GLA - see GREAT LAKES AVENGERS (OH: Av2005)--Avengers West Coast#46

GLABOO - Inhumans, Crimson Cadre
    --Fantastic Four I#398 (399, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1, Fantastic Force#8, F4:AR#2, Fantastic Four Unlimited#11

GLADIATOR of Word War I - see DANNER, HUGO (app-dann)--Gladiator(1929); Marvel Preview#9

GLADIATOR (Melvin Potter*) - Emissaries of Evil, has four year old daughter, former agent of Count Nefaria, former schizophrenic super-villain, believed self to be a roman gladiator, rehabilitated by therapy with Betsy Beatty, whom he married, currently runs costume shop, forced to work for Alexander Bont when he blackmailed his daughter
    large & strong, used armored costume with spinning circular blades on wrists
    (M, DD2004, app)--Daredevil I#18 (19, Daredevil II#67(fb),68(fb), DD I#22(Amazing Spider-Man I#43), DD23, Daredevil An1, Iron Man I#7,8, DD63, 85, 113,114, 140, Ghost Rider II#21, DD155, 166, 173-175, 186, Spectacular Spider-Man II#77, DD#226, 230, 231, AmzSp287, Marvel Comics Presents#98/4, Daredevil II#8, 69(fb), 70(fb), 67, 68, 70, 81?, 86, 95 (fb), 95-99

GLADIATOR (Kallark) - leader of Imperial Guard Royal Elite, Strontian?, cousin of Xenith.
    Immense strength, virtually invulnerable except to certain types of radiation, fly, fire eyeblasts, may have psionic link with powers
    (I#5, D#5, M, AZU 2010#1)--X-Men I#107 (Devil Dinosaur Spring Fling#1, UX107,Classic X-Men#14, [UX108,109], Uncanny X-Men#136,137, 155,157, Fantastic Four I#249,250, Rom An4, F4#261,262, Marvel Comics Presents#49/4, FF339-341, XMen:Spotlight on the Starjammers#2, UX275,277, Thor445, Nova II#1, Starblast#1,
UX320, Starjam4, Imperial Guard#1(fb),1(UX341),2,3, Incredible Hulk Annual 1997, Galactus the Devourer#5,6, UX387, Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet, Maximum Security#3, XMen II#133, Marvel Universe: The End#1, 5, 6, Thanos#10(fb), 8-12, She-Hulk I#7, 8, Captain Universe/X-23#1, Captain Universe/Invisible Woman#1, Captain Universe/Silver Surfer#1

GLADIATOR (Wylie Lemmick) - Gang of Four, formerly served Mr. Fear (Cranston), wore revamped version of Potter’s costume, warrior code of honor
    --Daredevil I#366 (367, Daredevil/Spider-Man#1-4

GLADIATOR of Earth-148611 (Randy Kellogg) - sought to attack Russia, thrown into space by Ken Connell, last known paranormal in the New Universe

GLADIATOR CLUB - @ 1984, consisted of people gathered and forced to fight by agents of "Neat Pete" Sligo
    *D* (app-neatpete)--Mighty World of Marvel II#12/3

GLADIATOR PIT - headquarters of the Gladiators
    --Beauty and the Beast#2 (3,4

GLADIATORS (Alexander Flynn, Horns, Howlers (Barker, Bouncer, Byter), Ivich, Lexi, Max Rocker, Shellbot, Shockman, Snaketongue, Viperion)
    - organization of warriors, battle for entertainment of rich clientele
    (1980s, app)--Beauty+Beast#2 (3-4, New Mutants I#29-32

GLADIATORS of the DEVIANTS (Karnak, Ransak, Tutinax )
    - fought in matches in which undesirable rejects could be eliminated, but still perish with honor
    --Eternals I#8 (9,10

GLADIATRIX (Robin Braxton) - Grapplers, Superia’s Femizons, anti-registration Underground, once tried out and was rejected for Avengers’ membership.
    strength augmented, wf, red Mohawk
    (CWBDR, app)--Thing I#33 (Captain America I#351, [387,38],389-391,392], 411-414, Civil War: Front Line#4//4/4, Amazing Spider-Man#535, Civil War#6-7/A538, Ms. Marvel II#18

GLADYS ?? – became jealous when Annie showed off disguised Moloids Dennis, Umbu, & Yonkashi as her boyfriend, fought with Annie until Elmore chased off the Moloids
    --Avengers Classics#12/2 (July, 2008)

GLADYS - vampire
    --Tomb of Dracula I#9

    (app-frimp, felicity)--Amazing Spider-Man Golden All-Star Book (1977)

GLAGG - Troll, fought Thor in bar
    --Thor I#460

GLAKOR (    ) -
Mystic Comics#3

GLAKTU - Ergon, captain, pursued Impossible Man
    --Silver Surfer III#33

GLAMOR (Glynis Zharkov) - mutant, wife of Illusion, pet cat Lizzie, uses powers in magic show alongside him, steal from audience, later learned true sorcery, assaulted by Hellphyr.
    manipulate form and consistency of own body
    (D#5)--Vision & Scarlet Witch II#4 (
    Witches#1, 2

    formerly travel thru time
    (OH AZ#3-crazy8)--Wonder Man II#18 (19-21 24,25

GLAMOUR MACHINE - empowers dimension of Clan O'Donnell
    --Generation X#8 (9

    *D/R/D*--Generation X#62

GLARE of Earth-93060 (Gerald ) - created by Ultratech, then abandoned

GLASGOW of Earth-93060 - cyberspace world created by Prof. MacTavish
    --Firearm I(uv)#10 (11

GLASS, JANET - actress, employed by Delazny Studios
    --Night Thrasher II#21

GLASS, REBECCA - Belonging, former lover of Lila, first to be consumed by the rituals of Smirnoff
    *D* (app-bel)--Tomb of Dracula III#1d

GLASS BLOWER (    ) - used poison gas in glass figurines, used specially spun glass rope; encountered Miss America
    --Miss America#4

GNORR (    ) - spider-like alien on the Moon, served by robots; encountered by Electro the Robot
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#13

GLASS-EYE FREDDIE  (Freddie Balzofiore) - Delta City, enemy of Fight Man
    --Fight Man#1

GLATZER, JENNIFER - Satanist, former roommate of Linda Littletrees, offered her to Satan, conducted ritual to sacrifice her
    (app-witch)--Marvel Spotlight I#11 (11(fb)

GLAUCUS construct - created by aspect of Eternity Socrates Cavropolis, battled Namor & Valkyrie
    (app-aspectsofeternity)--Defenders I#92

GLAXTON MINOR - planet, home to a bar that hosts a Belluvian fire dart contest that attracts a number of "cuties" of interest to Pip the Troll.
    --[Thanos I#4]

GLAZE - Hellbent, female.
    Generate adhesive slime
    (app-hellbent)--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#52 (53

GLAZER, "FAST" FREDDIE - friend of Phil Urich
    --Green Goblin#1 (2, 5, 8, 9, 13

GLAZGON, VIZ  - leader of the Iforani, based out of Holmrig, blackmailed into allying self with Hareth Damyish
    (app)--[Starlord#1], 3 ([1,2],3

GLAZIER ( ) - sculptress, had pet dog Snowstar, kept victims as statues, encountered and offered sanctuary to Bruce Banner until full moon, inadvertently turned self into glass while battling hulk
    Turn objects and beings to glass under the light of a full moon
    (app)-Incredible Hulk II#262 ([262(fb)], 262




GLEG of the Hyborian era - Zaporoskan, bandit-thief, usurped a castle and became feudal lord of the surrounding Yuetshi tribes, held Teyaspa prisoner, slain by Artaban
    *D*--The Road of Eagles; Savage Sword of Conan#38 (38(fb), 38d)

GLEEG - demon of the Nightmare Realm, former captain in Silurian guard, slaughtered by malevolent entity inadvertently created by Magik/Sefton, spirit forced to reveal the events of its death by Magik
    *D*--Magik II#2(2(fb,dies),2(d)

GLENN, HEATHER - former girlfriend of Matt Murdock, took over Glenn Industries after father’s death, lost control of it to Mr. Spindle, revealed Daredevil’s identity to Tarkington Brown while drunk, committed suicide after Matt Murdock broke up with her
    *D* (,MKE,net-dd)--Daredevil I#126 (127-132,134-138,Ghost Rider II#20, Daredevil An4, DD141-144 IF#11 DD145-151,154,157,158,160,163,165-167,169,171, DD174-177 Power Man/Iron Fist#73 DD182-186 Marvel Fanfare I#1/2 DD189,195/Iron Man I#171 DD220d)

GLENN, JOSH - racist possessed by spirit of Hate-Monger (Adolf Hitler), gained his emotion-manipulating powers until Hate-Monger's spirit driven out via electro-shock
    --Black Panther: Most Dangerous Man Alive#521-523 (September-November, 2011)

GLENN, MAXWELL - former head of Glenn industries, Heather's father, manipulated by Purple Man, committed suicide
    *D*--Daredevil I#134 (136,141,[143],146,147,150d)

GLENN INDUSTRIES (Heather Glenn, Maxwell Glenn)
    --Daredevil I#1__

    -- (Human Torch II#1
    faculty (Mr. Glick
    students (Mike Snow, Johnny Storm, Hannah, Tia

GLI - see GREAT LAKES INITIATIVE--Deadpool/GLI - Summer Fun Spectacular#1

GLIB’s GROG and GRUB BAR & GRILL – Calculex
    --Captain Marvel

GLICK, Mr. - Glenville High School faculty
    --Human Torch II#1

GLIDER of Earth-Crossover (Heather Hite) - mercenary, mother of Alyssa, ex-husband of Paul, former agent of Mr. Bartlett, hired to find Gen 13
    teleport, fly, carried twin blades, skilled with firearms
    (app)--Spider-Man/Gen 13#1

GLICK, JUDY of Earth-93060 -sister of Ruth Green

GLIITCH - sentient artificial intelligence
    --Avengers Annual#23

GLIMDA - Asgardian
    --Thor I#402/2

GLISSANTE, EDOARD - Canadian terrorist, Front de Liberation de Quebec, former ally of Northstar, later opposed by him
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#92/4 (92/4(fb), 92/4

GLISSEM - Biphasia, former ruler of Searland, killed by Paingloss
    *D* (app-biph)--Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#5 (5(fb)

GLITCH (Charles "Chazz" J. Amundson) - computer hacker, former agent of Spymaster I, associated with the Espionage Elite, outfitted with suit enabling him to control other machines and computers, took control of Iron Man/Stark, but released him after learning spymaster’s motives,placed on parole with nick fury as officer
    (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#12/3

GLITCH (    ) - raided Stark Industries
    --Iron Man: Kiss and Kill#1

GLITCH BROTHERS (Tector, Mr.Glitch)
    --Marc Spector: Moon Knight#1(2

GLITTER - Shi'ar mercenary
    (app)--X-Men Legacy#220

GLITTER of Earth-148611 (Stephanie Harrington)-dp7
    VIVA* (DP7#24)--DP7(nu)#1

GLITTERBUG  - Captain America I#230(NF)

GLITTERSPIKE of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. (Alexei Jaeger) - father of Rosa Navarro's child
    (app)--X-Men 2099#14 (15, 24-25

GLITZ, GIANNI - head of Gianni Glitz cosmetics, apparently killed by Cat's-Paw
    --Iron Man IV#16 (16 (fb, dies)

G'LM - Snark
    --Power Pack II#4

GLOB - see GLOP--(app) Journey into Mystery I#72

GLOB - created by Frank Johnson for comic book cover/story
    (app)--Strange Tales I#88

GLOB (Joseph "Joe" Timms) - SHIELD's Howling Commandos monster force, escaped convict, drowned in swamp bog, transformed by radioactive waste into strange, slime-like, shambling monster with superhuman strength and very limited intelligence; blown apart by explosion, reformed into amnesiac blond haired man, mutated by Yagzan into clay form, killed Yagzan, enslaved by Collector, eventually rebelled against him with assistance of Hulk and Man-Thing
    -GOLDEN BRAIN* (M, OH2006#4, app)--Incredible Hulk II#121 (121(fb), 121, 129, Giant-Size Man-Thing#1, Hulk197-199, [Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#1], 2, [3], 4-6, She-Hulk II#17

GLOB (Sumner Samuel Beckwith) - geneticist, injected self with experimental super soldier serum, apparently incinerated by Man-Thing’s touch
    (M, OH2006#4, app)--Incredible Hulk II#389 (389(fb), 389

GLOB HERMAN - mutant, Xavier Institute, Omega Gang.
    Transparent paraffin, skin, jelly grip, can set self on fire
    (ME:X, 198)--X-Men II#134 (Uncanny X-Men#416, X135-138

GLOBAL DIRECTORATE of Earth-712 - oligarchy that took over following the collapse of the Utopia Program and the banishment of the Squadron Supreme, turned the world into a police state, employed Blue Eagles, used Master Menace as mind-controlled pawn, election fraud eventually revealed by Exiles and exposed by Squadron Supreme
    NEW WORLD ORDER--Squadron Supreme: New World Order (Exiles#77-78

GLOBAL SECURITY, INC (Buchanan, Swain, Col. Ross Whittaker) - anti-communist organization with ties to Korean CIA, specialized in assassination, including of Senator Orrin Kelsey, mistakenly killed the Greg & Mrs. Pulowski
    (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Intruder

GLOBALLY BRANDED CONTENT.COM (Dr. Bong, Mr. Pitterpool, Heather + Tiffany + Britney + Jennifer, Backdoor Boys)
    - corporation owned by Dr. Bong, genetically engineered own boy bands, secretaries, etc., caused mutation of Howard
    --Howard the Duck III#1

GLOBE - created by Project Four, empowered Damon Dran, destroyed by Danny French
    (app-dran)--Daredevil I#91 ([90(fb)], 91, 93, 94d)

GLOBE of ETERNITY - power source of Quan-St'ar, destroyed by Shang-Chi
    (app-quanstar)--Master of Kung Fu Annual#1


GLOBE of ULTIMATE KNOWLEDGE - contains Watchers' accumulated knowledge of the universe, resides on Watcherworld, sought by Leader, temporarily burned out his mind, sought by Authority, burned out his mind as well, retaken by Uatu
    GLOBE of INFINITE KNOWLEDGE*, ULTIMATE MACHINE* (app)--Tales to Astonish I#73/2; (as Globe of Ultimate Knowledge) Marvel Team-Up II#5 (73/2-75/2, Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comics Magazine#6, [Marvel Team-Up II#5(fb)], 5, [Incredible Hulk II#472], 473-474

GLOM ( ) - Imperial Guard.
    consume most forms of matter and energy, arms and legs come directly off enlarged head
    (app)--[Quasar#32], 33 (Avengers West Coast#82, Quas46

GLOMM - Deviant, servant of Dulpus, defeated by Warbird in single combat.
    amorphous, sludge-like body, engulf others, single organ (heart/brain) is his weak spot
    --Avengers III#44 (52,53

GLOOM - invoked by Dr. Odd during a spell that transported Howard the Duck's vaudeville house to another dimension (though it was only intended to transport the stage)

GLOOM ( ) - mutant, Xavier Institute.
    project darkness
    --X-Treme X-Men#20 (21-23

GLOP - extraterrestrial left behind on Earth in the form of an inert statue, required a thick paint-like material to cover his form to restore activity
    GLOB* (app)--Journey into Mystery I#72

GLOP - giant monster, emerged from a movie screen into audience on several planes of existence
    renamed from the Hulk in reprint
    (app)--Tales to Astonish I#21/2

GLORIA ?? - daughter of Destroyer of Demons (Rev. Joshua), formerly dated Ron Williamson
    (app-destroyer/joshua)--Ghost Rider II#60

GLORIAN (Thomas Gideon) - son of Gregory Gideon, mutated by radiation from Russian nuclear weapons test, trained as protégé by Shaper of Worlds, soul nearly stolen by Cloot/Satannish, created Eurth, sought to transform Godthab Omega into a paradise to prove himself to Shaper, summoned many others there and manipulated them, driven mad in destroying the Annihilation Wave forces that assaulted Godthab Omega
    alter reality to grant wishes/dreams,generate rainbow-like effect on which to travel at great speeds,golden skin
    (I#4, D#5, M, Annihilation: Ronan#3, Annihilation: Nova Corps Files, ATZ#4, app)--(TG) Fantastic Four I#34, (Glorian) Incredible Hulk II#190 (F4#34,135(fb),134-137, Hulk267(fb),190,191,267, 355(fb),353-359, Generation X#28, Annihilation: Ronan#2 (fb), 1-4

GLORIANA (Meggan* Puceanu) - mutant, Excalibur, wife of Brian Braddock (Captain Britain), daughter of Daddy William (used crawly dolls), former friend of Micky & Josie Scott, relocated to Otherworld with Brian.
    alter form, fly, empathic with animals, manipulate nature and emotions of others, powers affected by corruption of nature
    Meggan Braddock, GOBLIN PRINCESS, TAPESTRY? (U#5,M, OH: Women, net)
    --Captain Britain and MI13 Annual#1 (Captain Britain and MI13#14-15

GLORIOLE - Galadorian, Spaceknight, highly respected thinker, duped Rom with distress call and planned to sacrifice him to the Dire Wraiths to learn the secret of Wraith sorcery, realized his mistake and turned against the Wraiths to allow Rom to escape, mortally wounded in the process, buried on an asteroid by Rom, who swore not to reveal his shame.
    fire energy bolts from hands
    *D*--Rom Annual#1/2

    (app-frimp, felicity)--Amazing Spider-Man Golden All-Star Book (1977)

GLORY ?? - hooker, worked under Rudolph, fell in lover with Vincent (formerly Mesmero)
    --X-Men Unlimited II#13

GLORY DAYS MINISTRIES (Rev. William and Hannah Connover)
    --Uncanny X-Men#232, 233 (234, X-Men vs Brood: Day of Wrath#1,2

GLORY HOUND - see PIERCE, LANCE--Howard the Duck IV#1

GLOVE of ASTERIA - previously held at Project: PEGASUS, sold to Captain Barracuda by Norman Osborn
    project powerful air column at near light speed
    --Vengeance of the Moon Knight#10 (10 (fb), 10

GLOVEs of the LAMIA of Reality-81225 - drained power from one wearer to the other, used by Igron to drain power from Odin
    (app-81225)--What If? I#25

GLOVER, Dr. - assisted in creation of Psi-Ber Sentinel
    (app-pbs)--XMen Premium Edition (Toys ‘R Us) #1

GLOW - Triad of Banner, represents superego of Bruce Banner/Hulk, appears as red star
    (app-triad)--Incredible Hulk II#308

    --Marvel Mystery Comics#50

GLOWWORM (William Blake) - mutated by Super-Soldier variant, murdered series of African-Americans sparking race riots until the record of him being a white man was revealed to be false, and he was actually an African American
    Super-human strength + durability, glows white
    psychotic race-killer*, Race Killer*, super-bigot*, White Devil* (app)--Power Man/Iron Fist#123 ([123(fb)], 123, [New Avengers Most Wanted Files]

GLOWWORM ( ) - mutant, Morlock, ally of Bulk, made home in waste dump in New Jersey, absorbed massive amounts of radiation, attacked X-Factor in an attempt to destroy the "mutant hunters" to make a difference for mutant-kind before they die, killed by Purifiers of High Evolutionary.
    green skin, worm-like lower half, absorb + release energy in the form of Molotov cocktails, constantly leaked low levels of radiation
    *D* (app-b+gw)--X-Factor I#7 ([7(fb)], 7, New Mutants Annual#4

GLUB - Mannites, male,
    obese, rides floating seat, temporarily consume others and expel them intact at will, project images
    --Uncanny X-Men#372, X-Men II#92(named) (Astonishing X-Men#1-3

GLUGWORT - Frogs of Central Park, former king, father of Greensong and possibly Puddlegulp, grandfather of Greensong's son
    *D* (app-frogs)--Thor I#364 (364d)

GLUMP - Rime giant, humanoid, ally of Kai-Ra and Uroc
    (app)--Thor I#447 (447/2

GLUMPH - Savage Land, Tribe of Fire
    (app-gahck)--Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure

GLUNNO the WINGED ONE of K'AI of "Earth-4080" - Heroic warrior, joined the Hulk against the forces of the Dark Gods
    (app-earth4080)--What If I#23

GLUOHY, TIM - Daily Bugle
    --[Marvel Visions#15]

GLUTEN, KARL (    ) -
    --Human Torch#13

GLYCO of the Hyborian era - Aquilonian soldier
    *D* (app-sagayetha)--Moon of Blood; Savage Sword of Conan#46

GLX race (Chlee, Chlreee) - extraterrestrial ,Milky Way, planet Glxx, semi-humanoid, silicon based, subsist by eating metal, empowered Hammer & Anvil
    --Incredible Hulk II#182

GLX - see GREAT LAKES X-MEN (OH: Av2005)--GLA#4

GLYTRA - Inhuman
    (app)--[Fantastic Four I#59], 240

G'MAL - Wakandan, guard? of Shuri, possessed by Cannibal, given lethal injection by Skrull impersonating Brother Voodoo
    *D*--Black Panther IV#26 (27, 35-37, 38d)

GNAROK of the Hyborian era - god
    --Conan the Barbarian I#151

GNASH - Hellbent, slain by Manx
    mouths for hands
    (app-hellbent)--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#53

GNASHERS - AIM bio-engineered animalistic warriors, battled Operation; Lightning Storm
    --Ms. Marvel#15 (16

GNASHNATH - lizard-like servant of Karnilla

GNATSEYE - Sectaur, short ally of Dargon

GNIT - Nightmare's personal nightmare
    (app)--Dr. Strange II#53

GNIVES - Giant king, husband of Ulif, father of Holth, sought to humiliate gods following Holth's death
    (app)--Thor: Blood Oath#1 (5-6

GNOBIAN race (Death's Head Squadron, Lump, mother)
    - race of aliens who wandered the universe, recording different cultures' collective memories; Wolfgang von Strucker discovered the queen mother in 1944, was given access to their technology, drove her mad when her telepathy encountered his pain and hatred, committed mass suicide upon learning how Strucker had changed them
    various psychic powers
    evidence planted to make it appear as if they were created by Arnim Zola to dupe Nick Fury into believing Hydra had gained its advanced technology from an encounter with an advanced race,
    (OH2006#4, app)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD III#1 ([4(fb)], 4(fb), 5(fb), 6(fb), 1-6

GNOME (    ) - created Dragorr, sent it to battle Namor
    (1960s, app)--Tales to Astonish I#94

GNOME of Earth-148611 - see KLEINNMAN, HORST--Nightmask(nu)#1


GNOMES of Myth-Realm (Nimbi) - short and stout

GNOMES of QUARL (Zartros) -
    --Ka-Zar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle#18

GNOMES of Weirldworld - one was encountered by Tyndall
    (app-ww)--Marvel Super-Action I#1

GNOME-STALKERS - wolf-headed, sword-wielding creatures, hunted Gnomes of Quarl
    (app-zartros)--Ka-Zar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle#18

GNORRI - Asgard, king of the snow eagles, granted a feather to Balder, Sif, and Thor to help forge the sword Svraden
    --Thor: Son of Asgard#1 (3

Gnostic wizard (    ) - Afghani, mystically enslaved Gargoyle (Isaac Christians)
    (app)--Defenders I#135, (fully seen) 136 (136(fb), [134], 135-138

Gnosticology: The Science of Brain Locksmithing - text pushed on Howard by a cultist on a bus traveling from Canada to Cleveland
    --Howard the Duck I#11 (April, 1977)

GNOWEE - Aboriginal sun goddess
Thor & Hercules: Encyclopaedia Mythologica

GNUCCI, MA (Isabella Carmela Magdalena Gnucci) - leader of New York crime syndicate, much of outfit slaughtered by Punisher, ordered a hit on him, mauled by bear while trying to ambush him in the zoo, scalped and lost all four limbs, sent Russian against him, had mansion burnt down and thrown into fire by him
    *D* (MKE, OH2006#4, HC# , app)--[Punisher V#1],4 ([1-3],4-11,12d)

GNUCCI, BOBBIE - Ma's son, killed by Punisher
    *D* (app-magnucci)--Punisher V#1 (1d)

GNUCCI, CARLO - Ma's number one son, killed by Punisher
    *D* (app-magnucci)--Punisher V#1 (1d)

GNUCCI, DINO - Ma's brother, killed by Punisher
    *D* (app-magnucci)--Punisher V#3 (3d)

GNUCCI, "STICKY" EDDIE - Ma's son, killed by Punisher
    *D* (app-magnucci)--Punisher V#1 (1d)

GNUCCI, PETER - former owner of a car store, last surviving Gnucci, required to kill Punisher to gain inheritance, hired Deadpool, given check for millions when apparently succeeded, killed trying to retrieve check when it was blown away by the wind
    *D*--Deadpool III#53 (54,55d)

GNUCCI, STEVIE - Ma's cousin, killed by agents of Ma after stupidly asking her how she was doing following her quadruple amputation
    *D* (app-magnucci)--Punisher V#5 (5d)

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