JIAN ?? - see FEETA, JIAN--Fantastic Four III#61

JIANG - Chinese government
    --Iron Man IV#27

    (app)--Defenders I#139

JIGGER - Rogue's pet dog when she was a young girl, died, dream form formerly existed in the Far Banks
    --[Rogue III#6]

JIGGLE - Gods for the 80s, Goddess of Mindless Television Entertainment and titular head of the Screen Goddesses Guild
    (app-gods80s)--Bizarre Adventures#32/4

JIGSAW (Billy Russo) - Hood's army, Maggia gangster (Costa crime family), face covered with scars after being thrown through a plate glass window by Punisher (Castle) after killing Mike McTeer
    (M, NA: AMW, app)--[Amazing Spider-Man I#161], 162 (Punisher: Year One#3, 4, [Amz161],162,188, Punisher I#1, 4, 5, Punisher II#35-40, 55,56, Punisher War Journal#61, Batman/Punisher#1,2, Punisher III#2-4, 9, 10, [Alias#26], New Avengers#1-3/4(fb), [Daredevil II#61 (fb)], [61(fb)]/62(fb), 62-64, New Avengers#35 (fb), 35, Annual#2

JIGSAW 2099 ( ) -
    -MULTI-FRACTOR*--Punisher 2099#10 (11,15, 29

JIGSAW MONSTER - cloned creature created by Janice + Steven Caccone, using manikin and cell cultures from a dozen animals, apparently drowned after fight with Frankenstein monster
    CLONE CREATURE*, JIGSAW NIGHTMARE, NIGHT CREATURE* (app)--Frankenstein Monster #13 (14,15

JIHAD - extradimensional sorcerer, enemy of Sinbad, sought to takeover all dimensions, forced Fantastic Four to serve him in quest to gain All-Seeing Eye + Crystal Casque + Gauntlet of Forever + Mallet of Destiny, defeated by Fantastic Four and Sinbad
    (app)--Fantastic 4th Voyage of Sinbad ([F4VoS(fb)], F4VoS

JIKEKT - Kosmosian, young crown prince, son of Jekuakkekt, befriended Thunderbolts
    (app-kos)--Thunderbolts#13 (13(fb), 13,14

JIKJAK - Night People of Zerotown, youth, assisted D-Man
    (app-np)--Captain America I#418

JILL ?? -
    --Iron Fist I#6 (6(fb), Uncanny X-Men#120,121(fb)

JILL ?? - Daily Bugle
    --Tangled Web of Spider-Man#11

JILL ?? - personal assistant(?) to Wonder Man
    --Civil War: Front Line#5/3

JILL the RIPPER of Earth-8459 - woman performed the Whitechapel killings
    JACK the RIPPER*--Wisdom#4

JILLETE, RANDI - psychic salon, ally of Jack Batlin
    --Daredevil I#331 (334, 336, 337

JILLIAN - Neyaphem.
    wings, uses sword, costume covers mouth
    --Uncanny X-Men#431 (432-434?

JIM ?? -
    Marvel Mystery Comics#61

JIM ?? - old friend of Phillip LeGuin
    (app-phillip)--Defenders I#117 (117(fb), 117

JIM ?? - Daily Bugle
    --Civil War: Front Line#6

JIM ?? - astronaut, active at space station into which Blue Marvel punched the Sentry
   --Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel#5 (2009)

JIMBOB ?? - Oracle Inc, worked at an oil rig in Louisiana
    (app-carrie_alexander)--Namor I#51

JIMI - Saurian
    --Uncanny X-Men#457 (458-459

JIMMIE ?? - circa 1940, criminal threatened Carlo, apparently slain by Human Torch (Jim Hammond)
    --Marvels Project#2 (2009)

JIMMY ?? (                              ) - Legion street gang

JIMMY ?? - Pacific Northwest aid to sheriff Chance Walker
    (app-tess_walker)--Namor I#26

JIMMY ?? - son of Gycon's owner, former member of the Devos, influenced by Saviour
    (app-saviour)--Wolverine: Evilution

JIMMY ?? - cameraman for Gordon Allsworth and Hercules in his reality TV show
    --Hercules III#1 (2-5

JIMMY ?? - youth in tornado-damaged Oklahoma town, befriended Captain America (Steve Rogers)
    --Captain America#616/5 (2011)

JIMMY ?? of Earth-83234 - son of Baby Food Billionaire, married Beverly Switzler
    (app-earth83234)--Bizarre Adventures#34/2

JIMMY D - one of a large group of people posing as Spider-Man when the real Spider-Man unmasked publicly in front of the Daily Bugle
    --Spider-Man Special: Black and Blue and Red All Over #1 (2006)

JIMMY EYES - Maggia, involved in Grand Royale hotel, opposed by Slingers, attacked + possibly killed by Griz
    --Slingers#2, 4(named) (5,6

JIMMY JUPITER - Young boy, chosen one of his generation to visit magical kingdoms, occasionally accompanied by Ruffy Rabbit and Wump-Jump the Dragon
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#28 (February, 1942)

JIMMY-6 (Giacomo Fortunato) - rebellious son of Fortunato, took over his operations after Fortunato was shot by agents of the Kingpin during his return, former roommate of Ben Reilly. large, wm
    (OH: Spdm: BiB)--Spider-Man#70 (71, Sensational Spider-Man II#9, Amazing Spider-Man I#416, S73,74, 86,87,89, Spectacular Spider-Man II#255, Peter Parker: Spider-Man#7(fb), 7,8, Amazing Spider-Man II#28

JINKU - witch doctor of the Lava Men, desires destruction of society on earth’s surface
    (app)--Avengers I#5 (Marvel Team-Up I#26, Av306(fb), 305-308, X-Force#81

JINN of Earth-93060 - assassin, worked for Anton Lone
    *D*--Solitaire (uv)#3 (3(fb), 4(fb), 4-8, 10-12d

JINNI - see JINNI DEVIL (app)--Thor I#137

JINNI DEVIL - servant of Mogul
    powerful genie-like creature
   (app) --Thor I#137/2 (139/2,140/2, 474(fb)

JINX (Theodore ) - unlucky man, convinced Longshot to steal diamonds from Con Ed

JINX (William Hastings) - Darkhold Redeemers, grandson of louise hastings
    (Mystic Arcana, app)--Darkhold#9 (10-12, Midnight Sons Unlimited#2/2, Dh#13,14, MSU#3, Dh15, Marvel Comics Presents#144, Dh16

JINX  (        ) - New York Police Department, co-worker of Kasper Cole
     --Black Panther III#59 (61

JINX of Earth-9910 ( ) - mutant, m-face, infatuated with bishop.
    superhuman speed,wf,red hair
    (net)--Bishop: Last X-Man#1(2,3, 4-14

JINX, Mr. - see Mr. JINX--ClanDestine#9

JIOMO - elder of Nakia's tribe, undertook her training and presented her to T’Challa as one of the Dora Milage
    (net-wak)--Black Panther III#6

JIROULT, Dr. - colleague of James Hudson/Guardian, obsessed with Heather, tried to kill James to have her for himself, nearly succeeded, killed when weapon exploded
    *D*--X-Men Unlimited#45

JIR-PON - Kree outworld, assaulted via orbital bombardment by Shi'ar Battlegroup Three
    --[War of Kings#1]

JIRU - Wakandan, former servant to N'Gassi
    (app)--Black Panther I#7 (8, 9,10 11?

JISA - former love of Laolo, impregnated by him, former? lover of Nata

    --Captain America Comics#1 ()

JLA of Earth-Amalgam (Amazon, Angelhawk, Canary, Captain Marvel, Dark Claw, Hawkeye, Super Soldier)
    -Avengers + JLA - Judgement League Avengers --JLX#1(JLX Unleashed#1

JLX of Earth-Amalgam (Apollo, Firebird, Mariner, Mercury, MrX, Nightcreeper, Runaway, Wraith, Amazon, Iceberg, Chaos)
    --JLX#1(JLX Unl#1(fb),1

JO - see JOCASTA (I#13,D#18,M, OH: Av2005)--Avengers I#162

JO ?? - mutant, bartender at the Box
    multiple piercings, starfish-like hand
    --Wolverine III#6

JOAN ?? - French Guerilla Leader whom Captain America nick-named ---she had feeling for Captain America and he had feeling for her
    Per John Holstein - MISS WILDCAT( in French that would be MADEMOISELLE FURIE (Furie is the Wildcat that applies to a woman,Chat Sauvage is Wildcat the animal ); JEANNE D'ARC is JOAN OF ARC in French which means JOAN's name in French is JEANNE.    
    --Captain America Comics# 32( 11/43 ) Captain America 3rd story  

JOAN the MOUSE - former apartment neighbor of Punisher/Castle + Mr. Bumpo + Spacker Dave, given large sum of money by punisher in order to help her move out of the city, encountered and assisted Punisher in Vermont against Russian mob
    (app)--Punisher V#1 (2, 3, 5, 7-9, 11, 12, Punisher VI#19

JOAN of ARC - former possessor of Amulet of Pazuzu/Doucheblade
    --Howard the Duck III#3 (3(fb)

JOANNIE ?? - dated Sandman
    --MK Spider-Man#6

JOBBER (?? Carosella) - a business owner who supplied jobs to US Archer and other truckers

JOCASTA - Avengers, robot built by Ultron in semi-humanoid female form to serve as his bride, based on brain patterns of Wasp, rebelled against him, left Avengers after feeling unwanted, blew up self in attempt to destroy Ultron, rebuilt by High Evolutionary’s technicians, destroyed in explosion of his command ship, retrieved by Avengers, turned over to Machine Man, stolen by Sunset Bain, reactivated as computer personality, freed by Tony Stark, serves as his ally.
    originally had titanium steel frame, currently exists as personality within computer, projects image of human body with computer icon for head
    -Bride of Ultron*, Queen of Thebes*, Jo* (I#13,D#18,M, OH: Av2005, net)--Avengers I#162 (170-172, [173], 174-177, 181,182, 185, 189, Alias#26(fb), Av194-206, Incredible Hulk An11, Av207,208, Avengers An10, Av210,211, Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2,3], Marvel Two-In-One#92,93, [Av231], Avengers Annual#17, Iron Man An11(head), Deathlok II#4(fb),2,[3,4],5, Iron Man III#18(head),19(consciousness), 20,21(fb2),23,24, Iron Man#½, IM27,28,[29],47(fb),30,31 Iron Man: Bad Blood#3,4, IM37, 41, 42, 44,45, 46, 47, 48, Av86-88

  • JOCASTA of Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD - alternate future version, allied with Sunset Bain
        (app-bain2020)--Machine Man II#1 (2-4
  • JOCASTA of Earth-Amalgam - female sentinel, ally (bodyguard and would-be lover) of Will Magnus
        (app)--JLX#1 (Judgement League: Avengers#162, JLX#1
  • JOCASTA of Earth-83438 - Avengers, sacrificed own life, swapping minds with the dying Wanda Maximoff, allowing Wanda to live on in her robot body
        *D* (app-earthavag)--What If? I#38
  • JOCASTA of Earth-943 - Gatherer, alternate dimensional counterpart, married to Wonderman of her dimension, victim of Anti-Vision's virus.
        yellow form, had weapon in place of her right hand
        Golden Jocasta--Avengers I#373 (374, Vision I#1-4
  • JOCASTA of Earth-9930 - Killraven's Avengers
        --Avengers Forever#1
  • JOCHUM, M.  - Stark International, one of the security department heads
        --Iron Man: The Inevitable#3

    Jock - pet dog of Scottish highlands astronomer McMurdo, slain by Destruct-'Droid sent after the time-traveling Ralf.
        --Rampage Magazine#40/3 (42d)

    JOCK - see JACKSON, "JOCK" (app)--Thor I#426

    JOCKO of the Microverse - Little D’s Den O’ Thieves
        (app-ld)--Micronauts I#53

    JODELEX - Gallifreyan, mother of Rema-Du, wife of Griffen
        --Dr.Who#47( 51 57

    JOE - enigmatic being which inhabited the shadow of Larry, and punished others according to Larry’s direct or subconscious wishes
        Invisible Goon (app)--Crypt of Shadows#4/4

    JOE ?? - 
        --Marvel Mystery Comics#60

    JOE ?? - @ 1953, husband of Helen, allowed the Centauran to stay in basement in exchange for wealth it created, unaware the creature devoured a number of people and left their remains in their backyard
        (app-centauran)--Mystery Tales#15

    JOE - Atlantean sleeper agent, former owner of Joe's Marine Mania
        --Civil War: Front Line#3/3 (3/3 (fb), 4/3?, 6/3, 7/3

    JOE ?? - State Prison security guard
        (app-joeandcharlie)--Fantastic Four I#8

    JOE ?? - SHIELD I, partner of Bill, picked up Agent L's microfilm from unnamed agents, blew up own car to stop Hydra agents
        *D* (app-agent L)--Strange Tales I#137

    JOE ?? - Millwood, New Hampshire, afflicted with radiation poisoning, given illusion of a normal life by the Over-Mind until he was convinced to release the town
        *D (presumably)* (app-overmind)--Marvel Comics Presents#40/4 (40/4 (fb), 20/4

    JOE ?? - Silvereye
        --Blade: Vampire Hunter II#1

    JOE's MARINE MANIA - former fish and aquarium store run by Joe and "Mama Maria" until bombed by Green Goblin
        --Civil War: Front Line#3/3 (3/3 (fb), 3/3-4/3 (destroyed))

    JOE the GORILLA ( ) - Split-Second Squad
        (app-sss)--Avengers I#77 (Defenders I#64

    JOE BOB the TRUCKER - mutaphobic redneck, friend of Tiny and others, assaulted Wild Child and Aurora at a truck stop, and was killed by Wild Child
        (app)--Weapon X: The Draft: Wild Child#1

    JOE GOLIATH of the 19th Century (Joe Morgan) - former blacksmith, allied with criminals, challenged others to boxing for money, retired after defeated by Two-Gun Kid.
        large + strong, able to bend metal bars
        --Two Gun Kid#

    JOE NAMED GUY (Guy Jones) - mutated by radiation and stopped the Rhino from destroying the orphanage where he worked
        (app)--Spider-Man Unlimited#4

    JOEL ?? - dated AIM's Peggy Park
        --Marvel Holiday Special 2006#1

    JOERN, HANK - see TIMEKEEPER (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: The Aladdin Effect

    JOERN, SIDNEY* - head of Fortress, disembodied head, friend/colleague of Zachary Hoffner
        (app-fort)—Marvel Comics Presents#150 (175

    JOEY ?? - 
        --Marvel Mystery Comics#65

    JOEY ?? - befriended amnesiac Black Bolt
        --Amazing Adventures II#5 (6-10, Avengers I#95

    JOEY ?? (    ) - agent of Mal Donalbain
        (app-donalbain)--The Cat#1

    JOEY ?? - young mutant, parents dwelt in sewers, went on rampage and fought Spider-Man and the Beast
        transform into strong creature

    JOEY ?? - student at Midtown HS, science studies encouraged by Parker
        --Amazing Spider-Man II#30 (31, 32, 34, 47, 57

    JOEY ?? of Earth-691 - 31st century Punishers
        —Guardians of the Galaxy#17

    JOEY D - old friend of Jackie Dio, stabbed in the eye by Hammerhead over $2000
        --[Civil War: War Crimes#1 (fb, dies)]

    JOEY Z - criminal, killed by the Trapster working for the Green Goblin, who had Spider-Man framed so that it appeared that he had died while in one of his webs

    JOHAL, JASVINDER SINGH of Earth-93060 - manipulate electricity
        --Ultraverse Year Zero: Death of the Squad(uv)#1 (3,4

    JOHANN ?? - aid to prince Baran of Madripoor, collected final fragment of Gehenna Stone from O'Donnell, swallowed fragment to keep it from Baal, killed by him when he forcibly removed it
        *D*--Wolverine II#14(15(fb),15d)

    JOHANNSEN, DUST - sorcerer, killed by Zahgurim's armorer
        *D* (app)--Hellstorm#13(14

    JOHANSSEN, CONSTANCE - Department F.66, wf, occult detective
        (app-df66)--Pryde & Wisdom#1(2,3

    JOHANNSEN, DON of Earth-93060 -research scientist, killed in explosion, revived as zombie by Garrett Whale, destroyed by Sludge

    JOHANSEN, NICOLE - attorney, interviewed regarding registration of non-super-powered vigilantes, opined that everyone without super-powers should register regardless of whether or not they were vigilantes, bf
        --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1

    JOHANSSON, MARTHA - mutant, Xavier Institute, Brotherhood, abducted by 3rd Species, brain removed and used as a weapon by Sublime until she forced him to kill himself.
        - Martha the Mutant Brain (ME:X, 198)--X-Men II#118 (119, 120, 134, 135-138, 140, 146, 147-150, New X-Men#38-41?

    JOHN - after school special watched by Human Torch (Johnny Storm)
        --Torch#6 (2010)

    JOHN ?? - @ 1757, Hellfire Club, friend of Charles Grey
        (app-charlesgrey)--Marvel Frontier Comics Unlimited#1/6

    JOHN ?? - husband of Martha, rescued Creature from the Black Bog, age reversed by waters from the Fountain of Youth
        (app-cftbb)--Tales of Suspense I#23

    JOHN ?? - pre-modern era, date of Nancy, wore frog costume that deceived Zakkim/frog-man
        (app-frog)--Strange Tales#104/3

    JOHN ?? - friend of Mary Walker
        --Typhoid#1 (2

    JOHN ?? - suicidal but captured murderer Bobby/Mad Dog
        (app)--Daredevil II#12

    JOHN ?? - mutant, slain by Kane due to inability to control dangerous powers
        release explosive force, turn into fiery monster
        (app)--[Deadpool III#57], 58

    JOHN ?? - security forces around Bentonville, Kansas; futilely fired upon Namor
    Sub-Mariner#2 (2007)

    JOHN ?? - Seattle, Washington; killed by Atlantean Extractor, which prevented people from getting oxygen from air
    Sub-Mariner#4 (2007)

    JOHN of Earth-691 - son of Stakar + Aleta, aged + empowered by Ogord, powers consumed him
        (app-sh's kids) *D*--Defenders I#29 (Marvel Presents#4, 9-11d)

    JOHN the SKRULL - MI-13, Skrull, Skrull Beatles, allied with Captain Midlands, Peter Wisdom, Maureen Raven, & Tink; slain as traitor in Skrull invasion
        metamorph, typically mimics the form of John Lennon
        *D*--Wisdom#1 ([2 (fb)], 1-6, [Captain Britain and MI13#1 (fb)], 1-3, 4d)

    JOHN LAW - demon, agent of Mephisto, served as support staff to She-Hulk when Mephisto placed her under contract
        --Sensational She-Hulk#28

    "JOHN SMUGGLER" - ally of Sir Guy Cross-Wallace
        (app-crosswallace)--Marvel Comics Presents#74/2 (75/2-77/2

    JOHNNY (William Harper Littlejohn) - Fabulous Five
        (L)--(g) ; Doc Savage I#1

    JOHNNY ?? - pre-modern era, son of George and Rita, used magic horn to summon storks carrying babies
        (app-george)--Uncanny Tales#23/6

    JOHNNY ?? - old friend of Wolverine's, participated in fighting contests with him, nearly crippled trying to save him from a bullet wound, put bad days behind him with help of Grace, eventually died
        *D*--X-Men Unlimited#9 (9(fb), [9(fb)], [9(fb, d)]

    JOHNNY ?? - young mutant, Almost Reno, died under mysterious circumstances.
        *D*--X-Force I#77d

    JOHNNY ?? - obsessive fan, assaulted Mary Jane, incapacitated by her
        --Marvel Knights Spider-Man#19

    JOHNNY's HOME REPAIRS - active in District X/Mutant Town
        --X-Factor III#14

    JOHNNY COOL (    ) - Desert Stars
        Cold powers
        --Avengers: Initiative#16 (Avengers: Initiative Special#1

    JOHNNY GUITAR (Johnny Logan) - partner of Dr. Sax, outfitted by Techmaster, used by electric guitar that produced destructive vibrations, former band member with Beefer, Hunch, and Marx
        (app-drsax)--Dazzler#20 (20(fb), [20(fb)], 20, [20], Marvel Year-in-Review 1992

    JOHNNY JUSTICE (Jonadab Megyscol) - Anti-Registration Underground
        --Civil War: Front Line#4([4/4])

    JOHNNY NIGHTMARE (Jake "J." Niman) - former Special Forces, served in Afghanistan, subjected to mutagenic serum, left service after became obsessed with hatred and killing; resolved to live life peacefully with wife, Denise, and daughter, Natalie, until they were killed by stray fire of murder of Fryderyk “Gordo” Piotrowski by Marek & Otto Kozlowski; severely wounded in assault, healed, progressively mutated into more powerful form
        --Punisher: Nightmare#1 (2013)

    JOHNNY PUNK (    ) - adjusted his sound equipment to raise the decibels to "mega-pitch" high frequency, and thereby use the sound waves to "lock" the brains of his audience and enslave them for his own brand of "crowd control," foiled by Daredevil.
    Hostess Fruit Pies ad "Daredevil vs. Johnny Punk!" in Moon Knight I#4 (February, 1981) and other issues in that month

    JOHNNY RANDOM of Earth-Amalgam - Random and Johnny Thunder, Generation Hex, create thunderclaps out of thin air
        (app-gh)--Generation Hex#1

    JOHNNY SOCKETS (Maggie Farrell) - daughter of the blind man Matt Murdock had saved from the truck carrying the radioactive canisters (who had molested her), wife of Sean, diagnosed with ovarian cancer, blamed Matt Murdock, began cutting out people's eyes and then killing them, framed Murdock, attempted to surrender to police but shot dead when her dropping knife made a loud crack
        *D* (app)--Daredevil: Father#1 (6 (fbs), 5 (fb), 1-5, 6d)

    JOHNS, CATLIN - dated Alex Power
        --Power Pack III#2

    JOHNS, JESSE "LITTLE JOHN" - Skywolves
        master escape artist
        (app-skywolves)--Marvel Fanfare I#16 (16/2, 17

    JOHNS, JUDITH - Oceanographer, girlfriend of Ilongo Savage. bf
        --Shogun Warriors #7(8-12,18, Fantastic Four I#226(fb)

    JOHNSMEYER, JAMES - financier of the Great Game
        --Spectacular Spider-Man II#231([231(fb),230] Amazing Spider-Man I#409, Spider-Man#66,Spider-Man Unlimited#14, [Sensational Spider-Man II#2]

    JOHNSON, ALBE - Stockton, New York, friend of Pete, found Speedball, killed in first explosion of Speedball's powers after Stamford
        *D*--Civil War: Front Line#1/2 (1/2d)

    JOHNSON, ANNA - sister of Cloak
        --Cloak & Dagger III#17 (18,19 Web of Spider-Man#77,78

    add in all of the "Johnson" names for Anna's profile...

    JOHNSON, BOFF - modified guns for Psycho-Cops group, killed by Punisher
        *D* (app-psychocops)--Punisher Summer Special#3/1 (1993)

    JOHNSON, BUMPY - Skrulls of Kral, betrayed civil rights movement to Biggie Smalls' group
        --Black Panther IV#33 (34

    JOHNSON, BURT - 1970s pimp, formerly employed Lily Marlowe, destroyed her and Lawrence Blasco after Blasco vampirized Lily
        (app)--Vampire Tales I#9/4

    JOHNSON, CAL - son of Frank
        (app-zzut)--Fantastic Four Unlimited#7

    JOHNSON, warden CJ - became involved in the plot of the Absorbing Man possessing others to escape his prison
         --Incredible Hulk III#55 (56-59

    JOHNSON, BILLY - son of David + Mrs. Johnson, severe heart disease
        (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#149/1

    JOHNSON, CLARENCE - World War I, soldier alongside Isaac Christians, killed in front of him
        *D* (app-gargoyle)--Gargoyle#4 (4 (fb, dies)

    JOHNSON, DAISY LOUISE - SHIELD II, daughter of Mr. Hyde and Jennifer Johnson, adopted and renamed by Gregory and Janet Sutter
        Sonic Powers
        Cory Sutter, QUAKE* (Mighty Avengers: WMF, SecWar, Secret War#5)--Secret War#2 (2 (fb), 3 (fb), 5 (fb), 5 (fb), 5, New Avengers#17], 18, 20

    JOHNSON, DAVID - New York Police Department, stole money taken from drug dealers to pay for son's heart surgery, slain by Vengeance
        *D* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents #149/1 (149(fb), 149

    JOHNSON, DOUG - U.S. Naval Air Force lieutenant, fought to avenge death of friend Dave Nichols, racked up large body count.
        (net-goldage)--(g) USA Comics#6 (December, 1942)

    JOHNSON, ERIC of Earth-93060 - see GEMINI (app)--Mantra (uv) I#4/2

    JOHNSON, FRANK - created Zzutak
        (app-zzut)--(g) Strange Tales I#88; Fantastic Four Unlimited#7

    JOHNSON, FRANK (Bill Bradley) - father of Chris Bradley, adopted false identity to escape mutant persecution
        --(BB)X-Men Unlimited#7(15); (FJ) Maverick II#7 (8

    JOHNSON, GENA - coffee shop owner, mother of Ray + Ricky, friend of Jake Lockley/Moon Knight
        --Marvel Spotlight I#28 ( Hulk!#13/2, 17/2, Moon Knight I#1-4, 6,7, 10,11, 13, 15, 22, 25, 29, 30, 33, 34, 34/2, 35, Marvel Fanfare I#39, Marvel Super-Heroes III#1, Moon Knight III#26, Moon Knight VI#20 (fb), Moon Knight IV#4, Moon Knight V#1, 7, 19

    JOHNSON, GREG - presidential candidate, slain by X-23
        --X-23: Target X#1

    JOHNSON, HENRY "HANK" - sales rep for Oregon Manufacturing Company, womanizer, soul consumed by Satana
        *D* (app-satana)--Haunt of Horror#2/6

    JOHNSON, JENN (Cathy Bradley) - sister of Chris Bradley, adopted false identity to escape mutant persecution
        --(CB) X-Men Unlimited#7 (15); (JJ) Maverick II#7(8

    JOHNSON, JOHN - former science fiction writer, fired when work surpassed by the alien Peters, attacked Peters and went insane after learning he was an alien
        (app-peters)--Uncanny Tales I #23/5

    JOHNSON, "KNUCKLES" - thug, fought the Ferret
        --Marvel Mystery Comics#4

    JOHNSON, MARCIE - movie publicist, worked with MJ Watson
        --Spider-Man Unlimited II#

    JOHNSON, MICKEY - father beaten up by Jack Murdock for Fixer, punched young Matt Murdock twice, punched back the second time
        --[Daredevil: Battlin' Jack Murdock#2] ([2 (fbs)]

    JOHNSON, MIKE - SHIELD II, former field agent, met with Fury in preparation for his Secret War
        --[Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury] [SW(fb)]

    JOHNSON, OTIS DANGER - receptionist of Night Restorations, mutated by radiation while working as a temp for AIM
        invulnerable, immune to pain
        --Daughters of the Dragon#2 ([3 (fb)], 2-4, [5 (fb)], 5-6, Heroes for Hire II#1

    JOHNSON, RANDALL Jr. - U.S. financial wizard and politician, associate of Tony Stark
        --Iron Man III#51

    JOHNSON, RAY - son of Gena, assisted Moon Knight on occasion, became his pilot
        Ray Landers*--Moon Knight I#2 (4,6, Moon Knight VI#20 (fb), [Moon Knight IV#2],4, [Moon Knight VI#7 (fb)], 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16-17, 19

    JOHNSON, RICHARD OBADIAH - politician, supported by Seymour the All-Seeing
        (app-sey)--Solo Avengers#10

    JOHNSON, RICKY - son of Gena, assisted Moon Knight on occasion, died overseas, serving in military
        *D*--Moon Knight I#2 (4,6, Moon Knight VI#20 (fb), [Moon Knight IV#2],4, [Moon Knight VI#7 (fb, dies)]

    JOHNSON, ROSE (Marion Bradley ) -mother of Chris Bradley, adopted false identity to escape mutant persecution
        --(MB) X-Men Unlimited#7(15); (RJ) Maverick II#7(8

    JOHNSON, SADIE - plagued by Nightmare until the Living Totem (Whistle Pig) drove him off
        --Doc Samson II#5/2

    JOHNSON, SIMON - boss of Doris Kannon, sexually harassed her, fired her for a small error after she had refused his advances, blackmailed with pictures from an escort service by Spider-Man to force her to give her her job back
        (app-kannondoris)--Marvel Fanfare I#42/2

    JOHNSON, ANDREW "SLUGGER" - see BRAIN of Earth "1958" (app-earth1958)--Fantastic Four I#136

    JOHNSON, TIMMY - father employed at Daily Bugle
        --Tangled Web#20

    JOHNSON, TYRONE of Earth-9997 - deceased, resides in the realm of the dead
        - CLOAK--Universe X #1 (mentioned)

    JOHNSON, WILLIE - High School bully, abused Delayne Masters, stopped by him both with and without Captain Universe powers
        (app-mastersdelayne)----Marvel Fanfare I#25/2

    JOHNSON, Col. - @ 1860s, plantation owner, continued to use slaves after the Civil War, formerly kept Rachel Brown, slain by liberated slaves
        (app)--Gunhawks#2 ([2(fb)], 2

    JOHNSON, major - servant of Mister X, led his troops to test Wolverine's fighting ability
        --Wolverine II#159 (160

    JOHNSON, Mrs.  - mother of Billy, widow of David
        (app-david)--Marvel Comics Presents #149/1

    JOHNSON, -us government, agent /aide of general Ryker
        -Johnston--Incredible Hulk III#14 (World War Hulk: Gamma Corps#3 (fb), IncHulk#14-15,16 19,20, World War Hulk: Gamma Corps#2, 4

    JOHNSON, Mr. - Daily Bugle, father of Timmy, brought him to work
        --Tangled Web#20

    JOHNSON,  - Howling Commandos PMC, apparently perished in the assault on the Dock
        --Secret Warriors#5

    JOHNSTON, - enforcer/agent of Rose (Fisk), partner of Varley (both of whom were former corrupt police officers), killed by Hobgoblin (Macendale).
        bm, beard
        *D*--Amazing Spider-Man I#253 (256,257

        *D*--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD  II#45

    JOHNSTONE, LYMAN - psychiatrist of Milla Donovan, possibly Mr. Fear?
        --[Daredevil II#95, (identified) 96]

    JOIHLL, Admiral - commanded Japanese submarine disguised as US cargo ship, commanded Yoko and others; battled Namor
        --Sub-Mariner Comics#11 (Fall, 1943)

    JOINT INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE (Sir Mortimer Grimsdale) - alliance of MI-5, 6, 13, etc.
        --Wisdom#1 (5

    JOISEY JOE - professional criminal, killed by the Trust
        *D*--Daredevil I#148 (Punisher II#1d)

    JO-JI - Cable’s Askani, informed him of the plans of Haizen Sato’s Mind Indoctrination Cult
        --Soldier X#11

    JOKER - see HORACE the JOKER (app-horace)--Amazing Adventures I#5/3

    JOKESTER (Mark Funny) - comedian who turned to crime, rendered victims helpless with laughter; battled Human Torch (Jim Hammond) & Toro (Thomas Raymond)
        --Human Torch Comics#34 (January, 1943)

    JOKESTER ( ) - criminal, agent of Maller, flattened against a giant iron
         parody of Joker
        *D?* (app-maller)--Howard the Duck II#8/3

    JOLEN - Inhuman, mutated by Terrigen, sent to earth as part of reconnaissance mission.
        Control vegetation
        (app)--Inhumans V#1, (named) #2 ([6 (fb), 3 (fb)], 1-4. [6 (fb)], 5-12, Son of M#3, 5 (fb), 5, Silent War#1

    JOLENA - Asgardian goddess, queen of Skornheim, former lover of Odin, leader of group drawn into conflict with Uthar's warriors by Wolflings
       (app)--Thor I#320 ([320(fb)], 320-322

    JOLLY of Earth-97103 - Land of Fuzz, counterpart of Human Torch (Johnny Storm), as well as the Scarecrow of Oz, given control of powers by Know-More
        scarecrow, burst into flames anytime anyone said fire
        (app-earth97103)--What If II#100/2

    JOLLY NUTS - alleged childhood hamster of Deadpool

    JOLLY ROGER (Roger Joliet) - criminal in Springdale, museum assistant, allied with museum curator Harlock to steal old pirate artifacts and gold, defeated by Speedball, came to be owner of one branch of the Bar with No Name
        dressed as pirate, used old fashioned cutlass and pistol
        (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#5/3 (Marvel Year in Review 1992

    JOLLY ROGER 2099 ( ) - ally of Anesthesia Jones
        --Ghost Rider 2099#19

    JOLLY ROGER of Earth-93060 ( ) - Raiders
        --[Strangers#1], 9

    JOLON of Earth-93060 - Boneyard's dimension, ally of Nirita
        --Mantra(uv)#4 (14

    JOLT (Kyi ) - mutant, opens portals in space, transported to Ultraverse
        (net)--(k) Siren#1, (J)#3 (1-3

    JOLT (Helen "HALLIE" Takahama) - Thunderbolts, Redeemers, Young Allies, friends + parents killed during sentinel attack during Onslaught, captured by rat pack, mutated by Arnim Zola, shot by Scourge (Nomad), saved + transformed into energy by techno, obsessed with super-heroes, trapped on Counter Earth-Franklin after conflict with Anomaly.
        absorb energy to enhance speed + strength + agility + durability, fly, generate and project energy
        Hally Truruta, Hally Shimosato (OH: Women, net)--Thunderbolts#4 (Tb30(fb) Thunderbolts: Distant Rumblings, Tb33(fb), 1-3 4,An'97,Tb5,6 7(fb) 7,8, [Incredible Hulk II#459], Heroes Reborn: The Return#2, Tb10-18, 19(fb), 19, 20, 21, #0, 22, Avengers III#12, Tb23, 25, 26, 33(fb), 27, 28(fb), 28-31, 31(fb), 31, 32, Iron Man An1999, Tb33, 34(35(fb)), 47(fb), 37(fb), [35(fb),35], 36-38+40+[41-43]+44+[45](inert), 46-50, 51-53, 54-56, 57-64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74, 75, Avengers/Thunderbolts#5,6, Exiles#81-82

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