FABER, CAROL - girlfriend of Danny Milligan, car crashed after contact with Cloud, who then temporarily replaced her form, body later healed by Moondragon using the Beyonder's power
    (app-cloud)--[Defenders I#123], 149 (149(fb), 149, 152

FABRIKA (Petra, Nikki Lubyev) - Russian sex shop, site where Starkovsky was killed
    QABPUKA--Black Widow: Pale Little Spider#1 (2,3

FAB-RAT - cartoon program watched by She-Hulk, altered by Dr. Bong using Bongvision
    --Sensational She-Hulk#5

FABRIKANT - Autocron, Starblaster, trusted ally of Skeletron
    (app)--Quasar#53 (Starbrand#1,2, Quas55,Fantastic Four I#386, StarB#3,4

F.A.C.A.D.E. ( )  - armor created at Morelle Pharmaceuticals by Dr. Thomas Harley, stolen by ??, photographed by Lance Bannon, killed him to prevent him from revealing his identity
    -Full Acclimation Combat And Defense Exoskeleton
    (app)--Web of Spider-Man#113 (114-116, DRFiles

FACADE VIRUS - Developed by Sunic Pharmocoepia, allowed users to manipulate their physical structure, stolen by the Spammers, sought by One World Church to turn everyone on Earth blue, altered by Cable, briefly turning everyone's skin pink, allowed Cable to regain greater control of his power
    --Cable and Deadpool#1 (2-6

FACE (    ) -
    --Amazing Comics#1

FACE (Col. Eisen) - World War II, military commander in Warsaw ghetto, right half of face destroyed by bomb from Jew in Warsaw ghetto, wore iron half mask, captured and tortured Invaders, defeated by Golem/Gold and knocked off of his castle to his death
    *D* HALF-FACE* (app)--[Invaders I#11], 13 ([13(fb)], [11-12], 13d)

FACELESS MAN (Kurt Klein??) - bandaged Nazi saboteur, thwarted by Bob Brant and the Trouble-Shooters
   (app)--Man Comics I#27/1

FACELESS MAN ( Windom) - former member of board of directors of American Chemron Industries, thrown into toxic waste by other members when threatened to go public with their illicit disposal of toxic waste, face and identity removed, stole features from faces of other board members, dissolved and died after avenging himself on them
    *D* (app)--Tomb of Dracula I#46

    --Human Torch#14

FACELESS ONE - Kt'kn, would-be conqueror of Earth, formerly allied with Prince Rudolpho, sought to use Doomsman to take over Latveria, later sought to take over the space station Drydock
    (1970s, app)--Astonishing Tales#2 (3, Hero for Hire#9, Ms Marvel#23

FACELESS ONES - savage cannibalistic aquatic race, diverged from Homo mermani, besieged Atlantis @ 5900bc (30 years after the death of Kamuu ii), driven off by Unforgiven Dead
    (1960s, app)--Tales to Astonish I#72 (73-75, Namor33,34,40

FACELESS ONES (Husni) -  group within the Aqueos
    --Namor: The First Mutant#1 (2, 3, 4

FACELESS PRIESTs - Microverse, resurrected Shaitan
    --Micronauts I#21/2

FACELIFT (    ) - former enemy of Brooklyn Avengers, first one they fought after Spider-Man joined the group, easily defeated b Spider-Man, apparently died in a "tragic prison forklift accident" a few months later
    *D*--Web of Spider-Man#129.1 (October, 2012) (129.1 (fb), [129.1 (fb)]

FACE THIEF (Kao-Gotu Suru) - Shinma demon, active since 15th century, enemy of Masters of Silence, assumes identities of powerful and influential humans and leads their followers on the path to ruin, inadvertently responsible for creation of Masters of Silence
    STEALER of FACES (app, card)--Iron Man I Annual#14 (14/3(fb), 14

FACHAN of Earth-88194 - shadow, sought as 3rd partner by Lenard and Skigger.
    green + amorphous
    --St. George#6

FACILITY (Canadian government, Nazis, Project Sentry, Super-Soldier serum, US government, Weapon X, Professor    )
    - Project Sentry formed in 1947 in West Virginia; joint project attempting to recreate the Super-Soldier serum at 100, 000 times its original strength; serum consumed by Robby Reynolds, who became the Void and the Sentry
    --Sentry II#6 (8 (fb), 6-7

    - group that developed X-23 and Predator X
    --X-23#1 (1-6 (fb), X-23: Target  X#1-6 (fbs), New X-Men#33-36, [Astonishing Tales II#1-5], 6

FACTIOUS FIVE (Xeniac) - enemies of the Sentry
    --[Sentry II#2]

FACTOR THREE (Mutant Master, Banshee, Blob, Changeling, Mastermind, Ogre, Unus, Vanisher)
    - subversive organization of mutants, led by Mutant Master, attempted to become the a third major world power, freed Juggernaut to provide distraction while they kidnapped Xavier, formerly based in Mt. Charteris, when Mutant Master was revealed as an alien the rest of the group teamed up with the X-Men to defeat him
    (1960s, app)--[X-Men I#26], 35 ([XM I#39(fb), 37(fb)], X-Men: Legends: Diary of a Hollow Man(fb), [XM38(fb), 28], Thunderbolts#33(fb2), [XM29-34], 35,[36],37-39, Tb33(fb3), Tb55(fb3), [Tb55 (fb1,4-6)])

FACTOR X - robotic detective, designed by Robert Rider, patterned after Sherlock Homes in attempt to discover nova’s secret identity, unbeknownst to Robert it was given artificial intelligence by Dr. Sun as a way to learn more about nova
    --Nova I#20 (21-23

FACTORY (Peter Wisdom) - former British covert unit, performed data extraction form mutants, used questionable methods, tortured and broke Wisdom when he attempted to leave them
    --[X-Force I#109]

FACTORY - Niganda, site from which Dr. Erich Paine worked
    --X-Men II#175 (Black Panther IV#8(fb), X175, BP8, X176, BP9

FACTORY FARM - company run by Skip Ash--Daredevil I#267?

F'ADAK - N'Grith, stationed on Earth, posed as store owner "Lee," sent people to home base for experimentation, exposed and defeated (and possibly slain) by Black Panther
    LEE* (app-ngrith)--Marvel Fanfare I#60

FADE (DiLorenzo) - assassin, duped into kidnapping X-23 (as "Samantha," the alleged niece of the Kingpin) so she could kill Fade
    invisibility powers
    --X-23: Target X#3

FADE of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD ( ) - mercenary, spy
    --Doom 2099#5 ( 

FADER ( ) - Imperial Guard.
    Become invisible to all forms of visual detection
    (app)--X-Men II#124

FAELAR - Cat People
    --Marvel Premiere#42

FAERY QUEEN of Eurth ( ) - alternate dimensional counterpart of the Wasp, Champions of the Realm
    --Avataars#2 (2 (fb1)

FAFNIR - Frost Giant, brother of Fasolt, given ring of the Nibellung, constructed Valhalla, used ring of power to transform into dragon
    *D* (app)--Thor I#294 (295, 297-298, 486-488 (spirit)

FAFNIR - king of Nastrond, notorious for his evil, left to die by Odin as punishment for leading his people to rebel against him, mutated by pool within Nastrond’s cave of the Ancient, transformed into giant dragon, attempted to slay Thor to gain vengeance on Odin, later killed by Elif Dragonslayer and Thor, body burnt along with Eilif after his death, spirit used as ally of Malekith against Thor
    *D* (D#17)--Thor I#134/2 (135/2,136/2,287,288, 318,340-343d, 486-488 (spirit)

FAFNIR of Hyborian era - one-armed barbarian, red hair and beard, ally of Conan
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#6 (17-20, 161(fb), 161-163, 165-167,[168],[170(fb)],170, Savage Sword of Conan#231(fb), 220/2, 221/2, 231-233, Conan:Flame+Fiend#1-3

FAFTAL - partner of Protus
    --(g) Marvel Boy#1

FAGAN, TOM - of Rutland, Virginia, hosted many Halloween parties
    (app-rut)--Avengers I#83 (Thor I#206 (fb), 207, Avengers I#119, Thor#232

FAGAN's MOB - New Orleans criminal group, included the young Remy LeBeau, once fought a pack of vampires in Metairie Cemetery
    --Gambit III#1 (1 (fb), [Gambit III#22 (fb)]

FAGIN ( )- Brotherhood-X, recruited Mike Asher.
    Transform into purple spiked monster
    (app)--Brotherhood#1 (2,3 4-6 8,9

FAHE - Fall People
    --X-Men I#114 (Classic X-Men#21/2 (XM114)

FAH LO SUEE - half-sister of Shang-Chi
    -CURSED LOTUS?* (app)--Hand of Fu Manchu, (named) Daughter of Fu Manchu; Master of Kung Fu I#26 (Hand of Fu Manchu, Daughter of FM, Mask of FM, Master of Kung Fu I#100(fb), Trail of FM, Drums of FM, Island of FM, Wrath of FM, MoKF#48(fb) 26(fb) 28(fb) 100(fb) 26,[27],28 44-50 78,[79-81] 83-88 100 105 109 113 115-118 122, [Journey into Mystery I#514],515,516

FAHR, KALUM - Kree major
    --Inhumans II#1

FAHROUL of the Hyborian era - D'Bhoti camel herder, served as spokesman to recruit Conan
    --Savage Sword of Conan#63

FAILSAFEs - robots constructed by the Morlock Soteira to prevent release of Revelation, most were disabled by Wolverine and Punisher, but one succeeded in incapacitating her
    --Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation#1, 2(named) (3,4

FAILURE FIVE-robot designed by Dr. Wurne at military facility, faulty control unit allowed it to act independently, possessed unstable power source, forced Wurne to attempt to transfer its mind into Machine Man, decapitated by him
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#10/3

FAIRBANKS, TERRY - motorcyclist, husband of Nora Joyce, patched up his marriage with her during race with Johnny Blaze
    --Ghost Rider II#11

FAIRE de LAIN - leader of Peruvian Snake Clan, stole Amulet of the Spider Clan and took over Temple of the Great Weaver, defeated by Spider-Man and fell into pit.
    Fire energy blasts, controlled snakes
    (app)--Peter Parker: Spider-Man An2001 ([2001(fb)], 2001

FAIRER FARMS (Mister Chicken, Frank Skidoo) - Eastern border of Ohio, off Interstate 80, highly regimented and instrumented poultry business
    (app-mrchicken)--Howard the Duck II#1

FAIRGOLD - Menagerie, mermaid, possessed nurse Stevens.
    Bewitching power released from golden scales
    (app-menagerie)--Thor I#320 (320(fb), [321(fb)], 320-322

FAIRIES of OTHERWORLD (Oberon, Tink, Titania) - assaulted Earth until Oberon negotiated peace settlement in exchange for Peter Wisdom "marrying" Tink; correspond to Oshtur per Ian McNee's Catalogue of Correspondences
    --Wisdom#1 ([1 (fb)], 1 (fb), 1, Captain Britain and MI13#2-3, [4]

FAIRMONT, AMANDA "MANDY" - daughter of Hannah, elementary school
    --Thor II#1 (3,4,6,9, 34-36, 39,40, 46,47, 61, 62

FAIRMONT, HANNAH - former fiancé of Jake Olson, mother of Amanda, receptionist at Memorial Hospital in Manhattan. wf
    --Thor II#1 (2-6, Peter Parker: Spider-Man#2, Th9,10,12,14,15,18,20,21,ThorAn2000 Thor26, 29-31, 34-36, 39,40, 46

FAIRY FOLK (G'ai, others) – xt race in war against Underlings, helped by Dargon

FAIRY HILLFORT - Otherworld, base of the Fairies, esp. Oberon

FAITHMETAL - utilized by Cardinals of the Universal Church of Truth
    --Guardians of the Galaxy II#3

FAITH MISSION - church; Black Tarantula donated money taken from criminals
    --Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula#1

FAKE MONEY FIENDS - counterfeiters, disguised and based in "haunted house" to ward off intruders
    --Captain America Comics#4; rep Fantasy Masterpieces I#4

FAKIR (    ) -
    --Captain America Comics#20

FALCHION ONE - SWORD flagship, used by Brand, Beast, and Lockjaw as initial transport to Death's Head's ship to rescue Lothi; presumably the Stiletto Zero was launched from this ship
    --SWORD I#1

FALCO - Outcasts of New Mexico, falcon
    (app-outcasts)--Incredible Hulk II#329

FALCON of the Hyborian Era - see CONSTANTIUS (app)--A Witch is Born; Savage Sword of Conan#5

FALCON (Carl Burgess ) -
    (net-goldage)--(g) Human Torch Comics#2 (Marvel Knights Spider-Man#9 (fb)

FALCON (    ) -
    --Mystic Comics II#1

FALCON (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#28

FALCON (Samuel Thomas "Sam" Wilson) - Avengers, Night People, former partner of Captain America, brother of Sarah, uncle of Jim, father + mother killed by muggers, developed multiple personality disorder, "Snap" identity used to deal with anger, original personality returned & empathic bond with the falcon Redwing enhanced by Red Skull using Cosmic Cube, sent to become partners with Captain America to be used as a weapon at a later date, snap identity has resurfaced in periods of extreme personal stress, social worker, unsuccessfully ran for councilman.
    Wears winged suit designed by Black Panther
    -"SNAP" WILSON, BLACKBIRD, BROTHER SUPER-HERO*, BROTHER FALCON* (I#4, D#4, M, OH: Av, ME, SecWar, Civil War, CWBDR)--Captain America I#117 (277(fb),  Captain America and the Falcon#1(fb4), Cap186(fb), 117-119,120, 126, 132,133,134, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine#4, Cap135,136, 137,138, Av88(fb),88, Iron Man I#39, Cap139, 140-142, 143, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty#8,9, Cap144, 145-148, 185(fb), 149,150, 151,152, 153-156, 157-159, 160, 161,162, 163, 164-167, 168, 169-175, 176, 177,178, 179-181, Marvel Team-Up I#30, Cap182, 350/2(fb), 183-185, 186-188, 189,190, 191, Avengers I#146, Cap193-200, 201-203, MTU#52, Cap204,205, 206-210, 213-215, 217,218, 228/2, MTU#71, Defenders I#62-64, [Cap229],230, Incredible Hulk II#232, Cap231,237, Av183-185, Fantastic Four An14, IM#125, Av186-188, Marvel Premiere#49, Av189-194, Cap261, MTU#114, Cap272, 275, 276/2-278/2, Hulk279, Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2,3], Cap282, 284, 290, Falcon#1-4, Code of Honor#3, [Av243], Cap296-301, Power Man/Iron Fist#112,113, Cap309, PM/IF#121,123, 125, Cap317, [318], West Coast Avengers An1, [Av276], Amazing Spider-Man I#287,288, Cap332, 336-340, Solo Avengers#6/2, Cap342,343, 345, Avengers An17, [Cap349],355, Marvel Super-Heroes III#13/2(fb), Marvel Comics Presents#23/3, Av305, Avengers An19/3(fb), Av312, Avengers West Coast#55, Marvel Super-Heroes III#2/7, Avengers An19/5, [Cap376] Hulk388(fb), MCP#147/3, Cap383,Av329,330,332,333 341,342,345 AWC#81, Cap400/2, 401, Captain America An11/3, Cap408/3 409,410, MSH III#12/2(fb), Force Works#10/2, Cap426, 439,440,Av387,Cap441,Av388, Cap443, Marvel Fanfare II#1, Hulk445, Onslaught: Marvel Universe, Captain America II#2-5,10(fb),10,11, Heroes Reborn: The Return#3,4, Avengers III#1-4, Wolverine II#134, Black Panther III#16,17(fb),17, Captain America III#25-27, Av27, Cap33,34, 48,49, 50/5, Avengers#57-60, Black Panther III#59, Av61, 63, 64, Alias#28, 65-70, 76, 82, Captain America & Falcon#1(fb3), 1-4, Av85-88/Cap&Falc5-8, C/F9, Avengers Finale, Captain America V#12-14, GLA#2, C/F10-12, 13, [14], Wolv23,25/New X-Men: Academy X#13, [Thing II#8 (fb)], 8, Black Panther IV#17, Civil War#1, Wolverine III#42, CW2, Amazing Spider-Man#533, 534, Black Panther IV#18, CW3, Thunderbolts II#104-105, Black Panther IV#24, Punisher War Journal II#2-[3]/CW5-7/Amazing Spider-Man#537-538/Black Panther IV#25, Civil War: Front Line#8/4, 9, 10, Cap25, Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America#5, Cap26-27, 28-30, 31-33, 35, 37-42

FALCON of ZINGARA of the Hyborian era - former ship of Captain Alvaro, with crewmen including navigator Yasunga; fate unrevealed after Alvaro's death at Conan's hands
    (app)--Conan of the Isles

FALCONA ( ) - evil Inhuman.
    female, control birds
    (D#6)--Incredible Hulk An#1 (Fantastic Four I#83, Hulk#119, Inhumans4-6,

    Earth-Morgan, Queen's Vengeance
    (app-emorgan)--Avengers III#2, 5(named) (2,3)

FALCONER, CALVIN - GARID, head of security
    (app-garid)--Spider-Man: the Final Adventure#1 (2-4

FALCONES, ARTURO - District X, mutant, father of Primo + , husband of ??
    spawns monstrous little creatures from his body
    --District X#2 ([7]

FALCONES, PRIMO - District X, son of Arturo + , brother of ??
    --District X#2 (7

FALCON GOD of the Hyborian Era - worshipped by Brothers of the Falcon
    --[Conan the Barbarian I#162]

FALK, Sgt.  - NYPD, slain during Piledriver and Wrecker's assault on the Museum of Modern Art

FALKE - Savage Land, Tribe of Fire, father of Chakel
    (app-gahck)--Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure

FALKI - Asgardian, designed special chamber to protect Odin during the Odinsleep
    --Thor III#7 (7 (fb), 7

FALKON (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#28

FALLEN (Atrocity, Embyrre, Metarchus, Patriarch, Ranter, Rubach, Salome')
    - Blood who have gone over to Zarathos
    (app)--Spirits of Vengeance#17, Nightstalkers#15 (Ghost Rider III#45,Marvel Comics Presents#145, Darkhold#16, Morbius#17, MCP#146, Dr. Strange III#61, SoV#18, Midnight Sons Unlimited#4

FALLEN - see ANIELLE (app)--Gambit II#1

FALLEN of Earth-1298 (Warren Kenneth Worthington III) - Six, Apocalypse’s Horsemen, mutated and corrupted by Apocalypse, allied with Goblin Queen, joined Apocalypse after her seeming destruction, led his Horsemen, assisted in defeat of Goblin Queen/Beyonder.
    fly, bat-wings, enhanced strength, breathe fire, sharp claws
    -ANGEL, DEATH--Mutant X#1(Mutant X An2000, MutX#1-8, Mutant X Annual 1999, MutX#9-12 19,22, 32

FALLEN ANGEL ( ) - original head of SHIELD prior to Nick Fury, reportedly killed, attempted to use cosmic cube to travel through time, created pocket dimension, killed self shortly after entering that dimension
    *continuity problems*
    *D* (app-Stoner) --[Fury/Agent13#1],2(shadows)(2(fb),dies))

FALLEN ANGELS (Ariel, Bill, Boom Boom, Chance, Devil Dinosaur, Don, Gomi, Madrox duplicate, Moonboy, Siryn, Sunspot, Vanisher, Warlock)
    -group of Misfits, organized by Ariel to serve as experiments at the Coconut Grove, freed by Ariel and escaped back to Earth, apparently disbanded shortly thereafter
    (U#3,net)--Fallen Angels#1 (2-8

FALLEN GOD - see GALACTUS--Stormbreaker: Saga of Beta Ray Bill#1

FALLEN ONE - creation and first herald of Galactus, cast out for unspecified actions, sought vengeance on Galactus repeatedly, more recently subdued by Starlord and imprisoned in the Kyln, freed during Thanos' battle with the Maker, pursued Galactus again, defeated by Thanos and mentally reprogrammed to serve as his herald, power completely drained by Aegis & Tenebrous
    (Annihilation: Surfer#2, Annihilation: Nova Corps Files, app)--Thanos#11 (11(fbs), 11, 12, Annihilation: Surfer#1, 3, 4 [(fb)], 4d

FALLEN ONE - see ANIELLE (app)--Gambit II#1

FALLEN ONE - see CHAMPION of the UNIVERSE (OH2006#4)--She-Hulk III#10

FALLON ?? - set up as a date for Peter Parker when Mary Jane was believed to be dead
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#28

FALLON, CHRIS - Guardsman, formerly worked at Seagate, tracked down Chain Gang, killed when Plantman attempted to subdue him with mold
    *D*--Thunderbolts#60 (61d

FALLON, HOWARD - father of Meg, captured by Arms of Salvation, freed by Firestar
    (app-aos)--Marvel Comics Presents#85/2 (86/2, 87/2

FALLON, MEG - friend of Angelica Jones/Firestar, daughter of Howard, captured by Arms of Salvation, freed by Firestar
    (app-aos)--Marvel Comics Presents #82/2 (85/2-87/2

FALLON, RIGBY - SHIELD II intern, befriended Kitty Pryde during her battle with Ogun
    --Kitty Pryde: Agent of SHIELD#1 (2,3, Excalibur I#117

FALLON, Mrs - wife of Howard, mother of Meg and son, knocked out when Meg and Howard were kidnapped by the Arms of Salvation
    (app-aos)--Marvel Comics Presents#83/3

FALLON,  - son of Howard, brother of Meg, knocked out when Meg and Howard were kidnapped by the Arms of Salvation
    (app-aos)--Marvel Comics Presents#83/3

FALLOWS, AMANDA - mutant woman, formerly pursued by Freedom Force and rescued by Daredevil.
    minor telekinesis, wf
    (app)--Daredevil I#269

FALL PEOPLE (Emuel, Fahe, Kapah, Keeto, Khonsha, Kronak, Lodah, Mathala, Mela (possibly referring to the fish they ate), Nereel, Norak, Peter, Sarak, Seesha, Shakani, Tatia, Tinta, Tonga/Tongah, Tongah, Torgah, Tuval(d), Yada)
    - Savage Land tribe, most wear Mohawks
    (D#19)--Astonishing Tales#3 (
    Ka-Zar the Savage#5 (fb), 5
    Ka-Zar of the Savage Land#1, Sensational Spider-Man#13-15, Ka-Zar V#15, Uncanny X-Men#457-459, Marvel Comics Presents#5/2-7/2

FALMARQ of the Hyborian era - Corinthian, Ezar bar Q'um, former commander of the army
    --Savage Sword of Conan#71

FALMON, LINDSEY of Earth-148611 - Psi-Force, fiancé of Wayne Tucker
    OVERTIME (PsiF#23, app)--PsiForce (nu)#18 (20, 21, DP7#23/PF#23, PF#24, 25, 27-text, 27, 28, 29, Justice#29, PF#30, Jus#30, PF#31, 32. 32-text

FALON - former minion of Maelstrom, slain, but possibly survived on in cloned body
    (app-maelstromsminions)—Marvel Two-In-One#72

FALROTH - mystic entity invoked by Dr. Doom to reform his original body
    --[Fantastic Four I#288]

FALSE FACE (    ) - criminal, spy, used many face masks to conceal identity, thwarted by Bob Brant and the Trouble Shooters
    (app)--Man Comics I#26 (28

FALSE FACE - bad character idea by Stan Lee
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#10

false GOD of the DEAD - see GRATEFUL UNDEAD
    (app-grateful)--[Marvel Comics Presents#92/3, 93/3

FALSWORTH CRICTON, JACQUELINE-see SPITFIRE. retired, mother of Baron Blood/Cricton, sister of Brian/Union Jack, daughter of Montogmery/Union Jack
    --Invaders I#7( 9

FALSWORTH family ( ) -
    (net)--Invaders I#7--

FALTINE dim (Faltine race) - alien realm, ancient, dense, contains only energy
    (app-sinifer)--Dr. Strange II#71

FALTINIAN race (Dormammu, Kalijulaa, Pharnovion, Rukkoplu, Sinifer, Umar, Wenigkyt )
    - extradimensional powerful energy beings, great potential for magic, grant power to others when invoked, banished Dormammu and Umar for transforming their genitor Sinifer into dark, dead matter. when filled with certain combination of energies, a Faltinian genitor will then rise to a scion loyal to him, the goal of a Faltinian is to gather more and choicer energies to increase the size of its clan
    Story of Kalijulaa possibly made up by Dormammu/Flyx
    FALTINE, "Flames of Faltine" (app-sinifer)--[Amazing Spider-Man Annual#2(invoked)], Dr. Strange II#71, Dr. Strange III#22/2 ([Dr. Strange Annual#2/5(fb)],

FAL TON - extraterrestrial, partner of Fan Ton, summoned to Earth by communication of mad scientist Howard, unwittingly crushed Howard under foot
    immense semi-humanoid
    (app-howard)--Tower of Shadows#6/2

FALTON (    ) -
    --Human Torch#6

FALYA - Microverse, Jonesy
    --Captain Marvel VI#10

FALZON - Kree scientist, father of Shatterstar/Arides
    *D?*(app)--Inhumans I#3 (4,5,7,8,10-12, Captain Marvel I#53, Spectacular Spider-Man II#11

FAMIGLIA, JOE - see HORDE--[World War Hulk: Warbound#2]

FAMILEECH of Earth-148611 ( ) - family mutated/merged into flesh-devouring creature by Pitt
    --Pitt (nu)#1, DP7#25

FAMILIAR - broke into the Sanctum Sanctorum, helped Tyanon return to Earth, defeated and captured by Doctor Strange
    --Doctor Strange: From the Marvel Vault#1 (2011)

"FAMILIAR ALIEN" - extradimensional, summoned by Exile, returned home by Reed Richards
    (app-exile)--Marvel Comics Presents#64/3

FAMILIARS - allied with Xarus’ new Vampire Nation, attacked Wolverine, Angel and Pixie, defeated by them.
    --X-Men II#1

FAMILY (Bosephus, Gig, Maw, Mitch, Paw) - Redneck family, attempted to take over Baltimore drug ring. only Ma survived
    (app)--Punisher War Journal#54 (55, 56

FAMILY of TOADS - Deviants, house of Brother Tode, ruled Deviant Lemuria for centuries
    --Eternals Annual#1

FAMILY JEWELS - Power Item, stolen from Stranger by Bi-Beast, explosion stopped by Stranger
    --Incredible Hulk II#412

FAMINE - actual embodiment of Famine, possible alternate form of Hunger
    --Dr. Strange II#4 (X-Men: Heroes for Hope?

FAMINE - Axi-Tun, Four Horsemen of Apocalypse
    (app-fh)--Giant-Size Fantastic Four#3 (Quasar#14,16

FAMINE (Autumn Rolfson) - mutant, Apocalypse's Horsemen, powers amplified by Apocalypse, sent to destroy crops in American Midwest, defeated by Captain America + D-Man + Falcon + Nomad
    anorexic girl, transform organic material into dust,induce extreme hunger and cachexia in others
    (U#1,M, app)--(Autumn)X-Factor I#12; (Famine) 15 (17 19 21,22 23-25, Captain America I#339,XFac26,27 Uncanny X-Men#294,XFac84,XForce#16,UX295

FAMINE (Rory Campbell*) - Apocalypse’s Horsemen, captured Sunfire.
    drain energy from others
    (net)--X-Men II#96 (Uncanny X-Men#377

    --X-Men II#183 ([182], 182/2-183/2, 183-186)

FAMINE of Earth-1298 (Autumn?) - Apocalypse’s Horsemen.
    --Mutant X#19 (22

FAMOUS ATLAS COOKIES -possible front company for Atlas Foundation, created super-addictive cookies, ovens smashed by Agents of Atlas
    --[Agents of Atlas#4]

FAMOUS FIVE (Ham, Johnny, Long Tom, Monk, Renny) - In the 1930s, the Famous Five were aides to noted adventurer Doc Savage and accompanied him on many exploits; they were with him when he encountered Desinna and Tarros, the extradimensionals who would encounter Spider-Man decades later.
    --Doc Savage I#1 (GS Spider-Man#3


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