LAO, Mr. - Lung dragon, Atlas Foundation advisor, absorbed powers of a genie in 13th century but became trapped in his bottle, freed in 19th century with the aid of the Ancient One
    --[Agents of Atlas#1], 5, (true form) 6 ([6 (fb)], [1-4], 5-6

LAO-CHUNG - A Chinese builder of the Great Wall of China. He returned as an avenging spirit to help Captain America repel a Japanese invasion force using a vast tunnel system beneath the Great Wall. He had superhuman strength and undefined mystical powers able to control machinery and fire deadly lightning from his hands.
    --All Select#8/1 (summer 1944) “The Great Wall Mystery”

LAODAMAS of the Hyborian era - Aquilonian soldier, fought alongside Conan against the Picts, questioned him at every step
    (app-sagayetha)--Moon of Blood; Savage Sword of Conan#46

LAOLO - former? lover of Jisa, attempted to force her to have an abortion, led others to assault Nata

LAOMEDON - circa 1264 BC, hired Poseidon to build indestructible walls for his city, refused to pay him; when Neptune sent monsters to assault him, he hired Hercules to save his daughter from the monsters, promising to pay Hercules with magic horses; refused to pay Hercules as well, sending Hercules into a violent rage
    --Incredible Hercules#114 (114 (fb)

LAO-TSE the MYSTIC - former general of ??, pursued Prince Bayan in search of Lopner Gateway, foiled in past by Reed Richards and Alyssa Moy, trained in mystic arts by , confronted Reed Richard in modern era to learn location of the gateway, frozen in ice by cryon sphere hurled by Franklin Richards
    (app)--Before Fantastic Four: Reed#1 (1(fb), 3

LaPIERRE, JANICE - New Orleans, killed by King-Cake Killer
    (app-king-cake killer)--Namor I#51


LAPIN, EMIL - Thieves and Unified Guild of New Orleans, cousin and old friend of Gambit.
    skilled with computers
    --Rogue I#3 (Gambit III#16 (fb9), 17-19, 21, 22, 23

LaPORTE, EMMA - former prostitute?, badly burned and scarred when Rusty Collins’ powers surfaced, briefly returned to normal by Masque, attempted to bring religion to  Morlocks
    (app)--X-Factor I#1 (16

LAPUTA - realm accessed during trip to the Citadel of the Universal Amalgamator
    --[Generation X#37]

LAQUITA ?? of Earth-93060 - ally of Eliminator
    --Solution (uv)#16/Ultraverse Premiere#10 (Night Man I#16/UVP#11, Eliminator#0-3

LAR of the Hyborian era - Yezud, son of Dursa, brother of Rudabeh, trained under Conan/Nial as blacksmith
    (app-zath)--Savage Sword of Conan#208 (209, 210

LARA - henchman of Dr. Vortex
    --Mystic Comics#4

LARA ?? - District X, mutant, had affair with Ismael Ortega
    Cast illusions
    --District X#5 (6, 8, 10-12

    (net-preff)--(g) Wild Western#15

LARALEI of the pre-Cataclysmic era (         ) - pawn of Thulsa Doom, former ally of Kull
    (app)--Kull the Conqueror#22 (29(fb), [22(fb)], 22-28

LARALIE - see Wrangler. (app-wrang)--Marvel Fanfare I#11 (12

LARCENOUS LIL (Lilith Moll) - Hostess ad, led criminal gang, caught by Spider-Man
    --<October 1980>, Fantastic Four I#223 (Fin Fang Four Return!#1/5

"LARCENOUS THREE" (Badd Axe, Firearms, Vampiro) - criminals, battled Spider-Man and Nova
    (app)--Nova III#5

Larch, Lifer (    ) -
    --Miss America#1 (    )

LARDNER, AMOS - CIA, brother of James, committed suicide after experimented on by Operation: Cobra
    (app-cob)--Marvel Preview#21 (21(fb), 21(fb,d)

LARDNER, JAMES - see COBRA (app-cob)--Marvel Preview#21

L'ARGENT, CHRISTIAN - Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D., Alchemax, joined Savage Land tribe
    *D*--Doom2099#20 (21d)

LARGO, JAMES - Headshop, police chief of Sunville, Florida, encountered Hulk/Bruce Banner.
    superhuman strength, able to remove head
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#427 (428-430, 436, 437-440

LARGO, APE  of Earth-Nightside - partner of Sydney Taine in Nightside investigations, fought Black Dragons alongside her brother.
    possibly superhuman strength
    (app-taine)--Nightside#1 (2(fb), 1-4

LARIAT (    ) - mutant, Arena
    generate energy ropes from each hand
    --X-Treme X-Men I#39

LARIN - Wise Ones/Monks of Doom, assisted Doom in leading the revolution in Latveria, possibly imprisoned by Doom
    --Books of Doom#4 (4 (fb), 5 (fb)

LARK of Earth-Cable -
    --X-Force II#2 (2(fb)

LAR-KA - Kree, former field commander in United Front, executed by Ronan

LARKIN, JERRY - World War II, former comedy performer, joined Howling Commandos while dying of cancer, killed during mission in Germany
    *D* (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#63 ([63(fb)], 63

LARKS - employee of Kingpin, kidnapped Mickey, killed by own bullet ricocheted by Daredevil
    *D* (app)--Daredevil: The Man Without Fear#4

LARMER, BRIE - reporter
    --New Thunderbolts#2 (7, 13

LARMOUTH, CHRIS - mutated by Gamma Spores, healed by Moondragon
    (app)--Defenders I#141 (141(fb), 141-142, [143-150], 151

LARNER, JAMES - MI-6, expelled for alcoholism, later returned and sacrificed life to defeat Fu Manchu
    *D* (app)--Master of Kung Fu I#40 (40(fb), 40-49d, 50(d))

Laroc, Pepo  - sadistic POW jailer; battled Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#5 (August, 1941)

LA ROCCA, JOSEPH - Chicago Mafia, agent of Don Salvatore Vischetti, killed by Night Raven in 1984
    *D* (app)--Mighty World of Marvel II#9/3 (9/3(fb), 9/3d)

LaROCQUE, Cpl. JACQUES - World War II, Leatherneck Raiders, Frenchman, womanizer
    skilled diver, used a machine gun, spoke French & English
    (app)--Captain Savage & Leatherneck Raiders#1 ([1(fb)], 1-8, Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders#9-11, Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#64, CSahBR#12-19

LARONDE, ANNIE - Louisiana Mambo
    --Silver Surfer IV#6

    --Incredible Hulk II#317 (343(fb), 317-322, 325, 327, 329-332, 334, 337,338, 341-343->rock)

LaROSA, CARLOTTA - actress, dated the Thing while he was rich, abducted by Arcade alongside him
    --Thing II#1 (5(fb), 1-4

LaROUE, patrolman - US Border Patrol
    (app-xenophobic)--Avengers Spotlight#31/2 (32/2

LAROUGHE  of the Hyborian era - - father of Fhala, former husband of Meara, forced to fertilize her after she became the queen of the ant-men
    --Savage Sword of Conan#70

LAROXIMOUS BONEFLAYER "LARRY" - wish-granting demon, old associate of Dr. Strange
    --Strange II#3

LARRAINE and her REMARKABLE PROTUBERANCE - stage performer at Cafe du Cleveland, former follower of Pop Syke
    able to perform various balancing acts and other tricks with her enormous nose
    --Howard the Duck daily comic strip 6/24/77

LARRIBEE, LASH - killed Dan Colt, killed by Kid Colt causing him to become an outlaw
    --Kid Colt Outlaw #79

LARRS - Rejects, best friend of Nikoh. horns act as sonar receivers
    (app-rej)--X-Factor I#46

LARS ?? - AIM, involved with Scorpion (Carmilla Black), slain by Monica Rappaccini
    *D*--Amazing Fantasy II#9 (10, 11, 12d

LARRY - giant squid from Squidrealm, attacked Power Pack via Interdimensional Teleporter, driven back into Squidrealm
    --Power Pack III#2 (4?

    Alias used to get close to his wife Gina
    --Toxin#4 (5

LARRY ?? - linked to Joe, who killed him when he wished he were dead
    *D* (app-joe)--Crypt of Shadows#4/4

LARRY ?? - brother or friend of Marlon, husband of ??; as a youth, found the corpse of the future Pitiful One
    --Dead Girl#1 (1 (fb), 1

LARRY ?? - see RYAN, LARRY--She-Hulk II#25 (26

    --Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#3

LARRY ?? - Watchdogs, involved in plot to use train full of explosives to blow up Hoover Dam, defeated by Falcon (Sam Wilson) and Redwing
    --Captain America#604 (2010)

LARRY ?? - homophobe, friend of Chris Berg, with whom (and with others) he assaulted and killed one homosexual man and plotted other assaults before being stopped by Nomad (Rikki Barnes)
    --Captain America#608/2 (2010)

LARTOREZ of Reality-8116 - planet used as gathering place for Aknaton's agents; destroyed along with the rest of the Milky Way galaxy by the explosion of the Infinity Horn
     (app)--Epic Illustrated#5 (6-7

LARSEN  - black super soldier program, killed when a Nazi dropped a grenade at his feet
    *D*--Truth: Red, White, & Black#1 (2,3,4d)

LARSON - Asgardian
    --Thor I#367

LARSON, CAM - musician in band alongside Flora & Wolf Punnett, died thirty years ago, spirit bound to site in Joshua Tree National Monument, made contact and alliance with Living Totem (Whistle Pig), duped Punnett's into freeing Whistle Pig who then captured the Punnetts until they agreed to release Cam to pass on; Whistle Pig briefly attempted to force his friend Cam to remain, but was forced to release him by Doc Samson
    *D/spirit*--Doc Samson II#1 (1 (fb), [1 (fb)], 1

LARSON, JOEL - see MOTHBALL of Earth-148611 --DP7 #15

Larson, Red (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#27 (    )

LARVAL EARTH (Duktor Doom, Fantastic Fur, Galactypus, Punfisher, Spider-Ham)
    - alternate Earth populated by humanoid animals
    EARTH-8311* (FFE)--Marvel Tails#1

LASCIVIOUS (Davida DeVito) - resurrected by the Hood
    TITANIA* (OHotMU A-Z Update#, app)--Punisher VII#6 (7-9, Annual#1

LASCOMBE, EDGAR - Hydra, directed coup and plot to poison a Midwest aquifier
    --Amazing Spider-Man#521 (522-524

LASER CANNON - SHIELD weapon, used against Godzilla, destroyed by him

LASER SPECTROSCOPE of Earth-Howard the Duck movie adaptation - created by Dr. Jenning, designed for long range space discovery, brought Howard the Duck and the Dark Overlord to its world
    (app-darkoverlord)--Marvel Super Special#41

LASERWORKS ( ) - Seekers
    (app)--Darkhawk#35 (36, 37, Spider-Man: Friends and Enemies#2

LASH of Earth-93060 (Elvis Colby) - Ultra, killed by Rafferty.
    2x speed + reflexes
    *D* (app)--Firearm(uv) I#6 (12d

LASH, BRIAN - see SCAR the STALKER--Felicia Hardy: The Black Cat#1

LASHA - part of Russian crew captured by Zaladane
    --Uncanny X-Men#250

LASHER (     ) - Cell-12.
    form energy whips and nets, 3/4 face covered
    *D* (app-cell12)--Amazing Spider-Man I#411 (Spider-Man#68, Spectacular Spider-Man II#234, Spdm69d)

LASHINA of Earth-Amalgam - Female Furies
    (app-ff)--Bullets & Bracelets#1

LASKO, - SHIELD, killed in invasion of Atlas Foundation
    *D*--Agents of Atlas#1 (1d)

LASSES (Tatiana) - Alicia Wells' private assassins squad
    Lady Alicia’s Sweet Sixteen Executioner’s School--Captain America and the Secret Avengers#1 (2011)

LASSIE - Dr. Bong's saurian servant
    --Howard the Duck I#15, (identified) #17

LASSITER, - Los Angeles mobster, allied with Yannroth, slain by him
    *D* (app)--Shroud#1 (2(fb), 1-4

LAST of MANKIND of Earth-Demon Sun - fought Demon Sun and K'Kyltrhi under Marjorie Brink
    (app-brinkmarjorie)—Marvel Comics Presents#61/4

"LAST race, the" - slaughtered by the Scatter, remainder kept alive to serve as their larder
    (app)--Force Works#2 ([2(fb)], 2

LAST AVENGERS STORY of Earth-Avengers: Last Avengers Story - Book placed in time capsule by Ultron-59 to be discovered by Kang in the future so he would believe the battle had a foregone conclusion
    (app)--Avengers: Last Avengers Story#1

LAST CHRONICLE of CHTHON - page of the Darkhold, formerly hidden behind the Black Mirror, released by Nico Minoru, taken by Marie Laveau, given to Ian McNee who used it to free the spirit of Heka-Nut, unwittingly unleashing Chthon; via the Cornerstones of Creation, McNee again banished Chthon, but he took the Cornerstones with him
    --Mystic Arcana: Sister Grimm#1/2 (1/3

LAST DISCIPLE of THANOS of Earth-Hercules 2300 (Dheilius Shreck) - @ 2385, stole Nega-Bands, attacked Titan, exploded by energy overload in battle with Hercules
    Used Nega-Bands to fly, fire photon blasts, lift 10 tons
    *D*--Hercules II#3 (3d)

LAST DRUID - see DERWYDDON (app)--Gargoyle#2

LAST HEROES of Earth-238

LAST HEROES of Earth-89112 (Captain, Human Torch, Shadowcat, She-Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor) - waited to assist the mystics, all eventually slain by forces of S'ym
    (app-earth89112)--What If II#6

LAST HEROES of Earth-Set (Aquarian, Cloak, Dr. Doom, Hulk, Phoenix/Rachel, Sabretooth, Thor, Wolverine)
    - made failed/last ditch effort to stop Set
    (app-set)--What If? II#25

LAST KNIGHT (Ernst Wythim) - @ 2600 AD, descendent of Dane Whitman, went mad from blood curse of Ebony Blade, slaughtered thousands before committing suicide, spirit unwittingly summoned to modern era by Whitman, possessed and transformed Dr. Druid's body into duplicate of his own, attempted to kill Dane Whitman to end blood curse associated with family line
    uses Ebony Blade and body armor containing future metals
    (app)--Solo Avengers#4 ([4(fb)], 4

LAST LIGHTNING LORD - native of Me-Lao, challenged Orson Randall in drinking contest, used the three Chalices of Xu-Ma, apparently died after drinking from poisoned chalice after Wendell Rand identified it for Randall
    --Immortal Iron Fist#6 (6 (fb)

    Marvanite, formerly imprisoned on Stranger's Prisonworld
    ?NYGORN? (app)--Marvel Two-In-One An3 ([Quasar#14, 15], 16à Nygorn)

LAST STARSHIP of ARCTURUS - see ARCTURAN last starship (app-arcturans)--Adventures into Fear#23

LAST VIKING - see ELIF--Thor I#3__

LASWELL, HENRY - business partner of Jason Faust
    --Tomb of Dracula I#11

LASWELL, LINDON - Roxxon Oil executive, former CIA special forces agent, involved in alliance with Dreadknight
    (app)--Spider-Man Unlimited#16

LATCH - one of a race of immortals, affiliated with Tila + Unit + Yune, sought means to end his life, did so via poison waters in Sulpher’s cave
    Heal from injuries
    --Eden's Trail#1 (2-5

LATCHAM, JEREMY - SHIELD, secret agent for Purifiers, betrayed SHIELD to arrange Bastion's release then committed suicide
    *D*--X-Force III#1 (1d)

LATHKALOS - planet destroyed in past by Galactus; Silver Surfer attempted to restore it, but inadvertently destroyed it again
    --Silver Surfer III#104 (104(fb), 104

LATHAM, JORGE - cross technological enterprises, former technical assistant to Hawkeye
    --Avengers I#233 (Hawkeye I#1

LATHE of PERFECTION - extradimensional power item, discovered by geometer, used by him to alter objects to conform to his theories of mathematic perfection.        
    receptacle for mathematic energy
    --Quasar#51 (52(fb2), 51, 52

LATHROP of the Old West - thrown off of own ranch by Burrows Gang
    --Marvel Westerns: Strange Westerns starring the Black Rider#1

LATHROP, Dr. - ally of Morton Clegstead, planted on Hulkbuster Base to steal sample of Hulk’s blood, did so and injected Clegstead with it, killed by Clegstead who had turned into the Crawling Unknown
    *D*--Incredible Hulk II#151d

LATHROP, CASS - Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms, posed as co-worker and girlfriend of arms dealer Tom Leeds, investigated Wolverine, captured by Brothers of the New World, escaped with aid of Wolverine, tracked down Wolverine, sought relationship with him
    --Wolverine III#2 (3-5, 6, 7-11, 12

LATIMER, professor - Lake Charles Research Station, built android
    (app-android)--[Hulk Comic (UK)#5], 6

LATIMER, LONNIE - Earth-712, ex-girlfriend of Hyperion/Mark Milton
    --Thor I#280

LATISHA (Latisha Arnold) - gangleader
    --Silver Sable#22 (23, 30

LATKOVIA of Earth-Amalgam (Dr. Doomsday, Tyrannoids) - Latveria and Markovia

LATROBE, DANIELLE - Weapon X, Hospice
    --[Deadpool III#15]

LATTA, ALAN - @ 1867, discovered meteorite NWA 931
    --[Spider-Man Family#1]

LATVERIA - European country ruled by Dr. Doom
    JEWEL of the BALKANS*--Fantastic Four I#5 (
     Blade III#6 (fb)

LATVERIA's FALL PLAZA of Earth-Challengers of Doom - Former base of the Challengers of Doom
    (app-earthcod)--Fantastic Four III#47 (48

LATVERIANS (Boris & Valeria, Lucas & Tara Cross, Dreadknight, Dizzy the Hun, Editor, Dimitri + Vladimir Fortunov, Hans, Hoskous, Oleg, Kristoff Vernard, Rudolfo & Zorba, Cynthia + Victor + Werner von Doom)
    --Fantastic Four I#5 (
    Fantastic Four III#74, 75

LATVERIAN LIBERATION FRONT ( ) - agents of Kristoff Vernard/Dr. Doom, posed as enemies of Latveria looking to displace him, used in order to gain sympathy with international community, plot uncovered by Vindicator
    (net)--Alpha Flight I#91 (92

"LATVERIAN LIBERATION FRONT" - attacked Dr. Doom in US airport, fought off by Captain America and Spider-Man.
    Wore powerful exoskeletons, fly, fire energy blasts
    "Liberation Front of Latveria"--Amazing Spider-Man II#50

LAU, KING - sensei, friend of Elektra, partner of McKinley Stewart, dated Konnie Weiss
    --Elektra I#1 (3-5, 10-13

LAUCHLINE, SIOBAHN of the Hyborian era - priestess of Gaea, Sisterhood of Danu, encountered Conan, battled the goddess/demon Ovada
    --Conan the Savage#5 (6

LAUDNER, father - associated with school in which Gideon Wilson thought to get Jim enrolled in
    --[World War Hulk: Gamma Corps#2]

LAUFEY - Storm Giant, former king, father of Loki, killed by Odin in war between Asgard and Giants
    *D*--Journey into Mystery I#112

Laughing Boy (    ) - merry criminal; battled Captain America (Jeff Mace) and Bucky (Fred Davis)
    --Captain America Comics#61 (March, 1947)

Laughing Death Patrol (    ) - Japanese patrol, used gas to make American pilots hysterical and green; battled Doug Johnson
    --USA Comics#7 (February, 1943)

Laughing Killer (George Logue) - deranged murderer, sought help to prevent his own crimes; encountered Namor
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#81 (March, 1947)

LAUGHING MASK (Dennis Burton) - Twelve; assistant District Attorney, used glowing mask and two .45s as killer vigilante
    PURPLE MASK*--Daring Mystery Comics#2 (February, 1940)

Laughing Skull (Ricardo Amegos) - white-skinned, commanded zombie-like subjects; encountered Angel (Tom Halloway)
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#1 (Spring, 1941)

Laughing Sneak Thief () - ex-convict, started bicycle-stealing racket; encountered Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#69 (February, 1946)

LAUGHING SPHINX - contained vial of liquid that transported user to Modebl
    (app-modebl)--Captain America Comics#25/3

LAUGHLIN,  - Sons of the Serpent
    (app-sons)--Avengers I#341 (342

LAUGHLIN, Dr. - father of Connor, former mutaphobe
    --X-Men Unlimited II#6/2

LAUGHLIN, CONNOR - mutant, severe combined immunodeficiency, powers discovered when mentally linked up with Rogue and Rachel Grey, trained/treated by Beast
    --X-Men Unlimited II#6/2

LAUGHTER ASSASSINS of Earth-86343 - agents of Jester King, battled Excalibur
    --Clan Destine#3 (2008)

LAUMER, KENNETH - spokesman for German-American bund (as reported by Jefferson Calumet), paid Nora Raymond
    --Torch#2 (2009)

LAURA - see LAUROX (app)--Giant-Size Defenders#2

LAURA ?? - @ 1961, former girlfriend of Dan Mitchell, warned Gruto to leave Earth after Dan fabricated stories about him being an invader
    (app-gruto)--Journey into Mystery I#67/1

LAUREN ?? of Earth-93060 - see MANTRA--Mantra(uv) I#14

LAURENT - 17th Century, twin brother of Alexandre, Haitian, loyal ally of Captain Tyger, became the first Lord of the Loa/Brother Voodoo by merging with Alexandre's spirit
    (app-captaintyger)--Dr. Strange III#17/2 (20/2

LAURIE ?? - Cybertek
    --Deathlok I#1

LAUROX the LEACHEROUS - demon, agent of Satannish, posed as human child to lure the Hulk into Satannish's realm
    LAURIE* (app)--Giant-Size Defenders#2

LAUZIERE, JEAN-CLAUDE - District X, owner of Cafe' des Artistes, father of Sylvette
    --District X#14 (14(fb), 14

LAUZIERE, SYLVETTE "SYLVIE" - District X, mutant, waitress at Cafe' des Artistes, daughter of Jean-Claude, caught up in Billy Bates and his slaughter
    feral characteristics
    --District X#14 (14(fb), 13-14(fb), 13-14

LAVA - Hellbent.
    fire powers
    (app-hellbent)--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#58

lava creature of the Pre-Cataclysmic Era - summoned by Rufus using Commorian Witch-Pipe, slain by Kull and Brule
    *D*--Kull the Conqueror III#5

LAVA MAN - see MOLTO (app)--Journey into Mystery I#97

LAVA MEN (Ajaxis, Akor, Basallo, Boraku, Danka, Jinku, Kelak, Kratar, Krotok, Maggam, Metoxo, Molto, Styrak, Volkon )
    - race of Subterraneans, originally were Gor-Tokians mutated by the demon Cha’sa’dra, many of the originals died following Cha’sa’dra’s death during Inferno, remaining survivors were formerly led by Grotesk
    (I#11,D#7,M)--Journey into Mystery I#97 (Avengers An20/ (fb), Captain America: Patriot#1, JiM#97, Avengers I#5 / Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes#2 (fb2), Marvel Holiday Special 1994A (fb), Marvel Team-Up I#26, Marvel Treasury Edition#25, Av236,237, Fantastic Four I#313, X-Factor An3, Av306(fb), 305-307, AvAn20(fb), An20, Avengers West Coast An6, 9; Thor I#481, Marvel Comics Presents#173/2, X-Force#81

LAVA MEN - unliving creations of Jinku, used to destroy Avengers Island/Hydrobase
    (M, app-jink)—Avengers I#305 (306-308

LAVA MEN (Akor, Danka, Kelak) - originals transformed into golden creatures after destruction of cha’sa’dra,
    meld body into variety of shapes
    (M)—Avengers I#307 (308

LAVARITES (Jarna) - Venus-based race of 1' tall males led by human-sized Queen Jarna
    (app)--Marvel Mystery Comics#25

LAVEAU, MARIE - witch, former lover of Cagliostro, former ally of Silver Dagger, traveled to Louisiana after French takeover @ turn of 19th Century, originally dealt only with love potions and minor charms until encountered Cagliostro, who taught her his secret of immortality, which slowed but failed to halt her aging, had servant Gaston capture Dracula, then she slew Gaston and took blood of Dracula to complete immortality formula, sent Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) into past to obtain blood of Dracula to maintain youth after destruction of vampires via Montesi Formula, blood was instantly destroyed upon returning to modern time, revived Victor Strange to renew curse of vampirism.
    uses voodoo, maintains youth by consuming blood of vampires
    -The Witch Queen of New Orleans (OH: Hor, app)--Dracula Lives #2/3 (Dr. Strange III#10/2(fb), Marvel Team-Up I#76,77, Marvel Fanfare I#42/2, [Mystic Arcana: Sister Grimm#1/2 (fb)], Dr. Strange III#14 (fb), 15-18, ?33?, Blade: Vampire Hunter I#4, 5, 9, Blade: Crescent City Blues, Mystic Arcana: Sister Grimm#1/2, 1/3

LaVECCHIO, ARGUS - former member of Crazy Eight, former tenant alongside Simon Williams, shooting a documentary on late twentieth century super-heroes
    -VISIONARY*--Wonderman II#4 ( [Avengers Two: Wonderman and the Beast#2]

LAVENDER (Lenora Moore) - female crime lord, enemy of All-Winners Squad including Golden Girl (Betsy Ross), shot Bucky (Fred Davis), defeated by Captain America (Jeff Mace)
    --Captain America Comics#55 (April, 1948); [Captain America: Patriot#2 (2010)], 3

LAVENDER, MAXINE - former assistant district attorney in New York, acted as prosecutor in Melvin Potter/Gladiator case
    (net)--[Daredevil I#171], 173 (173-175, 186, 192, Power Man/Iron Fist#101

La Verne, Pierre - League of Crime member, criminal swordsman; battled Challenger
    --Mystic Comics#8 (March, 1942)

LAVIANO, Detective JOHN - cop, partner of Stan Witts, involved in investigation of death of Frank Castle's family, gave him access to the police files on the Costas and others involved when he was forbidden to continue the investigation
    --Marvel Super-Action#1 (Punisher: Year One#1-4/MarvSupA#1(fb), Marvel Preview#2

LAVOISIN (Catherine Deshayes) - 17th century witch

LAVOISIN ( ) - witch, named after/possible reincarnation of Deshayes, gave Hellstorm his father's true name in exchange for impregnating her; baby is most likely Marduk Kurios
    (app)--[Hellstorm16], 20 ([21]

Lavorites (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#25 (November, 19__), 26 (December, 19__)

LAVOUR of Crystallium - Magma woman, lover of Moltar
    --Crystar#1 (8(fb), 1

LAW ENFORCEMENT SQUAD of Earth-Law Enforcement Squad (Buck Barnes, Battling Jack, Captain Universe, Dr. Druid, Hulk, Living Lightning, Namora, Red Raven, Rose, Shroud, Whizzer)
    - encountered Fantastic Four during dimensional crossover caused by Abraxas
    (app)--Fantastic Four III#46

LAWGIVER of ASGARD ( ) - presided over decision of who should rule Asgard following Odin's disappearance with Surtur
    -GRAND THANE-Thor I#364 (365, 366

LAWHOLDER (    ) - Brotherhood of Ankh, presumably absorbed by In-Betweener
    (app-ankh)--Daredevil I#73 (Daredevil I#73 ([73(fb)], 73, West Coast Avengers#28, [Avengers III#57],58-60

LAWLESS, ARIZONA - 19th Century town founded by Zedediath Ravenstorm, who cursed them when they hanged him, so that their spirits were trapped in the town, until Ravenstorm's curse was disrupted by his possession by and subsequent exorcism of Kthara
    (app-kthara)--Marvel Two-In-One#14 (14(fb), 14

LAWLESS of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD (Xi'an, Victor Ten-Eagles, Junkpile, Broken Haiku, Reverend(d), Auntie Maim, Mongrel)
    (app)--[X-Men 2099#6], 32 (33(fb3), 32(fb), 31-34

LAWMAN (Leon Frankfurt) - Anti-Registration Underground
    --Civil War: Front Line#4 (4/4) (5

LAWNMOWER (Hiro Sugiyama) - champion of death sumo, present at contest organized to determine master of hand to hand combat organized by Warlord of the savage land
    (app-warlord)--Super Soldiers (MUK)#7

LAWRENCE ?? - Devil Among Us, trained with the Hand, expelled before joining, used Mikkyo to summon demon baby, ultimately killed self to get rid of it
    *D*--Daredevil II#71, (named) #75  ([75(fb)], 71-75

    --Marvel Super Action I#1

Lawrence, Percival  -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#64 (    )

LAWRENCE, SHANNON - SHIELD II, mutated by chemical, tortured + fingers cut off by agents of Jeriah Halidon, revived and killed his men, sacrificed life changing trajectory on Halidon's missile
    project knives on ropes from fingers
   *D* --Call II#1 (2-4

LAWSON, ED - writer/creator of Strange Secrets
    (app-brotherbrimstonesterling)--Daredevil I#65? (66

LAWSON, PROFESSOR - created device that empowered Miss America, killed in explosion
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#49d

LAWSON, THOMAS - vampire, legion of the damned, constable
    *Dec/Res* (app-lotd)--Marvel Preview#3

LAWSON, WALTER - Organization, expert in missiles and robotic guidance, created Cyberex and the Eon Ray, killed by laser fired from Yon-Rogg's ship in effort to kill Mar-Vell
    *D*(app)--Marvel Super-Heroes II#13 ([13 (fb), Captain Marvel I#8 (fb), 10 (fb), 8 (fb), MSH#13], MSH#13d)

LAWSON, WILLIAM - with Pete Logan, sought stolen million; encountered Namor the Sub-Mariner
    --All Winners Comics#18 (Summer, 1946)

LAWSON, WILLIE - see LOKI. posed as leader of Maine branch of Church of Thor, lobster fisherman, inflamed conflict against other religious groups
    --Thor II#63 (64

LAWTON, BILLY of Earth-Slow Glass - attempted to rob Sandson O. Tyme's store, saw his own impending death in a piece of "slow glass," died in a motorcycle crash
    *D* (app-earthslowglass)--Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction#5

LAXIDAZIAN race (Pip, Skunge) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way galaxy, planet Laxidazia, humanoid, Intergalactic Council.
    many hedonistic Laxidazians imbibe an alcoholic + mutagenic beverage that gives them a troll-like appearance
    (I#6,D#15)--Strange Tales I#179

LAXTAN, XTORAL - sought to kill Thanos over blood oath, slain by him with the aid of a distraction from the young Gamoral
    (app)--Marvel Holiday Special#2/6d

LAXTO, ARMAND - killed Elsie Duboise, caught by Miss America
    --Blonde Phantom #13

LAYLA ?? - voodoo priestess, former secretary of Simon Garth, resurrected him as Zombie, killed by him under control of others
    *D*--Tales of the Zombie#1 (6-8, 9d)

LAYNNEN of the Hyborian era - child of the Elder Gods, married Noyo and fathered Dreeme.
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#128

LAYTON, EMILIO - Guardsmen, partnered with Harry Bright in capturing "Electro" (actually Jim Rhodes)
    --Iron Man I#228

    aspect of Azrael the Angel of Death, battled Logan each time his body died to allow his soul to return to his body, eventually helped restore Wolverine's soul in return for his slaying of Phaedra
    (Wolv: WXF)--Wolverine III#48 (58-60 (fb), 48 (fb)

LAZAR, FATHER - priest, former teacher of Gabriel, sought his help when Catherine possessed Father Artemis
    (app)--Haunt of Horror#2

LAZARD - agent of Dr. Hydro
    (app-dr)--Sub-Mariner I#61

LAZARUS (Todd Hunter) - formerly physically challenged, apparently killed by his treacherous wife and partner, returned from grave to exact vengeance on killers.
    (card, app)--Incredible Hulk Annual#19/1 ([19/1(fb)], 19/1(fb), 19/1, 19/2

LAZARUS ( ) - kidnapped Leiko Wu, ran Shang-Chi through a gauntlet of traps and tried to kill him, defeated by him.
    large wm, white hair, insensitive to pain
    -MIDNIGHT SLASHER* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#156/2 (157/2, 158/2

LAZARUS (    ) - child of Beatrice, developed via in utero experimentation, sought by Project: Armageddon as weapon, freed by Domino and taken to Father Rudolpho Boschelli in Church of the Sacred Heart, but located by Beatrice.
    control others, put them in a state of inert bliss
    WEAPON*--[Domino II#2], 3, (named) 4

LAZARUS, BRIAN - created own attackers
    --Man-Thing I#12

LAZARUS PATHOGEN - developed by Hydra's Geist, injected into Captain America (Steve Rogers) by him, intended to prevent him from ever dying
    --Captain America: Hail Hydra#1 (2011)

LAZARUS PROJECT (Dr. Page, Broker ) - designed by Broker for Prince Baran and General Coy, hinged on keeping Master Form safe, intended to create super soldiers?
    (app-mast)--Wolverine II#27 ([30(fb)], 28, 30

LAZER. Gen. DEMETRIUS - O.N.E., mutaphobic, allied with Johnny Dee in effort to destroy the 198, slain by Dee after coerced into agreeing to give up the codes to save the 198
    (198)--X-Men: 198 Files, Sentinel Squad O.N.E. (Sentinel Squad ONE#1-2, 4-5, Son of M#5-6, Uncanny X-Men#468, X-Men: The 198#2-5, Civil War: X-Men#1-3, 4 (fb), 4d)

LAZER CLUB (Chico (bouncer)) - Manhattan night club out front of which the Human Torch was badly beaten by a mob in the pre-SHRA paranoia
    --Civil War#1

LAZ-FIRE ( ) - Zoo,
    energy creature
    *D* (app-zoo)--Gun Runner#3 (4-6

LAZLO - Griffin employee, served Lenz, melted
    --Clandestine #3 (4d

LAZLO, Dr.  of "Earth-58163" - former ally of Monica Rappacini, framed for directing construction of cyborg army, killed by Rappacini
    *D*--Incredible Hulk III#85? (86d)

LAZY B RANCH of the Old West - targeted by Amos Clanton, defended by Rawhide Kid
    --Rawhide Kid#69

L-CYPHER - evil computer program created by Ghostworks and released by Zero 1.0
    --Ghost Rider 2099#17 (18-20

L.D. 50 (  ) - gangleader, enemy of Rage,bm
    L.D. 50, or Lethal Dose 50, is the toxic dose of a chemical which is fatal to 50% of those who consume it
*D* (app)--Avengers I#326 (327-329, [330], 331, Venom: Along Came a Spider#3,4d)

L'DEROH - Shiar, envoy of royal commission, kidnaped Professor X, Jubilee, Forge, Storm
    (app)--X-Men Unlimited#5

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