H-RAY - used by Hate-Monger (Adolf Hitler clone)
    --Fantastic Four I#21?

H-RAY - used by Texas-based Hate-Monger
    --Punisher War Journal II#9 (9 (fb), 10

HAAB race - extraterrestrial, allies/servants of the Banari, later conquered by the Fomalhauti.
    superhuman strength + durability, amphibious, sharp teeth, limited intellect
    (app)--Sub-Mariner I#56 (Captain Marvel I#27, SubM#57-58, Namor I#46-48

HAAG - extraterrestrial big game hunter, sought to capture Earth's population, tricked by Bret Marlowe, captured, forced to flee
    (app)--Tales of Suspense I#37

HAAG - servant of Karnilla, attacked Asgard along with others in Thor’s youth
    NORN HAG*--Journey into Mystery I#101 (101/2, 107/2, 101, Thor I#165-167, 175

HAAG - Deviant, advocated the Slicer following the rule of Brutus.
    elderly female, brown skin, horns
    --Eternals: Herod Factor

HAAKEN the HUNTER - Asgardian, inspired the character of the Woodsman in Little Red Riding Hood
    --Journey into Mystery I#114/2 (403/2

HAALMHAD race (Cain(commander), Cass, Harli, Korda, Verdi) - based in immense mothership, slaughter other races to survive, destroyed carillon, neutralized by Starlord before they could destroy Cymoril
    --Marvel Preview#15

HAAMIN of Earth-Sword in the Star - divergent race of humanity, returned from beyond the edge of the galaxy and began to slaughter the other races, including the Ithacons
    (app-earthsits)--Marvel Preview#4/2 (4/2(fb), 4/2

HAAN - see KAISHEK, HAAN--Wolverine II#150

H'AARG - planet, formerly housed the Oracle of Ancient Knowledge
    --Secret Defenders#

HAARP - US weapon based on scalar technology of Nikolai Tesla
    - High Atmosphere Auroral Research Project
    --Master of Kung Fu II#2

HAATHAN of the Hyborian era - Zuagir giant, briefly ruled them until defeated by Conan
    --Black Tears; Savage Sword of Conan#35 (35(fb)

HAAZARETH THREE - trio of demons, servants of Mephisto, rulers of a branch of Hell, empowered Doom with magical abilities in exchange for the sacrifice of his former lover Valeria, took Doom for their own when he challenged them
    (app)--Fantastic Four III#67, (named) 69 ([67]. [68]/[69(fb)], 69, [70], 71/500, 78/507

HABARATA of the Hyborian era - Meroe, former lover of Conan and Mongo, slain by Mongo for loving Conan
    --Snout in the Dark; Conan the Barbarian I#106 (107, Savage Sword of Conan

HABLE, GOTFRIED of Earth-712 - mayor of Sigmund
    --Squadron Supreme I#2

HACHIMAN ( ) - served Yakuza.
    has forcefield to hold off high velocity objects
    -HATCHET-MAN* (MKE)--[Punisher III#2],3(9,10

HACIENDA,la (ogres/fathers, conquistadors, capitan, Lorena, Laura)
    - Man-Thing’s swamp, small village founded by those who found the Fountain of Eternal Youth
    (app)--Man-Thing I#7 (8, She-Hulk II#7,8

HACK (  ) - computer expert, information source for Nick Fury, supplied Bruce Banner with information on location of Ryker, had polio as a child.
    wm, blond hair, goatee, uses crutches
    (app)--[Incredible Hulk II#16], 18 ([18(fb)], [16(fb)], 16, 18,19, 21

HACK (    ) - mutant, Genosha, ally of Hub, Purge, and Chimere, allied with Xavier in Genosha, lost powers during M-Day, temporarily gained over-exaggerated powers via Terrigen
    --Excalibur III#2 (3,4, 6, Son of M#5-6

HACK 8162 - Evil Dead, circular blade on hands
    --(UK)Dragon’s Claws#7

HACKER (    ) - discovered information about Beatrice for Domino, killed by agents of Project: Armageddon
    *D*--Domino II#2d

HACKER, NED - 19thC, Fort Rango, former chief Indian scout, thrown out by Sabre, tried to kill him, killed in Sioux attack
    (app-fr)--Western Gunfighters#1

HACKER, Sgt. RAFE - 19th Century, Fort Rango, scout, nearly killed Wakely as a child, later antagonized him as an adult
    (app-fr)--Marvel Spotlight I#1 (Red Wolf#1,2, 4

HACKER, TIM - mutant, husband, father of two, worked part-time as a children's magician, slain by Ghoul after lost powers on M-Day
    *D*--Generation M#1, (named) #2 ([2 (fb), 1 (fb, d)]

HACKETT, - pilot, mercenary, flew Punisher to Grand Nixon Island, betrayed him for money, hired to fly plane for attack on Europe, died when the Punisher shot down the plane
    *D*--Punisher VI#3 (4d)

HACKETT, Lt. LOU - Los Angeles Police Department, partner of Vince, friend of Lt. Vic Northrup, mutated into golden-furred werewolf by magic werewolf ring, killed in battle with Raymond Coker werewolf
    *D* (app)--Werewolf by Night I#6 ([6(fb)], [21(fbs)], 6, 8, [9(fb)], 9-10, 17-18, 19(fb), [21(fbs)], 20,21d)

HACKETT, MITCH - Kansas City Maggia(?) agent, loaned Flip Mason money, shot a gangster who mistakenly gave his shipment to Mason, fired a wild shot that struck down the aircraft of Scorpio (Jake Fury)
    (app-mason)--Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD#1

HACKMAN - agent of Richard Ricard, abducted Donna Garth
    (app-rr)--Tales ot Zombie#2/9

HACKSTABBER, RUFUS T. - cabbie, patterned after Groucho Marks, used Lesser Grey God as hood ornament on taxi
    (app)--Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu#4 (Master of Kung Fu#52, [Defenders I#133],148

HADAD - see BAAL. Sumerian name
    (app-baal)--[Wolverine II#11], 12

HADDAD, DEAN - SHIELD II, went AWOL and stole weapons for native Middle Eastern country's rebels, killed by the general's forces
    *D* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#159

HADDAD, ZAIL - 2099, father of Cerebra, performed genetic experiments
    --X-Men 2099#27 (28-30

HADDOCK, Dr. MYRA - Department H, director of Prometheus Project, recreated Prometheus Pit
    (net)--[Alpha Flight II#2], 4 (5,6,10,12,[14],18

HADEN ?? - professional thief, works for Jason Krieg
    --Immortal Weapons#2

HADERÜNGD - fighter for Gunderland, hired youth Conan as mercenary
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian#201

HADES dimension (Pluto, Persephone) - Olympian realm of the dead.
    mystic realm, divided into Elysium and Tartarus
    (D#10)—Thor I#130

HADES, Inc. (    ) - run by Lucifer Satan
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#27 (January, 1942)

HADITH - god worshipped by the Queega until slain by the Skrulls;
    the Queega fasted on his hatchday
    OMEN-MAKER*, PATH-LIGHTER*--[Incredible Hercules#118], 119

HADJ - Snark, chancellor, former agent of Maraud, stole healing powers of Yrik, saved Bhadsha from Maraud’s poisoning when she learned of it, went mad and died
    *D*--Power Pack I#19, (named) 21 (22, 24, 25d)

HADJI – nomads, followed Meander killer fog, scavenged from the dead, allies of Dargon
    --Sectaurs#6 (7

HADLEY - robot agent of Beynon Bradley, impersonated Psycho-Man for him, destroyed by Wolverine and the Thing
    (app)--Uncanny X-Men/Fantastic Four Annual 1998

HADLEY, Mr. - @ 1961, had the enigmatic Tree in backyard
    (app-tree)--Tales to Astonish I#19/2

HADLEY, Mrs. - @ 1961, had the enigmatic Tree in backyard
    (app-tree)--Tales to Astonish I#19/2

HADLEY, Wally - @ 1961, had the enigmatic Tree in backyard
    (app-tree)--Tales to Astonish I#19/2

HADRATHUS of the Hyborian era - priest of Asura, assisted Conan angainst Xaltotun and his allies, used the Heart of Ahriman
    (app)--Hour of the Dragon; GS Conan#3 ([4], Savage Sword of Conan#10, King Conan#34

HADRIA - Ethereal, part of the strangepac that survived the Annihilation Wave, fed to Galactus by Stardust
    *D*--Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus#1/2 (1/2d)

HADWIG of the Hyborian era - Ravonna, lady, widow of Flatus, mother of Smernok, plotted to gain power, duped by Jazebo
    (app-jabezo)--Savage Sword of Conan#66 (66 (66(fb))

HAEMON - Lizard People
    --Ms. Marvel#20 (21

    --X-Men: Smoke and Blood#1

HAEMOVORE KINGs of the OUTER DARK - Lords of the Splinter Realms, summoned to convocation by Magik (Amanda Sefton), battled Archenemy
   (app-lords)--[Magik II#3] ([3,4]

HAFAZA - Grigori, slaughtered by Oliver and the Stalkers
    *D* (app-grigori)--Punisher IV#2 ([2 (fb)], 2(d))

HAFGA - Tetrarchs of Entropy.
    enormous serpent
    (net-toe)--[Avengers I#327], 329 (330, Blaze II#6

HAFIFA - ally of Mahboobullah, aided efforts to contain Aban's plague
    --Terror, Inc - Apocalypse Soon#3

HAFNER, agent - Commission on Superhuman Affairs
    --Cable & Deadpool#30

HAG (    ) - female gang leader; encountered Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --Daring Mystery Comics#6 (Marvel Mystery Comics#19

HAG ( ) - Deathspawn, partner of Troll.
    pass hand into chest and siphon life force from victim
    --Ghost Rider III#23 (24 Web of Spider-Man#94, Spirits of Vengeance#4,Web95, SoV#6,7,9

HAG of the PITS - Dinosaur World, temporarily sent Devil Dinosaur to Earth, helped return Godzilla to earth.
    mystic power, open portals to earth
    (app)--Devil Dinosaur#9 (Godzilla#22

HAGAR - Skrull High Judicator
    --Fantastic Four I#206

HAGs - enslaved agents of el Gato
    (app-eg)--Omega the Unknown#4

HAGEN - Nibelung, son of Alberich and an immortal woman, half-brother of Gunther and Gutruna, created magic potion to turn Siegfried away from Brunnhilda, killed Siegfried
    --Thor I#299 (299 (fb)

HAGEN - Frost Giant, used Sword of Frey
    --Balder2 (3,4

HAGERT, general - father of Wargod
    (app-wg)--Marvel Comics Presents #80(81

HAGGERT, BOB-brother of roberta,who was killed by Scourge/Monroe,hired andrea sterman to investigate
    --Thunderbolts#41 (47

HAHN,  - Fire Department of New York, involved with the Human Torch’s investigation of Firefox
  --Human Torch II#3 (4

HAIFs (Meru the Mind-Bender)-of cherron,oppressors of haif-nas,consumed in destruction of planet
    (app-meru)--Marvel Team-Up I#115 (115(fb)

HAIF-NAS (Dalia the Shapechanger)-of cherron,rebels oppressed by haifs,destroyed cherron to end oppression
    (app-meru)--Marvel Team-Up I#115 (115(fb)

HAIGHT, JEFFREY - Daily Bugle photographer, former boyfriend of Anna Kefkin, made alliance with Dr. Octopus in desperate effort to gain a front page photograph
    --Dr. Octopus: Negative Exposure#1 (2-5

HAIGHT, TRIBUNE - 4000, New Canaanite
    --Cable II#1 (Askanison1-4, Cable II#1,2

HAIKU of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD - see BROKEN HAIKU 2099 (app)--[X-Men2099#10],11

HAINES, WILLIAM - roboticist, former administrator at Broadhurst Institute, served on Project X, succeeded Broadhurst
    (app)--2001: A Space Odyssey#8 (9, [X-51#1(fb)], 1(fb),

HAINES (    ) - kicked off army base, attempted to kill officer responsible; encountered Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#3

HAIRBAG (Shaun Suggs) - Nasty Boys
    Superhuman strength + speed + agility + durability
    --X-Factor I#75 (77, 78, [104],105

HAIRBALL (Wolcott Farris) - vampire, Undead MC
    --Blaze II#10

hairy man-eaters of the Hyborian era - see man-eaters (app-iceworm)--Lair of the Ice Worm; Savage Sword of Conan#34

HAITIAN VOODOO of "Earth-22025" - see DRUMM, JERICHO (app-defenders22490)--Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions: Champions: United We Stand

HAIZLIP - dimension to which Gog was transported
    --Spider-Man I#21; (identified) Marvel Monster: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone ([23 (fb)], 21, [23]

HAIZMANN, CHRISTOPH - 17th-18th Century artist, made deal with Inanna for inspiration, resulted in creation of an embassy to hell on earth
    (app-in)--[Hellstorm#15] ([15(fb)]

HAK-HERU of the Hyborian era - Black Ring, attempted to take over when Thoth-Amon left, lover of Athyr-Bast
    (app)--Savage Sword of Conan#203 (203(fb), 206

HAKELDAMA of Reality-93060 - demon summoned by Alfred de Valerie via intended sacrifice of Clay Blake; dissipated when sacrificed thwarted by Alec Swan, some energy transferred to Duet
    two-headed creature, one of which was a serpent

HAKIM of the Hyborian era - general of Turanian army
    (app-redon)--Conan the Barbarian Annual#10

HAKIM, ABU BEN - former student of Rama Kaliph
    (app-kaliph)--Strange Tales I#136

HAKUREI - dragon of Nastrond, slain? by Balder, Sif, and Thor, scale used to create the sword Svraden
    Immense, virtually impenetrable hide, fire-breather
    --Thor: Son of Asgard#1 (2

HAL ( ) - Parasites.
    bad breath
    --Captain Britain II#13/5(14/4

HAL ?? - accountant for Marc Spector
    --Moon Knight III#2 (4,7,22

HALA - Kree home planet
    contains cities of Haline, Haroun, Kree-Lar
    Chromium Hills

HALADJ - king of Halwan, father of Azir

HALBERD - staff of Scarlet Centurion/Marcus
    --Avengers III#41, (named) 47

HALBERSTAM's GYM - site where Spider-Man first defeated the Grizzly
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#139

HALCON D’ORO ( ; ; ) - Mexican wrestler, scheduled to batle el Toro Rojo following his defeat of Vampiro
    <Hawk of Gold>--Thor II#290

HALDANE, RANULPH - Mys-Tech, Techno-Wizards, father of Dark Angel, active in era of Queen Victoria, created the Psycho-Warriors and the assassination computer, killed by Mephisto when attempted to uncover formula for immortality
    *D*--Motormouth#1, (named) Hell's Angel#1 (1(fb), [8(fb)], 1 (dies), 6+9+12(d)

HALDEMAN, Sgt. of Earth-148611 - Paranormal Platoon.
    generate fear
    --DP7(nu)#22 (        Draft, Psi-Force#29/2, War#1-4

HALDERMAN, CALVIN - Roxxon, former president
    --Captain America Annual 1999

HALE, BONNIE - given plague by Kalasnikov’s men, rescued by & fell in love with Sabretooth, killed by him to prevent plague spread
    *D*--Sabretooth: Mary Shelly Overdrive#1 (2, 3, 4d)

HALE, JONAS - Roxxon + Republic Oil and Natural Gas operations chief
    --Iron Man I#120 ([Iron Man I#288(fb)], Iron Man:IronAge#1(fb) 1,2 IM#120,121, 145 Amazing Spider-Man An25, Spectacular Spider-Man An11, Web of Spider-Man An7, Amazing Spider-Man An26, Spectacular Spider-Man An12, Web of Spider-Man An8, New Warriors An2

HALE, MONTAGUE - see SUPREME SERPENT* (app)--Avengers I#73

HALEN, EDDIE - criminal, associated with Sano Orii, defeated and left tied up in underwear by White Tiger (Angela Del Toro)
    --White Tiger#1 (2

HALEXA - Kree colonial outpost planet, sector 9756, assaulted by off-course Annihilation Wave pod, 1800 slain until insectoids slain by Nova
    --Nova IV#1 ([1 (fb)], 1

HALF-FACE - see FACE (app)--[Invaders I#11], 13

HALF-FACE (Trung Tuan) - former weapons-maker for communist Vietnam, reactivated Titanium Man, retired
    (app)--Tales of Suspense I#92 (93(fb), 92-94, Iron Man An4/2

HALF-FULLs (Pvt. Diego Casseas, Sgt. Andrew Chord, Lt. Mark Conroy, Pvt. Collier Mack, Lt. Daryl Taylor,Vietnamese soldier Go Vin Ng )
    - all but Taylor mated with the Daughters of the Dragon to parent the Folding Circle
    (net)--New Warriors I#23

HALFGHANAGHAN, NYCO - brother of Pico, hired executive elite to eliminate Deadpool during the search for Tolliver’s will.    
    (net)--Deadpool I#1

HALFGHANAGHAN, PICO - former assistant to Tolliver, nearly killed by Deadpool, rebuilt as cyborg by Donald Pierce.
    dwarf, used large guns, skilled warrior
    --XForce#11 (14, Domino I#1

HALFLIFE (Banca Rech) - extraterrestrial, slew the entire population of her planet, former agent of Graviton, sought alliance with Captain Atlas and Dr. Minerva, former prisoner at the Vault.
    age others halfway to the end of their natural lifespan on contact (though they returned to normal when she was knocked unconscious), dissolve inorganic matter on contact, immune to own powers + heat + radiation
    (U#3,M,app)--West Coast Avengers II#12 ([13(fb)], 12,13, Quasar#10, Captain America Annual#10

HALFLIFE (Tony Masterson) - former English professor, body destroyed by gamma bomb testing,
    absorbs form from surroundings, comes to life at night, siphons energy from others, killed himself when hulk showed him his power would wear off
    *D* (net)--Incredible Hulk II##334 (340, 342(fb), 342d)

HALF-MAD ( ) - kyphotic French mutant, hijacked plane, fought Werewolf over Notre Dame, fell to his death
    *D*--Werewolf by Night I#15?, 16d

HALF-MAN - mutate servant and warrior of Supremus, human genetically manipulated into partially amoeboid form, killed in battle with Nick Fury.
    4 arms, superhuman strength and durability, skilled warrior
    (app)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#8


half-naked ninjas - creations of SILENT, defeated by Nextwave

HALF-QUEEN (Delandra) - Biphasia, acts as the balance, former lover of Paingloss
    (app-biph)--Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#5 (5(fb), 5

HALFTRAK of Earth-1191 ( ) - criminal
    (net)--Bishop I#3(fb#3)

HALFTREE, HORACE - four horsemen of Don Geraci, black man, killed by Firefox
    *D*--Punisher III#2 (3, Spider-Man/Punisher: Funeral Pyre#1, Pun6-9d)

HALF-WORLD (Blackjack O'Hare + Black Bunny Brigade, Drakillars, Judson Jakes, Keystone Kops, Lylla, Red Breath, Rocket Raccoon, Uncle Pyko, Wal-Russ, Wild Worms)
    - planet half-covered by sentient technology, other half covered by anthropomorphosized animals and insane humans, humans cured by invention of Uncle Pyko
    —Incredible Hulk I#271 (Rocket Raccoon#1-4

HALIBURTON, RANCE - former manager of Rip Chord
    (app-goldeneye)--Power Man / Iron Fist#86

HALIDAY, JORDAN - Damocles Foundation, SHIELD II (traitor?), in charge of team that cleaned up after battle with Reignfire in Las Vegas, captured by Selene and true agenda was revealed
    --X-Force#80 (96

HALIDON, JERIAH - cult leader, sacrificed cultists, cut them up into 40 pieces and then grew warriors from each of their parts, attempted to blow up Statue of Liberty
    --Call#1 ([2, 3], 4

HALIFAX, father - presided over Soap's origin, possible pedophile
    --Punisher VI#32 (32(fb2, 3)

HALINE - Kree city on Hala, non-technological subterranean city
    --Annihilation Conquest: Wraith#1, (identified) #2

HALIWELL, agent JERRY - mutant relations, involved with assassination of Billy Bates/Porcupine
    --District X#14

    alias used while hiring X-Factor investigations to retrieve an item stolen by Gofern/Pip the Troll

HAL-KONN - Kree, led an assassination attempt on Nenora and was slain by Ronan
    *D*--Silver Surfer III#13

HALL, Professor CLINTON - Broadway Project, slain by Mortus
    (app-mortus)--Dracula Lives#7 ([7(fb)], 7d)

HALL, EMILY - former ward of Robert Hyde/Black Axe, watches over his castle
    (app-blackaxe)--Black Axe#1 (1(fb)

HALL, MORGAN - criminal, laundered money through Fude Factory until exposed by Ben Urich
    --Daily Bugle#1 (2, 3

HALL, - SHIELD, killed in invasion of Atlas Foundation
    *D*--Agents of Atlas#1 (1d)

HALL of ETERNAL JUDGMENT - Olympia, room where Prime Eternal could face any challenger to the title .Ikaris defeated Thena to become the new Prime Eternal
    --Eternals II#9 (11

HALL of JUDGMENT - Olympia, room in which Eternals accused of crimes are placed for judgment by population of Olympia
    --Eternals II#5

HALL of LOST SOULS - Asgard, memorial for those whose bodies were lost in battle
    --Thor II#32

HALLADAH, Gen. HAMZA bin ALIM - Trans-Sabal, disputed Jalfaha's claims on dictatorship

HALLENDALE, MILLER of Earth-982 - Midtown high school, antagonist of Zane Yama, fan of J2
    --J2#1 (2, 3, 7/3, 8, 9, 12

HALLER, CORKER - vampire
    --Tomb of Dracula I#9

HALLER, GABRIELLE - UN security council, mother of Legion, former lover of Charles Xavier, close friend of Magnus, brought out of trauma-induced coma by Charles Xavier after World War
    (net)--Uncanny X-Men#161 (161(fb(309(fb))), New Mutants I#1, 26-28, UX200, X-Men vs Avengers#4, X-Men Unlimited#2, X-Factor I#108,109, UX320, XMen II#40, UX321,X72, 86, [Magneto Rex#1,2],3, X99, Magneto: Dark Seduction#1,2

HALLER, MARGARET - wife of Terrence Sr., mother of Terrence Jr. and William, died from alleged accidental overdose of sleeping pills
    *D* (app-jr)--Inhumans V#11 (11 (fbs)

HALLER, SHEILA BERGSTROM - wife of Terrence Jr., mother of Terrence III, died from an alleged accidental overdose of anti-depressants
    *D* (app-jr)--Inhumans V#11 (11 (fbs)

HALLER, TERRENCE Sr. - father of Terrence Jr. & William, husband of Margaret, died of liver failure
    (app-jr)--Inhumans V#11 (11 (fbs)

HALLER, TERRENCE Jr. - son of Terrence Sr. and Margaret, brother of William, widower of Sheila, father of Terrence III, head of Haller Industries, attempted to harvest genetic material from Nahrees to save his son, apparently killed himself when plot thwarted
    (app)--Inhumans V#8 (11(fbs), 8-12

HALLER, TERRENCE III - son of Terrence Jr and Sheila, suffered from crippling genetic disorder
   (app-jr)--Inhumans V#8 (11(fbs), 8-12

HALLER, WILLIAM - brother of Terrence Jr, son of Terrence Sr and Margaret, died of aortic aneurism at age 8
    *D* (app-jr)--Inhumans V#11 (11 (fbs)

HALLER HYDRAULICS (Manfred Haller) - boasted as world leader in innovative hydraulics, where he designed the Man-Elephant suit
    --[Savage She-Hulk#17]

HALLER INDUSTRIES (Terrence Haller Sr, Terrence Haller Jr, Dr. Dowlati, Dr. Myers) -
    --Inhumans V#8

HALLERHAND, GREG - director of Heartbreak Hospital, tried to convince She-Hulk to join show
    --Sensational She-Hulk II#52 (54-56

HALLORAN, Officer - Santa Monica, California police, Pink Psycho

HALLOWAY, JASON - grandson of Thomas (Angel), given Tom's records by Steve Rogers
    --Marvels Project#8  (2010)

HALLOWEEN JACK 2099 (Jordan Boone) - former employee of Alchemax, mutated to become one of the Aesir, further mutated by ??, seemingly killed in Wildboys gladiatorial arena, traveled back in time to escape flood caused by melting of polar icecaps, became obsessed with Domino, kidnapped her until she destroyed his chaos engine.
    -LOKI 2099* (net-maybe)--X-Men 2099#16 (17-19, 2099 AD#1, XM21,XM2099, Sp1/2, 2099: World of Tomorrow#2"d", [X-Force I#91],92

HALLS of FEAR dim (Dweller-in-Darkness, D’Spayre) - mystic realm
    (app-dweller)--Dr. Strange II#32

HALLS of MA'AT - former in 11th century BC Egypt, relocated to astral plane, guarded by Ammut, holds the Sword of Bone
    --Mystic Arcana#1/2 (1/3

HALO CITY 2099 - city of the mutants west of Death Valley and bordered the "New Pacific,"what remained of California's coast, formerly led by Morphine Somers
    --[X-Men 2099#25], 26 (27

HALOROMA of Earth-Amalgam - Roma + Halo, possible member of the Mutant Outsiders, other-dimensional energy spirit
    (app-kokoro)--Magneto & the Magnetic Men#1, Mutant Outsiders Annual#2

HALSTAN, General - Commission
    (app-commission)--Captain America I#332

HALSTEAD, EVERETT - former head of Halstead Labs and popular third party candidate for POTUS, responsible for the mutation of Infamnia, exposed by her, saved from death by Daredevil
    (app-infamnia)--Over the Edge#10

HALSTEAD LABORATORIES (Everett Halstead, Gina Morris/Infamnia) - formerly run by Everett Halstead, site at which Infamnia was mutated
    --Over the Edge#10

HALVACENTER - for the wealthy of Calculex
    --Captain Marvel IV#1

HALWAN (Castle of the Lion Throne, Jameel Bey, Khumbala Bey, king Kadar, Dr. Khadijah, Scimitar, princess Azir, princess Zafina)
    - middle eastern country, ruled by monarchy, capital city is Kamlabad
    --Deadly Hands of Kung Fu# ? (Marvel: Lost Generation#9, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, Power Man/Iron Fist#57, 60, 81,82,

HALYAN, CARYTH - see SHIP (starlord)--Marvel Preview#14

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