My alternate Earth entries are quite far from complete. Iíve made little effort to cover the What If worlds or others that have appeared just once. More recently, Iíve made an effort to be thorough, but this will just serve as a starting point, from which to add.

EARTH-Fantastic Five-Namor (Fantastic Four, Fantastic Five, Dr. Doom, Leonard McKenzie, Lissette Orlo, "Lisa Richards" )
    -div Fantastic Four I#4
    EARTH-917* (app)--What If II#27

EARTH-Fantastic Five-Spider-Man (Fantastic Five, Dr. Doom, Namor, Franklin Richards, [Thor (red hair)]
    - Spider-Man joined Fantastic Four
    -diverge Amazing Spider-Man I#1
    EARTH-772* (FFE, app)--What If? I#1 ([21(fb)], 21, [What If II#35(fb)], 35, [37-38]

EARTH-Fantastic Five-Silver Surfer - see EARTH-912--What If II#22

EARTH-Fantastic Four-alternate powers: Big Brain/Dragonfly/Mandroid/Ultra-Woman (Fantastic Four)
    - see EARTH-7712
    (FFE, app)--What If? I#6 

EARTH-Fantastic Four-alternate powers (Ben-human with super-strength, Reed/Modok-like, Johnny-x-rays, Sue-energy powers)
    - see EARTH-95122
    (app-van)--Fantastic Force#12 (12(fb2)

EARTH-Fantastic Four-flame powers - see EARTH-9031 (app)--What If II#11

EARTH-Fantastic Four-stretching powers - see EARTH-9032 (app)--What If II#11/2

EARTH-Fantastic Four-Thing powers - see EARTH-9033 (app)--What If II#11/3

EARTH-Fantastic Four-invisibility powers - see EARTH-9034 (app)--What If II#11/4

EARTH-Fantastic Four-powerless - see EARTH-Reed Richards' Rocket Group
    (app)--What if? I#36

EARTH-Fantastic Four-Ben Grimm stayed in the military-alternate earth glimpsed during attacks of Abraxas
    (Ben Grimm, Simon Savage (deceased)
    Earth-1147--Fantastic Four III#47

EARTH-Fantastic Four-Ben Grimm is a professional football player-alternate earth glimpsed during attacks of Abraxas
    Earth-47111--Fantastic Four III#47

EARTH-Fantastic Four-Fantastic Four are Red Ghost and his Super-Apes
     - see EARTH-95121
    (app-van)--Fantastic Force#12

EARTH-Fantastic Four led by Keith Richards - see "EARTH-9290" (app)--What If II#41/2

EARTH-Fantastic Four-Malice kills Fantastic Four-alternate earth glimpsed during attacks of Abraxas
    --Fantastic Four III#47

EARTH-Fantastic Four-Reed Richards is Doctor Doom - alternate earth glimpsed during attacks of Abraxas
    --Fantastic Four III#47

EARTH-Fantastic Four-Sue Storm is Human Torch-alternate earth glimpsed during attacks of Abraxas
    --Fantastic Four III#47

EARTH-Fantastic Four-Sue Storm becomes Queen of Atlantis-alternate earth glimpsed during attacks of Abraxas
    --Fantastic Four III#47

EARTH-Fantastic Four: new Fantastic Four (Annihilus,[Apocalypse],Blastaar,[Dr.Doom],Doombots,Fantastic Four II(Ghost Rider,Hulk,Spider-Man, Wolverine), Harpy, Stacey Kramer, Negative Zone, Mary Jane+May Parker,[X-Man],[X-Men],Arnim Zola(d))
    -alternate reality in which fantastic four ii reformed after x-men and original fantastic four died ending threat of apocalypse
    -div Ages of Apocalypse
    --Wolverine II#148

EARTH-Fantastic Voyage (Fantastic Four (o4), Otto Octavius, Tony Stark)
    - Thing initially took a monstrous rampaging form; Exiles sent to stop him, located other scientists who formulated a cure, though Mimic of the Exiles then was overcome by Brood infection and went on a rampage; scientists then synthesized a sedative that calmed Mimic and allowed him to overcome the infection
    EARTH-Thing Rampaging monster*, EARTH-312* (app)--Exiles#35 (36, 37, 43

EARTH-female versions of characters (Nightcrawler/Wagner, Vanisher) -
    (app-sehv)--Bizarre Adventures#27

EARTH-Femizonia-original (Lyra, Syrani, Thundra, Vega, Mahkizmo and Machus )
    - 23rd century earth of Thundra's future, 95% of women were sterilized by biological warfare, remaining 5% seized political power and took over North America, eventually merged with earth-machus
    EARTH-715 (app-fem)--Savage Tales I#1/2, Fantastic Four I#151 ([Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#11], Savage Tales#1/2(fb), 1, F4#151(fb), [151,152],153-->merged

EARTH-Five for the Future (Doc Fantastic, Five for the Future (Mr. Feral, Mr. Fixit, Mr. Grimm, Mr. "Mist" Nelson, Mr. Strange), Monocle/Strucker, Johnny (d) + Sue Storm)
    - alternate future resembling earth of the 1930s, Reed Richards was sent here to obtain the location of the Ultimate Nullifer from a counterpart of Johnny Storm, who had passed info onto Sue
    EARTH-11113* (FFE,app)--Fantastic Four III#47 (48, 49

EARTH-Flash Thompson (Captain Spider) bitten by radioactive spider (Captain Spider)
    fell to death in battle with Vulture
    Earth-78327--What If II#7

EARTH-Flash Thompson (Spider) bitten by radioactive spider - see "EARTH-958" (app)--What If II#76

EARTH-Franklin Richards found Thor's hammer -
    EARTH-38909* (app)--What If II#3/3

EARTH-Fredd (Fredd, Avengers, Fantastic Four)
    - alternate earth, Reed Richards succeeded in banishing Fredd extradimensionally
    Earth-1556--Captain Marvel V#16 (16(fb)

EARTH-fuel cell factory (Awesome Android, Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus, Fixer (dies), Great Beasts (Tanaraq), Mad Thinker, Mandarin (dies), Master (dies), Shaman, Wizard (dies))
    Tanaraq slaughtered workers of a facility to prevent its reactor from igniting the atmosphere; he forced the Exiles to gather the world's greatest minds to help track down the Timebroker; the Mandarin disintegrates Fixer, Mad Thinker, and Wizard; beaten by the Awesome Android; Beak recruited Shaman, who sends Tanaraq to the realm of the Great Beasts of Earth-fuel cell factory)

EARTH-G - the world where Earth's superhumans have been gathered together away from normal humans in the city of Neopolis, and the setting of Top 10.

EARTH-Galactus devoured (Galactus,Ben Grimm,Red Skull I(d) )-alternate timeline in which the Thing was changed back to human form shortly after his initial transformation by the Thing-616 in an unsuccessful attempt to cure himself. apparently the Silver Surfer was not present to prevent Galactus from later consuming Earth's energies and killing the rest of the heroes. Red Skull took over the remaining survivors until killed by Ben Grimm and returning Thing-616.
    -div Marvel Two-In-One#50/Fantastic Four I#3
    EARTH-7940 (app)--Marvel Two-In-One#50 (100(fb),100

EARTH-Gamma Planet -
    Earth-23018--Exiles II#8 (8(fb)

EARTH-Generic (Generic Antagonistic Peer/Parsons+Boss+Brother/Bobby+Female Flirt/Emily Carstairs+Girlfriend+Super-Hero+Villain/Sanderson)
    Earth-84041 (app)--Generic Comic Book#1

EARTH-Ghost Rider: Barbara Ketch (Blackout, John Blaze, Deathwatch, Dr. Strange, Stacy Dolan, Ghost Rider (Barbara Ketch), Hag, Hobgoblin (Jason Macendale), Daniel Ketch, Mr. Hyde (Zabo), Scarecrow (Laughton), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), a Spirit of Vengeance, Troll, Wong, Zodiac)
    - Deathwatch's agents gunned town Daniel before leaving Barbara for dead, she made it to Ghost Rider's motorcycle, which healed her, became progressively more violent and murderous; eventually Dr. Strange separated Barb and the Spirit of Vengeance, which escaped; Barb subsequently died
    diverge Ghost Rider III#1
    "Earth-11993" (app)--What If II#45

"EARTH-Ghost Rider separated from Johnny Blaze" - see EARTH-8180 (app)--What If I#28

EARTH-Ghost Rider was a villain (Ghost Rider (John Blaze), Daimon Hellstrom, Chill Miller, "Satan" (see comments), Craig "Crash" Simpson, Roxanne Simpson)
    Crash survived stunt, Ghost Rider became evil, slew Crash and others, drained of hellfire and left for dead by Hellstrom
    "Earth-7910" (app)--What If I#17 (17(fb), 17

EARTH-Greenberg (Tina DíAddario,Henrietta+Ira+Morris+Oscar Greenberg,Arthur+Denise Keaton,Lilith,New York Ripper,Leslie Townshend, vampires)
    --Bizarre Adventures#29 (Marvel Graphic Novel#20: Greenberg the Vampire

EARTH-Grit (Dourdevil, Erectra, Pigseye, Tiepin, giant black men in vests and woolen hats carrying large radios)
    - parody of Frank Miller's run on Daredevil
    Earth-83088 (app-dourdevil)--Daredevils#8

EARTH-Guardians (Debb + mate, Bubonicus, Force, Galactic Guardians, Galactus, Guardians of the Galaxy, Intimidators, Keeper, Korvac, Mutants of Haven, Protégé, Rancor, Retox, Ubiquitor)
    -alternate future, @ 3000 AD, earth-conquered by Badoon, eventually freed by Guardians
    -EARTH 3000 A.D., EARTH-691*óMarvel Super-Heroes II#18

EARTH-Hammer of Thor (Colonel (Loki?), DJ, Maxi, Mjolnir, OAKHAVEN (mental institution), troll (d), Harry Wilson (retired postman, Thor?) + grandchildren)
    - alternate future in which Mjolnir was found in a train
    --Thor II#59

EARTH-Hannibal King: Lord of Vampires (Blade, Hannibal King)
    - vampires slaughtered humanity, Hannibal King slew Blade; Blade and Hannibal King of Earth-616 traveled here and slew its Hannibal King
    "EARTH-931113" (app)--Nightstakers#13 ([13(fb)], 13

EARTH-Harmony (Harmonists, Niers(city)) - divergent future @ 4004, diverged when Cable killed Randall Shire, reality apparently ceased to exist when cable of earth-prime defeated shire without killing him and made his followers hate him. enemies of parallel earth-ranshi empire, technically advanced, worldwide peace, use in utero screening technique to eliminate mutation
    -div.Cab II#83.

EARTH-Hercules (Alpo, Assassinís Guild, Count Igwanis, Galactus, Hercules, Nova, Recorder, Red Wolf, Skyppi, Layana Sweetwater)
    -alternate future @ 2300 in which Hercules was banished to Andromeda Galaxy, where he made his new home
    Earth-829--Hercules I#1 (2-4, Hercules II#1-4, Marvel Tales#197/2, Marvel Graphic Novel: Hercules: Full Circle, Marvel Comics Presents#39/3-41/3

EARTH-Here Comes Tomorrow (Apollyon, Beak, Beast, Cerebro, Corona, Crawlers, EVA, Feeders, Homo Perfectus, Martha Johansson, Koo, Manhattan Crater, Megamerica, Mer-Max, Panafrika, Phoenix, Proud People, Rover, Tom Skylark, Smith the Maker, Starlight City, Sublime, Sulphur,  Termids, Three-In-One, Transatlantis, Wolverine, Cassandra Nova Xavier, Xavier Institute)
    - 150 years in the future, diverged when Scott left the Xavier Institute, Sublime took control of the Beast after he used Kick;
    Phoenix/Jean altered time to put Scott and Emma together and restart the school to prevent this reality
    -diverged X-Men II#154
    Earth-15104--X-Men II#150 (154(fb), 150-154

EARTH-Heroes Reborn - see COUNTER EARTH-Franklin--Fantastic Four II#1(

EARTH-Homo Sapiens Superior (Magneto, Mystique?, Sunfire)
    - alternate future in which mutants took over earth, previewed by Kang
    EARTH-115000--Avengers III#42 (42(ff8)

EARTH-House of M - see EARTH-58163 (Secrets of the House of M)--House of M#1

"EARTH-Howard the Duck never arrived" - see "EARTH-83234"--Bizarre Adventures#34/2

EARTH-Hulk: barbarian - see Earth-Hulk became lord of K'ai (app)--What If I#23

"EARTH-Hulk became lord of K'ai (Ant-Man (Henry Pym), Crypto-Man, Crypto-Man's controller, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Clay Quartermain, Betty Ross, "Thunderbolt" Ross, Glenn Talbot; resident of K'ai)
    "EARTH-4080" (app)--What If I#23

EARTH-Hulk killed by Weapon X-Exiles (Bruce Banner (d))
    - one of the Earths to whom the Weapon X Exiles were being sent

EARTH-Hulk: End (Hulk, Banner, cockroaches, RECORDER, VIDBOT, Desert Base)
    - over 150 years in future, all life on destroyed by nuclear war, except Hulk/Banner--who was monitored by the Vidbot--and the cockroaches, who devoured the Hulk nightly;
The Hulk would regenerate, but eventually Banner died, too, leaving hulk alone
    Earth-2081*--Hulk: The End

EARTH-Hulk ruled Dystopia - see "EARTH-9722"--[Incredible Hulk II#450]

EARTH-Hulk-Startling Stories (Doc Samson, Hulk, Thunderbolt Ross) - Samson captured Hulk using sedative, attempted to kill him to prevent Ross from lobotomizing him, but he turned into the Hulk to survive at the last second
    Earth-20017*--Startling Stories: Banner#1 (2-4

"EARTH-Hulk (Mr. Fixit) was a high school hall monitor"  - see EARTH-89110 (app)--What If II#5

EARTH-Hydro-Man's bomb (Avengers West Coast, Black Knight, Black Panther, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hydro Man (Morris Bench), Hellcat, Iron Man, Loki, Paladin, Power Man, Hank Pym, Quicksilver, She-Hulk, Sub-Mariner, Thor, Tigra, USAgent, Janet Van Dyne, Vision, Wonder Man)
    - divergent world in which Loki granted Hydro-Man intellect to become a major threat, then robbed him of his intellect, Dr. Pym, Hawkeye, Hydro-Man, and Wonder Man all killed, Immortus then wiped this timeline from reality
    "EARTH-90659"* (app)--Avengers West Coast#59

EARTH-Hyperstorm - see EARTH-967--Fantastic Four I#414

EARTH-Igor was a Skrull - see "EARTH-9991"--Hulk 1999

EARTH-Impossible Man (Avengers (Black Panther, Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Vision, Wasp), Controller, Nick Fury, Impossible Man, SHIELD)
    - alternate Earth, Controller used Slave Disc on Impossible Man, deranges him, rampaged across Earth until mind restored via humor by Morph of the Exiles
    Earth-14845*--Exiles#49 (49(fb), 49

EARTH-Interface (Dia, Energy Commission, Pol, Primitives (Jack the Ripper, Melissa Morgan, David St. Francis))
    - @ 2311, drew wasted energy from the past, but resulted in bringing people from the past
    Earth-7592 (app)--Vampire Tales#9/3

EARTH-Invisible Woman had second child who became a monster - see EARTH-91111 (app)--What If II#30

EARTH-Invisible Woman had second child who became the universal savior - see EARTH-91112 (app)--What If II#30/2

EARTH-Iron Man: Crash (Iron Man I, IM2, Stark International, Shield, Eson)
    -alt. future @ 2015
    Earth-97082--Iron Man: Crash GN

EARTH-Iron Man lost the Armor Wars - see "EARTH-89120" (app)--What If II#8

EARTH-Iron Man: Monarch of the World (Alpha Primitives, ARCUTUS(Inhuman) , Attilan , BATTALIONs Alpha & Beta & Delta & Gamma(die) , Black Bolt , Blob , BRAKON(Inhuman) , Captain America , Crystal , Cyclops , Daredevil, Dr. Doom(d), Dr.Strange, , G BARRIER , GENERATOR Alpha & Gamma(die) , Ghost Rider, Gorgon , Havok , Inhumans , Iron Man , Karnak ,  Magneto(d) , ROXANNE MALVEER , MARCUS (Stark's aide) , NATIONAL REVIEW , OPERATION: IMPOUND , Reed Richards(d) , Sue Richards, Scarlet Witch, , Spider-Woman (Carpenter), Storm , Strong Guy, Thing, Toad , Triton , Wasp , Wolverine, Wonder Man)
    - alternate Earth, Tony Stark manipulated events to take over the world, became tyrannical and sought to conquer the universe, Weapon X-Exiles arrived to help him slaughter Inhumans, but only so Sue Richards would then kill Stark
   Earth-42777 --Exiles#23 (23(fb), 24(fb), 23-25

EARTH-Kang (Heroes Center) - alternate future @ 4000 where Kang rules earth
    Is this the same as Other Earth?
    --[Avengers I#8], Incredible Hulk II#135

EARTH-Kang takes over Modern Era
    -div Avengers III#
    --Avengers III#42(ff15)

    70th Century, half of Milky Way galaxy conquered by Karzz until defeated by Earth
    (app)--[The Avengers Battle the Earth-Wrecker]

EARTH-Kennedy not shot by Oswald (Corrigan, Jackie Kennedy, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, Abraham Zapruder)
    - divergent timeline, Oswald was killed before he could shoot JFK, but Kennedy was then shot by others, confirming the conspiracy theory.
    This reality was wiped out by Immortus
    "Earth-9007"* (app)--Avengers West Coast#60

EARTH-Khan (Jalene, Khan, Pathfinders, Shaitan, ) - alternate world, continually conquering other earths
    possibly not an altenate Earth?
    DIMENSION X*--[X-Treme X-Men#10],12 (13-15

EARTH-Killraven (Volcana Ash, Avengers?, Ann Carver, Deathraven, Deathbirth, Freemen, Grok, Killraven, Martian Masters, Jenette Miller, Mint Julep, Mourning Prey, Overlord, Rattack, Sabre)
    - alternate future @ 2019 where extra-terrestrials based on Mars took over earth @ 2001, eventually defeated by Freemen
    same timeline as Earth-Guardians    
    --Amazing Adventures II#18 (18(fb), 18-37, Marvel Team-Up I#40-something, Marvel Graphic Novel#7: Killraven, Killraven#1

EARTH-Kittyís Fairy Tale (Bamphs, Lockheed, Mean, Kitty + Colossus, Well at the End of Time )
    "EARTH-5311"*--[Uncanny X-Men#153], Nightcrawler#4

EARTH-Korvac conquers Earth 3000 AD (Korvac, Primax, humans, badoon, patriots)
    - alternate future @ 3000 in which Korvac overthrew the Badoon in 3007 using the Cosmic Cube, opposed by Captain America until went back in time to remove all vestiges of humanity from himself. Primax continued fight for freedom among humans
    Earth-69901*--Captain America III#18

EARTH-Korvac Conquers the Universe (Death, Dr. Strange, presumably Oblivion;
    formerly Asgardians (including Odin (and his ravens Hugin and Munin)), Avengers (Beast, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hercules, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Moondragon, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Vision, Wasp, Wonder Man, other unseen);
    Captain Mar-Vell, Carina, Celestials 4th Host (including Arishem), Collector, Dormammu, Eternity, Galactus, Gardener, Grandmaster, Guardians of the Galaxy (Charlie-27, Starhawk, Yondu), High Evolutionary, In-Betweener, Izanagi, Jocasta, Korvac, Lord Chaos, Olympians (including Zeus), Master Order, Mephisto, Osiris, Phoenix (Phoenix Force), Shaper of Worlds, Silver Surfer, Stranger, Tezcatlipoca, Tomazooma, Uatu, Watchers, Yu-Huang (see comments), other gods unidentified
    unidentified Intergalactic Armada)
    - eventually destroyed entire universe via Ultimate Nullifier
    "EARTH-82432"* (app)--What If I#32 ([Quasar#6, 30(fb)],What If I#32/Quasar#30, What If#43/2

EARTH-Kree (Acanti,Brood,F4(DrDoom,HT,MrF?,Thing),Kree Avengers(Cap,GiM,IM,ScW),Redwing+Lucas,Franklin Richards,Susan Richards/Baroness von Doom, Luna von Doom
    -alternate earth in which Kree took over Earth until they abandoned it after it was infiltrated by the Brood. Fantastic Four-616 sent there by Margali Szardos to assist in destruction of Brood Queen
    Earth-99315*--Fantastic Four III#15,16

EARTH-Kulan Gath's warp (John Blaze, Callisto, Cyclops, Kulan Gath, Magik, Morbius, New Mutants, N'Kantu, Scarlet Witch, Selene, Spider-Man, Storm, Thor, Wendigo, Werewolf (Russell), Zarathos)
    - alternate Earth in which Kulan Gath maintained the warp, had power usurped by Zarathos, Exiles helped him regain his power, but Tanaraq of Earth-Sasquatch (Heather McDaniel Hudson) slew both Kulan Gath and Zarathos, and gave the amulet of power to Selene, who restored Earth to normal
    -diverged from Uncanny X-Men#189
    Earth-8591--Exiles#55 (55(fb), 55-57

EARTH-Lady Deathstrike gets a hangnail - see "EARTH-92300" (app)--What If II#35/3

EARTH-Larval - see LARVAL EARTH (FFE)--Marvel Tails#1

EARTH-John Lennon lived - alternate earth glimpsed during attacks of Abraxas
    Earth-47366*--Fantastic Four III#47

EARTH-Lincoln not killed by Booth - divergent timeline wiped out by Immortus
    *Des* "EARTH-9002" (app)--Avengers West Coast#55

"EARTH-Living Laser committed suicide - see Earth-947" (app-earth947)--What If II#63

EARTH-Living Planet (Avengers (Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man (woman), Thor, Yellowjacket (Janet van Dyne)), Kirk Brasington (Pleasant Hills owner), Celestials (Gammenon, Jemiah), Dr. Doom, Ego, Ego fragment + antibodies, Fantastic Four (o4), Metakirlian Imploder, [Mole Man], Pleasant Hills Nuclear Power Plant, Silver Surfer, Trinarians, Wonder Man)
    - Ego implanted Earth with a Seed of Awareness, led it to assist against the Celestials; Beak convinced the Earth to turn against Ego, Blink destroyed Ego
    Earth-4162*--Exiles#52 (53(fb), 52(fb), 52,53

EARTH-Lizard Society (Curt Connors(d),Lizard Society) where Connors mutated others into a lizard society that took over the West Coast, Exiles traveled here to stop Connors from nuking the West Coast after he returned to human form, but he then committed suicide

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