EOIN - Leprechauns of Cassidy Keep
    (app-lock)--X-Men Unlimited III#26

EON - cosmic entity, embodiment of time, claimed to have been created by Kronos (or to be scion of Eternity + Infinity + Celestial axis), mother? of Epoch, dwelled within and made up his own pocket universe, former mentor to Protectors of the Universe, granted cosmic awareness to Captain Mar-Vell, killed when Quasar blasted a hole in his brain to prevent Maelstrom from wresting the secret of cosmic awareness from it, her decaying corpse threatened to cover the surface of the Earth when Thanos opened all of the portals between Earth and the Eonverse
    -He Who Waits *D*(U#3,M,net)--Captain Marvel I#29 (Marvel Spotlight II#3, #9; Quasar#2, 3, Avengers I#302, Quas4, 5, 6-10, [11], 12, 13, [14], 15,16, 17-20, 22, 23d, 26+27(d), 42+43(spirit), ?Marvel Universe: The End#4-6?

EON RAY - created by Walter Lawson, used by Number One of the Organization, empowered and later destroyed Deathgrip
    ages a person 10,000 years in seconds
    (app)--Captain Marvel I#10 ([10(fb)], 10, 55(fb), 56

EONVERSE - pocket realm which formerly held immense body of Eon, had multiple portals to earth; these were opened by thanos after her death and nearly allowed her decaying corpse to cover the surface of earth, Epoch presumably dwells in the same realm
    --Captain Marvel I#29 ( Quasar#2

EOPIA (Tansteele, Trusivor) - planet in the Albedo Crux Cluster, civil war between Egaliterns and Technarchy perpetuated by Mys-Tech agents Collapsar, Permafrost, and Sunder in effort to cause the planet's destruction so they could harness its death scream to pay off Mys-Tech's debt to Mephisto
    (app)--Dark Guard#1 (2-4

EOSIMIAS (Hong Lianje) - presumably Chinese mutant; tiger-like biped
    (app)--New X-Men I#123

EPEUS the SWORD WIELDER of the Hyborian era - @ 10, 900, king of Aquilonia, fought off invasion by Bragorus
    --[<REH untitled>, Drums of Tombalku, Savage Sword of Conan#21]

EPHESUS - angel, Council of Thorns (Thrones?)
    --Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation#1, (named) 3 (1-4

EPHEX - Cloudsea dimension.
    Insect-like creatures, generate light, strong tentacles, fly, can be forced to overload energy and temporarily incapacitated by covering eyestalks
    (app-cloud)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Spider-Man: Hooky

EPICURE (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#62

EPIMETRIUS the SAGE of the Hyborian era - prophet-hero of Mitra
    (app)--Phoenix on the Sword; Conan the Barbarian Annual#2 (Conan the Usurper novel (but not the limited series?), Conan of the Isles Graphic Novel

EPIPHANY – Seven Friendless, daughter of Eternity, sister of Entropy, seduced Rick Jones
    (app)—Captain Marvel VI#3, (named) #4 (5, 6, 16-18

EPOCH - daughter of Eon, developing cosmic awareness, "mentor" to Quasar, studied in libraries of Rus, resurrected Gravity as new Protector of the Universe after Quasar (Wendell Vaughn)'s death
    Possesses cosmic level awareness, but requires time to process it
    (OH2006#4, app)--Quasar#27 (Infinity Gauntlet#2,3, [4], 5,6, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#1, Q32-39, 49, 50, 52, Star Masters#1 [Avengers Infinity#1], XMen Forever#1, Marvel Universe: The End#4-6?, [Fantastic Four#544 (fb)], 544-546

EPOCH WEASEL - ship of Dakimh
    (app-bj)—Howard the Duck I#23

EPSILON - Ultra-Robots, destroyed in battle against Captain America and the Falcon
    *Des* (app-ur)--X-Men I#21 (Captain America I#178d)

EPSILONs (Anthony, Charley ) - armored + armed costumed agents of acting as security for Department H, many were killed by Zodiac.
    use sonic guns
    (net)—Alpha Flight II#1 (4, 6,7, Uncanny X-Men#352, AF II#9,10, 12,13, 18,19

EPSILON BLACKs ( ) - division of Epsilons, reserved for liquidation of anyone opposing Department H, serve as bodyguards for Director X
    (net)—Alpha Flight II#13

EPSILON FLIGHT of "Earth-1041" (Nanook, Redbird)
    - circa 2012 AD, top secret division of Alpha Flight
    --X-Men Millennial Visions 2001 - "Alpha Flight: Project Epsilon"

EPSILON RED ( Ivanov) - precursor of Omega Red, Russian cosmonaut, encountered Logan & Creed in 1968 while they were in the CIA, adapted to survive in space, father of Elena Ivanova.
    Survive in vacuum of space, 4 prosthetic tentacle-like arms with buzzsaw + flame-thrower + chisel + mechanical claw attachments
    (net)--Wolverine II#67(68(fb), 67,68

EPSILONI race (Captive/Threkker) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way, planet Ravagar, most were destroyed by Hunter robots
    Virtually indestructible, parasitically drain life energy from others to become vastly powerful
    (I#3,app)—Captain America Annual#3 ([3(fb)], 3, Starblast#1, Quasar#55, StarB#3, Maximum Security#1

EPSTEIN, IDA - wife of Morris
    --Sleepwalker#1 (10, 13, 20, 23, 25

EPSTEIN, JANICE - dated Rick Sheridan, grand-daughter of Ida + Morris

EPSTEIN, MORRIS - landlord of Rick Sheridan
    --Sleepwalker#1 ([4], 10, 12, 13, 20, 21, 23, 25

EPURER, GISCARD - assists others in exchange for a promise of assistance in the future, adopted infant Bucky after her mother was killed by 88 and Nomad was sent into suspended animation.
    superb athlete, highly skilled in martial arts
    - FAVOR BANKER* (net-favor)----Nomad II#1(6,9,12-15,17,18,Cap421,Nomad#20, 25?

EPYRUS-7 - planet, used as battleground for Skrull/Xandar war; Diamondhead led Nova Corps into a Skrull ambush, then slaughtered Nova Corps and Skrulls alike with a biological weapon (bacteria which dissolved their cellular structure), all victims disintegrated by Nova in an act of mercy using a gravimetric pulse; event subsequently erased from Nova's memory by Xandarians due to its trauma
    --Nova III#2 (2(fb), Nova II#10?

EQUILIBRIUS - Savage Land Mutates
    induce vertigo
    (D#11)--XMen I#62 ([63], Avengers I#105, Wolverine II#69

EQUINOX (Terrance "Terry" Sorenson) - Initiative's Freedom Force, Vil-Anon, father of Janet, mutated by father's equipment, became abusive when Janet developed powers and lost control
    -Generate great heat and cold, body fluctuates constantly from flaming to freezing regions, enhanced strength, bm
    Thermodynamic Man*, "Noxie" (OH2006#4, CWBDR, app)--Giant-Size Spider-Man#1 (Marvel Team-Up I#60(fb), GS Spider-Man#1 Marvel Team-Up I#23,59,60 Marvel Comics Presents#147/3, Spider-Man Unlimited II#12 (fb), Heroes for Hire II#1, Avengers: Initiative#12

ERA of Earth-691 - son of Eon, impersonated Eon
    --Guardians of the Galaxy#24 (Guardians of the Galaxy An4/2(fb), Guardians of the Galaxy#24(fb), 24, 25, 59,60,62

ERADICA - Annihilation Wave, concubine of Annihilus, nearly killed by Ronan, slain by Drax
    multi-legged insectoid
    (Annihilation: Nova Corps Files;
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#1-annqueens, app)--Annihilation: Prologue#1 (Annihilation: Ronan#3-4, Annihilation#1, 4d)

ERADIKATOR 6 - robot assassin, created by Hiram Junes as ultimate smart weapon, designed to mimic human behavior, speaks in catch phrases
    (card, app)--Punisher II Annual#6

ERAMIS - Eternals of Earth, Council of Confederate Eternals
    --Eternals IV#7

ERASER (    ) -
    --USA Comics#7

ERBIUM - Elements of Doom, with Carbon, Disprosium and Cadmium, assaulted airplane
    --Thunderbolts I#6

    Russian name

ERDA - primeval Earth goddess, symbol of fate, sister of Volla
    (app)--Thor I#295

EREBUS - region of Hades abutting the mortal world, where the dead first arrive; many stay here, gambling for resurrection
    --Incredible Hercules#129

ERDOES, ALFONSO - allowed Brand Corporation to experiment on him to gain money to pay for surgery for son under Dr. Joseph Waking Bear, later sought vengeance on Waking Bear, defeated by Spider-Man
    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#4 ([4(fb)], 4(fb)

EREATHE - invoked by the extraterrestrial Hecate
    - "Ereathe's eyes" --[Ms. Marvel#13]

ERECTRA of Earth-Grit - counterpart of Elektra, killed Dourdevil

ERESHKIGAL - Babylonian goddess of death
    (app)--Thor Annual#10

ERESHKIGAL - Deviant, sister of Dragona, mistaken in past for Hecate, former explorer of dimensions, journeyed to city of space gods in attempt to destroy fourth celestial host, thwarted by ajak, later adopted identity briefly used by moondragon in order to get close to quasar in order to obtain power of starbrand, posed as close friend of kayla ballantine after she gained the starbrand,accompanied her to scadam, convinced her to transfer the power to her,sought to use power to become master of multiverse by getting congress of realities to ally itself with her in exchange for freeing them from their current rulers and tap into the power of the cosmic axis,desired to destroy order and allow chaos to reign,apparently committed suicide after losing contest against living tribunal.
    alter appearance, white skin, bat-like wings, dark hair
    -"Hecate," Lisa, Queen of Darkness, Holly Debra "HD" Steckly II* *D* (OH2006#4, app)--[Thor I#283], 284(à Steckley. Quasar#30 [32] 35-49,50d

EREWHON (Atheist, Books, Gottlieb, Hitler corpse, Napoleon, Pocketbook Bob, van Daemon, Victoria)
    Jungle sanctuary to which criminals fled to escape the Punisher and others; many slaughtered when the Punisher and Wolverine located it
    --Wolverine/Punisher III#1 (1(fb), 1-5

ERG (    ) - Morlock, Drain Dweller, 198, assisted Annalee in attempt to kidnap Power Pack to replace her lost children, came to Xavier Institute after M-Day
    Absorb and project electricity
    (D#8 198, app)—Power Pack I#12 (Uncanny X-Men#195, PowP19, X-Factor I#10, PP27, XFac11,12 15, X-Men: The 198#1-5, X-Men II#183, [184-185], Civil War: X-Men#1, [2], 3-4, UX487-491, X-Men: Div We Stand I#1/4, X-Men: Worlds Apart I#2, Gen Hope I#13,15-17, UXM III#16, New Warr V#1-2

ERG, MORTON - see GOPHER (app)—Howard the Duck I#32

ERGARD - referenced/invoked by Dakimh the Enchanter; "by the moons of Ergard"
    --[(Adventure into) Fear#14

ERGINUS - Minyan ruler circa 1291 BC, led assault on Thebes
    --Incredible Hercules#126

ERGON race (Glaktu, Sklarr) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way galaxy, planet Ergonar.
    Semi-humanoid, red skin, superhuman strength
    (I#3,D#15)--Thor I#259
    Squirrel Girl II#29-30

ERIC ?? (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#40

ERIC ?? - Bartovian Liberation Front
    (app-blf)—Solo Avengers#7

ERIC ?? - Alternative employee
    --Generation M#4

ERIC - Alcoholic Anonymous, sponsor for Sally Floyd
    --[Civil War: Front Line#1]

ERIC - dressed as Shaun of the Dead for Halloween, brought Ronnie, dressed as Spider-Man, home after he got drunk, confused him with the unconscious and real Spider-Man, attacked by two guys who were dressed as Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus for Halloween, saw Spider-Man defeat them.
    --SHAUN OF THE DEAD*--Amazing Spider-Man: The Short Halloween#1

 ERIC the RED (Davan Shakari)
    Transcendent Shakari, Brother Shakari (OH2006#4, net)--X-Men I#[97],103

ERICA ?? - wife of Postman/David, comatose after mind unintentionally erased by him
    (app-postman)--Morlocks#1, 3 (1 (fb)-BTS, 3

    identity used to deceive Mesmero
    --X-Men I#51

    Identity used during trial of Gambit, directed trial
    (net)--[Uncanny X-Men#346], 350 ([346-349], 350

ERIK the RED of Earth-Shadowline - alias of Dr. Zero, @ 1365 (app-dz)--Critical Mass#5

ERIKA ?? - @ World War II, sister of Esther, German Jewish orphan under the care of Sister Anqelique, saved from being raped by Nazis by Ace Hamilton
    (app)--Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#7 (7(fb), 7

ERIKSON, Lt. - World War II, trained Leatherneck Raiders for winter combat conditioning
    (app)--Captain Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders#16

ERIN, Queen of Earth-8396 - wife of King Michael, mother of Domenic, initially opposed his relationship with Marysal
    --New Exiles#5 (6

ERINYES - see FURIES--Ghost Rider III#77

ERIS - see BELLONA (app)--Dr. Strange III#54/2

ERISTA - Savage Land, Tribe of Fire, son of Wolverine and Gahck from the Fall People
    (app-gahck)--Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure, (named) Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men 2004: Wolverine

ERLIK - god, empowers Hand of Erlik, father of Raktavashi, grandfather(?) of Nafertari/Zambibi, worshipped in Hyborian era by Turanians, worshipped more recently by Siberians, Afghani, etc. <"Seven Dark Steeds of Erlik">
    "Lord of the Black Throne," "Yellow God of Death" (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#120 (120(fb), 120

ERLIK KHAN - extradimensional evil sorcerer, agent of Shuma-Gorath, freed from imprisonment when Dr.Strange destroyed his magic talismans to defeat Urthona, sent Khats to plague Dr. Strange.
    Eight arms, wore robes, reanimate the dead
    -LORD of the THIRTY INFERNOs (app)--[Dr. Strange II#78], Strange Tales II#6/2 ([DocII#78, StrT II#3/2], 6/2

ERL KING of Earth-712 - swamp creature, play on the Swamp Thing, as well as Mark Gruenwald
    --[Squadron Supreme: New World Order]

ERLKING, - Resurrection Corps
    --Captain America: Hail Hydra#1 (2011)

ERMARKS - microscopic devices guarding Obadiah Stane's files, fought Iron Man
    --Iron Man I#203

ERNIE ?? - Arlington's Veterans' Administration Hospital, World War II veteran, assisted against Fifth World Front
    wheelchair bound
    (app-fifthworldfront)--Marvel Comics Presents#47/3

ERNIE ?? - Midtown High School, classmate of Flash Thompson, Peter Parker, Seymour O'Reilly, etc., encouraged bullying of Parker
    -- (Amazing Spider-Man Annual#17(fb), Marvel Knights Spider-Man#7

ERNST - see MUELLER, ERNST (app-blitkrieg_squad)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#14

ERNST ( ) - mutant, Xavier's School, Brotherhood, excused from Institute by Emma Frost
    Super strength
    (ME: X, 198)--X-Men II#135 (136-138, 140, 146, 147, New X-Men II#23

ERO - opposite counterpart of Spider-Man, brought to Earth when Spider-Man was resurrected after being killed by Morlun, later became a nurse at Midtown High School, mysterious nature recognized by Mysterio (Beck?), stabbed Mysterio (Klum), seduced Flash Thompson, plotted to keep Peter Parker at Midtown High, attempted to implant eggs in Spider-Man, injured by Betty, taken to Central Park aviary and devoured by birds
    composed of spiders, superhuman strength, extend spikes from wrists
    ARROW*, the OTHER* (AZU#4)--Friendly Neighborhood of Spider-Man#20 (21, 22

EROK of the Hyborian era - Novum Terra; one of the nine citadels conquered by the Dark Lords circa 10,000 BC; it was conquered in 9000 BC by Ath'Agaar and subsquently destroyed in a conflict between Ath''Agaar and the Dark Lords
Marvel Graphic Novel#11: Void Indigo

EROS - see CUPID (app-cup)--Avengers I#283

    (I#10, D#12, M OH: Av2005, net)--Iron Man I#55 (Daredevil I#105(fb)), Iron Man#55(fb2), 55, Captain Marvel I#27, 29, 31, 32, 34, Warlock I#12, CaptM#58-62, Marvel Spotlight II#1-3, Marvel Graphic Novel: Death of Captain Marvel#1, Avengers I#230,231, 232-->Starfox

ERSKINE, Dr. ABRAHAM -World War II, Operation: Rebirth, great-grandfather of Michael Van Patrick (M.V.P.),  invented super soldier formula, killed by Heinz Kruger
    -PROFESSOR JOSEF REINSTEIN* - *D* (app)--(g) Captain America Comics#1d; Tales of Suspense I#63d ([Avengers: The Initiative Annual#1/4 (fb)], Captain America Annual 2000(fb), Marvel Super-Heroes III#3(fb2), Truth: Red, White, & Black#2-4, Adventures of Captain America#1(ToS I#63d))

ERSKINE, ERNST - see LUCKY PIERRE--Immortal Iron Fist#6, (fully identified) #9

ERTHAS - see Earth-38062
    Alternate Earth visited by Excalibur during their Cross-Time Caper
    --[Clan Destine II#3 (2008)

ERTHOLD - demon, summoned by cult, driven off by Man-Thing
    - Devourer of Babes (app)--Giant-Size Man-Thing#5

ERTZIA (  ) - Inhumans, Ryker's Island inmates, ex-advisor to Black Bolt, created a hard containment shell for Black Bolt's Reality Infinity Gem, remained behind when the Inhumans left, imprisoned in Ryker's Island, killed another inmate, befriended by the Hood, told him about the Infinity Gem.
    bluish-grey skin, blue eyes, longevity, shell generation
    (app)--Avengers IV#9

ERWIN, CLYTEMNESTRA - Circuits Maximus, genius, physicist, former ally of Iron Man (Jim Rhodes), brother of Morley, helped form Circuits Maximus, formerly had crush on Tony Stark, betrayed Iron Man to AIM after Morley was killed, slew Yorgon Tykkio, died in
    wf, curly brown hair
    *D*--Iron Man I#171 (175 177 179 183-192 194 196-201 203-209 211-213 215,216d)

ERWIN, MORLEY - Circuits Maximus, Stark International, brother of Clytemnestra, genius, former ally of Iron Man (Jim Rhodes), assisted him in learning to use armor, helped form Circuits Maximus, killed when Stane had Circuits Maximus building bombed
    *D*--Iron Man I#169,170 (171,172 174-177 An6 IM#178/2 179 181-186 MTU#145 IM An7 IM187-192 194 196-198,199d)

ERWIN, T. W. - Nth Command, created Parallel Time Projector, saved from Masters of Evil by Avengers, later employed by Nth Command, banished to Earth-Femizonia
    (app-Nth )--Avengers I#83 (Marvel Two-In-One#67

ERWIN - translated passage of Toad God in Nameless Cults book for Tussman
    (app-toad god)--Chamber of Chills#3

ERYMANTIAN BOAR - fourth labor of Hercules
    (app)--Hercules III#1 (1(fb)

ERYNYS - corpse reanimated by Snakeroot and the Hand, instilled with the dark essence of Elektra distilled from the mind of John Garrett, ultimately slain and the dark essence corrupted Elektra
    *D* (app)--Daredevil I#323 (324,325d)

ERZULIE - see EZILI?--Silver Surfer IV#1

ESCAPE ENTERPRISES - dummy corporation used by Carlton LaFroyge to set up destroyallwarriors.com
    --She-Hulk II#8

ESCHER, CAL - resident of Salvage Alabama, werewolf hunter, slew Suzie and mother, targeted Rhona, defeated with aid of Jack Russell
    --Legion of Monsters: Werewolf by Night#1 ([1 (fb)], 1

ESCHOL, DAVID - Yeshiva student, sought Chimera artifact, father had collected pieces, became involved and fell in love with Sheila Wittier, killed by Dracula when attempted to force him to break his hold on her
    *D*--Tomb of Dracula I#26 (27,28

ESCHU - voodoo master of the Loa
    --Dr. Strange III#17

ESHE LON of the Hyborian era - sought aid from Ishiti, killed by her after she realized his intent, became snake man
    (app-ish)--Conan the Barbarian I#134(138,139

ESHU-TA - extraterrestrial, former slave in Broker's Bodyguard Cadre
    (app-broker)--Century: Distant Suns ([Force Works#13-16], Century: Distant Sons

ESHUN, INDIGO of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - Cyberdive Cadre, Black Cabinet, Minister of Signal
    *D*--Doom2099#28 (29-34d)

ESKIMO GODS (Hodiak, Nelvanna, Sedna, Shaper) - race of gods worshipped by the Inuits, apparently independent from the Anasazi/Native American Gods, enemies of Great Beasts, trapped in their own realm by the Beasts when they turned back their own spell of imprisonment
    - INUIT GODs--Alpha Flight I#7/2 (
    Real Heroes#2, Wolverine II#172

ESK'ODIN - Mindspawn,
    male, mouth-restraint
    *D* (app-mindscape)--Sleepwalker#22, 23(named) (23d)

ESMALIA of the Hyborian era - D'Bhoti, daughter of B'Har Venek, posed as drunk woman to gain entrance into Bahreen Bel Akif, then raised the drawbridge, slaying Vah Rashid in the process
    --Savage Sword of Conan#63

ESMERA - Microverse, queen of Insectivorids of Kaliklak, sacrificed herself via suicide sting to defeat Karza
    *D* (app)--Micronauts I#26/2 (56 (fb) - BTS, 26/2, 28d, 29)

ESON - Spartoi ruler, father of Jason, kept alive by scientific means, attempted to arrange "marriage" of Shi'ar and Spartoi, banished Jason for his apparent involvement with the Inhumans
    --Inhumans IV#3 (4

ESON the SEARCHER - Celestial, first through fourth hosts, destroyed Deviant Lemuria
    (I#2,D#2,M)--Eternals I#9 (What If…? I#23/2, X-Men II#186 (fb)?, Eternals#9,10, Thor I#300, Fantastic Four An23, Thor424, Heroes Reborn: The Return#4, GLA#4

ESPEOPLE of Earth-148611 (Apparition, Phantom Bullet, Psi-Lord, Purple Veil, Supernatural, Trancer)
     - six paranormals living in Northern Wisconsin, keep selves isolated from the world, encountered Dave Landers (Mastodon), helped him escape the Clinic, provided mental block to prevent others from discovering their existence through him; Nightmask was pulled through the mental block and encountered them, but they overpowered him and wiped his mind of the encounter.
    --DP7(nu)#11 (12, 25/2

ESPERANZA ?? - former gardener of Terrence DeFlyte, gave flowers to captive Man-Thing, reviving him
    --Legion of Monsters: Man-Thing#1

ESPER-Ts - eight former agents of Mind-Wave
    (app-mindwave)--Daredevil I#133

ESPHARES - Grigori, slaughtered by Oliver and the Stalkers
    *D* (app-grigori)--Punisher IV#1 (1d)

ESPIL SHADE - spell that allows a vampire to reanimate a vampire he had created that had since been destroyed
    Used by Dracula to revive Jamal Afari
    --Blade III#11

ESPINOSA, ANGELA of Earth-93060 - see SWEETFACE (app)--Freex#1

ESPINOZA, ANGELA - Lewis Security Systems, secretary to Andrew Lewis
    --Fantastic Four: Foes#1 (2, 4

ESPIONAGE ELITE (#1 (Marya Penskiyov), #2 (Samson Washington), #3 (Farley London), #4 (Godfried Herter), #5 (Roger Philips) )
    -agents of Spymaster (unidentified)
    --Iron Man I#33 (Marvel Super-Heroes III#12/3

ESPIONAGE ELITE (Numbers 1-4) - agents of Spymaster (Lemon)
   --Iron Man III#3 (IM III#3,6,8, Iron Man: Bad Blood#1

    identity briefly used when devoted life to Catholicism
    --West Coast Avengers II#17 (18-21 23,24

ESPOSITO, chief RANDOLPH - District X, head of the local police precinct
    --[District X#2], 4 (5, 9, 11

ESQUIDA, Dr. VINCENT of Earth-93060 - Aladdin, killed by Col. Carpenter
    *D*--Wrath (uv)#1 (2-5d)

ESRIT of the Hyborian era - demon-familiar of Vacharn, slain by Conan
    feasts of the blood of the worthy
    *D (app-vacharn)--"Necromancy in Na'at" by Clark Ashton Smith (1935); (adapted to Marvel Comics) Conan the Savage#10 (May, 1996)

ESS - Kree, absorbed into Phalanx
    --Nova IV#5

ESSENCE - see OPPOSING FORCE--Annihilation: Silver Surfer#1

ESSEX, NATHANIEL - see Mr. SINISTER (net)--Uncanny X-Men#221, Adventures of Cyclops + Phoenix

ESSEX, REBECCA - @ 1859, former wife of Mr. Sinister, both children died, she died after a fight with Nathaniel
    *D* (net)--Further Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix#1 (2, 3d)

ESTHER - Archangel of great power, sister of Ruth
    --[Ghost Rider V#2]

ESTHER ?? - wife of former slave Caleb, helped nurse Travis Parham back to health, slain by George Reagan's gang
    *D*--Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears#1 (2007)

ETCHISON, GABRIEL of Earth-Astronet - Sandra's cousin and superior, ordered destruction of the Quetzal village
    (app-etchison)--Wizard Presents Open Space#0

ETCHISON-CARLSBERG, SANCHA of Earth-Astronet - administrator and colony scout, cousin of Gabriel Etchison, studied the Quetzals
    (app)--Wizard Presents Open Space#0

ESTEVEZ, - grandmother of Marie +Rosa, posed as a witch and gave potion to Donna + Bess Bliss which transferred the curse of Flesh and Bones, assisted Spider-Woman in preventing Donna + Bess from transferring the curse to her
    --Spider-Woman III#16 (16(fb), 18

ESTEVEZ, MARIE - sister of Rosa, former victim of curse of Flesh due to killing father after he had presumably sexually assaulted herself and her sister (as well as murdering their mother), returned to normal after curse transferred to Donna and Bess Bliss, assisted Spider-Woman/Mattie in preventing the Bliss sisters from transferring the curse to her
    --Spider-Woman III#16, (fully named) 17 (16(fb), 17, 18

ESTEVEZ, Sgt. RICO-see TRAVESTY 2099. former member of public eye
    --Spider-Man 2099#5(6-9,26

ESTEVEZ, ROSA - sister of Marie, former victim of curse of Bones due to killing father after he had presumably sexually assaulted herself and her sister (as well as murdering their mother), returned to normal after curse transferred to Donna and Bess Bliss, assisted Spider-Woman/Mattie in preventing the Bliss sisters from transferring the curse to her
    --Spider-Woman III#16, (fully named) 17 (16(fb), 17, 18

ESTEVEZ, STEVEN - teacher, former social worker, attempted to press charges against fritz woolcot for abuse of alex/ashcan, later investigated alex's disappearance
    (app-ash)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#112 (115,118

ESTHER ?? - @ World War II, sister of Erika, German Jewish orphan under the care of Sister Angelique
    (app)--Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#7 (7(fb), 7

ESTRELLA - Elijah, saving from factory torched by Blowtorch Brand by sheriff Garvin Macken
    (app-blowtorch)--Defenders I#135

ESTROGONE - Three Sisters, eldest.
    create cushions of power and teleport others
    (app - ts)--Conan the Barbarian I#146

ETERNAL BRAIN (Professor William Carmody) - First Line, creator of Walkabout, father of Mary, owner of the Carmody Institute, former bio-geneticist, original form shot + killed by assassin's bullet, survived initially as only a disembodied brain inside a glass case, later created a homunculus form requiring nutrient bath, shot & killed by Nocturne during the Skrull invasion
    WALKABOUT* (OH2006#4, net)--(g) Red Raven Comics#1; Avengers Forever#11 (Marvel: Lost Generation#10(fb), M:LG#9, 10, 11, 12

ETERNAL FLAME - stolen from Muspelheim by Odin, sought by Surtur to light Twilight and burn the nine worlds
    --Thor I#349(349(fb),350

ETERNAL FORTRESS - Omega Dimension, used by Kang
    --Time Trap

ETERNAL ONE-see VOLKHVY (app)--Force Works#5

ETERNAL SEAT - Olympia, Temple of Command, seat of power from which Prime Eternal rules
    --Eternals I#5 (Eternals II#1

ETERNAL SKRULL - see KLY'BN--Incredible Hercules#117

ETERNAL WARRIOR - see BERSERKER (OH2006#2, A-Z HC#1, app)--Avengers I#207

ETERNAL WARRIOR - African spirit, returns from the grave to fight and conquer when summoned, used by W'Sulli to destroy the Nightspawn and slay Mi'chi'li
    Superhuman strength, etc.
    GILGAMESH*, SAR'WA* (app-wsulli)--Marvel Preview#12

ETERNALS of Earth (Aginar, Ajak, Akpaxa, Amaa, Arex, Argos, Astarte, Atlo, Aurelle/Sparx, Ceyote, Chi Demon, Cybelle, Daina, Dark Angel (Ritter twins), Delphan Brothers, Domo, Druig, Electryon, Elo, Eramis, Eternals of Titan, Gilgamesh/Forgotten One/Hero, Helios, Ikaris, Interloper, Khoryphos, Kronos, Legba, Makkari, Mara, Oceanus, Pannix, Perse, Phastos, Pixie, Psykos, Rakar, Sersi, Sigmar, Sprite, Kingo Sunen, Thena, Titanis, Tulayn, Uranian Eternals, Utnapishtim, Valkin, Vampiro, Veron, Virako, Zarin, Zuras)
    -race of former primitive humans empowered with cosmic energy by celestial first host (specifically Nezarr), many died during civil war between Kronos + Uranos, followers of Uranos were banished into space, those who remained on earth were further empowered and granted near immortality by kronos
    cities include Titanos, Oceania, Olympia,and Polaria.
    earth branch has been ruled by Kronos, Zuras, Thena, Ikaris
    HOMO IMMORTALIS* (I#4, D#5, OH2006#4, net)--Eternals I#1 (What If? I#23/2-25/2, Thor An7(fb), W? I#29/2, Eternals I#1-18, An1, Thor287-289 291 300,301, Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2,3], Iron Man An6(fb),6, Avengers I#246-248, Eternals II#1-12, Avengers#3__ Eternals: Herod Factor, Av3__, Eternals: Apocalypse Now, Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6, Eternals III#1-7, Incredible Hercules#1__, Eternals IV#1, Annual#1, Eternals IV#2-6


ETERNALS of EYUNG (Over-Mind) - warrior race, virtually all destroyed in battle against Gigantians, transferred collective power into Over-Mind
    -ETERNIANS* (app)--Fantastic Four I#115 (115 (fb)-->Over-Mind)

ETERNALS of the KREE (Ultimus/Demon Druid) --Thor I#209

ETERNALS of the SKRULLS (unidentfied)

ETERNAL SUN SOCIETY ( ) - enemies of Shadow Masters
    SUNRISE SOCIETY--Shadowmasters#1 (2-4, Marvel Comics Presents #160-163, Punisher War Journal # Venom: Mace#1-3

ETERNIANS - see ETERNALS of EYUNG (app)--Fantastic Four I#115

ETERNITY - Seven Friendless, abstract entity, manifestation of the entire timeline, supreme time being of the universe, together with Infinity makes up entire space-time continuum, possible progenitor of Eon, father of Entropy and Epiphany, led appeal to Living Tribunal to disperse the Infinity Gems, attacked in past separately by Nightmare + Dormammu + Magus, slain by Entropy, who then went on to become him and re-create everything exactly as it was; corresponds to Gaea per Ian McNee's Catalogue of Correspondence
    -Adam Qadmon, ENTROPY (I#4, D#4, M, OH2006#4, net)--[Strange Tales I#137/2], 138/2 (Dr. Strange III#40(fb) [StrT#137/2],138/2 146/2 Dr. Strange I#180-183 Dr. Strange II#4 10-13, Avengers I#173,177, Defenders I#92, Doc II#56, Fantastic Four I#262, Secret Wars II#6,7, Silver Surfer III#10, Quasar#25, Infinity Gauntlet#3-5, Dr. Strange III#36, Damage Control III#4, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#1, Infinity War#1, Quas37,38, InfW#3,4, 5/W+IW#9, IW#6/Moon Knight III#34, W+IW#11, Fantastic Four An27/2, Marvel Holiday Special 1994/4, Heroes Reborn: The Return#4, Fantastic Four III#8, XMen Forever#1,6, Fantastic Four III#46, 48, Avengers: Celestial Quest#2, Infinity Abyss#3-6, Marvel Universe: The End#1, 3-6,  Captain Marvel VI#5, 6 (Entropy), GLA#4, Defenders III#2-3, [FF550 (fb), 546-549], 550

ETERNITY's BASTARD - see VOYAGER (app)--Children of the Voyager#2

ETERNITY, GLOBE of - see GLOBE of ETERNITY (app-quanstar)--Master of Kung Fu Annual#1

ETERNITY, HOUSE of - see HOUSE of ETERNITY--Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu#1

ETERNITY MACHINE - power source used by Gregory Gideon
    --Fantastic Four I#134 (135, 136

ETERNITY MAN (Jason Beeres) - created several bombs set to destroy earth when his heart stops, including one attached to his heart, defeated by Avengers, placed in cryogenic suspension to prevent heart from stopping
    (app)--Avengers I#169 (Iron Man I#115

ETERNITY TREE - large ash tree in garden on Titan
    --Captain Marvel I#32, (59,60, Marvel Spotlight II#2

ETERNUS - see EYUNG (app)--Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe#9

ETHAN ?? - Sons of the Serpent
    (app-sons)--Avengers I#341 (342

ETHAN ?? - Empire State University grad student, Agro-Lab, partnered with Chip in project to accelerate plant growth
    --Amazing Spider-Man Annual#25 ( Amazing Spider-Man I#361

ETHAN ?? - son of Chester, he and his father killed each other after singing Henrietta Hunter's song
    *D* (app-hunter)--X-Statix#18

ETHAN ?? - philanthropic boy, unidentified mother & brother, assisted Spider-Man in catching his own brother when he committed a crime; later befriended an unidentified boy (possibly also named Ethan)
    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#15

ETHER TRIBE - Savage Land
    --Ka-Zar#1 (2011)

ETHERA - see Earth-2803--Clan Destine II#2

ETHERAS - see Earth-80623.
    Alternate Earth visited by Excalibur during their Cross-Time Caper
    --[Clan Destine II#3 (2008)

ETHERAYS - native to Brekknis?, fled the seeming approach of Galactus (actually an unidentified astral entity)
    --Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#4 (2008)

ETHEREALS (Stardust/Lambda-Zero, Hadria, J/Psi, Tau) - some of the first particles of the universe, adopted a noncorporeal civilization, most destroyed by Annihilation Wave, surviving strangepac fed to Galactus by Stardust to prove her(?) loyalty
    --(Stardust) Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill#1; (Ethereals) Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus#1/2 ([1/2 (fb)], 1/2

ETHICALS (Akra, Kora) - five people mutated by electricity released from Machine Man in a fit of frustration, search for underlying ethics behind all transactional behavior, imprisoned by Stranger on his laboratory world, freed by Overmind, ?involved in the creation of Eurth?
    Enhanced life span, manipulate cosmic energy, some degree of precognition
    (app)--Machine Man I#12 (Quasar#14,15, ?Avataars: Covenant of the Sword#1-3?, XMen Forever#1

ETUBAN - Savage Land, Gorankian tribe, loyal to Plunder family, killed defending Ka-Zar from a dinosaur
    --Kazar V#16 (17,20

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