DETECTIVE DINOSAUR of Earth-9602 - Devil Dinosaur + Detective Chimp
    --[Magnetic Men featuring Magneto#1(letters)]

DETECTIVE PHANTÔME (    ) - Les Heroes de Paris, forced to walk the Earth as an avenging spirit, aiding others until he can one day solve the mystery of his own murder and ascend to Heaven
    <Phantom Detective*>--Fantastic Four#541

    - DRC* --Giant-Size Spider-Man#4 (
    Fantastic Four III#1

DETH - planet of the Dethans
Tales of Suspense I#8/3

DETHAN  race (Ozak, unidentified ruler) - metamorphs, plot to conquer Earth abandoned after Ozak was captured and ceased to report back to his superiors
Tales of Suspense I#8/3

"DETONATOR" of Earth-Hercules 2300 - Assassins Guild
    Used laser pistol, contained self-destruct device
    *Des* (app-assassinsguild)--Marvel Comics Presents#39/3 (40/3

DETROIT MIKE (Mike Eco(?)) - came to New Orleans in search of his sister Rikki, befriended by Sophia Strange
    (app-sophia+strange)--Epic Anthology#1/3

DEUCE - dog bought by Foggy Nelson to pose as partner of Daredevil, lost to Weasel (Hammer) as a bet, given to Blind Alfred and later returned to Weasel
    --Daredevil I#361 (362-364, 366, Daredevil/Deadpool Annual 1997 Annual, Deadpool III#8-10, 13,14

    most recent form *D*--Thor I#482d

DEUTCH, General – SHIELD II, agent of Dark Sisterhood, accused Bridge of covering for Ca le, threatened to kill him if he didn’t relocate to Alaska
    --Cable II#91 (92, 95

DEUTERONOMY - hybrid demon/angel, bred with the intent of replacing God, imprisoned in Heaven, escaped, traveled to Earth, possessed Iprah, destroyed by cigar from Saint of Therapists wielded by Howard the Duck
    (app)--[Howard the Duck III#4], 5

DEVA of Earth-Big Town – alternate dimensional counterpart of Angel?. Mutts
    —Fantastic Four: Big Town#1 (2-4

DEVANE, CHRISTA of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - Alchemax
    --Spider-Man 2099 Annual#1

DeVANENS - 17th century alchemist, associate of Lavoisin

DeVARGAS, EDUARDO of Earth-928 - 2099, former head of Pixel, body taken over and inhabited by Paloma
    --Doom 2099#2 (3,5,[6],7,8

DeVASQUEZ, Dr. HECTOR - father of Christina DeVasquez-Ridge, owner of DeVasquez Research Technologies, enemy of She-Hulk, created Warzone robot + Gamma Tank
    (app)--[She-Hulk II#52], 53 (57(fb), [36(fb)], [50/2(fb)], 53,54, 55, 57

DeVASQUEZ RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIES (Hector DeVasquez, Dan "Zapper" Ridge) - Los Angeles based company working with gamma radiation for medical and commercial use
    (app-hector)--She-Hulk II#53 (54-57 

DeVASQUEZ-RIDGE, CHRISTINA - daughter of Hector, wife of Dan/Zapper, had plastic surgery to look like non-green version of She-Hulk to attract Dan
    (app-hector)--She-Hulk II#36 (53-57

DEVASTATOR (Kirov Petrovna) - Russian armored warrior, armor designed by Gremlin, drew power from satellite, overloaded power and disintegrated.
    Fly, fire blasts of heat or force
    -Peter Kirkman *D* (M)—Incredible Hulk II#186d

DEVASTATOR (Gregori Larionov) - People’s Protectorate, Soviet Super-Troopers, successor to Petrovna, sent by Soviet government to assassinate Gremlin, powered in same fashion
    (M)--Rom#44 (45, Iron Man I#255

DEVENDRA – one of a group of terrorists who fought Mar-Vell and Apalla
    —Marvel Super-Heroes III#3/6

DeVERE, Dr. - Project: PEGASUS, thermal expert
    --Fantastic Four I#313

DEVEREAUX, Mr. -director of lobster man movie
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#43(45

DEVEREAUX, ALEXANDER - Konsortium, French rogue agent, seeks destruction of Russia, tracked Gennady Gavrilov in hopes of locating the Crimson Dynamo armor prototype, posed as hockey scout
    LaChance*--Crimson Dynamo#1 ([4(fb)], 2-6

DEVEREAUX, IRIS - hybrid Eternal/human, daughter of Ceyote, acquires clients for her father’s sculptures
    --Eternals: Apocalypse Now

DEVEREAUX, MAGRITE – investigated past murders of Omega Red, met Sean Cassidy, who tried to save her, but she fell to her death after being exposed to Arkady’s death spore
    (net)—Generation X#7 (10, 11

DEVEREAUX, MEG - Payton Noble High School, student, befriended Jubilee, came out of her shell and began dating Dale Spangler
    --Jubilee#1 (2-6

DEVEREAUX, MICHELLE - chief justice of international court of justice, UN committee on Magneto.
    wf, red hair
    --Uncanny X-Men#200 (Magneto: Dark Seduction#1,2

DEVERAUX, TERESA of Earth-7484 - CIA, associated with Deathlok the Demolisher
    --Astonishing Tales#34 (35,36

DEVEREAUX, Dr. - psychiatrist, ruled Melvin Potter to be lying
    --Daredevil II#96

DEVIANTS of Earth's Lemuria (Ahqlau, Broop, Brother Tode, Brutus, Chudar, Coal, Darg, Dasrax, Dragona, Ulysses Dragonblood, Dulpus, Dyzan, Enigmo, Ereshkigel, Fascit, Finn,  Frathog, Furlock, Gelt, Ghaur, Ghaur, Giough, Haag, Ignatz, Odysseus Indigo, "Iya," Jorro, Karygmax, Nuncio Klarheit, Kra,  Kro, Lugner, Marcelus, Medula,  Morga, Morjak, "Omode," Phraug, Plokohrel, Pyre, Ragar, Ranak, Ransar, Shelmar, Sledge, Sluice, Spike, Stra'an, String, Taras Vol, Thunder, Tobias, Toro Rojo, Tricephalus, Trittex, Tutinax, Tzaboroth, Tode, Veeg, Vira, Visaara, "Randy Lee Watson," Weller, Yrdisis, Zakka, Zona)
    -offshoot of humanity created @ 1 million BC by Ziran of Celestials first host, enemies of Eternals, enslaved humanity in past until attacked Celestials and had capital city destroyed by them, created Subterraneans as slaves, although they rebelled and achieved freedom, many were transmuted into a large cube under city of Olympia, many were further mutated into nearly mindless creatures when apocalypse took control of a US naval submarine and forced it drop a nuclear bomb on Deviant Lemuria.
    unstable genetic line, variable mutation

    CHANGING PEOPLE* (I#3, D#3, OH2006#3)--(Kro) Red Raven Comics#1; (Deviants) Eternals I#1 (What If I#23/2, Amazing Spider-Man An23/7, Cable II#96(fb-maybe), Thor An7(fb), Marvel Universe5-7, Marvel: Lost Generation#10, Et I#1-6, 8-10,13, Thor An7, Thor 285,286, Iron Man An6, [Avengers I#246-248], Eternals II#1-12, Avengers An17, Fantastic Four I#340, Quasar#12, Eternals: Herod Factor, AmzSpdm An#23, Avengers West Coast Annual#4, Fantastic Four Annual#22, Av370,371, Heroes for Hire#5(fb), 5-7, Eternals: Apocalypse Now, [Black Panther III#27],28,29, Avengers III#42-44, 49, 52,53, Eternals III#1-3, 5-7

DEVIANTs of ARMECHADON (Blackwulf, Hept-Supht, Kulkulk, Tantalus) -
    --Avengers I#  , Blackwulf#1

DEVIANTS of the Skrulls - see SKRULLS.
    became mainstream faction--Fantastic Four I#2

DEVIANTS of Tebbel (Khult, Nirvana) -

DEVIANTS of Earth-Eternal (Jeska) - humans mutated by the Eternals @ 1 million BC to serve as a work force, many Eternal men fell in love with the females and evolved their minds
    Deviants of other races were used as well
    --Eternal#1 (2

DEVIATRON - Eternal device, given to them by Zuras, locates Deviants within its vicinity
    --Eternals Annual#1 (Thor I#285

DEVIL - see BELASCO (app)--(Adventure into) Fear I#22

DEVIL - see DAVY JONES--Marvel Mystery Comics#12

DEVIL - see HELLSTORM (app-hellstorm)--Hellstorm I#16

DEVIL - see LUCIFER (app)--Bible Tales for Young Folks#1

DEVIL - see MEPHISTO (app)--Silver Surfer I#3

DEVIL - see SATAN/MARDUK KURIOS (app-satan)--Hellstorm#16

DEVIL - gave waters of Fountain of Youth to Phillip Sanderson
    MEPHISTO?--Adventure into Terror#4

DEVIL - Micronauts, partner of Fireflyte
    --Micronauts I#33

DEVIL race - Microverse, Homeworld, Tropica, Mirthria, lived by rules to prevent one from becoming happier than the others, exchange life cycles with Fireflytes
    --Micronauts I#33

DEVIL - see CATHERINE (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#106/4

devil of the Old West - offered Gunhawk the Midnight Gun
    --Marvel Westerns: Strange Westerns starring the Black Rider#1

DEVIL from HELL's KITCHEN of Earth-9711 - see MURDOCK, MATT (app-earth9711)--What If II#102

DEVIL of the DARK - guardian of the entrance to Necrodamus’ lair, summoned by Necrodamus to slow Defenders
    --Defenders I#1

DEVIL of the PITS - see ROTATH (app)--The Curse of the Golden Skull: The Howard Collector; Conan the Barbarian I#37

DEVIL's BREATH - poison, formula contained in Tablet of Death and Entropy, used by Mr. Negative to kill the Maggia's Karnelli family
    uses blood from one person to develop a toxin fatal to everyone related to that person
    (app-tablet-death&entropy)--Amazing Spider-Man#547 (548

DEVIL's BRIGADE (Cyber, Logan) - military unit active in World War I & II
    --Wolverine Origins#17

DEVIL’s HEART - immense heart, formed when Sioux necromancer was transformed into it by violating magic barriers, possessed natives of devil’s lake, North Dakota, and forced them to kill others, mistakenly perceived as threat by Dracula who sought to destroy it in 1934, destroyed itself when sacrificed Beverly Carpenter
    *D* (1970s, app)--Giant-Size Dracula#4

DEVIL'S MARAUDER of Earth-691 - Martian vehicle driven by Skar, destroyed by Freemen
    (app-skar)--Amazing Adventures II#25 (28, 31, 32, 34d)

DEVIL BREAKER-see STEPHEN LOSS (app-sl)--Hellstorm#12

DEVIL AMONG US, the (Rev. Bob Cumeo, Archie Meyers, Jennifer Norton, Doris, Lawrence, Lynn, unnamed woman)-
    Conversation support group for the people of Hell's Kitchen to discuss Daredevil and his effects on their daily lives, led by Rev. Bob Cumeo, meets at St. Mary's Church, Basement Room 2, 7:30pm, Wednesday nights
    --Daredevil II#71 (72-75

devil-condor of the pre-Cataclysmic era - created by the Hooded Ones, abducted Ridondo and brought him to Torranna
    (app-torranna)--Kull the Destroyer#22 (23


DEVIL DINOSAUR - Dinosaur World/Earth-78411, Fallen Angels, partner of Moonboy, skin scalded red by lava, recently seen guarding a clutch of eggs
    powerful and intelligent
    (U#2, M, Marvel Monsters, net)--Devil Dinosaur#1 (2-9, Devil Dinosaur Summer Fun Special#1, 1/2, 1/3, Marvel Monsters: Devil Dinosaur#1, Godzilla21,22, Fallen Angels#4-8, Wolverine: Global Jeopardy, Marvel Comics Presents#174, X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book 1: The Past, Ghost Rider III#81,82 Spider-Man/Devil Dinosaur Annual 1998, Marvel Comics Presents#5/2-7/2, Heroes for Hire II#10

DEVIL DOCTOR - see FU MANCHU (app)--Special Marvel Edition#15

DEVIL-DOG - see DEUCE (app)--Daredevil I#361

    (net-preff)--(g) Devil Dog Dugan#1

DEVIL-FLOWER (    ) - worshipped as a god by the Gemba tribe; nectar obtained by Trojak to cure illness in Edith's brother, Jerry
    --Daring Mystery Comics#5

DEVIL GIRL of Earth-17885 (Lunalla Lafayette) - partner of Moon Dinosaur
    --Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur#20; (identified) #21

DEVIL-GOD - prehistoric creature living within an unexplored African jungle, hunted and killed by Dr. Karl Strang and Tom Barron.
    -- Mystic Comics#4 (August 1940) prose story titled “the Devil-God”

DEVIL GRIP (    ) - Criminal, formerly employed Mouse, tried to silence him when he learned the truth about his operations, defeated by Ghost Rider (Ketch)
    (app)--Marvel Collector's Edition#1 ([1/2(fb)], 1/2

DEVIL HULK – aspect of multiple personality disorder. evil, lizard-like appearance
    —Incredible Hulk III#1_ ( 28, 30

DEVIL-KING - see SUMA-KET (app)--Namor I#38

DEVIL RIDER (White Bow) - 19th Century, Cheyenne, sought to discredit and replace the chief medicine man, Elk Hunter, by stealing from both red and white men
    (app)--Red Wolf#6

DEVIL RIG (    ) - 1970s era truck-driving spirit of vengeance
    (app)--Ghost Rider VI#33

DEVIL-SLAYER (Eric Simon Payne) - Defenders, former mercenary, used shadow cloak as superhero, later inmate of Rosewell Sanitarium, sanity saved by Sorrow
    (I#3, OH2006#3, app)--Marvel Spotlight I#33 (Man-Thing III#4(fb), MarvSpot33, Defenders I#58-60, 97(fb), 97-101, Marvel Team-Up I#111, Silver Surfer III#14(fb) Death of Captain Marvel GN, Def103,104, 110, Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2,3], Marvel Comics Presents#37/4, 46/2-49/2, 143/4,146/2, Over the Edge2, ManTh III#3-5, Strange Tales V#2

DEVIL-SLAYER of Earth-85133 (Danny Silva) - fomer soldier, grand-nephew of Payne, part of line of Devil-Slayers--Dead of Night Featuring Devil-Slayer#1

DEVILSPAWN (   ) - four-armed, absorb powers of others and duplicate himself
    (app)--Spider-Man Magazine I#12

DEVIL-TREES of the Hyborian era - see KULAMTU TREES--Conan the Buccaneer; Savage Sword of Conan#41

DeVILL, HELLYN - @ late 1700s, witch, leader of band of pirates, led them to steal Dracula Pendant, but Dracula tracked her down and exposed her true nature to her crew, and they presumably slew her. Shape-changer,
    *D* (app)--Dracula Lives#7/3

DeVILLE, ARCADIA - mutant?/deviant?, wf, ally of Ulysses Dragonblood, former test subject for Damocles Foundation, pursued by Sword of Damocles, Earth-616 counterpart to Queen of Star Swords, temporarily mutated Moonstar to allow her to tap into quantum force.
    transmute matter
    (net)--X-Force I#83 (84, 97, 99 (fb), 99-100

DEVIN-9 - another space prison, similar in internal appearance and inmate population
    (app)--Rocket Raccoon II#2

DEVIN-12 - another space prison, similar in internal appearance and inmate population
    --Rocket Raccoon II#11

DEVINE, ANTON - high priest of Church of Lucifer, ally of Hellstorm, supernatural scholar, originally based in San Francisco.
    wm, bald, goatee, glasses
    (app)--Hellstorm#13 (14-16, [18,] 19, 21, Thunderbolts Annual 2000

DEVLIN, BERNIE - former classmate of Obadiah Stane who killed his dog Ruffer to unnerve him during the chess championship
    --Iron Man I#198 (198 (fb)

DEVLIN, MICHAEL PATRICK of Earth-Shadowline - Order of St. George, former Catholic priest, son of Mary and Michael
    (app)--Power Line#1 (St. George#3(fb1+2), St.George#7(fb)/1(fb), Power Line#1, St. George#1(fb), 1, 2, 3, 4,5, 6, 7, Critical Mass#1, 2, 3/2, 4, 5, 6, 6/2,  7 // 7/2 // 7/3

DEVLIN-MacGREGOR PHARMACEUTICALS (Daniel Bollinger, Ione Damasco, Gustav Dahlberg, Francis Max Fischer, Ernest Liebana, James Tosnia)
    - pressured by stockholders, attempted to speed release of drug by testing it on unwilling transients, many of whom die; discovered by Eddie Brock, but they hired a hitman to kill his wife if he didn't keep quiet; Venom later tracked down and slew and/or exposed members
    --Spider-Man Family#2 (2 (fb)

DEVLOR - Inhuman, Fantastic Force
    grow into large ape-like form
    (OH2006#3)--Fantastic Four I#391, 392 (Fantastic Force#1-4, Avengers I#383, FFor5-7,F4#400,[400/2], FFo8,9, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#2, Fforce10,10/2 11-18 F4#416

DEVLUNN - @ 1348, temporarily used half of Resurrection Stone to animate corpses of victims of black plague to set himself up as ruler of his village, stone taken by Avengers
    (app-rs)--Avengers I#209

DEVO - Shi'ar Death Commandos
    white face, goggles, bald
    --[Uncanny X-Men#466], 467, (named) 468

DEVOKTITES (Grogoom, Tim Boo Ba) - Microverse, residents of Devoktos
    --[Amazing Adult Fantasy#9]

DEVOKTOS - Microverse, home of Devoktites
    --[Amazing Adult Fantasy#9]

DeVOE, MARIE - pre-modern era, Brass Monkey, New Mexico, fiancé of Dr. James Barrett, abducted by Dracula, saved by fiancé and father Flotsky,
but then killed in car wreck
    --Dracula Lives#6/4 (7/2

DEVON ?? - mutant, Xavier Institute, taken out by X-Men on Halloween
    --X-Men Unlimited II#1/2

DeVOOR, ALBERT - Roxxon, Nth Command director , Interlocking Technologies
    (app-Nth)—Fantastic Four I#160 (162, 163, Marvel Two-In-One#67, Captain America I#289, She-Hulk II#21

DEVORA - Sectaur empress of Dark Domain, sought power from mystical Hyves, stopped by Dargon, Galken
    --Sectaurs#1 (2-6,8

DEVOS (Jimmy, Steve) - Prescott, New York teen group dedicated to devolution, to dragging society back to a time before technology; apparently broke up after encounter with Saviour, Wolverine, and Boom Boom
    (app-saviour)--Wolverine: Evilution

DEVOS the DEVASTATOR - Fearsome Foursome, extraterrestrial, desires death of any being or race that he deems a threat to the rest of the universe.
    Master of armed and unarmed combat techniques from variety of worlds, uses powerful armored battlesuit
    (M, Annihilation: Nova Corps Files, app)--Fantastic Four I#359 (377(fb), [359(fb)], 359(fb), 359, 400, 366, 369, 390(fb), 370-372, 374, 377-379, 382,383, Maximum Security#1,[2,3], Fantastic Four: Foes#1 [5,6]?, Annihilation: Ronan#2-4

DEVOURER (Siapap) - enemy of Ennead gods
    (app)--Marvel Two-In-One#23

DEVOURER - see RANAQ the GREAT DEVOURER--Alpha Flight I#18,19

DEVOURER (Tommy Webster) - museum guard, mutated by Mayan artifact into version of ancient Mayan monster, intent on creating army of dead by sacrificing humans.
    (card, app)--Daredevil Annual#9 (Daredevil#335,336

DEVOURER of Earth-691 - @ 2018, monstrous creature
    *D*--Amazing Adventures II#31

DEVOURER of BABES - see EHRTHOLD (app)--Giant-Size Man-Thing#5

DEVOURER of the DEAD of the Hyborian era -
    --Conan the Barbarian I#86 (Savage Sword of Conan#206

DEVOURER of MEN - see JAGRFELM (app)--Thor II#22

DEVOURER of SOULS (Wraal/Wrarrl) - pre-Cataclysmic and Hyborian era extradimensional demon
    (app) -ACHERON*--Savage Sword of Conan#90 (96(fb1), 90(fb), 90, 96(fb2), 96, 108,109, CtB#187, 189, 190,191, 193-199,An12,CtB#200, 270-272, [CtB#27_-275, SSoC#218], [Conan: Flame & Fiend#1],2,3

DEVOURER of SOULS - see MEPHISTO (app)--Silver Surfer I#3

DEVOURERs of SOULS - extradimensional, Wraal's brethren
    (app-dev)--Savage Sword of Conan#96

DEVOURER of WORLDS of Earth-712 – alternate dimensional counterpart of Galactus, destroyed Skrull homeworld
    —[Squadron Supreme: New World Order]

DEVOURING SWAMP - Georgia, former base of Blackburn's Dragon Circle
    --Jungle Action#

DEVOUT (Swad) - religious order

DEVOUVIER, SIMONE - social worker, investigated whether it was safe for Franklin & Valeria to live with the Fantastic Four
    --Fantastic Four III#528 (529, 533, 535

DEVREAUX, MAX - Empire State University student, briefly dated Emma Frost, forced to assault her by Astrid Bloom, suspended
    --Emma Frost#13 (14, 15, 16/[18(fb)]

DeVRIES, JOE of Earth-93060 - ultra, killed by NM-E
    *D*--Ultraforce: Year Zero: Death of the Squad (uv) #4d

DEVRON - Celestial youth, worked alongside Gamriel, manipulated events on Dinosaur World, mutated Devil Dinosaur to allow him to be a match for the Hulk, sent to observe the first meeting of the Kree and Skrull
    --Marvel Monsters: Devil Dinosaur#1

DEVROS - Kree grand admiral, former commanding officer of Zen-Pram, transformed into Brood, killed by Mar-Vell
    BROOD-KING* *D*(app)--[Untold Tales of Captain Marvel#1], 2 ([1(fb)], 2(fb), 1-3d)

DeWINTER, ROXANNE - Smithville Reporter, exposed Smithville Thunderbolt
    (app-st)--Web of Spider-Man#8 (9

DeWITT, KEARSON - employee of Marrs Corp, sought vengeance on Tony Stark for allegedly putting his father out of business, took over Iron Man's artificial nervous system, eventually put on exoskeleton + attacked Iron Man, crippled in battle, later allied with AIM and Professor Power in trading and selling exo-skeletons, killed in battle.
    wm, dark hair + beard
    -Overlord (app)--[Iron Man I#256], 258 ([Annual#13 (fb), IM#260 (fb), 256], 258-266, [Annual#13 (fb), Darkhawk Annual#1, Avengers West Coast An7], Iron Man Annual#13

DeWITT, Mr. - father of Kearson, allegedly a brilliant engineer, decades ahead of his time, allegedly died heartbroken and penniless, his designs unrealized due to Stark
    *D*--[Iron Man Annual#13]

DEWLAP - Frogs of Central Park
    *D*--Thor I#364

DeWOLFF, CELIA - see CELIA WEATHERBY--Spectacular Spider-Man II#1-7

DeWOLFF, JEAN - New York Police Department, captain of thirty-seventh precinct, sister of Wraith, daughter of Celia + Phillip, step-daughter of Carl Weatherby, frequent ally of Spider-Man, former lover of Stan Carter, killed by Sin-Eater
    *D* (D#17, OH: Spdm2005)--Marvel Team-Up I#48 (Spectacular Spider-Man II#107(fb1-5), MTU#49(fb),50(fb), 48-51, Ms Marvel I#9, MTU#60-62, [Avengers I#165], Iron Man I#105-109, MTU#65,66 72 78, Amazing Spider-Man I#226,227, Spec69, 76,77, AmzSp239, Spec78,79, 81, 83, 90, Power Man/Iron Fist#105, Spec91, 93, Spider-Man/Human Torch#4, Spec Annual#4, Amazing Spider-Man An18, Spec103, SpecAn5, Spec107d She-Hulk II#53(d)

DeWOLFF, PHILLIP - father of jean and wraith, ex-husband of Celia, formerly controlled wraith
    --[Marvel Team-Up I#48], 49 (49+50(fb),[48],49-51

DEWOZ - Inhuman teen, transformed into appearance of Alpha Primitive by Terrigenesis (somehow manipulated by Maximus), used as a pawn by Maximus, lover of Tonaja.
    Open portals to "Antiverse" via reflective surfaces, return to Earth via reflective surfaces
    -Woz (app)--Inhumans III#2 ([2 (fb)], 2 (fb), [7 (fb)], 2-8,[9],10-12, Inhumans V#2

DEX - former agent of Morlun, killed him when he got the chance after Spider-Man weakened him
    (app, net-sf)--Amazing Spider-Man II#30 (31-33, 35, Spider-Man: In Darkest Night

DEX - Coot's Bluff, Alaska, friend of Cammi
    --Drax the Destroyer#1 (2-4

DEXAM - former Micronaut, male cyborg, lost limbs to Body Banks, following battle with Thanos & Baron Karza, fell in love with Visalia, betrayed rest of Micronauts, exposed by Captain Marvel
    (app)--Alpha Flight II#10 ([Captain Marvel V#6(fb)], AF#10-11, [CaptMarv5],6

DEXITHEUS of the Hyborian era - Mitraic priest, former sorcerer, assisted Conan in liberating Aquilonia, used his powers to defend Conan against Thulandra Thuu, went into exiles to atone for the use of the dark magic
    --Conan the Liberator; Savage Sword of Conan#49 (50-52

DEXTER, PHIL - former SHIELD agent, assisted Black Widow (Natasha) in the investigation of the other Black Widows, Medusagen, etc., left on life support after being shot by Max Hunter
    --Black Widow IV#1 (2-6

DEXX, HERMANN - World War II scientist, discovered evidence of Baron Eisen's "god of iron and fire," forced to serve Nazis (specifically the Red Skull)
    --Captain America 65th Anniversary Special

DEY, RHOMANN - Xandarian, Nova Centurion, empowered Nova (Rich Rider), husband of Karman-Ka, father of Duranna and Kahry, entire family slain by Zorr’s attack on Xandar, fatally wounded, pursued Zorr to earth, transferred powers to Rich Rider, teleported Zorr aboard his starship and channeled Computer Prime’s power through his dying body, disintegrating Zorr, then died himself
    *D* (app)--Nova I#1

DEZAN, prince - Skrull, human-like face, outcast, placed in charge of empire after Hyper-Wave bomb went off
    (app)--Avengers Annual I#14 (14 (Fantastic Four Annual I#18)

DE'ZEAN - Skrull, father of Xavin, former ruler of Tarnax VII, guided to Majesdane by Frank and Leslie Dean, slain in war with Majesdane
    *D*--[Runaways II#8] ([8(fb, dies)]

D'GARD - Gene Nation, became leader after settled in Africa, slain by Marrow as test of loyalty
    *D* (net)--Uncanny X-Men Annual 1997 (Weapon X: Draft: Marrow-dies

DHAKRAN - due to a civil war, the United Nations split the nation of Khotain in two, with Khotain ruled by its religious leader the Mahdi, and Dhakran by Prince Jiefya, a member of the old royal family. Unfortunately, there remained disputed zones that sustained fighting. The USA and Russia started supporting opposite sides, with the US agent who would become Doombringer being part of the military aid afforded to Dhakran.
    --Power Man & Iron Fist I#103 (104

DHAMA, RAJANI "JONI" - Sentinel Squad O*N*E
    (198)--X-Men II#177, (named) Sentinel Squad ONE#1 (Sentinel Squad ONE#1-5, X-Men#177-179

DHAN of the Hyborian era - former resident of Fountan, leapt over the city wall after Sarna was exiled, accompanied Conan to Rhoulan, helped rescue the people of Fountan after Conan destroyed the Drought-Monster
    --Savage Sword of Conan#72

DHARAN, VANINOR of pre-Cataclysmic era - "last great warlord of Atlantis," traveled to Pangea to observe Atlantis' sinking and the rising of a new world from his tower; former companion to Dherk?
    --[Ka-Zar #19 (1998)]

DHARR - Skrull
    --Avengers: The Initiative#18

DHASHA KHAN - usurper lord of Feng-Tu, stole Jade's soul
    (app)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #19 (21(fb)/23(fb), 19,20,[21.22],23,24

DHERK - native of pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis, survived until modern times in stasis chamber in savage land; remade as an android when body died, ally of Ka-Zar
    (app)--Ka-Zar the Savage#6 (8-10, 12, 27-31, Ka-Zar V#19, 20

D'HREN - Shiar

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