GRID - giantess, mother of Vidar
    --Thor Annual#12 (Marvel Super-Heroes III#5

GRIDLOCK of Earth-148611 (Garth Mengeling) - Paranormal Platoon
    Form a network of tubing
    --Draft(nu)#1 (Psi-Force#29/2, War#1

GRIDNEY - Tribbitite
    --Incredible Hulk II#191

GRIEF MACHINE of Earth-982 - weapon used by Misery, caused victims to experience realistic hallucinations which tormented her victims with their worst fears
(app-misery)--Spider-Girl Annual 1999

GRIEF-SAVOR - demon, Trinity of Ashes
    --Dr. Strange III#48

GRIERSON - Warheads

"GRIFFE" - Ruined
    (app-ruined)--Fantastic Four III#1

GRIFFEN - Gallifreyan ruler, father of Rema-Du, husband of Jodelex
    LORD GRIFFEN*--Dr. Who Magazine#47 ( 51, 57

GRIFFEN, IRVING - Daily Bugle head of features, sent Lester to write feature on the true meaning of Chrismas
    --Marvel Holiday Special 2007#1/3

GRIFFIN (    ) - mob leader, robbed armored truck; encountered Secret Stamp
    --USA Comics#7

GRIFFIN - Babylonian, guarded Book of the Vishanti in Temple of Marduk
    (app-marduk)--Strange Tales I#150

GRIFFIN - lion with wings of eagle. creation of Medusa the Gorgon, battled Argonauts, killed by Hercules
    *D*--Marvel Preview#10/2

GRIFFIN (John "Johnny Horton) - Hood's army, former ally of Titanium Man (Boris Bullski), Crimson Dynamo (Yuri Petrovitch), Darkstar, and Rampage; pawn of Headlok, mutated by scientists of Secret Empire to have lion’s mane + claws, eagle’s wings, continued to mutate, developed long + powerful tail, eventually mutated into mindless winged, lion-like creature, briefly used as steed by Namor when he lost his wings, eventually returned to more human state
    superhuman strength + durability, formerly could control birds
    (U#3, M, app)--Amazing Adventures II#15 (Amazing Adventures II#15 (fb) -BTS / Marvel Team-Up I#38 (fb) / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89: Griffin / Marvel Team-Up I#78 (fb), AmzAdv#15, MTU#38(fb), 38, Champions#7-10, MTU#78, West Coast Avengers II#10(fb), 10, [Captain America I#340(fb)]/OHotMU Update '89: Griffin, Avengers Spotlight#26, vengers: Death Trap: the Vault GN, [Namor I#2(fb)], 2-3, 13-14, 15(fb), 15, [16], 17-18, New Avengers#1,2,3(fb)/4(fb), Iron Man IV#14, New Avengers#35, Annual#2

GRIFFIN - robot designed and programmed by Gregson Gilbert, briefly controlled by DiAngelo, battled Power Pack + Cloak & Dagger
    --Power Pack I#7, 8 (named)

GRIFFIN (Eliot Franklin) - Gamma Corps, mutated by agents of Ryker to mimic the Harpy
    super-strong, giant wings & talons
    CLOWN*--World War Hulk: Gamma Corps#1 (2 (fb), 4 (fb), 1-4


GRIFFIN, LINCOLN of Earth-148611 - ally of Mark Hazzerd
    --Mark Hazzerd: Merc(nu)#1

GRIFFIN, LORI - Super-Powers TV Show
    --Ms. Marvel II#4

GRIFFIN, Dr. WALTER P. - Redemption, Alabama; author of Darkness Falls: Satanism in the USA
    --Daredevil: Redemption#5

GRIFFIN, - mercenary
    --[Captain America#44 (2009)]

GRIFFIN RESEARCH COMPLEX - genetics research facility formerly run by Hywel Griffin (Alpha)
    --Clan Destine#

GRIFFINS - demons summoned by Demon-Fire's Apocalypse to attack Howie Rivers
    *D* (app-df)--Vampire Tales#8d

GRIFFITH, DAVID "D. W." - manager of the Gem Theatre, the former home and office of Luke Cage. wm, long blond hair
    --Hero for Hire#2 (3,4 5, Fantastic Four i#133, HfH#8, 10, Power Man#23, 26,28, 30, 33, 35, 37,38, Power Man/Iron Fist#56, 58-60, 63, 66, 67, 71, 73, 76/2, 79, 83, 84, 88-90, 93-98, 100, 102, 105, 108, 111, Cage I#6, Thunderstrike#13, Spider-Man Unlimited#13, [Heroes for Hire#3] 8,[9]

GRIFFITH OBSERVATORY (Tatiana + father) -
    --Runaways II#16

GRIGAR - Balkatar of the Cat People in recent years
    --West Coast Avengers II#

GRIGGS of Earth-Seeker 3000 - Seeker crewman, slain by one of the Hkkkt
    *D* (app-seeker)--Seeker 3000#4

GRIGGS, SAMUEL - former pawn of Ringmaster, duped into prosecuting daredevil for the false destruction of his greenhouse, hired nelson and murdoch to sue daredevil    
    (app)--Daredevil II#20 (23(fb), 20, 21, 23(fb), 22-25

GRIGGS, Captain - World War II, commanded the Sea Wolf when Captain Savage wasn't around
    (app-seawolf)--Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders#12

GRIGLIO, "BIG" PETE - mobster, captured and killed by Little People
    *D*--Punisher VI#16(17d)

GRIGLIO, PAULIE - mobster, brother of Pete, captured and lower legs amputated by Little People, committed suicide
    *D*--Punisher VI#16 (17d)

GRIGORI (Armaros, Azazel, Esphares, Ezekeel , Gadriel, Hafaza, Sariel, Tariel)
    - guardian angels sent down from Heaven to watch over people of earth, all destroyed by Olivier or his Stalkers
    (app)--Punisher IV#1 (2-4

GRIGORI (Mattie Baptiste, Father Miguel Bonavita, Brother Marcello, Sister Katrina)
    - secret sect allegedly descended from Fallen Angels who came to Earth and mated with human women; linked to most organized religions, self-appointed keepers of angel arcana
    --Gambit II#1 (2-4

GRILLO, BOBBY - victim of domestic violence, hated his drinking mother and acted as a bully and a thief, defeated and hospitalized by Spider-Man, eventually inspired to give up crime after seeing Spider-Man save lives without violence
    --Amazing Spider-Man Family#3 (2009)

GRIM (Jacob Grimm*) - son of Thing and Sharon Ventura, twin brother of Alyce (Rad)
    form similar to Thing after first gained powers

GRIMAL - Inhuman, son of Tauron, grandfather of unidentified Inhuman child
    --Inhumans III#1

GRIMALDI, JENNY - circa World War II, widow of Mike, posed for a painting by Kerwin Stockwell with and kissed Captain America (Steve Rogers) after her husband's seeming death; Mike later seemingly returned to her but turned out to be a Nazi spy/imposter
    --Captain America#616 (2011)

GRIMALDI, MIKE - husband of Jenny, apparently died during World War II
    *D*--[Captain America#616 (2011)]

    Earth-311, Queen’s Vengeance
    (app-emorgan)--Avengers III#2 (3)

GRIMANI, LEONE - professor at Venice University, befriended Peter Parker
    --Spider-Man in Venice: The Secret of the Glass

GRIMBAT - Zianon dimension, former ruler, abducted Melnoa and married her in the past, used her as power source to provide light to other inhabitants, recently abducted Dagger, ultimately chose to absorb excessive amounts of light and disperse entire life energy throughout dimension.
    large, purple, dragon-like semi-humanoid, horns, wings, tail, absorb energy to increase in size and power
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#119/3 ([120/3(fb), 121/3(fb), 122/3(fb), 119/3(fb)], 119/3-122/3

GRIMFANG - Wolfsbane while wearing Collar of Obedience
    --X-Men Annual #9

GRIM GREYBEARD - Asgardian Storm Giant
    --Marvel Super-Heroes III#5

GRIM GREY GOD-see BORRI (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#3

GRIM HUNTER (Vladimir Kravinoff*) - son of Sergei Kravinoff, brother of Alyosha, trained by Gregor, killed by Kaine.
    skilled at armed + unarmed combat, empowered by father's serum
    *D* (OH: Spdm: BiB, net)--Spider-Man#50 (53,Web of Spider-Man#120, Spdm54,Web121,Spdm55d)

GRIM MAGNUS - Asgardian, father of Greyval Grimson, former bearer of the Raven Banner
    *D* (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel #15: The Raven Banner (MGN#15d)

GRIM REAPER (Eric Williams) - Hydra, Lethal Legion(s), Maggia, brother of Simon/Wonderman, original scythe designed by Tinkerer, coma-ray by Ultron-5, employed Steelskulls, occasional ally of Ultron, former lover of Nekra, died when fell onto stalactite, resurrected as zombie by Nekra & Black Talon, eventually restored to full life, has used armor enhancements from the Tinkerer and served Lucia von Bardas
    *D/R* (I#4,D#5,M, OH: Av 2005, Secret War#4, net)--Avengers I#52 (Avengers West Coast#105?(fb) West Coast Avengers II#2(fb), Av52,107(fb),78,79,Wonder Man I#1(fb), Av102,106-108 WCA II#2(fb2), [Av151,152],Av160,Vision & Scarlet Witch I#3, Vision & Scarlet Witch II#1,West Coast Avengers II#1, V+SW2,WVA#2d,12(res,d), Avengers West Coast#65(res), 66/2, 67, 68, Web46?-not; Av352-354, Avengers III#10,11, [0, 19], 20-22 31-33, Avengers: Ultron Imperative, Secret War#3-5, Civil War#2, Civil War: Front Line#9/2, Heroes for Hire II#6-8

GRIM REAPER of Earth-Avengers: Last Avengers Story (William Maximoff) - son of Vision and Scarlet Witch, brother of Tommy, allied with Kang and Ultron against Avengers
    magical powers, used scythe
    (app-ealas)--Last Avengers Story#1 (2 (fb), 1,2

GRIMES, EUSTACE - @ 1886, ally of Rawhide Kid, headed to Wonderment after helping Rosa take the Apache children to the mountains
    --Apache Skies#1 (3,4

GRIMES, AMY - ex-wife of Ludlow, mother of Jeff & Willy, abandoned Ludlow when he gained his powers
    --Web of Spider-Man#9 (9(fb)

GRIMES, JEFF- son of Ludlow & Amy, brother of Willy
    --Web of Spider-Man#9 (9(fb)

GRIMES, LUDLOW - see SMITHVILLE THUNDERBOLT (app-st)--Web of Spider-Man#8

GRIMES, WILLIAM "WILLY" - son of Ludlow & Amy, brother of Jeff
    --Web of Spider-Man#9 (9(fb)

GRIMM of the Hyborian Era - see BLACK HOUND of DEATH (app)--Savage Sword of Conan#218

GRIMM, ALICIA REISS MASTERS of Earth X - The Marvels, wife to Ben Grimm, mother to Chuck and Buzz
Wundagore clay duplicates of various Heroes which she can animate and control
    (sketch(--Earth X Sketchbook, Earth X#2 

GRIMM, ALYCE "RAD" of Earth-MC2 - see RAD
    --[Fantastic Five#3], 4 (4(fb), 5, Spider-Girl#86-->Rad

GRIMM, BENJAMIN - husband of Mary, father of Daniel and Jacob
    --[Daily Bugle 1939 newspaper]

GRIMM, BENJAMIN - see THING--Fantastic Four I#1 (Thing II#5(fb), Thing#1(fb), Fantastic Four III#78 (fb1),  Books of Doom#2 (fb), F4#1->Thing.

GRIMM, BUZZ of Earth-9997 - Brothers Grimm, son of Ben and Alica Grimm, brother Chuck
    --Earth X#2

GRIMM, CHUCK of Earth X - Brothers Grimm, son of Ben and Alica Grimm, brother Buzz, wears glasses
    --Earth X#2

GRIMM, DAN - older brother of Ben, former leader of Yancy Street Gang, killed in gang fight with the Thompson Avenue Gang
    *D*--Thing I#1 (Thing II#5 (fb), Thing I#1(fb, dies), Fantastic Four III#510 + 511 (angel)

GRIMM, Dr. JACOB "JAKE" - physician, uncle of Ben, raised him after his brother was killed, moved from New York to Arizona, first wife killed and legs injured in car crash, married Petunia
    --Fantastic Four I#238 (Thing I#1(fb), F4#238,239 257, Thing II#8 (fb)

GRIMM, JACOB of Earth-982 - see GRIM
    --[Fantastic Five#3], 4 (4(fb), 5, Spider-Girl#86-->Grim

GRIMM, MARY - wife of Benjamin Sr., mother of Daniel and Jacob
    --[Daily Bugle 1939 newspaper]

GRIMM, PETUNIA - aunt of Ben Grimm (Thing) by marriage, second wife of Jake, physician in Arizona
    (app)--[Fantastic Four I#25],238 (239, Thing II#8 (fb)

GRIMM, Sen. ROCKY of Earth-Amalgam - Challengers of Fantastic
    --Spider-Boy#1 (Challengers of the Fantastic#1(fb), SpB#1,Challengers of the Fantastic#1

GRIMM, SOPHIE - aunt of Ben, died of cancer when he was eight years old, causing him to rage against God
    --Infinity Crusade#2

GRIMM, SUSAN STORM of Earth-A - alternate dimensional counterpart of Sue Richards, married Ben Grimm after Reed was mutated into the Thing
    (app-ea)--Fantastic Four I#118/2 (160-161

GRIMM, Dr. -criminal scientist, head of Grimm Private Hospital, mad scientist, aided by Igan and Lomm, created ape-like monster Gorro, encountered Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes), fell to death during fight with Captain America
    (g)--Captain America Comics#4; rep Fantasy Masterpieces I#4

GRIMM, - mother of Ben and Dan
    --Thing I#1 (Fantastic Four III#56(fb3)

GRIMM the SORCERER - human side of Thing, duplicate formed on Battleworld
    -BENJAMIN GRIMM duplicate* *D*--Thing I#16 (17-22d)

GRIMOND, ALEX - assassin, attempted to slay the Foreigner to become the world's best assassin, slew only an imposter, Errol Duke, and was next put into the position of posing as the Foreigner and would be allowed to join the 1400 Club if he could survive a similar assassination attempt
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#142/4

GRIMORIUM VERUM - ancient occult text, almost as powerful as the Darkhold, bound in flesh, able to summon the devil
    --Hellstorm#3 (Blade: Vampire Hunter#1

GRIMROCK PRISON - base from which Nightshade used her artificial werewolf serum on convicts
    --Captain America I#164

GRIMSDALE, sir MORTIMER - chair of the Joint Intelligence Committee, replaced by Skrull who was then exposed and slain by Peter Wisdom
    --Wisdom#1 (4-5, Captain Britain and MI13#1

GRIND, the ( ) - drug dealer
    low level psychic power
    --Night Thrasher II#20 (21

GRIND STONE CAFE (Luna DePaula, Noriko Ashida)
    - West Chester, NY, coffee shop
    --New Mutants II#7 (8, 12

GRINDER ( "Brute" Bashby) - outfitted by Rupert Dockery to battle Spider-Woman (Drew) in order to create news for his paper, robbed a bank after released from prison, easily defeated by Nova although his blade did severely damage the bank after he was knocked out.
    uses helicopter-like blades to fly as well as as a destructive weapon
    (app)--Spider-Woman I#26 (Nova III#1

GRINDER ( ) - Friends of Humanity
    --Maverick II#4

GRINDERS (Mr. Smooth) - children under the power of the Grind
    --Night Thrasher II#20(21

GRINDHOUSE (    ) - super-villain, tricked into sting operation to seek a new identity from Vienna to escape prosecution from the Superhero Registration Act, captured by Heroes for Hire
    --Heroes for Hire II#1

GRINNER (    ) - underwent transformation into fiend via serum; encountered Black Marvel
    DEMON DOCTOR--Mystic Comics#7

    --Young Allies#13

GRIP (Napalm, Sprint, Uzi, Vice, Windmill) - agents of Senor Muerte in Spanish village, enable him to control villagers, wear specially tailored exo-skeleton, fought Freedom Force when they freed senator Kelly
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#41/4

GRIP (Brandon Blake) - Gemini
    bio-plasma claws

GRIP of DEATH - see DEATHGRIP (app)--Dazzler#39

GRIPES ( ) - Vulturions, former mugger
    (app-vult)--Web of Spider-Man#1 ([1(fb), 1-3

GRIP of Earth-93060 (Sam Grandee) - Aladdin
    --(SG) [Strangers (uv) #1], 2; (G) #4

GRISHKA the FOOL, HOLY DEVIL - see RASPUTIN, GRIGORY--[Strange Tales I#145/2], X-Men: Colossus: Bloodline#1

GRIS GRIS ( ) - Assassins Guild of New Orleans, Unified Guilds, held title of first kill and second in command to Bella Donna.
    bm, french braids, manipulate magic
    (GamAn2000/2)--Rogue I#1(Gam III#13(fb) Rog1-3 Gam15,17-19 21,22

GRISWALD, CALVIN of Earth-99476 (    ) - son of Martha + Wilbur, transported to Earth-616 by Widget, eventually recovered by their own world's Excalibur + Fantastic Five
    (app-earth99476)--Excalibur I#9 (10, 13, 51

GRISWALD, MARTHA of Earth-99476 (    ) - wife of Wilbur, mother of Calvin and Susie, transported to Earth-616 by Widget, eventually recovered by their own world's Excalibur + Fantastic Five
    (app-earth99476)--Excalibur I#9 (10, 13, 51

GRISWALD, SUSIE of Earth-99476 (    ) - daughter of Martha + Wilbur, transported to Earth-616 by Widget, eventually recovered by their own world's Excalibur + Fantastic Five
    (app-earth99476)--Excalibur I#9 (10, 13, 51

GRISWALD, WILBUR of Earth-99476 (    ) - husband of Martha, father of Calvin and Susie, transported to Earth-616 by Widget, eventually recovered by their own world's Excalibur + Fantastic Five
    (app-earth99476)--Excalibur I#9 (10, 13, 51

GRISWOLD, Sir HERBERT - see TARRANT*. posed as British agent (app-tarr)--Master of Kung Fu I#43 (44-47

GRISWOLD CONTRACTORS - construction company, employed Daniel Axum

GRITHSTANE - Biphasia, sorcerer, former agent of Sardanus, turned against him to aid Paingloss, brought Werewolf to Biphasia
    (app-biph)--Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#5

GRITHSTANE - Weirdworld, sorcerer, eaten by a Changer
    --Marvel Premiere#38d

GRIZ (Mac Garrity) - former track worker, mutated by working with toxic chemicals, attempted suicide in front of train, saved/stopped by Slingers, sought vengeance on them after completed mutation, chopped up by propeller blade in battle with Slingers, reformed after remnants gathered by rats.
    humanoid rat, superhuman strength + healing, sharp claws, control rodents
    --(MG) Slingers#1; (Griz)6 (8(fb),1,6-8

GRIZETTE, Ms.     - Snow Valley School for Girls, fencing instructor
    --Emma Frost#1 (2

GRIZZLY of the Old West (Ace Fenton) - wore bear costume lined with steel, stole from others
    (Outlaw Files, app)--Rawhide Kid I#40

GRIZZLY ( ) - AIM agent R-1, used by MODOK in plot to capture atomic scientist Paul Fosgrave
    (app)--Captain America I#120

GRIZZLY (Maxwell "Crazy Max" Markham) - Spider-Man Revenge Squad/Legion of Losers, former pawn of Jackal (Miles Warren), former professional wrestler turned criminal, attempted short-lived heroic career as partner of Gibbon after breakup of revenge squad.
    wears grizzly bear costume containing strength enhancing exoskeleton
    (M, OH: Spdm: BiB, SecWar)--Amazing Spider-Man I#139 (140(fb),139,140 Web of Spider-Man#58 ,Spectacular Spider-Man II#244-246,252,253,256,Spider-Man: Get Kraven#1, Tangled Web of Spider-Man#19, [Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury(fb)], Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury, She-Hulk II#6, Sentry II#5 (fb), Underworld#3-4, Punisher War Journal II#4, [13], 14-15, Amazing Spider-Man#573/2

GRIZZLY (Theodore Wincester) - Six-Pack, Weapon: PRIME, eventually went insane (possibly caused by Genesis), killed by Domino.
    superhuman strength + durability
    *D* (M)--X-Force I#8( 8(fb) Cable: Blood & Metal#1(fb) Cab:B+M#2(fb) XFor20-22
    [Cable II#22],23,24d)

GRIZZLY GROGAN - see GROGAN, GRIZZLY (app)--Two-Gun Kid#64

    --Marvel Mystery Comics#34

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