DIMAN, Dr. (    ) -
    --Miss Fury#5

DIMBURA - sorcerer of the Amazon river basin, trained Owl
    (app-owl)--Marvel Fanfare I#31/2

dimension - Vray and Swarm races perpetuated a war with each and ensuring massive casualties to keep their resources plentiful; rulers overthrown and peace brought out with aid from Rogue (Anna Maria).
    --X-Men Legacy I#271 (2012) (271 (fb), 271-273

dimension - filled with dragons; Gambit and Joelle traveled through a Guatemalan ancient temple portal (created by combining two ancient relics). Gambit and Joelle were attacked by the dragons, and Gambit blew one up by allowing himself to be swallowed before activating his powers. He saved Joelle from another and they escaped back through the portal, which he closed behind them.
    --Gambit V#3 (2012) (3-4

DIMENSION of the ACID RAIN WORLD (dinosaur creatures) - accessed by Hulk via Crossroads, Hulk was rapidly humbled and left
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk Annual#13

    --Astonishing Tales I#3 (GS Super-Villain Team-Up#2(fb)/Fantastic Four I#260

DIMENSION of ARIOCH - plane on journey to dimension of Shuma-Gorath, where Kaluu stopped, Dr. Strange absorbed identity of Arioch.
    Kaluu brought Dr. Strange back to reverse the changes in him caused by his quest
    --Strange Tales II#13/2(15/2

DIMENSION of the BARREN WORLD - accessed via Crossroads, where Klaatu attempted to escape the Andromeda Crew
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#307

DIMENSION of BLACKBODY (Blackbodies, Dark Counsel, Frull race, Iridian race, Khulian race, Pleasure Hive, Plykaztin race, Presinoku, Puskiger, Robot-World, Silver Legion, Slundara, Sulani race, Uni-Lord, Urmateh, Zziazz race, 2 unnamed races )
    - alien universe to which silver surfer traveled, where he was temporarily divided into numerous sections and bartered to a variety of races
    --Silver Surfer III#111(121(fb), 111-121

Dimension of Blindness (Landark)  -
    --Doctor Strange: Through Six Dimensions

DIMENSION of the BLUE DEVILS - accessed via Crossroads
    Dimension of Devil World* (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#313

DIMENSION of BLUE TOADMEN - accessed via Crossroads, Hulk fled here in an attempt to escape alpha flight's energy harpoon
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#313

DIMENSION of the BRAAK-'NHUD - see BRAAK-'NHUD dimension--Vengeance#1 (2011)

DIMENSION of BUEL (Buel,gremlins )- --Sensational Spider-Man#22

DIMENSION of the BURNING WORLD - accessed via crossroads,shown to hulk on puffball collective's map (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#302

DIMENSION of CERANDA (Balatraan system of planets,Ceranda)-alien world where dr.doom and thor were temporarily stranded following escape from earth-heroes reborn
    --Thor Annual 1999

    --Dr. Strange III#90

DIMENSION of CLAN O'DONNELL (elves(Eamon O'Donnell+Gel),Grand Dame,faeries,trolls,dragon,Glamour Machine )
    --Generation X#8 (9

    --Warlock & the Infinity Watch#14 ( 26

DIMENSION of DANIEL DECYST's WORLD (DeCyst,yellow humanoids,skeletal warriors )
    -accessed cia crossroads,decyst escaped there many years in past,hulk travelled there and regained ability to transform into banner
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#309 (311(fb),309-311

DIMENSION of the DESERTWORLD - accessed via crossroads, on which Andromeda crew died in pursuit of Klaatu
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#307

DIMENSION of DEVIL WORLD (giant, blue-haired creature) – accessed via Crossroads
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#313

DIMENSION of DOOM (2D-Men, Hypno-Creature) - planned to invade Earth until machine destroyed by John Cummings
    (app)--Tales of Suspense I#33; rep Fear#9

DIMENSION of EBONY BLADE (Black Knight/Percy, Victoria Bentley, Andromeda, demons, formerly Marrina+Namor)
    - pocket realm, imprisoned souls of those slain by ebony blade--Namor#60(61

DIMENSION of ENITHARMON (Enitharmon, Rintrah, R'Vaal) -
    (app-enitharmon)--Dr. Strange II#78

DIMENSION of EXILE (atlantean, Ffurg, Grogg, kree, Ngh the Unspeakable, Orm, skrull, Tetrarchs of Entropy, Xa)
    --Avengers I#330 (Blaze II#6

DIMENSION of FLOATING CITIES (Blackknob,Captain Long John McGurk,Meg,Sabree,Shagreen,[Slimey,Spikenose])
    -encountered by nightcrawler,cities include l’un dun t’wn and bel amee’anora --Nightcrawler I#1(2

DIMENSION of the FROZENWORLD - accessed via crossroads,shown on puffball collective's map (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#302

DIMENSION of FURRY BLUE PEOPLE - accessed via crossroads,klaatu fled here to escape andromeda crew (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#307

DIMENSION of the GLOB WORLD of FLOATING THINGS - accessed via crossroads,hulk fled here in attempt to escape alpha flight's energy harpoon 9; 9; 9; 9; 9; 9; 9; 9; 9;
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#313

DIMENSION of GREEN ENERGY CREATURE - encountered by thing--Marvel Comics Presents#164

DIMENSION of HELLEYES (helleyes) - alien world,ruled by helleyes,accesed through portal in mason manor until destroyed by morbius
    --Adventures into Fear#28(29(fb),28,29

DIMENSION of ICEBOX BOB's prison (Icebox Bob,Baal)- --Blaze II#2(3

DIMENSION of IDOLWORLD - accessed via crossorads,hulk fled here in an attempt to escape alpha flight's energy harpoon
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#313

DIMENSION of ISKELIOR (Iskelior ) - see ISKELIOR's realm (app-iskelior)--Dr. Strange III#58(59

DIMENSION of IURIALE (Iuriale )- --Dr. Strange II#76

DIMENSION of KINETIC ENERGY - empowered Speedball
    --Speedball#1/2( 9; 9; New Warriors I#66,69(fb),71

DIMENSION of LOCKJAW’s FOODWORLD - alien world, contains a plantform that seems to be of importance to creatures with a natural ability to traverse dimensions.    
    Utilized by lockjaw and dragons of rammatpolen
    --Fantastic Four I#56 (Fantastic Four Annual#16

DIMENSION of MANIFESTATIONS (Anthropomorpho, Infinity War doppelgangers) - alien world, natives are living fractals able to shape themselves in an infinite manner, serve as manifestation bodies for those without physical form, or as alternate forms for powerful physical entities, natives are allowed varying amounts of input depending on the wishes of the entity, newborns serve as finite beings.
    Magus contracted with Anthropomorpho to create the infinity war doppelgangers from the natives
    (OH2006#3)--Quasar#38( Infinity War#1 2 3 4 5 6, Rune/Silver Surfer#1

DIMENSION of MECHANOID INSECTOIDS - alien world, natives took mental control of several people and animals on Earth, forcing them to build a portal to allow them to invade Earth. Wolverine entered the portal and destroyed it from the other side, preventing any further interaction with Earth
    --Marvel Comics Presents#141

DIMENSION of MISTWORLD - accessed via Crossroads, Klaatu fled here in an attempt to escape the Andromeda Crew
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#307

DIMENSION of the N'GARAI (N'Garai ) - part of (or synonymous with) the Flickering Realms of Chthon
    --Wolverine Annual 1995

DIMENSION of OCEANWORLD - accessed via Crossroads, andromeda crew pursued klaatu here from crossroads
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#306(307

DIMENSION of OCTOPODWORLD - accessed via crossroads,hulk fled here in an attempt to escape alpha flight's energy harpoon
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#313

DIMENSION of PARADISE and the CITY OF DEATH (greens (sorcerer, Nalee, Vartu), Iron Knights(Makia, Pateld),Rose Wall)
    -accessed via crossroads,hulk was vastly overpowered here,but stayed in an attempt to free the green sorceress,left after she accepted her powers and destroyed the iron knights
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#302(303(fb1+2),301,302,305

DIMENSION of POISONED WORLD (Sym(d),symbionts)-accessed via crossroads,organisms required symbionts in order to consume the poison food, hulk befriended a symbiont until it died after seeing the skies
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk An#13(13(fb),13,Hlk305

DIMENSION of POSSESSORS - resources exhausted by overuse of resources of technology, essentially earthlike
    --Strange Tales I#118/2 (Dr. Strange III#27(fb)

DIMENSION of the PTAH (Ptah)-realm in which graviton was trapped folllowing the collapse of his molecules by Vision
    --Thunderbolts #17(17(fb)

DIMENSION of the PUFFBALL COLLECTIVE (Puffballs(d),N'Garai )- --Incredible Hulk II#308(308(fb),308

DIMENSION of the PURPLE GIANT - accessed via the crossroads (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#301(305

DIMENSION of the PURPLE WORLD of EXILE (Zgorian(d)) - accessed via Crossroads, (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk#304(305

DIMENSION of QUICKSAND WORLD - accessed via crossorads,in which ironclad was trapped (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#305

DIMENSION of RADIATION MONSTERS - accessed via crossroads,in which x-ray was trapped (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#305

DIMENSION of RAPTOR-possibly a false conjuration of shaman --Spider-Man Unlimited#15

DIMENSION of ROBOTWORLD - accessed via crossroads,hulk fled here in an attempt to escape alpha flight's energy harpoon
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#313

DIMENSION of SHADOWS (Kimora,Oracle,Shadow-Walker,Shadow-Lover)-portal opened into by dr.carling,explored by landau,luckman,& lake
    --Logan: Path of the Warlord

DIMENSION of SHUMA-GORATH-where dr.strange battled and destroyed shuma-gorath--Strange Tales I#13/2(14/2

    --Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#10 (11

DIMENSION of SKYSHARKS -accessed via crossroads,hulk fled here in an attempt to escape alpha flight's energy harpoon.
    possibly the same realm as Quarl
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#313

DIMENSION of SUICIDE – Encroachiverse
    (app-encroach)--Sensational She-Hulk II#16 (17

DIMENSION of SWAMPWORLD (reptillian creatures)-accessed via crossroads,hulk fled here in an attempt to escape alpha flight's energy harpoon
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#313

DIMENSION of TRINARY BEINGS ("Trinitarians") - accessed by Reed + Sue Richards, contains a large supply of photonucleic crystals
    --"Trinit"--Fantastic Four III#68

DIMENSION of VACUUM WORLD -accessed via crossroads, in which vapor was trapped (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#305

DIMENSION of WARWORLD - accessed via crossroads, hulk fled here in an attempt to escape alpha flight's energy harpoon
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#313

DIMENSION of WARRIOR WOMEN (Sehv, Ooga Beast, warrior women) - --Bizarre Adventures#27 (Nightcrawler#2

DIMENSION of WATER WORLD (octopoid creature)
    - accessed via crossroads
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#301

DIMENSION OF WINDWORLD -accessed via crossroads, where vector was trapped
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#305

    --Werewolf by Night II#4

DIMENSION of YELLOW DWARFS -accessed via crossroads,hulk fled here in an attempt to escape alpha flight's energy harpoon
    (app-cr)--Incredible Hulk II#313

Dimension inside mantra's cloak of Earth-93060 (NELCON,OVERLORD,corpsman)
    --Mantra (uv) I#20

Dimension of zuke of Earth-93060 (zuke, Dweeks)
    Part of the Godwheel?


DIMENSION π (Oktid the Omnipotent) - exists between the 3rd & 4th dimensions, accessed from Earth via certain ley lines that intersect in Chinatown
    --Dr. Strange: The Oath#1

DIMENSION X (Zadixx (leader/scientist) -
    --Journey into Mystery#10 "The Wrong World"

DIMENSION X (Overlord + minions, Psychoradiatomic Mediocritizer, former Scientist Supreme, evil clowns )
    - invaded Earth, mutated Slapstick

DIMENSION X (Khan, Shaitan, Pathfinders, Jalene ) - alternate world, continually conquering other earths, defeated by X-Men
    Earth-Khan--[X-Treme X-Men#10],12(13-16

DIMENSION Z (Living Erasers, Petric, Roween, Supremacy) - alien world, seek secret of atomic energy from Earth.
    Natives use erasing technology to transport other beings and technology to their own dimension
    (app)--Tales to Astonish I#49 (Marvel Two-In-One#15 She-Hulk II#35, 37

DIMENSION ZERO (Night People of Zero Street,monstrous non-sentients) - alien world, environment consists of free floating chunks of matter
    (app-night)--Captain America I#202

DIMENSION 6.5 (Vertiplasm) Realm between dimensions 6 and 7; Baron (Helmut) Zemo’s Masters of Evil briefly banished here by Thor
    --Avengers Classics#7/2 (February, 2008)

DIMENSION NINE (Android Pirates)
    --[Sentry/Fantastic Four#1] ([1(fb)]

DIMENSION BREACH - scanner created by Tony Stark to allow Avengers to learn of breaches in Earth’s dimension
    --Avengers III#38

DIMENSION CLOUD - developed by Sigmar, cloud of energy which traps victims, after which they are received by the atomic reassembler
    --Eternals I#18

DIMENSION GIANTS - @ 8000 BC, battled Tribe of the Moon
    fire eyeblasts
    --Alpha Flight I#83(fb)

DIMENSION TRANSIT HARNESS - designed and worn by Zakka, allowed him to pass through solid matter
    --Eternals Annual#1

DIMENSION WAVE INDUCER - creation of Bill Foster, sought funding from Ben Grimm
    --Thing II#1

DIMENSIONAL ALEPH - possible Nexus of Realities or Interzone, site to which the Elementals and their foes were sent when Dr. Alexi Skarab accessed the Ruby Scarab
    --Supernatural Thrillers#15

DIMENSIONAL COMPRESSOR - technology of Mr. Dali, mutated Piper Dali into Paper Doll
    --[Amazing Spider-Man#561] ([561 (fb)]

DIMENSIONAL CORRIDOR-nexus to extradimensional base of magus i during the infinity war,navigated by heroes to confront magus.
    Khoon was trapped here until he was destroyed by galactus
    --Infinity War#1 (Silver Surfer III#

    --Marvel Super-Heroes (uk)#380(381-383

DIMENSIONAL MAN (Joshua Farkas) - SHIELD's Howling Commandos monster force, incubus
    (app)--Tomb of Dracula II#2 (2 (fb2,3), 2, [Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#1-5], 6

DIMENSIONAL OSCILLATOR - Gramosian device, used by Mercurio to open a portal to Gramos
    (app-merc)--Thor I#208 (Captain Marvel I#51, Captain America III#36

DIMENSIONAL TRANSPORTER HELMETS - designed by Kulla, used to bring human scientists to Slaveworld to serve Kulla
    (app-kulla)--Tales to Astonish I#41

DIMENSIONIZER - device used by Living Eraser to transport objects or beings between dimensions
    (app-le)--Tales to Astonish I#49

DMITRI ?? - Special United Nations Council on Nuclear disarmament, spokesman
    (app-dorcas)--Sub-Mariner I#33

DIMITRI ?? - Province 13
    *D*--X-Men: Liberators#1 (1d)

DIMM, QUEENIE of Earth-Amusement World - see QUEENIE DIMM (app-eaw)--Avengers: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow

DIMPLES ( ) - Dimensional Development Court, left behind by Saturnyne or earth-238, slain by Fury
    (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes (UK) #383

"DIMPLES" (    ) - Kree, stationed on Drez-Lar under Ko-Rel, slain by Gamora and Phalanx
    *D*--Nova IV#4 (5d)

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