"GO" - Swamp City
    (app-swampcity)--Howard the Duck II#7 ([7(fb)], 7

GOADS - used by agents of Dr. Scarabeus to control the First Ones
    electrical prods
    --Hulk Comic (MUK) #18?

GOADS - weapon of the Chosen, used in the arena, attach themselves to victims and drug them to force them into combat
    --X-Factor I#44

    (app)--Howard the Duck I#5

GOAT  (            ) - 'Vores
    (app-vores)--Marvel Comics Presents#52/3

GOBBLE DRONES - six foot diameter miniature versions sent by Gh'runji Gobbler to occupy attackers
    (app-ghrunji)--Marvel Two-in-One#98

GOBLIN - Triad of Banner, represented id of Bruce Banner/Hulk, mischievous blue creature
    (app-triad)--Incredible Hulk II#308

GOBLIN of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. (    ) enemy of Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara), prisoner of Doom, posed as Gabriel O’Hara
    --Spider-Man 2099#38 (39, 40, 45, [2099: World of Tomorrow #3]

GOBLIN of Earth-9500 - see HOBGOBLIN of Earth-9500--Spider-Man 2099 meets Spider-Man#1

GOBLINS of Pre-Cataclysmic Era - tempt and entrance others
    --Kull the Conqueror III#6

GOBLINs of OTHERWORLD (Bogweed, Croglin/Groglin, Gagol, Hornwort )
     - agents of Necromon, sent to earth to battle forces of Merlyn
    -aka TROLLs of OTHERWORLD* (app-croglin)--(UK) Hulk Comic#7/2 (8/2,9/2, 13/2-17/2

GOBLIN FORCE of Earth-1298 - powerful demonic entity of unknown origin, destroyed Galactus + Phoenix Force as well as entire galaxies in past before imprisoned by the celestials’ fifth host, bonded to Madelyne Pryor by Nstir, eventually corrupted her to become goblin queen, seemingly destroyed by combined efforts of Scotty Summers and Madelyne Pryor, reformed and merged with Beyonder, separated from Madelyne and merged with Nexus of Reality, causing it to cease to exist in individual realities
    --[Mutant X#1, 3], 11 (12(fb2+1), [1-8, Mutant X Annual 1999, MutX#9,10],11,12, [31, Mutant X Annual 2001], Mutant X#32

GOBLIN MOON of Pre-Cataclysmic Era-time when the Goblins came out at sundown, entranced others, and carried them off to their Tower of Madness
    --Kull the Conqueror III#6

GOBLIN PRINCESS - see MEGGAN (app-meg)--Excalibur I#6 (7)

    identity used after corrupted by deal with N’Astirh

GOBLIN QUEEN of Earth-982 - see FURY the  GOBLIN QUEEN--Spider-Girl#82

"GOBLINS" - Lilin, assaulted Earth during Siege of Darkness, slew some children on Halloween and wore their costumes, slaughtered by Werewolf
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#143/2 (144/3

GOBLYN ( Dean) - Derangers, Beta Flight, twin of Laura Dean, sent to Liveworld in utero by Laura Dean to protect her from lethal radiation used in attempt to abort her.    
    hideous body, savage. dark blue skin + fur, sharp teeth, enhanced senses
    (U#3)—Alpha Flight I#49, 53 (54(fb), 53(fb), 49, 53-55, 56-62, 64-71, 81-82, 85-86, 87(fb), 87, 109/2, 110-112 114

GOCHHGCHAKA - servant of Umar
    --Defenders III#4

GO-DEVIL (Go Ishimari) - Japanese metahuman
    --Fantastic Force#5, 6(named) (16

GOD ("Jack Kirby") - with "Stan Lee" writes the reality of Earth-616
    --Fantastic Four III#82/511 (Sensational Spider-Man III#40

god – broke the horn from Azoth in the distant past
    (app-azoth)—Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan: Horn of Azoth (GN(fb)

GODS for the 80s (Ataros, Bromo, Brooke of the Denim Shield, Cubicus Rubicus, Jiggle, Pak-Man, Paranoia, Walkman) - collection of deities possibly associated with the Olympian Gods, based on icons and attitudes of the 1980s
    (app)--Bizarre Adventures#32/4

GOD from BEYOND - idol, used by Headmen to summon and control Orrgo
    --Defenders II#5 (9

god of carnage  - referenced by Mung of Sakaar
    possibly the same as the supreme nine-headed death deity and/or blood-goddess of debasement--[Punisher War Journal II#12]

GOD in the ICE - see CAPTAIN AMERICA (Rogers)--Avengers I#4

GOD in the ICE - see JACK FROST--Captain America I#384

GOD of the DEAD - ancient necromancer, gained power after living with the dead beneath the ground, renounced evil past and became a God to the Grateful Undead, who misinterpreted his wishes, slaughtered the Grateful Undead upon learning their actions
    (app)--[Marvel Comics Presents#90/3], 96/3 (97(fb), [90/3-95/3], 96/3, 97/3

GOD of LUCK - see KEEN, JULES (app)--Bizarre Adventures#32/5

god of the Second Assembly - "Carnus," "Frankengod" (app-sa)--Druid#2,3

GOD of SERPENTS - see SNAKE GOD  (app)--Dardedevil Annual#4B

GOD of SHARKS - see KAI-MAK (app-kai)--Marvel Mystery Comics#23

GOD of the UNGRATEFUL DEAD - former necromancer/sorcerer, eventually traveled beneath earth and learned to respect the dead, turned from his malevolent ways, worshipped by subterranean race, eventually destroyed them when learned they had become assassins, encountered Ghost Rider/Ketch & Cable
    (app)--[Marvel Comics Presents#90/3],97/3

god of ZUULDA THAAL of the Hyborian era - see ZUULDA THAAL (app-zuuldathaal)--Savage Sword of Conan#87

GOD WHOSE HUNGER IS NEVER SLAKED - see XOTLI (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan of the Isles

GODALMING, lord - see HOLMWOOD, ARTHUR--Stoker's Dracula; Stoker's Dracula#3

GODBE, JANINE (Elizabeth Tyne) - former lover of Ben Reilly, she had her name changed to avoid prosecution for killing of ?her abusive father?
    --Spider-Man: The Lost Years#1 (3(fb), 1-4, Spider-Man: Redemption#3(fb), 1-4

GODDANGIT - monster if Mechagrubb meets Goddangit movie, produced by Ted Silverberg
    (app-silverberg)--Marvel Two-In-One#97

GODDARD, TROY - boyfriend of Carmilla Black (Scorpion)
    --Amazing Fantasy II#8 (9-12

GODDARD, admiral - father of Troy
    --Amazing Fantasy II#11 [12 - identified as admiral], 11

GODDARD, VARINA of Earth-6216 - granddaughter of Monica Rappaccini, daughter of Lorcan Rappacini, used Death's Head 3.0 in effort to assassinate UN officials and take over AIM, fled after Death's Head's defeat
    SENIOR SCIENTIST--Amazing Fantasy II#16 (17-20

GODDESS -"good" side of Adam Warlock, created when he attempted to purge himself of good and evil using Infinity Gauntlet, originator of Infinity Crusade, summoned thirty Cosmic Containment Units and merged them to form Cosmic Egg, created Paradise Omega, attempted to control others and destroy all life to eliminate evil, imprisoned in immaterial form within Soul Gem
    (M, 1990s, app)--Infinity War#2 ([5], 6, Warlock Chronicles#2(fb), Infinity Crusade#1,Warlock & the Infinity Watch#18, Web of Spider-Man#104/Thor I#463/Avengers West Coast#96/Alpha Flight I#122+[123,124]/Iron Man I#294+295/Dr. Strange III#54/[?Terror INC#13?]/[Darkhawk#30]/Thor464, InfCrus#2, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#19, AvWC#97/DrStr55/[Darkhawk#31]/[Thor465],InfC#3, [Silver Surfer III#83], [Warlock Chronicles#3], W+IW20, WebSp105 [Doc56]/[Thor466], InfC#4, [Warlock Chronicles#4], W+IW21, [Silver Sable#16, 17], Deathlok II#28, [29], [Thor467], [Surf84], InfC#5, Warlock Chron#5, W+IW22, [Surf85], InfC#6

GODDESS - see MASTERMIND (Martinique Wyngarde)--[Uncanny X-Men#495, (identified) 496], 497 (498 (fb), [496-497], 498-499)

GODDESS of the CROW ROAD of the Hyborian era - see OVADA--Conan the Savage#5 (6

"GODDESS of DEATH" - see KALI (app-nest)--Marvel Team-Up Annual#1

GODDESS of LIFE - see MANTIS (I#13,D#8,M, OH: Av2005)--

GODDESS of the NORTHERN SKIES - see ROMA--Captain Britain I#1

GOD-EATER - see DEMOGORGE (app)--Thor Annual#10

GODFREY, MILLICENT - Atlanta Georgia, former waitress at King Donut shop, killed by Scavenger
    *D* (app)--Man-Thing I#19 (19d)

GODDIT, PAULA (1940s) - captured by Asbestos Lady to trap Human Torch (Hammond) and Toro
    (app-Asb Lady)--Captain America Comics#63/3

GOD-KING of Other Realm - see ARISEN TYRK (app-tyrk)--Defenders I#71

GODLIKE ONES of Earth-Evolutionary War - superhumans who became even more advanced, eventually merged with Death to become the entity
    (app-ee)--What If? II#1

GODLINGS - see GODPACK--Thor I#472(473(fb),472-475(An19))

GOD-MACHINE - creation of Stonecutter
    (app-stone)--Juggernaut: 8th Day

"GODMOBILE" - Amadeus Cho's name for the ship created by Altjira; 10,000 years ago the Rainbow Serpent shed its skin, and Altjira stretched it over a frame of night to form a ship
    --Incredible Hercules#117

GODPACK (Anak, Bellam, Blitzana, Loga, Luminor, Riger, Zephra) - creations of High Evolutionary following New Immortals
    -GODLINGS*--Thor I#475 (476,477, 480-484, Fantastic Four Unlimited #9, Th486-489

GOD QUARRY - pit in extradimensional realm accessed via a black hole at the edge of the known universe, domain of the Witches of Infinity; beings could gain vast power by passing a trial of the Quarry, while those who failed were petrified for all eternity and became part of the Quarry
    Quarry of Creation* (app)--
Thanos II#8

GODRICK of the Hyborian era - king of realm b/t Koth and Corinthia, husband of Yaila, duped into fighting Conan by Hobb, formerly enthralled by Kulan Gath
    --Conan the Barbarian I#250 ( 253

GODS of Earth (Aboriginal, African/Voodoo (Loas, Oshiras), Anasazi/Native American, Annunaki/Mesopotamian, Asgardian/Norse (Aesir, Vanir), Daevas/Hindu/Persian, Diwata/Filipino, Heliopolis/Egyptian, Incan, Inuit/Eskimo, Kahunas/Oceanic/Polynesian, Kalevans/Finnish, Kami/Japanese, Mexican/Aztec/Mayan, Mongolian/Siberian, Olympian/Greek/Roman, Russian/Persian/Dievas, Tuatha de Danaan/Celtic, Xian/Chinese )...Korean/Shin (not yet seen in MU)
    -races of immortals formerly and/or currently worshipped by humans
    many named in Savage Sword of Conan#210
    (D#5, app)--(g)Venus#1 ; Journey into Mystery I#83

GODS of the Hyborian era (Anu, Arawn, Arisnaub, Ashtoreth, Asura, Atali, Baal, Bast, Bel, Bhardisattva, Borri, Bragi, Chaos, Cheng-Ho, Crom, Dagda, Dagon, Derketo, Dorgna'ath, Erlik, Frijja, Gita, Gnarok, Hanar the Frost-Giant, Hanuman, Harakhat, Hekata, Ibis, Ishtar, Issus, Jamankh, Jhil, Jullah, Kali, Kilili, Kimri, Kuei, Lesor, Li-Kung, Lion-God/Iron Lions, Lir/Lyr, Macha, Mannanan, Marduk, Mitra, Morfi, Morrigan, Nemain, Nergal, Nexxx, Ningal, Omm, Orvandel, Pteor, Red Goddess, Set, Shaitan, Shan, Tammuz, Tao-Loa, Tarim, Tasmara, Thor, Tritus, Vajrath, Yaamai, Ymir) - the line between god and demon was even thinner then...
    Sigurd also referenced Badb, Heimdal, Moloch, Orvandel, Tanit, Thor/Thorr, Woden/Wodun

GODS of OUTER DARKNESS - possibly the kings of the courts of Feng-Du, invoked for power by Tsin Hark
    --[Marvel Comics Presents#140] ([141, 142]

GODS of Pre-Cataclysmic Era (Anu, Bishru, Black Shadow, Chthon, Crom, Erlik, Golgor, Great Scorpion, Holgar, Honan, Hotath, Jaquari, Ka, Kaa-U, Kodatha, Kulthas, Set, Syndra, Valka, Vramma, White Wolf, Zugthuu, Zukala)

GODSEYE - SHIELD satellite able to remotely detonate nuclear weapons, developed own intelligence and went rogue, destroyed by Hulk, a few pieces survived the explosion and made it through Earth's atmosphere, crashed in the Savage Land, destroyed by Fantastic Four under Reed's direction
    *Des* (WWH)--Incredible Hulk III#89 (90, 91d, Marvel Knights 4 #29(fb), 29d)

GODSLAYER - powerful sword used by Gamora, apparently destroyed by Ronan
    --Annihilation: Ronan#3

"GOD SQUAD" (Ajak, Atum, Hercules, Mikaboshi, Snowbird)
    - Amadeus Cho's name for the group commissioned by Council of Godheads to send against the Skrull gods
    --Incredible Hercules#117 (118-120)

GODSTALKER - construct of Celestials, protected Desecration Annex, draws power from those within the Annex.
    uses staff that fires energy blast
    (app)--Blackwulf#6 (7-9, Captain Marvel IV#4,5

GODSTONE - ruby gemstone which contained essence of god from Other Realm, served as conduit to powers of Lifestone to empower Guardians of the Galaxy, discovered on moon by John Jameson, dilution/distance from Other-Realm transferred small portion of its power to transform him into Man-Wolf, entrance into other realm created Stargod, developed parasitic attachment into Jameson, disintegrated upon removal, reformed by Dredmund Druid, briefly used to become Starwolf
    BLOODGEM*, MOONGEM*, WEIRDSTONE* (app-or)--Amazing Spider-Man I#124, (named) Marvel Premiere#45 ([Marvel Premiere#45(fb)], Amazing Spider-Man#124, 125, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#2, [Captain America I#402,403],404-407

GODSTORM - Asgardian entity, most powerful of the storms, duped by Loki into attacking Thor during the Viking era, defeated and imprisoned at bottom of the ocean, empowered Torrent in modern era, released by deep sea drilling in more recent years, attacked and defeated Thor, powers stolen by Loki, summoned other storms to defeat him
    (app)--Thor: Godstorm#1 (1(fb), 1(ff), 2(ff1+2), 3(ff)

GODTHAB OMEGA (Abyss, Mount Virago) - Kol-Class planet, on the edge of the Andromeda Galaxy, briefly terraformed by Glorian, who saved it from the Annihilation Wave, Kree settlement established a base there
    planetary specifications in Annihilation: Ronan#1
    (app)--Annihilation: Ronan#1 (2 (fb), 1-4

GODTHING  of Earth-9602 - Chair Thing + Gawd
    (app-lobo)--Lobo the Duck#1

GODWAR - refers to the battle between Jameson/Star God and Arisen Tyrk
    --Marvel Premiere#45 (46

GODWHEEL of Earth-93060 (Techuza, Wold, Xurina, homeworld of the entity and mothership, Prime race) - immense Alderson disc in an area of the galaxy of Reality-93060 (aka the Ultraverse) where the stars are much more closely clustered., containing numerous realms, including the Kingdom of Hesssh and the Swamp of Souls
    --Break-Thru#1; (identified) Godwheel#1

GODWHEEL event - refers to Argus' effort to gain the three keys to the Crucible of Life
    (app)--Godwheel#0 (1-3

GODWULF of Earth-7484 ( ) - former member of Nth Command, lover of Iron Butterfly, attempted to make reparations for involvement in Nth project, opposed Hellinger + Timestream.
    wm, long blond hair
    (app)--Astonishing Tales#36 (Captain America I#288(fb)/Deathlok II#34, AstT#36, [Marvel Spotlight I#33, Marvel Two-In-One#27(fb)], [Cap288(fb)], 286-288, Deathlok II#32(fb), [31(fb)], [33(fb)], [33(fb)], 29/2, 31-34

GODYACHT of Earth-93060  - pleasure craft of Ogma
    ZUMAS* --Godwheel (uv)#1

GODZILLA - immense dinosaur-like reptilian biped, apparently mutated by nuclear energy and brought out of suspended animation, had a number of adventures in Japan, battled other monsters, traveled across USA, former enemy of Dr. Demonicus, later mutated and enslaved by him
    (app)--Godzilla movie; Godzilla#1 (Licensed) (1(fb), 2(fb), 1-24, Iron Man I#193,194,196, Thing#31, Fantastic Four I#347, 348

GODZILLA - @ 1984, criminal, agent of "Neat Pete" Sligo at the Gladiator Club, killed by Night Raven
    *D* (app-neatpete)--Mighty World of Marvel II#12/3

GODZILLA SQUAD (Dum Dum Dugan, Tamara Hashioka, Dr. Gladstone Hawkins, Hugh Howards, Gabe Jones, Dr. Yuriko + Rob Takaguchi, Jimmy Woo)
    - nickname for branch of SHIELD agents and others who followed Godzilla in his adventure across America, based on the Behemoth helicarrier
    (app)--Godzilla#1 (2-24, [Avengers I#198]

GOERTZ, HEINRICH - minister of propaganda in Prussland
    --Red Raven Comics#1

GOG - see GOG N'MAGOG (app)--Incredible Hulk II#257

GOG - Tsiln race, former pawn of Kraven + Plunderer + Sinister Six, sent to earth as an infant in warp-drive starship along with a female that died, discovered in Savage Land, briefly rampaged in Manhattan, transported to extradimensional realm of Haizlip.
    300' hundred feet tall, immense strength and speed, huge + powerful tail, wears wristbands enabling him to teleport great distances
    (Marvel Monsters, app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#103 (104(fb), 103,104, 111(fb), Astonishing Tales#18(fb), 17-19, [Spider-Man#21],22,23

GOG - Mojoverse
    --Longshot I#1 (3, X-Men II Annual#1, X-Men II#46,47, X-Force#59-61

GOG - see LLEWELLYN, OWEN (app)--Super-Soldiers (MUK) #2

GOG of NETHERWORLD - agent of Necromon, brother of Maegog, fought by his side in siege of Camelot, knocked into the limitless abyss by Gafael

GOG & MAGOG - created by Seth, demons from Nephut-Sha (wizard in ancient Egypt), enemy of Israelis, defeated and imprisoned by pharaoh Merneptah, later escaped and reimprisoned by original Arabian Knight, later remade by Dr. Hassan Kareem and reimprisoned by Hulk
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#257 (257(fb), 257

GOG N'MAGOG - see MAGOG--Longshot I#1 (2-5, XMen II An1-->magog.

GO-GO (Asahiri Aoki) - Spammers, saved from Facade virus by Cable

GOGO - short helper of Madam Macabre, aided in capture of Giant Man
    (app-macabre)--Tales to Astonish#66

GOGO TOMAGO () - Big Hero 6, drafted into service rather than face prison sentence.
    wears helmet + armor, transform into ball of energy and travel at great speeds, fiery temperament
    (net, BH6 II#1)--Sunfire & Big Hero Six#1 (2,3, Alpha Flight II#17, Thunderbolts#25

GOGRATH - Anti-Men, First Ones, fought the Hulk
    giant, orange-furred creature, great strength
    (app-scarabeus)—Hulk Comic (UK)#18 (19, 20

GOJO, Professor (    ) - taught assassination techniques; encountered Namor
    --All Winners Comics#6

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