FAR BANKS (Priscilla + Priscilla dream, Rogue dream, Campbell Saint-Ange) - magical realm associated with dream
    --[Rogue III#2], 3 (3(fb), 5(fb), 4-6

FAR PLACE (Black Justice, Damon Conquest, Daedalus Darquill, Endolana, Hounds, Justice Warriors, Kabor, Malakite, Max, Night Warriors, Qatar, Tattoo, Tensen, Therion, Webstral)
    - illusionary/imaginary world created by Daedalus Darquill
    (app)--Justice (nu) #1 (15(fb), 1(fb), 2-5, 7,8, 10,11(fb), 13,15)

FARA - Atlantean/homo mermani, sought romance with Namor, informed him of Dorma's delivery of Bruce Banner to Atlantis, attempted to kill Dorma, slain by wall collapsing in battle b/t Namor and Hulk
    *D*--Incredible Hulk II#118

FARADAY, HEATHER of Earth-93060 - nurse, employed by Exiles
    *D* (app-ex)--Exiles (uv)#1 (3,4d)

FARADAY CAGE - chamber that can't be penetrated by electromagnetic transmissions, one was used to contain Fasaud
    --Union Jack II#1 (3

FARALLAH - mystic entity invoked by Dr. Strange, involved in Wager of the Octessence, empowered Carnivore
    -"Fangs of Farallah"
    (app)--[Dr. Strange II#45], Iron Man III#22 (IM III#22(fb) [Dr. Strange II##45,49] [IM#22], [Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1/3]

Faraway - experimental satellite with subspace engine used by Black Air who installed Archimedes Fogg's computerized brain into it. Disappeared midway through its journey to the far reaches of the galaxy, crashed in Genosha two years later. Wisdom and X-Force retrieved Fogg's computerized brain and put into a LMD-variant cyborg body.
    --X-Force I#94

FARAZ, DARIUS -  agent of the Mandarin, formerly of CM security consultant, former ally of Kareem Najeeb, killed him to work with Mandarin instead
    (app)--Iron Man IV#16 (16 (fb), 17, 21

FARBAUTI - Storm Giantess, mother of Loki

    Asgardian sorcerer, change into hawk, created and imprisoned Menagerie
    -CRUEL-STRIKER, RIMTHURSAR* (app)--Thor I#321

FARBER, HARVEY K. - Empire State University student
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#44

FARBER, JAKE - Commission agent, partner of Elwood McNulty
    (app-commission)--Captain America I#329 (331, 332, 333, X-Factor Annual#4

FARBER, SIEGRIED - Blitz Squadron
    (app-blitz)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#14 (20, 41, 49

FARCE - binding energy of the universe, permits one to yok it up in the face of death
    (app-bj)--Howard the Duck I#22, 23

FARGATE - dimensional portal developed by Sugar Man, empowered by lives of Genoshan mutates, used to travel to Earth-Age of Apocalypse
    --X-Man Annual 1996

FARGO of the Old West - targeted and killed by Bounty Hunter
    *D*--Rawhide Kid II#3 (3d)

FARGO, "FLAGG" - stunt-rider, rival of Johnny Blaze
    --Ghost Rider II#45(46,56,58,62

    (net-preff)--(g)Two-Gun Western#17

FARINELLI, FRANCISCO "FAT MAN" - mob boss, framed by Night Raven for Numbers Killings
    --Marvel Superheroes#384/4

FARINGDON CIRCLE - witches coven
    --[Captain Britain and MI13#12]

FARKAS, ANGELA - sister of Dimensional Man, psychic powers, possibly impregnated by Asmodeus
    (app-dm)--Tomb of Dracula II#2 (2(fb2,3), 2

FARKAS, ENIKO - Dimensional Man's mother, Enclave, sent to kill him, killed by him
    *D* (app-dm)--Tomb of Dracula II#2(2(fb1,2) 2d)

FARKAS, MIKLOS - Dimensional Man's father, Enclave, sent to kill him, killed by him
    *D* (app-dm)--Tomb of Dracula II#2(2(fb1,2) 2d)

    mercenary, employed by X-Cutioner after fired from Elysian Enterprises.
    wm, wore optic unit
     --Gambit III#1 (2, 4, 5

FARMINGTON, FRANK - interviewed temporary replacement Captain America (David Rickford)
    --Captain America#615.1 (2011)


FARNSWORTH, CRAIG - Promise, alongside 5 other mutants hypnotically controlled by Yellow Claw ca. 1956; later recruited by Tobias Messanger to join Promise; rearrangement of matter, creation of mental illusions, augmented IQ
    (2007#8, net-lostgen)--Yellow Claw#2; X-Men: Hidden Years#16, (named) #18 (YC#2, XM:HY#19(fb), 16-19, 20-22

FARNSWORTH, LUCIUS - beekeeper, possible mutant, employed George, defended by him against the Weed; robbed by employee Eric, seemingly employed superhuman powers to force his surrender
    possibly able to change size and control others psychically
    (app)--Strange Tales I#94 (Tales of Suspense I#32

FARNSWORTH, VINCENT - mutant circa 1959, kept powers secret, friend of Henry Marsh
    able to pass through solid matter
    (app)--Tales of Suspense I#6/3

FARNSWORTH COLLEGE (Prof. Guinan, Dean Haspiel, Billie Jones, Evan, Terrie)
    - invaded by Manoo
    --Amazing Adventures I#2; Marvel Monsters: Where Monsters Dwell#1

FARNUM, BARRY - criminal, real estate, brother of Masked Marauder
    --Daredevil I#192

FARNUM, FENTON - scientist, once known as the world’s greatest authority on bees, knowledge sapped by Hidden Man
    --Tales to Astonish I#67

FARO, Dr. - Rand-Meachum, scientist, investigated the Anomaly
    (app-skeleton ki)--Marvel Comics Presents #125/4 (126/4

FAROUK, AMAHL - see SHADOW KING (D#17)--X-Men I#117

FAROUN, Colonel - nationalist, sought to rule kingdom of Idnshar, stopped by Bob Brant
   (app)--Man Comics I#26/3

FAROUZ of the Hyborian era - see MAZDAK--Hawks over Shem; Savage Sword of Conan#36

FARQUAR - Physicians of Farquar gathered together all of the known strategies for treating cancer. Unfortunately, upon testing them, the physicians found that none of these treatments worked in every case nor were they successful when used on other species, as cancers cells adapt to each... (the Megan telling the story was cut-off by Quasar/Wendell Vaughn)
    --Quasar#49 (1993)

FARREL, Mr. - Secret Empire, manipulated Val Cooper into unlocking Kyle Gibney's potential as a killing machine
    knowledge of genetic engineering and child psychology
    (app)--X-Factor I#142 (142(fb), [142(fb)], [Alpha Flight I#114(fb)]

FARRELL, EMMA JOHNSON - mother of Rocket Racer
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#182 (Spectacular Spider-Man II#104(fb3), Amz182,183, Sp104(fb4), 104, Spider-Man Unlimited#14, Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#1

FARRELL, KATHERINE "KAT" - Daily Bugle, investigated Judge Hart
    --Deadline#1 (2-4, Pulse#2(fb), 3-5, 9, Young Avengers#1, Young Avengers Special#1, New Avengers#14-15, Pulse#11, 13, Daredevil II#84, [Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1], [Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1], New Warriors IV#5, 10-11

FARRELL, MAGGIE - see JOHNNY SOCKETS--Daredevil: Father#1

FARRELL, MAX - skipped out on bail to see daughter's wedding, pursued by She-Hulk and Jazinda until they were abducted by the Collector
    --She-Hulk: Cosmos in Collision#1

    former fireman, former fellow tenant of Captain America, former Watchdog
   --Captain America I#237 (241 248-250 258 269 275 284 285 316,317, 380 382 385,386->SP )

FARRELL, SEAN - husband of Maggie, father badly beaten by Jack Murdock, killed by Maggie when she went crazy and thought he was having an affair
    *D*--Daredevil: Father#1 (5 (fb), 1-4, 5d)

FARRELL, Dr. - SHIELD - killed when a Skrull blew up the minicarrier
    --Ms. Marvel II#16 ([17], 20, 22-24?, 27d)

    --Iron Man IV#29 (30-32

FARRET, JOHN - SHIELD II, crippled by Depaul, retired, works at museum
    -AGENT 72--Hercules: Heart of Chaos#1 (2,3

FARRINGTON, LESLIE - CEO of Imperial Industries International, employer of Hodges, Vincent Vandergill, and Wilson, former employer of Arnold Brown, launched lawsuit against Namor for damages done while attacking the surface world
    (app)--Strange Tales I#137 (138, 139, Avengers I#270

  --Spectacular Spider-Man II#146 (165

FARROW, MARTIN - Commission member
    (app-commission)--Captain America I#347 (348, 350

FARSA, TYRELL - Canadian, former mercenary/assassin, mentally and neurologically crushed by Black Swan for taunting him.
  strong, crush skulls with hands
    --Deadpool III#68 (68(fb)

FARTH  of Earth-Avengers: Galactic Battalion - Centaurians
    --Avengers Forever#1

FASAUD (sheikh Farouk al-Fasaud) - Aqurian sheikh, secret ally of king Khafir, criminal activities exposed by Gregory Dunbar, electrocuted, transformed into electrical entity while trying to murder Dunbar, attempted to destroy American space shuttle, apparently short-circuited by Thing
    (U#3,net)--Fantastic Four I#308 (308 (fb), 308-310, [Union Jack II#1 (fb)], 1, 3

    Technet, later a member of the Special Executive, over 300 years old
    teleport, mute, lives off excess emotional energy of sentients, render others temporarily helpless by firing all of their synapses at once and/or distorting their perception of time, enhanced human(?) strength, fly, project energy beams, possibly immortal, humanoid, yellow skin

    (app)--(UK)Daredevils#5 (Dr. Who Anthology: Walking in Eternity: Executive Action, Captain Britain II#4, 5(fb), 5-7, 12(fb),11,12,
    -->Scatterbrain ([Excalibur I#42(fb)], Excalibur Special Edition#1: The Sword is Drawn, Ex12, 13, 15, Marvel Comics Presents#174/2, Ex42-47, 125, [Fantastic Four III#8(fb)], 6-8)
    [Dr. Who: Walking in Eternity], Daredevils#5-9,[10],11

FASCIT - Deviant, in charge of operation to transform Margo Damian into a Deviant
    --Eternals II#10

F.A. SCHIST-see SCHIST, FA (app)--Adventures into Fear#16

FASHIMA - demon, 6-Fingered Hand, empowered Asmodeus Jones
    (app)--Defenders I#96 ([99(fb)], [96(fb)], 96, 98,99,[100]

FASHION POLICE - Londinium dimension, arrest anyone not dressed in dull black clothes, themselves wear punk-type outfits

FASHION PUB - bar run by Brother Jimmy
    --She-Hulk Sensational#1/2

FASOLT - Storm Giant, brother of Fafnir, constructed Valhalla, killed by brother when fought for the Ring of the Nibelung
    *D*--Thor I#294(295d)

FAST ( ) - Soldiers of Misfortune, captured and converted from the Air Force's Sparrow
    Fly at great speeds, wings served as bladed weapons
    SPARROW*--[New Warriors I#65], 66 (74

FASTBACK (    ) - Cannibal Catch
    female, used a pair of sais
    (app-cc)--Nomad II#18 (Captain America I#421

FASTBALL of Earth-148611 - see FERRIS, TIM
    Speed enhancing leg braces
    (app-trouble)--Spitfire and the Troubleshooters (nu)#3 (4-7

    Alias used while under control of the Goblin Princess
    --Excalibur I#6, 7

FASTFORWARD (  ) - extradimensional speedster (originally based on Barry Allen/Flash), won Cosmic Marathon
    -BURIED ALIEN* (app)--Quasar#58

FATALE ( ) - mutant, assassin, agent of Dark Beast, Brotherhood, X-Cell, sent by McCoy to gather information by posing as a barmaid at Harry’s Hideaway, captured by X-Factor, freed by Havok to join Brotherhood, left with McCoy after it was revealed as a farce
    teleport herself and others
    -Pamela Greenwood*, Amy Johnson, "Scarlett McKenzie" (net)--X-Factor I#112 (113,114,117,118, X-Men II#48,49, XFac124, Elektra I#5, X-Men Unlimited#10, XFac131,133, XMan27-29,Xfac137, Uncanny X-Men Annual 1997 An, XFac143,144, X-Factor III#18-20

FATAL FORCE of Earth-Thunderguard (Blowtorch, Brute, Psi-Slayer, Reed Richards, Spider-Man)
    --Spider-Girl#57 (58

FATALIS - sorcerer of War of Seven Spheres
    --[Dr. Strange III Annual#4

FATAL SISTERS (Hilda, Mista, Sangrida) - Valkyryor, remained in deathlike state in Valhalla until revived by conflict between Doop and Thor, sought to enter world of men and choose the slain again, convinced to return to Valhalla when opposed by both Avengers and X-Statix
    (app)--X-Statix#25 ([25(fb)], 25

FATBOY - vampire
    --Blade: Vampire Hunter II#1

FATBOYS (Butch,Darla,8-Ball,Ralph,Max,Freddie,Cain(d)) - New York club of pre-teen skateboarders, former allies of Daredevil
    -BRATPACK*--Longshot#4 (New Mutants Annual#2, Uncanny X-Men An10, Daredevil I#238-241,248-251,253,261-263,265,An4B/2,An6,6/2,7/3,8/3, Daredevil II#8

FAT CARLO (    ) - Maggia, got into war with rival family at Chubby Whale in Milwaukee, defeated by Big Bertha & Deadpool
    --Deadpool/GLI - Summer Fun Spectacular#1/4

FAT COBRA - immortal weapon of Peng Lai Island, participated in the contest at the Seven Cities of Heaven, aided in fighting off Xao and the forces of Hydra, accompanied Iron Fist and the other immortal weapons to Earth
    master martial artist
    --Immortal Iron Fist#8 (9-10, 12-14, 16

FATE, IAN - sorcerer, sought revenge on Devil-Slayer who had inadvertently slain his wife back in his mercenary days
    (app)--Defenders I#104 (104(fb),104, Marvel Team-Up I#122

FATEBALL (Laura Broadbahr) - B-Sides.
    Photographic reflexes?, skilled fighter, uses fateball/"magic eight-ball" to determine the future and the truth
    --B-Sides#1 (1/2, 1-3

FATES (Atropos (<scissors>, Verdani, Klothos (<spinner>, Urd, Klothos), Lachesis (<lots>, Skuld, Laecius))
    - apparent daughters of Zeus and Themis
    -MOIRAE*, NORNS*, WEIRD SISTERS* (app)--Tales to Astonish I#33, Journey into Mystery I#102 (Bizarre Adventures#32, JiM#102/2//Thor: Son of Asgard#10, Tales to Astonish I#33, Thor I#197, 200,201, Defenders I#66, Thor Annual#11, Thor346,347, 348, New Mutants Special Edition#1, Th374, Cable II#81(fb), 79, 81, 83, Thor II#85

FAT FREDDIE - @ 1920s-1930s, owner of a pool hall
    (app-ace)--Hulk Comic (UK)#5

fat gargoyles - creations of SILENT, defeated by Nextwave

FATH - Mourner, extraterrestrial, organized funeral for Eon and the Kree slain by the Nega-Bomb.
    enlarged cranium, pale yellow skin
    (app-mrn)--Quasar#26 (35, 39,40

FATHER - creator of Weapon Infinity and the Descendants
    (app) *D*--Uncanny X-Force#5], (seen and identified) #6 (7, Secret Avengers#22-25, 29, 29, 34-37

FATHER of HEAVEN - see YU-TI (app)--Marvel Premiere#15

FATHER of the MILLION FAVORED ONES - see NYARLATHOTEP (app)--Lovecraft's "Nyarlathotep"; Journey into Mystery II#3

FATHER ABBOT of Earth-88194 (Shadowline) - Order of St. George
    (app-order)--St. George#1

FATHER ADAM (Adam*    ) - priest, made a deal with demons to cover up his indiscretions, sent to kill Ghost Rider, destroyed and cast into Hell to be tortured by Hoss
    --Ghost Rider V#3 (4 (fb) 3 -6

FATHER ADOBE (Vince Adobe) - confidant of Jack Russell
    (app)--Werewolf by Night II#1

FATHER ARTEMIS - trained Gabriel in priesthood; possessed by demon Catherine, whom Gabriel exorcised--Haunt of Horror#2

FATHER BLOOD DRENCH ROBO CRUSH - allegedly one of the X-series robots

FATHER COEN of Earth-912 - possessed by Mephisto, used against Fantastic Five
    (app-earth912)--What If II#22

FATHER DARKLYTE ( ) - leader of Legion of the Nihilists, absorbed souls of followers into his lantern and then release powerful creation to his bidding, body dissolved into insects when followers destroyed by son of satan
    (1970s, app)--Marvel Spotlight I#23

FATHER EARTH of "Earth-22490" - see GARGOYLE (app-defenders22490)--Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions: The Defenders: Magic is the New Religion

FATHER EMPEROR (Angmo the First) - former ruler of Sakaar, father of Red King
    (app)--Incredible Hulk III#93

FATHER GORM of Lemuria - God worshipped by Thongor
    (app-drag)--Wizard of Lemuria; Creatures on the Loose#26 (26(fb), 29

FATHER GRASS (Kevin Grass) - head of Sanctuary Movement, shot by Xenophobic Man
    (app)--Avengers Spotlight I#31/2

FATHER GREGORI - raised Cadre, slain by the Hellbent
    --Web of Spider-Man Annual#9

FATHER JANES (Michael Janes) - Sin-Cong veteran, involved in origins of Bengal
    (app)--Daredevil I#258

FATHERLAND 2099 (Xina Kwan) - realm dedicated to curing transmode virus, ruled by Doom
    --2099: World of Tomorrow#2

FATHER LAZAR - sought Gabriel's aid in exorcising demon Catherine from Father Artemis
    (app-catherine)--Haunt of Horror#2

FATHER LYONS - The People's Defense Association of Harlem, made deal with vampire Andras Juhasz to keep their neighborhood free of crime
    (app-juhasz)--Vampire Tales#6/2

FATHER NATURE of "Earth-22490" - see BEAST (app-defenders22490)--Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions: The Defenders: Magic is the New Religion

FATHER NICHOLAS - assisted Blade in traveling to Castle Dracula, then decapitated by Dracula
    *D*--Marvel: Shadows + Light#1

FATHER NIGEL ( ) - psychic, agent of Brothers Grace
    --Marvel Knights II#1 ([2], 3

FATHER OCEAN of "Earth-22490" - see NAMOR (app-defenders22490)--Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions: The Defenders: Magic is the New Religion

FATHER PAIN (    ) - Vestry

FATHER PERONE - lived in Potega, encountered Devil-Slayer, tried to turn him away from violence, killed in explosion
    *D* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#46/2

FATHER PHIMEANAKAS - Cambodian Buddhist priest, unsuccessfully tried to divert Angkor's meditation from rage to peace
    (app-angkor)--Wonder Man II#10

FATHER SKY ( ) - psychic, agent of Brothers Grace
    --Marvel Knights II#1 ([2], 3

FATHER SLOAN - denounced own mutant children as demonic
    (app-firebolt)--Power Man and Iron Fist I#108

FATHER SPIDER - extraterrestrial, senior member of the Galactic Alliance of Spider-Man
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents II#1/3

FATHER THOMPSON - World War II, helped Leatherneck Raiders escape from Major Nagasha's prison camp
    (app)--Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders#12

FATHER TIME - see CRONUS (app)--Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide

FATHER TIME (Larry Scott) - World War II, father framed for murder, evidence to save him came seconds too late, established identity to prevent time from working for criminals, defends those falsely accused.
    used scythe, wore rubber boots to insulate against shock, grey costume, dark blue hood + cape, clock-face on chest
    (OH2006#4, net-goldage)--(g) Captain America Comics#6/3 (7/7-12/ , Mystic Comics#10, Young Allies#3, Blonde Phantom#22

FATHER TIME ( ) - Elders of the Universe, dedicated life to commemorate significant events anywhere in the universe, attempted to bring Captain America to the Land of Legends, released him when he vigorously resisted.
    wears costume similar to the 1940's hero, uses scythe, age others on contact
    (app)--Captain America I#383

FATHER TIME (    ) - nickname for old man, tower visited by Namor & Namora
    --Blonde Phantom#15

FATHER VITO (Albert Vito) - delivered letter from David Munson to Human Torch
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#233

FATHERS - la Hacienda, two founders who drank the waters of the fountain of eternal youth and were transformed into purple ogres
    OGRES*, PURPLE OGRES*,WISE ONES*(app-ha)--[Man-Thing I#7], 8 (She-Hulk I#7,8

FATHERS - South African, well organized extremist group, hated white, as well as black who betrayed their people, fought Black Panther
    (app-nkosi)----Marvel Comics Presents#27/2 (28/2-29/2

FATHOM FIVE (Bloodtide, Dragonrider, Llyron, Manowar, Sea Leopard)
    - strike force of At'la'tique, assaulted Manhattan and Beijing, all but Llyron and Sea Leopard captured and imprisoned
    (OH2006#4, app)--New Thunderbolts#1 ([3 (fb), 2 (fb)], 1-6, [9 (fb)]

FATH’RAJ - Shi'ar, sent along with Kre’shje + Shy’tharra to determine if Nova (Rider) was worthy of the powers and title of centurion prime as condition of the Shiar/Xandar alliance
    --Nova II#1

FATIMA of the Hyborian era - carnivorous plant of unknown origin, discovered by Vah Rashid, who brought it into Bahreen Bel Akif, cast it into the moat after it slew his daughter Tamara, served to protect the city and as entertainment and a weapon by sultan Onan Bahk Galeen
    --Savage Sword of Conan#63

FATIMA (Fatima Abboud) - Sister of Supremus, Morracon?, assisted Nick Fury against Supremus
    (app)--Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD I#8

FAT JENNY - see BETTE--Uncanny X-Men#399

FAT LADY - see TEENA--Incredible Hulk I#3

FAT MAN (Lee Portman) of the Old West - 1870's, former agent of iron mask, Circus of Crime, old enemy of kid colt. used boomerang as a weapon
    (app)--Kid Colt#117( more, 127, West Coast Avengers II#18

fat man - organized shipment of cocaine into San Francisco, hidden inside Russian caviar, hired assassins to kill Martin & Swifty, escaped from the Defenders and Cutlass & Typhoon
    (app-cutlass)--Defenders I#133

"FAT MAN" (    ) - former employer and first victim of the Caviar Killer
    *D*--Daredevil I#242

FAT MIKE - mobster
    *D*--Punisher VII#19 (20

FATTY (    ) -
    --Mystic Comics#4

    Calliope's Carnival and Circus
    (app-calliope)--Werewolf by Night I#6 (7

FAULKNER, ARCHIE - Sleepy Hollow, Illinois
    --Ghost Rider VI#8

FAULKNER, JOE - Stane International head researching deadly sonic missile, targeted by Cardiac but saved by Spider-Man
    (app-cardiac)--Amazing Spider-Man I#360

FAULT - space/time phenomena, created when Black Bolt's T-Bomb exploded in Shi'ar space
    --War of Kings#6

FAUST (Fully Automated Unit of Structural Technology) - Secondary Adamantium computer, artificial intelligence, created by Prof. Paxton Pentecost, launched into space as satellite, destroyed by Thor and Iron Man (Stark)
    (app)--Marvel Team-Up I#18 ([18(fb)], 18, [Thor I#268(fb), 270(fb)], [268], 269, 270, [270(fb)], 271

FAUST, JASON - old enemy of Quincy Harker, trapped in iron lung as a result of injury from Haitian hougan, used voodoo to gain revenge on enemies, formerly employed Lucas Brand, slain by him after Brand was turned into a vampire by Dracula
    *D* (app)--Tomb of Dracula I#11(11(fb3,2,[1]), 11d)

FAUSTUS, Dr. - see DOCTOR FAUSTUS *D* (M, net)--Captain America I#107

FAVERSHAM, DAPHNE - insurance agent, helped Eric become Nighteyes
    (app-Nighteyes)--Spider-Woman III#14

FAVOR BANKER - see Giscard Epurer - (net)--Nomad II#1

FAVORSHAM, - London businessman, associate of Tamiroff and Vanvroot, former rival of Gregory Gideon
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#34

FAWLKES, - former partner of Neutralizer, killed by him
    *D* (app-neutralizer)--Marvel Comics Presents#58/4 ([58/4(fb)], 58/4

FAWKES - Inner Guard, demolished by Wonder Man
    *Des* (app-innerguard)--Avengers III#32 (33

FAWN - apparently a mental construct created by Rick via his connection to the Nega-Band
    --Captain Marvel I#42 (43-46

FAWN, FELICIA - Actress, present on set of attempted remake of "The Demon that Devoured Hollywood", hit on Wonderman
    --Avengers West Coast#76 (77,78

FAZE ( ) - criminal saboteur, employed by Cobalt pharmaceuticals
    become partially or totally intangible
    (app)--Black Cat#1 (2

FAZE - Luminals, converted into zombie-like slave of Abyss, disintegrated after Abyss was re-contained
    *D*--Nova IV#8 (9d)

FAZEKUS, Gen. - interviewed Flash Thompson prior to his receipt of the Medal of
    --Amazing Spider-Man#574

FAZIL,     - Arab, sought to use Rakses and Orb of Ra to drive Western infidels out of Egypt, mispronounced Rakses name in the incantation to revive him, slain by Rakses
    *D* (app-rakses)--Bloodstone#3

FBI national director - arranged arrest of Matt Murdock via deal with Kingpin, whom he then betrayed
    --Daredevil II#77 (78-81, 82, 84?, 87

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