DIABLERI of CHAOS - Proemial God, tasked with preventing excessive order, created the Chaos Mites/Chaos Sprites, eventually led civil war amongst the Proemial Gods, allied with Aegis & Tenebrous
    --Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus#2/2 (2/2 (fb)

DIABLO (Esteban Diablo, possibly Esteban Corazon De Ablo) - criminal alchemist from nine century Spain, banished from Spain by Order of the Deacons, relocated to Transylvania, extended life through alchemical means, former ally and lover of Gilded Lily, imprisoned in castle by vengeful villagers, brought Dragon Man to life, enhanced powers of Darkoth, created Elementals of Doom.
    Maintains youth via Elixir of Longevity, uses all sorts of alchemical weapons
    - Mr. Oblaid, Al Bido (I#3, D#3, M, net)--Fantastic Four I#30 (Fantastic Four III#35(fb1), F4#525(fb), 525(fb), Fantastic Force#18(fb) Alpha Flight I#21(fb), Fantastic Four III#35(fb2) / 526(fb), Marvel: Lost Generation#8, Fantastic Four I#30,35, Fantastic Four Annual#3/Marvel: Heroes & Legends, Avengers I#41,42, Marvel Super-Heroes II#20, F4#117,118,194(fb),193,194,232, Iron Man I#159, Secret Wars II#7, Alpha Flight An1, F4#306,307, Marvel Super-Heroes III#8/2, Alpha Flight I#102,103, Spider-Man#19/2,20/2, Avengers Collectors Edition#1, Fantastic Force#12-14,16-18, [Spider-Man/Human Torch#5(fb)], Fantastic Four III#35,36, Avengers III#38-40, [FF525(fb)], 525-526, Fantastic Four: Foes#1, 5-6, Marvel Knights 4 #26-27, [FF551 (fb)], New Warriors IV#10, 12

DIABLO of Earth-1610 -
    (OH: UltSecret)--Ultimate Fantastic Four#39

DIABLO - extradimensional smoke monster from 5th Dimension, sought to take over Earth; fled after seeing a man light and extinguish a match, which made him believe that humanity had power over smoke and fire
    composed of smoke, telepath
    (Marvel Monsters, app)--Tales of Suspense I#9 (9(fb), 9

DIABLO ( ) - bear
    (net-preff)--(g) Tex Morgan#8

DIABLO the VOLANO MAN of Earth-Amalgam - Diablo + Volcano Man, Challenger-Haters of Evil
    (app)--Challengers of the Fantastic#1 (1(fbs)

DIABLO, NICK - @ 1926, gangster in Rome, tried to put out a hit on Dracula, his allies were turned into vampires and attacked him
    *D/R?*--Dracula Lives#8/2

DIABOLIK of Earth-Avengers 1950s? (Zirksu) - @ 1958, Skrull, attempted to prevent humans from advancing into space age, used technology on Vince River’s equipment, helped transform Sinkovitz into Cold Warrior, battled 3D Man
    BUZZ, DOC ROCK, "Richard Nixon" (app)--Marvel Premiere#35 (36, 37

DIABOLIQUE - daughter of DeGuzman + demon, created Zoroaster and Playmate, which she used as her power battery, sought to find and control people to serve as her parents, sought to become apprentice to Salome’, freed from imprisonment by Mike Clemson, killed Rebecca Taylor, framed Vengeance for her death.
    Appears as young human wf, great magical powers
    (Mystic Arcana, app)--Darkhold#9 (10,12,14, Marvel Comics Presents#160-163,172,173

DIADEM (Lucieane D'Hiven) - assassin, killed Dame Peraudi.
    Used gem to fire energy blasts
    (app)--Master of Kung Fu I#102

DIADEM of the GIANT-KINGS - referenced by Aztrias
    --[REH's The God in the Bowl], Conan the Barbarian I#90

DIAL: HUSK of Earth-Amalgam (Paige Guthrie) - Husk + Dial H for Hero
    --X-Patrol#1 (1(fb#3), 1, Exciting X-Patrol#1

DIAMOND of DOOM – weapon of Mole Man, used to bring victims down to Subterranea
    —Marvel Treasury Edition#25

DIAMONDs of DOOM - undersea mound of energy-draining diamonds, serves as the base of the Demon of the Diamonds
    (app-demon)--Tales to Astonish I#72 ([72(fb)], 72,73

DIAMOND, CHUCKY - New York shock jock
    --Thor II#5 (54

DIAMOND, ROBERT "BOB" - Sons of the Tiger. wm, blond
    (D#12)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#1/3 (1/3(fb), 1/3, 3(fb), 3, 4/2, Annual#1, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#6, 7/2-9/2, 10/3, 11/2, 13/2, 14/2, 16/3, 17/2, 18/2, Marvel Team-Up I#40, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#19/2-21/2, 23/2, [24/2], 26, 29/2, 30, 32/2, Power Man/Iron Fist#59, 64,65, 72-74, 78,79, 84, 92-94, 100, 104,105, 108,109, Fantastic Four III#37, 40, 50, 51, Daredevil II#39, Pulse#9

DIAMOND, MORRIS "SNAKE" - enemy of Vulture, plane crashed by Vulture, who tried to test out his mummification serum on him, may also have been involved with plot to use dice made of special plastic that allowed them to be controlled
    --Web of Spider-Man#24 (45

DIAMONDBACK (Willis Stryker)-Bloods, youthful friend and later enemy of Carl Lucas/Luke Cage, involved with the Syndicate/Maggia
    Used specialized throwing knives
    *D* (OH:AZU#1, app)--Hero for Hire#1 (1(fb)/Cage I#3(fb1,2,4), HfH#1,2d)

DIAMONDBACK (Rachel Leighton) - Serpent Society, BAD Girls Inc, Initiative, sister of Cutthroat, badly beaten as youth & brother killed by Brock Rumlow, trained at taskmaster’s academy, past enmity with Snapdragon (Sheoke Sanada), former girlfriend of Captain America, briefly retired after beaten nearly to death by Snapdragon, kidnapped and trained by Crossbones, transfused with Captain America’s blood, became servant of Superia in exchange for her offer to cure Captain America of his paralysis, diamonds originally designed by Trapster, modified by Tinkerer.
    Acrobatic, skilled in combat, uses throwing diamonds containing a variety of substances
    -DIAMOND GIRL, RATSEL, SNAPDRAGON* (D#3, M, OH2006#3, net)--Captain America I#310(400/3(fb),403/2(fb) 310-313,315,319, 341-345,Uncanny X-Men An13,Cap357/2,358-366,368-371,372/2, Avengers I#325, Cap372-378,Av328,Cap379/2,380-382,385/2,386/2,387-392, 393,394, Captain America Annual#11/2, Cap394/2, 395,396, 399/2, 400/3, 401, 402/2-408/2, 409,410, 411-417, 418, 422, 424, 425-427, 428-432,433, 439, Siren Infinity, Siren#1-3, Citizen V and the V Battalion#1, [Captain America IV#29-31], 32, [Hellions#3(fb)], 2-4, Cable & Deadpool#20-23, Civil War#5-6, Giant-Size Avengers II#1, Avengers: Initiative#8 (fb), 9 (fb), [10], 12

DIAMONDBACK (Debbie Bertrand) - daughter of David & Kirsty, given costume by Tinkerer, former agent of Lucia von Bardas
    (SecWar, Secret War#4)--Secret War#3 ([Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury(fb)], SW#3-5

DIAMOND GLACIER - Kree region, home to Jat Vor-Thrul's family
    --[X-Men Legacy#222]

DIAMOND HAMMER (Carl Hollister) - Metahumes, criminal, former partner of Alexs Flynn, quit after their escape from the Hostiles.
    Transform into diamond hard, super-strong form
    (app-met)--(CH) Spider-Man: Friends and Enemies#1, (DH) 2 (3,4

DIAMOND HEAD (Rocky the Lynx) - Maggia, manipulated inner city African-Americans as leader of Diamond Heads, exposed by Captain America and the Falcon
    (app)--Captain America I#126 ([126(fb)], 126

DIAMONDHEAD (Arch Dyker) - Terrible Trio, criminal, former golden gloves boxing champion turned petty thief, mutated by diamond-powered laser while attempting to steal some precious gems, enemy of Nova/Rider, betrayed Nova Corps to Skrulls, former prisoner on Stranger’s Laboratory World, shattered by Nova.
    Super-strong, diamond-like body, regenerate from being shattered or losing body parts
    (OH2006#3, net)--Nova I#3 (6(fb), 6-8,10,12, 22(fb), 22-25, Fantastic Four I#206,208,209, Nova III#2(fb), Nova II#10(fb), Rom24(fb), 24, [Quasar#13-15],16, [19],20, Nova II#9,10, Nova III#2 (shattered), Civil War: Front Line#9/2, Nova IV#2

DIAMOND HEADS (    ) - followers of Diamond Head (Rocky)
    (app-diamondhead)--Captain America I#126 ([126(fb)], 126

DIAMOND LIL (Lillian Crawley) - Gamma Flight(s), Omega Flight, Alpha Flight, 198, lover of Madison Jeffries, captured and experimented on by Department H, sent to Neverland, beaten by Boxbots.
    Virtually invulnerable (including hair), enhanced strength
    - CREEPY CRAWLEY (D#9, M, OH2006#3, 198, net)--Alpha Flight I#1 (11-13,26-28,71-75, 76-86, [86(fb)],87, 88-90,Av320-324,AF#91-101, [Infinity Gauntlet#2], Alpha Flight#102, 103-105, 109/2, 122, 125,126, [Alpha Flight II#1], 5,6, 19(fb),11,15?, 18, Weapon X II#5, X-Men: The 198#4-5, X-Men II#183, [184-185]

DIAMONNO - magical entity or place associated with Perrinois, referenced in the Pool of Diamonno
    --[Spider-Man Team-Up#3]

DIAN ?? - see WILKINS, DIAN--Omega the Unknown#3

DIANA - see ARTEMIS (app)--Thor I#129

DIANA ?? - Warheads Bina Troop, psi-scout; briefly converted into one of the Cyberdrones, slain by Travers/Activator after she rebelled
    (app)--Die-Cut vs. G-Force#1 (2d)

DIANA of Earth-9602 - Themiscyra, ex-wife of Trevor Castle, mother of Ryan Castiglione/Kanto
    --Amazon#1 (1(fb2),Bullets & Bracelets#1(fb1),B+B#1

DIANA ?? - vampire?/supernatural child; she and her mother plotted to revive the ten most evil people to ever set foot in New Orleans, abducted Rikki Eco and Ize, accidentally killed Ize, placed spirit of General Butler in Rikki
    (app-sophia+strange)--Epic Anthology#1/3

DIANNE - see FERRULE, DIANNE (app)--Captain America Comics#25 (26

DiANGELO, CHIC - Maggia crimelord, involved with drug experiments that created Cloak & Dagger, later forced Gilbert to create monsters robots he planned to use to take over Manhattan's criminal gangs, defeated by Power Pack
    (app)--Power Pack I#6 (7-8

DIARMID - Microverse, Acroyear, Iawai race, dancer, donated legs to princess Mari when she lost hers to the ice hydra sent by Karza + Edev
    (app)--Micronauts II#15(15(fb)

DIARY of the AGED GENGHIS - cursed magic item, formerly possessed by Lord (Augustyne) Phyfee, bartered to Grogonk of Gonk at the Bazaar at the End of Unreason
    (Mystic Arcana-Tomes)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#12

Diary of Grigori Russoff  Contains virtual copy of the Darkhold, used by Modred the Mystic to recover the original Darkhold
    --Werewolf by Night I#15

Diary of PATSY WALKER - enchanted by Gargoyle (Isaac Christians) when she was trying to use it to write a novel, given power to make her dreams come true; she never wrote the novel, and eventually the spell brought several versions of her (aspects of what she once wished to be) to life; spell eventually reversed when Patsy found the key and locked the diary again.
    --Marvel Comics Presents II#1/2

DIASCAR race - Centaur-like beings, virtually wiped out by Chlorites in the past, came to Earth to help eliminate the Chlorites who had fled there
    --X-Men: Watchers on the Walls

DIAVOLO (    ) -
    --Captain America Comics#49

DIAZ, JESUS - young boy, legs blown off in a mine field, promised honorary membership in X-Statix by Henrietta Hunter
    --X-Statix#14 (14(fb), 16

DIBBLE, professor - archeologist, former mentor to Alex Summers, encountered X-Men and Neyaphem on Isla des Demonos, killed by Yizdazel
    *D*--Uncanny X-Men#430 (431, 432d)

DIBBS, LIONEL - Harlem resident, partner of Roscoe, diagnosed with cancer of the hand by Don Blake, received prosthetic hand from Stark Industries, fought Inhumans, presumably died from cancer
    cybernetic hand with built in gun
    (app)--(hand only) Amazing Adventures II#6, (fully seen, named) #8 (6-8

DICE (Rob Fortune) - Skrull Kill Krew
    - COWBOY (app-skk)--Skrull Kill Krew#1(2-5

DICE, Mr. - mercenary agent of Barnabus Cross in effort to capture Tiger Shark
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents #77/4

DIE-CUT (Czorn Yson) - Ganalon, past victim of Death's Head-Minion
    (app)--Death's Head/Die-Cut#1 (2(fb#2+1), 1,2, Die-Cut vs G-Force#1,2, Die-Cut#1-4

DICEMEN of Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD (Athey, Chance)
    - group of wealthy individuals who set up pawns to conflicts
  (app)--Death's Head I#9

DICK - see RICHARDS, "DICK" (app-westsideripper)--Typhoid#2

DICKERSON, Senator - Metahuman Investigations Meeting
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#530 (531

DICKIE ?? - Former member of Brimstone and Bronx Bombers, killed by Man-Thing
    *D* (app-eblis)--Marvel Fanfare I#9 (9(fb), 9d)

DICKIE ?? - Europan government, allied with Reggie, attempted assassination of Henrietta Hunter, employed Euro-Trash
    (app-euro)--X-Statix#13 (14 -16, 18?

dictator - Caribbean island, created Overseer and Myrmidon, used them to rule until they were destroyed by Iron Man, ousted by the citizens
    (app-over)--Iron Man I#29

    --Daring Mystery Comics#4

DIE-CUT (Czorn Yson) - Ganalonian mutant, formerly assimilated by Death's Head (Minion)
Death's Head & the Origin of Die-Cut#1

DIEGO, MANUEL - Mexican sorcerer, summoned to the Temple of the Three for competition to become Sorcerer Supreme by Aged Genghis
    (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Dr. Strange & Dr. Doom: Triumph & Tragedy

DIESEL (    ) - gunman of Zebra Daddy, decapitated by X-23
    (app-zebra daddy)--NYX#7

DIESEL (    ) - Black Dahlias
    --Order II#5 (6 (fb)?, 5, 8-9?

DIETSCH, RICK - collector of Captain America memorabilia in Toledo, Ohio
    --Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1

DIFFERENCE ENGINE (    ) - circa 1907 AD, Upward Path
    --Runaways II#28 (29-30

DIGGER (Roderick Krupp) - Nightshift, associate of Headstone P. Gravely, based in Tower of Shadows.
    uses shovel as weapon
    (U#5)--Tower of Shadows#1 (
Spider-Woman I#47, Captain America I#330,331, Solo Avengers#3/2, West Coast Avengers II#40, Avengers West Coast#77-79, Captain America I#420, [Thunderbolts II#111]

DIGGER - Outcasts. clawed hands able to slice through most substances
    (app-out)--Marvel Treasury Edition #25 (Incredible Hulk II#263(fb), Rom#28, Iron Man An12

DIGGER (        ) - composite form of a number of the Vegas Thirteen--1950s gangsters killed by agents of Morris Forelli and buried in the desert of Las Vegas, revived and merged by gamma bomb test, traveled to New York in effort to avenge self on Forelli, broke apart when exhausted energy fighting Spider-Man
    Superhuman strength + durability, immune to most forms of destruction
    (OH: Spdm2004, app)--Amazing Spider-Man II#51 (51(fb), 51-54

DIGGERS - armored units, agents of Roland Treece
    --Venom: Lethal Protector#1 (6(fb),1,2,6, Spider-Man: Arachnis Project#2,3

DIGIT 8162 (Gan Ayerson) - Dragon's Claws, Scottish, left for dead on the Fever Pitch, found by person (s) unknown who saved his life by replacing parts of his brain with computer implants
    <Dragon's Claws#9>--(UK) Dragon’s Claws#1; Death's Head#1

DIGITEK (Dr. Jonathan Bryant) - transferred mind into protosilicon form, source originally obtained from alternate future by Warheads
    (OH:AZU#1, CWBDR, app)--Digitek#1 (2-4, Civil War: Front Line#6/2 (fb, "dies")

DILBY, LUCIUS - sorcerer, utilized the Bend Sinister
    --Amazing Spider-Man Annual#14

DILHAABI race of Earth-93060 - Godwheel, worshipped Adam Warlock in the past until destroyed by Rune
    --Ultraverse Unlimited#1 (1(fb)

DILL - giant pickle, agent of Bzzk'joh
    (app-bj)--Howard the Duck I#22

DILLMAN, NICK - Daily Bugle editor, former "cellmate" (law school (?) classmate) of Matt Murdock, published his appeal for witnesses of the New York Hilton bombing for the trial of the New York Three
    --Daredevil I#71

    --Marvel Comics#1

DILLON, BERNIE - student at Empire State University, roommate of nova, employed at Marvel Burger, former student at Harry S Truman high school, aware of Nova’s secret identity. wm, brown hair
    --Nova I#1 (2-6,8,11,13,14,18/2,20,23, Marvel Two-In-One Annual#3, Nova #9; II#8,9, Nova III#1-7, Wolverine II#149, New Warriors II#9

DILLON, Dr. MARGARET "MAGGIE" - psycho-therapist, studied under Leonard Samson, recruited by Tony Stark to help reach Arthur Parks within the laser weapon in which he had been trapped, utilized telepathic intrabeam particle communication, killed in power overload
    *D*--Iron Man: The Inevitable#1 ([1 (fbs)], 1-4, 5d)

DILMUN – home of the Annunaki (Mesopotamian gods)
    --(Behind-the scenes) Thor #301 (1980); (identified) All-New OHotMU A-Z #3 (2006)

DILPEPPER, DUNBAR - classmate, neighbor, & rival of Gus Beezer
    (app-gus beezer)--Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer: Hulk#1 (Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer: X-Men#1, Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer: Gus Beezer & Spider-Man#1


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