GTPs - Gamma-Transformed Persons
    --She-Hulk II#19

GUAN-YIN - Chinese goddess of mercy (mistakenly listed as Japanese goddess)
    KWAN-YIN*--[Wolverine II#31]

el GUAPO (Robbie Rodriguez) - mutant, X-Statix, lost girlfriend (Consuela) after getting caught up with X-Statix, legs blown off during fight in Afghanistan when Phat deflected a bomb aimed at Henrietta Hunter, killed by Henrietta Hunter's vengeful spirit when she sang the lyrics of her song
    fly via intelligent skateboard
    <The Handsome One> *D* (app)--X-Statix#9 (11, 12-17, 18d)

guard of the SECOND ASSEMBLY -

GUARDIA CIVIL (Diego Sandoval, Action Force) - Valencia, elite paramilitary force, captured X-Men
    --X-Treme X-Men#1 (2, 3

GUARDIAN - four-armed servant of Infinity (aspect of Odin)
    (app-infinity)--Thor I#185

GUARDIAN (James MacDonald "Mac" Hudson) - founded Alpha Flight, gamma flight, husband of Heather/Vindicator, father of ??, former employee of AmCan Petrochemical, invented Weapon Alpha armor, seemingly killed when armor power pack exploded in battle with Box/Jaxon, shunted to Quwrll @ 8000bc, body + suit rebuilt together in cyborg form by them, sent forward to modern time, captured and imprisoned by Roxxon, seemingly destroyed from strain of energizing multiple teleportation matrix system, briefly duped into serving Master when recovered
    -VINDICATOR*, WEAPON ALPHA*, ANTIGUARD* *D* (I#4, D#17, M, OH2006#5)--Alpha Flight I#2 (3, 4, X-Men/Alpha Flight II#1, 2, AF I#6, 13(fb), 10, 12"d," 90(fb), 100(fb), 90(fb), [87],88-92, 93(fb), 94-100, 129,130, Wolverine II#76,77, 83, 91,92, 95, Ka-Zar#1/2//Fantastic Four II#9/2, Alpha Flight II#19(fb), 13, 18-20, Wolv#142(fb), 142,143, 143/2, Generation X#58, Black Panther III#42, Wolv171,172, 173,174, [179], Uncanny X-Men#421,422, X-Men Unlimited#45, UX432-434

GUARDIAN - Triad of Banner, represents ego of Bruce Banner/Hulk.
    Orange elf-like creature, archer
    (app-triad)--Incredible Hulk II#308

    Alpha Flight, identity used shortly after guardian (Mac) returned
    (M)--X-Men/Alpha Flight #1, Alpha Flight I#90 (XM/AF#1,2->Heather.
    Alpha Flight I#90-107, 109, 113-124, 127-130, Wolverine II#77, 83, Northstar#3,4, Marvel Fanfare II#2, Alpha Flight II#1->Vin)

GUARDIAN (Mr. Doug) - Springfield, rival of the Phantom, killed each other of the powerless Evilizer toy
    *D* (app-evilizer)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#2/4 (2/4 (fb), 2/4d)

GUARDIAN - see VORMUND (app-vormund)--Captain America I#442

GUARDIAN - clone of Peter Parker, servant of Jackal, guarded door to his laboratory, died from clone degeneration.
    Large + strong, loincloth
    *D* (app)--Web of Spider-Man#122 (Amazing Spider-Man I#399d)

GUARDIAN - synthoid duplicate of Mac, initially believed to be Mac age regressed by Department H, sent to lead Beta Flight after truth discovered, consumed in fire while attempting to free rest of alpha flight from AIM
    VINDICATOR* *D* (net)--Alpha Flight II#1 (2-8, 9/Uncanny X-Men#355, AF II#10-17, Alpha Flight/Inhumans An1998, AF II#18-20, Wolverine II#142(fb), 142,143d)

GUARDIAN (Michael Pointer) - Omega Flight, given costume to contain his energies, sought redemption for the destruction he caused as the Collective
    --Civil War#7, (identified) Omega Flight#2 (Omega Flight#1-5, CW#7, Incredible Hulk#117, Marvel Comics Presents II#1/3, 2/4, [3/3 (fb)], 3/3, 4/4-12/4

GUARDIAN of the ALTAR of NEPTUNE's WRATH - immense cephalopod
    (app-altar)--Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#9/5, Avengers West Coast Annual#4

"GUARDIAN of the BLACK ORCHID" - Jann of the Jungle foe; dinosaur
    (app)--Jungle Tales I#2

GUARDIAN of the CAVE of Earth-93060 - monstrous creature, servant of Prometheus
    (app-fire)--Freex#12, 13

GUARDIAN of the CRYPT of FEN - Unforgiven Dead
    *D* (app-unforgivendead)--Namor I#39 (39d)

    (app-grateful)--Marvel Comics Presents I#90/3

GUARDIAN of the GATEWAY - Yeti, guarded City of the Samurai
    -YETI*--Black Panther I#5

GUARDIAN of the LIGHT - see HIGH PRIEST of the HIDDEN TEMPLE (app-hidden)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#13

GUARDIAN of the LIGHT - see SHA SHAN--Spectacular Spider-Man II#13

GUARDIAN of the MIRROR - associated with Cornerstones of Creation
    (app-coc)--Conan the Barbarian I#130

GUARDIAN of the PEOPLE - giant serpent
    (app-people)--Ms. Marvel I#21

GUARDIAN of the PROMETHEAN FLAME - Olympian, apparently slain by Ares
    (app)--Avengers I#100

GUARDIAN of RUBY of SHADOWS - Terragonia, monstrous creature, summoned by Kronak via the gem, defeated by Hulk, dispatched back to its realm when the Ruby shattered
    (app-kronak)--Incredible Hulk II#201

    --Marvel Mystery Comics#28

GUARDIAN of the TOWER of the Hyborian era - giant bat/human creature, guarded Siptah and the Gem, slain by Conan using the Gem
    *D*--Gem in the Tower; Savage Sword of Conan#45

guardian of the Treasure of Tranicos of the Hyborian era - see BLACK STRANGER--Treasures of Tranicos; Savage Sword of Conan#47

GUARDIAN of the VORTEX ( ) - extradimensional, inhuman entity, over 1000 years old, defended dimensional portal from attackers, assisted in closing portal by Iron Man/Rhodes
    --Iron Man I#176

GUARDIAN of the WELL - see MIMIR (app-mimir)--Thor I#240

GUARDIAN ANGEL of Earth-Amalgam (Tom Harper*) - Angel (Halloway)+ Guardian, Universe-Two
    --[Challengers of the Fantastic#1(letters)] (World's Greatest Comics

GUARDIAN ANGEL of Earth-148611 - see SERAPH--[Justice#21 (named on inside cover)]

GUARDIAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY (Mr. Matthews) - held policies on super-criminals and then refused to pay due to their criminal activities, exposed for fraud by Tumbler and Captain America;
    clients/victims included Dr. Octopus, Mr. Hyde, Cobra (Voorhees), Jester (Powers), Tumbler
    --Captain America I#291

GUARDIAN PROTOCOLS - originated with the ancient "Guardians of the Galaxy"/Chosen Eight of Fate thousands of years ago, nearly put into motion for the first time in 1000 years with the advent of the Phoenix Force on Earth, proposed by Zemo as possibly needed to deal with the threat of the Wellspring
    --Thunderbolts II#101, 106

GUARDIAN ROBOTS - see SERVO-GUARDS (Dr. Doom's) (app)--Fantastic Four I#84

Guardian Spirit of the Lost Lemuria era - aka Watchdog; guarded Athmar Phong; tried to kill Ald Thurmis and Thongor; sent back to Hell with the Shield of Cathloda by Thongor
    --Creatures on the Loose#22

GUARDIANS - see AIM GUARDIANS (app-stryke)--Iron Man Annual#4

GUARDIANS of SHAGREEN - serpentine statues, come to life and attack any who approach his chambers, Shagreen was forced to destroy them when they ran amok
    --Nightcrawler I#2

GUARDIANS of the GALAXY (Ajesthe, Badoon, Shi'ar, Skrull, 4 others) - eight beings evolved/empowered by a series of stones empowered by the Alpha and Omega Stones to maintain peace between the inhabited worlds, granted powers of earth + air + fire + water +life + death + anima + gravity,
four died in battle, two died of old age, one retired
    CHOSEN EIGHT of FATE*--Thunderbolts I#45 (45(fb), 46(fb)

GUARDIANS of the GALAXY (Aerolite, Astrolabe, Stella Nega, Skytower, Tua Zon) - warriors circa 1000 AD--Guardians of Infinity#1

GUARDIANS of the GALAXY (Drax, Gamora, Quasar (Phyla-Vell), Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord (Peter Quill), Bug, Groot, Major Victory, Mantis)
    --Guardians of the Galaxy II#1 (1 (fbs), [4 (fb)], 1-6, 7-8,

GUARDIANS of the GALAXY of Earth-691 (Vance Astro, Charlie-27, Martinex, Yondu, Starhawk, Aleta, Nikki, Major Victory, Talon, Starhawk/Aleta, Yellowjacket, Irish Wolfhound)
    - group of heroes initially formed from survivors of Badoon onslaught @ 3000 A.D.
    (I#4,D#5)--Marvel Super-Heroes II#18 (Guardians of the Galaxy An1/2, Marvel Two-In-One I#4,5, GS Defenders#5, Defenders I#26-29, Marvel Presents#3-12, Thor Annual#6, Avengers I#167,168, Marvel Two-In-One#61-63, Avengers I#170,173, Marvel Two-In-One I#69, Avengers I#175-177, Marvel Team-Up I#86, Av181, Ms Marvel#23, She-Hulk II#6, Fantastic Four Annual#24,Thor An16, Silver Surfer III An4, Guardians of the Galaxy An1, Guardians of the Galaxy I#1-5
    Guardians of the Galaxy#62, New Warriors I#68

GUARDIANS of the HIDDEN TEMPLE - see MONKS of the HIDDEN TEMPLE (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#108

GUARDIANS of the MULTIVERSE (Black Widow-29929, Captain Carter-82111, Dr. Strange-91233, Killmonger-32938, Star-Lord/T’Challa-21818, Thor-72124) - gathered by the Watcher to defeat Ultron-29929
What If...? Season 1 Episode 9,
"What If... the Watcher Broke His Oath?" (October 6 2021) 

GUARDIANS of the Quadriverse - one at a time, immediately replaced by another
    (app-quad)--Dr. Strange II#24

    (app)--Excalibur IV#13 (15

guardians of the Temple of the Sun - see TEMPLE of the SUN
    (app-kayla)--Marvel Comics Presents #134 (135, 136

GUARDIANS OF THE UNIVERSE of Earth-9602 (Uatu) - powerful organization, manipulated Starbrand Corps
    --[Speed Demon#1]

guards of the Royal Castle of Guildern -
    (app-guildern)--Wild Angels

GUARDS of the ROYAL PALACE of TERRAGONIA - see Terragonia
    (app-kronak)--Incredible Hulk II#201

guards of TAMAR-SHAR-KUN - see TAMAR-SHAR-KHUN's guards (app-tamarsharkhun)--Savage Sword of Conan#61

GUARDSMAN (Kevin O’Brien)-brother of Michael, former engineer and head of research at stark industries, driven mad by armor, killed by accidental explosion during battle with iron man/Stark
    *D* (I#4,D#5,M,net)--(KOB) Iron Man I#31, (Guardsman) Iron Man I#43 (31,33-35, Daredevil I#73, IM36-40, 43, 45, Avengers I#99(fb), IM46d)

GUARDSMAN - see Michael O'Brien* - brother of Kevin, took on armor after his death, former head of security at Vault and Project: PEGASUS
    -IRON MAN* (I#4,D#5,M,net)--(MOB) Iron Man I#82, (G) IM96 (97, 105-109, Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1-3,Av236,237,Power Man/Iron Fist#113, Thing24, Vision & Scarlet Witch II#1, Power Man/Iron Fist#121, Iron Man Annual#8à O’Brien)

GUARDSMAN of CHTHON - statue; Esteban Diablo mesmerized She-Hulk (Jen Walters) into stealing it
    --Fantastic Force I#

GUARDSMAN’s armor - originally created by Tony Stark, later duplicated and mass produced by Stane International as a series for guards of the Vault
    (D#5)—Iron Man I#43

GUARDSMAN PRIME - leader of Guardsmen --Avengers Spotlight #26

GUARDSMEN (Harry Bright, Frank Ensign, Gonzalez, Emilio Layton, Hugh Taylor(d), Scott Washington (hybrid), Billy )
    -based on armor of Michael O’Brien, mass produced by Obadiah Stane after taking over stark international, armored forms given to guards at the vault, rebuilt in inferior form after iron man nullified the original model in order to purge evidence of his technology from access to others
    (IM)--Avengers Annual#15 (She-Hulk I#10(fb), AvAn15, Captain America I#334 Darkhawk Annual#3, Dh49
    Fantastic Four Unp1ugged#, Avengers Unplugged#1 New Warriors I#72, Heroes for Hire#1, Fantastic Four III#37, 51,53,54, She-Hulk I#8, She-Hulk II#5, 6-7, Thunderbolts II#103, She-Hulk II#21
Amazing Spider-Man#330,363,369
Amazing Spider-Man Annual#25,27,28
Avengers West Coast#89
Captain America#346,355,382,408
Captain America Annual#10
Captain Marvel Special#1
Damage Control v2#1
Deadly Foes of Spider-Man#2
Deathlok v2#8
Fantastic Four#357,395
Force Works#2,12,13
Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance#6
Lethal Foes of Spider-Man#1,2,3
Marvel Comics Presents I#53,54
Marvel Holiday Special#2 (1993)
Marvel Super-Heroes#12
New Warriors#21,26,72
Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD v2#8,12
Spectacular Spider-Man#162
Spider-Man: Breakout#1,3
Spider-Man Unlimited v1#4
Venom: Along Came a Spider#1
Venom: Sinner Takes All#1
Venom: The Hunted#3
Web of Spider-Man#94,109


GUARDSWOMEN - agents of AIM, used "Broadcast power"
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: The Aladdin Effect

GUB-GALA-EMEGIR - name for those empowered by the Amulet of Pazuzu
    --Howard the Duck III# ; (identified) Marvel Zombies handbook: Pazuzu entry

GUDRUN - Asgardian woman, wife of Volstagg, mother of his children
    -Gertie Starwitt, HILDEGUND*--Journey into Mystery I#120, (named) 367 (Thor An17/3 [Thor366],367 454 482/2 505 510,512

GUDRUN - Asgardian girl, daughter of Volstagg and Gudrun
    --Thor I#361

GUDRUN the GOLDEN - Hostess add. Asgardian?, gathers gold to reflect back his glory, fought Thor
    (app)--<June 1978>, Machine Man I#3

GUEDADO - Wakandan, miner, husband of Rashida, slain by Skrulls at age 22
    --Black Panther IV#40

GUECEFU - Incan? god worshipped by the Kamekeri
    --[Avengers III#28]

GUERERRO, JAMES - co-head of 212 Security
    --[White Tiger#1], 2

GUERERRO, PEREGRINE "PERI" - genius daughter of James & Veronique
    --White Tiger#3

GUERERRO, VERONIQUE - co-head of 212 Security
    --White Tiger#2

    identity used while thought self human, luchador
    <The Warrior>--Eternals IV#2 (3-->Gilgamesh)

"GUEST" - Vampires, captured by the X-Men, taken to Utopia, almost burnt to death in sunlight when Wolverine removed Amulet, secretly infected Box with a telepathic virus via burning flesh fumes, studied by the X-Squad, had Box free him, shot with Porvodrones by Kavita Rao, become stronger, cut the power on Utopia, slaughtered numerous humans that had been infected with vampire blood by the Union Square Suicide Bomber, control of Box destroyed by White Queen, crushed by Box's Parvodrones, corpse burnt by Box and Doctor Nemesis.
    blueish green skin, red eyes, fangs, claws, vampirism, enlarged head

GUETTZER, major HANS - Nazi soldier circa WWII
    --Wolverine Origins#18

GUFF's DINER - Jackalope, Nevada; damaged when Banner turned into Hulk upon sensing Skaar's approach
    --Planet Skaar Prologue#1

GUGGENHEIM, MARK - Daily Bugle reporter
    --[Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1]

guide - led American Eagle to John Marshall
    (app-marshall)--Marvel Comics Presents I#148

GUIDE - advisor to Dark Angel, small humanoid
    --Hell's Angel#2 (3, 4, Dark Angel#6, 9, 11-13, 15, 16

GUIDA, agent - FBI, niece saved from Matador by Daredevil , helped Matt Murdock avoid frame by Johnny Sockets
    --Daredevil: Father#5

GUIDING LIGHT (Harley Cooper) - mutated by ??, regained power via electrical shock, aided Avengers against Sinister Six before powers faded after passing through Hydro-Man
    --Civil War: Choosing Sides#1 (1/6

GUIDO - see STRONG GUY--New Mutants I#29 (Uncanny X-Men#259, 270, 273,274, 278, 280, X-Factor I#70-72à Strong Guy)

GUILDENSTERN - with Rosencrantz, pet goldfish of She-Hulk, killed when her building was destroyed by Titania
  --She-Hulk I#9 ([12d])

GUILDERN (father/king (d) + Donal Ban, Feren + brothers, Imacolata, Isis, Mendes, Tristum) - extradimensional realm, Donal Band and Tristum fled after Mendes framed them for the king's murder; Donal Ban was sent via a Mys-Tech warp to Earth-616 where he recruited Dark Angel, and Tristum was sent to the virtual reality world of Nikki Doyle in Earth-8410 @ 2020 AD; Donal and Tristrum brought their new allies to Guildern, where they helped Tristrum claim the throne
    (app)--Wild Angels

GUILD PRIMUS - criminal organization, researched Clan Destine's history after having had several operations broken up by them; set Dr. Griffin and the Omegans against Clan Destine
    --Clan Destine#1 (2008)

GUILLE, DESMOND - eccentric playboy, purchased Singing Spider, killed by Bride of Nine Spiders
    --Immortal Weapons#2d

GUILLERMO - district attorney, prosecuted Boomerang
    --Deadly Foes of Spider-Man#2, 3

GUILLERMOS, BARBARA of Earth-88194 - Shadow, daughter of Michael and Christina, sister of Victor, slain in assault by rival Ravenscore family
    *D*--Powerline#1 (1 (fb, dies)

GUILLERMOS, CHRISTINA of Earth-88194 - Shadow, wife of Michael, mother of Barbara & Victor, slain in assault by rival Ravenscore family
    *D*--Powerline#1 (1 (fb, dies)

GUILLERMOS, MICHAEL of Earth-88194 - Shadow, husband of Christina, father of Barbara & Victor, former head of the Guillermos family, slain in assault by rival Ravenscore family
    *D*--Powerline#1 (1 (fb, dies)

GUILLERMOS, VICTOR of Earth-88194 - Powerline, Venezuelan Shadow, nephew of Ripley, parents killed by Ravenscores.
    Form weak force field, powers magnified when in vicinity of Lenore Castle, fly, fire energy blasts
    (app-pl)--Dr. Zero#1 (Powerline#1(fb), Dr. Zero#1, Powerline#1-8, Critical Mass#1/2, 2, 3, 4/2, 6, 6/2, 7/1-3

GUILLOTINE (Nicos Pelletier) - Hydra super-agent, berserker with rows of blades implanted in his flesh, arm severed by Punisher, rebuilt by Hydra, killed by Wolverine
    *D* (net-hydra)--Daredevil An#7 (Punisher An4, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#27-29

GUILT - impersonated Dr. Strange; with Denial and Doubt, confronted Silver Surfer
    --Silver Surfer III#58

GUNINAN, Professor - Farnsworth College, impersonated by Gjo
    --Marvel Monsters: Where Monsters Dwell#1

GUINESS,  Mr. M. - high school principal of Bruce Banner, some him as a problem and allowed other students to bully him
    --Incredible Hulk III#78 (81(fb)

GUINEVERE - queen of Camelot, wife of Arthur, had affair with Lancelot
    --Black Knight Comics#1?; Marvel Preview#22

GUISE of Earth-93060 - servant of Boneyard,
    able to change form
    --Mantra (uv) I#8

GUITTEREZ - Columbian, made deal to help punisher rescue Casino, betrayed him to Pacheco, killed by Punisher
    *D*--Punisher VI#13 (14d)

GUITTEREZ, ANITA - sister of Terminizer, killed by stray bullet from Prince
    *D* (app-term)--Avengers Spotlight#31 (33, 36d)

GUITTEREZ, MONICA - mother of Terminizer and Anita, wounded in drive-by assault of Stone Perfs
    *D* (app-term)--Avengers Spotlight#31 (33, 36d)

GUL DAMAR - Shi'ar space station
    (app)--X-Men Legacy I#250; (identified) #354

GULGOL - extradimensional monster that never sleeps, mortal enemy of Nightmare
    (app)--Strange Tales I#122 ([Strange Tales I#122/2 (fb) / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe#9: Nightmare], [Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe#11: Appendix: Other Dimensions], Strange Tales I#122/2]

GULLAH of the Hyborian era - gorilla god (?), worshipped by Picts,
    "hairy one who lies on the moon"
    --Conan the Wanderer

GULLIN - Asgardian boar god, native of land of Mirmir, battled and defeated by Thor in the distant past, briefly utilized as agent of Morgan le Fay.
    Uses large hammer
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#103/2 (Avengers III#1

GULLINBURSTI - golden boar of Odin
    --Thor Annual I#11 (Raven Banner graphic novel

GULLISHYAR - inhospitable planet on which Silver Surfer stranded Obliterator (Elder of the Universe) after nullifying his weapons
    --Silver Surfer III#5,6(named)

GULLO, BROTHER - Polemachan, with Brother Cranus, involved in plot trade places with Earth in order for Polemachus to survive the "burning skies"
    green skin
    --[Quicksilver I#2], 3

GULLYWHUMP - Frogs of Central Park, former bodyguard of King Glugwort, slain by the rats of Central Park while defending Glugwort
    *D*--Thor I#364 (364d)

GULTCH, DREYFUSS - country singer, befriended Howard the Duck and Beverly Switzler
    --Howard the Duck I#7 (8, 9

GUMMI ( ) - Der Jahrmacht
    flexible woman
    --Excalibur minus 1 (X-Men Unlimited#19

GUN ( ) - servant of Saduhl Singh, enemy of worshippers of the White Cobra, partner of Blade + Fist, committed suicide after realizing she could have killed the Morgans without risking other life by preventing him from performing the ceremony
    *D* (app)--Moon Knight II#5

GUNA race (Xakku (Master-Scout)) - Andromeda galaxy, planet Gunava, in danger of extinction due to dwindling of their sun, planned to steal earth's sun, but tricked into discussing plans while ship sank to marsh.
    green-skinned reptilian humanoids, hands and feet adapted for digging
    (I#4,D#15)--Tales of Suspense I#55 (
Thor I#335 (fb) - BTS, 335, Avengers Spotlight I#25/2

GUNDERSON, MARGIE - mother of Milo, widow of ??
    --Wolverine: Origins#11 (12, 14

GUNDERSON, MILO - mutant, son of Margie & ??, possessed by Cyber, forced to kill father
    super-strong, weak heart due to immense size
    --Wolverine: Origins#11 (12-15

GUNDERSON - SAFE, son of sheriff
    --Spider-Man: Secret of the Sinister Six

GUNDERSHELM - Asgard, location of Glade of Crystals, invaded by Lurking Unknown
    --Thor I#136

GUNDY, SLUG (    ) -
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#6

GUNGNIR - three-pronged spear of Odin, composed of Uru, allegedly predates current incarnation of Odin, discovered by current incarnation in planes of Ida, used by him to fashion Asgard as it is exists today

GUNHAWK of the Old West (Red Larabee*) -
    (net-preff)--(g) Wild Western#15

GUNHAWK of the Old West ( ) - bounty hunter, assisted in final battle against Nightriders in town of Wonderment @ 1885, shot Kid Colt in the back, killing him, and at conclusion, shot and killed by Caleb Hammer for his cowardly attack.
    dressed in black, rode horse named black?
    *D* (Outlaw Files, net-pre-ff)--Western Gunfighters#1 (4, 5-7, Outlaw Kid II#11-12, Blaze of Glory#1,2,4d)

GUNHAWKS - see Reno Jones and Kid Cassidy (Outlaw Files)--Gunhawks#1

GUNK of Earth-93060 ( ) - Gross baby
    --Power of Prime(uv)#2 (3, 4

GUNMETAL GREY ( ) - assassin, biker, fought John Blaze/Ghost Rider
    (app)--Ghost Rider IV#2 (3-6

GUNN of Earth-6216 -
    --Amazing Fantasy II#17

GUNNA - Asgardian, captured, raped, and presumably slain and/or consumed by Magzi trolls; daughter raised by them until recovered by Asgardian gods, at which point she was named Gunna for her mother

GUNNAR - Asgardian
    --Thor I#351

GUNNHILD - Asgardian girl, daughter of Volstagg & Gudrun
    -HILDY*--Thor I#350 (351-355, 357, 359, 361, 363,364, 366,367, 374-376, 378,379, 381,382, 397, 400/2, New Mutants I#82-86, Journey into Mystery#512, [Thor II#13], 50/2?

GUN NUT of Earth-93060 ( ) - Omega Team

GUNPLAY (Miho Mikashi) - daughter of Professor Toshiro Mikashi, kidnapped by Life Foundation, allied with Sneak Thief and took up weapons and an alias to get through the destruction of the Life Foundation’s bunker
    (app)--(Miho)[Spider-Man: Arachnis Project#1], 2-4; (Gunplay)#5 (6

GUN RUNNER (Brell) - Vassyran Enhanced, former endurance athlete prior to war with Cynodd.
    enhanced strength + speed + stamina, uses variety of weapons
    (AZU#2, card, app)--Gun Runner#1 (2-6, Annihilation: Ronan#3, [4]

GUNS GUMMY - Loonies.
    carrots make people elastic
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#31, 38

GUNSHIP (Carson Rowntree) - Rush Club, wore exoskeleton
    (app)--War Machine I#12 (13, 14

GUNSHOT ( ) - Genoshan magistrate
    --Cable II#26(27

GUNSLAMMER of the Old West (Wayde Parker) - trained self to become exceptionally quick and accurate, became arrogant, briefly joined McCord gang until they turned against him, saved by Two-Gun
    --Two Gun Kid#84

GUNSMITH (    ) - criminal program, along with Brute and Whiplash, downloaded by "Badgal" into other people, transforming them and making them into her agents
     --Big Hero Six#1 (2008)

    (Outlaw Files, net-preff)--(g)Western Team-Up#1

GUNTHAR - Rigellian, Freebooter, uses power to bully others
    Mentally control others, fire psionic blasts, increase density to gain armor-like skin
    (net/handbook-nebula)—Avengers I#255([256],257-260,317(fb),318(fb)Avengers West Coast#48,Av311,314-318, Maximum Security#1,[2,3],

GUNTHARR - Asgardian
    --Thor I#157

GUNTHER - Gibichung clan, brother of Gutruna, half-brother of Hagen, conspired in plot to ensorcel Siegfried and force him to marry his sister so Gunther could marry Brunnhilda; slain by Hagen
    *D* (app)--Thor I#299 (300

GUNTHER ?? - College football player, roommate of Ian Jones, mistook Fangu for a monster and destroyed him
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#90

GUNTHER ??  - attempted to hunt Black Cat & Wolverine under arrangement from Arcade, wore mask
    --[Claws#1], 2 (3

gun-toting nurses serving Zadkiel (Naomi, Trish) - all but one of whom were slain by Ghost Rider (John Blaze) when they tried to destroy him; their most recent recruit helped Lucas Collier try to escape
    --Ghost Rider VI#20 (21-23

GUN WIZARD of Old West ( ) - worked in circus, tricked others for money until exposed by Kid Colt
    --Kid Colt#90/4

GUNYON, Det.  - former member of the New York Police Department, mind damaged by Hellstorm when forced to reveal info, became servant of Satana
    (app)--Hellstorm#12 ([13(fb)], 13, [20(fb)], 20,21

GUNZER, Det. FRANK - New York Police Department, mutated by chemical, developed rash, then burst into flames, shot himself
    *D*--The Call II#1 (2, 3)

GUPTA, Prof. VIKRAM - scientist from India
    --Eternals III#2

GUR - Lion-People of Ligra, Ducky Dozen, turned into zombie by zombies of Earth-12591
    *D* (app)--Marvel Zombies Destroy!#1

G’URAN the GREAT - Dark Dimension, Mhuruuk, ancestor of Oka’an + Olnar + Orini + Clea, led G’uranthic Empire, established Azure Throne, created G’urantic Guardian
    (app-guranthic)--Dr. Strange III#30/2

G’URANTHIC GEMSTONE - magic item, given to Hellcat by Umar to allow her to free Mephisto from the prison of Dormammu
    --Hellcat#2 (3

G'URANTHIC GUARDIAN - created by G’uran the Great, protector of the Azure Throne.
    immense statue, able to be animated by mystic means
    (app)--Strange Tales I#127 (Dr. Strange III#30/2, StrT#127, ClanDestine#8(fb), Dr. Strange II#3, 7,8, Thor Annual#9, Doc51, 58, 67, 71, 73, Doc50

GURIEN - Netherworlder, evil Walkers, dwelled within mountain fortress, convinced Gargantua to be his agent
    (app-walk)--(uk) [Hulk Comic#45]([45,49,50,60-63]

GURON, chief - primitive tribe
    --Incredible Hulk: Lost In Time

GURU DRAGPO (Nima) - former Ghost Rider/Spirit of Vengeance of Tibet, opposed Chinese soldiers harassing his village in the Ngari province, modeled after some wrathful deity of Tibetan Buddhism, slain by Dan Ketch
    KHRAG 'THUNG*, WRATH of FOUR HEAVENS*, BLOOD DRINKER*, GHOST RIDER* *D*--Ghost Rider VI#28 ([28 (fb)], 28d)

GUS ?? - Fogwell's Gym
    --Daredevil: Battlin' Jack Murdock#3 (3 (fb)

GUS ?? - asked Becky Blake to take the Gladiator case, committed suicide, presumably manipulated by Mr. Fear (Alan Cranston)
    *D*--Daredevil II#95 (96, 97d)

GUS ?? - boyfriend of Chloe
    (app-reptile)--Human Torch Comics#23/4

GUS ?? - apparent former mentor to Ace
    (app-ace spencer)--Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#5

GUS, TYRONE D. - Sons of Satannish, former teacher of Carl Lucas, attempted to sacrifice Power Man (Cage) to Satannish, slain in the process
    (app-sons)--Marvel Team-Up I#126 ([126(fbs)], 126

GUSTAV of Earth-Shadowline - Order of St. George
    (app-stg)--Critical Mass#6 (6/2

GUSTAV, EARL - Former CEO of Gustav Petroleum, crashed into a school bus while driving drunk, killed eight kids and was left quadriplegic, made deal with the demon Kazann to free him in exchange for regaining mobility, sacrificed entire board to Kazann, had drill built to cut into Hell, forced to recant his spell by his secretary Jemima Catmint, who was then spooked into pushing Gustav to his death
    --Ghost Rider V#2 ([2 (fb)], 2-6

GUSTAV PETROLEUM (Earl Gustav, Jemima Catmint, board, security force) -
    --Ghost Rider V#2 (3-6

GUSOYN - invoked by Jack Holyoak
    --[Doc Samson II#2]

GUTHERS, WOODY - hermit, empowered by energies from Nathan Beame's World's machines, transformed into sentient tree by Nathan, presumably destroyed in explosion of the World
    psychic powers
    *D* (app-beame_nathan)--Ghost Rider II#33 (34 (fb), 33-34d)

GUTHRIE, CISSIE - sister of Cannonball
    --    , (identified) New X-Men#42/2 ([X-Men II#203/2]

GUTHRIE, ELIZABETH - sister of Cannonball and Husk, twin sister of Jedediah
    —Rom Annual#3 (New Mutants I#42,
    Uncanny X-Men Annual 1995, [Generation X#23], Uncanny X-Men#437-441, ?New X-Men#42/2, X-Men II#203/2?

GUTHRIE, JEDEDIAH or JEBEDIAH - brother of Cannonball and Husk, twin brother of Elizabeth, apparently developed mutant powers but lost them on M Day
    —Rom Annual#3 (New Mutants I#42,
    Uncanny X-Men Annual 1995, [Generation X#23], Uncanny X-Men#437-441, ?New X-Men#42/2, X-Men II#203/2?

GUTHRIE, JOELLE - sister of Cannonball + Husk, fourth oldest
    —Rom Annual#3 (New Mutants I#42,
    Uncanny X-Men Annual 1995, [Generation X#23], Uncanny X-Men#437-441?, ?New X-Men#42/2, X-Men II#203/2?

    --[New Mutants I#15], Rom Annual#3 (NM42, X-Force#36, Uncanny X-Men Annual 1995, [Generation X#23], [X-Force#79], Uncanny X-Men#437-441, 444, X-Men II#157-159, New X-Men: Academy X#1, 2--> Icarus

GUTHRIE, LEWIS or LOUIS - brother of Cannonball and Husk??
    --Rom Annual#3, (named) New Mutants I#42 ( Uncanny X-Men#437-441?, New X-Men#42/2, X-Men II#203/2

GUTHRIE, LUCAS BARTHOLEMEW - brother of Thomas, uncle of Cannonball and Husk, years ago inadvertently became involved in plot of Damocles foundation involving Celestial Golem, later imprisoned in Beaumont state correctional facility in Arkansas
    --X-Force I#94, 96 (96(fb(94(fb))), 96

GUTHRIE, LUCINDA - wife of Thomas, mother of Cannonball, Husk, Elizabeth, Jedediah, Joelle, Josh, and ?Lewis? (and possibly one more), former lover of Raymond, developed infectious polyradiculoneuritis, apparently cured
    --[Marvel Graphic Novel: New Mutants], (unnamed) Rom Annual#3 (X-Force#96(fb), [MGN:NM], Rom Annual#3, NM42, 92, Uncanny X-Men Annual 1995, [Generation X#23], 25, XFor83, 96, Uncanny X-Men#437-441, X157, [UX469], New X-Men#28 (plus 2 kids), 32, 42/2, X-Men II#203/2

GUTHRIE, MELODY - mutant, lost power following House of M, younger sister of Sam & Paige
    AERO--Uncanny X-Men#444 (New X-Men II#20, 32, 42/2, X-Men II#203/2

    --Rom Annual#3 ([Marvel Graphic Novel#4, Rom Annual#3, NM42], Generation X#24(fb), GX24(fb2), X-Force#32-36, XM en II#36, Uncanny X-Men#317, X37->Husk

GUTHRIE, SAM - see CANNONBALL--Marvel Graphic Novel: New Mutants

GUTHRIE, THOMAS ZEBULON "ZEKE" - father of Cannonball and Husk, brother of Lucas, husband of Lucinda, coal miner, died of blacklung (or allegedly poisoned by Chester Cabot)
    *D*--[New Mutants GN(d), New Mutants I#42(named)], XForce#96 (96(fb)

GUTHRIE, TYLER - brother of Thomas (or possibly just Thomas misnamed)
    --X-Force#96 (96(fb)

GUTIERREZ,  (    ) - gunman of Zebra Daddy, held Cameron Palmer hostage
    (app-zebra daddy)--NYX#7

GUTMAN, BRAD - former mortician for X-Statix, necrophiliac, husband of Brenda, father of Britney, killed by Dead Girl, who summoned the spirits of his victims to punish him
    *D* (app)--X-Statix#12

GUTMAN, BRENDA - widow of Brad, mother of Britney

GUTMAN, BRITNEY - daughter of Brad + Brenda, shot and killed by police when she turned a gun on a crowd of people
  *D* (app-brad)--X-Statix#12

GUTRUNA - Gibichung clan, sister of Gunther, half-sister of Hagen, conspired in plot to ensorcel Siegfried and force him to marry her
    (app)--Thor I#299 (300


GUTTIEREZ, ARTURO - Cuban Army, involved with capturing escapees from Guantanamo Bay and Ferdnand Hedayet
    --Captain America IV#23 (24, 25

GUVNOR (Andy "Boy" Black) - mutant, Super Soldiers.
    Absorbs strength from impacts
    (app)--Super Soldiers#6 (7(fb), 6-8

GUY NAMED JOE (Joe Smith) - former professional wrestler + boxer + actor, gained superhuman strength from electrocution and spilled chemicals, battled Spider-Man, got television contract for superhero role of "crimson bat" for a few years, married a script girl from studio, wife left him when their child was born severely retarded, went on rampage when son died until stopped by Captain America, possibly regained powers from chemicals used to dampen powers of Spider-Man and Daredevil
    Brief episodes of superhuman strength + durability, often accompanied by delirium
    (ME:Sp, app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#38 (Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man#1-3, Captain America I#246(fb), 246, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#28(fb), 28, Spider-Man: Secret of the Sinister Six novel (p234), Spider-Man: The Mysterio Manifesto#1-3

GUY ?? - Students of Love
    (app-sol)--Web of Spider-Man#40 (41-43

GUY JONES - see JOE NAMED GUY (app)--Spider-Man Unlimited#4

GUZMAN, TULIO - killed by Chance as warning to Hawkeye
   *D* (app)--Avengers: Solo#1

GVENKOVSKI, SVETOZAR - Carpasian minister of defense
    --Wolverine and Nick Fury: Scorpio Rising

GWAHLUR of the Hyborian era - bestial god, worshipped informally in Keshan, and formerly in Alkmeenon, associated with the gems the Teeth of Gwahlur
    "Beast-King of Darkness"-- [REH's Jewels of Gwahlur; Conan the Warrior; Savage Sword of Conan#25]

GWARUNDA of the Hyborian era - Keshan priest, allied with Thutmekri and Zargheba in effort to obtain Teeth of Gwahlur, manipulated Oracle of Alkmeenon, slain by Conan
    *D*--REH's Jewels of Gwahlur; Conan the Warrior; Savage Sword of Conan#25

GWAWELA of the Hyborian era - Pict country--Beyond the Black River; Savage Sword of Conan#26 (27

GWEILO - see McLEISH (app)--Wolverine II#119

GWEN ?? - girlfriend of Kasper Cole, lives with he and his mother, pregnant, Asian female
    --Black Panther III#50 (54(fb), 50-56, 61, 62

GWENDOR of Earth-93060 (Andelle, Carin, Lyra, Topaz)
    - realm of women, opposed to Neros; Topaz + Sapphire + Opal Queens
    --Giant-Size Mantra (uv) #1 (Ultraforce I#4(fb), GS Mantra#1

GWENT - Proud Walkers, journeyed to Camelot to assist in final battle against forces of Necromon
    (app-walk)--(uk) Hulk Comic#61 ([62,63]

GWENY LEE - @ World War II, Chinese, girlfriend of Jay Little Bear
    (app)--Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders#17 ([17(fb)], 17, 18(fb), 18, 19

GWYNN - hunter spirit worshipped by druids, represented springtime incarnate, brother of Gwythr, summoned by Lady Evaine, identified Percy as hand of fate and instructed that he be trained as a swordsman, aspect adopted by Percy upon his death
    --Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1 (1 (fb)

GWYNN, BARRY - Abergylid, Wales; father of Pixie
    --Free Comic Book Day 2008: X-Men#1

GWYNN, Mrs. - Abergylid, Wales; mother of Pixie
    --Free Comic Book Day 2008: X-Men#1

GWYTHR - older brother of Gwynn, represented winter incarnate
    --[Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1]

GYCON NUCLEAR POWER PLANT - Prescott, New York, shut down due to new regulations regarding increased need for unoccupied land surround such plants; bought out local landowners, except Red Water Fall who refused to sell; Gycon's owner convinced some of the townspeople to assault Red Water Fall to force him to sell; they were fought off by Wolverine, though they were then affected by the magic involving the Saviour, which began to melt the technology they contacted; this effect apparently ended with the Saviour's banishment, but Gycon was condemned and permanently closed soon after.
--Wolverine: Evilution

GYLE of Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD - SHIELD, in mission involving Nikki Doyle/Wild Thing
    --Wild Thing#5 (6

GYMIRSGARD - Asgard, country
    --Thor Annual#2

GYN of Earth-691 - Gamble's Deck, defeated Shan O'Meara
    (app-gamble)--Cyberspace 3000#7 (8

GYNACON (Ian McMasters) - cosmetics company, purchased the Black Widow pheromone treatments from 2R, sought to kill cold war Black Widows to prevent them from interfering with patents or stock; fell to hostile takeover by Cutting Corporation
    --Black Widow IV#1, (named) #3 (4-6, Black Widow IV#2d)

GYNOSII - Chinese undead, existence apparently intermediate between vampire and zombie, animated by Tsin Hark
    (app-hark)--Marvel Comics Presents I#139/2 (140/2

GYPS (Estephan Gomez) - gardener, killed Simon Garth after being berated by him for watching daughter swim in nude, had him transformed into zombie, killed by him
    *D*--Menace#5 (Tales of the Zombie#1/Menace#5d

    earth-morgan, queen’s vengeance
    (app-emorgan)—Avengers III#2,5(named)(2,3)

    Crimson Cowl (Justine Hammer)’s Masters of Evil, Night Shift, Femizons, powers briefly amplified by Satannish
    (I#4,D#5, app)--Spider-Woman I#10 (48(fb)/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Deluxe Edition#5, SpWm10, Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2,3], OHotMU DE#5, Spider-Woman#48,[50(fb)], 50, Avengers I#240(fb), Captain America I#330,331, Solo Avengers#3/2, West Coast Avengers II#40, [Captain America I#387(fb), 387,388], 389-391,[392], Avengers West Coast#76-79, Thunderbolts#64,65-->Skein)

GYPSY SPIRIT of Earth-982 - see SCARLET WITCH of Eaerth-982.
    spell/program used to safeguard portal to extradimensional realm in which many Avengers died to repel forces of Earth-Thunderguard.
    project images of fears of others, generate energy duplicates of Wonder Man

    Earth-Morgan, Queen’s Vengeance
    (app-emorgan)—Avengers III#2, (named) 5 (2,3)

GYRAHN of "Warnlin" of Universe-7711 - Behemoths, ally of Lyissa
    (app-chen kan)--Rampaging Hulk I#4 ([4 (fb)], 4d)

GYRE - cyber-empathic artificial hawk, controlled by Lure.
    transmits sensations directly to him
    *D* (card)--Gun Runner#4 (5,6

GYRE - Shadow City, Twisted Sisters.
    enhanced speed, extract specific bits of genetic material from others, wf, light brown hair
    --Fantastic Four III#17 (18, X-Men II#105

GYRICH, HENRY PETER - National Security Agency, Commission on Superhuman Affairs, former government liaison to Avengers, temporarily nullified Storm’s powers with Forge’s Neutralizer while hunting Rogue, used as pawn in plot--involving Scourge (Munroe) and Omega-32--with the goal of assassinating the Thunderbolts and eventually all costumed adventurers
    wm, red hair, wears sunglasses
    BAD NEWS PETE* (D#5, OH: Av)—Avengers I#165 (Uncanny X-Men minus 1, Av165, 166, 168, 172, [175], 280(fb), 181-184, 186, Man-Thing II#1, Avengers Annual#9, Giant-Size Avengers II#1/3, Av189-192, Uncanny X-Men#142, Av221, Daredevils#9-11, New Mutants I#1,2, Dazzler#26, Av231, UX176, NM13, Av243, UX185, 186, Power Pack I#5, Iron Man I#190, Rom#61-66, Vision & Scarlet Witch II#1, Avengers An15, West Coast Avengers An1, UX228(fb), [Captain America I#332], 333, Nick Fury vs SHIELD#2, Cap347, 350, 354, Fantastic Four I#335, Punisher: No Escape, Nomad I#1-4, Nomad II#1(fb), XForce#5, Nom II#2, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#33, 40, New Warriors I#29,30, Av389, IM319, [Force Works#16], IM320, 325, Incredible Hulk II#437-439, 440(fb), 441, Spider-Man Team-Up#4, Hulk447,449, [Marvel Vision#15], Domino I#1, Onslaught: Epilogue, Hlk451, X-Factor I#132, Hlk452, 455, 456, UX344, XM II#65, UX346, Wolverine II#116, X68, Hlk458, X69, Hlk462, 465, XFac148, Thunderbolts#26, 27, 29, Black Panther III#30(fb), X-51#1,2, 3, [4], 6, 7,8, [Tb33(fb), 34, 35], 36, 37, 39,40, 45-48, Maximum Security#3, BP34, 35, 38, Cable II#95, Captain America III#50/5, BP41-46, Av57-60, 61, 64, 66-70, Iron Man III#79, Hawkeye III#8, Avengers III#83, New Thunderbolts#13-14, Thunderbolts II#19/100, Thunderbolts II#102-104, [Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1], Avengers: The Initiative#1-3, 4-5, 6, 7, Avengers: The Initiative Annual#1, [1/2], Avengers: Initiative#8 (fb), 9 (fb), 10-11, 12

GYRICH, Mr. - father of Henry, Alzheimer's syndrome
    --[Avengers: The Initiative#5]

GYRK - extraterrestrial thief, accomplice of Raek, teleported to Limbo by Magik, flight
    --New Mutants I#55

GYRO-CRUISER - Designed by Wakandan scientists, used by Johnny Storm and Wyatt Wingfoot in their search for Crystal, kept by Wyatt
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#54 (55, 80

GYRO-HOMING DEVICE - invention of Reed Richards, used in Negative Zone to navigate return to Distortion Zone and Earth
    --Fantastic Four I#109

GYROJET - transport ship of Atom Smasher (Michael English)
    (app-as)--Marvel Two-In-One I#85

GZOOM - turtle-like extraterrestrial in Galactic Marathon, sabotaged by Fooferah in initial race
    (app)--Quasar I#58

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