My alternate Earth entries are quite far from complete. I’ve made little effort to cover the What If worlds or others that have appeared just once. More recently, I’ve made an effort to be thorough, but this will just serve as a starting point, from which to add.

EARTH-Battleworld (Jen (She-Hulk) + Clint Barton, Bravado, Crusader, Chokehold, Mary (Titania) + Carl Creel, Dr. Doom, Firefly, Dirk Garthwaite, Gator, Hulk, Klaw, Malefactor, Molecula, Mustang, Ororo + Logan + infant, Professor, Raze, Marsha (Volcana) + Owen Reece, Steve and Carol (Rogue) Rogers, Sentinels, Spider-Man/symbiote, Thor, Torrent, Uatu the Watcher)
    - divergent reality in which heroes and some villains were trapped on Battleworld following the Secret Wars, ultimately a group of young Avengers traveled to earth to find it under Sentinel rule
    <connection to Earth-Days of Future Past?>
    -div. Secret Wars I#12
    EARTH-9811* (app)--What If? II#114

EARTH-Battling Jack Murdock threw the big fight - see "EARTH-9711" (app)--What If II#102

EARTH-Ben Parker's nephew was Galactus (Galactus, Ben & May Parker, burglar, police officer)
    - Galactus transformed Ben into a Silver Surfer-like character to save his life after he had been shot by he burglar (whom he turned into protoplasmic slime)
    EARTH-28909* (app)--What If II#3/2

EARTH-Big M (AIM, Avalanche, Blob, Brotherhood of Mutants, Destiny, [Magneto (d)], Mimic, MODOK, Mystique, Pyro, Vault)
    - divergent reality in which Mimic became a powerful criminal, mimicking the powers of Magneto, Professor X, etc., but he eventually became a force for good and, with the Brotherhood, formed a new group of X-Men working out of a satellite
    --Exiles#50 ([50(fb)/51(fb)], 50,51

EARTH-Big Town (Atlanteans, Avengers, Brotherhood, Captain Euro, Cult, Dr.Doom, Dr.Strange, Fantastic Four(o4), Hulk, Iron Fist, Angie+Carlos+Frankie+Sally Juarez, Knights of Doom, Magneto, Mutts, Namor, Professor X, Dr.Pym, Red Skull, Silver Surfer, Ultron, Wasp, X-Squad)
    - alternate earth where the technology of Reed Richards and Tony Stark were developed into public life
    EARTH-110* --Fantastic Four: Big Town#1(2-4

EARTH-Bishop - see Earth-1191 (Bantam, Bishop, DeCamp (XSE#1), Emplates, Exhumes, Fanatix, Fitzoy, Hancock, Hellfire Club, Hellions, Innocent, Joshua, Lycadeon, Merrian, Micah, Morgan, Mountjoy, Rook, Shackle, Shard, Witness, XSE, XUE)
    -alternate future,@ 2080,takes place in same timeline of days of future past following summers rebellion, Bishop returned years later to alternate future to find society destroyed by Chronomancer (see Earth-9910 / Chronomancer)
    --Uncanny X-Men#287(
    , [X-Factor III#23/2]

EARTH-Black Bolt talked in his sleep - see EARTH-9012 (app)--What If II#9/2

EARTH-Black Panther-Once and Future King (Oni Faida(d), T'Chara, Achebe, Baron Macabre, Brother Voodoo, Black Panther, Dora Milage, Falcon, Henry Gyrich, Hatut Zeraze, Erik Killmonger, Lord Karnaj, Monica Lynne, Madame Slay, Power Man, Preyy, Queen Divine Justice, Everett Ross, Salamander K'Ruell, Sombre, Taku, White Wolf/Hunter(d))
    - alternate future @ 25 years after modern era
    --Black Panther III#36 (37

EARTH-Blink Lived - see EARTH-938 (app)--What If II#75

EARTH-BOX - see EARTH-5019--Alpha Flight III#9

EARTH-BULLPEN - see EARTH-1228 (FFE)--What If? I#11

EARTH-Burgen (Burgen + fortress + soldiers, Gene Pool) - seen from 2085 - 2099, possibly the same world as Earth 2099
    --Death Wreck#1 (3+4 (2085), 1+4 (2099)

EARTH-Cable (Aliya, Alliance of Humanity, Askani, Apocalypse, Blaquesmith, Cable, Clan Chosen, D'Narda, Karanada, Kastelas, Kark, Mikulas, New Canaanites, Order of Witnesses, Protectorate Council Guard, Red Field, Sepulcher, Serpentine Marauders, Adam Spectre, Skornn, Stryfe, Traveler, Johnothan Earthsalt Woo + grandmother, Xavier Collective )
    -alternate future in which Apocalypse has conquered and destroyed the previous civilization, Cable traveled back to modern times to prevent this timeline from coming about. Rachel Summers traveled forward in time to arrive here and founded Sisterhood of the Askani
    EARTH-4935*--Cable: Blood & Metal#2 (X-Men: Phoenix#1-
    Cable II#1, Soldier X#8, X-Force II#1(fb), 2(fb), Cable/Deadpool#25 (fb)

EARTH-Cable: Brother Nathan - see "EARTH-58161"--Cable/Deadpool#16

EARTH-Cable: Technarch - see "EARTH-58162"--Cable/Deadpool#16

EARTH-Cable: baby Cable - see "EARTH-58163"/ HOUSE of M--Cable/Deadpool#16

EARTH-Cable killed the X-Men - see "EARTH-93246" (app)--What If I#46

EARTH-Calibur (Calibur, Keng) - alternate earth
    (app-calibur)--[Excalibur I#49]

EARTH-CALLISTO (Callisto, Gem Stone of Marradan, Storm, elves)
    - magical world, taken over by Callisto, overthrown by Exiles

EARTH-Canada Nuked - see EARTH-2530--Alpha Flight III#10

EARTH-Canadian Militia for a Super-Hero-Free Country - see EARTH-3514--Alpha Flight III#11

EARTH-Captain America: Isaiah Bradley became Captain America (Becky Barnes, Isaiah Bradley, Bucky, Dana Hedayat, Infinihedron, Just Add Villains, Krimson Klansman, Scarabs, Sky-Destroyer Steranko)
    - alternate Earth, briefly visited @ 2026 by Captain America and Rebecca Quan to prevent a plot of Becky Barnes
    Earth-40727* & -40828*--Captain America IV#27, 28

EARTH-Captain America's Super-Soldiers (Avengers, Bruce Banner, Beast, Clint Barton, Bucky, Cannonball, Captain America, Frank Castle (Iron Man), Cyclops, Daredevil, Betty Dean, Dum-Dum Dugan, Abraham Erskine, Nick Fury, Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Goring, Jean Grey, Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler, Horatio ?, Hulk (Logan/James Howlett), Human Torch, Iceman, Jack ?, Gabriel Jones, Ted Koppel, Heinz Krueger, Magda Lensherr, Magneto, Dino Manelli, Mimic, Namor, Nightcrawler, Ben Parker, May Parker, Peter Parker, General Chester Phillips, Anna Pym, Henry Pym, Quicksilver, Red Skull, Reed Richards, Franklin Roosevelt, Scarlet Witch, Jasper Sitwell, Joseph Stalin, Howard Stark, Tony Stark, Doctor Strange, Thor, Toro, Wendigo (Paul Cartier), Samuel Wilson (Giant-Man), Arnim Zola)
    - Captain America saved Erskine from assassination and an army of Super-Soldiers were created; The Red Skull replaced Captain America and took over the USA until foiled by the Avengers in the modern era
    (app)--What If II#28 (28+29(fbs), 28,29

EARTH-Captain America vs President-for-Life - see "EARTH-460" (app-rojhaz)--1602#8 (8(fb

EARTH-Captain America (John Walker)'s parents survived - diverged when the Scarlet Witch shed the nexus power Immortus had forced her to accrue, disrupting past events Tempus had been forcing the Avengers to relive
    "EARTH-9095"--Avengers West Coast#62

EARTH-Captain Mar-Vell did not die of cancer - see EARTH-82822--What If I#34

EARTH-Captain Mar-Vell did not die of cancer - see EARTH-906 (app)--What If II#14 (Quasar#30

"EARTH-Captain Mar-Vell was a villain" - see EARTH-79102 (app)--What If I#17

EARTH-Carnage  Cosmic - see "EARTH-985"(app)--What If II#108

EARTH-cartoon animal versions of others (Nightcrawler/Wagner, Vanisher) -
    (app-sehv)--Bizarre Adventures#27

EARTH-Cassandra (Alexander and Cassandra Locke, Gene, Pixie, Skrulls, Tranquility City, Zorn)
    - alternate future @ 2200,threatened by Skrull plot until Cassandra Locke traveled into past to gather evidence of their past treachery and expose the evidence placed in lunar lander, which was then revealed by Pixie and found by Alexander and Gene
    EARTH-700*--Marvel: Lost Generation#8 (7/3, 6, 2/2, 1/4

EARTH-Cerebrus (Tony Stark, Cerebrus + robots + servants, Krylla + resistance)
    - alternate future @ 24th century, formerly ruled by Cerebrus until Cerebrus was destroyed by effort of Krylla and Iron Man (Tony Stark)
    (app-cer)--Iron Man I#5 (5(fb), 5

EARTH-Challengers of Doom (Challengers of Doom (Doom, Hulk, Reed Richards, Sue Storm), Galactus, Latveria's Fall Plaza, Johnny Storm)
    -alternate earth to which Ben Grimm was sent to discern the location of the Ultimate Nullifier from a counterpart of Johnny Storm, the planet was attacked by Galactus, who began his assault in Russia
    EARTH-111* (FFE, app)--Fantastic Four III#47 (48

EARTH-Chaos (Supernaturals(Black Cat,Brother Voodoo,Gargoyle,Ghost Rider,Satana,Werewolf), Jack O’Lantern+demons,Chupacabra,Frankenstein’s Monster ,Headless Horseman, Living Mummy, Scarecrow, Zombie, Droom, Gorgolla, Groot, Grottu, Gruto,Moomba, Rommbu, Proteus Horn, Bloodstone, Cloak+Dagger, Agatha Harkness, Hellcat, Hellstorm, Morbius, Mordred, Nightstalkers(3), Shroud, Witches of New Salem
    Avengers(Cap,IM,Th,Wsp,YJ),F4(IW,MrF),Hulk,Namor,Spider-Man,XM(Col,Cyc,Nc,St,Wolv)-all vanished
    -divergent earth in which all non-magic based superheroes/villains were banished during the chaos! event
    - Earth-Supernatural*—Supernaturals#1 (3(fb), 4(fb), 1(fb), 1-4

EARTH-Chaos Engine: Dr. Doom ([AIM], [Annihilus], Arcade, Jean-Paul Beaubier, Alison Blaire, [Blastaar], Boris, Betsy Braddock, [Callisto], Naomi Campbell, [Captain America], Val Cooper, Fabian Cortez, [Lorna Dane], Carol Danvers, Detainee Camp#879, Diablo, Divinity of Counter-Earth: Franklin Richards, Doc Samson, Dr. Doom, Doombot, Doom's Patrol (movie), Dorma  of Counter-Earth: Franklin Richards, [Bobby Drake], [Electro], Fenris, Forge, Emma Frost, Tommy Grunfeld, Guardsmen, Kenuchio Harada (Guardsman), [Human Torch], Hunters, [HYDRA], [Invisible Woman], [Kath], Lancer of Counter-Earth: Franklin Richards, [Luna], Mastermind (Martinique Jason), Magneto, [Mandarin], Joy Mercado,  Melloncamp, Abena + Jnanbarka Metou, Paul Miller, [Mr. Fantastic], Morales (guard), Ms. Locke, Mystique, Namor, Nightshade, [Neophyte], Mary Jane Watson-Parker, Joseph [+ Maria] Paterson (Guardsman), Lord and Lady Plunder, Poe (guard), Psi Division, Quicksilver, Peter Rasputin, Sabretooth, Scanner, Scarlet Witch, Shakti of Counter-Earth: Franklin Richards, Sebastian Shaw, [SHIELD], Anthony Stark, Stern, Mantlo, Moench & McGregor, Storm, T'Challa, Technarx of Counter-Earth: Franklin Richards, [Thing], Maynard Tiboldt, [Titania], [Trapster], Unuscione, Vindaloo, Viper, Amelia Voght, Kristoff + Qadira von Doom, White Rabbit, Wonder Man, Warren Worthington)
    - created via the merger of Earth-616 and Earth-892 by Dr. Doom of Earth-616 using the Cosmic Cube/Chaos Engine
    --X-Men/Dr. Doom: Chaos Engine: Book One (X-Men/Red Skull: Chaos Engine: Book Three (fb), X-Men/Dr. Doom: Chaos Engine: Book One

EARTH-Chaos Engine: Magneto (Batroc, Jean-Marie Beaubier, [Betsy Braddock], Burner, Sean Cassidy, Crystal, Bobby Drake/Iceman, [Gambit], [Ghandi], Archer Hinckley, Marty Keeler, [Martin Luther King], KWANNON, BUSHIDO Mistress, Anya + Magda + Erik Magnus/Magneto + Pietro + Wanda Lennsherr, Logan, Luna, Moira MacTaggart, [Malcolm X], Hank McCoy, Abena + Jnanbarka (named) Metou, Ororo Monroe, [Richard Nixon], Peeper, Katherine Pryde, Piotr Rasputin, Rogue, Shocker (Mutant Force), Slither, Jean and Scott Summers, [Thieves Guild], [Strom Thurmond], Toad, Kurt Wagner, Warren Worthington)
    - restructuring of Earth-Chaos Engine: Dr. Doom by Magneto (presumably via merger with an unidentified reality) using the Cosmic Cube/Chaos Engine
    --[X-Men/Dr. Doom: Chaos Engine: Book One], X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine: Book Two (

EARTH-Chaos Engine: Red Skull (Adler (Nazi), Barton (Nazi), Jean-Paul Beaubier, [B'Tash race], Horst Buckholz, Carl (Nazi guard), Cle'rak (Ilon city), Dietrich (Red Skull agent), El'zelius (Ilon), Faust (Nazi), Geer'lak (Ilon), Genosha, Haal'ithor (Ilon), Agatha Harkness (League), Hildebrandt (Nazi), Ilon race, J'laan (Ilon/Ishla'non), [J'raal (goddess of the Ilon)], Kree race, Kre'ssh (Ilon), League of German Women, [Franz + Great] + Johann Ledyard (Nazi), Anya Lensherr, Lightning Force, [Lundeen race], Magneto, Dr. Joseph Mengele, Nuremberg (ship), Steve Rogers (Nazi), Sentinels, Skrull race, [Gwen Stacy], Jennifer Walters (League), Wewelsburg Castle, William (Nazi guard), Wolverine/Wendigo, Zumwald (Nazi))
    - restructuring of Earth-Chaos Engine: Magneto by Red Skull (presumably via merger with an unidentified reality) using the Cosmic Cube/Chaos Engine
    --[X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine: Book Two], X-Men/Red Skull: Chaos Engine: Book Three

EARTH-Charnel (Avengers, Black Widow, Charnel, Spawn of Charnel, Dr. Octopus(d), Dr. Doom(d), Ghost Rider/Ketch/Kale, Iron Man/Stark, Jarvis, Kingpin(d), Alicia Masters-Grimm, Thing, X-Saviours(Archangel, Cable, Hulk, Storm), Avengers Mansion)
    -alternate timeline @ 2020, ruled by Charnel, apparently faded out of existence with defeat of Charnel
    EARTH-9939(app)--Death's Head II#4 (Death3#1-4

EARTH-Chronomancer (Clan Hellfire, Dunduine, giants, Jinx, Kith, Link, Morlocks, Nom, Scorch, Samara Shaw, Tull, Witness)
    -alternate future, possibly a potential future of Earth-Bishop or a reality altered from Earth-Bishop by energies of Chronomancer.
    Bishop + Shard + Bantum + Michael were brought to this time by him
   EARTH-9910 (OH: AU 2005)--Bishop: Last X-Man#1 (2-12

EARTH-Chronozone (Chronozone + Ship, his race + mankind + all other races (all dead))
    - @ 60,000 AD, conquered by Chronozone's race, humanity fought back to the man, killing everyone except Chronozone, who is trapped there by himself
    Earth-94316*--Death's Head III#16 (16(fb), 16

EARTH-Chthon (Chthon + demons) - alternate future in which Chthon and the N'Garai took over earth, previewed by Kang
    Earth-17342*--Avengers III#42 (42(ff6)

EARTH-Colossus (Colossus, Professor Reynolds) - @ 2020
    --Strange Tales I#72

"EARTH-Colossus never joined the X-Men" -see EARTH-987 (app)--What If II#110

EARTH-Comicsville (Comicsville, Harvey Norton/White Zero, "Princess Adora," "Death Master") - @ 2040
   (app-comics)--2001: A Space Odyssey#5

EARTH-Curly Fine is Mayor of New York - alternate earth glimpsed during attacks of Abraxas
    Earth-11147*--Fantastic Four III#47

EARTH-Daredevil became an agent of SHIELD - see EARTH-8181 (app)--What If I#28/2

"EARTH-Daredevil saved Nuke" - see EARTH-934 (app)--What If II#48

EARTH-Daredevil's father threw the big fight - see "EARTH-9711" (app)--What If II#102

EARTH-Dark Raider - see EARTH-944--Fantastic Four I#387

EARTH-Days of Future Past (Ahab, Darkguard, Hierarchy, Magnus, Nimrod, Omega Sentinels, Pendragon's Knights, RCX, Phoenix/Rachel Summers, Kate Pryde-Rasputin, 
    X-Men (Col, Kate PR, Storm, Wolverine - all dead)
    - divergent earth where Phoenix lived, married Cyclops, and gave birth to Rachel Summers; Brotherhood of Evil Mutants killed Sen. Kelly, resulted in rapid mutant paranoia, development of Sentinel army which took over world, mutants placed in prison camps
    This reality has been shown numerous times, and some of the versions may be variants of the "mainstream version", such as the ones seen below
    -diverge Uncanny X-Men#142
    EARTH 2013 A.D.*, EARTH-811--Uncanny X-Men#141 (Cable II#71?, New Mutants I#18(fb), Wolverine: Days of Future Past#1-3, Unlimited Access#2?, UXM141,142, Excalibur I#66,67, , [X-Factor III#23/2]

EARTH-Death's Head (FPA) had lived - see "EARTH-8454" (app)--What If II#54

EARTH-Deathlok (Deathlok the Demolisher, Godwulf, Hellinger, Simon Ryker, Big Man, Gentle Sam, Iron Butterfly, Redeemers, Sage, Swashbuckler, Timestream )
    - divergent earth where nth command wiped out all the heroes
    -diverged Captain America I#288
    --Astonishing Tales#25 (Captain America I#288(fb), AstTales25-36,Cap286-288, Deathlok II#

EARTH-Demon Sun (Marjorie Brink, Demon Sun, K'Kylthri, Last of Humanity)
    "Earth-9010" (app-brinkmarjorie)—Marvel Comics Presents#61/4

EARTH-Destroyed by the Sun - alternate future in which an expanding sun destroyed all life on earth, previewed by Kang
    --Avengers III#42 (42(ff7)

EARTH-Dinner Time on Deimos (Laird Benedict, Deimosians, vegetables) - alternate future, space travel commonplace, but humanity faced overpopulation
    Earth-63794* (app-benedict)--Journey into Mystery I#94/2

EARTH-Dinodroids (Dinodroids, humanity) - alternate future in which robot dinosaurs war against humanity
    (app)--Avengers I#295 ([295(fb)], 295

EARTH-Dino World - see EARTH-99476 (app)--[Excalibur I#9], 51

EARTH-Dr. Doom (Tony Stark) - see"Earth-5012"--[Marvel Team-Up III#2, 6]

EARTH-Dr. DOOM: Sorcerer Supreme - see EARTH-938 (app)--What If II#52

EARTH-Dr. Doom took over the world - see EARTH-9871 (app)--What If II#110/2

EARTH-Doom - see COUNTER EARTH-Franklin--

EARTH-Doom @ Earth-MC2 - see EARTH-THUNDERGUARD--[ANext#7],10

EARTH-Dredge (Dredge, homeless man) - @ 2053 (app-dredge)--Death Wreck#2 (3, [4(fb)]

EARTH-Dystopia (Abomination, Capt. Agarn(Abom), Captain Marvel, Betty-6,Bruce Willis Sylvester Char, Char (d), Chira (d), Cyberslik, Dakord(d), Dogs O’War, Fricker, Gramps(d), Gravity Police, Janis Jones, Kaspin, Librito, Maestro, Minister (d), Mok, Molly + Polly, Pizfiz, Po, Shulk, Skooter, Sleek, Unit)
    -alternate future @ 2080 in which the hulk/maestro became a cruel tyrant following nuclear war
    --Hulk: Future Imperfect#1 (Exiles#79 (fb), Exiles#79-80, Captain Marvel V#29,30, Hulk:FI#1,2, Abominations#1-3

EARTH-Earths Collide - alternate future in which a computer error causes Earth-616 and Counter Earth-Franklin to collide, previewed by Kang
    --Avengers III#42(42(ff14)

EARTH-Elektra had lived - see EARTH-82100 (app)--What If I#35

EARTH--Elizabeth I executed (Mary (Queen of Scots), Elizabeth I, Mistress Belle, Mistress Lettice)
    - a divergent world in which Elizabeth did not execute Mary, and she eventually overthrew Elizabeth and had her executed instead.
    This timeline was wiped out by Immortus
    *Des* "EARTH-89121"* (app)--Avengers West Coast#53 ([53(fb)], 53d)

EARTH-Emperor Hudson - see EARTH-4542--Alpha Flight III#12

EARTH-Eternal (Celestials, Deviants, Eternals)
    - Celestials ruled the galaxy @ 1 million years and sent Eternals to terraform other worlds;
    Eternals mutated natives of those worlds into Deviants to serve as a work force;
    eventually the Eternals turned against the Celestials, who leveled the Earth
    --Eternal#1 (2-6

EARTH-Evolutionary War (Entity, Godlike Ones, High Evolutionary, Living Earth, Lost Hero, mutated humanity;
Avengers, Captain, Dr. Druid, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Punisher, Spider-Man, Talisman, Vision, Wolverine, X-Men)
    <diverge Evolutionary War annuals>
    (app)--What If? II#1 (Quasar#30

EARTH-Exiles vs Weapon X-Exiles (Avengers (Captain America, Hawkeye, Thor), Cyclops, Daredevil, Fantastic Five (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Spider-Man, Thing), Invaders (?Captain America?, Captain Britain, Meggan, Namor, Union Jack), Republican Guard (Crimson Dynamo, Darkstar, Gremlin, Omega Red, Titanium Man)
    - site in which the Exiles and the Weapon X-Exiles took each other out; Hyperion, Ms. Marvel, and Spider slew the Fantastic Five, Avengers, Cyclops, and Daredevil
    "EARTH-4400"--Exiles#43 (44, 45

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