GFL2K (Don (d?), Fatty (d?), Harold "Dunk" Winslow,
    - Bronx gang assaulted by Hammerhead to either destroy them or to force them to join Mr. Negative's forces
    possibly stands for Gamestar Football League 2000
    --Amazing Spider-Man#575 (576

GGORGSTOG - Asgardian, defended Thor’s ability to rule, later spoke out against him when he left for Earth during battle with the Frost Giants
    --Thor II#45 (45(fb), 45, 50/4

GHALA - god of youth for Guatemalan sect
    --[Gambit: Hunt for the Tomorrow Stone Cyber-Comic]

GHAMOLA - golden elephant animated by Raga-Shah via the spells of Ina and Biri, driven into acid pit by Shanna
    BLOOD-BEAST of DAKA-JUR* (app-ragashah)--Savage Tales I#9/2

GHAN - Storm Giant, battled Thor, saved by Loki
    (app)--Journey Into Mystery I#115/2

GHANATAS of the Hyborian era (Mbonai, Shaka, Zuru) - black nomads, slavers, "South Africa", worshipped Jhil
    --Conan the Adventurer Novel (Conan the Buccaneer/Savage Sword of Conan#41

GHANDAR CHEN of the pre-Cataclysmic era -
    --Kull the Conqueror I#5

GHANIZAR of the Hyborian era -
    aka "BEL"--Savage Sword of Conan I#211/2

GHANNIF of the Hyborian era - former king of Pah-Dishah, employed Trolus, sent Red Sonja to retrieve the Serpent Tiara, attempted to force her to service him, slain by her
    *D* (app)--[Conan the Barbarian I#24], Savage Sword of Conan#1/3 ([CtB#30 (fb) - BTS/ SSoC#1/3 (fb)], SSoC#1/3d)

GHARAMARUKIAN, PAPKEN - Armenian gangster, fought Cable in Krasnaya Polyana
    --Solider X#4 (5, 6

GHARBA-HSIEN - see SAUL--X-Force I#37

GHARSKYGT - Asgardian, lover of one of Volstagg’s daughter’s (Hildy)
    --Thor II#50/2

GHASTA - demon, agent of Beelzeboul, killed in battle with Terror + Hellfire.
    pale skin with spikes

GHASZASZH NYIRH - demon of the Old Ones, agent of Shuma-Gorath, released from imprisonment when Dr. Strange destroyed many of his magic items to defeat Urthona, enslaved many people of a starving nation in Africa.
    large, insectoid creature
    (app)--[Strange Tales II#9/2], 10/2 ([Dr. Strange II#81, StrT II#3/2, 8/2,9/2], 10/2

GHATH - extradimensional, enemy of Khaos
    --Excalibur Annual#1

GHAUR - Deviant, created by Deviant Priests through centuries of selective breeding, father of Deviant woman with human appearance, usurped power of Dreaming Celestial but lost form to him and had consciousness separated by Uni-Mind, seemingly dissipated, inadvertently reintegrated by Silver Surfer, freed Llyra, created golden Serpent’s Crown, assembled Brides of Set, attempted to bring Set to earth, foiled by Naga, resurrected by followers, attempted to create a Uni-Mind, reformed into golden statue, recovered by salvage crew after destruction of Lemuria by apocalypse.
    manipulate minds and actions of any deviant other than Kro
    (D#5,17,M)--Eternals II#2 (5, 7,8 9-12, Silver Surfer An2, Iron Man An10, Uncanny X-Men An13, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23, Spectacular Spider-Man An9, Avengers West Coast#52, Avengers An18, New Mutants An5, X-Factor An4, Web of Spider-Man An5, Avengers West Coast An4, Thor An14, Fantastic Four An22, Avengers I#370,371, Heroes for Hire#5(fb) [4],5-7, Eternals: Apocalypse Now, Black Panther III#26-29

GHAZANDI - mystic from India, trained Trago
    (app-trag)--Tales to Astonish I#47

GHAZIKHANIAN, ANNIE - mother of Carter, former nurse of Havok, mind linked to him while he was in a coma by Carter, fell in love with him, came to work at Xavier Institute, began dating him after learning the truth
    --Uncanny X-Men#411 (412, 413, 415, 416, 417-420, X-Men Unlimited#44, UX421,422, Exiles#28-30, UX423, New Mutants II#3, UX425,426, New Mutants II#7?, UX429-431, 433,434, X157, 160, X-Men II#161, 163,164

GHAZIKHANIAN, CARTER - mutant, son of Annie + ??, linked the minds of his mother and Havok while Havok was in a coma
    generate holographic images
    --Uncanny X-Men I#411 (413, 418-420, XMen Unlimited#44, UX421,422, Exiles#28-30, UX425,426, 429, 430, [431,432],433,434, X-Men II#161, 163,164

GHAZNAVI of the Hyborian era - ruler of Khawarizm
    --REH’s The Devil in Iron; Savage Sword of Conan#15 (15(fb), 15

GHENGIS - Wizard Majestrix

GHILARON - created by Dr. Demonicus, killed in battle with Godzilla and SHIELD I
    *D* (app)--Godzilla#5

GHIOUGH - Deviant, follower of Kra
    --Eternals III#7

GHOLAR - cephalopod-shark-like semi-humanoid extraterrestial, speaks the Yppplk'o language, sold Cora and her family to Kio, defeated by Venom who located Kio and freed Cora and her family
    (app)--Venom: Spaceknight#1

GHORT - Backworld, one of Shlime's reanimated dead servants, armed with axe
    (app-Shlime)--Savage Sword of Conan#79/2

GHOST - see FLYING DUTCHMAN’s GHOST (app-fdg)--Avengers I#131

GHOST ( ) - former agent of Roxxon & AIM, freelance industrial saboteur, former ally of Spymaster (Sinclair Abbott), former inventor, betrayed & dropped out of field, established identity to destroy other technology corporations, destroyed Accutech, Electronica Fabrizzi,  developed "you da man" program used by Mad Bomber
    become invisible or intangible, program other machinery or computers of contact, fire energy blasts
    MAD BOMBER*,Johnny (U#3, M, OH: AZU#3, net)—Iron Man I#219(220,221 238-240 Amazing Spider-Man An25, Spectacular Spider-Man An11, Web of Spider-Man An7, Amazing Spider-Man II#16, [Iron Man III#42,43],44,45, Iron Man: The Inevitable#1-4

GHOST - see FU MANCHU (app-fumanchu)--Master of Kung Fu II#1 (2-6

GHOST of a CHANCE diner - site where the Kingpin nearly slew Kruel
    --Daredevil I#338 (338-342 (fb)

GHOST of CHRISTMAS PAST - angel?/spirit sent to teach meaning of Christmas to Jonah Jameson, got lost, unwittingly tormented Willie Lumpkin instead, resulting in him hating Christmas
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#18/4

GHOST of Dr. GRAYSON (Dr. Howard) - murderer impersonating ghost, set fire to hospital; encountered Namor
    Gleaming Ghost--Sub-Mariner Comics#4

GHOST of REUBEN HARTNETT (Smythe) - impersonated ghost to frighten off will beneficiaries; encountered Namor
    -- Human Torch#9

GHOST of KRAGMOOR CASTLE - forced to haunt the castle until replaced by another ghost, its new owner Anton Axel
    (app-axel)--Amazing Adult Fantasy#8/2

GHOST of MIDNIGHT VALLEY of the old West (Caleb, two others) - criminals, posed as ghost, appeared to encounter a real ghost as they all became highly terrified, and Caleb fell to his death
    (app)--Kid Colt, Outlaw#93

GHOST of RAVENLOCK (Sir Gavin Ravenlock) - pirate, ally of Mycroft, ancestor of "Black" Hugh Ravenlock, step-father of Allistair Rampson, grandfather of Rachel, based out of the Tower of Terror on Loch Ness, impersonated his infamous ancestor, killed by Mycroft to throw off suspicion
    *D* (app)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#3 (3(fb), 3d)

    --She-Hulk Sensational#1

GHOST of SHE-HULK PAST - represented "Savage" era
    --She-Hulk Sensational#1

GHOST of SHE-HULK PRESENT - represented "Sensational" and subsequent lawyer era
    --She-Hulk Sensational#1

GHOST of SILVER CITY of the Old West (Johnny Ringo) - enemy of Kid Colt, former member of the Outlaws, used luminescent pain to pose as a ghost against Colt, exposed and defeated
    (app)--Kid Colt Outlaw#101 (102

GHOST of SPRINGDALE HIGH (Fred Caskey) - cat burglar, "Speedball Revenge Squad," hired by Nathan Boder to search Springdale high school while looking for a hidden strongbox containing info about his criminal activities, later hired by Clyde/Rebound in an attempt to capture Speedball and Niels
    (app)--Speedball#9 (New Warriors I#66

    earth-morgan, queen’s vengeance
    (app-emorgan)—Avengers III#2 (3)

GHOST of YESTERYEAR - see KILLER GHOST of Sea Island--Sub-Mariner Comics#15 (Winter, 1944)

ghosts of the Grasscutter - spirits of all those slain by the sword, act as its guardians
    --Thor: Blood Oath#5 (6

ghosts of the subways - 16 people killed in the initial construction of the subways @ 1903, deaths covered up at the time, ceased haunting the subways and passed on after the truth was revealed in the modern era with the assistance of Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner)
    --Nightcrawler III#5 ([6(fb)], 5-6

GHOST DANCER - title for Native American sorcerer, passed from Nathaniel Great Owl to James Owl

GHOST DRIVER of Earth-148611 (Evan Huebner) - bonded with an Antibody

GHOST GIRL (Wendy Hunt) - Crusaders, Scottish, used machine given by Alfie, abandoned equipment when learned its origin and belt that powered it was destroyed.
    cast illusions to appear a short distance from where she actually was
    (net)--Invaders I#14 (15

GHOST GIRL (Lili Stephens) - Beta Flight, Asian female, placed in Hull House after death of grandfather, powers discovered by Beatrice de la Salle, close friend of Flex.
    alter density
    (app)--Alpha Flight II#15 (17-20

GHOST-MAKER (Grigori Sovchenko) - KGB assassin , ally of Hand and Snakeroot.
    martial arts master, uses katana + jet pack
    *D/Res* (CWBDR, app)--Master of Kung Fu I#110 (111, Daredevil Annual#10, Heroes for Hire II#1

    Phase through matter or energy, telepathy
    (app-ff)—Power Pack I#50

"GHOST MINER" (    ) - spirit, partnered with "Desert Lizard," attempted to make his home and transform the New Mexico desert into an oasis, paid to find a new home by Puma
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#44/4


GHOST RIDER (Caleb) - former slave, post Civil War nursed Travis Parham back to health, family slaughtered by George Reagan's gang, prayed to African (Vodu) god of vengeance, became Ghost Rider, encountered Parham while taking vengeance on Reagan's gang, warned Parham of the costs of vengeance
    --(Caleb) Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears#1 (2007); (GR) Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears#2 (2007) ([6 (fb)], 1-6


    Champions of Los Angeles, flaming skeleton created by union of these two by Mephisto (and apparently a merger with an angel by Zadkiel), eventually separated when Zarathos chose to enter the soul crystal to battle Centurious, later returned to Ghost Rider form (presumably possessed by Zarathos), eventually captured by demons and returned to Hell, briefly freed by Malachi to take down Kazann
    create flaming motorcycles, superhuman strength and durability, project fire able to cause spiritual agony
    (I#13, OH: MK, ME)--Marvel Spotlight I#5 (6-11, Ghost Rider II#1,2, MarvSpot#12, GR3-5, Avengers I#118, Marvel Team-Up I#15, GR6-9,11, Marvel Two-In-One#8, GR12,13,35(fb), 14(Champions#1,2),15,Champ3, GR16, Champs4, Marvel Premiere#28, GR17-19, Daredevil I#138, GR20, Avengers I#151, Champs7-10, GR21, Marvel Treasury Edition #13, GR22, Champs11-13, GR23,24, MTU#58, Champs14,15, GR25, Human Fly#2, Iron Man An4, Super-Villain Team-Up #14, Champs16,17, Giant-Size Hulk II#1, Spectacular Spider-Man II#17+18(fb), GR26-40,MTU#91,GR41-51 51/2 52-57,Defenders I#96, GR58-60, Marvel Two-In-One#80, GR61-63, Marvel Super-Heroes III#11, Silver Surfer III#14(fb), Marvel Graphic Novel#1, Silver Surfer An6(fb), Midnight Sons Unlimited#6(fb3), Avengers I#214, GR64-73, 74(fb), 74,75, Team America#11, GR II#76,77, 78-81 ->blaze+zarathos(separately).
    Ghost Rider IV#1-6, Ghost Rider VI#6 (fb), 7 (fb), 18 (fb), [Ghost Rider V#1 (fb)], 1-6, Ghost Rider VI#18 (fb), 1, 4 (fb), 1-4, 5, 6-7, 8-11, 12-13, Annual#1, 14 (fb), [14 (fb)], 14-19, 20-23, 24-25, [Annual#2 (fb)], 2, GR26-27


GHOST RIDER of Earth-973 - Dan Ketch bonded to Ghost Rider by Mephisto, eventually destroyed by John Blaze
    *D* (app-earth-973)--What If? II#95

GHOST RIDER of "Earth-8180" (Azaziah Hornsby) - usurped Ghost Rider form and power, attempted to slay the Pope, killed by John Blaze
    (app-earth8180)--What If I#28

GHOST RIDER of Earth-Ghost Rider: Barb Ketch (Barbara Ketch, spirit of vengeance) - Deathwatch's agents gunned town Daniel before leaving Barbara for dead, she made it to Ghost Rider's motorcycle, which healed her, became progressively more violent and murderous; eventually Dr. Strange separated Barb and the Spirit of Vengeance, which escaped; Barb subsequently died
    (app-earthgrbk)--What If II#45

GHOST RIDER 2099 - see ZERO 2.0
    robot given copy of Zero Cochrane's mind, pawn of Ghostworks
    (1990s, app)--Ghost Rider 2099#1 (8(fb#2), 3(fb), 1(fb), 1-11, 2099 AD#1, GR12, 13-25->zero 2.0)

GHOST RIDER 2099 (Kenshiro "Zero" Cochrane) - mind copied to make 1.0, then placed in stasis, eventually escaped and took over Ghost Rider's body
    (1990s, app)--Ghost Rider 2099#25

GHOST SERPENT of the Hyborian Era - giant venomous snake summoned by Zogar Sag, mortally wounded by Conan, slain by Sag’s men
    *D* (app-zogar sag)--"Beyond the Black River," Savage Sword of Conan#26 (27d)

GHOST STRIKE (Raul) - An assassin who derived various powers from his costume, Ghost Strike was an enemy of Meteor Man who also fought Spider-Man.
    --Meteor Man#1

GHOST TIGER - 1496, Lang Kah, Tibet
    --Epic Anthology#1/2

GHOST TIGER (Wang Ying) - assassin, Dragon Tong, agent of Yi Yang, successfully slew Abraham Lincoln Brown for her, killed by Night Raven
    (app)--Daredevils#11 (Mighty World of Marvel#7/3, 8/3

GHOST WIND RIDER of the Old West -Comanche, granddaughter of Flaming Star, former lover of Red Wolf (Wakely)
    (app)--Blaze of Glory#2(3,4

GHOSTWORKS of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD - created Ghost Rider 2099
    GHOST in the MACHINE--Ghost Rider 2099#1 (2,5,9, 2099 AD#1, GR12 17,18,24,25, 2099: Manifest Destiny

GHOST ZERO (    ) -
    --USA Comics#14

GHOUL (Dennis Malloy) - soul in domain of Cloot/Satannish, Cloot posed as Hulk & duped him into believing Hulk had mutated and disfigured him, sent to battle Hulk under false pretense that he would be freed if he destroyed Hulk. weakened in freezer and impaled on meat hook by Hulk
    superhuman strength + durability, fly, immune to heat, weakness to cold, sharp talons able to cause severe pain & release venom
    -Dennis the Menace (net)—Incredible Hulk II#357

GHOUL (    ) - mutant, began slaughtering former mutants post-M-Day, contacted Sally Floyd to write his story, attempted to kill her after learning her daughter had been a mutant, captured with her aid
    deformed, superhuman strength, teleport, fire energy blasts, subconsciously disrupt telepathy
    (XM: MC-MF)--[Generation M#1], 2, (named) #4 ([1 (fb)], 2 (fb), 2, [3 (fb)], 4-5

GHOUL of Earth-93060 (Jonathon Martin) - Ultraforce, Exiles-Deming
    Communicate with the dead
    (app)--Exiles (uv) I#1(2-4, Ultraforce#0A,0B, 1-9, Mantra I#24, 10, UF/Avengers prelude, Avengers/Ultraforce#1, Ultraforce/Avengers#1, Ultraforce Infinity#1, Ultraforce II#1,2, Phoenix Resurrection Genesis + Revelations, UF#3,4, All-New Exiles#4?, Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1A,1B, UF#5-7, 11/2, 13-15

GHOULS (    ) - subterranean grave-robbers in the Blue Ridge Mountains; encountered Angel (Tom Halloway)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#10

ghoul hyena of chaos - agent of Thoth-Amon
    (app-thoth)--King Conan#2

GH'RUNJI - planet of the Gh'runji, possibly in the Milky Way galaxy
    (app-ghrunji)--[Marvel Two-in-One#98]

GH'RUNJI GOBBLER - Gh'runji race, assaulted K'rith, destroyed by Franklin Richards, Thing, and Giles Niven
    (app-ghrunji)--Marvel Two-in-One#98

GH'RUNJI race (Gh'runji Gobbler) - extraterrestrial, planet G'hrunji,
    sixty feet tall, giant pac-man-like creatures, consume all matter and energy in their paths, require a specific machine as a power source, send Gobble drones to fight off attackers
    (app)--Marvel Two-in-One#98

    --Agents of Atlas#2

GH'TAN - African
    --Agents of Atlas#2

GHUDAZA (Achebe) - African nation bordering Wakanda
    --Black Panther III#3 (3(fb)

GHUNTHAR of Hyborian Era - fought Red Sonja, Wolf Man?
    --REH short story; Kull and the Barbarians#2/3

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