GENA-SYS (Sidney Fishburne, Oonagh Mullarkey, Project: Cradle, Psight Corporation, Sullivan) - division of Mys-Tech
    (app)--MotorM#1 Codename:Genetix#1(Motormouth & Killpower#4/2, Killpower: The Early Years#1-4, Codename: Genetix#1-4, Plasmer#1-4, Genetix#1-6

GENBU - The Black Tortoise; corresponds to Gaea per Ian McNee's Catalogue of Correspondence
    --Marvel Tarot#1

GENDER BOMB of Earth-Femizonia/Machus - created by the scientist for Mahkizmo to send into the past to kill all women; Mahkizmo failed to appreciate the consequences of this until the She-Hulk explained the "birds & bees" to him
    (app-mahk)--She-Hulk II#34 ([38],39

GENDRON, HENRI - @ World War II, French Resistance, assisted Howling Commandos in efforts to capture Eva Braun, sacrificed self to stop a pair of Nazis
    bilingual (French & German)
    *D* (app-jonesfred)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#81 (81d)

GENE of Earth-Cassandra (Eugene Omega-20) - cyborg, citizen of Tranquility City, lover of Cassandra Locke, underwent radical genetic alteration for life in deep space, assisted Alexander Locke in locating Cassandra's evidence of Skrull treachery
    (net)--Marvel: Lost Generation#7/3 (6/2, 2/2, 1/4

GENE ?? - friend of Chris Powell, black male
    --Darkhawk#1 (

GENE-BATCH (Warclones) - race living in casts
    (app-imogen)--Century: Distant Sons

GENECIDE ( ) - leader of Eugenix.
    alter own genetic structure, bf, double helix across left side of face, wears metal + mesh costume with purple cape and gloves
    (app-eug)--New Warriors I#63 (64, II#1,2

GENE-CORP (Chief Engineer, Gene Director) - extra-terrestrial, creators of the Genespawn
    (app-bloodseed)--Bloodseed#1, 2 ([Marvel Frontier Comics Special#1/4], [Bloodseed#1(fb)], 2

GENE DIRECTOR - head of Gene-Corp
    - GREAT ONE* (app-bloodseed)--Bloodseed#1

GENE DOGS (Cat, Howitzer, Kestrel, Pacer, Panther(d), Tyr) - agents of S.T.O.R.M., mutated by Sam Merrick using gene matching device, require regular treatments by Merrick to survive
    (app) Team Omega*--Gene Dogs#1(1(fb) 1-4,Genetix#3,4

GENE DOLLS 2099 (Vendetta, Venus 8 class) - genetic constructs created by Alchemax to serve as love slaves for men in their space colonies;
    the miners of Asteroid JM881 sent them to their slaughter against the Fear Bugs, but Vendetta reprogrammed them to slaughter the men
    contain neural inhibitors to make them dumb and weak, and thus easily controlled
    --Punisher 2099#19 ([19(fb), 19, 25/3

GENEGINEER (Dr.David Moreau) - Genoshan, father of Phillip, created system of mutate slave labor using technology supplied by Sugar Man, forced into alliance with Cameron Hodge, assisted X-Men and others in weakening him, killed by Cameron Hodge
    (app)--Uncanny X-Men#236 (237,238,259, New Mutants I#95, X-Factor I#60, UX271, NM96, XFac61, UX272, NM#97d)

GENEGINEER (Dr. Sasha Ryan) - Genoshan
    --X-Factor I#88 (89,90

GENE MATCHING DEVICE - technology, created by Dr. Sam Merrick, used to gene splice Hurricane and Gene Dogs
    --GeneDogs#1(2(fb) 1(fb) 1

GENE NATION (Hemingway, Marrow, Sack, Vessel, Tobe+Maim(storm2), Charm, Glass, Loss, Pain, Snow, D'Gaard, Membrain, Fever Pitch, Wynter, Obsidian the Dark, Integer, Iron Maiden )
    -mutant terrorists,descendents of morlocks,trained by mikhail rasputin,many resettled in africa,others remain loyal to dark beast
    --[Uncanny X-Men#322], Generation X#5 (6, UX323-325, Storm2-4, Uncanny X-Men Annual 1997, GX#50, XMan50

GENE NATION (Hemingway, Marrow, Vessel) - formed by Marrow from the former mutant Underground opposing Weapon X, initiated terrorist attacks on Weapon X facilities, many slaughtered by Agent Zero
    --Weapon X II#19 (20, 21

GENE POOL - used by Burgen to maintain his youth, disrupted by Death Wreck, turning him into a freakish mutate
    (app-burg)--Death Wreck#4

GENERAL ( ) - enemy of Sentry, seemingly killed when Angel (Worthington) whose wings were bound by a net, fell 40' on him in an effort to stop his plot to launch a group of nuclear weapons, involved with using Mastermind to keep Sentry contained, later formed an army in the Negative Zone, slain by the Void
    Francophobic, insane, used miniature robot armies
    --Sentry/X-Men#1 (1(fb,dies?), New Avengers#9 (fb), Sentry II#3d

GENERAL-see GENERAL WO (app-gw)--Tales of Suspense I#61

GENERAL (    ) - leader of the Underground on Deneb IV
    --Captain Marvel I#44

GENERAL ( ) - dictator of Latin America country, teamed with Yarro Gort, fell to death while trying to destroy Silver Surfer
    *D* (app)--[Silver Surfer I#10], 11

GENERAL (Buktir Van Tranh) - South Vietnamese Army general, head of the Bolivian portion of the Rockhouse Operation, killed by Punisher (Castle)
    *D* (app-rock)--Punisher II#1, 2 ([2(fb)], 1, 2

GENERAL ( ) - Cage, former KGB, Russian mob boss, has connections on the outside enabling him to attack the families of other inmates
    (app)--Wolverine II#164 ([170]

GENERAL (    ) - Project: Armageddon, leader, committed suicide after experiencing the bliss of the Weapon/Lazarus' control and not wanting to live without it
    *D*--Domino II#2 (3, 4

GENERAL (    ) - purchased Deathless Frenzy, transported some to General Khan
    (app-deathless_frenzy)--Black Widow I#1 ([2 (fb)], 2

    --New Warriors II#58 (62, 65

GENERAL AMERICA of Earth-717 (    ) - great-grandson of Civil War Captain America, opposes the White Skulls
    --What If: Captain America

GENERAL HAIGHT of Earth-Cable-see HAIGHT-cable's future--Cable II#1

GENERAL INCOMPETENCE - Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance

    --[Nextwave#1], 9 (10

GENERAL POLLOCK - see POLLOCK, GENERAL (app)--Avengers I#151

GENERAL TECHTRONICS LABATORY (Dr. Eric Schwinner) - Company that sponsored the original demonstration of the safe handling of nuclear laboratory waste materials, which lead to Spider-Man gaining his powers, East Coast branch apparently became (or was absorbed into) Tri-Corp, while the West Coast Branch became (or was absorbed into) GARID
    (app-schwinner)--Amazing Fantasy I#15

GENERAL TEN PER CENT ( ) - World War II, pirate, encountered Captain Savage
    (app)--Captain Savage & Battlefield Raiders#15

GENERAL WO - sumo, general in communist Vietnam years ago, held Lt. Jim Baker prisoner until he was freed by Captain America, part of a series of five single combat matches arranged by Batroc against Crossbones, actually fought and defeated by Captain America in the form of Crossbones
    GENERAL* (app)--Tales of Suspense I#61 (Captain America I#411, 412, [413, 414]

GENERATION HEX of Earth-Amalgam (Jono Hex, Madame Banshee, Johnny Random, Retribution, Skinhunter, Twins Trigger, White Whip)
    -generation x and heroes of 1800s
    (app)--Generation Hex#1

GENERATION X - mutants in training at Massachusetts Academy/Xavier School, disbanded
    members (Husk, Jubilee, M (sisters), Skin, Synch, Chamber, Penance (Monique), Leech, Artie Maddicks, Mondo, M (Monique), Penance (sisters), Gaia, Penance (?) )
    instructors (Sean Cassidy, Tom Corsi, Emma Frost)
    (1990s, net)--Generation X#1 (2,3, XForce#42, GenX#4, 5-7, Wolverine II#94, GX8, Uncanny X-Men#325, Wolv94, GenX#9, Generation X Annual 1995, GX10,11, XMen II#49, GX12-15, Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis+Revelations, UX331, XMen Annual 1996, DC/Marvel: All Access#2, Incredible Hulk Annual 1997/2, Generation X Underground Special, GX24, 25, 27,28, Generation X Annual 1997, Generation X: Crossroads, GX29-31, 32, Marvel Team-Up II#1, Generation X#33-40, Generation X#0.5, 41, X-Men Unlimited#20, GX#42-44 45 46 47, Generation X/Dracula Annual 1998, GX48(Generation X HolSp),49,50,XMan50 GX51, XMU#23 GX52(fb) 52-54 [Contest of Champions II#1,2],3,[4,5], GX55,56, Wolv141, GX57,58, UX375, 376, ?XM96?, Wolv146, Generation X Annual 1999, GX59, New Warriors II#5, GX60,61, 62, UX379, GX67-70, 63-66, UX388, GX71-73 74 75)


GENERATOR X of Earth-93060 (Matt ) - allied w/ Pilgrim
    --Strangers (uv)#16

GENERIC BAD GUY  (            ) - Delta City, All-Hate Squad, enemy of Fight Man
    --Fight Man#1

GENERIC SUPER-HERO of the Earth-Generic
    (1980s, app)--Generic Super-Hero#1

GENE SCANNER-technology of Mys-Tech, who duped Hurricane + Otomocorp + s.t.o.r.m. into seeking it, blew up Otmocorp's satellite. Allegedly able to cure genetic disorders in individuals or cause severe and widespread mutation when used in broadband on a large population, actually was a bomb designed to destroy Otomo when he sought to use it

GENESIS of Earth-4935 (Tyler* Dayspring) - used Dark Riders, based in Akkaba, son of Aliya, adopted son of Cable, abducted and brainwashed by Frisco for Stryfe, sent back to modern era, initially posed as an arms dealer, slew Cyber via death watch beetles to gain his Adamantium, attempted resurrection of apocalypse, killed by Wolverine when attempted to replace his Adamantium.
    Telepath, project thoughts as holograms
    -TOLLIVER* *D* (OH: Wolv, net)--Cable II#19 ([23,24], Cab36, X-Men Annual 1995, [Wolverine II#93,94], Wolv95,96,[97], 99,100d, Cab36(spirit))

GENESIS (Evan Sabahnur) - successor/reincarnation of Apocalypse, raised in the World by Fantomex, joined Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters
    --Uncanny X-Force I#7

GENESIS (Okaara) - wife of Apocalypse, ruled the ancientland of Okkara alongside him
    --Free Comic Book Day 2020 (X-Men/Dark Ages) #1


GENESIS COALITION (Elmar Lubischt, Dmitri Petrovitch, Ivan Trefkov, Fritz Sablinova) - spin-off from Hydra
    --Silver Sable#8( 24, 25

GENESIS WELL - power item of Marduk, used to hold the souls he siphoned to increase his power
    --Citizen V and the V Battalion: Everlasting#2 (3, 4

GENESPAWN (Ellissya, Lysander, Nepenthe, predecessor) - created by Gene-Corp on an unnamed planet, given false memories of his lives as rulers and/or conquerors, intended to fight to the death to determine the greatest representative.
    The title Bloodseed refers to the champion of the battle to the death of all the Genespawn
    -NEW ONES* --Bloodseed#1 (1+2(fb), Marvel Frontier Comics Special#1/4, Bloodseed#1,2

GENETASSIST - company, developed bio-weapon sought by SHIELD and Dr. Octopus
    --Hellions#2 (3-4

GENETECH (Simon Furmintz, Walter Rosen, Dr. Casciola, Dr.Rudy) - Research firm, created Psionex, revived Terrax
    --New Warriors I#1( An1
    New Warriors An4, NW#53,54,61, Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Alpha, New Warriors II#1

GENETIC BOMB - creation of the High Evolutionary, intended to forcibly evolve all humanity, destroyed by Avengers
    *Des* (app)--Avengers Annual#17 ([Avengers Annual#17(fb), West Coast Avengers Annual#3, 3/2, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8], Avengers Annual#17d)

GENETIC COLLUDER - H'mojen technology, used to merge the H'mojen with other races
    --Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four#3 (2007)

genetically engineered crustaceans - agents of Yellow Claw
    --Agents of Atlas#4

genetically enhanced Nazis from World War II - summoned to modern era by Ramades to battle the Fantastic Four
    --Marvel Knights 4#18

GENETIX (Base, Ridge, Shift, Stinger, Vesper) - genetically engineered by Oonagh Mullarkey and Gena-Sys
    (app)--Codename:Genetix#1 (Killpower: the Early Years#1-4, Codename:Genetix#1-4, Gene Dogs#2, Genetix#1-6, Death Metal vs Gen#1, 2

GENETRIX - mutations created by Jackal
    --Web of Spider-Man#123(New Warriors I#61

genie - mother of ClanDestine, formerly held captive by Sujanaa min Raghbah, freed by Adam Destine, became his lover, granted him immortality

genie - battled and powers usurped by the Atlas Foundation's Mr. Lao
    --[Agents of Atlas#6] ([6 (fb)]

Genie from "I Know the Power of the Genie!" @ Tales of Suspense #7

Genie from "The Most Miserable Man in the World!" @ Mystic #16

Genie from "The Genie Lives!" @ Amazing Adult Fantasy #9

Genie from 'The genie with the light brown hair!' @ Journey into Mystery #76

genie of Aladdin - see ALADDIN’s genie (app-bf)--Black Panther I#1

genie of Bagmom - assisted Paul Same, communicated via smoke/sky writing
    (app-bagmom)--Howard the Duck Annual#1

GENIE of Earth-93060 - Genetically Engineered Neural Intelligence Experiment
    -intelligent computer in Aladdin Corporation
    --RUNE(uv)#1( Curse of Rune#1-3

GENII (Jason Kimball) - Young Gods, artist, former American (Harlem) fashion designer @ 1970s, recruited by Heimdall.
    rearrange matter, bm
    (U#8, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8, app)--Thor I#202, 203, 300, (named) Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8 ([Thor#202(fb)] / SpecSp An8/3 / Thor301(fb), 203(fb), 202-203, 291, 300, [SpecAn8(fb)], 8, 8/2, Spectacular Spider-Man II#168-170, Marvel Comics Presents#101-109, Avengers I#370-371

GENIUS of Earth-93060 (Ramon Chavez) - further empowered Hardwire
    --Hardcase(uv)#21 (UFYZDOTS#1, 3, Hc21

GENJI - agent of Broker
    (app-mast)--Wolverine II#30d

    Kree Sentry pattern--Nova IV#4

GENKOTSU - Snakeroot, former holy man
    *D* (app-snakeroot)--Daredevil I#Daredevil I#321 ([324(fb)], 323(fb), 321-325, Daredevil Annual#10, Elektra: Root of Evil#1-4

GENOGOTHS -  sort of like mutant groupies. The Genogoths sometimes acted as the eyes and ears for M.O.N.S.T.E.R., finding new members for them and bringing them in. The Genogoths also monitored the street talk, looking for antimutant activity. People looking for M.O.N.S.T.E.R. for the wrong reasons often contacted the Genogoths first; and sometimes those people were discouraged, and sometimes they had accidents. While the M.O.N.S.T.E.R. chapters may not have always approved of the type of protection the Genogoths provided, the mutants sometimes realized that they actually did need it
    --Generation X: Crossroads (Generation X: Genogoths

GENOSHA (Chief Magistrate Anderson, Genegineers Moreau + Ryan, Homo Sapiens Liberation Army ,Magistrates, Phillp Moreau, Jennifer Ransome, Press Gang)
    (Carrion Cove, Hammer Bay )
    - island off of Africa that formerly used mutants as slaves, control given to magneto in exchange for his cessation of war against world, decimated by Sentinels sent by Cassandra Nova
    (U#3, OH: X2005)--Uncanny X-Men#235 (236-238, New Mutants I#96, UX259,262,264,270,NM95,X-Factor I#60, UX271, NM#96, XFac61, UX272, NM#97, XFac62, X-Man Annual1996, Magneto: Dark Seduction#1-4, X#111, UX392, X112, UX393, X113, 115, Excalibur III#1-15

GENOSHA CLUB - where depowered mutants can work and people dress like heroes
    --White Tiger#2

GENOVA, "GREASY" JIMMY - Los Angeles gangster, forced to make payments to Deacon, made failed attempt to kill Deacon and his men
    (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#7

GENRAMI, PURI (    ) - active in India, used special silver to blind US soldiers, aided by Zori; battled by Captain America (William Nasland) and Bucky (Fred Davis)
    --Captain America Comics#50

GENTECHNIC - genetic research firm, derived treatments for several treatments for several ailments from spinal fluid & brain tissue of human mutant infants.
    Buenos Aires base blown up by ?XFactor?
    --X-Force I#114

GENTLE (Nezhno Abidemi) - Wakandan mutant at Xavier Institute, excused by Emma Frost, remained
    extremely strong, powers increase with each use, but it becomes harder for his body to contain them, sometimes has seizures due to power overload, keeps power in check via Vibranium tattoos
    -- (Nezhno) New X-Men#23; (Gentle) #38 (23, 29, Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men#1, NXM37-41, 42, Uncanny X-Men#493, NX46, X-Men: Worlds Apart

GENTLEMAN ( ) - enemy of Spider-Man, enslaved Pity, old enemy of Wolverine + Mary + Richard Parker
    (app)--Spider-Man: Gathering of the Sinister Six novel (Revenge of the Sinister Six(fb), Secret of the Sinister Six(fb), Revenge(fb), Secret(fb), Gathering, Revenge, Secret

"GENTLEMAN J. PIPE" - smuggler, ally of Sir Guy Cross-Wallace
    (app-crosswallace)--Marvel Comics Presents#69/2

GENTLE SAM of earth-deathlok ( ) - Godwulf’s Redeemers.
    large wm, red hair, mohawk
    *D* (app-god)--Captain America I#288 (Deathlok II#32(fb3d)

GENTRY, Mr. - Department H, brother-in-law of prime minister, succeeded general clarke as acting head of operations, attempting to correct Clarke’s improprieties, banned all black projects
    (net)--Alpha Flight II#14 (15-20

GENTRY, VERA of Earth-2001:ASO - escaped from alien invaders on Ganymede, transformed into New Seed
    (app-new seed)--2001: A Space Odyssey#2

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