EXTECHOP - SHIELD I + II cybernetics division
    --Elektra: Assassin#2 (3-8 Cable II#61, Deathlok III#4,5

EXTERMINA - Annihilus' concubines, died giving birth to a new Annihilus
    (Annihilation: Nova Corps Files, app)--Annihilation: Nova Corps Files
    Annihilation#1, 6

    led Unholy Three, used own invention, time displacer ray, which could temporarily project its victim into a limbo-like void, trapped in void when T-Ray machine blew up
  --Daredevil I#39 ([40],41->ds)

EXTERMINATORS (Electro, Molten Man, Rhino, Scarecrow, Swarm, Will O' The Wisp) - agents of the Chameleon sent to slay Spider-Man
    --Sensational Spider-Man III#29 (30-31

EXTERMINATRIX (Oubilette) - daughter of Dr. Midas, duped into keeping her face covered by father, who told her she was horribly scarred, trained and sent by him to slay Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr, convinced to turn against father by him, assisted in his defeat via the head of a Mindless One, began terrorist campaign to free Marvel Boy after he was imprisoned in the Cube.
    wf, blonde, leather body suit
    --Marvel Boy#3 (4-6, [Ms. Marvel II#18]

EXTERNALS (Absalom, Apocalypse, Burke, Candra, Crule, Gideon, Nicodemus, Saul, Selene )
    -group of naturally immortal mutants, several killed by Selene
    -HIGHLORDS* (net)--X-Force I#10

EXTIRPIA - Annihilus' concubines, defeated by Firelord, captured by United Front, perished with destruction of Daedalus 5
    (Annihilation: Nova Corps Files)--Annihilation: Nova Corps Files
    Annihilation#1, [2, 3d]

extradimensional race ("Monster at my Window") - sixth dimension, sought to invade Earth
    superhuman size and strength
    (app)--Tales to Astonish I#34

extradimensional race ("Paul Marshall") - sixth dimension, sought to invade Earth
    superhuman size and strength
    (app)--Tales to Astonish I#34

extradimensional race - monsters of Zero Street
    (app-np)--Captain America I#201 (202,203, Marvel Team-Up I#52

extradimensional race - see MOTONS
    Microverse, restructured by Shaper of Worlds into dreamworld of Captain Axis, reverted back to normal after Axis’ dreams failed and the Shaper left
    (app-ca)--Incredible Hulk II#137

extradimensional creature - arrived in New York, ran amok due to confusion, battled Fantastic Four.
    giant, green, semi-humanoid, long tail, spikes on head and tail
    --Marvel Comics Presents#164/4

extradimensional race - see XHOOHXI (app-xh)--Defenders I#72, 73

extradimensional race (Primus + father, Stara) - realm annexed by Soulmasters of shadow realm, assisted by captain Mar-Vell in fighting off tyranny of soul masters, all died in battle
    *D*--Marvel Spotlight II#4

extradimensional race (Zgornian(d)) - dimension of purple world of exile, warrior race, consider compassion for the enemy a crime punishable by death
    (app-zgor)--Incredible Hulk II#304

extradimensional race (Takumer) - possess other creatures or inanimate objects, large orange body w/ floppy ears
    --Solo Avengers#13/2

extradimensional race (Azunbulxibar ) - bellicose, seek conquest of other lands and armies, gained access to earth dimension via a Dimensional Randomizer.
    (app-azun)--Marvel Comics Presents #22/4

extradimensional race ( ) - took possession of Doc Samson + island natives + a gorilla, possessed gateway to send mind control waves through, forced pawns to build portal on earth to send weapons and later themselves, portal invaded and destroyed by Wolverine.
    mechanoid, insectoid
    "GIGER race" (app)—[Marvel Comics Presents#137], (arm) 140, (fully seen) 144 ([137-140],141, [142], 144

extradimensional race (Gresisg, Hrill, Pyrakh?, Szarkus, Trykurvyrek) - dimension of Blackbody, enforcers of the Uni-Lord.
    green skin,horns
    --Silver Surfer III#113(114?,117,119-121

extradimensional race (Qermit-dimension of blackbody.
    frog-like creatures
    --Silver Surfer III#117

extradimensional race (Buel )-
    --Sensational Spider-Man#21,22

extradimensional race (Sylph,hunters)-one traveled to earth via vibrational attunement, hunters use insect-like exo-skeletons to recapture sylph.
    humanoid,golden skin,white hair

extradimensional race - Negative Zone, slaughtered by N-Explorers, guarded an energy source.
    Blue skin, floppy ears
    --Fantastic Four III#41

extradimensional race - immense beings towering over the Brilliant City

extradimensional race - Microverse, Rainbow planet, created by scientist who died just after completion,devolved,captured marlo and fed off her memories.
    derive sustenance from pleasurable emotions,small,orange,asexual creatures
    --Captain Marvel I#34(35(fb) 34,35

extradimensional race - speak in trinary code, encountered by Reed + Sue Richards while obtaining photonuclear crystals
    Winged, three eyes, arms, legs, use energy weapons
    "Trinitarians"--Fantastic Four III#58

extradimensional race (Threska) - Negative Zone
    --Fantastic Four: Foes#1, 6

extradimensional race - energy creatures within a black hole that transformed Ebon Seeker + Firefrost
    (app-es)--Fantastic Four I#230 (230 (fb)

extradimensional race - dragons
    --Gambit V#3 (2012) (3-4

extradimensional race - An alien world full of telepaths gathered by Vennema Multiversal and placed in a cube, where their powers could be used by others. The world was destroyed by an alternate Black Widow when Kashmir Vennema-12116 tried selling it to President Doom-62111 on an alternate world. Captain America and Black Widow#636 (2012)

extraterrestrial - fought off by Blue Marvel in his last mission before vanishing
   --Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel#2 (2009)

extraterrestrial race (Harvester) - allegedly came to Earth and bound to mitochondria of all living things @ 3 billion years ago.
    Energy powers
    (app-harvester)--[X-Man#71], 75 (75(fb), [71(fb)], 75

extraterrestrial race (Thorg) - planted agents on numerous worlds, including Earth, over a million years ago, intending to activate them years later to conquer those worlds
    --Tales to Astonish I#16

extraterrestrial race (Anuxa) - colonized worlds after the dominant race died out
    long-lived (over 1 million years), immense strength, telepathy
    (app-anuxa)--Tales to Astonish I#7 (7(fbs)

extraterrestrial race (Warz Bel Doqh imposter) - banished native for crimes
    amorphous, tentacled race, able to replicate the forms of others and steal their life forces to survive on alien planets
    virtually identical to the Fomalhauti race
    --Savage Sword of Conan#73

extraterrestrial race - attacked Starseed’s people in distant past and stole their mountain
    (app-starseed)--Marvel Premiere#28 (28(fb)

extraterrestrial race (Survivor(d) ) - imprisoned elder demon millennia ago to use as their power source, eventually all passed onto a higher plane, except survivor who guarded the power source until killed by white raven
    *extinct*--Silver Surfer: Danger Artifacts

extraterrestrial race (Phelch) - ancient, star-spanning vegetables, interstellar over-achievers, all but Phelch rendered extinct when failed to pick themselves before the first cosmic frost
    --Howard the Duck I#2(2(fb)

extraterrestrial race ("Oog") - spaceworthy
    super-size and strength, telepathy, telekinesis
    (app)--Tales of Suspense I#27/1

extraterrestrial race ( ) - one native’s ship crashed on earth in past, encountered and killed by soldiers of Caligula, possessed armor with great energy manipulating powers which was then taken by Gaius Tiberius Augustus Agrippa.
    semi-humanoid, green skin
    (app-emperor)—Fantastic Four I#241 (241(fb)

extraterrestial race (Maaboo)
    (app-maaboo)--Tales of Suspense I#19/3

extraterrestrial race - see FRANKENSTEIN's MONSTER android's creators (app)--X-Men I#40

extraterrestrial race ("Monster") - sent scout to Earth, died
    10' tall
    (app)--Strange Tales I#95/2

extraterrestrial race (Shann) -
    (app-shann)--Tales to Astonish I#54/2

extraterrestrial race (Gorko) -
    (app-grok)--Tales to Astonish I#55/2

extraterrestrial race (Sandman) -
    --Journey into Mystery I#70

extraterrestrial race - created Galaxy Master, slain by it.
    green, amorphous body, large eyes, many tentacles
    *extinct* (app-gm)--Incredible Hulk II#112 (112(fb)

extraterrestrial race (Living Totem) -
    --Rawhide Kid I#20

extraterrestrial race (Shambler) - crashed on Earth in 1908
    numerous tendrils able to heal others on contact, emit smoke from mouth that causes humans to sleep
    (FFE,app)--Marvel Two-In-One#34 ([34(fbs)], 34

extraterrestrial race (Kartu Kon) - humanoid bipeds

extraterrestrial race (Ozt, Zak) - plotted conquering Earth, abandoned plot after humanity overcame their phase 1 shrinking test
    (app-corenmarc)--Tales of Suspense I#1/5

extraterrestrial race - see BLIPS (app)--Tales to Astonish I#15

extraterrestrial race - conquers driven from Earth by Monstrollo, after which the more peaceful class rose up and took power; the new peaceful rulers traveled to Earth and rebuilt Monstrollo for Charles Hudson to restore his career
    --Tales to Astonish I#25 (Marvel Monsters: Where Monsters Dwell#1

extraterrestrial race (Gjo, Vaag) - split by parasitic world-conquering Vaag sub-species and the Gjo that hunt down the Vaag to stop them from infiltrating other races
    --Amazing Adventures I#2; Marvel Monsters: Where Monsters Dwell#1

extraterrestrial race (Taboo, others) - peace-loving space travelers, reclaimed Taboo when he attacked earth
    (app-taboo)--Strange Tales I#75, 77

extraterrestrial race ("Thing from the Hidden Swamp") - superhuman strength, telepathy, alter appearance of others
    --Tales to Astonish I#30/3

extraterrestrial race ( ) - created Gargantus, explorers, observed earth @ 80,000 years ago, sent Gargantus to take over the town of Granville in modern era, fled from destruction at hands of Iron Man’s magnets, built other robots which fought Captain America and Iron Man
    advanced technology, space travel, uni-brow,3 fingers + thumb, no nose, beak-like mouth. similar appearance to the Guna (or Gorko)
    (app-gig)--Tales of Suspense I#40 ([Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty#5, 6]

extraterrestrial race (Koru) - pre-modern era, planned to conquer Earth, but Victor Marshall impersonated Koru and convinced the invaders to flee by telling them there was a lethal germ on Earth
    --Tales to Astonish I#33

extraterrestrial race (Creature from the Black Bog) - advanced starships
20' high, superhuman strength
--Tales of Suspense I#23

extraterrestrial race (Krogg) - access to matter transmitters
    --Amazing Adventures I#6

extraterrestrial race (Haag) - twice human size
    --Tales of Suspense I#37

extraterrestrial race (Fal Ton, Fan Ton) - two were summoned to Earth by communication of mad scientist Howard, unwittingly crushed Howard under foot
    immense semi-humanoid, limited space travel
    (app-howard)--Tower of Shadows #6/2

extraterrestrial race (Mingo) - conquered other races, such as Asikii and Deltonians until fought off by Colossus
    (app-ming)--Tales to Astonish I#53/2

extraterrestrial race (Ozamm) - advanced technology
    (app-ozamm)--Tales to Astonish I #39/2

extraterrestrial race (Manphibian) -
    (app-man)--Legion of Monsters#1

extraterrestrial race (alien beneath Loch Ness) -
    --Super-Spider-Man and Captain Britain weekly#233

extraterrestrial race (S’tan’d’ard) - hired Worldform to terraform Earth. suction cups (app-ram)--Iron Man I#37 (37(fb)

extraterrestrial race (Supremor/Hidden Man)- (app-hidden man)--Tales to Astonish I#67

extraterrestrial race (Belag) - feline, established aquatic base on earth
    --Claws of the Cat#3

extraterrestrial race ( ) - search universe for power sources, one traveled to earth centuries ago and made plans to harness power of the sun, disguised ship to appear as pre-historic monster and hid within Loch Ness, attacked students of Thames University who investigated the loch, attempted to steal power of the Star-Sceptre.
    semi-humanoid, tentacles on head, psychic powers, require large amounts of energy
    —Super-Spider-Man + Captain Britain#233 (234

extraterrestrial race (Kusoom) --Tales to Astonish I#31/4

extraterrestrial race - formerly controlled the "Howling Ship," died when it was wounded in battle with another group of aliens
    (app-howlingship)--Marvel Comics Presents #69/4

extraterrestrial race (Spa-Fon, Squa-Tront) - granted power to the future Captain, beaten up by him
    --Nextwave#4 (4 (fb)

extraterrestrial race (Lockheed ) - miniature,fire-breathing dragons
    --Uncanny X-Men#166, Excalibur#?

extraterrestrial race-yellow creatures,telepathic,resembling jellyfish,live in hive,one attached itself to drax's head after he penetrated the hive
    --Thor I#314

extraterrestrial race (Star Thief + mother, sir Kaltenborn de Register-Cambric) -
    green-skinned, star-faring
    (app-star)--Defenders I#150

extraterrestrial race - star removed by Star Thief, resulting in their near extermination. A small number (hundreds) escaped in star ships and assisted Defenders against the Star Thief
    (app-star)--Defenders I#150 (150(fb), 150

extraterrestrial race (Al, Cloyd, Gidney ) - intergalactic council, tested us and Jefferson Archer in search for space truckers.
    green biped, tentacles
    "Aliens" (app-al)--US One5(8-12, Maximum Security: Dangeous Planet [Maximum Security#1,2],3

extraterrestrial race (Gossamyr & family ) - larval form is humanoid, females are able to manipulate emotions of those around them.
    adults are immensely powerful gigantic creatures with power to destroy entire planets, require millennia of dormancy within cocoons or emerge as insanely destructive monsters, their cocoons are coveted due to value.
    Gossamyr’s family was prematurely awakened by Spyder and destroyed when Lila Cheney teleported them to the surface of a star
    --New Mutants I#66,69,70

extraterrestrial race (dragon )-fled home planet @ 15 years ago just prior to sun going nova,cazalyte crystals which powered their engines were damaged by dying sun’s radiation,landed on a planet and asked the native race for their assistance,given kartilon to sabotage their engines,which destroyed all thier ships and killed all but one. the survivor spen the next 14 years attacking and slaughtering thousands of the natives,silver surfer tried to stop him and inadvertently killed him.
    large green,dragon-like creatures,eight limbs,four eyes,spikes on back,tentacles,breathe fire
    *extinct*--Silver Surfer III#23(23(fb) 23

extraterrestrial race (high sheriff, astronomer, ) - spared from Galactus in past by Silver Surfer, sabotaged engines of race of dragons that landed on their planet and requested aid, killing all but one, who took vengeance on them for 14 years, slaying thousands before it was destroyed by Silver Surfer.
    --Silver Surfer III#23 (23(fb) 23

extraterrestrial race - reen-skinned semi-humanoids; some served as Thanos-Thralls; Tinkerer used their likeness for disguises for his agents
--[Amazing Spider-Man I#2 (1963)]; Captain Marvel I#27 (1973)

extraterrestrial race ( ) - intergalactic warriors, sought to use earth as an armory, utilized a human as a pawn which initiated a chain of events that resulted in their discovery by Paladin, who defeated them with help from the Avengers and others.
    semi-humanoid, green skin, tails
    —Marvel Comics Presents#21/3

extraterrestrial race (Morg) -
`--Silver Surfer III#69

extraterrestrial race - green hairless, slaughtered by Morg, devoured by Galactus, possessed Well of Life
    --Silver Surfer III#71(72

extraterrestrial race - attempted to steal third Darkhawk amulet

extraterrestrial race (Fooferah)-humanoid lagamorphs
    "Haasinfeppah race"--Quasar#58

extraterrestrial race-gave power wristlets to champion,slaughtered by him
    --Silver Surfer III#98

extraterrestrial race-green insectoids,attempted takeover of earth in 1615,fought off by adam destine

extraterrestrial race-colonists crashed on planet of poison atmosphere,able to adapt to native form

extraterrestrial race - green skin, bald, pointy ears, serve Aeish

extraterrestrial race (Ghenghis, Wizard Majestrix(d))

extraterrestrial race - reptile men on swamp planet

extraterrestrial race (Zalaski)-temporarily subjugated by juggernaut
    --Thor I#428(429

extraterrestrial race (Bandits(Capt.Hawmaw))
    --Silver Surfer III#105

extraterrestrial race - consumed by Galactus
    --Silver Surfer III#106

extraterrestrial race (Sympira ) - forced to flee home planet centuries ago when Sympira forced their sun to go nova, settled on another planet
    --Silver Surfer#1/2

extraterrestrial race (Korel ) - peaceful race, planet razed by the Chritt
    humanoid, yellow-green skin
    --Uncanny X-Men#358

extraterrestrial race-one was encountered and killed by wolverine in the mountains of madripoor,
    savage,nearly mindless,six-legs,spiderlike body, extending venomous tongues 9; 9;
    --Wolverine II#131

extraterrestrial race (Milos,Tiamat,elders )-sent tiamat to earth 3000 years ago to prepare for destruction of s'met'kth/messiah/destroyer,
    --Deadpool III#22,23(24,25

extraterrestrial race (M’yanda/Miranda,Quinn,Yssa(d),Zed/Howler)
    - planet and most of race destroyed @ 10 years ago by obliterator mothership, four survived and escaped to earth via wormhole,although yssa died in the process,zed was driven insane,and Miranda+Quinn posed as humans in town of revelation in american midwest.
    dinosaur-like humanoids
    --Fantastic Four III#33

extraterrestrial race (Maximus Power and family) - society based on mysticism, science is a crime.
    blue humanoid bipeds, elongated ear lobes
    --Iron Man III#33(35(fb),33,34

extraterrestrial race (Almonnas, Loatia, Desak & Almonnas Sterixian, priest) - worshipped the god Kronitt, sacrificed their own children to him only to have him punish them for insufficient worship.
    semi-humanoid, grey skin
    --Thor An2001

extraterrestrial race - worshipped Pennsu + Tae.
    humanoid, black skin
    --Thor Annual 2001

extraterrestrial race (entity) -
    --Fantastic Four III#530 (530(fb), 530-531

extraterrestrial race - built Utopia Centres on Earth, intending to put an end to war, disease, and famine, but agents of GRAMPA destroyed them, b/c mankind thrived through adversity
    --Amazing Fantasy II#15

extraterrestrial race - native traveled to Earth in hopes of taking Lila Cheney's guitar for his fan club
    --I (heart) Marvel: My Mutant Heart#1/3

extraterrestrial race - space scavengers, attempted to claim stone starship, slaughtered by Hulk
    --World War Hulk: World Breaker prologue#1

extraterrestrial race - diminutive, discovered by Big Hero Six, trapped deep within research facility while on field trip, freed by BH6, returned home to do homework
    --Big Hero Six#4 (2009)

extraterrestrial race - briefly kidnapped Deadpool while he was trying to deliver some dead Russians to Chico for disposal
    --Deadpool#900/1 (2009)

extraterrestrial race - grey/whale-faced, tall, three-fingered aliens; brought to Earth by Gambit's criminal ally Kahlil who made illegal passports and promised the aliens sanctuary; when the Maggia opposed, Gambit arranged peace by agreeing to send the aliens to New Orleans to his allies
    --Gambit V#15 (2013)

extraterrestrial race 2099 (Mindrot)
    --Ravage 2099#32

extraterrestrial race of Earth-Guardians (Goozot, Montee) - Festival of Death.
    --Defenders I#27 (28

extraterrestrial race (scientist(d) ) of Earth-MC2 - one scientist created the Iron Despot which exterminated everyone else on the planet.
    semi-humanoid, telepathic, grey skin, no nose
    *D* (app-irondespot)--Wild Thing II#5

extraterrestrial race of Earth-Next Galaxy - peaceful society, existed protected by Darius Zorr
    (app-zorr)--Journey into Mystery I#82/4

extraterrestrial race (Shareen, Xanth ) - distant future, stagnated, sent Shareen and Xanth into space to find intelligent life, creating Ebon Seeker and Firefrost,
    semi-humanoid,green skin
    (app-ebon)--Fantastic Four I#229, 230 (230(fb)

extraterrestrial race of Earth-Chronzone (Chronozone) - @ 60000 AD, all but Chronozone killed in process of conquering the galaxy.
    semi-equine humanoids
    --Death's Head III#16 (16(fb)

extraterrestrial race of Earth-93060 - on satellite, discovered by Strangers & Prototype

EXTRA POINTS - strip club owned by the Owl

EXTREME EMERGENCY TEAM (Adams, Fleming, Lt. Sylvia Grace, Motta, Munch, Stewart )
    --Spider-Man: Web of Doom#2


EXTREME WORKS of Earth-Amalgam - Force Works + Extreme
    --[JLX letters]

EXTREMIS - nanotech? or other process that transforms its recipient into superhuman form, used on Mallen and Tony Stark
    --Iron Man IV#1 (2-6

EXTREMIST (Tyler Smithson) - judged beings
    turn intangible, invisible, levitate
    --Web of Spider-Man II#8 (9 (fb), 8-9

EYE of AGAMOTTO - three power items (power, truth, prescience/ Orb, Eye, Amulet) created by Agamotto,all three eyes were last used by Caius of laecademon @ 430bc, one is used by dr.strange and ancient one before him.
    radiate blinding light able to penetrate illusions and untruths ,invoke images of images of immediate past, track various forms of energy, probe mind of sentient beings,open portal to eternity and other dimensions
    -Dr.STRANGE's AMULET II* (Mystic Arcana-Talismans, net)--Strange Tales I#127

EYE of AGES - power item brought into past by Rama-Tut, stolen by Baal
    --Rise of Apocalypse#1

EYE of AHRIMAN - magic item used by Ennis Tremellyn, high priest of Ahriman
    (app-tremellyn)--Marvel Two-In-One#49

EYE of ASMODEL - see AUREL EYE of ASMODELmagic item/spell used by Shadu the Shady
    --Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death#1

EYE of AVALON - see Evil Eye--Fantastic Four I#54

EYE of BAST - gem, allowed the Children of Bast to take and maintain human form, stolen by Conan for
    --Conan the Barbarian I#226 (227

EYE of BAST - fragment of the Claw of Bast used by Khafre
    unknown connection to the above.
    (app-claw)--Before the Fantastic Four: Reed Richards#2 (2(fb), 3(fb)

EYE of CAPISTAN - see STAR of CAPISTAN. created Red Rajah
    --Defenders I#42

EYE of DAGON of the Hyborian era - silver eye from bird-riders' statue
    (app-dag)--Conan the Barbarian I#59 (59(fb),59

EYE of ERLIK of the Hyborian era - magic item
    --Conan and the Sorcerer; Savage Sword of Conan#53 (54, 55, 56-58

EYE of FORCE - Associated with the Darkdoors used by Thule's society in an effort to access the Vril
    (app)--Cloak and Dagger III#14 (15-18

EYE of HORUS - stolen Egyptian artifact, sought by Scarlet Scarab, recovered by he and Thor
    (app-scarab)--Thor I#326

EYE of IBIS - Hyborian era magic item, held by Rammon in Temple of Ibis, stolen by Conan, used by Natari to recover the Horn of Azoth from the Crypt of Shadows
    (app-azoth)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan: Horn of Azoth

EYE of KIERROK - magic item of Pilgrim, actually an eye taken from the demon Kierrok
    --X-Men II#75 (75(fb), 75

EYE of NECROS - amulet of Necromon, enabled him to observe distant events, even across interplanetary or interdimensional distances, also allowed him to see hearts and minds of men
    (app-nec)--Hulk comic#45/2

EYE of ODIN - actual eye removed by Odin and given to Mimir in exchange for knowledge, took on life of its own, told stories of Aesir and Rhinegold, later consumed by Mimir
    --Thor I#274 (293-299,300(consumed)

EYE of RA - magic item, used by Horus to spy on Akhenaten
    --Marvel Universe: The End#2

EYE of TAI-SHAN of the Hyborian era - crystal ball of Shing Luu
    --Conan the Barbarian I#251

EYE of TRUTH NORTH - magic item wielded by Nina the Conjuror
    (app)--Dr. Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme#6

EYE of WATOOMB of Earth-58163 - melted down Wand of Watoomb, stolen by Warren Traveler of Earth-58163, replaced his own eye
    (app-traveler_warren)--Ms. Marvel II#4 (4 (fb), 4-5

EYE of YIN - magic item, sought by Mandarin to increase power of his rings, stopped by Black Bolt
    --Amazing Adventures II#

EYE of ZARTRA - Magic item, formerly held in the orbit of the pre-Cataclysmic Zartra, placed in the hilt of the Sword of Kamuu, removed by the Sword and given to Dr. Strange by Namor
    granted it immunity to magic, invoked curse that would destroy its wielder if Atlantean blood were drawn
    (app)--Sub-Mariner I#63/2 (65/2-66/2, Dr. Strange II#31(fb), 31-32

EYECLOPS - Eggsman; agent of Pro-Rata
    (app-pro)--Howard the Duck II#4/2

EYE CUPS - Persian torture device, used by Inanna's bailiff

EYE FLOWER - saved from Skrulls by Fantastic Four
    --Fantastic Four III#60

EYE GLARE of Earth-1136 (   ) - leader of the Mutations
    (app-clawfoot)--Dead Clown#3

EYE KILLERS - demons of Native American legend,
    appear as winged snakes with heads of owls and legs of mountain lions, drain life force of humans, project mystic bolts
    CHILDREN of the NIGHT* (Mystic Arcana)--Dr. Strange II#38 (56, Uncanny X-Men#222

EYE PATCH ( ) of Earth-57780 - had cursed eye, could command others to his will, beaten by Spider-Man
    (app)--Spidey Super Stories#18/2

EYE SCREAM ( ) - mutant, sought revenge on X-Men for making his power seem goofy.
    turn into any flavor ice cream
    (app)--Obnoxio vs X-Men#1

EYES - monster, giant, bloodshot eye-balls with tentacles

EYES of FENRIS - Asgardian tavern
    --Thor I#460

EYES of G'BHARR RJINN - Gemstone that were once the eyes of a pre-Hyborian era god who was destroyed by the Elder Gods of the Hyborian era after trying to dethrone them; they were stolen by the corsair Bor'aqh Sharaq. One fired searing bolts of eldritch flame (this one was returned to its sultan former owner by Conan), the other fired weirdling beams of mystic ice (this one was kept by the Snow Raven, who may have sold it for profit)
    --Savage Sword of Conan#107

    magic eyes given to Clara Menninger
    --Blaze II#1 (2-12

EYES of SET - twin jewels traded between Attalus and Harakht
    bleed when holder slew a priest of Set
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#79

EYES of VALKA - invoked in spell
    --Marvel Zombies 4#2 (2009)

EYRIE of Earth-6311 - home of the Eyriennes
    (app-other)--Fantastic Four I#272

EYRIENNES of Other Earth (Cassandra + mother (Matriarch) + sister) - matriarchal society
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#273 (273(fb), 273

EYUNG - planet of the Eyungians; destroyed in retaliatory strike by Gigantans
    *Des* (app)--Fantastic Four I#115

EYUNGIANS - see ETERNALS of EYUNG (app)--Fantastic Four I#115

EZAKI, SHIGERU - Shadowmasters, father of Sojin, former mayor of Veno Iniga province, active since late 1930s, feuded with precursor of Eternal Sun Society, captured in 1972 and cloned by Sunrise Society.
    Mace is one of these clones
    TENGU* (U#7)--Punisher War Journal# (Shadow Masters#1-4

EZAKI, SOJIN - Shadowmaster, son of Shigeru
    (U#7)--Punisher War Journal# (Shadow Masters #

EZAKI, YURIKO - Shadowmasters, daughter of Shigeru
    (U#7)--Punisher War Journal#1 (Shadow Masters#

EZAR BAR Q'UM of the Hyborian era (Alexian, Alissa, Carnek, Derlok, Falmark, Leah, Nyad) - Corinthian city state, constantly feuding with neighboring Khumar Rhun
    formerly ruled by Alexian, succeeded by Nyad
    --Savage Sword of Conan#71

EZEKEEL - Grigori, patron saint of addiction, slaughtered by Oliver and the Stalkers
    *D* (app-grigori)--Punisher IV#3 (3d)

EZEKIEL (Ezekiel Sims) - wealthy older CEO of unnamed corporation, empowered in past by Peruvian ritual possibly derived from Anansi, sought to sacrifice Spider-Man to gain full power from the spider totem, nearly killed trying to help Spider-Man stop Morlun, ran organization educating rehabilitated criminals, ultimately sacrificed self to save Spider-Man when realized how he had squandered his abilities compared to Spider-Man
    Similar powers to Spider-Man
    *D?* (OH: Spdm2004, ME, MESp, app)--Amazing Spider-Man II#30 (67(fb1,2), 32(fb), 67(fb3-5), 30-32, 47-49, 55, 56, 65-67 (aka 506-508)

EZELL, Det.  - arrested Mark Hawins (Marvel)
    --X-Men Unlimited#13/2

EZILI - voodoo love goddess
    - worshipped by Redeyes
    "Erzulie?"--Dr. Strange III#17 ([Silver Surfer IV#1]

EZILE-KOKOBE - voodoo loa, punished Moira Mason for filming voodoo ritual
    -FLESH-EATER, the SHRIVELED ONE--[Tales of the Zombie#3/1]

    human form adopted post-Ragnarok--Thor III#3

EZZARD, BOB - Tony Stark's assistant during mission to Iraq to investigate Vitriol
    --Iron Man III#80 (82

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