D'SPAYRE - demon, Fearlord, spawn of Dweller-in-Darkness, manipulated the cultist who slew Zhered-Na, contended with Dakimh for millennia, served by Avandalia and D’Sprytes, designed the drug Dark-Lite, based in extra-dimensional mile high obsidian tower.
    May have existed in the previous Earth dimension, or the Dweller created a new one in Earth-616
    Gains power by inducing fear and despair in others
    -Desmond, Gramps-(D#4, M, OH: Hor, net)--Marvel Team-Up I#68 (Adventures of the X-Men#12?, Dr. Strange III#32/2(fb), Marvel Team-Up#68, Dr. Strange II#32,37, Uncanny X-Men#144, Doc55, Incredible Hulk II#360, Excalibur I#35, [Cloak & Dagger III#16],17-19, Doc III#31/2-33/2, Doc38-40, Marvel Comics Presents I#102/4, Ex76,77, Cable II#13,14, Web of Spider-Man#128, Valkyrie#1, Generation X An1997, Juggernaut#1, Magik II#3, [4]

D’SPRYTES - sadistic and heartless race of servants of D’Spayre, convinced a man to jump to his death, many were seemingly destroyed by Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch.
    Appear as tiny versions of D’Spayre, influence the minds of others
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#98/3 (99/3(des)

D'SYNDRI - Shiar
X-Men I Annual#5

DUALERS (Lev ) - caste of the Chosen who transform into a second form, such as an energy being, regarded as lowest in status as they are thought to be half-Rejects    
    (app-chosen)--X-Factor I#43 (44-46,48-50

DUAMUTEF - Horusians
    (app-horus)--Incredible Hulk II#145

DUAT - Egyptian underworld
    --    ; (identified - or first in OHotMU or Encyclopaedia Mythologica?) Heroic Age: Prince of Power#2

DuBEAUBIENNE, JEAN CLAUDE - Eastern European sports equipment manufacturer, associate of Tony Stark, ladies man
    --Iron Man III#51

DuBOIS, Dr. CLAUDIA - French, bf, allied with Laurent Levasseur/Daredevil against Kingpin and allies in France
    --Daredevil I#376 (377-378, 379(fb), 379

DuBOIS, HELENE - great-great granddaughter of Jacques, sought to avenge him on Dracula
    (app-jacques)--Dracula Lives#3/7

DuBOIS, JACQUES - @ 1769, given fluid by Cagliostro that animated a stone statue under his control, killed by Dracula.
    Spirit reanimated statue in modern times, statue destroyed by Dracula
    *D* (app)--Dracula Lives#3/7 (3/7(fb), 3/7d)

DuBOIS, Lt. MARTIE - NYPD, investigated Sersi for disappearance of Det. MacNamara + Delgado
    --Avengers I#372 (373, 374

DuBOIS, NOAH - Landau, Luckman, & Lake, former right hand man to Overboss Dixon, superior + ally to Expediter Zoe Culloden, betrayed by Dixon and sent to die against Tiamat.
    skilled at armed + unarmed combat, bm, shaved head
    *D* (net)--Wolverine II#92 (93,95,96, Deadpool III#23(fb1+2), Deadpool minus 1, DpIII#23(fb3), DpIII#1,8,12,14-17,20-22,23(d))

DuBROTH, ARMAND - criminal, former soldier, former inmate at Ryker’s Island prison, arranged escape of numerous prisoners by blackmailing Warden Rue with knowledge of his activities during Vietnam war
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#219

DUCALON of the pre-Cataclysmic era - dwarfish count of Komahar, enemy of Kull
    *D*--Kull the Conqueror I#1 (4, 11d)

DUCANARD of Earth-15110 -
    --S.H.I.E.L.D. #10 (2015)

DUCAT of Earth-6216 - associate of Varina Goddard
    --Amazing Fantasy II#18

DuCHAMP, JEAN PAUL "FRENCHIE*" - former mercenary, old friend and helicopter pilot of Moon Knight, partnered with Rob
    -BLOODLINE*, Monsieur LeBlanc (AZU#2)--Werewolf by Night I#32 (Moon Knight VI#3 (fb), WwbN#33, Marvel Spotlight I#28,29, Spectacular Spider-Man II#22, Marvel Two-In-One#52, Hulk!#11/2,[12/2],13/2,14/2, Marvel Preview#21, Moon Knight I#1-11, Amazing Spider-Man I#220, MK13-18, 20-2, Iron Man I#161 Power Man/Iron Fist#87, MK24,25, 26/2, 27-34, 34/2, 35-37, Marvel Fanfare I#39/2, Marvel Team-Up I#144, Moon Knight II#1,2, 5, Marvel Fanfare I#38, West Coast Avengers II#21, 22, 25, Marc Spector: Moon Knight#1-3, Punisher Annual#2 ,MK4, 5, 7-12, 14, 16-23, 25-28, 32,33, [AmzSp354],355,356(357(fb)),357, MK34 35 38 39 43 45 46, Moon Knight IV#1,2,[3],4, Moon Knight V#1-4, Marvel Team-Up III#7/[8-9]/10, Moon Knight VI#1 (fb), 3 (fb), [2], 3, [4], 6, [Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1],MK 7, 9, 13, 14-17

DUCHARME - servant of Fu Manchu, acted as false double agent to MI-6 once, Oriental Expediters
    -AGENT D--Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu#1 ( Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#11(fb), 2, 4, 7, Master of Kung Fu#43,44

DuCRESTE, ADRIAN - Voodoo priest, stole heart of Minnie Mastiff, hearts returned when container shattered
    Stole hearts from people to gain immortality, wm, blond
    --Gambit III#25 (25(fb2)

DUCK of Earth-148611 (Maddie Felix) - girlfriend of Ken Connell, died giving birth to Starchild
    -Debbie Fix *D*--Starbrand(nu)#1

D.U.C.K. (Ambassador, Pritchard) - British intelligence agency, next incarnation of S.T.R.I.K.E.
    -Department of Unknown and Covert Knowledge (app)--Plasmer#1 (2-4

DUCK, PROFESSOR  - circa 1907 AD
    --[Runaways II#28], 29

DUCK DEITY - summoned by duck-obsessed Black Talon, defeated him
    DARK GOD* (app-blacktalon)--Howard the Duck Magazine#9

DUCK BUCKET - restaurant; possibly altrnate reality, visited by Howard and Ducanard during Mulitiversal warping
    (app)--SHIELD III#10

DUCKETT, CLARENCE - World War II, African American, U.S. soldier, ex-base player, refused to give up Captain America's (Steve Roger's) identity, honored by Cap at gravesite
    *D* --Captain America Annual#13/5 (13/5 (fb)


DUCKWORLD dimension (Gyro Agnu, Truman Capoultry, Duktor Strange, Rev. Godfrey Gander, Scrounge McDrake, Lana Linn, Olsen, Blinky, Richard Millnest Duxon, Johnny Quackson
    via reality warp Howard the Duck & family (mom + dad + Theresa + Orville) )
    -alternate earth where ducks evolved into dominant lifeform
    --Howard the Duck Magazine#6

DUCKWORLDERS - Intergalactic Council?
    --Howard the Duck II#4 - text feature) (6
    (Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet ([Maximum Security#1,2],3

DUCKY DOZEN (Battlestar-616, Dum-Dum Dugan, Howard the Duck, Blazing Skull, Breeze Barton, Dynaman, Eternal Brain, Flexo, Red Raven, Taxi Taylor, Dragoon of the Dragon-Men of Ligra, Gur of the Lion-People of Ligra) - gathered by ARMOR to stop Nazi threat from Earth-12591
    (app)--War Zombies Destroy! #1

DUCKY WUCKY - rubber duck used by US President to talk with Pitiful One
    (app-Pitiful One)--X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl#3

DUCOTRON - Retrievers of Atlantis
    violet, leader, power source, speaker, strategist
    (app-ret)--Fantastic Four I#195

DUDAKS - oppressed minority culture in Slorenia, all were apparently slain by Ultron when he slaughtered everyone in the country, defended by Ember
    *D*--Force Works#4

DUDE (    ) - @ 1836, Renegades, leader-type
    quick draw
    (app-renegades)--Western Gunfighters II#1/5 (4/3

DUDE in the REALLY RAD ARMOR (Edgar Marlopolis) - native of the island of Trepica, came to America to spy on experiments of Dr. Benson, stole battle armor, battled and defeated by Speedball.
    Armor enabled him to fire energy blasts and split off three other selves, composed of bone, muscle, & soul
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#85/4

"DUDIKOFF" -  agent of Sultan, ally of Blowfly, opposed Tigra
    (app-blowfly)--Marvel Comics Presents I#162/3 ([163/4]

DUDLEY, Sgt. PRESTON - Royal Canadian Mounted Police, owner of Prince (horse) and Elizabeth (Siberian Husky), helped Howard the Duck against le Beaver
    --Howard the Duck I#9

DUENDE - see COUNT DUENDE--Captain America: Hail Hydra#3 (2011)

DUET (Felix ??) of Earth-93060 - evil ultra, led cult in sacrificing boy to demon Hakeldama, battled Firearm while in demon form, killed by Firearm when returned to human form
    *D* (app)--Firearm#0 ([0 (fb)], 0d)

DUEY of Earth-93060 - first creation of Doc Gross
    --Prime (uv) I#1 (

DUET (    ) - Slice & Dice, slain by Solo
    *D* (app-slice)--Marvel Comics Presents I#56/4

DUFF - dog, pet of a family staying at Lost Lake, briefly hosted and mutated by a Brain Parasite
    (app-brain)--Fantastic Four I#227

DUFF, ERIC - son of Ewan, pursued, confronted, and slain by Dracula in China
    (app-ewan)--[Tomb of Dracula I#15]

DUFF, EWAN - confronted and staked Dracula in his Transylvanian castle
    SCOTSMAN* (app)--
Tomb of Dracula I#15

DUFFY of Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD - AIM, assistant to Dr. Necker in creation of Death Wreck, killed by agents of Lozof Burgen
    *D*--Death Wreck#1 (1d)

DUFFY, Sgt. THADDEUS MICHAEL JOSEPH- Captain America's World War II sergeant at Camp Lehigh
"THE PHANTOM HOUND OF CARDIFF MOOR" in Captain America Comics#10 story the full name of Sgt. Duffy is given: Sgt. THADDEUS DUFFY( page 3 panel 1 ) reprinted in CAPTAIN AMERICA THE CLASSIC YEARS vol.2( 9/2000 ).His Silver Age name Sgt.Mike Duffy appeared in Tales Of Suspense# 63( 3/65 )---see Official Index To The Marvel Universe# 1( 1/09 ).MICHAEL JOSEPH DUFFY in Young Allies Comics 70th Anniversary Special# 1( 8/09 ) page 3 panel 4 on his tombstone
    --(g) Captain America Comics#1; Tales of Suspense I#63/2 (64/2,68/2,69/2,70/2,
    Captain America I#109

DUGAN, Captain CHRISTOPHER of Earth-93060 - military, covered Strangers following break-thru
    --NightMan (uv) I#3 (Strangers#8

    (net-preff)--(g) Devil-Dog Dugan#1

DUGAN, DONALD - the werewolf child of two vampires

DUGAN, TIMOTHY ALOYSIUS CADWALLER "DUM DUM" - high ranking officer in SHIELD I + II, Godzilla Squad, Howling Commandos, Deadly Dozen, former circus strongman, met Fury when helped him recover papers from a British spy, father of Scott & Kevin, husband of
    -(U#2, IM, net)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#1(
Captain America Annual#9/2(fb), Marvel Comics Presents I#77/3,78/2,79/2 Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#12(fb), Captain America III#20/2(fb),[20/2],21/2
Sgt.Fury An1, Fury of Shield#1(fb), Fantastic Four An3, Marvels#2, Strange Tales I#137-141,143-145, Domination Factor#2.4(fb) StrT#146-153, Avengers I#38, ST154, ST155, Av39, ST156,157,159,165,166/2,167, Cap:SoL#1(fb1) Tales of Suspense I#95/2,96/2,98/2, Iron Man I#1, Captain America I#100 ST#168/2, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#1,2,5,7,Av59(fb),SH#8, Incredible Hulk II#106,107, Cap113, SH9, F4#84 Sub-Mariner I#14 Cap120 Av67 SH#12-15 Av72 Cap123,124 127 132, Silver Surfer I#16,17, Iron Man I#35, Cap135,136 139,140 143 Av92 Cap145, Hlk148 Marvel Team-Up I#13, Cap166,167,Av118,Cap173 181 Daredevil I#122,123, Quasar#1(fb), Creatures on the Loose#35, Marvel Two-In-One#26, 34, Godzilla#1-15 Quas1(fb) Cap217, Hulk Comic#1/3,2/2, Marvel Team-Up I#71 Cap222 225,226 Godz17-24 Amazing Spider-Man I#187, Micronauts I#12, F4#214 MTIO#51 Shogun Warriors#14, Cap247,248 250 Marvel Premiere#56, MicroN#26-29, Dr. Strange II#50,51, F4#240,241 Cap268 MTIO#89 Cap273 274 276 Incredible Hulk II#279 Cap282-284, Uncanny X-Men An7,Jack of Hearts#2, MTU#139 Thor I#341 Rom53 Marvel Graphic Novel#18, F4#290, Nick Fury vs SHIELD#1-6, Cap351, Marvel Fanfare I#49, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#1, 14, Motormouth/Killpower#1, NF20 SH25,26, 27(Marvel Comics Presents I#93/4(fb), 93/4 DD298,299) Deathlok II#20, Silver Sable#24, Punisher/Captain America: Blood & Glory2, SH28,29 Spider-Man#21,22 SH33(fb),[33] 34-37 42, MCP#173, Tales of Suspense II#1, Av385 Rune vs Venom#1, Punisher III#1 Fury/Wolverine: Scorpio Connection, Thunderstrike#6,7, Fury:Blood Truce, Hlk434 437 440(fb) Av396, Cap453, Kitty Pryde: Agent of SHIELD#1-3, DD369(fb) Ka-Zar V#10,11, Captain America III#3, 5, Journey into Mystery I#519, Cap10,[11] 12 20 Wolv144 Hulk#8, Cap24 25,27 Deathlok III#8, Avengers III#32, Captain America An2000/2, Cap33-35,An2000,Cap37-39, Marvel Boy#2, Cap40, Wolverine II#162, Thunderbolts#52, Cap45(fb), Cap45-48, Elektra II#2, USAgent II#1,3, ?Fury II#1?, [Order#5],6 Tb69,71,73, Captain America IV#11, The Call II#1-4, Identity Disc#6, Av87,88 / Cap31,32, Wolverine III#30-31, Irredeemable Ant-Man#1 (fb), 2 (fb), Secret War#1, Cable and Deadpool#7, 9,10, Amazing Fantasy II#12/2, GLX-MAS Special#1, Wolv36-37, Thing II#8 (fb), [8?], Wolverine: Origins#1, 6-10, Wolv39, Black Panther IV#16, Iron Man IV#7-8, Ant-Man#6 (fb), Agents of Atlas#1, 2, 6,  Marvel Comics Presents II#2, Captain America V#22 (fb), Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America#5, Cap26, Iron Man IV#15 (fbs), 15-18, World War Hulk: Gamma Corps#4, IM19-20, World War Hulk: Warbound#1/2, IM21-28, 29-31

DUGGAN, ANDREW - see ANDREW DUGGAN--Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Blood on the Moors

DUGGAN, Off. MIKE - cop, paralyzed due to allergic reaction to Tarantula/Alvarez’s poison
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#341(Venom: Sinner Takes All#3/3

DUGGIL star system - Milky Way galaxy - contained a Kree space station web
Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook#1: The Imperials: Technology: Miscellaneous Technology: Obedience Disks]

DUHL, ELSBETH - former wife of Roland, left him as he became obsessed with Thog, killed by Scavenger
    *D*(app-scav)--Man-Thing I#21

DUHL, ROLAND - agent of Thog, widower of Elsbeth, accountant, lacking and immune to emotion, served as neutral conductor for Nightmare Box, helped calculate the number of boxes needed to plunge Earth into madness
    (app-nmb)--Man-Thing I#21 (22(fb), 21

DUKANE of Earth-Khan - Pathfinders
    --X-Treme X-Men I#14

DUKANE, WILLIAM - businessman, killed and replaced by Chameleon
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#306d

DUKAS - corrupt mine owner, sought to kill stuntman Human Fly and unionists
   (app-humanfly)--Human Fly#10

DUKE (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#7

DUKE ( ) - Corporation, higher echelon
    (app-corp)--Machine Man I#9

DUKE - criminal, ally of Jjimmy Tannen, killed by Kaine
    *D*--Spider-Man: The Lost Years#1(2,3

DUKE - Daily Bugle
    --Civil War: Front Line#1

DUKE of DEPTFORD (    ) -
    --Human Torch#10

DUKE, ERROL - had attempted to kill the Foreigner in the past, was outfitted with a suit to duplicate the Foreigner's powers and challenged to defend himself against the next assassin to come along; he was slain by Alex Grimond
    (app-grimond)--Marvel Comics Presents I#142/4

    alias used while posing as advisor to Magik/Sefton while allied with the malevolent entity inadvertently created by her
    --Magik II#2 (3

DUKE STRATOSPHERE 2099 ( ) – Avalon Five, legendary net-glider, rides Chaos
    (app)--Doom2099#6 (2099 Unlimited#5(fb), Doom6, 8, 11, 2099 Unlimited#3, Spider-Man 2099#22, 2099 Unlimited#5, Doom22,23, 27, 44

DULB - Fomor, weaponsmaker. brown male
    (app-fom)--Avengers I#225(226

DULPUS - Deviant, former leader of the group that attempted to assist in the takeover of Earth to gain favor from Kang, sent Glomm into single combat againt Warbird, ousted when Warbird defeated Glomm
    --Avengers III#42, (named) 44 (42-44

DULTRY, MARGARET - sister of Dragonfly, kept her in special prison when she returned from space mutated
    --Iron Man Annual #12

DUMA - see AZAZEL--Uncanny X-Men#432

DUMAS, NAPOLEAN CAESAR - agent of Abdul Alhazred.
    small+frail frenchman
    (app-aa’s servants)--Marvel Comics Presents I#62(63 152-155

DUMAS, PAUL- French jewel thief, made Medusa his partner
    --Inhumans: Untold Saga#1

DUME - Wakandan, father of Shombay
    --[Black Panther IV#40]

DUMMY (    ) - @ 1962, small criminal, posed as ventriloquist's Dummy, delivered self to houses of rich people where he was given to their children, then stole from them and escaped; eventually locked in a toy chest and had to cry for help so he wouldn't suffocate
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#79/2

DUMMY ( ) - mutant, Xavier’s School, contained within protective suit, which was destroyed in the riot caused by the Omega Team.
    Gaseous form
    (ME:X)--XMen II#135 (136, 137

DUMOG of Earth-691 - Minions of Menace, Intimidators, Prime Mover's minions, Fomalhauti
    (app)--Giant-Size Defenders#3 (Thor Annual#6, Guardians of the Galaxy#22, 23, Guardians of the Galaxy Annual#2

DuMONT, HARRY - Maggia
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#54

DuMONTE, - late 19th Century, duped Dracula into stealing Daywalker formula and tried to use him as a test subject, vamped by him
    --Dracula Lives#1/6

    --Captain America Comics#8

"DUMPLING" - small Madbomb able to affect the people in a neighborhood; one was set off in Harlem
    (app-madbomb)--Captain America I#193

DUNA  - Other Realm
    (app-or)--Marvel Premiere#45 (46

DUNCAN, SHAWN - Warheads Kether Troop

DUNCAN ?? - cousin of Melanee Carondelet
    (app-melanee)--Namor I#51

DUNCAN ?? - encountered and stopped the Cyclops, engaged to Amanda
    (app-cyclops)--Tales of Suspense I#10

DUNCAN ?? - Reavers
    --New Mutants II#5 (6, 12

DUNCAN, AMOS FREDERICK "FRED" - former FBI agent, Black Womb project, ally of Professor Xavier
    *D*--X-Men I#2 (Deadpool III#12, XM38/2, 39/2, 2, [X-Men: First Class II#5 (fb)], [X43], 46, Ka-Zar Quarterly#2/2, 3/3, Shanna#5

DUNCAN, DAVE - older brother of Jess, brown hair, glasses, associated with Scarecrow/Strawman, write for unknown magazine
    --Dead of Night#11(Marvel Spotlight I#26, Marvel Two-In-One#18

DUNCAN, JESS - owner of the scarecrow/Strawman's oil painting, younger brother of Dave. wm, grey hair and beard
    --Dead of Night#11 (Marvel Spotlight I#26, Marvel Two-In-One#18

DUNCAN, "TIGER" (    ) -
    --Captain America Comics#41

DUNCAN, Dr. -weapon x project
    -- (Weapon X: Agent Zero

DUNCAN, - Mutant Civil Rights Task Force, involved in plot against mutants, killed by Ashton Wither
    --X-Factor II#3 (4

DUNDUINE of Earth-9910 (Duncan Jericho ) - walled city, formerly sacrificed a native regularly to the Kith to prevent indiscriminant attacks, assisted by Bishop & allies
    --Bishop: Last X-Man #4 (4 (fb), 4

DUNE, major - opponent of Wargod
    (app-wg)--Marvel Comics Presents #80(81

DUNHAM, LAURA - student at Yale, former roommate of Tailhook, former girlfriend of Nova (Rich Rider), met him after rear-ending his delivery truck with her car. wf
    --New Warriors Annual#2 (New Warriors I#31,32,40,41 An2/4 Nova II#8,12 ; NW#59,[Nov18 NW60],62,68,69,71

"DUNK-BOT" - Donovan Robotics
    specialized in basketball
    (app-donovan)--Marvel Comics Presents I#43/3

DUNLAP, ?? - director of vampire movie starring Wanda Warren
    (app, Warren, Wanda)--Spellbound I#7/2

DUNN of Earth-691 - Punishers, lieutenant, information source to Punisher General, presumably killed in final battle with Commandeers
(app-puns)—Guardians of the Galaxy#18

DUNN, DAN - see SUPREME SERPENT* (app)--Avengers I#73

DUNN, FIONA - Brotherhood, sent to capture Malon Reeves, captured and tortured by Malon. Create zombie-like creatures, burn others with a touch
    (app)--Brotherhood#4 (5

DUNSLEY, Mrs. - former victim/pawn of Plotka
    --Captain Britain and MI13#6

DUNTON, SAM - son of Visioneer
    --Irredeemable Ant-Man#9, (first name give) 12 (9, 10, [12]

DUNWICK, ALESTAR - uncle of Sheila Wittier, willed her his castle, tortured her as a ghost, sought to sacrifice her to the dark gods which gave him power, destroyed when Dracula destroyed the idol which powered him
    *D/R/D*--[Giant-Size Chillers#1], Tomb of Dracula I#23 (23(fb),[GS Chil#1],TD#23

DuPARIS, BENNET - see EXODUS (net)--Black Knight: Exodus

DuPAUL, MEDGAR - grew up poor, worked whole life to establish great wealth, then used it sci-fi "The Most Dangerous Game" type of hunts to make up for missing out on fun in childhood, used criminals and drifters brought in by local police, operation shut down after tried to use Peter Parker
    --Web of Spider-Man#18

DUPE - see Madrox Duplicate

DUPEN'TH - extraterrestrial, Webb, admiral of spaceport
    --New Mutants I#68 (69

DuPLEDGE, ALEC - 2099, Eco-Corps
    --Ravage 2099#9 (10

DUPREE, PYTHAGORAS - "sixth smartest man in the world," killed Amadeus Cho's family, idolized Master Mind Excello
    --Incredible Hercules#133 (135

DuPRES, - Parisian criminal, Black Hand, formerly manipulated Gayle and Sarah Stacy
    --Spectacular Spider-Man III#24 (25(fb), [23], 24-26

DUQUE (    ) - circa 1348 AD
    *D*--Terror, Inc - Apocalypse Soon#1

DUQUESA (    ) - circa 1348 AD
    *D*--Terror, Inc - Apocalypse Soon#1

DURAN, CONAL - musician, lead guitar of Lila Cheney's band
    --New Mutants Annual#1 ([Uncanny X-Men#206], New Mutants I#42, UX210, 214

DURAN, COURTNEY of Earth-982 - midtown hs, classmate of May Parker, science club, mistakenly believed to be Spider-Girl by Moose Mansfield, later dated him.
    wf, brown hair
    <mini-bio in SpG#76>--What If? II#105 (Spider-Girl#1-4,6-11 13,1999, #, 14-17 19-23 25-29, 32-35, 37, 39, 40, 42, 44,45, 49,50 [52], 53, 60, 64-66, 67, 68,69, 72, 74, 76, 79, 80, 81, 85, 86, 88-89, 91, Spider-Man Family#1, SpG#94, 96-98, 99-100, Amazing Spider-Girl#1-6, 8, 9-10

DURANGO of the 19thC -
    --Two Gun Kid#83

DURBUUR - Darbian, lobotomized servant of Byan’Hantandu
    (app-byan)--Cloak + Dagger III#2

DURENYI - @ 1597, villager from Snagov, invaded Castle Dracula and stole his diary, sold it (eventually made its way to Stoker), killed by Dracula
    --Dracula Lives #12

DURGAN, MATT - NASA, sent to take pictures of Celestial Mothership along with Terry Parker, returned to earth aboard space vessel of the Forgotten One
    --Eternals I#13

DURGAN, "SMOKE" (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#63

DURIUM of Pre-Cataclysmic Era (Rufus, Salena) - Valusia, outside City of Wonders, nearly wiped out by plague
    --[Kull the Conqueror III#4], 5

DURKIN, CLYDE ALLEN - child molester, sentenced 10 ten years for lesser crimes when evidence ruled inadmissible, killed while in prison by Lynn Michaels
    *D*--Punisher War Journal#59 (60, 62d)

DURKLE, PETE (    ) -
    --USA Comics#9

DUROK the DEMOLISHER - creation of Loki using the Odinring, apparently slain in the destruction of Asgard at the hands of Thor
    immense strength+stamina+durability
    -DEMOLISHER* *D* (app)--Thor I#191 (192,193, Thor II#82d)

DUROVICH, DIMITRI of Earth-148611 - mutated by Chernobyl meltdown, buried alive by Spitfire at his request
    --Untold Tales of the New Universe: Spitfire

DURRANCE, TEDDY - visited Madame Angela's brothel, gave information to Hodiah Twist
    (app-twist)--Vampire Tales#2/8

DURSA of the Hyborian era - Yezud, mother of Lar and Rudabeth
    (app-zath)--Savage Sword of Conan#208 (209, 210

DUSK - demon, Realm of Madness, master of Necromancer + Paranoia, terrorized an entire shopping mall until immersed in holy water by Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch).
    appears as winged composite semi-humanoid entity
    (app)--[Marvel Comics Presents #123/3],127/3([123/3-126/3],127/3-130/3

DUSK - Hellbent, Shadow Sisters, partner of Dawn, hooded
    travel through shadows
    (app-hellbent)--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#58 (59,60, X-Man#45

DUSK ( ) - Negative Zone, native of Tarsuu, rebel leader, captured by imperial forces and shunted into distortion field, rescued by spider-man, fought against Blastaar
    --[Spider-Man#90], Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man#13(14

DUSK ( ) - Negative Zone, native of Tarsuu, took on identity after predecessor disappeared

DUSK - see Spider-Man.
    took on identity of predecessor when successor was injured, returned to earth to locate predecessor, maintained identity to avoid norman osborn's bounty

DUSK (Cassie St. Commons) - Slingers, ESU student, rich goth wf from Connecticut, given costume of Dusk of the Negative Zone by Black Marvel, receives power from Negative Zone, apparently fell to death and revived.
  fade into shadows, teleport
    (app)--Slingers#0 (6(fb), 0, 1(Dsk), 2-5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10-12, Contest of Champions II# , New Warriors II#1, [Ms. Marvel II#18 (fb)], 18, [19-20]

DUSK of Earth-982 - see OSBORN, NORM--Spider-Girl#93

    --X-Men: Smoke and Blood#1

DUST ( ) - husband of Silence, leader of New Wave Cult, body decayed rapidly, disintegrate others with a touch, killed Carter Blaire, died in battle with Dazzler
    *D*--Dazzler#38 (41(fb) ,38,[39],40,41d)

DUST (Sooraya Qadir) - Afghani Muslim woman, mutant, Young X-Men, Xavier Institute Hellions, stolen from parents at a young age and sold into slavery, brought to USA, roommate of Surge
    Transform into cloud of living dust
    <TURAAB> (New X-Men Yearbook, 198, ME:X)--X-Men II#133 ([Hellions#1(fb)], X-Men#133, 138, 146, 149,150, New: X-Men: Academy X#2, X165
    , UX460-461, NXM#14-15, Hellions#1-4
    , Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men#1, Young X-Men#1-6

DUST of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD (    ) - survivor of first age of heroes, affiliated with X-Nation
    --2099 Genesis1

DUST DRAGON - Allergen Gang
    (app-ag)--Captain America: Return of the Asthma Monster

DUST of DEATH - weapon of Red Skull, kills others, causes skin to shrivel so head takes on appearance of Red Skull
    --Captain America I#184

DUSTOFF of Earth-148611 ( ) - Medusa Web, pilot
    --Psi-Force (nu)#29

DUST PEOPLE - see PEOPLE of the DUST (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#145/2

DUTCH - dog, pet of Jerry Donder, possibly slain by Sweeney Conway circa 1975
    (app-donder)--Vampire Tales I#10/4

DUTTA - Sub-Atomica, worked in Numidian mines, terrorized She-Hulk and Pearla until beat-up by She-Hulk
    named after Barry Dutter, the anti-She-Hulk fan
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#284 ([284(fb)], 284

DUTTON, chief - Fire Department of New York, ally of Daredevil, opposed Crimson Ash
    (app-crimson)--Marvel Fanfare I#15/2

DUTTON, Sen. ROGER - liberal US Senator, opposed Hulkbuster Base, until saw Hulk in action
    --Incredible Hulk II#150 (151

DUVALL,  - World Federalists, field marshal
    --Generation X: Crossroads

DUVALL, PIERRE - WWII resistance fighter, saved by Notre Dame gargoyles
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#54/4

DUVARIO of the pre-Cataclysmic era - dwarf, ally of Meicus, duped Gonra into opening the Chamber of Eallal, slain by the Serpent Men in there
    *D* (app-gonra)--Kull the Conqueror III#10

D’VRON KRAY of Earth-4935 - New Canaanite, traveled back to modern time to avenge troops on Cable, mind warped in time journey, defeated by Wolverine, mutated by Department H in an attempt to create a new agent for Alpha Flight, escaped + regained memory + attacked Cable, killed by Cable + Wolverine
    *D*--Cable + Wolverine: Guts + Glory

DWARF, ?? - WWII German psychologist, used mind control, fought Captain Wonder and Tim
    *D* (app)--Kid Komics#2

DWARF - agent of the Other/Chthon, appears when people find a page of the Darkhold, attempts to convince them to use it
    -DARKHOLD DWARF* (app)--Ghost Rider III#25 (Darkhold#1-16, Midnight Sons Unlimited#1, 2/2, 3, Spirits of Vengeance#13, Morbius#29

DWARVES of NIDAVELLIR (Brokk, Eitri, Egvalda, Hreidmar, Ivaldi, Kindra, Sindri, Throff, Throgg) - race of Asgardian, skilled weaponeers
    --Journey into Mystery#103 (
    New Mutants Special Edition, Uncanny X-Men Annual#8?, New Mutants#8_,
    Avengers III#1    Invincible Iron Man#    Mighty Thor#10

DWARVES of SHIELD (Chuck) - genetically engineered by ExTechOp, served as cheap labor
    --Elektra: Assassin#6 ([8(fb)], [6(fb)], 6-8

DWARVES of Dimension of Paradise and the City of Death - former servants of the Iron Knights
    (app-pacod)--Incredible Hulk II#302 (303

DWARFY (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#65

DWEEKS of Earth-93060 - dimension of Zuke, fuzzy creatures that adhere to people
    --Sludge (uv)#11

DWELLER-IN-DARKNESS - extra-dimensional demon, Fearlord, native of Everinnye, renounced connection to those when he chose the way of the Shumblu, dwells in Halls of Fear dimension, uses Shade-Thralls, used Dreamweaver + Ningal + Ludi, found Earth 20, 000 years ago, defeated by Zhered-Na and plunged into mystic slumber in a pocket realm, created D’Spayre, who brought about Zhered-Na’s death.   
    Possibly existed in the universe prior to Earth-616, or just had a counterpart in that realm
    Induce intense fear
    (OH: Hor, app)--Thor I#229, Dr. Strange II#30(seen) (Adventures of the X-Men#12?, DocIII#33/2(fb) [Daredevil I#6], Thor229,230, Doc II#30 32,33 35-37, Doc III#31/2-33/2 38-40

DWELLER-IN-DARKNESS - Si-Fan, trained gorilla as servant
    (app)--Master of Kung Fu#92

  • DWELLER-IN-DARKNESS’s "MONSTER" - trained gorilla
        (app-did)--Master of Kung Fu I#92
  • DWELLER IN DREAMS - see TIME TRAVELER (app)--Micronauts I#2

    DWELLER-IN-SHADOWS - see HOUSE of SHADOWS (app-hos)--Strange Tales I#120/2

    DWELLERS of the ARK (Aletha, "Noah", bullfinches, others) - 2 billion extraterrestrials living in multipod spacecraft (The Ark), encountered by Star-Lord (Quill)
        (app)--Marvel Super Special#10

    DWELLER ON THE THRESHOLD - demon, allied with Dire Wraiths, based in "realm of unreality"
        (app)--Rom#40 (41

    DWI-ZANN - white Kree, general, ally of Clumsy Foulup, executed by silver surfer robot under control of Ael-Dann and Dar-Benn
        *D*--Silver Surfer III#31( 53d)

    DWORMAN, JIM-cybertek->roxxon, sympathetic to Deathlok (Collins)
        --Deathlok I#1(2,II#1 10 17

    DWYER,    - former(?) president of Empire State University
        --Spectacular Spider-Man II#9

    DWYER, MARISSA - friend and roommate of Candace Nelson, kidnapped and tortured by Charles Boroughs and Mr. Fear (Cranston)
        Marissa MacTaggart--Daredevil I#371 (372,[373],375

    DYBBUK - bestial ally of Ruby Thursday
        --Omega the Unknown#10 (Defenders I#76,77

    DYKE ( ) - Kinsmen, nereid/water nymph.
        female, transform into liquid form, alter shape, etc.
        (app-kin)--Marvel Comics Presents I#43/4

    DYKKORS (the Seven)- demons of Dormammu, used by him in an invasion attempt of earth, active during Inferno, driven off by X-teams, empowered Zodiak (Norm Harrison) to continue to feed their thirst for blood
        (app-zodiak)--Dr. Strange I#172 (173, Dr. Strange III#28

    DYKON - Beginagains, son of Ryest.
        cause seismic tremors
        (app-beg)--X-Factor I#44 (45,46, 48-50

    DYLON CIR - Kree, Galen Kor's Lunatic Legion, converted into energy for the Omni-Wave Projector
        brown hair, male
        *D* (app-lunatic)--Avengers I#364 (365,366, [378(fb), 378] - BTS, 379,  Iron Man III#7(fb), 7, Captain America III#8, Quicksilver#10, Avengers III#7d)

    DYMPHA - Phalanx, stationed at Phalanx Citadel in Tibet
        --Cable II#16

    DYNACO (Harry Ebbing, Dermot Learym Si Stephens) - company of Si Stephens, plotted to black out Florida to make a profit; a majority of the board was slain by the Punisher
        --Punisher VII#31, 32 (named) (32(fb), 31-36, 37d

    DYNA-DISK - weapon used by Diablo against Avengers
        fire energy blasts and form shields
        (app)--Avengers I#41 (42

    DYNAMAN (Lagaro) -
        (g)--Daring Mystery Comics#6

        (net-goldage)--(g)Mystic Comics#1

        Crusaders, shrank by Colonel Dietrich, brainwashed by Nazis, exposed Alphie as a Nazi, later forced Dietrich to restore his height, took on guise of Mighty Destroyer.
        full strength at twelve inches tall
        (net)--Invaders I#14(15,18-21->md)

    DYNAMITE (Susan Svensson) - mutant, Midtown High student, worked as an exotic dancer in Brooklyn heights, slain by Ghoul after lost powers on M-Day
        fireworks-like power
        *D*--Generation M#1, (named) #2 ([2 (fb), 1 (fb, d)]

    DYNAMITE of Earth-148611 - see CRAWLEY, MICHAEL (app)--DP7(nu)#16

    DYNAMITE CRUSADER - fictional partner of Masked Marvel
        --X-Men II#187/2

    DYNAMO CITY (I the Great, , Sensory Stimulation Network, Tent Town)
        -extraterrestrial city, Omni-Energy Absorbing Complex, silver surfer was trapped there for a time as a result of a plot of Thanos to distract him while he acquired the Infinity Gems.
        Steeped in bureaucracy, systems run by I the Great, drains power of its inhabitants and others to maintain itself, all forms of energy are collected and stored in central battery, designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer
        (app)--Silver Surfer III#40 (41-43

    DYNA-SOAR - SHIELD aircraft, used vortex beam to defy gravity
    Strange Tales I#156

    DYNDYMENE - goddess, Cybele has been mistaken for her
        --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe D#3]

    DYNORR the STALKER - Alpha Centaurian, led raiding expedition to steal Earth’s water, imprisoned, sent to earth as part of Maximum Security
        (app)--Sub-Mariner I#17 (18(fbs), 17,18, Maximum Security#1,[2,3]

    DYPTHERION 2099 - demon, summoned inadvertently by Strange, killed her brother Vincent
        --2099: World of Tomorrow#5 (fb)

    DYSART, Dr. - treated wounded Captain America (Steve Rogers) during World War II
        --Captain America: Man out of Time#2 (2011)

    DYSART, Dr. - treated wounded Captain America (Steve Rogers) shortly after revival in modern era
        --Captain America: Man out of Time#2 (2011)

    DYSKOR the PURVEYOR - demon, agent of higher demons, inadvertently summoned by Augustine Phyffe, attempted to seduce him into service of Dormammu, Tiboro, Satannish, or Mephisto
        (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#14/2

    DYSON, Dr. GINA - ally of Coldblood-7, former agent of Project: Ultra-Tech, reported illicit activities to Lt. Eric Savin, became his lover, forced by Mako to convert Savin into a cyborg after he was killed by a mine, restored his memories and helped him to escape Mako’s control, rescued from Mako by Coldblood
        (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#26/3 (hallucination only), 27/3 (30/3(fb), [31/3(fb)], 31/3(fb), [26/2], 27/3-35/3

    DYSON, LEANDER - elderly man (possible demon in human form), rescued Satana--while she was trapped in the form of Judith Camber--from the Church of Dis, instructed her on the nature of the Basilisk and advised her on how to free her spirit form from the Camarilla of the N’Garai
        (app-sat)--Marvel Preview#7

    DYSON, LEODIS - worked as hero for hire to emulate Luke Cage, became drug enforcer, badly beaten
        --New Avengers: Luke Cage#1 (2-3

    DYSON, WESLEY - District X, agent of Kaufman, killed by Mr. M
        *D*--District X#4 (4d)

    DYSTOPIA - see Earth-Dystopia--Hulk: Future Imperfect#1

    DYSTOPIA, SONIC FIELDS of - see SONIC FIELDS of DYSTOPIA--[Sleepwalker#23]

    DYZAKK - mystic entity invoked by Dr. Strange; corresponds to Gaea per Ian McNee's Catalogue of Correspondence
        "DYZAKK's CAGE"--[Dr. Strange III#

    DYZAN - Deviant, follower of Kra
        --Eternals III#6

    DZEMAL ?? - District X, former employee of Filthy Frankie Zapruder, betrayed after befriending Bishop, saved from harassment by Bishop
        winged flight, deformed hands
        --X-Men Unlimited II#2 (District X#10(fb), 7, 10-11

    DZILOS - Brood, technician, killed by Wolverine
        (app)--Uncanny X-Men I#162, (named) 163 (162, 163d)

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