GIAN of Earth-148611 - Kleinmann Institute, neurosurgeon
    (app)--[Nightmask I#1], 2

GIANELLI, FRANK - reporter/photographer, sought romantic involvement with Carol Danvers
    (app)--Ms Marvel I#6 (8,14,15,17,20,22, Captain Marvel VII#7-11,13,14,17, Captain Marvel VIII#1

GIANNI BIG NOSE - circa 1939, part of Mannino crime family, set Billy Sullivan's house on fire
    --Daring Mystery Comics 70th Anniversary Special (2009)

GIANNI GLITZ COSMETICS - owned by Gianni Glitz, assaulted by Cat's-Paw
    --Iron Man IV#16 (16 (fb)

GIANT of Dinosaur World - Giant Folk, father of Ruka, sought missing son, fought Devil Dinosaur
    (app)--Devil Dinosaur#3

GIANT from OUTER SPACE of Reality-59594 (    ) - human from Earth @ 2744 AD, traveled to the planet Ursa Micronica
    (app)--Tales to Astonish I#3/4

giants - race of immortal Asians, immune to most forms of injury, able to be killed by loud noises, used as agents by a Benson bank executive, but they were killed by Captain America and Bucky
    --(g) Captain America Comics#2

GIANTs of Earth-9910 (Azeroch(d), Chakra, Nom, Tull)
    - led away from society at some point in the past by Azeroch, proclaimed Nom as Azeroch reborn when he discovered them, arrived to turn the tide against the Chronowarriors.
    large, semi-humanoid, dog-legged, superhuman strength + durability
    --Bishop: Last X-Man#1, 12 (14

GIANTs of JOTUNHEIM - see Frost + Ice + Mountain + Rime + Storm + Wind giants
    - apparently slain in the destruction of Asgard at the hands of Thor
    Gnives, Holth, & Ulif (unidentified type of Giants)
    Eggther (previous Ragnarok)
    - JOTUNS (U#3)--Journey into Mystery I#97 (
    Thor: Blood Oath#1, 5-6
    Thor II#82-85

GIANTs of OLYMPUS (Callias, Zeno, Eurymedon, Alcyoneus, Porphyrion, Ephialtes, Eurytus, Clytius, Mimas, Enceladus, Pallas, Polyboetus, Hippolytus, Gration, Agrius, Thoas (all deceased), Hopladamus, "Long Hair," "Bearded One," "One-Eye")
    - progeny of Gaea, conceived from the blood of Ouranos, most slain in battle against the Olympian Gods, and with their blood Gaea conceived Typhon

    (app)--Hulk: Hercules Unleashed (Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide#1 (fb), 1, Hulk: Hercules Unleashed

giant bees - mutated via Pym Particles
    (app-)--Monsters Unleashed III#9

giant black men in vests and woolen hats carrying large radios of Earth-Grit - parody of characters seen in Frank Miller's Daredevil run

giant buzzards - associated with Zombie-Master
    (app-zm)--Daring Mystery Comics#1

giant "chickens" of the Hyborian era - carnivorous creatures dwelling in City of Shadows
    (app-)--Conan the Barbarian I#217

GIANT FOLK of Earth-78411/Dinosaur World (Giant, Ruka)
    BIG ONES*--Devil Dinosaur#3

giant hawks - steed of Hawk-Riders of Dovecote
    (app-dovecote)--Captain America I#238

giant insects of Earth-52219 - roamed the land in the distant future, consumed Charlie Parker
    (app-parker)--Suspense I#14

GIANT-KINGS of the Elder Races (unidentified male) - apparently ruled what would become Stygia @ 110, 000 BC; the corpse of one was found in a subterranean cavern @ 10,000 BC by Conan and Belit, restored to life when Stygians tried to steal its diadem, consumed many Stygians before being blinded by Conan and trapped within the cavern
    (app)--"The God in the Bowl," Space Science Fiction; Conan the Barbarian I#7; Conan the Barbarian I#90 ([90 (fb)], 90

    second identity used, between Ant-Man + Goliath.
    combined growing + shrinking powers
    GIGANTUS* (D#10, 1970s)--Tales to Astonish I#49 (Avengers I#1.5, 2(267), Untold Tales of Spider-Man#3, TTA#50,51, Tales of Suspense#49, Avengers Classics#3/2, Av3 / Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes#1(fb3), Av4(-pg3,pn7) / Av:EMH#1(fb3), Av:EMH#2(fb1), TTA#52,53, Av4(rest), Fantastic Four I#25,26, Av5(-pg3,pn3), TTA#54, 54/2, 55, 55/2, 56, 56/2, Av5(rest) / Av:EMH#2(fb2), Av:EMH#3(fb1), Av6(Marvels#2) / Av:EMH#3(fb2), Av:EMH#4(fb1), Avengers Classics#6/2, Journey into Mystery I#101,TTA#57/2, 57, JiM#105, TTA#58, ToS#56, Av7, [Strange Tales I#123], JiM#108, TTA#59, Spider-Man Unlimited#18(fb8), Amazing Spider-Man Annual#1,ToS#58, Marvels#2, Av8 / Av:EMH#4(fb2), AmzSpdm18, TTA#60, Av9(-pg4,pn2), ToS#59, Av9(-pg10,pn2), Fantastic Four I#31, Av9(rest), 58(fb), West Coast Avengers II#2(fb), TTA#61, UntSpdm An1997, ToS#60, TTA#62, Av13(fb), Av10, X-Men I#9, Marvel Monsters: Monsters on the Prowl, TTA#63, Av11, TTA#64, Av12, 13 / Av:EMH#5(fb1), Av14 / Av:EMH#5(fb2), F4#36, TTA#65, Captain America I#221/2, TTA#66, Av15 / Av:EMH#6(fb), Av16(-pg6,pn3)/Marvel: Heroes & Legends 1997/JiM#115/Av16(-pg17,pn3) / Av:EMH#7(fb), JiM#116,Av16(rest) / Av:EMH#8(fb), TTA#67-69-->Pym
    Av366-368, 369-373, 379/2-381/2(fb), 374,375, 375/2, Quasar#60, Thunderstrike#10, Avengers Annual#23, 23/2, Secret Defenders#18, Cap434(Av378, 379/2-381/2, ales to Astonish III#1, Force Works#8), Cap435-437, Iron Man I#314, Cap438, Ts16, Av383, 382/3, Vision I#1,3,4, Av384, Cap440, Av387,388, Fantastic Four Unlimited#11, FW#13,14, Ts23,24, Av390, Avengers Unplugged#1, 2, Cap443, 444, Hulk434, Avengers: Crossing, Av391, IM321, Av392, IM323,Av393, [FW#19], IM324,Av394,Avengers: Timeslide, Sensational Spider-Man II#3, IM325,Av395, Iron Man: Age of Innocence, Spider-Man Team-Up#4, Punisher III#1, Th495,IM326,Av396, Hlk440(fb),440,Av397, IM327, AvUP#4, Av399,400, Onslaught: X-Men, Av401, F4#415, X-Men II#55, Uncanny X-Men#336, Hlk445, Av402, X56, Onslaught: Marvel Universe, Avengers II#1,2, 4, [5], 7-11, Fantastic Four II#12,Av12,Iron Man II#12, Heroes Reborn: the Return#1-4, [Thunderbolts#10], Avengers III#1-3, Tb11, Captain America III#3, Av4, Avengers/Squadron Supreme Annual 1998, Avengers Forever#1(fb), 1(Av10,11), 2-12, Iron Man An1998(fb), Av12, Iron Man III#12, Av20(fb), 13,14,IM#15, Cap21, Av17,18, Avengers#0, [19],20-22, Av23, Fantastic Four III#27, Av25, 27->Goliath-->Yj;
    Captain America and the Falcon#5-->Yj

GIANT-MAN (William Barrett "Bill" Foster*) - Champions of Los Angeles, Project: PEGASUS, ex-husband of Claire Temple, former assistant to Henry Pym, used Pym particles to grow in size, temporarily lost powers after radiation poisoning from battle with Atom-Smasher, regained powers
    -BLACK GOLIATH*, GOLIATH* (I#13,M)--Marvel-Two-In-One#54 (55-58, Spectacular Spider-Man#41, Fantastic Four#542 (fb), MTIO#76, 81-85->bill foster.
    West Coast Avengers Annual#3/2, West Coast Avengers II#39, Marvel Super-Heroes III#11/2, Marvel Comics Presents#113/2-118/2, Avengers I#380/2(fb), 379/2-382/2->bg. Black Panther III#17

GIANT-MAN (Raz Malhotra) - scientist, given Giant-Man suit by Scott Lang, assisted Ultimates against Infinaut
   (app)-- Ant-Man Annual I#1 (Ast Ant-Man I#4, 5, 7, Ultimates I#3, Mockingbird I#5, Ast Ant-Man I#9, 10, Ult I#9, Ast AM I#13

GIANT MONSTER of MIDNIGHT VALLEY of the Old West - alien, ship-crashed on earth after being struck by a comet, encountered and befriended Kid Colt who nearly sacrificed his life for him, returned to Earth in the modern era and told the story to Stan Lee
    St least 30 feet tall, and possessed telepathy, telekinesis, and the advanced technology of its race, including a rocket ship capable of interstellar travel and a life-giving lotion that could heal fatal wounds.
    (app)--Kid Colt#107 (107(fb), 107

GIANT MONSTER from OUTER SPACE of Earth-59594 - human circa 2744, visited Ursa Micronia
    (app)--Tales to Astonish I#3/4

GIANT MONSTER MUSEUM and EXPO CENTER - Tokyo, former run by curator Dr. Yamanes
    --Fantastic Four / Iron Man: Big in Japan#1

GIANT ONE (        ) - Monks of the Hidden Temple
    (app-hidden)--Amazing Spider-Man I#108 (109

GIANT RAT of SUMATRA - encountered by Sherlock Holmes, encountered in past by Reed Richards and Alyssa Moy
    --[Doyle’s Sussex Vampire], Giant Rat of Sumatra; [Before Fantastic Four: Reed Richards#1]

giant raven of the pre-Cataclysmic era - creation of the Hooded Ones, destroyed by Kull
    (app-torranna)--Kull the Destroyer#22

giant robot - destroyed by Fantastic Four, hand blocked Peter Parker's bus on the way to a bus interview
    --Amazing Spider-Man Family#2/3

GIANT SAM (Sam    ) - New Paramounts, discovered Ploidy process to increase size, unable to get funding due to Hank Pym's recklessness
    grow in size & strength
    --[Nextwave#8], 9 (9 (fb), [8], 9-10

giant scarab - summoned by Rakses, destroyed by Elsa Bloodstone

giant slugs of Mars circa 1 billion BC - illusion-casting predatory creatures, hunted on the banks of the River of the Dead
    (app-jonesgulliver)--Creatures on the Loose#17

giant snapping turtles - trained agents of Turtle-Man
    (app-tm)--Captain America Comics#23

giant space saber-toothed tigers wearing jetpacks - creations of SILENT, defeated by Nextwave

giant spiders - serving Spiderman, fought Miss America
    (app-sm)--Blonde Phantom Comics#12

giant spiders - enlarged by Casmir Kravadka
    (app-ck)--Uncanny Tales I#26

giant spiders of Weirdworld - Region of Shadows
    (app-ww)--Marvel Premiere#38

GIANT-SYNCH - SYNCH’s mutate form (app-spidermorphosis)—Amazing Spider-Man I#437

giant turtle mutate - S.H.A.D.O.W.
    --Order II#5

giant venom-spitting snake biplane cyborgs - creations of SILENT, defeated by Nextwave

giant vultures of the Swampland of Terror - battled Lorna
    (app-sot)--Lorna, the Jungle Girl#7

giant Wolverine/King Kong hybrid - creations of SILENT, defeated by Nextwave


GIANT-WOMAN - see WASP--Invaders III#0

GIANUS, ALVISE - 16th century glassmaker of Venice, targeted for assassination by the doge (ruler?) after it was discovered that he used blood from human sacrifices to make his glass crimson, pushed into molten glass, face scarred, body preserved in St. Michael's cemetery, revived when Spider-Man touched the glass in recent years, returned to violent ways until trapped within glass anew by Spider-Man
    Spider-Man in Venice: The Secret of the Glass (Spdm: SotG (fb), Spdm: SotG

GIAUSAR - planet, infused with the Old Power, corrupted by Hiro-Kala to poison Galactus
    --Son of Hulk

GIBBON (Martin Blank) - mutant, Spider-Man Revenge Squad, partner of Grizzly (Max Markham), former circus acrobat, abilities enhanced by potion from Kraven, which also sent him into an animal rage, later used as pawn by Beetle (Jenkins)
    ape-like build, agility + superhuman strength
    Martin Siamang* (OH2006#4, net)--Amazing Spider-Man I#110 (111,112, Spectacular Spider-Man II#59,60, 245,246,252,253,256, ?Tangled Web of Spider-Man#5?, She-Hulk II#6, Underworld#4-5, Punisher War Journal II#4, [New Warriors IV#3], [PWJ#16 (fb)], 16

GIBBONS, COLLIN - @ 1975, aboard the Sussex, spared by Gravesend Gorgon in exchange for bringing him more victims, led Rory Moriarity to Gorgon
    (app-gravesend gorgon)--Giant-Size Chillers II#1/2 (1/2 (fb), [1/2 (fb)], 1/2

GIBBORIM (        ) - trio of giant aliens, granted the Pride dominion over Los Angeles in exchange for using them to restore Earth to a pre-Historic utopia by destroying all life and replacing it, slew Wilder and blew up the site of the Rite of Thunder (possibly killing the Pride) when the Pride failed to deliver a soul to them
    (app)--[Runaways#11], 13 (13(fb), [1, 11, 15-16], 17, Runaways II#16, [17-18], 22, 24

GIBBS, FRANK - husband of Vicky, father of Jacob + Tanya, former agent of the Kingpin
    --Web of Spider-Man#33 (Amazing Spider-Man I#295, Spectacular Spider-Man II#133

GIBBS, Detective HARRY – New York Police Department, killed twenty years ago in an accident, body taken over by the time traveling Vaalu who then pretended to be him until the Cosmultigizer arrived on Earth
    *D* (app-xan)—Web of Spider-Man#25

GIBBS, JACOB - son of Frank + Vicky
    --Web of Spider-Man#33 (Amazing Spider-Man I#295, Spectacular Spider-Man II#133

GIBBS, TANYA - daughter of Frank + Vicky
    --Web of Spider-Man#33 (Amazing Spider-Man I#295, Spectacular Spider-Man II#133

GIBBS, VICKY - Mad Dog Ward, wife of Frank, mother of Jacob + Tanya
    --Web of Spider-Man#33 (Amazing Spider-Man I#295, Spectacular Spider-Man II#133

GIBICHUNG CLAN (Gunther, Gutruna, their parents and other more distant relations) - based in a stronghold off the river Rhine in the 5th century AD; encountered Siegfried
    (app)--unknown; (Wagner's Gibichung) Gotterdamerung, Der Ring des Nibelung; (Marvel) Thor I#299

GIDEON - External, highlord, owner + CEO of Oprah Industries, discovered abilities when "died" of scurvy aboard the Pinta and revived, had Emmanuel DaCosta poisoned to return Sunspot to his employ, killed by Selene.
    duplicate powers of those in his vicinity
    *D* (M)--New Mutants I#98 (X-Force I#37(fb), Gambit III#14, NM#98,99, New Mutants An7, New Warriors An1,Uncanny X-Men An15, X-Factor An6, XForce#1,[2],3/Spider-Man#16, XFor5(fb), Night Thrasher I#3, NW#19, XFor10, 12,13, 15, XFor20, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#46,47, XFor23, [79(fb)], XMen Premium Edition (Toys ‘R Us) #1, XForce#36,37 51d)

GIDEON ?? - 16th century ghoul/vengeful spirit of madman killed by his brother, Ezra; murdered others crossing the river in which he died; encountered Solomon Kane; rested peacefully after allowed to slay Ezra
    --Skull in the Stars; (Marvel) Monsters Unleashed#1/4

GIDEON, AMANDA - wealthy socialite, drug trafficker, employed Dr. Ecstacy, killed fighting Night Cat
    *D* (app-nightcat)--Nightcat#1

GIDEON, BRADLEY - Redemption, Alabama; son of Howard & Karla Faye, killed by Howard for looking at pictures of women in lingerie; Howard framed Joel Flood for his death
    *D* (app)--Daredevil: Redemption#1, (identified) 2, (fully seen) 6 (6 (fb), 1 (d

GIDEON, GREGORY HUNGERFORD - formerly one of the wealthiest men on earth, father of Glorian, devised intricate scheme to destroy Fantastic Four, thwarted by son, developed radiation poisoning, created Eternity Machine, donned exoskeleton, used Dragon Man as pawn, battled Fantastic Four and sought to siphon their powers to reverse cellular decay, killed by Dragon Man when he broke free from control
    *D* (app)--Fantastic Four I#34 (135(fb) 134,135d, 136?)

GIDEON, HOWARD - Redemption, Alabama; husband of Karla Faye, father of Bradley, killed him for looking at pictures of women in lingerie, guilt only discovered after Joel Flood had been executed for the murder, sentenced to death
    --Daredevil: Redemption#1 (6 (fb), 1-5 (fb), 6 (fb), 6

GIDEON, KARLA FAYE - Redemption, Alabama; wife of Howard, mother of Bradley
    --Daredevil: Redemption#2 (2-5 (fb), 6 (fb), 6

GIDEON TRUST (N-Explorers, Colonel, Janus the Nega-Man) - estate of Gregory Gideon, sought to buy rights to inventions of richards inc, purchased pier four immediately before it was destroyed by Diablo, mutated Trapster
    GIDEON BOARD--Fantastic Four III#35 (36, 38-44

GIDEON, Sgt. JOHN - mutant criminal, associated with Dept. F66, believed himself to be reincarnation of Cain, mummify others
    (app-df66)--Pryde & Wisdom#1 (2,3

GIDEON’s BIBLE - legendary text on Half-World, contained secrets to curing the insane humans
    --Incredible Hulk II#271

GIDGET GOES TO HELL - novel by Patsy Walker
    --Avengers Annual 2000

    alias used as lord of the Thule Society circa 2671 BC
    --Captain America: Hail Hydra#2 (2011)

GIG - Family, killed by Punisher
    *D* (app-family)--Punisher War Journal#54 (55, 56

GIGANTA of Earth-Amalgam - Gargantua? + Giganta
    (app-prince)--Tales of the Amazons

GIGANTANS - natives of Gigantus, destroyed when planet wiped out by Eternals of Eyung, created a collective being to eventually oppose the Over-Mind, but this being was inadvertently destroyed by the Stranger, who then took up its mission against the Over-Mind
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#115 (115 (fb, die), Quasar#16 (fb, composite being dies)

GIGANTAURON - immense robot, doubled as part of Nightwind, ship of the Charter
    --Shogun Warriors#19 (20

GIGANTIANS - see GIGANTANS (app)--Fantastic Four I#115; (Gigantians) Quasar#16

GIGANTO - immense sea monster similar in appearance as a whale with humanoid limbs, possibly inspired legend of Moby Dick during struggle with Ulysses Bloodstone, summoned by Namor in first modern attack on USA, killed by bomb detonating inside of it, which was placed by the Thing
    *D* "Moby Dick?" (Marvel Monsters, app)--Fantastic Four I#4 (Marvel Universe#7(fb) Fantastic Four I#4d)

GIGANTO(s) - Deviant mutate, servant of mole man, briefly raised Inorganic Technotroid with mate, abandoned it after lost interest.
    Immense size and strength and durability, green skin, powerful digger
    (Marvel Monsters-Monster Island, app)--Fantastic Four I#1 (Marvel Universe#7, Fantastic Four I#1, X-Men: Hidden Years#20 9; Fantastic Four#264, Avengers West Coast#54, F4#347-349, Fantastic Four III#1, Hercules III#1, Marvel Holiday Special 2006#1

GIGANTUS - Dyson Sphere, home of the Gigantans of Eyung & Overmind, spawned collective being that was accidentally destroyed by Stranger
    *Des* (app)--Fantastic Four I#115 (115 (fb, des)

GIGANTUS - Deviant mutate, once made attempt to rule earth, guarded Monster Island for Kro, later servant to Mole Man.
    immense red amphibious semi-humanoid monster
    GARGANTUS*, GOLIATH*, the Monster That Walked Like a Man
    (Marvel Monsters-Monster Isle, app)--(g) Strange Tales I#63; Where Monsters Dwell#10 (Marvel Universe#7 Fantastic Four I#349, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#7, [42]

    Earth-Morgan, Queen’s Vengeance
    (app-emorgan)--Avengers III#2

"GIGER race" - extradimensional insectoid mechanoids, transformed earth creatures on an island (possibly Koma Koi or a nearby island) to serve them as "Blue Gorilla, "Prince" Samson, "Princess," and warriors, defeated by Wolverine
    Control and transform others even across a dimensional portal
    (app)--[Marvel Comics Presents#137], (arm) 140, (fully seen) 141

GIGGLES ( ) - Warpies, Cherubim.
    manipulate energy, open warps, generate bubbles that dazzle/blind/hypnotize/sedate opponents, levitate
    (net-c9)--Captain Britain II#7 (8, 9, 11/2-14/2

GIGO (Peter G. Higorovitch) - engaged in anti-military sabotage from bowling alley, led the Holy Ring; encountered Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#18

"GIL" - Outcasts of New Mexico, Gila monster
    (app-outcasts)--Incredible Hulk II#329

GILA - Desert Dwellers, created as a series of numerous duplicates, battled West Coast Avengers
    humanoid gila monster, speak, walk upright, use tail as weapon, enhanced olfactory senses, poisonous bite, body armor, weakness to cold
      (U#3-Dominus' minions, app-desert dwellers)--West Coast Avengers II#17 ([24(fb)], Marvel Tales I#262/2, WCA17, [22], 24

GILBERT, Prof. GREGSON - creator of Dragon Man, captured by DiAngelo and forced to create another group of monsters -- Basilisk + Cockatrice + Griffin + Troglodyte,  freed by Power Pack and Cloak & Dagger
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#35 ( Sub-Mariner I#15 (fb), 15, Power Pack I#6-8, Human Torch II#12

GILBERT, ROXANNE - sister of Firebrand, former romantic interest of Iron Man/Stark
    —Iron Man I#59 (60, 63-66, 68-71, 73, 75, 82, 85, 88, 89, 297

GILBERT, SIMON - father of Firebrand and Roxanne, attempted to take over Stark Industries, apparently killed in explosion he set to destroy Stark's Bay City plant
    --Iron Man I#45 (48 (fb), 59 (fb), 45, [Avengers I#99], IM46-48d

GILBERTECH - technology design/construction corporation
    --Iron Man III#75

GILBERTI, ROSE - found and cared for Bastion after his formation and amnesia as a result of passage through the Siege Perilous, killed by US forces trying to bring Bastion in
    --X-Men II#69 (Cable+Machine Man Annual 1998(fb), XMen69 Cable+Machine Man An1998

GILDED LILY (Lillian von Loont) - great-aunt of Walter Langkowski, @ 1875 rescued from crash by Esteban Diablo, trained in alchemy by him, after his imprisonment gained vengeance on villagers by imprisoning them in gold, encountered in modern times by Sasquatch + Aurora, what remained of her body disintegrated when Sasquatch removed her mask, her mind inhabited the computer system of Alpha Flight’s Tamarind island headquarters, generated electrical elemental to free Diablo, reconstituted self and attempted to take over Aurora, body destroyed when forced to take chemical she intended for Aurora.
    create golden sheathe to cause suspended animation in those she touches, master of alchemy
    (app)--Alpha Flight I#20 (21(fb), 20,21, Alpha Flight Annual#1

GILDED ONE - see el DORADO--Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#6

GILES, BLACKIE (    ) - mobster; encountered the Ferret
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#8

GILGAMESH - Eternals of Earth, Avengers, @ 5000 years old, former friend of Interloper, former king of city of Uruk in Sumer @ 2750 B.C. where he suffered amnesia and befriended Enkidu, mistaken for Hercules when he cleaned the Augean stables @ 2800 BC, fought alongside Achilles in Trojan War, helped Aeneas following the war, fought with King David in Judah, learned to rope from Buffalo Bill Cody, in modern times saved Celestial Mothership from destruction by Deviant astronauts, temporarily blinded, temporary emissary to One Above All, attempted to prevent Eternals from interfering with Celestial judgments, infiltrated Deviant Lemuria and revealed Ghaur’s plans to the Eternals, joined Avengers during Inferno, left after nearly killed in battle with the Avatar of Cha'sa'dra, briefly sought as mate by Her, possibly forced by Immortus to train his Anachronauts, apparently killed by Neut during "The Crossing", who caused him to age rapidly after escaped Immortus, eventually revived, manipulated by Ajak into assaulting the Eternals before seemingly perishing at Thena's hands
    FORGOTTEN ONE*, O* GUERREIRO*, HERO*, "Hercules", "Samson", "Atlas", "Beowulf"
    (M, OH: BoD, OH: HC#4, net)--Avengers I#300 (<myth history>, Captain America Annual#11(fb), Thor Annual#17(fb), [Thor I#287(fb)], [Av300(fb)], [Thor I#291(fb)], [Av300(fb)], [Av300(fb)], Avengers Spotlight#35(fb), "Tales of the Zombie#3"->Forgotten One.
    Avengers I#300(306(fb)),X-Factor An4/3, Thor I#402, New Mutants An4/3, Av301-303, Avengers An18/2, [Marvel Comics Presents #21], Av304-310, Avengers Spotlight#35, [Quasar28],29, [Eternals: Herod Factor], Av345, Avengers West Coast#81, Cap401, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10, Avengers: Crossing, Avengers I#391d, [Eternals IV#2], 3-6

GILGAMESH - see ETERNAL WARRIOR (app-wsulli)--Marvel Preview#12

GILGRATH - small moon on periphery of Shi'ar Empire, site of a cutting-edge scientific research facility
    (app)--Thanos II#2 (3

GILGAMESH, BONES of - see BONES of GILGAMESH--Captain America: Hail Hydra#2 (2011)

GILL ?? - reporter, interviewed Dr. Feeny
    (app-feeny)--Uncanny Tales I#9/2

GILLEN, KIERRON - HAMMER psych evaluator, contributed to pre-Siege assessments directed by Victoria Hand
    --Siege: Storming Asgard - Heroes & Villains

GILLIAM - Microworld, in 1961, natives fled from an approaching immense sphere, which turned out to be a baseball hurled towards their world, which accessed Earth via a portal on a catcher's mitt
    (app)--Journey Into Mystery I#72

GILLIAMs race - former natives of Gilliam, humanoid
    (app-gilliam)--Journey Into Mystery I#72

GILLIE ?? - San Francisco, drug addict, former friend of Morbius, saved from Roxy
    --Legion of Monsters: Morbius#1

GILLIGAN, MILLS (    ) - led gang that caused floods to help them rob banks; encountered Namor
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#5

GILLIS, HOLLY - former Empire State University art student, she formerly dated Hector Ayala
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#18

GILMORE, BERT - head of Gilsoft Games, sought Mobile Virtual Reality-Inducer
    (app-synario)--Amazing Spider-Man I#438 ([438 (fb)], 438

GILMORE, Col. WILLIAM - special advisor to Joint Chiefs of Staff on international terrorism
    --Spectacular Spider-Man III#8

GILROY, BRIGIT - wife of James, had affair with Doop
    --I (heart) Marvel: My Mutant Heart#1/2

GILROY, JAMES - husband of Brigit, hired Phillip Chandler to investigate Brigit
    --I (heart) Marvel: My Mutant Heart#1/2

GILSOFT GAMES - company headed by Bert Gilmore
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#438

GILUN - Dimension of Blackbodies, Iridian race, rebel
    *D*--Silver Surfer I#15

G. I. MAX ( ) - strength augmented US Army soldier, under direction of Lt. Michael Lynch, died when bullets fired by Lynch ricocheted off Captain America’s shield and pierced his throat
    *D* (app)--Captain America I#331 ([333(fb)], 331d)

GIMLET ( ) - Maggia, former agent of the Top Man, tried to kill the defeated Fantastic Four, killed by the Top Man
     *D* (app-topman)--Fantastic Four I#101

"GIMP" see EDWARDS, ETHAN--Marvel Knights Spider-Man#18

GINALDO (    ) - sword-wielding Japanese fanatic, accompanied by Suoka; encountered Patriot (Greg Mace)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#26 (27

GIN GENIE (Beckah Parker) - X-Force/X-Statix, killed in assault on kidnappers.
    create earth tremors
    *D (app)--X-Force#116 (X-Statix#10(fb), XForce#116d)

GINGER ?? - waitress at Coffee Bean
    --Spider-Man/Human Torch#2

GINGERBREAD MAN - brought to life by Patsy Dragonsworth, destroyed by Howard the Duck
    *Des* (app)--Howard the Duck I#6 (7d)

GINNIYEH - Neyaphem, son of Azazel, moisture drained and killed? by Iceman
    reshape body, see on many different levels
   *D*?--Uncanny X-Men#429, (named) 432 (429-433, 434d)

GINNUNGAGAP - Asgard, nexus between Muspelheim + Niffelheim, source of all life in Asgard
    --[Thor I#288], Dr. Strange III#35

GINNY ?? - daughter of Peter & Sue, rescued from fire by Wolverine
    --Wolverine: Firebreak#1 (2008)

GINREI - one of Japan's five "Swords of Secrets," held by Clan Yashida
    association with the Honor Sword of Clan Yashida?
    <The Silver Spirit>--X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadow & Flame#4 (5

GINSA - Microverse, Jonesy, forced to follow through with her agreement to marry Aratu by Genis-Vell, but then immediately granted a divorce. She got back together with Aratu after he summoned his family's armies to kill Genis for his interference, and she was impressed at the lengths he had gone to for her
    --Captain Marvel VI#11 (12

GINSBERG, SHARON - mutant lawyer, hired to file an injunction to prevent Venus Dee Milo from interacting with X-Statix,  had affair with Solomon O’Sullivan, wings ripped off by Bad Guy, developed secondary mutation and blamed X-Statix for loss of her wings, attacked them, subdued by el Guapo.
    Razor sharp talons, formerly had wings and could fly
    (app)--X-Statix#2 (3, 6-8, 9

GIOTTI, EDUARDO of Earth-148611 - Troubleshooters
    -STRONGARM* (app-trouble)--Spitfire and the Troubleshooters (nu) #1 (2-9

GIRABOOR the HUMBLE - Asgardian, lost one eye in the battle of Konn, and the second one in blood tide wars, warned Sif of impending Doom for all Nine Worlds.
    old, balding male, white hair and moustache, precognitive/clairvoyant powers
    --Thor III#28

GIRAFFE-MAN (    ) - Ani-Men

GIRARD, JACQUES - former boyfriend of Silver Sable
    --Silver Sable# ( 28,29

GIRAUD - see PHOENIX of Earth-691 --Guardians of the Galaxy #9, 10

GIRI CORPORATION - Japanese business, funds Big Hero 6
    --Sunfire & Big Hero Six#1 (2,3

GIRK, HIRAM - crackpot scientist, designed Paratron
    (app-paratron)--Machine Man I#7

girl (    ) - Christianboro, former pawn of Null the Living Darkness
    (app-null)--Defenders I#103 (103 (fb), 103

GIRL-MOON (Illa) - daughter of Ego the Living Planet
    --Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur#19

GIRL with the SIGN - see COTERIE (app-coterie)--Contest of Champions II#1

GIRTH - Lilin, partnered with Skitter, assigned to bring group of Midnight Sons to Zarathos and Lilith.
    large + obese + green, redirect force and energy, wears dark sunglasses
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#143

GIRTH ( "Tubby" Walsh) - Happy Campers
    strike with great force using abdomen and large gut
    (app-hc)--NFL Superpro#10

GISELLE of the Hyborian Era - sold to Gargantax, who sought to win her love, fled from him, stopped him from killing Conan, who then killed him instead
    --Conan the Barbarian I#166

GITA of the Hyborian era - god
    --Red Sonja I#

GITARA of the Hyborian era - handmaiden to Yasmina, secretly allied with Khemsa, encouraged him to betray the Black Seers, killed by them
    *D*--People of the Black Circle; Savage Sword of Conan#16 (17d)

GITEL - Inhuman, attended wedding of Black Bolt and Medusa
    --Fantastic Four Annual#18

GITTELSOHN, Dr. - former scientist under Dr. Doom, involved in Project: Space Probe, killed in power surge caused by Hunger
    *D* (app)--Fantastic Four I#379 (380, 381d)

    --Young X-Men#1

GITTES, Lt. Col. JONATHON TOM - SHIELD II, leader of rogue agents seeking to punish war criminals being offered deals
    (app-agentorange)--Captain America/Fury: Blood Truce

GIUSEPPE ?? - @ 1926, vampire, former agent of Nick Diablo, vamped by Dracula
    *D/R*--Dracula Lives#8/2

GIVENS, Det. HARRY - NYPD, partner of Beverly Sykes
    --New Warriors IV#1 (9 (fb), 1-6, 9-10, 12-13

GIYUNE of the Hyborian era - sorcerer, transformed Baldar into a pig, Valiana into a wolf, and Conan into a lion, forcing them to battle each other, slain by an arrow to the third eye from Udelas
    Giyune of the Three Eyes - *D* (app)--Savage Sword of Conan#69

GIZ of Earth-93060 (Nathanial Wells) - tech-expert for Warstrike
    --Warstrike (uv)#1(2,4,5,7

GJALLERBRU - bridge of the river Gjull in Hel, stationed by Modgud
    --Thor I#360

GJALLERHORN - possessed by Heimdall, immense horn, calls Asgardians to battle
    --Thor I#248

GJO - police force opposing their other sub-species, the Vaag; tracked down and exposed Manoo
    use equipment to project illusions
    --Marvel Monsters: Where Monsters Dwell#1

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