GEO ( ) - Russian cyborg, attacked Cable after mistaken for him in attacks on Russian mob, sacrificed self to allow Cable to escape, torn apart by mob in Krasnaya Polyana. it was believed that Cable had died
    --Soldier X#3, (named) #4 (5, 6

GEOFF ?? - Stark Enterprises
    --Iron Man IV#2

    --[ ], Dr. Strange III#83

GEOMETER - extraterrestrial, member of long extinct race, @ 3 billion years ago created mathematical equation to fully describe the workings of the universe, disillusioned when fellow scientists made an observation that could not be accounted for by his equation, traveled extra-dimensional to find a universe mathematically pleasing to him, discovered the lathe of perfection, a receptacle for metamorphic energy, sought to correct/refine/adjust the inaccuracies in creation, after encountering and mutating the Angler, traced his energy trail and traveled through dimensional portal to earth when Quasar blasted Angler with Nth Projector, created an expanding dodecahedron which would transform all matter within its volume, convinced by Quasar to attempt to travel back to dawn of time to effect a more efficient transformation.
    large + green biped semi-insectoid, composed of numerous geometric shapes
    (OH: AZU#3, app)--Quasar#51(52(fb1+2),51(fb) 51,52

GEOMETRIES of SHADOW - written by Castiglione, arcane mathematics
    --Doom 2099#13

GEOPORTAL of Earth-20051, created by Mr. Fantastic, opened doorway to Savage Land but went out of control
    (app)--Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four#5

GEORGE ?? - hunter, father of Johnny, husband of Rita, told tall tales to son's incessant questions, unwittingly gave son magic horn with which he fulfilled a false tale, causing hundreds of storks to deliver babies to George's hunting lodge
    (app)--Uncanny Tales#23/6

GEORGE ?? - Bartovian Liberation Front
    (app-blf)--Solo Avengers#7

GEORGE of Cappadocia of Earth-Shadowline - Knights of the Order of St. George
    (app-stg)--St.George#1, Critical Mass#5

GEORGE, DAVID P. - SHIELD II, patient of Dr. Benjamin (actually Dr. Faustus)
    --[Captain America V#30]

GEORGE the SKRULL - Skrull Beatles, slain by Skrull impersonating Grimsdale
    HARRISON, GEORGE imposter* *D*--[Wisdom#2, 5], 6 ([Captain Britain and MI13#1 (fb, dies)]

GEORGE ORWELL BRIDGE of Earth-712 - connects New Troy to New Wesley
    --Squadron Supreme I#2

GEORGES, ESME - Belgian girl, vampirized at age 9 by Helmut von Schuler, vampirized Mary Arnett, destroyed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
     *D/R/D* (app)--Captain America#601 (2009)

GEORGIE ??  - criminal, agent of Roberto DeNatale
     (app-den)--Amazing Spider-Man I#262

GEORGIE the GYP (George ) - New York criminal, partner of Richie Cool, utilized technology from Dr. Doom, captured by Code: Blue
    (app)--Thor I#409

GERACI, DOMINIC - older son of Mario
    --Punisher III#2 (Over the Edge#5, Pun6

GERACI, LESLIE - older daughter of Mario, crippled in fall saving Punisher
    --Punisher III#2(3, Spider-Man/ Punisher:Funeral Pyre #1,2,Pun5,Over the Edge#5,Pun6-10

GERACI, JOEY - younger son of Mario, out to take over organization
    --Punisher III#2 (3, Spider-Man/ Punisher:Funeral Pyre#1,2,Pun5,Over the Edge#5,Pun7,8,10

GERACI, Don MARIO - head of Geraci crime family, convinced Punisher to work with him, betrayed family to criminals
    *D*--Punisher III#1 (2-4, Spider-Man/Punisher: Funeral Pyre#1,2,Pun5,6,8,9d)

GERACI, MARY ROSE - younger daughter of Mario
    --Punisher III#2 (Over the Edge#5,Pun6,7,[9],10

GERARD, agent - SHIELD II, field agent working in foreign affairs
    --Cable II#59

    --Spider-Man Unlimited#22

GERARD ?? - Parkour enthusiast, friends with Gerard & Louis, fan of Batroc
    --[Captain America and Batroc#1 (2011)]

GERARK - Cat People, king of those undergoing demonic degeneration, apparently slain by Tabur?
    --Adventures into Fear#22 (West Coast Avengers II#6,7 15 Fantastic Four I#314, Avengers Spotlight#38 (fb, dies?)

GERASIMOV, GREGOR of Earth-Shadowline - former KGB agent, ally of Dr. Zero
    --Dr. Zero#2 (4

GERBER HOSPITAL (Kathy (morgue), Marvin (EMT)) - received the Zombie in their morgue
    --Legion of Monsters: Man-Thing#1/2

GERBIL - New York City youth, played in football game alongside Spider-Man, injured earlier in game by Truck, but returned and took him out to win the game even when he was empowered by A'Sai using the Galactus-Weapon
    --Web of Spider-Man#37

GERBIL - agent of Ned Tannengarden and the Rothsteins, fought Al Kraven.
    rodent-like form
    --Spider-Man: Get Kraven#4 (5, 6

GERCOCORP - stock options sold to Roland Rayburn by Kate ??, then pressured by him to disclose company's upcoming quarterly report
    --Web of Spider-Man I#36

GERD - Asgardian, wife of Frey

GEREESE, Lt. - Seal People, @ 1940, military leader
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#24

GERHARDT, JOSEPH HEINRICH - former Nazi, went to Hell after death, summoned to Earth by Joshua Crow, placed into body of Nicholas, accepted into Heaven with aid of Hellstorm
    (app-crow)--Hellstorm#7 (7(fb), 10(fb), 7-10)

GERHART, - mutant, musician, slain by Bushwacker
    *D*--Daredevil I#249d

GERI - along with Freki, one of Odin's wolves
    --Thor I#275, (identified) 344 (275, 276, 344, 371, 478, 484, 484, Thor II#69, Marvel Graphic Novel #33  (not sure chronological appearance)

GERIN - K’yndar
    --Marvel Preview#15

GERMAINE - French prostitute post World War I, former lover of Isaac Christians, rejuvenated by Gargoyle
    *D* (app-gargoyle)--Gargoyle#1 (2(fb#2), 1-4d)

GERMAINE ?? - mutant, Xavier Institute, killed during riots at Salem Center
    - flame powers
    --X-Men II#155, (named) 156 (156d)

GERMAN FREEDOM LEAGUE (Trude Lohn) - led Captain America and Bucky to Drache Castle in Germany, where the Thules (a society of ancient mystics) were working on a Hitler-ordered project
    --Captain America: Hail Hydra#1 (2011)

german nobleman – middle ages, created Ring of the Yazdi Gem, started first of great Black Plagues
    (app-yg)—Tomb of Dracula II#1 (1(fb)

GERMAN PEOPLE's UNION - opposed by German Freedom League following World War II
    --Captain America: Hail Hydra#2 (2011)

GERNSTEIN, SOL of Earth-93060 - Hardcase's agent
    --Hardcase (uv)#2

GERRAR, Senator -
    --Captain America I#250

GERROD, ALBAN of Earth-Slow Glass - scientist, apparently discovered Slow Glass, and it was taken by the Peddler from his future
    (app-earthslowglass)--Other Days, Other Eyes; (Marvel Universe) Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction#4

GERROLD - Marrs Corporation
    (app-phoebe_marrs)--Namor I#1

GERRY ?? - deputy of Branding, Texas, backed down from helping sheriff Southall against the gunrunners of Monastery Hill, tracked down Rev. McCarthy for the murder of Clark, turned him over to the Punisher
    --Punisher VI#29 (30, 31

“GERRY GIRAFFE” - Wonderworld, robot version battled and destroyed by Human Torch, Mole Man, and Thing
  (app-maas)--Fantastic Four I#264

GERRY and the SKRULL PACEMAKERS - Skrulls, associates/rivals of the Skrull Beatles

    --X-Men 2099#10

GERTY ?? - homeless woman, friend of Rosie, near victim of Slasher
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#32/2

GERTY, JEROME - Trust, former warden of Riker's Island, chose to commit suicide rather than go to jail when confronted by Punisher
    *D* (app-trust)--Punisher I#1 (4d)

GERTZ - New York City woman, at least formerly homeless, assaulted by Charlie Carcrash, later befriended Beyonder
    (app-carcrash)--Marvel Fanfare I#20 (Secret Wars II#2

GERVASE ?? - Podunk Slam
    (app-podunkslam)--Marvel Fanfare I#38

GERVASSE - @ 6th Century, minor sorcerer, lived outside of Camelot, trained Modred the Mystic, father of his girlfriend Janice, took Modred to the Isle of Wight alongside Lady Janice after he sacrificed himself to the Darkhold
    (app)--Marvel Chillers I#1 (1(fb)

GERYON - Greek myth, son of Chrysaor, brother of Echidna, owner of Orthus?.
    man with three bodies above the waist
    (app)--Hercules III#1 (1(fb)/4(fb)

GESHEM dimension (Beast (Sabretooth), Doug (Cypher), Hector (Beast), Jehane (Jean), King (d), Lillian (Illyana), Mage (Cable)+Staff (Warlock), Magnus (Magneto,d), Mistral (Storm), Paladin (Bishop), Pendragon, Princess Rain (Wolfsbane), Richard (Rictor), Robert (Sunspot), Samuel (Cannonball), Shaman (Professor X), Summerisle (Cyclops), Tabby (Boom Boom) )
    -enchanted realm w/ counterparts of new mutants and xmen
    (OH2006#4)--Wolverine: Rahne of Terra (Wolverine: Knight of Terra

GESNERIA, LESLIE – symbiotes, lavender, slain by Donna, symbiote later merged to from Hybrid
    --Venom: Lethal Protector #4 (5, Venom: Separation Anxiety #1, 2, 3d

GESTALT ( ) - fed on rioting following Thanos' use of the Infinity Gauntlet to wipe out half of the universe's population, apparently killed when powers faded
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#385

GESTALT of Earth-Avengers: Last Avengers Story - Avengers, slain by nuclear bomb dropped by Kang and/or Ultron
    (app-ealas)--Last Avengers Story#1

GESTATION CHAMBER - technology, used on Titan for cloning, created and artificially aged a new body for Moondragon as well as Genis/Captain Marvel
    --Solo Avengers#18(Silver Surfer An6

GETZ, LYLE - AIM, former Scientist Supreme, chose George Tarleton to become MODOC, supervised creation, slain by him when he became MODOK
    *D* (app)--Captain America I#133

GEVALTU - planet of Urthona's race
    --Dr. Strange II#79 (80,81, Dr. Strange III#57

GEZA - Claw Sect, Vampire Nation, allied with Ceres, sought to destroy the Mystikos Sect who were based out of Mercy General Hospital, decapitated by Deadpool.
    red eyes, vampirism, sword, amulet (sunlight immunity)
    *D*--Deadpool IV#30


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