JAN of Earth X - Iron Avengers, android counterpart of the Wasp, destroyed by the Skull's forces
    --Earth X#1

JAN, MAR'E - see MAR'E JAN--[Marvel Comics Presents II#1/3]

    --Captain America I#231

JANDLINATJARI of the Hyborian era - Snakes of Many Colors, female, allied with Conan, slew Yarralamundu, banished Thoth-Amon + Thulsa Doom
    (app-snakes)--Savage Sword of Conan#193

JANE ?? - former girlfriend of Larry, killed by Joe when he told her to drop dead
    *D* (app-joe)--Crypt of Shadows#4/4

JANE ?? - television reporter for Action News Channel 7, covered meteorite (actually the Grey Gargoyle) landing in Jamaica Bay
    (app)--Avengers I#190

JANE ?? - mutant, Xavier Institute, taken out by X-Men on Halloween
    --X-Men Unlimited II#1/2

JANES, Father MICHAEL - Taylor Foundation, Vietnam veteran, partially responsible for the creation on Bengal
    --Daredevil I#258 (258(fb) New Warriors I#8(fb), DD258, NewWar7-9, Night Thrasher I#1,4, Justice: Four Balance#1

JANES, THOMAS - mutant, powers adapted by Pandemic, possibly slain and dissected by him or his agents
    --[X-Men II#195]

JANET ?? - friend of Alison Blaire, former member of her aerobics class, later part of Millie's Models

JANET ?? - receptionist at Broderick  + Sloan + Cranston
    --Daredevil I#91 (95,97, 101, 107

JANET ?? - Waterboys, sister of Ruth, former New York City employee
    (app-wb)--Punisher II#41

JANET ?? - friend of Chris Powell, blond, white female, student at Midtown High
    --Darkhawk#3( 40,43,48

JANICE - @ 6th century AD, fiancé of Modred, daughter of Gervasse, Modred sacrificed his own spirit to save hers from Chthon after he was placed in suspended animation by St. Brendan, she had his body buried in a vault near the Dark Towers, studied white magic to keep herself alive in hope that one day Modred would be freed from Chthon’s influence and they could be reunited; Modred regained his soul in the modern era from a page of the Darkhold, but Janice then lost hers and became Chthon's servant; Modred again surrendered his soul so that Janice could regain hers, and she died in peace
    *D* (app)--Marvel Chillers I#1 ([Darkhold#12(fb)], 12d)

JANICE ?? - high school classmate of Carmilla Black (Scorpion)
    --Amazing Fantasy II#7 (7(fb), 7

JANIE ?? - former girlfriend of Paul Vance, encouraged him to burn down Great Wall of Video for insurance money, ditched him after he was caught
    --(voice only) Amazing Fantasy II#15

JANISERY, KARA of Earth-Shadowline - Order of St. George, former photojournalist, faked evidence to produce a story to shut down a crimelord, killed predecessor/Jeong Lee, slain in battle against Dr. Zero
    *D* (app-stg)--Dr. Zero#1 (St. George#8 (fb2), StG#4(fb), St.G#8(fb)/DrZ#1d)

JANISSARIES (    ) - agents of Rouge-Mort, battled Excalibur and Exiles
    --X-Men: Die by the Sword#1 (2007)

JANISSARY ( ) - high-tech mercenary, former agent of Terrigene, for whom he captured Sporr
    (app)--Avengers I#376

JANJAWEED - terrorists, taken out by Scorpion (Carmilla Black)
    --Amazing Fantasy II#10

JANN of the JUNGLE (Jane Hastings) - former circus trapeze artist and animal trainer, based in Congo as jungle adventurer, grandmother was also named Jann, and also dwelled in the Congo as an adventurer
    (net)--(g) Jungle Tales#1; Agents of Atlas#1  (Jungle Tales#1-7, Jann#8-17, Jungle Action II#1-4, Savage Tales#6, Astonishing Tales#14, Astounding#9+14, Agents of Atlas#1 (fb)

JANNA-23 of the Microverse - sister of Huntarr, forced to bare children for the Body Banks, killed herself and her children after Huntarr freed her
    *D* (app-huntarr)--Micronauts I#55 (55d)

JANSON, ANGELA - Hydra, posed as hematologist & molecular biologist at Empire State University, deceived Morbius into allowing her to experiment on him while sought a cure for Crown
    --Spider-Man#77 (78

JANSON, Dr. PAUL - dated Alison Blaire
    --Dazzler#5 (6-13

JANSON, ROSS - father of Tyrone, briefly allied with save the planet against Kelco
    —Daredevil I#248 (251,253,255

JANSON, Professor SIMON - archeologist, possessed by Raptor the Renegade, cured when the Human Torch incinerated Raptor's totem pole
    (app-raptor)--[Fantastic Four I#393], 394 (395

JANSON, TYRONE - blinded as a child by Kelco’s chemicals which were dumped in a river, Matt Murdock brought on civil suit against Kelco
    --Daredevil I#248 (254-256

JANUARY - feminine demon, servant of Somnambulist

JANUS - Roman/Olympian god, associated with doors + gates + beginnings, represented with two opposite faces

JANUS (Richard Janus) - Gideon Board/Trust?, former colleague of Reed Richards, mutated by negative energy, originally split off an evil half, later transformed himself, traveled to Negative Zone in search of further power, destroyed by anti-matter
    -the NEGA-MAN *D* (app)--Fantastic Four I#107 (108(fb1+2), 107-109, Fantastic Four III#40?, Fantastic Four: Full Circle

JANUS – son of Dracula and Domini, conceived through mystic means via spell of Lupeski, sired by Dracula as part of a plan to use the Church of Satan to fulfill his plans for world domination, inadvertently shot and killed by Lupeski while shooting at Dracula, resurrected by Domini and merged with Golden Angel, became opponent of Dracula, returned to infant form after Quincy Harker’s apparent destruction of Dracula
    -Son of Dracula, the Golden Angel (M, 1970s)--Tomb of Dracula I#51 (52,54 59, 61-63(merged)->gold angel 70(separated)

JANUS (Willem Vincent) - Derangers, split personality, talented painter and psychopathic killer, forced to strangle self by Bedlam.
    wore blue + white costume, create duplicate of own body
    *D* (net)--Alpha Flight I#49, 53d

JANUS - Collection Agency, Kresh.    
    large wm, brown hair in crewcut, speaks with a stutter
    (app-collect)--Silver Surfer III#61 (62(fb), 61-64

JANUS - Atlantean sleeper agent, encountered Wolverine, battled Nitro
    --Wolverine III#43 (44-45, 47

JANUS of Earth-93060 - sorcerer
    --Giant-Size Rune (uv)#1 (Rune8,9, Curse of Rune#1-3

JAN WEAR - clothing designed by Janet Van Dyne
    --Mighty Avengers#2

    (Marvel Atlas; BH6 II#2)

    --X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadow & Flame#1 (2, 4-5

JAPANESE GODS - see AMATSU-KAMI (OH:AZU#1)--Bizarre Adventures#27

JA-QUARI the TIGER-GOD of the pre-cataclysmic era - empowered Iraina and her tiger-women
    (app-ir)--Kull the Conqueror III#1

JAQ - Skrull
    --Wolverine II#145

JARA - Carmondian, widow of Balb, mother of two young children, last survivor of Carmondy IV, requested Captain Marvel (Genis) to avenge race
    JELLA* (app-carm)--[Captain Marvel IV#4], 5 (6

JARAK - Wakandan, follower of Killmonger, partner of Wenzori, created a weapon that combined the nunchaku with the mace
    (net-wak)--Jungle Action#12

JARAKK - sorcerer, agent of Vishanti , enemy of Pura-Shamutra, conspired with Urthona against him
    (app)--Dr. Strange III#57 (58(fb), 57-58

JARANDA - grandfather of Raymond Coker, brought back as a zuvembie by Dr. Glitternight
    *D/R*--Werewolf By Night I#40 (41

JARARACA, JULIANA - Rio de Janeiro mutant, fought in the Arena, killed Thiago Piranha, brain wiped out by Cable
    --Cable II#105

JARDIN del REY - Tierra Verde, jungle mountainside, site of destruction of Spore by Celestials in millennia past, cocaine harvested from this region gave brief superhuman powers, but caused insanity + savage bloodlust + ultimately death
    --Wolverine II#19

JARDINE, AMOS - A Texas millionaire, he took over the circus der Jahrmacht in attempt to gain control of Nightcrawler, who quit when he was instructed to be in a freak show
    (app)--Marvel Team-Up I#68 (89(fb)/Uncanny Origins#8//Nightcrawler III#9(fb), MTU#68,89, Nightcrawler III#9-10

JARDINE, AMANDA - daughter of head of criminal intelligence, photojournalist
    (app-f66)--Pryde & Wisdom#1(2, 3

JARDINE, Officer BARRY - Australian police, former partner of Willie Walkaway, assisted Dreamguard and Force Works against the Orphan
    (app-dreamguard)--Force Works#9

JARDINE, ARTHUR - British, former head of Criminal Intelligence, ally of Peter Wisdom, killed by Sari St. Hubbins
    *D*--Excalibur I#88 (89,99, Pryde & Wisdom#1,3, Ex111d)

JARED ?? - Bethlehem High School student alongside Duncan Sebast, forced to help Duncan with his homework, shot Duncan when he refused to help him get a relationship with Kate Cook

JARELLA - K'ai, former queen if capitol city, fell in love with both Hulk and Bruce Banner, eventually returned to earth with him after one of his visits, killed saving young boy from debris from battle with Crypto-Man.
    skilled warrior + strategist + swordswoman + horsewoman, green skin, blond hair
    *D* (D#18,M, OH: Hulk)--Incredible Hulk II#140 (148, 154,156, 202,203,205d, 204+246-248(d)

JARELLICA of Earth-10381 - one of Hulkie's two girlfriends
    (app-Hulkie)--Marvel Super Heroes II#103

JARGSA - Asgardian, daughter of Volstagg, wife of Meft, wedding presided by Thor
    --Thor II#42

JARKANGA - Wakandan, captain of squad of elite commandos
    (net-wak)--Defenders I#84

JARKOER, CHRIS of Earth-982 - Midtown, friend of May
    "Wild Man"--Spider-Girl#72 (73, 77, 79, 82,83, 85, 86, 89, 97

JARL, THIJVALD - Asgardian, servant of Harald Einarson, roughed up Cypher
    --New Mutants Special Edition #1

JARLSON, SIGURD - see Thor Odinson - dual identity when unable to change to human form, construction worker
    —Thor I#341

JARNA - Venusian queen, led Lavorites, allied with Joseph and other Nazis; battled Namor the Sub-Mariner
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#25 (November, 1941) (26

JARNDYCE of Earth-6216 - AIM, slain by Varina Goddard
    *D*--Amazing Fantasy II#19 (19d)

JARR - Bast dimension, cousin of Tyrr, sought to restore his world's power via energy siphoned from Earth, intended to use that power to rule, thwarted by Tyrr
    (app-bast)--Iron Man I#50 (51

JARRMACHT, der - see JAHRMACHT, der--Marvel Comics Presents#105

JARVIS - used by Tony Stark to help Pepper learn to operate the Mark 1616 suit
    Just Another Rather Very Intelligent System--Invincible Iron Man#11

JARVIS, DAVE - newsman, reported seeming destruction of Attilan
    (app-jarzinho)--Inhumans III#12

JARVIS, EDWIN - butler of Avengers, British, former member of R.A.F., resigned commission to be near to mother in USA, former butler to Maria and Howard Stark
    CRIMSON COWL* (U#4,Av300/2, OH: Av, ME)--Tales of Suspense I#59/2 (Avengers: The Crossing(fb), Iron Man: Iron Age#1, Av280(fb) / Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes#1(fb), Av:EMH#2(fb), 3(fb), 4(fb), ToS#59/2, Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annual 1997, Av:EMH#5(fb1), 5(fb2), 6(fb), Av16 / Av:EMH#7(fb) + 8(fb), Av280(fb), Thunderbolts#9(fb), Av18, 280(fb), ToS#82/2,83/2, 87/2, New Avengers#33 (fb), Av38, ToS#88/2, [Av41, 43], Avengers An1, Av48, 280(fb), 54,55, 280(fb) 59,60 Amazing Spider-Man I#71, Av63-65, Jungle Action#16(fb), Cap115,116, Captain Marvel I#17, Iron Man I#17, Av74, Cap121, Av75, 77(fb), 280(fb), 87, 90, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine#10, F4#116, Av92,[93], 99, 280(fb), Thor I#204, Av102,[103], Cap154, IM#50, Av105, [Marvel Team-Up I#7], Thor208, Av108, Thor211, Av111,[112], MTU9-11, [Av114]/280(fb), IM#56, CaptMarv30(IM#65, Av119, IM66, Av120), [CM31], Av126, MTU#20 ,GS Avengers#1 Av280(fb), Cap176, Av127, 129, GS Av2, Av280(fb), CaptMarv37, Av131, GS Av3, Av134,135, 137(Thor230, 232, [233], 234), Av140,141, 149, Cap224, MTU#41, Werewolf by Night I#43, Av150-153, Av An6, Hulk206, Av154, [Super-Villain Team-Up#10], Av157-159, Av280(fb), CaptM#50,51, Av161,162, Iron Fist I#12, Av165,166, IM99, Defenders I#52, Av168, 170, 172,173, 175, Marvel Fanfare I#14, Av176, 280(fb), Cap218, 222, AvAn8, Av201/2, Marvel Two-In-One An3, MarvFan14, Av178, Daredevil I#156, Cap229, MTIO An4, Av179,[180], XMen I An3, F4#204, , Giant-Size Avengers II#1/2, Av181, 184,185, F4#214, MTIO#51, 61, Uncanny X-Men#136, Av186, 280(fb), IM127,128, AvAn9, Av189-191, MarvFan23, Av192, 194, 197, Cap250, Av199-205, Dazz1, Av206, IM137, Hlk257,258, Cap253, MTIO#75, Av207,208, Cap259, [Av209], Av An10, IM#148, [Av210], Av211, Uncanny X-Men An5, Thor314, Av212,213, Cap267, Av214, UX155, Av216-218, F4#243, Av219,221,222, Dazzler#19, MTIO#92, Vision & Scarlet Witch I#1, Amazing Spider-Man An16, Av227, Hulk282, Av229,230, Cap285, Av231, 234, Dr. Strange II#60, Thor334, Thing I#5, F4#261, Av236,[237], UX An7, MarvFan24/2, Av238,[239], 242, New Mutants I#15, Av243, MTU142, West Coast Avengers I#1, Thor345, MTU#148, Cap301, Av252, Thor356, Spectacular Spider-Man II#106, Av256, F4#280,281, Power Pack I#17, Av258, Cap310, Av259, Fantastic Four An19, Secret Wars II#3, Av261, F4#282, 285, Av262, PP18, F4#286, Cap314, Av264, Th364, PP20, Vision & Scarlet Witch II#7,8, Av267,268, 270, Eternals II#8, Cap318, AvAn15, PP22, 25, 26, Cap323, PP28, Hlk321, Thing36, Av273-278, 280, [Damage Control I#1], Av291, 294, 296-298, X-Factor An4/3, New Mutants An4/3, Av301, Cap352, Av305-308, Avengers West Coast#50, Av311, Cap365, Damage Control II#2, Cap368, Av313, Av An19/3, Cap370,371, Av314-318, 324/2(fb), 319/2, 323/2, 324/2, 325, Namor10,12(fb), Av326, Avengers Spotlight#40, Cap380, 382,383, Av329,330,331, [Cap385],Cap386, Web of Spider-Man#75, Av An20/4, Cap387, 393,394, Av332,333, Namor An1, [IM An12], [F4#358 360], Av338, Cap397, Av340, 343, 344, Quasar#34, Cap401, 403-405, Av350/2, [AvAn21/3], Thor#447, Cap409, Av350, 355-357, Thunderstrike#10, 13, Thor481, Av374,
    Av382, Vision#1, Force Works#10/2, Av384, [385], 389, IM319, Cap443, Avengers: The Crossing, Av391, IM322, Av392, IM323, Av393, FW#19, Av394, Avengers: Timeslide, Iron Man: Age of Innocence, Thor495, Cap449, Av397, IM327, [Marvel Vision#5], IM#328, Av399,400, Avengers Unplugged#6, IM330, Spider-Man Team-Up#4, Daredevil I#358, Avengers An1999(fb1), Q7(fb2)), AvAn1999(fb2), Amz431, AvAn1999(fb3), Avengers III#1-3, Sensational Spider-Man II#28, Av4, Captain America III#6, Av5,6, Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman, Cap10, Av8,9(fb),9,11, Amazing Spider-Man II#1, Av12, AvAn1999, Av13,14, Cable II#66,67, Av16,17, 18, 19-22, Cap21, Iron Man An1999, CapAn1999, Warlock III#5, Domination Factor#1.2, Iron Man III#22, Peter Parker: Spider-Man#11, Fantastic Four An1999, X-51#4,5, Generation X#59, Av23, F4#28, Av24,25, Ant Man’s Big Christmas, Av27,28, Cap28, Hellcat#2, Cap32, Black Panther III#22, Deadpool III#44, Av32, Maximum Security#1,2, 3, Av36, 38-40, Thor34, Alias#9, IM43, Avengers Annual 2001/2, Cap45, USAgent II#3, Avengers: Ultron Imperative, Thunderbolts#55-57, Av48, 55, Cap50/5, Thor47, Avengers: Celestial Quest#1, Av56, Marvel: Double Shots#2/2, Av57, 58, 60, 73, Wolverine/Captain America#1, She-Hulk III#3, Hawkeye III#7, Avengers/Thunderbolts#2, 6, Avengers III#83, 85, New Avengers#4, MK Spider-Man#2, Amazing Spider-Man#519-520, 522, 524, MK Spdm#13, 18, Spider-Man Unlimited II#12/2, Marvel Holiday Special 2006#1/2, She-Hulk IV#2-3, New Avengers#11-13, 15
    MKS21, A527, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#4, MKS22, Pulse#12, Sensational Spider-Man III#24] Young Avengers#10, New Avengers#18, FNSM#6, 7, 10, I (heart) Marvel: Web of Romance#1
    New Avengers#21?, New Avengers Annual#1, [Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1], Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America#5, Civil War: The Initiative#1/3, Mighty Avengers#4, Amazing Spider-Man#544, Giant-Size Avengers II#1, NA38, MA7

JARVIS, - mother of Edwin
    (app)--[Avengers I#54], 201 (Avengers I#280 (fb) / Av:EMH#5(fb), [Av54], 201, [209, 239, 252, 278],280, 298, Avengers Annual 1999(fb3)

"JARVIS", ALBERT of Earth-Avengers aging - see ALBERT (app-earthavag)--What If? I#38

JARVIS, MARCUS - St. Cyril, agent of Death
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#26/2

JARZINHO, Col. EDSON - Portuguese mercenary, led group of mercenaries to assault Attilan
    (app)--Inhumans III#4 ([5 (fb)], 4-7, 10-12

JASMINE - Microverse, Insectivorid, leader of gang taken over by Wartstaff, former girlfriend of Bug
    *D*--Micronauts I#13 (14

JASMINE FALLS - Japan, base of Bando Suboro, site in which Wolverine trained in the ways of peace for five years, marrying Itsu
    --Wolverine III#40

JASON - Argonauts, leader
    *D* (app)--Marvel Preview#10/2 ([New Warriors II#10 (fb)], MarvPrev#10(fb), 10, Hulk: Hercules Unleashed(fb1) (fb3d), Ares#3, [4-5]

JASON - renegade Pantheon member, father of Delphi, killed Ulysses, lost left eye when attacked by Walter Charles (Ulysses) after he had been harassing him
    --Incredible Hulk II#409/2 (412/2, 421,422, 424,425, 447,448, Annual 1997

JASON ?? - with Cara, possessor of the Secret Warts
    --Sensational She-Hulk#15 (16

"JASON ??" - Lumbermen

JASON ?? - ex-boyfriend? of Debbie Green
--Fantastic Four#558, (identified) #560

JASON ?? - victim of Mad Thinker's Compound D
    --Torch#4 (2010)

JASON of SPARTAX - Spartoi, son of Eson, encountered Inhumans, infatuated with Medusa, disinterested in ruling after father, accused of assisting their plot to assassinate Lilandra, exiled from Spartoi by Eson,in possible future traveled to earth in search of Medusa, fell in love with a Meredith Quill and fathered the child who would become Star-Lord, ascended to title of emperor after Eson’s death
    (app)--Inhumans IV#2 (3,4,4(ff), Marvel Preview#11(fb1+2) MarvPrev11

JASON of Earth-Seeker 3000 - Six, created Seeker 3000, enemy of Seeker 3000 crew, merged with Censys program aboard ship before earth was destroyed; purged from program by John Bear, restored by the Hkkkt, defeated by crew
    (app)--Marvel Premiere #41, Seeker 3000 #1 (fb), 3, 4

JASON, JERRY - Strange Secrets cast, former stand-in for Ross Archer
    (app-brotherbrimstonesterling)--Daredevil I#65 ([66?]

JASPERS, SIR JAMES "MAD JIM" of Earth-238 - parliament, created Fury & Crazy Gang, spearheaded programs to control superhero actions, powers grew exponentially over time, warped own Earth until destroyed along with entire dimension by Lord Mandragon.
    vast reality warping powers
    *D* (OH2006#5, app)--Marvel Super-Heroes (UK) #377 (388(fb), 377, 386-388, [Daredevils#6d])

JASPERS, SIR JAMES "MAD JIM" - Earth-616 counterpart, parliament, began similar programs to, developed powers and began warping earth until killed by Fury, created Crazy Gang
    *D* (OH2006#5, app)--[Daredevils#7], 9 ([DDs7,8],9,10, Mighty World of Marvel#7-11d, 12(d))

JASPERS, SIR JAMES - UK government official, presumably a re-created or cloned form of Earth-616’s Mad Jim, regained power or re-created during reality warp of "House of M," merged with the Fury
    (OH2006#5, app)--Uncanny X-Men#200 (X-Men vs. Avengers#4, Uncanny X-Men#462

JASPERS, JAMES of Earth-10083 - fled his reality to escape the Furies surgical strike force designed entirely to kill superhumans. When he tried go home again, the Furies detected him, and began pursuing him from reality to reality. On Earth-11024, he was taken in by a superhuman group who killed a Fury team. They sent in another 600 and turned that world into a wet rock. Jaspers kept jumping, letting off "Ghost Box" radiation wherever he left and arrived, which triggered the creation of Warpies when he arrived in M'bangawi. Recognizing Warpies and based on his own very personal experience, Doc Croc decided to eliminate them for his people's greater good. X-Men turned up after hearing reports of "mutant" births. The X-Men destroyed all bar one of the pursuing Furies, and Emma performed psychic surgery on that one so it believed Jaspers had moved on with the rest of its team pursuing while it was damaged and left behind on 616, "a world with nothing worth coming back for" - thus preventing more Furies from following. Once it left, Croc shot the sleeping Jaspers dead, unwilling to have a "human dirty bomb" endangering his people.
    *D*--Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis#3 (5 (fb), 3-5, 6d)

JASSIM - Iraqi?, associate of Mordad
    --Wolverine III#63

JAT - see VOR-THRUL, JAT (app)--X-Men Legacy#220

JATEN ( ) - lackey of Hood (Robbins), disciple of Dormammu, killed by Punisher (Castle)
    (app) *D*--Punisher VII#4 (4-6, Dark Reign: The Hood#1-2, Punisher: In the Blood#1

JATH'CHE of Earth-295 (Jonath) - assassins cadre devoted to the protection of the Shi'ar throne, banished to the farming planet Ch'reesharaa for failing to save the emperor from murder at the hands of his eldest children (presumably D'Ken and Deathbird)
    --Gambit and the X-Ternals#2

JAUNDICED EYE - Omega Core, bar

JAUNT - Neo.
    --X-Men II#106

JAVA JOE - unwanted nickname of Foggy Nelson while he was under witness protection
    --Daredevil II#93

JAVA JUNCTION (Debbie, Mary) -
    --Punisher vs. Bullseye#2 (3, 5

JAVELIN (Darin) - Galadorian, Spaceknights, first generation, trapped by Mentus, rescued by Rom, helped in battle against Galactus, presumably killed by second generation Spaceknights.
    used plandarium javelin able to shoot darts
    *D* (app)--[Rom22/2], 25, (identified) 26 (27-28

JAVELIN (Reginald Carter) - javelin-wielding murderer; battled Human Torch and Toro
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#29 (March, 1942)

JAVELIN (Darin) - Galadorian, Spaceknights, third generation
    --Spaceknights#1 (2-5

JAVELIN ( ) - S.H.E., slain by the Void
    *D* (app-she)--Sentry#4 (4d)

JAVELYNNE ( ) - Secret Empire
    (app)--Hawkeye II#1

JAVIER, CAROLUS "CARLOS" of Earth-311 - @ 1602 A.D., counterpart of Charles Xavier, ran a school for Witchbreed (Master Carlos Javier's Select College for the Sons of Gentlefolk)
    (app-earth311)--[1602#1], 2 (3-8

JAVITZ, ISAAC - Acolytes, apparently killed by Holocaust during fall of Avalon, but returned, possibly as a clone.
    large + strong, dark hair, missing eye
    (net)--Uncanny X-Men#300 (315, X-Men II#43"d" [Quick11],HfH#16,[Q12],HfH/Q’98,UXM366

JAWBREAKER ( ) - Pacific Overlords, first recruit, mutated by Lifestone, required exoskeleton to maximize abilities.
    superhuman strength and durability, both enhanced by exoskeleton
    (app-po)--Avengers West Coast#69 (72(fb), 69-70, 72-74, 93(fb), 93-95

JAWORSKI - former agent of Wild Pack, later worked for Silver Wolf
    --Sable & Fortune#1 ([2]

    former employer of James MacDonald Hudson, fired when Hudson stole suit, crippled self attempting to commit suicide, affiliated with Roxxon, had Delphine Courtney organize Omega Flight, took control of Box robot, apparently killed when Guardian/James short-circuited robot
    *D* (D#9,net)—Alpha Flight I#3/2 (Alpha Flight II minus 1, I#3/2,12(fb),[6,7,10],11,12d)

JAXON, ROSS - old friend of Jennifer Kale
    --Adventure into Fear#13 (18, Man-Thing II#4

JAXON's TOMB of Reality-8116Empirical galaxy circa 1 million years in the future; mineral rich satellite fought over by Intrumentality and Monarchy
Marvel Graphic Novel#3: The Metamorphosis Odyssey Book Three: Dreadstar (1982)

JAY ?? - head of security for Damage Control
    --Damage Control I#2 (3, Damage Control II#2

JAYE, Dr. GINGER - veterinarian, high school classmate and girlfriend of Rich Rider at Harry S. Truman, assaulted by husband Darren who was then rendered comatose after beaten by Nova, pregnant with Darren’s child
    -Ginger Jay Firestone--Nova I#1(2-5 8 11 13 14 16-18 18/2 MTIO An2 Nov19 20 23 NovIII#1-7 NewWarII#9

JAYNES, WILTON - NYPD, opposed Halidon and his agents
    --Call#2 (3, 4

JAZINDA - Skrull, born on Tarnax IV, grew up on Zaragz'na, daughter of Super-Skrull (Kl'rt) betrayed entire race in gaining resurrection power from Sy-Torrak Gem, partnered with She-Hulk in Freeman Bonding, Inc., brought in Hi-Lite
    --She-Hulk II#22, (true form, identified) #23 (33 (fb), [27 (fb)], 22-24, 25-26, 27, 28 (fb), 28, 30, X-Factor III#33, Shulk#31, XFac34, Shulk32-33
, [She-Hulk: Cosmos in Collision#1 (fb)], 1

JAZZ (John Arthur Zander) - District X, 198, mutant, former agent of Jackie Zapruder, sold Toad Juice for him, slain by Johnny Dee
    *D* (198)--District X#2 (3-4, 7, X-Men: The 198#3 (fb), 2, 3d

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Last updated: 12/08/12