Let me start off by admitting that my alternate Earth entries are quite far from complete. I’ve made little effort to cover the What If worlds or others that have appeared just once. More recently, I’ve made an effort to be thorough, but this will just serve as a starting point, from which to add.

E-GLOBES - see KIBER's E-GLOBES (app-kiber)--Black Panther I#11

E-STREET JUKES (  ) -  street gang of thieves, Valkyrie (Brunnhilde) foes
    (app)--Marvel Team-Up I#116

    --Generation M#3

EA the WISE - Celestial? or figment of Machine Man's imagination, advised Machine Man
    --Marvel Comics Presents II#8, (identified) #9 (10-12

EAGLE (Lars Dinkelbach) - S.T.O.R.M., former leader of Team Omega, director/coordinator of the Gene Dogs
    (app-st)--Gene Dogs#1 (1(fb1+2), 1, 2(fb), 2-4

EAGLE of Earth-982 ( ) - X-People.
    wings, fly
    - ANGRY EAGLE (net)--J3#1/3

EAGLE of "Earth-6871" - see RED SKULL of Earth-6871--Captain America: The Great Gold Steal

EAGLE's SHADOW of Earth-311 - @ 1602 A.D., ship used by Witchbreed and Fury to travel to Latveria and free the Fantastik Four, powered by energies of Jean Grey
    --1602#5 (6-8

EAGLE, HENRY - former dean of men, Eastern State University
    --Fantastic Four#543 (543 (fb)

EAGLET - chest-symbol of Shaman, comes to life
    --Alpha Flight I#

EAGLUS - New Men
    --Incredible Hulk II#177

EALLAL - @ 19500 B.C., former Valusian king, killed and enslaved by Serpent Men, spirit attacked those with Kull’s castle when released from tomb of Serpent Men by Gonra
    *D* (app)--"The Shadow Kingdom" by Robert E. Howard, Weird Tales (August 1929);
    Kull the Conqueror I#2 (Kull the Conqueror III#10

EALES, Mr - parole officer of Danny Axum, bought off by Rey Trueno
    --Thunderbolts#77 (79

EAMONN ?? - River Rats, brother of Polly
    *D*--Punisher VII#8 ([10(fb)], 8-11, 12d)

EANDO - robot servant created by Doc Samson, destroyed by Leonard Samson-617
    *Des*--Doc Samson II#1 (4

EARL of DARWELL - 1587, masqueraded as demon to protect treasure, fought Red Lucy
    --Marvel Comics Presents #62/3

EARL, - Sweatshop
    Strength augmented
    --Captain America I#329

EARLE, CARYN - owner of Barker, lived across the street from Peter Parker, flirted with him
    (OH: Spdm2004(supporting), MESp)--Peter Parker: Spider-Man#30 (31, 34, 38, 48

    (net-preff)--(g) Gunsmoke Western#35

EARSHOT of Earth-58163 (Travis Spangler) - early trainee in Red Guard, arranged assassination attempt on Nick Fury
    --Wolverine III#34 (34(fb)

EARTH 1602 A.D. - see EARTH-311 (FFE)--1602#1

EARTH "1958 AD": "Slugger" Johnson (Brain, Invisibles, Joe Kone, Senator McHammer, Patriots, Warhead, Wildman, Wild Ones)
    - altered reality of Earth-616 spanning New York City, created by Shaper of Worlds using imagination of Slugger, dissolved by Shaper when Slugger's dreams proved unworthy
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#136 (137

EARTH "1961 AD" (Blastaar, Captain America (deceased), Cosmic Ray, Crystal, Daredevil/mayor Murdock, Dr. Strange, Dragon Man and its hatchlings, Fantastic Four, Frightful Four, Green Goblin(d), Hooded Haunt, Hulk (deceased), Human Torch, Edwin Jarvis, Luna/Spike, Alicia Masters, Quicksand, N’Yami Susan Richards, Reed Richards, Susan Storm Richards, Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy (deceased), Thing, Thor, Wizard, Wolverine, Zawadi, Zero Man/Franklin Richards)
    - alternate earth in which modern era started in 1961 and progressed in real time
    EARTH-98* (app)--Fantastic Four/Fantastic Four Annual 1998

EARTH-"Fifteen years in the future" - see EARTH-982--What If II#105

EARTH-"Fifteen years in the an alternate future" - see EARTH X--Earth X#1

EARTH 2013 AD - see EARTH-Days of Future Past or W? Phoenix lived-div Uncanny X-Men#137--Uncanny X-Men#141

EARTH 2015 AD - see EARTH-Days of Future Past. 2 years later--Excalibur I#66

EARTH 2019 AD - see EARTH-689

EARTH 2020 AD - see EARTH-8410 (OH: AU, OH:AZHC#1)--Machine Man II#1

EARTH 2020 AD -see EARTH-Charnel. --Death's Head II#4; Death3#1 (2-4

EARTH 2053 AD - see EARTH-"Dredge" (app-dredge)--Death Wreck#2 (3

EARTH 2080 AD - see EARTH-Dystopia--Hulk: Future Imperfect#1

EARTH 2090 AD - see EARTH-Morgan's Monster (app-morgansmonster)--Strange Tales I#99

EARTH 2092 AD (Alchemax, Darrion + Kyle Grobe, Speedball II, Tyler Stone) - recent past of 2099 timeline
    --New Warriors I#70 (71

EARTH 2093 AD - see EARTH-Young Arthur --Iron Man I#250

EARTH 2099 A.D. (Alchemax, Burgen, Doom, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Punisher, Ravage, Spider-Man, Tyler Stone, Strange, X-Men, X-Nation)
    EARTH-928* (FFE)--Spider-Man 2099#1

EARTH 2099 AD-Mutant Registration Act (Black Panther, Mr. + Mrs. Channing, Daredevil, Dr. Doom, Dr. Doom (Lucian), Inhumans, Latveria, M'Tolla, Mutant, Franklin Natchios, O'Hara, Punisher, Reed Richards, Sentinels, Wakanda, Keisha + parents)
    - Superhumans killed or driven underground by mutant registration act, new age of heroes began @ 2099 AD
    --Black Panther 2099#1 (1(fb), 1, Daredevil 2099#1, Inhumans 2099#1, Mutant 2099#1, Punisher 2099 II#1

EARTH 2126 AD - see EARTH-Ultravision (app-cosmic)--What If II#19

EARTH 2159 AD - see EARTH-Path of Righteousness Patrol (app-earthprp)--Death Wreck#3

EARTH 2191 AD - see EARTH-9272--Motormouth#2

EARTH 2195 AD - see EARTH-93411--Motormouth+Killpower#11

EARTH 2200 AD - see FEMIZONIA (app)--Savage Tales I#1

EARTH 2200 AD - see FEMIZONIA/MACHUS (app)--Savage Tales I#1

EARTH 2200 AD - see EARTH-MACHUS (app)--Savage Tales I#1

EARTH 2311 AD - see EARTH-Interface (app)--Vampire Tales I#9

EARTH 2300 AD - see Earth-Hercules 2300 --Hercules I#1

EARTH 2400 AD - see EARTH-Arkham (app-arkham)--Tales to Astonish I#75/2

EARTH 2600 AD - see Earth-Last Knight (app-lastknight)--Solo Avengers#4

EARTH 2600 AD - see Earth-Marshach--Silver Surfer III Annual#4

EARTH 2962 ad - see EARTH-Next Galaxy--Journey into Mystery I#82/44

EARTH 3000 AD - see Earth-Guardians--Marvel Super-Heroes II#18

EARTH 3900 AD  - see EARTH-Amusement World (app)--Avengers: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow

EARTH 4000 AD - see EARTH-Cable--Cable II#1

EARTH 4400 AD - see EARTH-Overlord (app-stunner)--Silver Surfer I#6

EARTH 4900 AD (Gayla, Derek ) - temporarily taken over by Zarrko
    --Thor I#244 (245

EARTH 8162 AD (Big Shot, Dead Cert, Death's Head-FPA, Dragon's Claws, Keepsake, NURSE, Short Fuse, Shrine, Vulture ) -
    --Dr. Who Magazine# ; Dragon's Claws#1

EARTH ?? - Dark Raider ?? (Av(GiM,IM,Th,Wsp), Fantastic Four (HT, IG, MrF(d), Th), Jane Foster)
    --Fantastic Four I#387 (388

EARTH-A dim (Andrones, Gaard/Vangaard, Ben Grimm, Sue Storm Grimm, Inter-Related Technocracies, Reed Richards Robotics, Thing/Reed Richards)
    -divergent earth where only Reed Richards went up in space, Ben and Sue married, Johnny Storm sent to Vietnam, mutated into Gaard/Vangaard, involved in IT plot in effort to cause inter-dimensional nuclear war to transmit power to Polemachus, possibly destroyed by Vangaard
    -ALTER-EARTH*, EARTH-721* (FFE, app)--Fantastic Four I#118/2 (161-163, Fantastic Force#12

"EARTH A" (Lawless League of America)

EARTH-Abominations - alternate future in which gamma irradiated mutations wreaked havoc
    --Avengers III#42 (42(ff11)

EARTH-Adam II - see "EARTH-8206" (app)--Captain America Annual#6

EARTH-Age of Apocalypse (Absorbing Man, Ace (w/ Illyana), Angel/Worthington, Apocalypse, Apocalypse’s Horsemen (Abyss, Bastion, Candra, Death (Maximus,d), Gideon, Mikhail Rasputin(d), Sabretooth,War), Aurora (d), BISHOP of Earth-Bishop, BLINK, Blue Area of the Moon,Bova,Brood,Corsair(d),Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Bullseye, Cain(jug,d), Callisto(d),Cobra(d),Peter Corbeau,Carol Danvers, Death(Maximus,d), Destiny/Adler, Douglas(cyph), Elite Mutant Force, Emily, Empath, Emplate, Fedayeen, Feral, Glarg, Jean Grey/Phoenix (formerly X-Men), Henry Gyrich, Human High Council, Human Work Camp(Hag,Malthus,Quietus,Sugar Man), Imperial Guard (Fang, Glad, Imp, Mant, Marrow, Midget, Night, Or, Shapeshift, Smash, StarB, Titan, WarSt), Impossible Man(d), Infinites, Inhuman mutates, Jath'CheJonath, Karma, Kirika, Misty Knight, Leech, Charles Lehnsherr, M, Jamie Maddrox(d), Madri, Marauders (Arcade, Dirgible(kingpin), Owl, Red(harry osborn)), (Mat+Enrique(d)), Mastermind-XMan'96, Scarlet McKenzie(quark), Mister Hyde(d), M'Kraan Crystal, Matt Murdoch, Mystique, Nanny I, Northstar (d), Outcasts, Pale Riders (Damask (d), Dead Man Wade/Deadpool (d), Moonstar(d)), Peter Parker(d),  Alex, Jack, Julie, & Katie Power; John Proudstar,Illyana Rasputin,Joe "Robbie" Robertson(d),Rate+Marta(d)+baby, Russovitch(omega red,d),Sentinels,Sebastion Shaw,Shiar(araki,d'ken),Ship, Sinister, Sinister Six, Skids,  Starjammers(Ch'od,Deathbird,Hepzibah,Raza),Stryfe-Force,Switchback, Thornn, Undercloaks, Weapon X I(fxmen), Colleen Wing(d), Wolverine III, XMen, XM trainees, XTernals
    ?(Artemis(d),Newt,Phantazia,Pyro,Rictor? ;
    -divergent earth in which legion accidentally killed professor x prior to founding of x-men,only bishop remembered previous reality, eventually went back in time and killed legion before he could kill xavier. black beast/mccoy and sugar man escaped into Earth-616 dimension twenty years in its past. holocaust/nemesis and x-man escaped into prime earth dimension at its present time.
    -WHAT IF? Legion killed Professor X before he founded the X-Men? Dim*,Downspiral
    "EARTH-295" (OH: AoA, net)--X-Men: Alpha, (XMan minus 1, XMan Annual 1996, X-Men Chronicles II#1,2, Tales of the Age of Apocalypse: Sinister Bloodlines (fb), Uncanny X-Men#489/2 (fb), X-Factor III#22/2 (fb), Tales from the Age of Apocalypse #1,TotAoA:SB, XM:Alpha, Astonishing X-Men I#1, XMan#1, Weapon X#1, Factor X#1, Generation Next#1, Amazing XMen#1, X-Calibre#1, Gambit and the Externals#1, AstXM#2, XMan#2,WX2,FX2,GN2,AmzXM3,XC2,G+Ex2,AstXM3,XM3,WX3,FX3,GN3,AmzXM3,XC3,G+Ex3,AstXM4,XM4,WX4,FX4,GN4, X-Universe1,2,XC4,G+Ex4,AmzXM4, X-Men: Omega, X-Men: Age of Apocalypse one-shot#1/4(fb) / X-Men: Age of Apocalypse#5(fb), 1-6, [X-Factor III#23/2]

EARTH-Age of Apocalypse-alternate - see "EARTH-5701"--Cable/Deadpool#15

EARTH-Ages of Apocalypse: New Fantastic Four  (Fantastic Four (Ghost Rider/Ketch, Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine)
    - alternate future in which original team was killed by agents of apocalypse and the second team reformed to replace them
    (app-f4 of AoA)--Wolverine II#148

EARTH-Ages of Apocalypse: X-World ([Amphi-Droids],Apocalypse,Beast,Cable,Colossus,Kitty(d)+Anya+Marti(children),Fiz,Founder X, Galactus, Gambit+Marrow, Gladiator, Iceman, Magneto, Phoenix IV,Planet X,Polarity,Rogue,Storm,Sunfire,X-Man,E’Tha,skrull mutants,kree, shiar)
    - Xavier led Skrull mutants to form Planet X; Marrow married Gambit; Apocalypse drained the power of all X-Men there and used the power to return it to his past self
    Earth-32098*--X-Men II#98 (98(fb),98

EARTH-Ages of Apocalypse: Space X-Men (Apocalypse+Horsemen(Death,Famine,Pestilence,War),Excalibur(Banshee,Captain Britain, Colossus,Nightcrawler,Kitty Pryde,XMan),Moira MacTaggart,Professor X,shiar,Siphon,skrull mutants, XMen(Cable,Gambit,Iceman,Marrow,Mastermind IV,Phoenix IV,Cecilia Reyes, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine),[Wolsbane,Meggan])
    -alternate future --X-Men Unlimited#26

EARTH-Ages of Apocalypse - Marrow worked for Magneto
    Earth-23378*--Uncanny X-Men#378

EARTH-Ahab (Ahab, Sentinels, Gideon + Sunspot, Domino (d) + Warpath + Meltdown, Stacey Kramer)
    -alternate future, possibly earlier version of Earth-DoFP, in which Ahab + Sentinels took over earth
    --Cable II#71

EARTH-Aliya (Aliya, Apocalypse, Askani (d), Cable (d)) - alternate reality in which Cable died and Apocalypse wiped out the Askani, leading to Aliya as being the last Askani
    --[X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book 1: The Past]

EARTH-Alternova (Alternova ) -
    --Nova II#6 (7

EARTH-Amalgam -merger of marvel and dc universes created and separated by the brothers,later reformed as a pocket dimension by dr.strange and dr.strangefate

EARTH-Amusement World (Colonial Government, Mauler, Queenie Dimm, World Government) - 3900 AD, other planets in solar system colonized while Earth used only as recreational park, briefly taken over by Kang until his defeat by the Avengers
    EARTH-791014* (app)--Avengers: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow ([Av:TMWST(fb)], Av:TMWST

EARTH-Aryanites (Aryanites, Brian + Jamie Braddock, Chaos Commanders)
    - potential future glimpsed by Britannic in which Jamie and he routed the evil of the Aryanites and Chaos Commanders
    Earth-28927* --Excalibur Annual#2 (2(ff)

EARTH-Astronet (Boromir Coe, Gabriel Etchison, Sancha Etchison-Carlsberg, Nancy, Quetzals, Xenologist)
    (app-etchison)--Wizard Presents Open Space#0

EARTH-Atlanterra (Dr. Sue Storm, Dr. Franklin Storm, Namor/Mae, Johnny Storm)
    - alternate Earth where Atlantis is at war with surface world, Namor didn’t regain memory until very recently. Visited by Invisible Woman while seeking alternate Johnny Storm to locate Ultimate Nullifier
    EARTH-1116* --Fantastic Four III#47 (48

EARTH-Aunt May bitten by Radioactive Spider (Leap-Frog, Ben Parker, May Parker, Peter Parker)
    - May was bitten by the Spider when she rushed to bring Peter the lunch he had forgotten; she adopted a costume and battled Leap-Frog, though she did not take a name
    "Earth-3123" (app)--What If I#23/3

EARTH-Avataars - see EURTH (app)--Avataars: Covenant of the Shield#1

EARTH-Avengers 1950s - see EARTH-9904--Avengers Forever#3

EARTH-Avengers aging (Avengers, Cassandra Lang, Wanda Maximoff, Albert) - approximately 50 years after the modern era
    EARTH-83438* (app-earthavag)--What If? I#38 ([38(fb)], 38

EARTH-Avengers battled Cosmic Carnage - see "EARTH-985"(app)--What If II#108

EARTH-Avengers Disabled (Avengers(Connors, Murdoch, Smithers, Thor, Xavier),Asgardians(
    -alternate earth where thor organized group to prevent odin from destroying earth
    --Timeslip: Coming of the Avengers

EARTH-Avengers fought Kree-Skrull War without Rick Jones (Anelle, Angel (Worthington), Asgardians, Avengers, Balder, Beast (McCoy), Black Bolt, Black Panther (T'Challa), Black Widow (Romanoff), Bun-Dall, Captain America, Captain Mar-Vell, Cyclops, Daredevil, Dr. Doom, Dr. Strange, Dorrek, Dum Dum Dugan, Fandral, Fantastic Four, Nick Fury, Goliath (Clint Barton), Gorgon, Hogun, Hulk, Iceman, Inhumans, Iron Man, Rick Jones (deceased), Kalxor, Karnak, Kree, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Medusa, Mr. Fantastic, Namor, Odin, Professor X, Quicksilver, Ronan the Accuser, Scarlet Witch, SHIELD, Sif, Silver Surfer, Skrulls, Spider-Man, Super Skrull, Supreme Intelligence, Supremor, Thing, Thor, Triton, Uatu, Vision, Volstagg, X-Men)
    - Supremor and Anelle ended the war
    "Earth-804" (app)--What If? I#20

EARTH-Avengers Galactic Battalion (Avengers Galactic Battalion Theta-4 (Hammer Troopers + Thunderhammers, Repulsor Troopers, Shieldsmen, Micro-Swarm ), Emperor Rickard + Jonz Rickard, Centaurian race (Farth + Lendu (rebels), Carva Tessara + [Finu Birvana] + son (all die), Yaka arrows)
    - divergent earth @ 26th Century, diverged when Avengers battled and defeated Shiar to free oppression of Kree and then set up space fortresses, Galactic Battalion wiped out 33% of population of Centauri-4, universe ruled by Avengers in totalitarian fashion
    "EARTH-9812"* (app)--Avengers Forever#1 (8(fbs), 1, 10

EARTH-Avengers: Last Avengers Story (Avengers, Black Panther, Black Widow, Bombshell (d), Cannonball (d), Captain America, Daredevil, Dr. Doom, Dr. Strange, Gestalt (d), Grim Reaper (William Maximoff),  Hercules, High Tide (d), Hotshot, Hulk (d), Human Torch (Storm), Iron Man, Kang (d), Tommy Maximoff, Mockingbird, Oddball (d), Ben Parker II, Mary Jane Parker, Peter Parker, Hank Pym (d), Quasar, Quicksilver (d), Reed Richards, Scarlet Witch (d), Sequoya (d), Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant, Alicia Storm, Marissa Storm, Sue Storm, Super-Ego (d), Thing, Thor, Tigra (d), Time Capsule, Ultron-20-59 (die), Chris Valada, Vision (d), Wasp, Wild Man, Jessie Wingfoot (d), Wonder Man (d) + 8(d)))
    - alternate future @ 20 years post-modern era
    possibly seen earlier in Avengers West Coast Annual#7/2
    EARTH-9511* (app)--Avengers: Last Avengers Story#1 (2(fb), 1(fbs), 1,2

EARTH-Avengers pawns of Scarlet Centurion and defeated by Earth-616 Avengers - see "Earth-689" (app)—Avengers Annual#2 (2(fb), 2

EARTH-Avengers pawns of Scarlet Centurion, but eventually defeated him - see "Earth-8110" (app)—What If I#29

EARTH-Avengers: Permanent Membership (Aragorn, Avengers, Edwin Jarvis, Redwing)
    - All members stayed with the team for life and went on every mission
    Earth-8234* (app)--What If I#34

EARTH-Avengers vampires (Avengers (Captain America, Falcon, Giant-Man, Hawkeye, Polaris, Wasp), Falsworth Estate, MACODIBE ENCHANTMENT, SHIELD, Union Jack/Ken Crichton)
    - alternate world where Baron Blood vamped Captain America and then Captain America destroyed Baron Blood and took over as lord of the vampires;
    Exiles traveled here to prevent the Avengers from taking over New York
    - diverge Captain America I#254
    Earth-3931*--Exiles#31 (31(fb1), 31(fb2), 31, 32

EARTH-Avengers: Wonder Man Lived (Ant-Man/Giant-Man (Henry Pym), Avengers, Baron (Heinrich) Zemo and his Masters of Evil, Black Panther (T'Challa), Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), Captain America, Daredevil, Dr. Doom, Enchantress, Executioner, Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Mr. Fantastic, Thing), Nick Fury, Grim Reaper (Pietro Maximoff), Hawkeye, Hercules, Iron Man, Edwin Jarvis, Kang, Magneto (deceased), Mandarin, Power Man (Erik Josten), Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Swordsman (Jacques DuQuesne, deceased), Thor, Timespinner/Spider-Man robot, Ultron, Vision, Wasp, Wonder Man, X-Men (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl), others present at the wedding)
    (app)--What If...? II#5

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