EUCALYPTA, sister - see SISTER EUCALYPTA (app)--Avengers I#171

EUDORIAN REACH - section of Skrull Empire
    --Annihilation: Silver Surfer#2

EUGENE ?? - Xavier Institute, young mutant
    --Gambit IV#10

EUGENE ?? - small-time New York drug dealer, worked by Kiden Nixon's apartment

EUGENIX (Genecide, 1,  4,  7,  9,  11, 12) - desire purification of abnormal genetics from humanity, each has different power conferred by genetic manipulation
    (app)--New Warriors I#63 (64, New Warriors II#1, 2

EULER, KATRINA - Swiss woman with unspecified disorder, volunteered for experimental radiation therapy
    (app-feldstadt)--HULK#14 ([14 (fb)], 14

EULOGY - Seven Friendless, wraps up completed storylines
    -AL* (app-friendless)--Captain Marvel VI#25

EUNICE of Earth-691 - Punishers
    —Guardians of the Galaxy#17

EUNOCH (    ) - Temasika, agent of Sultan
    (app-sultan)--Marvel Comics Presents #164/4 (165/2

EUPHORIA of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - Theatre of Pain, Norns
    --X-Men 2099#24(25

EURASIA - former continent encompassing both Europe + Asia

EURASIA - Subterranean caverns, former home of a group of Doradians after the destruction of el Dorado, collapsed by Namor + Stingray
    (app-ed)--Namor Annual#1/2

EUROFORCE (Argento, Danger, Deep Sight, Key, Nuage, Picaro, Tiger) - European team of heroes
    (OH: Teams)--Europa#1

EUROPA - bad experience with Zeus
    --[Incredible Hercules#130]

EUROPA (Henrietta Hunter, Dickie, Reggie, president) - European nation
    --X-Statix#13 (14-16, 18

EUROPE: BALKAN STATES - map of important locations, etc
    (I#4)--Fantastic Four I#30?

EUROPIUM - Elements of Doom, led revolt against Khandruvitchn
    --Thunderbolts#7, 8

EURO-TRASH (Blind Ali, Miz Tree, Oxford Blue, Surrender Monkey, the Wall)
    - mutant assassins organized by Spike Freeman to take out Henrietta Hunter for Reggie & Dickie, convinced by Henrietta that she could improve their rep, but many of them were slain in the subsequent assault of X-Statix
    (OH2006#4, app)--X-Statix#13 (14

EURTH dim (Castle Bakstur, Champions of the Realm, Doomsmith, Dreadkeep, Duke Ctrang, Engine Perilous, Four Fates, Heart of Avalon, Lady of Liberty, Legion of Liberty, Minions of Evil, Mutropolis, New Avalon, regent Nicholas, Proximus Panopticon, Saint Nathaniel, Six Most Sinister, St’Vaan jr, Webslinger, Webwood, Z’Axis, "x-men", "brotherhood")
    -alternate earth created by Shaper of Worlds and a human named Tim, made permanent by Infinity and Eternity.
    Deeply affected by forces of magic
    --Avataars#1 (1(fb3), 3(fb2), 1(fb1)-3(fb1), 1-3

EURYDICE ?? - St. Cyril, lover of Noel Orff
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#26/2

EURYTUS - Argonaut, archer with enchanted arrows, trained Hercules
    --Hulk: Hercules Unleashed

EURYSTHEUS - @ 13th century BC, former king of Mycenae, ancient Greece, grandson of Perseus, organized the Twelve Labors of Hercules, sought to wipe evidence of Hercules' existence from Earth after his death, defeated by Hyllus, eyes gouged out by Alcmena, beheaded by Hyllus, resurrected by Hera, sewed head back on, developed wealthy empire by the modern era, organized the New Labors of Hercules, employed Achelous, apparently slain attempting to kill Hercules
    *D* (app)--Hercules III#1 (1(fb), 2(fb), 1-4, 5d)

EUTHANASIUM - part of Weapon Plus' World
    --X-Men II#143

E.V.A. - ship/mutation of Fantomex
    --X-Men II#129 (143, 144, 145, 149,150, Weapon X II#24,25, Mystique#21, 24

E.V.A.-1 - ship designed by u.s. government for work in tracking super-humans within narrow spaces, such as b/t skyscrapers

EVADERS - armored suits designed by Tony Stark, sold to Justin Hammer while under the influence of Hammer’s hormone treatment
    --Iron Man: Bad Blood#2 (4

EVAN ?? - Farnsworth College, boyfriend of Billie Jones, impersonated by Gjo
    --Marvel Monsters: Where Monsters Dwell#1

EVANIER, MARK - alias used by Baron (Helmut) Zemo, posing as a Hollywood executive to gain information from Franz Gruber
    --Avengers/Thunderbolts novel

EVANS, ALICE - pre-modern era, overbearing wife of Leslie
    --Tales to Astonish I#13

EVANS, ANDY - blind son to Mal, helped by pet dog Frost, saved by Human Fly
   (app-humanfly)--Human Fly#7

EVANS, CHARLES - Scarmore Inc CEO, indicted for development and dumping of the Mercurial Virus, divorced
    (app-mercurial)--Venom: The Madness #1 (2,3

EVANS, DORIS "DORRIE" - former romantic interest of Human Torch/Storm early in career
    --Strange Tales I#113 (114, 119,120,121, 123,124, Strange Tales III#1, [Strange Tales I#126], Amazing Spider-Man I#17, 21, 8/2, Spider-Man/Human Torch#1, ST129, 130, 132, 133, [Fantastic Four I#38, Fantastic Four An3, F4#45,50], StrT#134, F4#

EVANS, DORIS of Earth-311 - circa 1602 AD -
    --1602: Fantastik Four#1

EVANS, DORRIS "DEE DEE" - mother of Willie jr, wife of William sr, killed by Grunt for giving Willie chores
    *D* (app-we)--Fantastic Four I#203 ([Iron Man An8(fb,dies)]

EVANS, LESLIE - meek scientist, looked down on by wife Alice as unmanly, witnessed Groot's landing and used termites to destroy him
    (app-groot)--Tales to Astonish I#13

EVANS, Sgt. LUCAS - black super soldier program, active in WWI, demoted from captain after striking a superior officer for belittling the death of another black man, led the black super soldiers, killed in rampage of Maurice Canfield
    *D*--Truth: Red, White, & Black#1 ([1(fb)], [3(fb)], 2, 3, 4d)

EVANS, MAL - father to Andy, trapped in snow, threatened by bear, saved by Human Fly
   (app-humanfly)--Human Fly#7

    --Sub-Mariner Comics#14

EVANS, VINNIE - New York Police Department, ally of Marcus Stone, briefly sent into the past by Doom's Time-Bot, helped defeat Ulik
    (app)--Thor I#409 (414

EVANS, WILLIAM Sr - father of Willie, widower of Dee Dee, exposed to radiation from cosmic ray bomb during Viet Nam war, resulting in Willie’s mutation, contacted X-Factor to help him after Willie was abducted by Project: PEGASUS
    *D* (app)--Fantastic Four I#203 (203(fb), 203, Iron Man An8

EVANS, WILLIAM "WILLIE" jr. - mutant, son of William sr & Dee Dee, created distorted version of fantastic four, developed multiple personality disorder manifested by a spiteful humanoid frog named Grunt, who forced his mother to drive off the road, captured by project:pegasus, escaped, forced to fight army+iron man+x-factor i by grunt, died when overloaded powers rebelling against Grunt.
    Create physical manifestations of imagination, warp reality
    *D* (app)--Fantastic Four I#203 (Iron Man Annual#8d)

    --[Enter the Heroic Age#1]

EVANS, Mrs. - Wife of Charles, daughter of the original owner of Scarmore, high society, divorced him after he was indicted
    (app-mercurial)--Venom: The Madness #1 (2,3

EVE - princess of Atlantis, saved from Witches of Endor by Tuk and Tanir
    --Captain America Comics#2

EVE of Earth X - mate of Adam, mother of the child Mar-Vell
    - HER--Earth X #2

EVE ?? - mutant, Xavier Institute, taken out by X-Men on Halloween
    --X-Men Unlimited II#1/2

EVE 3,031 of Earth-Killraven - escaped from death-breeders, had daughter with Adam 3031
    (app-db)--Amazing Adventures II#27 (28,29, 31

EVE NEMADA - enigmatic future being, partner of Pasha Emit Erut-Uf

EVE X of "Earth-1040" - first in a line of new human race for Sinister to experiment, taken through time by Bishop to protect them
    (app-bishop)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001 - "Bishop: Father of Man"

EVED - Microverse, Homeworld, First Zone, Royalty, conspired with Karza @ 100 years ago to gain Diarmid, betrayed and put to death by Karza
    *D* (app)--Micronauts II#15 (15(fb,d)

EVEK - Microverse, father of Mari & Argon, king of Homeworld, killed by Baron Karza
   *D* (app)--Micronauts Annual#1 (fb)

EVELYN ?? @18th Century - tried to expose Amanda Dalton as a witch
    (app-dalton)--Journey into Mistery I#58/3

EVENOR - antediluvian god, husband of Leucippe, father of Cleito, allegedly the last mortal king of Atlantis before it was taken over by Neptune, lord of the winter sprites, opposed removal of the nexus fragment from the Shroud of Cleito
    (app)--Man-Thing III#6, 7(named) (8

EVENT SYNTHESIZER - power item created and used by the Lords of Althrace, a discordant note allowed Melanicus to escape.
    Artificially simulates the effects of a white hole, allows one to manipulate time.
    (app-mel)--Dr. Who Magazine#61 (62, 67

EVER ( ) - mutant, Brotherhood, formerly Gene Nation, body became increasingly more disfigured with time, spied on McCoy for Havok until discovered.
    Telepathy, clairvoyance, body possibly composed of brain matter
    (net)--Uncanny X-Men#339, X-Factor I#139 (named) (143,144

EVERINNYE - universe of higher than the 6th Dimension, home of Nightmare + Dweller-in-Darkness
    --[Dr.Strange III#33/2]

EVERLASTING (Aqhat, Marduk, Papahanau-Moku)
    --Citizen V + V Battalion#1 (1(fb), 2(fb), 1-4

EVERT, AMY of Earth-Nocturne - reporter, friend of Nocturne
    --Nocturne#1 (2,3

EVERWRAITH - astral embodiment of all those killed in explosions of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, initially planned revenge on USA, but began to fade into oblivion as memories of the bombings faded, sought to use Sunfire to recreate the nuclear holocaust in order to force Japan to excel financially and technologically as they did following World War II, seemingly destroyed by Big Hero Six.
    fly, teleport, intangible, siphon atomic energy, release destructive bursts of necroplasmic energy
    *D* (net)--Sunfire & Big Hero Six#1 (3(fb), 1-3

EVERYMAN (Larry Ekler) - see ZEITGEIST.
    Self-styled defender of the people, son of Milton and Carol, father was close friend of Reed Richards, set out to avenge his father's death on all society, defeated by Captain America and institutionalized, came under care of Dr. Faustus, sent against Mr. Fantastic, later transformed into Zeitgeist by Faustus.
    Used a fencing foil able to release electric shock, later used strength absorbing Absorbascan as agent of Dr. Faustus to "equalize" powers of superhumans, wore black mask initially and later featureless mask
    (app)--Captain America I#267 ([Marvel Team-Up I#132(fb)], Cap267(fb), 267, [MTU131(fb)/132(fb)], 131,132, [Cap442(fb)]-->zeitgeist)

    --X-Men: Smoke and Blood#1

EVIL CHRISTMAS TREES - creations of Dr. Tannenbaum, defeated by GLX by weighing them down with ornaments
    --GLX-MAS Special#1

EVIL CLOWNS of Dimension X - natives under the control of the Overlord

EVIL DEAD of Earth-5555 circa 8162 A.D. (Death Nell, Feral(d), Hack, Hex(d), Kronos(d), Rend, Slash, Slaughterhouse)
    - former team in the Game, later ruthless mercenaries and assassins, enemies of Dragon's Claws
    --(UK) Dragon's Claws#1 (2

EVIL EYE - power object of Avalon, created by alchemists, formerly used by Amergin, empowered by Balor's energies, presented to Prestor John in 12th century,
    Project force blasts, disintegration rays, force fields, nullify other energy sources
    (I#15, (Mystic Arcana-Talismans), app)--Fantastic Four I#54 (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#15, Defenders I#9 (fb), Avengers I#226, F4#54(fb), Thor Annual#17(fb), 17, [17], FF54, Defenders I#8-10/Avengers I#116-118, Defenders I#11, JLA/Avengers#1, 2, [3(fb), 3], 4

EVIL EYE – power item designed by Tinkerer, used by Warrant, taken from him by Iron Fist
    (app-war)—Marvel Comics Presents#127/2 (128/4

EVILHAWK (Dargin Bokk) - intergalactic crimelord, native of planet Luq, gained ability to project consciousness into one of the android Darkhawk bodies, both original and android bodies destroyed, exists only as disembodied consciousness
    (M)--Darkhawk#20 (25(fb),20-25 An2 Dh38-41

EVILIZER - toy weapon sought by Guardian & Phantom (Springfield rivals posing as superhumans)
    (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#2/4 (2/4 (fb), 2/4

EVIL KNIGHT (    ) -
    --USA Comics#17

    --X-Men #

EVOLVERS (Kree-Kowl, Staak ) - Kree warriors, transform from egg form wì??
    --Thing: Freakshow#3 (4

EVONE - Warheads, Kether Troop
    --Knights of Pendragon II#6

EWE'FAREEK - Skrull of Tarnax VII, uncle of Xavin
    --[Runaways II#8]

EWING, MARK - Daily Bugle reporter, investigated the alleged conspiracy involving the group Control
    (app)--Conspiracy#1 (2

EXADOR - mystic entity, invoked by Nicodemus West to form the Emerald Bands of Exador
    --Dr. Strange: The Oath#4

EXALT - Ruined, briefly possessed Laurent LeVasseur?
    grey skin,bandaged face
    (app-ruined)--Fantastic Four III#1([19],20

EXALTED ONE ( Mengochauzcraus) - emperor of the Folding City, father of Mengo Brothers, developed warping technology that shunted himself and others into a pocket dimension and damaged his sanity, left hand cut off by one of his sons to prevent him from destroying Earth by trying to return.
    Space warping powers
    <der verrglichenn>--Gambit III#15

EXAMINER - Slig (II) robot, green, received power from starship to gain necessary abilities to resist a foe’s power after a defeat, destroyed after multiple battles with individual Avengers
    (app)--West Coast Avengers II#30

EXAMINER (   ) - Australian, Triad member, used needles to torture Gambit and Rogue
   (app)--X-Treme X-Men I#5 (6, 9

EXCALIBER (Jason "Slapper" Struthers) - pawn of Morgan Le Fey, empowered by her false Excalibur and possessed by spirit of her (Black) Knight
    used magical copy of sword Excalibre (able to fire energy blasts), rode an enhanced steed
    (app)--Spider-Woman I#2

EXCALIBRE - see EXCALIBUR--Black Knight Comics I#1 ([Captain Marvel V# (fb)]

EXCALIBUR - sword of King Arthur, allegedly used by Beowulf against the mother of Grendel
    (Mystic Arcana-Swords)--Black Knight Comics I#1 ([Captain Marvel V# (fb)]

EXCALIBUR duplicate - see MORGAN le FAY's EXCALIBUR--Spider-Woman I#2

EXCALIBUR (Captain Britain, Lockheed, Meggan, Nightcrawler, Phoenix/Rachel, Shadowcat, Widget, Kylun, Cerise, Feron, Amanda Sefton, Britanic, Douglock, Wolfsbane, Peter Wisdom, Colossus/Rasputin, Black Knight/Whitman, Captain UK, Psylocke, Nocturne)
    - band of heroes originally based Captain Britain's mansion, later in a lighthouse, and finally at Muir Isle, eventually disbanded when Colossus + Nightcrawler + kitty returned to X-Men
    (U#3, OH: Teams)--Excalibur Special Edition#1 ( Marvel Comics Presents #31/4,32-38
    Ex75,Wolverine II#81,82
    Ex81,X-Factor I#106,XForce#38,Ex82, Ex86, X-Men:Prime, Ex87- , Uncanny X-Men#326
    Ex93,XMan12,Ex95-98,UX335, Ex99,100-107, XMan26, Ex108 ; ; 114,Kitty Pryde: Agent of SHIELD#1, Ex115-117,
    Ex121,X-Men Unlimited#19, Ex122-125, Excalibur II#1-4)

"EXCALIBUR" (Callisto, Freakshow, Shola Insky, Magneto, Professor X, Karima Shapandar, Wicked)
    - briefly established in Genosha to rebuild the nation following the destruction by Sentinels
    --Excalibur III#1 (2-4, 5-7, Mystique#23, Ex8-14)

EXCALIBUR (Nocturne, Pete Wisdom, Captain Britain, Dazzler, Juggernaut, Sage)
    - gathered under direction of MI-13
    (XM: MC-MF)--[New Excalibur#1-2], 3 (4-5, 6-8, 9, 10-12, 13-15, 16-17, WWH: X-Men#2, 18, 19-24, X-Men: Die by the Sword#1

EXCALIBUR (Faiza Hussain) - EMT, mortally wounded in Skrull assault, revived while dreaming of Excalibur, empowered, took up Excalibur under Merlyn's guidance
    healing powers, wields Excalibur
    --Captain Britain and MI13#1 (2-9, CB&MI13 Annual#1/2, CB&MI13#10-11); (Excalibur) #11 (12-15

EXCALIBUR of Earth-Days of Future Past - gun of Arthur
    (app-rcx)--Excalibur I#66 (67

EXCAVATOR (Ricky Calusky (?)) - son of the Piledriver, joined Wrecking Crew
    possibly gained some of the Wrecker's enchantment and used a magically enhanced shovel
    (app)--Runaways II#1

EXCELLO SOAP COMPANY - subsidiary of Olympus Group
    --Amazing Fantasy II#15 (Incredible Hercules#127-128

EXCELSIOR (Chamber imposter, Julie Power, Ricochet, Turbo, Phil Urich)
    - West Coast team of young heroes, initially secretly funded by Rick Jones as a support organization for former teen super-heroes
    --Runaways II#1 (2-6

EXCELSIOR - apartment building in which She-Hulk stays
    --She-Hulk I#1

EXCELSIORS (    ) - team of young mutants at Xavier Institute under the guidance of ??
    --[New X-Men: Academy X#4]

"ex-con" - stole the Black Clock, affected by its curse
    (app-blackclock)--Journey into Mystery I#67/3

EXCURSION PLATFORM - Panoptichron, used to transport others to various realities
    --Exiles#62, (named) 65

EXECUTIONER (Skurge) - Asgardian/Storm Giant hybrid, Einherjar, Legion of the Unliving, former lover of Enchantress, Heinrich Zemos’ Masters of Evil, sacrificed self to allow warriors of Asgard to escape Hel, dwells in Valhalla.
    Used enchanted axe which possesses and corrupts others
    -HANS GRUBERVELT, the EVIL ONE *D* (I#4,D#17,M, app)--Journey into Mystery I#103 (Thor I#440(fb), JiM#103,104, Avengers I#7, Avengers Classics#7/2, Av9,10, Fantastic Four I#405, Av15,16/JiM#116, Journey into Mystery#117, Fantastic Four An3/Marvel: Heroes & Legends , Tales to Astonish I#76,77, Avengers An1, Incredible Hulk II#102, Av83, Defenders I#4, Marvel Two-In-One#7,Def20, [Av157], Thor#258-260, 263,264, 277, Th350,[Av249],Th351,352,[353,354],359-361,Thor362d,382(d), Avengers An16(d), New Mutants I#83+85, Thor402(d), Thor490(d), Ts24

EXECUTIONER of the Old West (Cole Yorby) - Old gunhand, contracted fatal disease, goaded Rawhide Kid into killing him
    (app)--Rawhide Kid I#69 (69(fb)

EXECUTIONER (Lupa Lupoff) - @ 1950s Russian spy and assassin, former wife of Arnold, seduced Jim Slade, defeated by Captain America and Bucky of the 1950s, committed suicide
    *D* (app)--(g) Young Men#25/2 ([25/2(fb), 25/2], 25/2d)

EXECUTIONER (Santiago Chavez y Rivera) - former dictator of San Diablo, named for propensity to punish others via firing squad, base destroyed by Thor, shot and killed by own troops when attempted to flee with money from country’s treasury
    *D* (app)--Journey into Mystery I#84

EXECUTIONER (    ) - Calliope's Carnival and Circus
    (app-calliope)--Werewolf by Night I#6 (7(fb), 6-7

EXECUTIONER of Earth-238 - Crazy Gang, died along with destruction of Earth-238.
    Mute robot, used pole axe
    *D* (app-cg238)--(UK)Marvel Super-Heroes#377 ([Daredevils#6d])

EXECUTIONER of Earth-616 - Crazy Gang, duplicate of Earth-238 version, briefly exchanged minds with Rachel Summers/Phoenix.
    Mute robot, uses pole axe
    (U#2)--Mighty World of Marvel#11(12,CaptBrit II#1-3 Excal#4 52,54

EXECUTIONER ( "Brute" Benhurst) - criminal, briefly given axe and power of Skurge by Enchantress
    --(BB) Thor I#402, (Ex) 403 (404

EXECUTIONER ( ) - pawn of Enchantress, briefly given axe and power of Skurge by Enchantress
    --Dr. Strange III#12

EXECUTIONER - see BLOODAXE--Thor I#449 (450->bloodaxe


EXECUTIONER - see FERON. Crazy Gang--Excalibur I#124

EXECUTIONER - demon, sent by Hela to take form of Skurge in effort to slay Thor, used Skurge’s axe, temporarily possessed Keith Kincaid, slew Marnot
    --Thor II#35, 43 (35-41, 43

EXECUTIONER (Danny DuBois) - Young Masters, "Young Avengers", son of Princess Python, brutal vigilante
   --Dark Reign: Young Avengers#1 (1-5, Age of Heroes#2/3

EXECUTIVE ELITE (Commcast, Makeshift, Rive) - mercenaries
    --Deadpool I#3

EXECUTIVE SYSTEMS, inc (Disgrazio, Headhunter) - funded would-be executives in exchange for a large portion of their future profits, if they failed to produce they would send Headhunter to kidnap their first born son or to kill said executive
    --Web of Spider-Man#37 (37(fb), 37

    --[Amazing Spider-Man I#25], Spectacular Spider-Man I#2

EXEMPLAR of Earth-691 circa 31st century - Inhumans, precursor of Composite
    --Guardians of the Galaxy An4

EXEMPLARS (Bedlam, Carnivore, Conquest, Decay, Inferno, Juggernaut, Stonecutter, Tempest)
    -eight humans empowered by mystical beings as part of the Wager of the Octessence, sought to takeover earth’s population, divide it into eighths and send the factions into war against each other to determine whose powers were greatest, initially defeated when Juggernaut rebelled against them, defeated a second time when Captain America convinced Bedlam to fight against the personality changes brought on by powers
    (OH2006#4, app)—X-Men I#12(jug), Iron Man III#21/2(Inferno), Thor II#17(named), Peter Parker: Spider-Man# 11(all)
    (IM III#22(fb),IM III#21/2,Thor II#17,IM III#22,PP:Sp11,Jug:8thD Av23-25

EXEMPLARS (    ) - team of young mutants at Xavier Institute under the guidance of ??
    --[New X-Men: Academy X#4]

EXETER, TIBERIUS of Rome-World - youthful figurehead emperor for Xennus
    (app-sib)--Dr. Strange II#46

EXHUMES of Earth-1191 (Daemon, Styglut, Virago ) - criminal mutants
    --Xavier Security Enforcers#1 (1(fb1), 2(fb2)

EXILE - extradimensional, encountered Fantastic Four, set up challenges for them including animating their android duplicates, inadvertently trapped self within energy field, freed by Fantastic Four, returned to own dimension.
    Green skin, tall, pointed head, large eyelids, two fingers and thumb
    (app)--[Marvel Comics Presents#64/3], 66/3 ([64/3,65/3],66/3-68/3

EXILE - demon, twin brother of Lucre Shreckenadder, died in utero, transported to Realm of Madness, eventually merged with Lucre's soul and went to the dimension of Exiles
    HE-WHO-IS-ONLY HALF* (app)--Nightmare#1 (1(fb), 2(fb), 4(fb), [4(fb)], [1], 1-4

EXILES (Baldini, Cadavus, Gen. Ching, Gottfried, Gruning, Iron Handed Hauptman, Krushki)
    - band of World War II war criminals, former agents of Red Skull/Shmidt
    (1960s, app)--Tales of Suspense I#41?, Captain America I#102,103 (104,115,117,118, Astonishing Tales I#4/2, 5/2

EXILES (Blind Faith, Concussion, Darkstar, "Holy Grail," Iron Curtain, Mentac, Siberian Tiger/Sibercat, Stencil, Ursa Major, Vanguard, unnamed )
    - Russian mutants, protected other mutants from persecution and manipulation, evolved into Siberforce and later Winteguard
    SIBERFORCE* (app)-X-Factor Annual#1, (named) -Soviet Super Soldiers#1 (X-Men II#17-19, Starblast#1-->Siberforce

EXILES (Blink-295, Magnus, Mimic, Morph-1081, Nocturne of Earth-2182, Thunderbird, Sunfire, Sasquatch, Magik, Beak-616, Namora, Sabretooth-295, Holocaust-295, Longshot, Spider Man-6375 (2099 AD), Power Princess-712, Psylocke-616, Sage-616, Mystiq-797, Rogue-1009, Shadowcat-???)
    - alternate dimensional counterparts, forced to travel to different worlds to correct "errors" to restore their own timelines which were disrupted by a temporal flux
    (OH:AoA, OH: Teams, XM: MC-MF)--Blink#4, Exiles#1 (2 3,4(16(fb1)) Ex5(16(fb2)),6(16(fb3)) 7 8(fb1)/(16(fb4) 8(fb2)/(16(fb5) 8(fb3) 8(fb4) 8(fb5) 8(fb6) 8(fb,leisure?)/11, Ex8,9,10(16(fb6)), 12,13, 14,15, 16, 17, 18,19, 20-22, 26-30, 31,32, 33,34, 35-37, 43-45, 46-48, 49, 50,51, 52,53, 54, 55-57, 58, 59-65, 66-68, 69-82, 83, 84-86, 87-88, Exiles Annual#1, [Exiles#89 (fb)], 90-94, 95, 96-99, X-Men: Die by the Sword#1-5, Exiles#100

EXILES of Earth-33629 (Blink, Magnus, Mimic, Morph, Nocturne, T-Bird)
    rough counterparts of the Exiles who saved Earth-1815 all native to Earth-33629, organized by Grandmaster posing as Timebroker, imprisoned super-villains of Earth in an Atlantean prison, stayed together as a team after exposed and defeated Grandmaster with the help of the dimension-hopping Exiles
    --Exiles Annual#1 ([1 (fb)], 1

EXILES-91172 (Kid Omega-91172, Power Fist-8545, Nighthawk-4400, Spitfire-15731, Wild Child-295)
    - gathered by Kid Omega with guidance from Blink & Sabretooth-295
    --Exiles: Days of Then and Now#1

EXILE LEGAL EAGLES (Blink, Mimic, Morph, Nocturne, Sasquatch, Sunfire)
    - agents of Mojo, sent to re-gather the X-Men after they had been transformed into babies
    --Uncanny X-Men#461

EXILES of Central City (Burner Patrol, Clobber Patrol, Great Coordinator, Head Patrol, Livia, Murna, Wing Patrol) - those trapped inside the warp bubble created by the Salvation Generator of Harvey Jessup, ultimately sent 10,000 years into the future by Reed Richards in hopes that they would better acclimate to that environment
    (app-greatcoordinator)--Fantastic Four I#293, 294 (294(fb), 295(fb), 293-295

exiles of the Dimension of Exiles (Ahh, Ffurg, Grogg, Ngh, Orm, Xa, kree, skrull, atlantean, others)
    - group of people banished to the Dimension of Exile over the years, formerly united under Ngh and accessed Earth
    (app-ngh)--Avengers I#327 (328-331

EXILES of Earth-93060 (Catapult(c), Deadeye, Dr.Deming, Ghoul, Amber Hunt, Mustang(d), Tinsel(d), Trax(d))
    - ultras infected w/ theta virus
    (app)--Exiles (uv) I#1 (2-4, Ultraforce/Avengers Prelude#1 (possibly their spirits or reanimated corpses)

EXILES of Earth-93060 (Sienna Blaze, Amber Hunt, Juggernaut, Reaper, Shuriken, Strike, Hellblade
    --All-New Exiles Infinity (ANEx1, ANEx vs X-Men#0, ANE#2, 2/2, Phoenix Resurrection:Genesis + Revelations, ANE#3-5,Siren Special#1

EXISTENTIAL DEPRESSION RAY - weapon of Kwirkegard, caused depression, which could be neutralized by the laughter of children
    --<hostess ad>, i.e. Spectacular Spider-Man II#4

EXITAR - Celestial, 20000' tall, executes sentence on planet decreed by Arishem, terraforms unworthy worlds into new fertile planets, brought about transformation of Pangoria, immensely powerful, moreso than other Celestials
    -Exitar the Executioner--Thor I#387(388,389, Fantastic Force#7,Fantastic Four I#400

EXITER - cat, familiar of Satana, killed by N’Garai summoned by Jimmy Cruz
    Speak telepathically, transform into large, powerful panther-like form
    *D* (app)--Haunt of Horror#2/5 (4/3d)

EX-MUTANTS - see X/M's
    --X-Factor III#31

EXO-ARMOR - see PUNISHER's Exo-Armor (app)--Punisher II#34

EXODUS (Bennet du Paris) - mutant, Acolytes, former French knight and crusader and ally of Black Knight (Eobar Garrington), latent powers awakened by Apocalypse, encased in mountain during the Crusades by Black Knight with spirit of Dane Whitman, freed in modern times by Magneto, joined Acolytes as second-in-command, initially served to ferry mutants to Avalon, succeeded Magneto as leader following his mindwipe by Xavier, defeated during Siege of Wundagore,sealed within Wundagore mountain, masqueraded as Magneto and mentally forced genetic harmony on people of Genosha, exposed and deposed by X-Men, organized a Brotherhood of Mutants
    vast psionic powers, telepathy, telekinesis, teleport, manipulate energy, siphon powers
    (1990s, 198, net)--X-Force I#25 (, X-Men II Annual#1 (2007, fbs), Black Knight: Exodus, XFor25, Uncanny X-Men#315, [Avengers I#380],381,[382], X-Men II#41, X-Men: Prime, XM II#42,43 Cable II#30, XMan14, Magneto#1-4, Quicksilver#1, Heroes for Hire#8,9, [Quick4,5],6 8,[9],11, HsfH#16,Q12,Heroes for Hire/Quicksilver Annual 1998, HsfH#17, Uncanny X-Men Annual 1999, X-Men II#161-164, Incredible Hulk III#83-84(HoM), X-Men II Annual#1 (2007), X201, 204, NXM44, X205, [UX493], 494, XFac27, NX46, X207, X-Men: Legacy#208 (fb), 208-210

EXOLON - parasitic extraterrestrial race, slaughtered group of Kree later known as the Nameless, placed under control of Wraith (Zak-Del)
    --Annihilation Conquest: Wraith#1, (identified) #2

EXO-MIND - ego of the Hellfire Helix, speaks through Bloodgem fragments, born when Bloodgem was created
    - technically BTS in every appearance of Maha Yogi or Ulysses Bloodstone
    --[Journey into Mystery I#96], Rampaging Hulk I#4/2 (4/2(fb), Marvel Presents#1+2(fbs), [JiM#96, X-Men I#30,47, Incredible Hulk II#211], Rampaging Hulk I#4/2,82, Captain America I#362

EXOMORPH - see LEIGHTON, BRIAN (net)--Spider-Woman III#10, 11

EX-MUTANT DIARIES - series of articles written for the Alternative by Sally Floyd, focused on those de-powered on M-Day
    --Generation M#1 (2-5

EXORCIST guns - gun that attacks supernatural creatures on a molecular level, based on Frank Drake’s weapon Linda, which was originally constructed by "Silicon" Valle based on Frank Drake's designs, later replicated using technology from Annex
    LINDA* (app)--[Ghost Rider III#1], Nightstalkers#1 ([Ns#1 (fb)], 1, GR31, Ns2-6, Midnight Sons Unlimited#1/3, Ns7-9, Morbius#11, Terror Inc#13, Ns10, GR#40, Darkhold#11, Morb#12, Spirits of Vengeance#13, Ns12-13, MSU#3/2, 3/4, Ns14, Dhold#15, Marvel Comics Presents#144/2, Morb#16, Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#60, SoV#17, Ns15, MCP#145/4-146/4, Doc#61, SoV#18, MSU#4, Ns#16-18, [MCP#153/3 (fb)], 153/3-155/3, 164/3-167/3

EXOTIC BEASTS - dwelled in the space sector surrounding Rigel-3 (the one devastated by one of the Thanosi), encountered Thanos and Adam Warlock
--Thanos I#1

EXPATRIATE (    ) - Genoshan expatriate, worked as underground terrorist in USA, posed as producer to Walt Norman, allied with World Federalists, employed Ivan, slain while operating the Peg Mandroid when Chamber overloaded the suit's Electromagnetic Condenser
    pictured p171
    *D* Trent McComb* (app)--Generation X: Crossroads

EXPEDIENCY - Seven Friendless
    (app-friendless)--Captain Marvel VI#25

EXPEDITER (Chang, Carlysle Kestrel, John Wraith, Zoe Culloden, Noah DuBois )
    -title of one who handles accounts for Landau + Luckman + Lake
    --Wolverine II#5

EXPERIMENT X - developed by Ludwig von Frankenstein, involved using X-Ray Projector to duplicate the powers and form of another
    --Silver Surfer I#7

experimental nuclear reactor/solar generator - stolen from laboratory by Beast (Hank McCoy) under duress from Conquistador, who attempted to use it to conquer the world, but was killed when it malfunctioned
    (app-conquistador)--X-Men I#52/2 (53/2)

EXPLODEY-HEAD GUY (Herbert) - Landau, Luckman, & Lake mutate.
    small bug-eyed man, head explodes when agitated
    (net)--Deadpool III#15

EXPLOITINATOR ( ) - enemy of Keeper of the Comics Code
    (app)--Sensational She-Hulk #56

EXPLORER (Zamanathan Rambunazeth) - Elder of the Universe, sought to possess the newborn Origin.
    blue skinned male humanoid, desires to investigate the unknown, loses interest if anybody has knowledge or experience with the subject
    (app)--Quasar#47 (48

EXPLORER’s CLUB (Ulysses Bloodstone, B'Wana Brown (immortal), Burton, Zad Compton (extraterrestrial from "Pluto"; not confirmed as member of Earth's chapter), Craine, Dr. Druid, Makkari, Sam "Spell" Binder (hypnotist), Zawadi, unidentified president, possibly Ken Hale (Gorilla Man) and his friend Benson; Stanley Hathaway (caretaker))
  - New York City, meeting place of Monster Hunters, built in early 1900s, private club; Harvey Rupert Elder sought membership but was ousted
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#54/1 (July, 1953) (Journey into Mystery I#54/1,
Journey Into Unknown Worlds#20, Men's Adventures#26, Strange Tales I#47, Journey into Mystery I#46, Marvel Universe#4

    --Strange Tales I#47/6 (possibly in Journey into Mystery I#46)

"EXPLOSA" - Brotherhood, Columbian mutant, left behind in Bogota Brotherhood HQ, possibly blew up Barksdale air force base

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