DEN O’ THIEVES (Bugsy, Fred, Jocko, Little D+advisor, Schnozz, Skull, Squash)
    - Microverse, Prisonworld, styled after Earth-616’s 1930s gangster programs
    --Micronauts I#53 (53(fb), 54

DENAK - demon, controls large host of demons, invoked for power by several magic users, participated in the War of the Seven Spheres
    DANAK*, DENAKK* "Demons of Denak" (app)--[Strange Tales I#149], Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#49

DENAK IV - planet, home of Asteroid Eaters
    --[Marvel Comics Presents#1/4]

DENBO - Sakaar Imperial
    --World War Hulk: Warbound#2/2 (2/2 (fb)

DENDURIAN CARNOSAURS - race enslaved by Tyrant; a pair were used to guard a cosmic energy sphere
    (app)--Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3

DENEB-4 - planet, oppressed by Null-Tron, an underground movement was assisted by Captain Mar-Vell in defeating them
    --Captain Marvel I#44

DENEB-7 - planet, serves as vacation site to galaxy’s elite, terraformed beaches, mile high pleasure domes.
    visited by Tigra and Eros
    --[Avengers III#4], Avengers Infinity#1

DENEBO - Sakaar, Imperial, governor, incinerated by Red King when reported the failure to slay the Hulk
    *D*--Incredible Hulk III#96 (97d)

    acted as nanny to Franklin & Valeria Richards
    --Fantastic Four#557 (558-560-->Sue)

DENGA - Uranian Eternal, befriended Horace Grayson, died when Deathurge destroyed Uranus’ protective dome
    *D*--(g) Marvel Boy comics#1; [Quasar#2(fb,dies)]

DENHAM, LOU - Legion of Living Lightning, attempted to force Living Lightning (Miguel Santos) to reveal the source of his power
    (app-legion)--[Tales to Astonish I#97], Avengers West Coast Annual#7/5

DENHAM, Mr. – mutant, circus barker, discovered Metallak, hired Browning to rebuild it, killed by it when it turned out to be a sentinel.
    Enhanced charisma
    *D* (app-met)--X-Men Unlimited#33/2 (33/2-dies)

DENNEFER, PHYLLIS - sister of Elaine Grey, slain by Shi'ar
    *D*--Uncanny X-Men#466, (named) #467 ([467(fb)], 466, 467d)

DENNEFER, ROY - husband of Phyllis, slain by Shi'ar
    *D*--Uncanny X-Men#466, (named) #467 ([467(fb)], 466, 467d)

DENNIS – Moloid, escaped to the surface during a battle with the Avengers, saved from another attacker by Annie, fell in love with her;  they stood on each other’s shoulders, wore a hat and a trench coat, and gave her a flower; they ended up on a date, but fled when a jealous Elmore scared them off
    --Avengers Classics#12/2 (July, 2008)

DENNIS ?? - found corpse of Spider-Man of Earth-9500, stole helmet, later helped Spider-Man-616 stop Chameleon-9500
    --Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#18 (19

DENNY ?? - @ 1969, with Shiela, encountered the Hungry One
    (app-hungry_one)--Tower of Shadows#2/3

DENNY ?? - security for Delazny Studios
    --Ghost Rider II#15

DENNY ?? - Penn State, friend of Victoria Anderson
    (app-victoria)--Vision II#2

DENT, LESTER - Special effects man for Strange Secrets
    (app-brotherbrimstonesterling)--Daredevil I#65 (66

DENTI, CARL - FBI, former agent of Black Womb project
    -X-CUTIONER*--Uncanny X-Men Annual#17 (Gambit III#22(fb) ->XCutioner.
    Gambit III#17-19, Annual 2000, Gam21

DENTI, CARLA - reviewer for the Post, targeted by Ekl'r, saved by Captain Ultra
    (app-eklr)--Marvel Comics Presents#50/3

DENTON, ALVIN - father of Barbara Norriss, widower of Celestia, killed by forces involved with the unleashing of the Destiny Force
    *D* (app)--Marvel Two-In-One#6 ([7 (fb)], [Defenders I#21 (fb), 32 (fb), MTIO#7 (fb)/Def#20 (fb)], MTIO#6, 7d, Def#21 (d))

DENTON, CELESTIA - see SISTER CELESTIA*--[Marvel Two-In-One#6], Defenders I#20

DENTON, LENORE - vampire

DENTON, Mr. - Coot's Bluff, Alaska
    --[Drax the Destroyer#1]

DENTIST ( ) - Band of Baddies, actually Peter Parker's dentist
    (app-cm)--[Marvel Comics Presents#48],49 (50

DENVER, TOM (    ) -
    --Mystic Comics#1

DENYRI race - associated with Elves and possibly telepaths; the father of Powell McTeague was from the "Elvish Denyri"
    --[Avengers 1959#4 (2012)]

DEONIST race (K'Rill, N'Gil (the Soul Survivors)) - Milky Way, planet Deo, formerly worshipped god-like being who erected immense wall to protect them from extraterrestrial armada, exhausted self and died, sought out other god-like beings to imprison and use as power sources.
    thin, white-skinned humanoids
    (I#3,D#15)—Thor I#261 (

    Thor I#335 (fb) - BTS, 335,

DePAOLO, DENNIS J. - West Tech High School, vice-president, allied with Holden Radcliffe
    --Machine Teen#1 (2

DEPARTMENT (Alistaire Stuart ) - British intelligence agency, successor to Black Air
    --[Excalibur I#101, X-Force I#102(named)]

DEPARTMENT of UNUSUAL DEATH - see F.66 (app)--Pryde & Wisdom#1

DEPARTMENT F.66 (Albert Eccles, Sgt. Gideon, Constance Johanssen, Strangefoot, Bob Willows) - British police branch
    -DEPARTMENT OF UNUSUAL DEATH (app)--Pryde+Wisdom#1 (2,3

DEPARTMENT H (Beta Flight IV, Gen. Clarke, Director X, Gentry, Myra Haddock, Hames, Hull House, Dr. Horatio Huxley, [Dr. Mobius], Lt.Oculus, coordinator Proctor, Prometheus Division, chief engineer Ko Bin Su, Warwick (II#9))
    - secret research and development division of Canadian Ministry of Defense, funded creation of Alpha Flight
    --Uncanny X-Men #140 (Alpha Flight II minus 1 / Alpha Flight I#3/2
    Alpha Flight II#1-8, UX352,Alpha Flight#9/UX355,AF#10-20

    --X-Force I#2?

DEPARTMENT M (Harlan Ryker) - Roxxon mutagenics department, stole body of Deathlok the Demolisher and created a robotic simulacrum under their control
    --Marvel Two-In-One#

DEPARTMENT X - @ 1944, Russian Project, involved with Winter Soldier
    --Captain America V#12 (12 (fbs)

DEPARTMENT ZERO (Gorilla-Man, Human Robot, Marvel Boy, Namora, Venus (naiad)    )

    - original name for Agents of Atlas

DEPFORD, Dr. - Superhuman Registration Act , analyzed Moon Knight, duped into passing him
    --Moon Knight VI#13

DEPHINE - Aerian, girlfriend of Buth, attracted to Ka-Zar
    (app)--Ka-Zar the Savage I#3 (9

DEPRAYVE (Winston Redditch) - Jekyll/Hyde-type monster
    (app)--Werewolf by Night I#24 (25(fb), 24-26

DEPRESSION - Mindscape, agent of Cobweb, partnered with Manic, tangled with Rick Sheridan whilst he was trapped in Sleepwalkers body
    large + brown creature, absorb others into his body

DEPRESSO (    ) - mutant, rejected from Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters
    Able to bum out anyone within earshot
    (app)--Generation X Collector's Preview

DEPTH CHARGE (     ) - Outcasts, former ally of Puck.
    superhuman durability, cause small tremors by touching the ground
    (net)—Alpha Flight I#122/2 (123/2

DEPUTY DOPEY (    ) - mascot for Brooklyn's Burger Trough, fled from Red Ronin
    (app)--Avengers I#199

    (app-tva)--Fantastic Four I#

DER WAALT, VAN (    ) -
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#17

DERAGON, VINCE - Las Vegas crimelord, hired Foggy Nelson in attempt to be allowed in on Dead Man’s Hand
    --Daredevil I#305 (306,307

DERANGERS (Breakdown, Freakout, Goblyn, Janus) - former mental patients of Scramble at New Life Clinic, experimented on by him, used as pawns of Bedlam to fight Alpha Flight, only Goblyn survived the battle
    (net)—Alpha Flight I#49, 53

DERATH (Derath’Ath Machlan’n) - A’askvarii explorer, former scout for fleet,crashed and stranded on kirgar,led black goliath to pyramid/stronghold in effort to use technology to return home,sacrificed own life to stop mortag from killing black goliath and celia jackson
    *D* (app)--Black Goliath#5

    --Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD  II#19

DEREK ?? - personal assistant to Walter Barrett, took care of Sophia Mantega during her stay, held hostage by Reavers, quit working for Barrett in order to help Sophia
    --New Mutants II#1 (5,6

DEREK ?? - professional thief, works for Jason Krieg
    --Immortal Weapons#2

DERETH HOUSE - home for terminal children, donated by H.P. Dereth
    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#1

DERING, RANDOLPH - see MORLAND MONSTER (app)--Tomb of Dracula I#6

der JAHRMACHT - see JAHRMACHT, der--Marvel Team-Up I#68

DERKETO - Hyborian era earth god/goddess, worshipped in Kush, Zembabwei, and Luxur (Stygia-via orgiastic ritual), female form (pleasure goddess) married Dagon; worshipped in Zabhela as goddess of death and revival to whom they sacrificed many in the Feast of Derkheto.
    DERKETA, Queen of the Dead--Conan the Warrior book; Conan the Barbarian I#67 (statue+illusion)

DERLOK of the Hyborian era - Corinthia, Ezar bar Q'um
    --Savage Sword of Conan#71

DERMAFREE (Helena Carlson, Adolphus, mutant? guards) - Austrian(?) cosmetics firm, tested products on mutants, held some genetic material stolen from Mystique
    --Mystique#14 (15-18

DERMOT of Earth-Seeker 3000 - bright child aboard the Seeker, tutored by Carter Shaw
    (app-seeker)--Seeker 3000#1

DERN of the Hyborian era - Koth, son of Udelas
    --Savage Sword of Conan#69

DERVISH ( ) - mutant, Spikes.
    female, cause others to spin rapidly
    --X-Treme X-Men: XPose#1 (2, [X-Treme X-Men#31,32],33

DERWYDDON - druid, as an acolyte was set out adrift at sea for judgment of Hu as punishment for committing a breach of discipline before the night of his final trial, placed in suspended animation by sea spirits, recovered after rise of Christianity, granted mobility to several stone gargoyles until realized they were inhabited by corrupt nature spirits, returned most of them to stone, although a few escaped, spent centuries tracking down & slaying escapees, assisted in modern times by Isaac Christians to return Gargoyle to stone form.
    manipulate forces of magic
    the Last Druid* (app)--Gargoyle#2 (3(fb#1), 2(fb#1), 2-4

    identity used as part of They Who Wield Power, aged form until regained youth from Flame of Life
    --Incredible Hulk II#240

DES ?? - British trucker, vehicle destroyed by Highwayman
    (app-high)--(UK) Captain Britain I#37

De SADE - wartime enemy of Frank Castle
    --Punisher Summer Special #1 (2

DESADIA - girlfriend and later wife of Gabriel Rosetti, formerly possessed by his first wife, stolen by forces of evil (Vermiphage?). precognitive
    (app)--Haunt of Horror#2(Monsters Unleashed#11(fb), HoH#2, 3, 4/5, 5, Monsters Unleashed#11, Fantastic Four I#222, Marvel Comics Presents#106/4,     ?Hellstorm#9+10?

DESAI, Dr. - ran Dereth House
    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#1

DESAK (Desak Sterixian) - extraterrestrial, sacrificed daughter Loatia to his religion’s god Kronitt only to have Kronitt attack and slaughter his village for insufficient worship, empowered by Spirit to slaughter oppressive gods, encountered Thor, vowed to return for him later, slew many Dark Gods, slain by Thor while in possession of the Odinforce, resurrected by Spirit
    -Destroyer of Gods (OH2006#3, net)--Thor Annual 2001 (Thor II#41-43, 47-50

DeSANTOS, SIMONE of Earth-982 - Midtown high school, classmate and rival of May Parker, ran against her for student council president
    --Amazing Spider-Girl#1 (2, 4, 5, 9

DESALINIZERS - weapons used by the Banari
    Spears which can unleash bolts of electricity that absorb the salt from those they strike
    (app-banari)--Namor I#46 (47,48

DeSANTIS, Major  - US Army, encountered Warbound, fought in Gammaworld
    --World War Hulk: Warbound#3

    --Secret Avengers#22 (2012)

DESDEMONA - Warheads Kether Troop
    *D*--Warheads#6 (6d)

DESECRATION ANNEX - location where Celestials store beings who abuse their power, guarded by Godstalker
    CELESTRIAL TERRITORIAL GROUNDS (app)--Captain Marvel IV#5 ([5(fb)], 5

DESERT BASE - common name for New Mexico's Los Diablos Missile Base, site of gamma bomb test that mutated Bruce Banner into the Hulk, home of Operation: Hulk
    LOS DIABLOS MISSILE BASE*--Incredible Hulk I#1

DESERT DEMONS of the Microverse (Margrace, Pharoid) - Homeworld, Syanite desert forces, rode Ostras
    --Micronauts I#23/2

DESERT DWELLERS (Butte, Cactus, Gila, Sunstroke) - all but Sunstroke are mutated desert rocks, plants, and lizards
    DOMINUS's MINIONS* (U#3, app)--West Coast Avengers II#17 ([24(fb)], Marvel Tales#262/2, WCA#17, [22], 24

DESERT FOX (Erwin Rommel) - @ World War II, Nazi field marshal, led troops to a series of victories in Africa
    --Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos#6 (Invaders I#23 (23(fb), [24]

DESERT GHOST 2099 (Xi’an Chi Xan) - leader of X-Men 2099.
    infuse life energy with one hand, drain it with other
    --X-Men 2099#1

DESERT HAWK (Ben Ali Mussim) - @ World War II, middle-eastern sheik, leader of group of nomads, originally tricked by Nazis into believing that his wife had been killed by the British while leading a caravan, led forces against British forces in North Africa until convinced to fight against the Nazis by Fury, later taken prisoner by Nazis when he refused to ally his legions with them, freed by Howlers.
    skilled horseman and fighter
    --Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#37 (107

DESERT HAWK (Sheila Mussim) - daughter of Ben, took place of father when he was a prisoner of the Nazis
    --Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#107

DESERT LAB - Bruce Banner's secret laboratories
    --Incredible Hercules#126/3

"DESERT LIZARD" - giant creature, ally of "Ghost Miner"
    (app-ghostminer)--Marvel Comics Presents#44/4

DESERT STARS (Blacksmith (Skrull imposter), Johnny Cool, Komodo, Supermax, Two-Gun Kid)
    - Arizona Initiative
    --[Avengers: The Initiative#12], 16 (Avengers: Initiative Special#1

    --Captain Marvel I#21 (Incredible Hulk II#130

DESERT SWORD (Aminedi, Arabian Knight, Black Raazer, Sirocco, Veil)
    - Middle Eastern warriors, active as agents of Iraqi government during Gulf War, dispatched to abduct a Kuwaiti scientist, ambushed and slaughtered Freedom Force
    (app, OH2006#3, net)--New Mutants Annual#7 (Uncanny X-Men Annual#15, X-Factor Annual#6

DESFORD, CRESSIDA - mother of Dominic, hired Arcade to destroy X-Factor
    (app-dominic)--Marvel Fanfare I#50

DESFORD, DEREK - father of Dominic, died of cancer from radiation used to mutate Dominic
    *D* (app-dominic)--Marvel Fanfare I#50 (50, fb, d)

DESFORD, DOMINIC - mutated to have wings by parents Cressida & Derek; Cressida attempted to convince Angel (Warren Worthington) that he was the father
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#50

DESIDERA - Inhuman, exposed Luna's lie, that Quicksilver had more Terrigen crystals
    --Silent War#2 (2007)

DESIGNATE - see TARENE. --[Thor Annual 2000/2], Thor II#22

DESIGNER GENES - composed of mutant DNA, allow normal humans to temporarily develop superhuman powers
    --Uncanny X-Men Annual 2001 (UX409

DESINNA - woman from Saku, sabotaged experiment of Tarros, traveled to both 1934 and the modern era, enlisted Spider-Man and Doc Savage in effort to destroy Tarros. blue female
    (app-saku)--Giant-Size Spider-Man#3

DESIRE - Asgard, wife of the Dark Man (Fear).
    Blue woman with wings, turns men into statues
    (app-darkman)--Thor I#323 ([323(fb)], 323

DESIRE, HENRI - see LANDRU, HENRI DESIRE (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#12

DESMOND ?? - bodyguard of Luther Kane, back broken by the Werewolf (Jack Russell)
    *D* (app-kaneluther)--Werewolf by Night I#5 (5 (fb) - BTS, 5d)

DESMOND, ALAN - counter-spy, son of Sir Phillip, infiltrated Hydra and foiled Strucker's Project: Blue Face plot, slain by him
    Agent 13 imposter*, High-Zero imposter* *D* (app)--Namor Annual#4

DESMOND, Sir PHILLIP - father of Alan, inventor of the Project: Blue-Face toxin, slain by Hydra so they could claim it for themselves
    *D* (app-alandesmond)--Namor Annual#4 (4(fb)

DESOLATION ( ) - Neo, Lost Souls, enveloped and temporarily possessed Phoenix (Jean).
    female within dark cloak
    --Uncanny X-Men#382

DeSOTO, SHEILA - mutant, former girlfriend of Edward Vance, had affair with and married Madrox duplicate, hired Clay to assassinate Madrox, slain by Vance when he learned the truth.
    Transform into monstrous creature
    ----Madrox#2 (3-5

DESPAIR - Mindscape, agents of Cobweb.
    bat-like creatures

DESPONDENCY DELIGHT (    ) - vampire, formerly ran the Heavy Helpers school until Deadpool convinced her Handsome Vamps servants to feast on her
    --Deadpool#1000 (2010)

DESSAIN RED - Gynacon perfume
    --Black Widow IV#3

DESTABILIZERS - anti-government organization, pawns of Flag-Smasher, killed by him

DESTINE, ADAM (Adam of Ravenscoft) - father of Clan Destine, English crusader & knight born @ 1168, given eternal life by djinn/genie, freed her from an evil sorcerer during first crusade, fathered Clan Destine with her, helped establish Romanov dynasty in Russia @ 1612,seemingly slew Vincent several years ago after he apparently turned evil, took psychedelic van into space and remained there until summoned by family in modern times.
    Apparently invulnerable & immortal, skilled fighter, wm, blond
    Adam of Destine (net)--Clan Destine#1(5(fb), 8 (fb), 1-8

DESTINE, ALBERT - Clan Destine, active alongside Gracie in Japan @ 1615, saved Tokugawa shogunate from a coup attempt.
    mental powers, healed at accelerated rate (net)--Clan Destine#1(fb)?

DESTINE, CAY – see KAY CERA. Clan Destine (net-lostgen-dest-family)—Clan Destine#

DESTINE, DOMINIC – see HEX? Clan Destine (net-lostgen-dest-family)—Clan Destine#

DESTINE, FLORENCE`- Clan Destine,killed by .precognitive abilities *D*--Clan Destine#

DESTINE, GARTH – Clan Destine, seen only on gravestone *D* (net-lostgen-dest-family)—[Clan Destine#5]

DESTINE, GRACIE - Clan Destine, born @ 1503, inadvertently summoned Synwraith to earth in attempt to stop Cortez and his conquistadors from slaughtering the Aztecs.
    Psychic powers (telepathy, telekinesis, channel eldritch energy
    (net-lostgen-dest-family)--[Clan Destine#1], XM+CD#1(XM+CD#2(fb), Clan Destine#1(fb),1(fb),1,2

DESTINE, LANCE – Clan Destine, seen on gravestone only
    *D*(app-dest-family)—[Clan Destine#5]

DESTINE, MAURICE – see FORTUIT, MAURICE. Clan Destine (net-lostgen-dest-family)—Clan Destine#1

DESTINE, NEWTON - Clan Destine.
    genius inventor, wears exoskeleton to pose as strong & handsome man
    Warlord of Ethera --Clan Destine#2 (4,5,9

DESTINE, PAUL – see DESTINY (D#17-dest)—Tales to Astonish I#101

DESTINE, SAMANTHA - Clan Destine, born @ 1950s, formerly lived in France after leaving family.
    create white armor and weapons out of protoplasmic metal
    ARGENT*, Samantha Hasard (net)--Marvel Comics Presents#158 (Clan Destine#2-7,[8]

DESTINE, SHERLOCK – Clan Destine, seen on gravestone only
    *D* (net-lostgen-dest-family)—[Clan Destine#5]

DESTINE, THADDEUS - slain by Tral of the Inhumans
    mimic skills in beasts
    *D*--Clan Destine#2 (2008)

DESTINE, VINCENT - Clan Destine, enemy of Adam, seemingly killed by him in past, rescued by Crimson Crusader
    (net)--[Clan Destine#2], 10,11 (2(fb), 10-12

DESTINE, WALTER – Clan Destine, born in 1823, served with allied intelligence @ 1944, assisted invaders against Nazi machine.
    grow in size and strength
     Sabrina Bentley*, WALLOP* (net-lostgen-dest-family)--Marvel Comics Presents#158 (ClanD#8(fb2), 1-12, X-Men/ClanDestine#1,2

DESTINE, WILLIAM – see CHANCE, WILL. Clan Destine—Clan Destine#2

DESTINO, ALEX – lost limb as part of a Bio-Technix project
    —Peter Parker: Spider-Man#40

DESTINY (Paul Destine) - mental powers, former circus mentalist, learned of the Ancients, signed up as a crew member of Oracle, discovered the site of the Ancients base, found Helmet of Power, placed self in suspended animation to further development of powers, responsible for amnesia of Namor and destruction of Atlantis/city of Thakorr, used Serpent Crown as Helmet of Power, plunged to death when he tried to levitate without Crown.
    lift 40 tons when wearing crown, telepathy, mental powers vastly enhanced by Serpent Crown
    -MENTALLO*, the Man of Destiny *D* (D#17, OH: BoD, net)--(g) --Tales to Astonish I#101 (Avengers Annual#18/3(fb) Saga of Sub-Mariner I#1, Iron Man/Sub-Mariner#1, Sub-Mariner I#1 6,7d)

DESTINY (Irene Adler) - Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Freedom Force, former fortune teller for Tiboldt Circus, former close friend and lover of Mystique, wrote twelve "books of destiny" detailing the future of mutantkind, killed by Reavers.
    Precognitive, blind, elderly
    *D* (I#3, D#3, M, OH: BoD, net)--Uncanny X-Men#141 (X-Treme X-Men#1(fb2), XMen Forever#4(fb2)], [X-Men: Legacy#211 (fb), X-Treme X-Men#1(fb3), XMen Forever#3(fb3), New X-Men#41/2 (fb), X-Force minus 1, Sabretooth & Mystique#1-3(fb), Rogue II#10(fb), 11(fb), Marvel Super-Heroes III#10,10(ff), UXM141,142, MSH III#10(ff) Avengers Annual 10, XMen Forever#2(fb3), Rom31,32, Dazzler#22,23, 28, UX#170,177,178,185, Marvel Fanfare I#40/2, UX#199, Avengers West Coast#84(fb), X-Factor I#9, Avengers An15,West Coast Avengers An1, Captain America I#333,334, X-Factor An6/3(fb), UX223-227, New Mutants I#66, XFac30,31 Cap346, XFac83, NewM78, UX#254,255d)

DESTINY FORCE - energy harnessed for vast power on a few occasions by Rick Jones
    --Avengers I#97? (, <Atlantis Attacks>
    Avengers Forever#

DESTINY FORCE - ability granted by Celestia Denton via the harmonica Celestia through powers granted by the Undying Ones;
    energies utilized by Duff Coogan, Nick Cromer, Al Denton, Dr. Strange, and Rene & Sheldon Goldenberg
    caused others to seemingly realize their destinies, usually in horrific form
    --Marvel Two-In-One#6 (7, Defenders I#20

DESTINY HUNT - ship of Count Tagar + New Immortals
    —Thor I#448/2 (449/2,450/2

DESTINY WAR - struggle between Time-Keepers and Avengers, Libra, Supreme Intelligence, Kang, and Immortus
    --Avengers Forever#1 (2-12

DESTRAK - Snark, mother of Rungar, son slain and much of clan destroyed by Jakal + Maraud, united with Sobak and rites master Repra to form a triumverate to rule her clan
    --Power Pack II#1 (2-4 - website started by Carlton LaFroyge following the Stamford explosion, used to out the remaining New Warriors, shut down by She-Hulk and New Warriors after gaining information from Tony Stark
    --She-Hulk II#8

DESTROYER - construct of Odin, formerly used as herald of Galactus, imbued with power of twenty pantheons of gods as final defense against Celestials, stored in temple in Vietnam until released by Buck Franklin, melted into slag by Celestials when attacked them, reformed by life force of Thor when his body was pulverized by Frost Giants, used to force Hela to remove her curse.
    activated by life force of variety of gods and humans

    (I#13,U#2,M,ME,net)--Journey into Mystery I#118 (Thor I#300(fb), JiM I#118,119, Thor An2, Thor150-152, 224,225, 228, Fantastic Four I#174(fb),172,173, Thor264-266,289, 300, [379],381,382, 438/2(fb),437/2-441/2 476,477, Incredible Hulk II#461, Thor II#1,2,11-13, 36-38, Thor III#5

DESTROYER (Keen Marlow) -
    (OH:GA, net-goldage)--(g) Mystic Comics#6;

DESTROYER - see UNION JACK/Brian Falsworth [ZERSTORER] --Invaders I#18


DESTROYER (Charles Stanton) - costumed Soviet agent, newspaper publisher, smuggled info to communists in submarines at a beach, sabotaged nearby amusement park in effort to prevent people from seeing the sub from tall rides, defeated by Human Torch (Storm).
    used gun
    (1960s, app)--Strange Tales I#101


DESTROYER - see SHIVA (app-nest)--Marvel Team-Up Annual#1

    identity used by Alex Power when possessed disintegration and energy powers alone--Power Pack I#25

DESTROYER - see MASS MASTER-jack power,power pack,identity used when possessed disintegration and energy power
    --Power Pack I#52, 55(named) (56-59, Fantastic Four An23, PowP59-62, Marvel Super-Heroes III#6/2, Excalibur#29(fb),29, Power Pack SE#1->mass)

DESTROYER - see RY'LOR the DESTROYER (app)--X-Force#93

DESTROYER - see PIERCE, DOMINICUS--X-Force: Shatterstar#1

DESTROYER of DEMONS - title carried by mystic warriors of Yoruba tribe in Africa, most recently by Rev. Joshua
    -"BLACK JUJU*" (app)--Ghost Rider II#60 (60 (fb), 60

DESTROYER of GALAXIES of "Earth-93112" - see MAGUS of "Earth-93112" (app-maxam)--Warlock & the Infinity Watch#41

DESTROYER of the SACRED SEVEN (    ) - Spider-Man video game
    --Amazing Spider-Man Family#6/4 (2009)

DESTROYER DARKMASS of Earth-1611 - a Galactus-like entity (who looks like Darksied), who has destroyed and remade a million realities (hence "a million exploding suns" that power Sentry
    --Age of Sentry#6

    (app-damocles)--Thor I#267

DESTROYERS of alternate Earth - sought annihilation of humankind using time machines
    (app)--World of Fantasy#7/7

DESTRUCTOIDs - Kree war robot/ships, some were sent to destroy Zenn-La until destroyed by Silver Surfer
    (app)--Silver Surfer III#7

DESTRUCTOIDs - invincible robots used by Hyperstorm
    --Fantastic Four I#406 (408

DESTRUCTOIDS of "Earth-6121" - defeated by Spider-Girl
    --Amazing Spider-Girl#1

DESTRUCTON - robot used by Baron Zemo imposter
    (app)--Captain America I#100

DESTRUCTOR (Kerwin Korman) - AIM, former premier weapons-maker, stumbled on and unleashed power core of Kree Psyche-Magnitron, later built into Doomsday Man by AIM technicians and used as its power source, discovered and freed by Avengers, required continued connection to remnants of Doomsday Man for life support
    (app)--(KK) Ms.Marvel#1, (D)#2 (3,4, Avengers III#17(fb), [Marvel Team-Up II#6, Av#15,16],17,[18], Ms. Marvel II#11 (fb), 11-12

DESTRUCTOR ( ) - pretended to be a super-villain to avoid harsh sentence, stopped by Spider-Man (Octavius)
     (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#698

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