FEAR - see DARK MAN (app)--Thor I#323

FEAR BUGS of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD - creatures inhabiting asteroid JM881
    --Punisher 2099#25/3

fear-eater - encountered and attacked an asteroid-eater + Silver Surfer + Captain + Thor before starving to death upon encountering Daredevil
    *D* (app-fe)--Marvel Comics Presents#1/4 (2/4-4/4, 5/4d)

FEAR-EATERS race (Kkallakku ) - extraterrestrial entities, offspring of Kkallakku,
    insectoid, generate and feed off of fear of others
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#1/4( Dr. Strange III#39

FEARFUL ELIZA - torture device, used by Inanna's bailiff

FEAR LORDS (D'Spayre, Dweller-in-Darkness, Kkallakku, Lurking Unknown, Nightmare, Nox, Straw Man)
    - alliance of demons able to manipulate fears and dreams
    (app)--Dr. Strange III#31/2 (31/2-33/2, 38-40

FEAR MACHINE of Jarella’s World - created and used by the Pit’ll Pawob
    --Incredible Hulk II#156

FEARMASTER of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. (Darryl King) - head of Cyber-Nostra, high-ranking officer of Alchemax, hand altered by extraterrestrial nanotechnology.
    transmute matter on contact
    (M)--Punisher 2099#2(3-6 8-11 15,16 29

FEARSOME FIST of FARALLAH - power item, contained within Temple of Farallah, empowered Carnviore
    (app-carn)--[Iron Man III#22], Avengers III#25

FEARSOME FIVE - see FURIOUS FIVE--Amazing Spider-Man: The Short Halloween#1

FEARSOME FOUR (Frankenstein's monster, Howard the Duck, Nighthawk/Kyle Richmond, She-Hulk/Jen Walters) - briefly united to contain/help/destroy if needed the fear-maddened/empowered Man-Thing
    --Fearsome Four#1 (2011) (2-4

FEARSOME FOUR of "Earth-2021" (Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Sue Storm, Victor von Doom) -
    empowered when crashed their ship into nuclear power plant of physicists Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters, hailed as eco-terrorist heroes, eventually slain by Grimm and Iron Man
    (app)--Marvel Universe Millennial Visions 2001

FEARSOME FOUR of Earth-58163 (Doom, Inhuman Torch, Invincible Woman, the It) -
    (Secrets of the House of M)--

FEARSOME FOURSOME (Devos, Huntara, Klaw, Paibok) - short-lived band of enemies of Fantastic Four
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#377 (378,379, 382

FEAST (Martin Li, May Parker, Enrico, Ken)
     - Homeless shelter run by Martin Li (Mr. Negative); May Parker volunteers here
    Food, Emergency Aid, Shelter and Training--Amazing Spider-Man#546/4 (
    , 558, 563

FEATHER BOA - Allergen Gang
    (app-ag)--Captain America :Return of the Asthma Monster

FEATHER's EDGE - Shi'ar planet, destroyed by the Scy'ar Tal via Finality
    *D*--X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#1 (2d)

FEATHERED FELON ( ) - battled Speedball, mutate or wore bird costume, stole anything attractive to him + stored it in empty water tower.
    fly, mentally unbalanced?, uncertain if wore costume or possessed ability to fly on own
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#14/3

FEATHERED SERPENT - see Quetzacoatl (app-quetz)—X-Men I#25

FEATHERS (  ) - Trouble-Shooters member, aided Bob Brant in adventures, stoic Native American
   (app-brant)--Man Comics I#26/1 (26/3, 27/1, 27/3, 28/1, 28/3

FEDDERS - former agent of Cornelius Van Lunt
    (app)--Iron Man I#183

FEDERATION of MATRICULON (Maika Kopi, Fyeleten Looset, Stamben Malelet) – government
    (app-mat)—Marvel Graphic Novel#17: The Big Change

FEDUCIO of the Hyborian era - street preacher and manipulator, worshipped Mitra
    (app-redon)--Conan the Barbarian I#176

FEEDBACK (Louis Albert) - Beta Flight, mutant, attempted to keep powers hidden, attacked by Hardliners, who had discovered his powers, escaped and taken in by Alpha Flight, trained by them.
    generate bioelectricity, generate energy shields and blasts, create humanoid forms
    (net)--(LA) Alpha Flight I#118, (F)#126 (128-130

FEEDERS - carnivorous demons, battled John Blaze + Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch
    --Spirits of Vengeance#7/2 (8/2

FEEDERS of Earth-Here Comes Tomorrow -
    ---X-Men II#152

Feeders from the Sky - given sacrifices by Nekht Semerkeht and his priests, one slain by Conan, two others devoured its corpse
    --Savage Sword of Conan#223

FEEPERS, WEYLIN - UK spy, allied with Plunderer, posed as Plunderer's butler, shot during fight with Ka-Zar & Daredevil
--Daredevil I#14

FEE-LONN - extraterrestrial, crew of the starship Bird of Prey
    --Thor I#257 (258,259

FEENY, Dr. - @ 1953, designed serum that could keep someone alive even with decapitation, used it on himself
    (app)--Uncanny Tales I#9/2

FEETA, JIAN - Fantastic Four INC, worked with Johnny Storm
    --Fantastic Four III#61 (62, 63, 65, 66, Human Torch II#2, 7-10, Fantastic Four#521, 525

FEEVA (Katherine ) - mutant?, former friend of the kids who went on to become the B-Sides, accepted to Pegasus Institute.
    Able to motivate others and multi-task
    --B-Sides#1 (1/2, [1]

FEH-NEN - Kree outworld, assaulted via orbital bombardment by Shi'ar Battlegroup Three
    (app)--[War of Kings#1]

FEI - Traids, father of Lady Chi, captured by Miguel Lezar

FEIN, Capt. - military prosecutor investigating thefts at Camp Lehigh, set up by Bundist Gilmore Hodge, saved by Captain America on his first costumed mission
   (app-hodge)--Adventures of Captain America#1 (2

FEIN, MARTIN - became host for the Water Elemental, slain by Dr. Strange to stop it
    *D* (app-we)--Strange Tales II#1 (2d)

FELCH-MONSTER of BIHAR PROVINCE - noted in Bloodstone's trivia game for Elsa

FELDER, TYRIL - Way-Opener gunner
    --Uncanny Origins#4

FELDMAN, MYRON of Earth-148611 - inventor friend of Ken Connell
    *D*--Starbrand (nu)#1

FELDSPAR - Crystallium, regent of Galax, uncle of Crystar and Moltar, had upper and lower halves of body transformed into crystalline and molten forms, respectively, to maintain neutrality
    (app)--Crystar#1 (8(fb), 1, 2, 4-7, 10-11

FELDSTADT, Dr. HANS - scientist, worked on cure for radiation poisoning, mutated by gamma radiation, battled Hulk, apparently died after being defeated
    *D* (app)--[HULK#13], 14 ([14 (fb)], 14

FELDSTEIN, ALBERT - @ 1920's, clockmaker, briefly replaced by Night Raven to set a trap for the Taxman
    (app-tax)--Hulk Comic (UK)#3

FELFA - Carmondian school child, participated in mass suicide
    (app)--Captain Marvel IV#5

FELICITY 2099 ( ) - Theatre of Pain, commander of the Norns
    --X-Men 2099#22 (24-25

FELINA - pet cat of Leanne of Lemura
    (app-leanne)--Ka-Zar the Savage I#1

FELINE of Earth-93060 ( ) - Academy of the New Elite, student of Contrary, remained on Godwheel
    Feral appearance and powers
    --Freex (uv)#10 (11, Prototype#13/Ultraverse Premiere#6, Freex#16, Godwheel#0-3

FELIX - cat, encountered Arlo Samuelson
    (app-samuelson)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#11/2

FELIPE ?? – Prime Sentinel
Wolverine II#117 (118

FELIX - Anti-Men, partnered with Fangor, loyal to Scarabeus
    (app-scarabeus)—Hulk Comic (UK)#15 (16-20

FELL, Dr. REINHART - grandfather of Sigmund, Nazi biologist, allegedly executed but escaped to South America, founded New Berlin, ties to Kenneth Laumer
    *D*--Torch#4 (2010)

FELL, SIGMUND - New Berlin, construct created by Reinhart, believed itself the grandson of Reinhart
    --Torch#5 (2010) (6-8

FELLOWS, PERCIVAL - former mutant, early henchman of Magneto, lost powers on M-Day, subsequently died
    *D* (app)--[Uncanny X-Men#489] ([489 (fb, dies)]

    - criminals gathered by Mr. Fear to bring down Daredevil
    --Dardevil I#6

FELON (Bobby Soul) - mutant, has autistic brother, former agent of Zebra Daddy, allied with Kiden Nixon
    possess others
  " BRO", "G" (app) --NYX#6 (7

FELOR - Inhuman, servant of the Genetic Council, guarded captive Ahura
    (app)--Fantastic Four Unlimited I#2

FELS, EDGAR - former New York assistant District Attorney, allied with Professor Viper, killed by Nathaniel Mare’s zombies
    *D* (app-mare)--Midnight Sons Unlimited#7 ((7(fb), [7(fb,dies)]

FEMALE FURIES of Earth-Amalgam (Bernadeth, Big Titania, Lashina, Mad Harriet, Stompa)
    - Apokalips, agents of Thanoseid
    (app)--Bullets & Bracelets#1

FEM FORCE (Sharon Carter, Val de Fontaine)
    - female SHIELD I agents
    SHIELD Strike Force One
    --Captain America I#144 (145-148, Marvel Team-Up I#82?

FEM FORCE - slaves of Mandrill
    - BLACK SPECTRE--Defenders I#89

FEMIZONIA - see Earth-Femizonia (app-fem)--Savage Tales I#1, Fantastic Four I#151

FEMIZONIA ISLAND - former base of Superia, invisible to outside world, site where she gathered army of superhuman and normal women, surrounded by force field to protect from sterilization gas used on outside world
    (app-fem-s)--Captain America I#390 (391,392

FEMIZONS of SUPERIA (Superia (leader) and her lieutenants (Blackbird/Jackdaw, Iron Maiden, Moonstone/Sofen, Nightshade, Snapdragon/Sanada);
    and the rest--Anaconda, Arclight, Battleaxe, Black Lotus, Bloodlust, Bombshell, Chimera, Dansen Macabre, Dragoness, Dragonfly, Fer de Lance, Ferocia (formerly Fera), Frenzy (Cargill), Gladiatrix, Golddigger (see clarifications), Gypsy Moth, Ice Princess, Impala, Ion, Karisma, Knockout, Mindblast, MODAM, Mysteria, Pink Pearl, Poundcakes, Princess Python, Quicksand, Screaming Mimi, Steel Wind, Titania (Mary MacPherran), Vapor, Vertigo (Savage Land Mutates), Water Witch, Whiplash, Whiteout, Wrangler (formerly Laralie), Yellowjacket (Rita DeMara);
    Asp+Black Mamba+Diamondback
    (app)--[Captain America I#386], 388 (389-392

FEMIZONS of THUNDRA (Lyra, Syrani, Thundra, Vega)-united with men of machus,united republic of femizonia
    (app)--Savage Tales I#1/2,[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#11] (Savage Tales I#1/2(fb), 1/2, Fantastic Four I#151(fb), [151,152],153, She-Hulk II#39

FEMIZONS of THUNDRA (Thundra ) - empire of Thundra, unmerged
    (app)--[Marvel Two-In-One#67], Fantastic Four I#303 (Avengers West Coast#75

FEMME FATALES (Bloodlust, Knockout, Mindblast, Whiplash)
    - mercenaries, Superia’s Femizons, formerly employed by Chameleon and allied with Scorpion and Tarantula
    (OH2006#4, app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#340 (342,343 [Captain America I#387,388],389-391,[392], Marvel Knights Spider-Man#6, [12?]

FEMSMILE 2099 - anti-depressant marketed by Langen Russell for Stark-Fujikawa; many women went mad from its side effects
    --Punisher 2099#19

FEN - Atlantean, mother of Namor, daughter of Thakorr, attempted to spy on crew of Oracle icebreaker, captured by and fell in love with Captain Leonard McKenzie, conceived Namor with him, presumed dead after Paul Destine's destruction of Atlantis, dying body found by Socus, who rejuvenated her body and transferred her mind with Artys-Grans and then entombed Fen in Antarctic Atlantis
    *D* (Namor I#36)--(g) Marvel Mystery Comics#82; [Sub-Mariner I#38],
    Namor II#1, 1/2, 5, 7, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty#2-4,
    Namor29-40(body possessed by artys-gran), 39+40d(mind in artys-gran's body)

FENDER, BILLY - investigated Spider-Man's identity, mistakenly named Jonah as Spider-Man
    --Peter Parker: Spider-Man#36 (36(fb1,2), 36

FENG, duke of the Hyborian era - Khitain, aid to king Shu, sought to slay Conan via the slime creature and the Monolith to discourage intermingling western cultures with Khitai, thrown to the slime creature by Conan
    *D*--The Curse of the Monolith; Savage Sword of Conan#33

FENG PO-PO - Xian/Chinese goddess, elderly wind goddess who carries the winds in a bag slung over her shoulder.
    --[Thunderbolts: International Incident#1]

FENG PO-PO (    ) - Chinese woman, former prostitute, mutated by Arnim Zola
    --Thunderbolts: International Incident#1

FENG-TU dimension (Lady Meng, Lord Tuan, Dhasha Khan, Silver Dragon) - Chinese realm of the dead, mystic realm where Chinese spirits go to await rebirth in the next cycle of being. bordered by river of hell/how nai-ho with bridge of pain-k'u-ch'u-ch'iao
    (app)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#19

FENG-TU (Ao Jun (guard) ) - Chinese underground prison, formerly held Xorn, destroyed by him when he was freed
    --X-Men Annual 2001

FENNY, CLEM - occult storeowner, killed by Clave Searchware
   *D* (app-clave)--Midnight Sons Unlimited#8

FENRIC - disembodied entity, trapped in a bottle by the Doctor in Arabia following a battle of wills centuries ago, the bottle he was within made its way to Scandanavia, where Fenric managed to manipulate a group of Norsemen (the forebears of what would later be called his Wolves) and got them to take him to England (where they landed at Whitby, traditionally known now as Dracula's landing site). As centuries passed Fenric remained able to influence the vikings descendents, including the young lady who would one day be known as Ace
    – Hastur the Unspeakable--

FENRIS (Andrea+Andreas Strucker) - Upstarts, Assembly of Evil, twin mutant children of Baron Strucker, also refers to terrorist organization led by them, Andrea apparently slain by Helmut Zemo in the form of Citizen V
    generate powerful blasts of energy when they link hands
    (D#4,net)--(A&AS)Uncanny X-Men#194, (F)#200 (194,196,200, Cloak & Dagger III#9(fb),8,9 UX260 [Excalibur I#32,33],34 UX268, XMen II#4-7, Generation X Annual 1996, Quicksilver#8,9, GamIII#10,Citizen V and the V Battalion#1-3

FENRIS 2099 - gangs based on Asgardian mythology
    --Spider-Man 2099#7( 34

FENRIS the HELLBRINGER – agent of the Black Sun who sabotaged Omega's defence shields, resulting in him being sucked into a black hole. , atoms spread across zone of no return while trying to escape rassilon without time belt, remained there for some twenty years, until he was retrieved by Wardog for interrogation. While being interrogated he was killed when the Black Sun attacked Gallifrey.
    *D*--Dr. Who Monthly#47 (51d)

FENRIS WOLF- offspring of Loki & Angerboda, half brother of Hela and Jormungand, mother of Hoarfen and Sturm & Drang, enemy of Asgard, bit off hand of Tyr when Asgardians tricked him into wearing magic bonds made of Gleipnur, banished in past to Vanaheim by Haakun the Hunter, apparently slain in the destruction of Asgardian at the hands of Thor
    immense+powerful wolf,alter form and size
    *D* (D#4, app)--Journey into Mystery I#114 (114/2(fb), Avengers Classics#5/2, Thor I#278, Thor II#80-83, 85

FENRIS WOLF - wolf mutated by Knut Caine
    *D* (app-madviking)--Tales to Astonish III#1

FENSTER, RICHARD - lecturer and business manager of Champions
    --Thor I#239, Champions#1 (named)( Marvel Premiere#26, Champions5

FENTON, BARNEY - Empire State University student
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#177

FENTON, "POP" - boxing trainer, former trainer of Battling Jack Murdock and Kid Gawaine
    (app)--Daredevil I#68 (119

FENTON -  ivory poacher, battled Ka-Zar the Great
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#6

FENWAY (Homer Un) - Hellhouse, mercenary, white hair, speaks in baseball terms, scars across face like stitches on baseball
    (app)--Deadpool III#1, (named) #5 (7-9, 14, 16(fb3), 30, 61

FERA - see FEROCIA (OH: AZU#3-ferocia, app)--Power Man/Iron Fist#97 (98-100-Ferocia)

FERAL (Maria Callasantos) - mutant, sister of Thornn, X-Corps, Hellions, formerly of Morlocks + X-Force + Mutant Liberation Front, injured Siryn’s throat, lost powers on M-Day, feral appearance restored by Romulus, apparently slain by Sabretooth
    cat-like appearance and powers
    *D* (M,net)--New Mutants I#99 (X-Force#41(fb), NM99,100, New Mutants An7, New Warriors An1, Uncanny X-Men An15, X-Factor An6 XForce#1-3,Spider-Man#16, XFor4,5, [Captain America I#406],407, XFor6-11, XForAn1/3, XFor12-15, XFac84,XFor16,UX295,XFor17, UX296, XFor19 20, 21 22,23 24 25 26, XForce An2, XFor27,28, An4, 40,41, Quick#6,8,9, [XFor87],88-90, X-Men II#133, [Wolverine III#55 (fb), 54 (fb)], 53-54, 55 (fb),

FERAL - see NATIVE (OH:Wolv)--Wolverine III#13

FERAL 8162 - Evil Dead, cat-man
    *D*--(UK) Dragon's Claws#2d

FERAL of Earth-Bishop ( ) - Xavier Security Enforcers
    --Xavier Security Enforcers#2

FERALIMINAL LYCANTHROPIZER - held by the human Collector. sound-device that stimulates animal and sexual instincts

FERD (    ) - agent of Mal Donalbain
    (app-donalbain)--The Cat#1

FER-DE-LANCE (Teresa Vasquez) - Serpent Squad, Puerto Rican woman, Serpent Society, physical abilities enhanced by unknown chemicals.
    Uses spikes on gloves as weapons
    (M,app)--Captain America I#337 (338, 341/3,342, Uncanny X-Men An13(fb), Cap365/2, 367/2, 380-382, ?[Cap387,388],389-391,[392]?-maybe not, Cap434-437
    , Amazing Spider-Man#562-563

FERDRUGO of the Hyborian era - former king of Zingara, father of Chabela, manipulated by Menkara and Thoth-Amon into turning over the crown, although he regained it
    --Conan the Buccaneer; [Savage Sword of Conan#40], 43

FEREN of Guildern - nursemaid of Donal Ban & Tristum
    (app-guildern)--Wild Angels


FERGUSON, FREDERICK  - see FREDERICK SLADE--X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula#3

FERGUSON, ISABEL - ally of Maverick, freelance custom weapons manufacturer, mother of Madeline
    --Maverick II#1 (2,3, 6,8

FERGUSON, MADELINE - daughter of Isabel and Michel
    --Maverick II#1 (2, 6,8

FERGUSON, Officer of Earth-Nightside - investigated death of Jelly the Belly

    --Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#3

FERIDUN of the Hyborian age - Yezud, apostle of Zath
    (app-zath)--Savage Sword of Conan I#208 (209, 210

FERLENGHETI, CASSANDRA "CASSIE" - private secretary of Harry Osgood
    cold + arrogant
    (net)--Dazzler#2 (3, 5,6, 8, 12,13, 30

FERMAN, TROY - game hunter, hunted and then presumably killed by werewolf Tom Burke circa 1973
Chamber of Chills#7

FERN ( ) - Warpies, Cherubim
    vascular cryptogram, vegetable mass, generate large amounts to ensnare others, levitate
    (net-c9)--Captain Britain II#7 (8,9,11/2-14/2

FERNANDEZ, JOHN - reporter, killed in Nitro's explosion in Stamford
    --Civil War: Front Line#1 (1 (fbs, dies)

FERNANDO ?? - agent of the General (Tranh) in Bolivia, killed by the Punisher
    *D* (app-rock)--Punisher II#1 (1d)

FERNANDO ?? - Cutting Corporation, assistant to Dr. Ochoa
    --Black Widow IV#3

FERNANDS, ANASTASIA - SHIELD press secretary, interviewed by unidentified Daily Bugle reporter regarding Nitro's status and whereabouts
    --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1

FEROC - extraterrestrial, came to earth in Savage Land and played a game with partner that killed Zabu and Shanna, but it then reversed time, restoring them
    --Ka-Zar the Savage#16

FEROCIA - K'un-Lun wolf, Superia’s Femizons, Night Patrol, Ricadonna's Rogues, led pack that killed Heather Rand, given humanoid form by Master Khan, escaped his control
    -FERA* (OH: AZU#3, app)--Captain America I#389 (390-392, 402,403,[404-406],407,[408], Heroes for Hire II#3 (fb), 4-5

FEROCIOUS, FLYING FRAULEINS (    ) - agents of Lady Luftwaffe, battled Liberty Legions
    --Captain America: Patriot#1 (2010)

FERON - extradimensional ancient mystic, native of Ee’rath?, sentinel of Phoenix, former student of Necrom, dedicated to defeat of Necrom, slain by him, but forced him to release phoenix force
    --Excalibur I#50

FERON - descendent, ally of Excalibur, rendered catatonic when attempted to help Meggan with a deep depression, eventually recovered, allied with Crazy Gang as Executioner until convinced of their friendship by Excalibur
    pale skin, dark hair, magical abilities, pointed ears, dark hair, pale skin, travels by levitation
    EXECUTIONER* (M, OH2006#4, net)--Excalibur I#48 (50(fb), 48-51 55,56 [57] 58 Ex124(fb),124

FER-PORR - Kree, Lunatic Legion
    (app-lunaticlegion)--Captain Marvel II#37

FERRA of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - intelligent giant bat, telepathic, allied with Ravage, killed by Deathstryk
    *D*--Ravage 2099#22 (23,24,[25],26-32d)

FERRAL, MILLICENT - District X, former St. Jerome's, former caretaker of Winston Hobbes (Worm), later killed by him
    *D*--District X#9 (9(fb)

    --Bizarre Adventures#25/3

FERRARA, ENZO - Noah van Helsing's vampire hunters, former Jesuit priest, had ten year stint as senior archivist of the Vatican's library of forbidden books, undisputed authority on magic, sorcery, and demonology, has encyclopedic knowledge of every known vampire species on Earth, eventually slaughtered by the Adze
    *D*--Tomb of Dracula IV#1 (1(fb), 1-3, 4d)

FERRARA, Mr. - employed Tatiana Caban at fish market

FERRARI, CONNIE - lawyer?, employer of Javier Ramirez, sister of David, former romantic interest of Steve Rogers.
    wf, brown hair
    --Captain America III#15(20,21,23 28,30,31 35 36 37 39,40 42-44 49

FERRARI, DAVID - see ANSWER--[Captain America III#20],41

FERRET (Leslie Lenrow) -
(net-goldage)--(g) Marvel Mystery Comics#4

FERRET ( ) - agent of Dr. Faustus
    --Captain America I#107

FERRET ( ) - Warpies, Seraphim ?.
    small, humble child with rodent-like features
    --Excalibur I#64

FERRET - Malibu comics character. apparently got name and costume from Leo Zelinsky
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#61/502 (61(fb4), 

FERRINI, CARLO - New York crime boss, killed by agent of Deathwatcher
    *D* (app-scythe)—Captain America Annual#5

FERRIS - robotic servant of Magneto
    --Uncanny X-Men#350 ( X-Men II#85, UX366, X86,UX367,X87,UX368, Magneto Rex#1-3

FERRIS, MARTIN - NSA, drugged for information about Black Widows program by Black Widow (Natalia Romanova), later joined forces with Kestrel to gain revenge on Widow, slain by her
    *D*--Black Widow III#3 (Black Widow IV#1-3, 5, 6d

FERRIS, PEPPER of Earth-Amalgam - Pepper Hogan + Carol? Ferris - see MADAME SAPPHIRE--Iron Lantern#1

FERRIS, TIM of Earth-148611 - Troubleshooters, legs amputated after battle with Steel Hawk
    FASTBALL* (app-trouble)--Spitfire and the Troubleshooters (nu)#1 (2-7

FERRO, ALDO - telepath, implanted memories in members of Project X
    -PSI-BORG*,VOLE*,TOPO SILICIANO--Wolverine II#62 (63(fb), 62,63

FERRO2 - Technet, brother? of 4, killed by .
    lupine humanoid, used swords

FERRO4 - Technet, 4 arms, lupine humanoid, uses swords
    (U#7)--(UK) Captain Britain II#3; Captain Britain TP, Excalibur SE#1 (Excalibur I#13, 15, 42-47, Marvel Comics Presents#174 , Ex125, Fantastic Four III#6-8

FERRO-MAN of Earth-Amalgam (Piotyr Rasputin) - Colossus + Robot Man
    --X-Patrol#1 (1(fb#4), 1

FERROL - planet, home of Trinity-that-is-One, targeted by the Lorq, saved by Star-Lord
    --Marvel Preview#14

FERRULE, DIANNE - Princess of the Microverse world Mita, raised by the Ferrules
    (app)--Captain America Comics#25 (26

FERRY, NINA of Earth-7484 - pawn of Simon Ryker?, associated with the Omni-Computer
    --Astonishing Tales #25

FERRYDUN the MIGHTY - see TERROR. named used by Zahhak--Terror, Inc - Apocalypse Soon#3

FERRYMAN of River of Darkness - see DEATH’s BOATMAN (app-zug)--Conan the Barbarian I#250

FERSHOV, FELIKS - Russian scientist, studied Ursa Major, Darkstar and Vanguard
1--Soviet Super-Soldiers #1

FERUZE - Snakeroot, African-American, rejected from fine schools due to race and background
    *D* (app-snakeroot)--Daredevil I#321, (named) #324 ([324(fb), 321-323], 324,325, Daredevil Annual#10, Elektra: Root of Evil#1-4

FERZINI, GINO - agent of Wilson Fisk, formerly served under Carlo Sanguino until convinced to betray him to become Fisk's lieutenant
    --Kingpin II#1 (2-4, 5+6?, 7

FESI, EDEN - Secret Warriors, one of Nick Fury's "caterpillars," Australian, tutored by Gateway
    universal shaper
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2], 4

FETISH - Realm of Madness
    --[Venom: The Madness#2]

FETISH ( ) - Coven, sister of Satyr. black woman,
    clairvoyant, magical powers, wore scant swimsuit with shredded red cape, ring in left nostril
    (app-coven)--Marvel Comics Presents#132 (133-135,[136]

FETISON, OSGOOD - Head of Fetison Electronics, old associate of Tony Stark; Iron Man (James Rhodes) attempted and failed to safe his company from the Termite
    (app-termite)--Iron Man I#189 (190

FETISON ELECTRONICS (Osgood Fetison) - produced industrial robots and other electronics, sabotaged by the Termite under Obadiah Stane's employment
    --Iron Man I#189 (190

FEUER (Feuer Langhagen) - der Jahrmacht.
    --Excalibur minus 1 (X-Men Unlimited#19 Uncanny X-Men#407, Nightcrawler III#9-10

"FEUILLE" - Ruined
    (app-ruined)--Fantastic Four III#1

FEVER 2099 - Cyberspace
    --Doom 2099#5 (2099 Unlimited#5, Doom2099#5-8

FEVER PITCH ( ) - Gene Nation, X-Corps, 198, former agent of Dark Beast and Mystique, powers have burned all flesh from body leaving only skeleton, present at Xavier Institute after M-Day
    fiery powers
    (198, net)--Generation X#50 (XMan50, Uncanny X-Men#402-406, X-Men II#183, [184-185], X-Men: The 198#1-5, Civil War: X-Men#1, [2-3], 4

FFEERRRR - one of the creatures from Pandara's Box

FEX 2099 - mutate of the Golden One
    (app-goldenone)--2099 Unlimited#6

FFOULKES, Major HUBERT - Lakini, retired British Army, protested Stark Industries plant due to risk of pollution
    (app-mastermind)--Iron Man I#31

FFOULKES, KATHY - Lakini, daughter of Hubert, former girlfriend of Kevin O'Brian
    (app-mastermind)--Iron Man I#31

FFURG - Dimension of Exile, former ally of Ngh the Unspeakable
    super-strong hairy man
    (app-ngh)--Avengers I#328 ([329-331]

FHALA LAROUGHE of the Hyborian era - daughter of Laroughe and Meara, recruited Conan to help find father
    --Savage Sword of Conan#70

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