FI - see PSI-FI--Web of Spider-Man#129.1 (October, 2012) (129.1 (fb), 129.1, 129.2-->Psi-Fi

FI-6 ("Inky" Blott, Captain Ray Bodie, Mortimer Clayworth, Captain William Doyle, Sebastian Edwards, George Wallace, telepath and and )
    --Excalibur I#45 (49

FIALAN - Jarella’s homeworld, assassin of the Ptill Pawob, sent to Earth by Visis to try to slay Jarella, seemingly killed by the Hulk
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#148 (Incredible Hulk Annual 2001

FIAME - Microverse planet, inhabited by descendents of the Wanderers who held glyphs to the Keys to the Enigma Force
    (app)--[Micronauts II#1], 13 (14

FIANDEN - extraterrestrial race of artists, exterminated by the Shi'ar over a millennium ago due to fear of their ability to affect the Shi'ar with their art
    --Astonishing X-Men#57 (2013)

FIDDLER (Ulrich Kuster) - @ 1941, Nazi agent, used radios containing explosives he could detonate with a certain note, placed in homes of us government officials by agents of his hired as butlers, opposed by Captain America and Bucky, killed by his own high note
    *D*--Captain America Comics#7/4

FIDDLER, BARNEY - Commission
    (app)--Black Panther III#26 (Incredible Hulk III#33

FIDEL - cat of Luz Santos, mischievous
    --Ghost Rider III#70(72,73

FIELDER ( ) - psi-cops, generate force fields
    --Warlock III#1,3(named)

FIELDER, EDDIE - friend of Joshua Walker
    (app-Walker, Joshua)--Defenders I#111

FIELD FORCE - armored agents of Sinergy technology
    --Night Thrasher II#17

FIELDING, CLARENCE - former bookkeeper, sought Norman Osborn's bounty on Spider-Man, but saved his life and then "rescued" Norman Osborn from Green Goblin genetic construct 
    —Spider-Man#89 (Spectacular Spider-Man II#255

    --Doc Samson II#3

FIELDS - Commission field agent, wore armored battlesuit against Juston Seyfert's Sentinel
    (app)--Sentinel#7 (8,9

FIELDS, judge FRANKLIN - Central City, friend of Machine Man, father of Olivia, grandfather of Jerry
    (app)--2001: A Space Odyssey#10

FIELDS, JERRY - Central City, son of Olivia, grandson of Franklin
    (app)--2001: A Space Odyssey#9 (10

FIELDS, OLIVIA - Central City, daughter of Franklin, mother of Jerry
    (app)--2001: A Space Odyssey#9 (10

FIELDS, TRACI - employee (dj?) at WRCK, co-worker of Chris Powell
    --Darkhawk#19( SleepWalker#17, Darkhawk#22

FIELDSTON, ROGER - mutant, sent a number of mutates on a rampage until powers reversed by Captain Universe (Jeff Christiansen)
    brought out dormant mutations in others
    (app)--X-Men/Captain Universe#1 ([1(fb)], 1

FIELDSTONE ( ) - Brute Force, fought Thunderbolts
    10-12’ tall rock-like male, strong, single red eye, glowing red mouth
    (app-Brute Force)--Thunderbolts#31 (32

FIELSTEIN, DANIEL "FIREWORKS" - Code: Blue, demolitions expert
    (app)--Thor I#426 (427,428, 432,433, 448, [Fantastic Four I#372(fb)], Th449-451, Marvel Comics Presents#112/4, FF372, Darkhawk#23,24, Web of Spider-Man Annual#9, Spider-Man Unlimited I#1/3, Thunderstrike#1, SpdmUnl#3/3, Ts3, Silver Sable#27, Captain America I#426, Ts5-8, New Warriors Annual#4, Ts11, Night Thrasher II#15, Ts#13/2-16/2, 22,23, Journey into Mystery#505

FIEND (Hermann Schmidt) - paraplegic Nazi, used wheelchair equipped with weapons, fought Human Torch and Toro
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#48

FIEND from the PIT of the Hyborian era - ally of Costranno, accepted his human sacrifices
    (app-costranno)--Savage Sword of Conan#1

FIENDS of the DARK (Gol-Goroth, Yog-Sothoth, others) - dark gods worshipped by Costranno
    --[Savage Sword of Conan#1]

FIERAN, Major JAN - Finnish Army, circa World War II, body briefly inhabited by John Kowalksi who led his soldiers to hold off the invading Russian army, delaying them until they froze to death
    *D*--War is Hell#

FIERS, GUSTAV - see GENTLEMAN (app)--Spider-Man: Gathering of the Sinister Six novel

FIERY MASK (Dr. Jack Castle) - Former physician, empowered by the "Zombie Masters" machine, which was intended to turn him into one of his zombie-like minions
    (net-GoldAgeHeroes)--(g) Daring Mystery Comics#1

FIFI - duck-woman, created by Dr. Bong
    (app)--Howard the Duck I#17 ([18(fb), 17-18, [Sensational She-Hulk#5 (fb)], 5

FIFI of Earth-90360 - dog, creation of Doc Gross
    --Prime(uv) Annual#1 (Elven3,4, Power of Prime#1

FIFOLET - Assassins Guild.
    become intangible, wm, long dark hair
    --Rogue#1 (3, Gambit III#17-19, 22

FIFTH DIMENSION (Diablo) - realm of smoke monsters

FIFTH DIMENSION (Xemu, Phineas, Theos, Valeria)
    - earth-like dimension, populated by blue-skinned humanoids, formerly had plans to invade Earth while under the tyrannical rule of Xemu
    (app)--Strange Tales I#103 (Fantastic Four I#162(fb), [158(fb)], 159,161,162,[163]

FIFTH HOST (Cataphrax )-army of deviants who had been selected for purity time by Deviant priesthood and seemingly sent to flame pits, but in reality they were lobotomized to serve as Ghaur’s private soldiers for his war with the Eternals and Celestials.
    all crumbled to dust after Ghaur lost control of the power of the Dreaming Celestial
    --Eternals II#11(12


FIFTH WORLD FRONT - Central American terrorists, assaulted Arlington's Veterans' Administration Hospital, defeated by Captain America with aid from veterans
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#47/3

FIFTY SIX HYDRONIS - space-time fissure opened here, transferring Major Victory and Avengers Mansion-691 to Universe-616
    --Guardians of the Galaxy II#1 (2

FIFTY-THIRD CARD - speakeasy run by Shadu the Shady
    --Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death#1

FIGARO - trained parrot of Mister Polly; alongside him presumably encountered/opposed by Captain America (Jeff Mace) and Bucky (Fred Davis)
    --Captain America Comics#63 (July, 1947)

FIGARO - cat, pet of Sam Wilson
    --Captain America#137 (1971)

FIGARO OF Earth-148611 - Cat, pet of Angie Tensen, reanimated by her?
    --Justice#26 (1988)

FIGARO, TONY of Earth-88194 - youth, kidnapped by shadows associated with Ravenscores, rescued by Michael Devlin
    --St. George#1 (1(fb), 2

"FIGHT-BOT" - Donovan Robotics, sent after Iron Man, destroyed by him 
    (app-donovan)--Marvel Comics Presents#43/3

FIGHT BOY (Tyrone  ) - Fight Twins, former partner of Fight-Man, killed when throat slit by Babe Ruthless
    *D*--[Fight Man#1] ([Agent X#11 (fb, dies)]

FIGHT BRIGADE (Elongated Armstrong, Fight Man, Human Mummy, Riot Girl) - Delta City, short-lived superhero team, all refused to help him with Hooded Eye (Leibman) plotted against him
    --Fight Man#1

FIGHTER ONE (    ) - Triumph Division, slain by assassin empowered by Ezekiel Stane
    *D*--Invincible Iron Man#2

FIGHT GIRL (        ) -Fight Twins,  former partner of Fight-Man, killed in battle
    *D*--[Fight Man#1]

FIGHT KID (        ) - former partner of Fight-Man, killed in battle
    *D*--[Fight Man#1]

FIGHT-MAN (Frank Bigelow) - former Delta City superhero, former member of Fight Brigade, ex-husband of Beverly Lacoco, woke up with powers one day, very unpopular, sent to jail for reckless endangerment after 14 of his sidekicks were killed. Retired until Agent X hired to kill him, teamed up with Agent X against Beverly and Hooded Eye
    Superhuman strength, bulletproof, fly, super-breath
    (OH2006#4, app)--Bill & Ted's Excellent Comic Book#5, Fight Man#1 ([Agent X#10(fb)], [Fight Man#1(fb)]. 1, Agent X#10(fbs), 10,11

FIGHT TWINS (Fight Boy + Fight Girl) -  former partners of Fight-Man, killed in battle
    *D*--[Fight Man#1]

FIGHTING HOBO ( ) - vagrant, read a volume of Shakespeare, adopted an air of gallantry, became a street-level Galahad
    (net-gold)--(g) USA Comics#5

    (net-preff)--(g) Wild Western#17

    --(g) Captain America Comics#17; [Avengers I#92]

FIGILLULLI - Fomalhauti, involved in Galactic Marathon
    vastly superhuman speed

"figment" – form taken by Khlog, based on a rumor of a monstrous creature started by Terry Szenics in Mystic, Connecticut; dispelled by Dr. Strange
    (app-khlog)--Strange Tales III#1 (1(fb)

FIGMENT (    ) - Super-Villain, imprisoned at the Big House
    --She-Hulk III#5 ([6]

FIGURINE of Earth-148611 ( ) - Forsaken.
    virtually transparent, walks around naked
    (app-fig)--Justice(nu)#30 (31, 32

    --(unidentified) [Invincible Iron Man#2]

FILLARDI, CAMERON - Sleepy Hollow, Illinois, son of Peter, sexually assaulted Monica Brezzi, intended the same with Emily Stouffer, decapitated by Lucifer-possessed Jack O'Lantern (Steven Levins), later raised as a zombie by him
    --Ghost Rider VI#8 ([8 (fb)], 8d, 11 (zombie)

FILLARDI, PETER - Sleepy Hollow, Illinois, father of Cameron, former partner of Sheriff Harry O'Connor
    --Ghost Rider VI#8

FILLMORE, sheriff DONALD ROBERT - encountered Man-Thing + Mr. Termineus + Burke family
    --Man-Thing III#1 (2, Strange Tales IV#1, 2

FILSON, VICTOR - X-Statix Public Relations man
--X-Men Unlimited I#41/2

FILVOT - Tunnelworld, Sputs, worked at Bozqwip’s inn
    (app-tun)--Defenders I#78

FIMBULWINTER - power of Ymir/Niffleheim contained within Casket of Ancient Winters, released by Malekith, freed Surtur from Muspelheim, blanketed earth in snowstorms, used by Surtur to imprison Odin until casket repaired by Roger Willis
    —Thor I#348 (349-352

FIN - ancestor of Neptunians
    --[Daring Mystery#7]

FIN (Lt. Peter Noble) - World War II and modern era, husband of Nia, original costume patterned after the Neptunian, frogman
    born with the ability to live on land or at depths of the ocean, wore grey costume with large fin on head
    (OH: GA, net)--(g) Daring Mystery Comics#7 (8, Comedy Comics#1;
    [Avengers I#97], Invaders I#5, Invaders III#2,3, 6, 8-9

FIN ( ) - Intruders
    --Silver Sable#11(

FIN FANG FLAME of Earth-Amalgam - Fin Fang Foom + Brimstone
    --JLX Unleashed#1

FIN FANG FOOM - Kakaranatharan, Fin Fang Four, navigator of the ship that crashed to earth in millennia past, remained asleep underneath China, awakened in recent times by Chan Liuchow as a weapon against the communists, possibly allied with It against Stonians, summoned by Beyond Reason Spiritual Fellowship, served and possessed by Aan Taanu, banished by Legion of the Night, revived by Mandarin for Chien Hsu, destroyed by Iron Man (Tony Stark) amplifying his powers through the rings of the Mandarin, reformed by possessing Billy Yuan and adding power of thousands of lizards, turned over to Baintronics, apparently escaped, allegedly slain by Thor, but later shrunk to human size by Reed Richard's molecular compactor, became chef at Baxter Building restaurant, helped Elektro, Googam, and Gorgilla defeat Tim Boo Ba
    immense intelligent fire-breathing, winged dragon, can be sent into slumber by unknown herb
    -the SLEEPING DRAGON <He Whose Limbs Shatter Mountains and Whose Back Scrapes the Sun>
    (U#3,M, OH: GA, Marvel Monsters, app)--Strange Tales I#89 (Iron Man I#274(fb), 272(fb), 274(fb), [263(fb)], [Strange Tales#89(fb)], 89, Marvel Monsters: Monsters on the Prowl, Astonishing Tales#23-24, [Fantastic Four Roast#1], Hulk vs. Fin Fang Foom#1, Legion of the Night#1,2, Iron Man#261-264, 267-268, 270, 271(fb), 271-275, [Iron Man III#15(fb)], 15-18, JLA/Avengers#1, [Thor II#80(fb)], Fin Fang Four#1(fb), 1, Marvel Holiday Special 2006#1/2, Giant-Size Avengers II#1/9,

FINAL SONS of MAN (Father, Son) - two androids/robots from time after death of Baal 4000 that came back in time to destroy the Assassin/Mr. Kline
    (app-mk)--Sub-Mariner I#42 (Daredevil I#84

FINALITY - Scy'ar Tal weapon, used massive stargate to transport an entire star as a weapon to destroy planets, fleets, etc.; multiple stars kept in a "solar nursery"; technology destroyed by Havok
    --X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#2 (3-5

FINCH, GEORGE - former employer of Typeface at Ace Signs Company, he personally detonated Typeface's bomb's after he'd stopped trying to use them, framing Typeface in order to get the insurance money.
    (app-typeface)--Peter Parker: Spider-Man#24 (24(fb), 24

FINE, Dr. - treated May Parker after she had been shot
    --Amazing Spider-Man#544

FINELLI, EDWARD of Earth-148611 - paranormal, considered for Psi-Force, evaded Emmett Proudhawk, homeless
    powers undefined
    (app)--Psi-Force Annual#1 (1 (fb), PF#25

FINELLI, NICK - diamond thief and murderer, underlings included Red and Blood-Lust, possibly same man employed by Saint years before; fought Sub-Mariner
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#27

FINGERS (Thomas Haney) - Shadow Cabinet, thief
    --Moon Knight III#40(43 53 56

FINGER WORMS - native to Brekknis?, fled the seeming approach of Galactus (actually an unidentified astral entity)
    --Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#4 (2008)

FINKELSTEIN, HARVEY - hired Leslie to pose as Slasher with the plan of saving and impressing Elyse
    (app-slash)--Web of Spider-Man#37

FINISHER (Karl Fiers) - assassin for Red Skull, brother of the Gentleman, set the trap for Richard and Mary Parker, later killed trying to kill Spider-Man
    *D* (app-rs)--Amazing Spider-Man An#5 (Spider-Man: Secret of the Sinister Six novel (fb), Amazing Spider-Man Annual#5

FINLAY, HOLLY - part of George Reagan's masked gang; slaughtered family of Caleb who became Ghost Rider; slain by Ghost Rider
    *D*--(masked) Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears#1 (2007); 2

FINLEY (    ) -
    --Captain America Comics#2

FINLEY, STAN - Redemption, Alabama; lawyer for Saul Bowen, inept
    --Daredevil: Redemption#2 (2 (fb), 5 (fb)

FINN - Deviant member of the Damocles Foundation who, alongside Weller, received the Celestial Gatherer from Lucas Guthrie.
    Finn was killed when the Gatherer ran amok.
    --X-Force I#96

FINN, Mr. - Universal Cosa Nostrum
    (app-ucn)--Marvel Comics Presents#172/3

FINNEGAN, "FATAL" - professional wrestler
    --Fantastic Four: First Family#3

    Harimela, Otso/Tiermes, Ukko
    KALEVALANS--Thor I#300?

FINNS of Earth-8410 circa 2020 -

FINOG (    ) - stole Pharaoh's Eye gem; opposed by Terry Vance
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#30

FINSTER, Miss - grade school teacher, supervised the "Goblin Night" play, which was assaulted by the Lilin "Goblins"
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#144/3


FIONA ?? -see DUNN, FIONA (app)--Brotherhood#4 (5

FIONA of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD - daughter of Vulture 2099, betrayed X-Nation, then later helped them
    --2099: World of Tomorrow#2  (3-6

FIO'RI - extradimensional psychic vampire, assaulted Vampire Nation, destroyed by Blade
Death of Dr. Strange: Blade#1

FIORELLA, DELLA - disco enthusiast, former lover of T. J. Novello, killed him when he became interested in Lilith (Daughter of Dracula), vamped by Lilith
    *D/R?*--Marvel Preview#16/4

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