J.B. (Jane Bradley) - female crimelord with extensive legal organization, employed Frank Simmons, Roddy, Cinalli; battled Human Torch
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#12 (October, 1940)

JEAN of "Earth-1041" (presumably Jean Grey) - X-Men Revolution
    (app-xmenrevolution)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001 - "X-Men Evolution"

JEAN ?? - babysitter of Sam Dunton
    --Irredeemable Ant-Man#9 ([12]

JEAN - Karen's Koffee?
    --Wolverine Origins#22

JEAN BOMB - weapon of Mojo, modeled after Dark Phoenix, used to transform X-Men into toddler form
    --Uncanny X-Men#461

JEANIE ?? - observed Sin's broadcast threatening Captain America (James Barnes) to meet her at the Statue of Liberty
    --Captain America#614 (2011)

JEANNIE ?? - former fiancé of Frank Drake, former lover of Clifton Graves, accompanied them to Castle Dracula, turned into vampire by Dracula, tricked Graves into freeing her, staked by Drake
    *D/R/D*--Tomb of Dracula I#1 (2d)

JEAN-PAUL ?? of Earth-148611 - FBI agent, involved in complex plot involving Factory nightclub owner Martin Roth, slain by Justice
    (app)--Justice I#1

JEAVONS, CONRAD - assistant of Hodiah Twist, served as his "Dr. Watson"
    (app-twist)--Vampire Tales#2/8 (2/8(fb), 2/8, Marvel Preview#16, Amazing Adventures#32(fb?)

JEB ?? - mutant, Xavier Institute student, romantic interest of Anne Moore
    --X-Men Unlimited II#10

JED ?? of the Old West - @ 1860s, buffalo hunter, trained Reno Jones how to use a buffalo gun

JEDEDIAH ?? - Alexandria space station, assistant to Noah Baxter. bm
    --Fantastic Four III#37, (named) 38 (39,40 44

JEDRE race - fierce, cannibalistic warriors
    --[Death Metal#4]

JEESALA of the pre-Cataclysmic era - Serpent Men, daughter of Sekhmeh Tharn, seduced Kull, slain by him
    *D* (app-st)--Marvel Preview#26 (26(fb), 26d)

JEEVES - butler for the family of the young Dollar Bill
    (app-dollar_bill)--Defenders I#54

"JEEVES" - Universal Cosa Nostrum servant
    (app-ucn)--Marvel Comics Presents#172/3

JEEVES - butler at Stark's mansion
    --Incredible Hulk III#71 (72, 73

JEESALA of de THOUSAND YEARS - Haitian voodoo priestess, sought for aid against zombies of Glitternight by Raymond Coker, sent him to Brother Voodoo
    (app-3wa)--Werewolf by Night I #39


JEFF ?? - circa 1945, African-American youth, didn't realize own potential until encountered Captain America (Steve Rogers, briefly returned to this time from a point shortly after his revival in the modern era)
    --Captain America: Man out of Time#5 (2011)

JEFF ?? - Schechter high school yearbook staff, vamped by Dracula, destroyed by Thor
    *D/R/D*--Thor I#332

JEFF ?? - brother of Thad, disliked Falcon, killed in battle between him and the Iron Trinity
    *D* (app-irontrinity)--Marvel Super-Heroes II#2/7

JEFF ?? of Earth-238 - Crumby gang, friend of Sharon
    (app-e238)--Marvel Super-Heroes (UK)#384

JEFF ?? of Earth-Shadowline - shadow, friend of Ripley Weaver, owns restaurant in Hong Kong.
    razor edged fingers
    --Critical Mass#3

JEFFERS, GIL - host to the Stalker, left comatose after Stalker destroyed
    (app-stalk)--Incredible Hulk II#335 ([335(fb)], 335

JEFFERS, TOM - Code: Grey.
    Wall Street, bonds expert

JEFFERSON, ANGELA WYNOSKI - former head of cryptography staff at US embassy in Saigon, old girlfriend of Castle, married Quincy Jefferson, killed by agents of Hector Ramone
    *D*--Punisher: Bloodlines (Bloodlines (fb), Bloodlines (dies)

JEFFERSON, Dr. CHARLES - psychiatrist at South Brooklyn Psychiatric Facility, worked with Dr. Octopus, advised Spider-Man regarding Venom
    --Fantastic Four I#267 (Amazing Spider-Man I#296,297 Web of Spider-Man#4, A317

JEFFERSON, LATONYA - mutant, lost powers on M-Day, became beautiful, slain by Ghoul
    formerly had indestructible skin, inhuman appearance
    *D*--Generation M#1 ([1 (fb)], 1, [2 (fb, dies)], 2d)

JEFFREY ?? - security guard at Metropolitan Museum of Art, encountered Spider-Man and the Fly (Richard Deacon)
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#193

JEFFRIES, Dr. LIONEL - Head of New York's West Side Medical Clinic medical clinic for which Don Blake briefly worked
    (app)--Thor I#304 (305, 307, 309, 311-313

JEFFRIES, Dr. LIONEL - see SCRAMBLE--Alpha Flight I#

JEFFRIES, MADISON - mutant, Canadian, brother of Scramble, formerly dated Heather Hudson and Diamond Lil, later abducted and brainwashed by Zodiac-Ecliptic, and then by Weapon X, created the Boxbots and Bots
    manipulate metal + plastic + glass
    -BOX, GEMINI (D#6, OH2006#5, 198)--[Alpha Flight I#1], 16 (22,28, Incredible Hulk II#313, AF#29,30 31-36 39, [Avengers I#272], AF40 An1, AF#41-45 [47] 46->Box.
    Alpha Flight I#125, Alpha Flight II#1->Gemini. 12 Weapon X II#1, 4, [8,0], 11-13, 22

    --Marvel Mystery Comics#61

JEFFERSON, NATHAN - National Pulse, investigated and became associated with the Church of Hala; past history with SHIELD agent Heather Sante
    --Captain Marvel#1 (2008)

JEFFERSON, QUINCY - former marine alongside Frank Castle, went on to marry Angela Wynoski and join the DEA
    *D*--Punisher: Bloodlines

JEFFRIES, Dr. - Worldwatch, inc
    --War Machine#1 ([2,3],4 Night Thrasher II#17, WarM#5 6 7(fb) 8, Iron Man I#310, WarM#11,12 14 15(fb) 20 24

JEFFREY ?? - waiter, dated Curtis Doyle (Freedom Ring)
    --Marvel Team-Up III#20 (21-22, 24

JEHAN - former king of Siridar, brother of Shadowqueen, slain by her as a sacrifice to the N'Garai
    (app-shadow)--Dr. Strange II#43 (43(fb), 44(fb, dies)

JEKKARTA of Earth-Eternal - Eternal
    --Eternal#1 (2

JEKUAKKEKT - Kosmosian, Primotur, father of Jikekt, attempted to deal with Thunderbolts, betrayed by Keka’akeluak and killed by Moonstone
    (app-kos)--[Thunderbolts#12],13(13(fb) [12] 13,14d)

JELLA - Kree Peace Battalion
    --Captain Marvel IV#1, 2(named) (4

JELLICOE, - Earth-Khan/Dimension X, strategist?
    --X-Treme X-Men #15

JELLY the BELLY of Earth-Nightside - Others, former leader of the "Big People", killed and replaced by Alice as part of a plot of the Five
    *D* (app-others)--Nightside#1 (1(d))

"jellyfish" of Earth-Shadowline - attacked Powerline and ship of Mangler Mike.
    Cause illusions to mesmerize others while it drains there life

JELLY MEN - flesh-eating blob-like creatures created by Japan, battled Vision (Aarkus)
    able to split and fuse
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#31 (May, 1942)

JEMAAH ISLAMIYAH - terrorist group, splinter cell (presumably supplied with technology by Mandarin) attacked Sydney Opera House, defeated by Iron Man and SHIELD Alpha Team
    (app)--Iron Man IV#15 (15 (fb)

JEMIAH the ANALYZER - Celestial, first-fourth hosts, fought off attack of the Uni-Mind
    green & light blue armor
    (I#2,D#2,M)--Eternals I#7 ( Thor284 300 Silver Surfer III#4,5, Quasar#25, Fantastic Four Annual#23

JEMINS, TAM - government official?
    --X-Treme X-Men#32, (named) #33

JEN ?? - nurse?, assistant of modern era Dr. Dysart
    --Captain America: Man out of Time#2 (2011)

JEN ?? of Earth-200111 - New Yorker, worked in a soup kitchen, saved from the Man Down Below by the Punisher
    --Punisher VI#24 (25, 26

JEN & BARRY's - ice cream shop in Manhattan, assaulted by Lady Chi

JENHUNGIR AGHA of the Hyborian era - Turanian, agent of Yezdigerd, plotted to trap and slay Conan, killed by him
    *D* --REH’s The Devil in Iron; Savage Sword of Conan #15 (15(fb), 15

JENKINS, BRADLEY - son of Louise, talented football player, became involved with ABC gang, found near death by Falcon (Sam Wilson), who recovered him and advised him to seek a better life
    --Captain America and the Falcon#1 (2011)

JENKINS, DAVID - designer of Livewires, killed by them under his directive
    --Livewires#2 (named) #3-4 (2 (fb) -5 (fb), 6 (fb, dies)

JENKINS, GEORGE - former actor, played voice of Scoop Daly in Night Raven show
    --Nocturne I#1 (2, 3

JENKINS, GEORGIA - nurse, sister of Ben + 2 others, unidentified mother, former roommate and co-worker of Linda Carter and Christine Palmer
    (2007#8, app)--Night Nurse#1 ([1(fb)], 1(fb), 1, 2(fb), [2(fb)], 2, [3(fb)], 3

JENKINS, HAL - chief of detectives, opposed Jack Frost
    --USA Comics#1

JENKINS, JOLENE - reporter, questioned Captain America (James Barnes) regarding his time as the Winter Soldier
    --Captain America#608 (2010)

JENKINS, LOUISE - mother of Bradley, convinced Falcon (Sam Wilson) to seek out Bradley when he went missing
    --Captain America and the Falcon#1 (2011)

JENKINS, Sgt. PAUL - Missouri Marauders leader
    (app)--Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos#70 (71

JENKINS, PAUL - Marvel Comics writer, wrote the Sentry stories
    --New Avengers#7 (8-10

JENKINS, WALTER - criminal, hired Bushwacker to slaughter the Underground
    —Daredevil I#334 (336,337

JENKINS, - formerly worked for national security council under Gyrich, later member of Project: PEGASUS security
    --Avengers I#1__ (Avengers III#6

JENKINS, - Hydra Pearl Sect
    (app-mop)--New Warriors I#72

JENKINS - chauffeur of Phoebe Marrs
    (app-phoebe_marrs)--Namor I#20

JENKINS, of Earth-93060 - Aladdin

JENKINS of Earth-691 - Punishers
    —Guardians of the Galaxy#17

JENKS, HERBERT - used prophecy wheel to guide him in crimes; battled Young Allies
    --Kid Komics #10 (Spring, 1946)

JENKS, WILL - reporter and Gestapo agent; battled Headline Hunter
    --Captain America Comics#10 (January, 1942)

JENKS, - @ 1930s, butler for Herbert Walpole at Walpole Towers
    (app-simonsdavid)--Savage Action#1/2 (2/2

JENKS, Mrs.  - hired Cage to avenge husband, mistaken for Claire Temple and killed by Rackham
    --Hero for Hire#10 (11, 14-16d)

JENNA of the Hyborian era -
    --Conan the Barbarian I#6 (118-120

JENNA - Warheads Kether Troop

JENNA ?? - mutant, Xavier Institute, taken out by X-Men on Halloween
    --X-Men Unlimited II#1/2

JENNIA - Asgard, exist within distant realm, feed on emotions of others, jewel from their mines used to create the sword Svraden
    --Thor: Son of Asgard#1 (4

JENNING, Dr. WALTER of Earth-Howard the Duck movie adaptation - created the Laser Spectroscope, inadvertently brought to Earth the Dark Overlord, who possessed his body; Dark Overlord purged by Howard and his allies
    (app-darkoverlord)--Marvel Super Special#41

JENNINGS, AARON - applied for Sentinel Squad O*N*E, old friend of Jake Slayton, dismissed on first day for mutaphobic comments
    --Sentinel Squad ONE#1

JENNINGS, Dr. JOSEPH - Hydro-Men, Empire State University scientist?
    (app-hydro)—Sub-Mariner I#68 ([69-71], Super-Villain Team-Up#1-3, 7,8, Avengers I#155, Marvel Two-In-One#71
early TTA story?

JENNINGS, PAUL - former artist, sold pictures of Man-Thing to Nicolle for newspaper, walked in on her while she was using the Nightmare Box, chased off by her
    (app-nb)--Man-Thing I#20

JENNINGS, SARAH - Stark Enterprises, accounting & marketing
    --Iron Man I#256

JENNINGS, WAYNE - American disarmament inspector, investigated the Crimson Dynamo prototype, sought to protect Gennady from Devereaux
    --Crimson Dynamo#1 (2-4, 6

JENNINGS, miss -Earth-982, guidance counselor at Midtown HS

JENNINGS MILL - held power of demons Ypsilloth and Ryg from conflict @ 1900, power sought by Dracula
    --Dracula Lives#5/5

JENNY ?? - girlfriend of Ken Chrichton, fed on by Baron Blood, but apparently survived
    (app-baronbloodcrichton)--Captain America I#253 (254

JENNY ?? (Jennie?) - friend of Ben Tucker (Solarman)
       (app-solar)--Solarman#1 (2

JENNY ?? - married to John
    (app-John)--Daredevil II#12

JENNY ?? - worked at Coffee Bean, friendly with Spence Williams
    (app-Williams, Spence)--Spider-Man's Tangled Web#11

JENNY ?? - as proxy for Tony Stark, bought Cap's Avengers ID card from Joseph Paglino?
    --Captain America#600/4 (2009)

JENNY (GRIMALDI)?? - granddaughter of Jenny and Mike, encountered Captain America (Steve Rogers) in recent years at the auction of the Stockwell painting
    --Captain America#616 (2011)

JENSEN, Pvt. JAKE - Deadly Dozen, pickpocket, killed while saving Jay Little Bear from a shot from behind
    steel plate in skull
    *D* (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#98 ([98(fb)], 98, Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#1(fb), 1-3, Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#104, CKatDD#4-5, 6(fb), 6-9

JENSEN, PETE of Earth-93060 -former boyfriend of Starburst
    --Ultraverse Year Zero: Death of the Squad (uv)#1 (2,4

JENSKOT of Earth-4935 (Aliya) - Clan Chosen, wife of Cable, mother of Tyler, raped by Stryfe, killed in war.
    low-level telepath
    *D* (net)--Cable II#1 (Cab23-25, Askani'son#1-4, Wolv#½ , CabII#1(fb#1d)

JENSON, PROFESSOR – Brilliant scientist and inventor of the Cosmic Depressor, went insane, killed his lab assistant, tried to use the device to destroy the world, technology sought by Nazi agents and destroyed by Captain America and Bucky
    --Captain America Comics#17/3 (August 1942) “Machine of Doom”

JENSON, Prof. - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, involved with Chronal Accelerator

    --Power Pack I#24

JEREMIAH ?? - mutant protopath who led the Innocents of God, he sought to slaughter Spider-Man, but changed his mind and went after the Valkyrie. He fought the Torch and Dr. Strange and may have been killed by the dark gods he worshipped
    (app)—Marvel Team-Up I#33

JEREMY ?? - old friend of Iceman
    --[X-Men: First Class I#7]

JEREMY ?? - Freakmaster's Freaks
    --Ghost Rider II#

JEREMY ?? - mutated into amphibian by Brother Rypel

JEREMY ?? - owner of Rabbit Stu
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#164/2

JEREMY ?? - mutant, assistant groundskeeper at Beverly Glenn Hills Cemetery, exposed true nature while trying to stop Husk from preventing the un-earthing of Skin’s remains.
    Transform into metallic, super-strong form
    COLOSSUS*--Uncanny X-Men#427

    --Marvel Apes Special: Grunt Line#1 (2009)

JEREMY ?? of Earth- - bankrobber, escaped capture by Power Pack, mutated by Skratt, attacked Power Pack with him, sent to Squidrealm by them
    --Power Pack III#4

JEREMY ?? - Midtown high school student, picked on by Brad
    --Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#6 (11-13

JERGAL ZADH of the Hyborian Era - demon/god (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#152 (162

JERICHO of Earth-9602 -see Dayspring, Niles. rock-covered form
    --Exciting X-Patrol#1

JERICHO, DUNCAN of Earth-Chronomancer - mayor of Dunduine, permitted pact with Kith to prevent random attacks, father of Justin. wm
    --Bishop: Last X-Man#4(5,6

JERIK ?? - Djanda, former bodyguard of Bridget Hapanmyas, killed by Elektra
    --Elektra II#25 (25/26

JERKWEED (Jerry Weiderman) - drug dealer, captured by Captain America
    --Captain America I#375

JERMAIN, NORMA - wife of Danger Man
    --She-Hulk I#2

JEROME ?? - friend of Tyler Nixon
    (app-tyler nixon)--NYX#4 (4 (fb)

JEROME, friar of Earth-73012 - Brak’s world, Kambda Kai, priest of the Order of Nestoriamus
    (app-septegundus)--[Savage Tales I#7/2], 8/2

JEROME, JASON - actor, attempted to have affair with Mary Jane Watson-Parker until she eventually rejected him, wm,blond
    —Spectacular Spider-Man II#166 (167-169,172

JEROME, JOHNNY - criminal, old boyfriend of May Reilly, who dated him due to the promise of wealth, imprisoned for murder and burglary, met up with may in recent years
    --Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#4((4(fb ) 4

JERRIES 2099 (Luxuria, Nurf)
    - worship the band Disinterred
    --X-Men 2099#17

JERRY ?? - agent of Adam Simons/Empress Pictures
    --Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Death Queen of California#1

JERRY ?? - bouncer at Club D, tried to throw Rachel Summers out
    (app-nick damiano)--Uncanny X-Men#184

JERRY ?? - police officer, found abandoned vehicle of Phoebe Marrs
    (app-phoebe_marrs)--Namor I#57

JERRY ?? - skateboarder, trapped in Phage's ship with Rocky and the symbiote Donna
    --Venom: the Hunted#2 (3,Venom: Tooth & Claw#1-3

JERRY ?? - Hydra
    --Cable & Deadpool#44

JERRY the ACCOUNTANT - demon, agent of Mephisto, served as support staff to She-Hulk when Mephisto placed her under contract
    --Sensational She-Hulk#28

JERRY & DOUG - mutant with Doug's head coming out of his back, works as a doorman at a New York bar
    --Generation M#2 (Civil War: Front Line#8

JERSEY DEVIL (Don Remming) - Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation
    --Thing I#29

JERSEY DEVIL - urban legend based on the alien Visitors
    --[Marvel Knights 4#5]

JESKA of Earth-Eternal - human Deviant female, mind evolved by Ikaeden via Apple, further evolved own mind, named self for the Eternal word for fire, became Ikaeden’s mate, impregnated by him, tricked into reducing her intellect by Kurassus via the Apple
    "Eve"--Eternal#1 (2-6

    --Marvel Apes Special: Grunt Line#1 (2009)

JESSICA ?? of Earth-93060 - Mantra Fan Club, Coven
    --Mantra(uv) I#21 (Mantra II#1

JESSIE ?? - Sisters of Grace
    Caucasian, blond hair, convert hands into razor-sharp weapons (usually claws)
    (app-sisters)--Black Axe#1 (2(fb), [3(fb)]

JESSIE ?? - Fortress, See DRAKE, JESSIE

JESSIE ?? - Antigo Senior High, friend of Juston Seyfert, romantic interest of him, had boyfriend in college
    --Sentinel#1 (2-7, 10-12

JESSUP,  - Stark Industries
    --Iron Man: Iron Age #1

JESSUP, Dr. HARVEY - see GREAT COORDINATOR (APP)--Fantastic Four I#294, 295

JESSUP, "FAST" JACK - New Orleans thief, former agent of Orleans Cooper, enemy of Gambit, contested for Inficio Aquilus, possibly slain by Orleans Cooper after being framed by Gambit
    --Gambit IV#1 (2-5, 6(fb)

JESSUP, TYRONE of Earth-148611 - Psi-Force, Paranormal Platoon. project astral self, later harness electromagnetic energy
    -VOYAGER* (PsiF#21, app)--Psi-Force(nu)#1 (Psi-Force Annual#1 (fb), PsiF#3 (fb), 1-3, Untold Tales of the New Universe: Psi-Force#1, PF#4-8, 9 (fb), 9-12, PF Annual#1, PF#13-14, 16, 17, 20 (fb), 18, 20, 21, 23/DP7#23, PF#24-25, 26, 27/2, 28/2, 29/2, 32-text

JESSUP, VALERIA (Valeria Toomes) - SHIELD, daughter of Vulture and Cheryl Toomes, lied about past to get into SHIELD, blackmailed by AIM, posed as Valeria Merrick and as an agent of Tristram Silver, secretly allied with Sandman and Vulture, directed Bullseye, Deadpool, Juggernaut, Sabretooth, and Vulture to steal the disc containing her information from AIM (though they believed they were seeking the Identity Disc
    --Identity Disc#1, 6 (6(fb), 1-6

JESTER (Johnny Pinkham) – Sought murderous revenge on a group of men that had pulled a childhood prank on him in his youth by locking him inside a mausoleum; battled Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    He wore a jester’s costume and relied on elaborate traps and deadly pranks to kill his enemies
    --Captain America Comics#40/1 (July 1944) “The Jester of Death”

JESTER (    ) - costumed criminal; battled Captain America (William Nasland) and Bucky (Fred Davis)
    used toylike weapons
    --Captain America Comics#65 (January, 1948)

JESTER (Jonathon Powers) - actor turned criminal when critics panned his performance, eventually retired after gave critic approved performance incognito, returned to costume to help serve Daredevil a summons
    used clown-like costume, weapons designed to look like toys, available at
    (I#5, D#6, M, OH2006#5, net)—Daredevil I#42(44-46,61,[124,129,131],133-137,154, Moon Knight I#13 DD#218(retires), DD II#20, [74(fb)]/75(fb)

JESTER of Earth-238- see COCO.
    Crazy Gang of Earth-238, destroyed when Mandragon destroyed universe
    (appcg238)--Marvel Super-Heroes (UK)#377([Daredevils#6d])

JESTER - Crazy Gang, frequently acts as leader.
    agile + spry + adept fencer + acrobat + kick boxer
    (U#2,net-cg ii)--Mighty World of Marvel#11(12, Captain Britain II#1-3, Excalibur I#4, 52,54,57,58 124,125

JESTER (Jody Putt) - Assembly of Evil, mercenary, duplicated costume and weapons of Powers, apparently shot & killed by Punisher during super hero civil war, corpse studied by Mr. Hyde to learn how to neutralize the Thunderbolts nanochain
    *D* (M)--Cloak & Dagger III#8(9(fb),8,9, Marvel Year-in-Review 1992, Daughters of the Dragon#3, Civil War#4, 5d, [Thunderbolts: Reason in Madness#1 (fb)],

JESTER of Earth-200111 - pet dog of Foolkiller
    --Foolkiller II#

JESTERS 8162 - team in The Game
    --(UK) Death's Head I#3

JESTER KING of Earth-86343 (    ) - led Laughter Assassins, battled Excalibur-616
    --Clan Destine#3 (2008)

JET, the (Gary Akers) – headed criminal organization, planned to loot New York City by using a fake TV broadcast of an impending atomic bomb attack to cause widespread panic and mass hysteria from the fleeing population; battled Human Torch and Toro; died battling the Human Torch above the city when his jetpack was set afire causing him to crash.
    Wore a fireproof costume and flew by aid of a jetpack.
    --Men’s Adventures#27/1 (May 1954)

JET (Jet Ving) - Wildboys
    --Daredevil I#253 (260, Daredevil An4B/2, 6, 8/2, Daredevil I#317,318

JET BLACK ( ) - Rising Sons.
    cyborg, reconfigure legs and waist into a motorcycle
    (app-rs)--Generation X#53 (53(fb), 53, 54

JETER KAR TOON - Korbinite
    --Thor I#442/2

JET-MAN - metafictional film character
    --Captain America I#219

JET-MAN VS. CRIME INC. - film serial, special effects by Lyle Dekker
    --Captain America I#219

JETSAM - portion of SWORD warship
    --Astonishing X-Men#20

JETSTREAM (Haroun ibn Sallah al-Rashid) –mutant, Hellions, apparently killed when life force absorbed by Fitzroy.
    generate rocket-like thrust from lower half of body, powers focused by bionic implants
    *D* (D#5,M)—New Mutants I#16 (17, Firestar#2,3, NewM39,40 43, 53,54,56 62, New Warriors I#9,10,Uncanny X-Men#281d)

JEUNET, JULIETTE - lover of Cat (Shen Kuei) and later skull crusher
    -TORCH SINGER--Master of Kung Fu #38 (39

JEWEL - see JONES, JESSICA--Alias#1, (named) #3 (25(fb), 26(fb1), 26(fb2), 26(fb3)-->Jones)

JEWEL of the BALKANS - see LATVERIA--Marvel Comics Super Special#1

JEWEL of BHANJAPUR of the Hyborian era - magic item, twin of Jewel of Ganjammide, used by Meldark to open portal to netherworld of the Devourers, destroyed by Conan
    --Savage Sword of Conan #90(90(fb),90

JEWEL of GHANJAMMIDE of the Hyborian era - twin of BNohanjapur
    --Savage Sword of Conan #96

JEWEL of THAZARRA of the Hyborian era - when united with its mirror, allowed her to escape & possess others at will
    --Conan the Barbarian I#165

JEWEL from BEYOND of the Hyborian era - extraterrestrial, sought by the Three Men, contained within Abode of the Damned until it erupted and killed everyone around it, eventually exploding and obliterating the Abode
    --The Country of the Knife; (MU) Savage Sword of Conan#11

JEWELED KEY to the COSMIC CALCULATOR - formerly held in Citadel of Sai-Furr, stolen by Howard the Duck and Beverly Switzler for Pro-Rata, Howard refused to give it to Pro-Rata and eventually hocked it to pay the bills
    (app-pr)--Howard the Duck I#1

JEWELS of ABU DHAAK - pair of monolithic crystals carved into the side of a mountain in the Vilayet sea, served as eldritch energy; destroyed
    (app-utu)--Conan the Barbarian I#217

JEWELS of IKERNO - priceless extraterrestrial gems, sought by Raek, who hired Lila Cheney to steal them, but they failed to obtain them before they were launched into an alien sun as a sacrifice to unspecified alien gods
    *D* (app-raek)--New Mutants I#55

JEWELS of SEVEN SUNS - stolen from Lila Cheney's Dyson Sphere by Jornik; blinding
    (app)--X-Factor I#100

JEWISH PROTECTION ORGANIZATION (Sammy Bernstein) - rallied protest against Neo-Nazis
    --Captain America I#275

JGOGRAFFT SERPENT - referenced in battle against Ulik in the Planes of D’Takron
    --[Thor II#61(fb)]

JHAGUR - Geburan reincarnation of Ath-Agaar, ultimately destroyed Kaok
Marvel Graphic Novel#11: Void Indigo

JHANDARK - Ancients, wife of Bekkit, created serum that allowed them to take human form, allowed to leave the city with her children before Pyscatos destroyed it all
    (app-ancients)--[Sub-Mariner I#10], (named) Daredevil Annual#4B/6

JHANN  of the Hyborian era - Meshken, friend of Fhala Laroughe
    --Savage Sword of Conan#70

JHEBBAL SAG - god? worshipped in pre-Cataclysmic and Hyborian eras, worshipped by picts, "ancient god of darkness and primordial fear, controlled animals, allegedly fathered Zogar Sag via a woman of Gwawela, as well as a fire creature via another fire demon, once worshipped by ancient beasts of earth
    --[REH’s Beyond the Black River]; [Conan the Wanderer, Conan the Warrior nov]; [Savage Sword of Conan#26] ([Kull the Conqueror III#8], [SSoC#27(fb), 26]

JHEN the GAMMAZON of Earth-90110 (Jhen Walters) - Cosmic Avengers, clone of She-Hulk
    (app-CosAv)--What If? II#19 (36, 39

JHIL of the Hyborian era - god of the Ghanatas, ancestor of Children of Jhil
    --Conan the Adventurer

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