LANGLEY, ?? - employed the Triad Brothers, married Deathwatch's sister
    (app)--[Marvel Comics Presents#64], 70 ([71(fb), 64-69], 70, 71

LANGLEY, BILLY - son of Helen + Mark, military school, led Googam into quicksand
    (app-mark)--Tales of Suspense I#15 (17

LANGLEY, ELIZABETH - killed by Dracula
    *D*--Tomb of Dracula I#12

LANGELY, HELEN - wife of Mark, mother of Billy
    (app-mark)--Tales of Suspense I#15 (17

LANGLEY, MARK - husband of Helen, father of Billy, unwittingly summoned Goom to Earth, summoned other natives of Planet X to take care of him
    (app)--Tales of Suspense I#15 (17

    --Bizarre Adventures#25

LANGRAM, NEIL - mutant, Canadian government agent, killed by Victor Creed when he wouldn't cooperate with Hellfire Club Inner Circle
    *D*--Logan: Shadow Society

LANGSTROM, ETTA - Ivan the Terrible's science advisor
    (app-ivan)--Maverick II#2 (3, 10

LANGSTROM, Lt. IAN "JACK" - US Navy, involved in deployment of Aquaria/Hydropolis
    (APP)--Namor I#46 (47, 49, Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#64, Namor55-58

LANGTREE, GINA- wealthy daughter of Mathias Langtree (Chairman of the Board of Langtree Motors), had romance with Johnny Blaze while he had amnesia and existed as Frank Ryder
    --Ghost Rider II#41 (42, 54-56

LANGUNN, ATLEZA - see ATLEZA (app)--Infinity Abyss#3

LANGUNN, BRIAN - Atleza's father
    --Infinity Abyss#2, 3 (4,5

LANGUNN, DEBBY - Atleza's mother
    --Infinity Abyss#2, 3 (4,5

LANGUNN, RUBY - Atleza's younger sister
    --Infinity Abyss#2, 3 (4,5

LaNEIGE, BIANCA - space pirate, former CEO of Laniege industrial concepts, vowed revenge when bought out by Frost International, traveled to another dimension where she was imprisoned for years, gained psionic powers, escaped in recent times and transformed a group of extraterrestrial into dwarves to serve her
    (app)--Generation X#40 (43(fb), 40, 42-44

LANJAU of the Hyborian era - north of Corinthia, original home of the ancestors of Hyperborea, former home of the Jade Serpent and the keepers of the Treasure-crypt of Lanjau, wiped out at some point in the past, those who have come to plunder it have fallen victim to the purple plague
    --Conan the Barbarian I#255 (256

LANLAK race (Mishna, Tyros(Terrax)) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way, dwell on the moon Birj orbiting the gas giant Marmu(?), previously ruled by Tyros
    semi-humanoid, primitive technology
    (I#6,D#15)--Fantastic Four I#211

LANSING, CHERYL - classmate of Mattie Franklin @ private school, scratched by sister Ursula.
    introverted wf, blond, glasses
    (net-sw)--Spider-Woman III#5 (12, 13, 15, 18

LANSING, ERIC - world famous construction engineer, @ 1959 discovered the undersea city  of the "Xenarthrans" before they closed it off, thought mad by everyone and learned a lesson in humility
    (app-xenarthrans)--Tales of Suspense I#5/5

LANSING, PROFESSOR - @ 1954, Anthropologist, sought out Medusa-Land, added to Medusa's locks
    --Adventures Into Terror #15

LANSING, Dr. - obstetrician, presided over the loss of Reed and Sue Richards' second child, wm, brown hair
    --Fantastic Four I#266 (267, 268

LANTARR - mystic entity, invoked by followers of Mordo
    - "Lantern of Lantarr"--[ Untold Tales of Spider-Man: Strange Encounters]

LANTERMAN, - Midtown High School student
    --[Spider-Man Unlimited II#12]

LANTERN of LANTARR - mystic power source utilized by Baron Mordo
    --Untold Tales of Spider-Man: Strange Encounters

LANTOM, father (    ) - priest, ally of Cloak, Dagger, and Runaways
    --Runaways II#9 (10-11

LANZER, Mr. - Latverian ambassador, associated with Sensor Squad
    --Moon Knight III#39 (40

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