GRO - hooker, used by the Hood
    --Hood#1 (4

GROBE, DARRION - 2092 A.D., son of Advent, created duplicate Speedball form to stop destruction of timeline
    --[New Warriors I#50, 69], 70 (71

GRODD of Earth-8710 - criminal attempted to hijack Vibranium isotope, stopped by Thor (Dargo Ktor)
    --Thor Annual#16

GRODD of Earth-9602 - see COMRADE GRODD (app-rg)--Challengers of the Fantastic#1

GRODNIK - Tribbitite
    --Incredible Hulk II#191

GROFF - escaped convict from Uranus, used a time travel device built into a ring and escaped to Earth in the past. taking on a human looking form, Groff met up with Joe Morgan, an escaped Earth convict, and gave Morgan his ring after explaining the wonders of the future. Joe Morgan activated the time device and was transported to Uranus where he was believed to have been Groff (hence the ring) and was placed in Uranian custody to live out the remainder of Groff's sentence.
    --Strange Tales I#94

GROG the GOD-SLAYER - Heliopolis god, leader of Seth's armies.
    great strength & durability
    the GOD-CRUSHER (U#3,net)--Thor I#390

GROGAN, CORKY - accompanied Zephyr Jones on interplanetary missions
    --(g) Daring Mystery Comics#2 (February, 1940)

GROGAN, "GUTS" - World War II era criminal, defeated with aid from pre-Patriot Jeff Mace
    --[Captain America: Patriot#1 (2010)]

GROGAN, "GRIZZLY" - 19th Century Old West, resident of Tombstone, bully, impersonated and attempted to frame Boom-Boom Brown
    above average strength, carried a .44 six shot revolving rifle
    (app)--Two-Gun Kid#64

GROGAN GANG (    ) -
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#8

GROGARR - Slig prison guard, killed by escaped prisoners Krogg and others.
    *D* (app-sligs)--Fantastic Four I#209 ([209(fb), 209d)

GROGG - SHIELD's Howling Commandos monster force, lived below surface of Russia, revived and freed by atomic bomb testing under Colonel Vorcutsky, pursued those involved with testing, fought off communists, relocated to Earthís moon(?); later returned, Miklos Kozlov, a scientist/political prisoner sabotaged sovietís plan to build a military base on Mars by tricking Grogg into entering their ship, escaped via a smoke screen, leaving him captured and trapped, sent him to Mars
    giant, super-strength, fly, breathe flames
    (Marvel Monsters, app)--Strange Tales I#83 (87, Marvel Monsters: Monsters on the Prowl, Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan#1-2, Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#1, [2-5], 6

GROGG - Dimension of Exile, former ally of Ngh the Unspeakable
    large, super-strong creature
    (app-ngh)--Avengers I#328 ([329-331]

GROGLIN - see CROGLIN (app)--(UK) Hulk Comic#13/2 (14/2-17/2

GROGRONK of GRONK - extradimensional entities, dimension akin to a cosmic landfill, one bartered the diary of the Aged Genghis from Dr. Strange
    (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#12

GROGOOM - alien conqueror, same race as Tim Boo Ba, involved in attack on wedding of Reed + Sue Richards, defeated by X-Men
    (app)--Marvel: Heroes & Legends#1

GROITZIG, DOCTOR - allied with Signore Scharrolla, sought to create superhuman formula, experimented on the Patriot's friend Mary Morgan, empowering her to become Miss Patriot; enemy of the Patriot
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#50 (December 1943)

GROK of Earth-691 circa 21st century (Andre Frost clone) - freemen, wounded by mutate lamprey, killed by Skar
    *D* (app)--Amazing Adventures II#21 (34(fb) 21-29, 31, 32, 34d)

GROKKO - Atlantean, agent of Attuma
    (app)--Defenders I#7

GROMITZ - Grund, servant of Byan'hantandu, used Cloak as short cut to obtain object of power
    (app-byan)--Cloak & Dagger III#2 (3

GRON - powerful flunky of Nebula, turned into a pig by Sersi
    (app)--Avengers I#316

GROND - billion year old warrior serving Grondwanaland (long dead race), trained to battle unnamed man from Lurasia, died in quicksand while battling Kazar
    *D*--Savage Tales I#8d

GRONDAR of the pre-Cataclysmic era - one of the seven empires of the era

    pocket dimension, cosmic landfill
    --[--Marvel Super-Heroes III#12]

GRONK - Maelstrom's Minions, possibly a deviant.
    large + strong, adhesive powers, replaced by clones when killed
    (D#7,M,app)--Marvel Two-In-One#71 (72, Avengers I#250, Quasar#22, 25, Fantastic Four Unlimited #10

GROOM (    ) -
    --Daring Mystery Comics#8

GROONK - presumptive Morlock, stole Christmas presents for homeless people living in sewers, resembled Grinch
    (app)--Thor I#444 ([444(fb)], 444

GROOT - SHIELD's Howling Commandos monster force, Rocket Raccoon's Guardians of the Galaxy, extraterrestrial plant monster (from "Planet X"), came to Earth seeking humans to capture and study, destroyed by termites released by Leslie Evans
     MONARCH of PLANET X (Marvel Monsters, , MYUS, app)--Tales to Astonish I#13 (Marvel Monsters: Monsters on the Prowl, [Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#1], 2, [3], 4-6, Annihilation Conquest: Star-Lord#1-4, Guardians of the Galaxy II#2-6, 7-8,

GROOTE, LEONARD of Earth-982 - star of "Everybody's Happy," former boyfriend of Misery who sought vengeance on him for taking over the lead position
(app-misery)--Spider-Girl Annual 1999

GROOVER, JAMIE - customer of Lewis Security Systems
    --[Fantastic Four: Foes#1]

GROSGUMBEEK - planet, Milky Way galaxy, home of Grosgumbeekians
    --Quasar#47 (58

GROSGUMBEEKIAN race (master, Huyenneyuh, Duntumbla, Startanoius )
    - extraterrestrial quadrupeds, extremely fast
    (app)--Quasar#47 (58

GROSGUMBIQUE - star system of the planet Kodaba, home to the Kodabaks, Milky Way galaxy
    --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe DE#15: Appendix to Alien Races: Kodabaks]

GROSSO (    ) - native of the "War-Dust World"; foe of Aarkus the Vision
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#24

GROSS, EDWARD - father of ??, kept collection of super-hero and super-villain paraphernalia; Wrecker stole his crowbar back; assisted Tony Stark in putting a rigged Iron Man model 1 chestplate on the market
    --New Avengers#7 (Invincible Iron Man#4, 7

GROSS, IRA "SUNSHINE" - homeless drug-addict, friend of Devil-Slayer, killed by Ian Fate in attempt to get revenge on Devil-Slayer, ghost helped Devil-Slayer come to term with his life
    *D* (app)--Defenders I#101 (101(fb), 101, [103], 104(fb), 104d, 110(d)

GROSS, - daughter of Edward, forced by Wrecker to show him her father's collection
    --New Avengers#7 (Invincible Iron Man#7

GROSS BABIES of Earth-93060 (Culebra, Dragonfly, Duey, Elven, Gunk, Prime, Wicca)
    - creations of Dr. Gross
    --Prime (uv)#1

GROSSE (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#29

GROSSMAN, HELMUT - circa 1863, fiancť Ilsa injected with vampire blood by Deacon Frost, attacked Frost, bitten and slain by him
    --Tomb of Dracula I#53

GROT - Xandarian Star-Corps, partnered with Muraitak in ambushing and retrieving Nova (Rich Rider) to oppose Kraa, slain by Kraa
    *D* (app)--Nova II#15 (16

GROTESK (Gor-Tok II*) - last Gor-Tokian subterranean, former prince, widower of Ingar, son of King Krono, descendent of Gor-Tok the First, mutated by underground atomic experiments that killed rest of his race, killed Changeling while he was posing as Professor X. mind + body distorted, vowed revenge on surface world.
    superhuman strength and durability
    -the SUBHUMAN (M, app)--XMen I#41 (42, Ms Marvel#6, 8, Avengers An20(fb), AvAn20, ?Incredible Hulk An17/2?, [Iron Man An12], Avengers West Coast An6, Thor481

GROTT the MAN-SLAYER of Earth-691 - Grund, Prime Mover's Minions, Minions of Menace, Intimidators.
    telekinetic powers
    --Giant-Size Defenders#3  (Thor Annual#6, Guardians of the Galaxy#23, Guardians of the Galaxy Annual#2

GROTTO ( ) - friend of Turk Barrett, former henchman of Eric Slaughter
    --Daredevil I#168 (170-172, 176,178,180,182, 190,196, 200, 220, 229

GROTTU - produced thru Deviant mutate stockpiles, battled Ulysses Bloodstone, slain by him, later possessed Ant-Man (Scott Lang).
    giant intelligent ant, control other ants
    -KING of the INSECTS (Marvel Monsters, app)--Strange Tales I#73 (Marvel Universe#4, Marvel Monsters: Monsters on the Prowl, Fantastic Four Unlimited#7,9

GROUNDCHUCK - lieutenant of Lowlife, killed by Bullseye
    --Captain America I#372 (375d

GROUNDHAWK - technology, created by Stark Enterprises, used by Avengers West Coast to reach Subterraneans and assist in battle against Brutus.
    tunneling device, underground travel
    (app)--Avengers West Coast Annual#6

GROUNDHOG (Det. Sean Benard) - former Vancouver homicide detective, recruited by Wolverine, briefly wore Weapon Alpha prototype armor as part of Flight against Egghead, then quit following disagreement with Hudson
    (app)--Alpha Flight Special#1 ([1(fb)], 1


GROUPMIND (Jason ) - former dwellers of Xenith City, number of disabled or sickly people willingly transformed into virtual paragons at the expense of their individuality, unwillingly forced back to original forms by Captain America and Iron Man in order to prevent their deaths at the hands of AIM
    --Iron Man/Captain America Annual 1998

GROVE of ELDERS - Thorns, oldest, slaughtered by the Union Defense Corps

GROVEL ( )-  alien bounty hunter, partner of Spat and Landscape, former agent of Erik the Red
    immense intelligent lizard
    --Uncanny X-Men#347 (Gambit: Hunt for the Tomorrow Stone Cyber Comic(fb2), UX347-350, Gam:HftTS

GROVER, DICK (    ) - criminal, worked with Arnold and Mimi; encountered Namor
    --Daring Comics#11

GROVES, Gen. McALLISTER - chairman of joint chiefs, kidnapped by army of Hatemonger (Hitler), who attempted to use him as a scapegoat in a nuclear attack against a foreign nation, to ignite race war. bm
    --[Captain America III#25],26(27

GROWING BOY 2099 of Earth-Amalgam - Colossal Boy & Growing Man, Legion of Galactic Guardians I
    --Spider-Boy Team-Up#1

GROWING MAN - stimuloid created by Kosmosians using exoskeletons charged with growth pollen/Pym particles, stolen and used by Kang, system corrupted and apparently destroyed by magic of events of Inferno.
    gains size and strength from kinetic energy
    (U#3, M, net)--Thor I#140 (Young Avengers#2(fb), Thunderbolts#13 (fb), Thor140, Thor An17/4,Avengers I#69, Iron Man I#108,109, Av268, 300d?)

    --Thor I#140; X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book Three: The Future, p231-239, 246- (Young Avengers#3

GROZA - vampire, Mortuus Invitus, led the group assisting Noah van Helsing's vampire hunters against the Adze, consumed by the spirits unleashed against Dracula by Aamshed
    *D/R/D*--Tomb of Dracula IV#4 (4d)

GROZICK, IGOR - Russian spy mutated into a bear by radiation
    --Journey into Mystery I#59/4

GRRIX - Skrull ambassador associated with Sword, Dard'van sect
    --Secret Invasion: Who do you Trust?#1/2 (1/2 (fb)

GRRL of Earth-Big Town - alternate dimensional counterpart of Jean Grey, Mutts, interested in Rack
    --Fantastic Four: Big Town#1(2-4

    (app-bzi)--Avengers/Thunderbolts novel

GRUBER - @ 1962, investigator, worked on case of Darius Zamora
    (app-zamora)--Journey into Mystery I#80/1

"GRUBER, Dr." - employee of Frederick Dirkreich
    (app-torg)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#2/5

GRUBER, - Ryker's Island guard
    --Daredevil II#82 (86

GRUBER, EMIL - 1940s, US Army's Director of Information, propaganda expert, pushed idea of flag-themed costume for Captain America
   (app)--Adventures of Captain America#1 (2

GRUBNIK, HANS - pre-modern era, opposed Gor-Kill
    (app-gorkill)--Tales of Suspense I#12

GRUEN, Dr. (    ) -
    --Miss Fury#6

GRUENHILD - Valkyrior, sent by Queen Hecara to oversee Thunderstrike (Kevin Masterson)'s training
    --Thunderstrike II#1 (2

GRUENWALD, MARK - former writer & editor for Marvel
    *D* (app)--Marvel Two-In-One#60 (Uncanny X-Men Annual#3, The Marvel Fumetti Book#1, New Mutants Annual#3, Captain America I#347, Sensational She-Hulk#50, Marvel Super-Heroes III#15/4, Marvel Holiday Special 1994/3, [Sensational Spider-Man#23]

GRUENWALD, JEANETTE of Earth-Amalgam - childhood friend of Will and Erik Magnus, preferred Erik
    (app-magnus)--Amalgam Trading Cards#82

    --Omega Flight#2

GRUFF, GORGI - pre-modern era, chairman, owner of Gruff Chairs, presumably slain by Adam Able after learning he was an alien
    (app-able)--Journey into Mystery I#82

GRUFF CHAIRS - pre-modern era, company of Gorgi Gruff
    (app-able)--Journey into Mystery I#82

GRUFFYD YONGE - UK, bed and breakfast

GRUHL of Shalbut - Battleworld
    --Thing I#

GRULT - Menagerie, bull, possessed Thorne Kirby
    (app-menagerie)--Thor I#320 (320(fb), [321(fb)], 320-322

GRUNCH, ALESTAIRE - former ally and employer of Deadpool, betrayed him to T-Ray and then blew up his own mansion to escape T-Ray, pathologic attachment to cats, sought asylum from T-Ray with Patch at Hellhouse, apparently killed by cats under control of T-Ray
    *D*--Deadpool III#26(27-29,30d)

GRUND race (Gromitz, Grundune ) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way, planet Grundar. some used as agents by Byan'Hantandu
    --Thor I#335 (Cloak & Dagger III#2 (3(fb) 2,3, Avengers: Celestial Quest#2, 8

GRUNDAR - Quat system, Milky Way galaxy, home planet of the Grund
    --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#4], Cloak & Dagger III#3 (3 (fb)

GRUNDOK - mercenary, mutant?, agent of Votan, fought Star Masters until he learned that the Pheragots were going to destroy his planet, then assisted the Star Masters against them
    (app-votan)--Cosmic Powers Unlimited#5

GRUNDOR the GREATER - former king of rock trolls of Asgard in Thor's youth, son of Grundor the Great, created and then menaced by Uroc
    (app)--Thor I#408/2 (409/2(fb), 408/2, 409/2

GRUNDROTH - Frost Giant, succeeded Utgard-Loki as leader until killed by Destroyer; one eye
    *D*--Thor I#375, 377(named) (375-379, 381d)

GRUNDUNE - Grund, servant of Byan'hantandu
    (app-byan)--Cloak & Dagger III#2 (3

GRUNER, "SALTY" - see APE MAN (app-ape man)--Strange Tales I#85

GRUNG - Snark
    --Power Pack I#24

GRUNGNIR - shape-changing ally of Frost Giants

GRUNGY GOBBLER - video game creature, fought the Thing
    (app)--Marvel Two-In-One#98

GRUNING - Exiles, uses whip
    (app-ex)--Captain America I#102, 103 (104,115,117,118, Astonishing Tales#4/2,5/2

GRUNT - malevolent aspect of personality of Willie Evans, tapped into his powers to punish anyone that angered Willie, accessed Willie's powers to force his mom off the road for making him do homework and chores, eventually directly opposed Willie in a conflict of powers, personality apparently survived Willie's death
    (app)--Iron Man Annual#8

GRUNT (Arnold Coltrane) - Shadowrider, formerly Mys-Tech

GRUNZ - extraterrestrial, ally of A'Sai, bet him (and lost) that he couldn't capture Uatu
    --Web of Spider-Man#34

GRUSKA, Mr. - Las Vegas, musician manager, formerly worked with Brian Newman
    (app-newman)--Marvel Comics Presents#38/3

GRUTAN - see HULK (Albert Poole) (app)--Strange Tales I#75/4

GRUTO - native of Pacion Rex, came to Earth on mission of peace @ 1961, crashed, suffered from amnesia, defamed as an invading conqueror, targeted with nuclear weapons, regained memory, chided mankind, and departed; returned to Earth, encountered newly-formed Fantastic Four, ended up on Monster Isle
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#67/1 (67 (fb), 67, [Marvel Monsters: Fin Fang Four#1 (fb)]

GRYAZNOVA, commander EKATARINA - see GRYPHON. --X-Force I#67 (68(fb), 67-69, 82(fb)->gryphon

GRYFFN, BRONWEN - Mys-Tech Techno-Wizard, head of security, elderly short dark-haired woman
    --Motormouth#1 ( Hellís Angel#1,2

    "Web of Enhanced Seeing"--Secret Invasion: Who do you Trust?#1/2

GRYLAK THE GREATER - Troll, sorcerer
     --Marvel Holiday Special #1/4

GRYPHON - genetic stabilizer
    Genetic Realignment Yield, Polarity, Harmonizing, Orientation Net)--Clan Destine#

GRYPHON (commander Ekatarina Gryaznova*) - previously injured by Domino, remade as a prime sentinel as part of Operation: Zero Tolerance, placed power dampener in Domino, mutated by Bastion after discovering she was a spy for US government.
    project energy blasts from finger-tips
    (net)--X-Force I#82 (82(fb), 82

GRYXPTZNORSWY of Reality-8116 - aka "Army Ants"

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