DEMAID of Earth-81866 - monstrous mermaid-like creature; one was encountered by the Llehs Anir and Mali, the latter of whom ultimately manipulated it into killing itself
    --Epic Illustrated#7: "The Llehs"

DE-MAN - see HOFFMAN, DEREK (app)--Vision II#1

DeMARCO - SHIELD, accompanied Xavier to Muir Isle to oppose Shadow King, fired on the possessed Legion, only to have Legion telekinetically deflect the attack back on both him and agent Heacock
    *D*--Uncanny X-Men#280

DeMARCO, of Earth-93060 - father of Blood Brothers
    --Codename: Firearm (uv)#0

DEMEITYR - Eternal of Titan, @ 700 years old, befriended Pamela Douglas
    (app)--Solo Avengers#18/2 (20/2

DEMELZA - former lover of the Black Baron, burned at the stake for being a witch
    (app-bb)--Super-Spider-Man and Captain Britain#235/2 (238/2

DEMENTIA (Tia) - Cadre.
    alter perceptions of others
    --Web of Spider-Man Annual#9

DEMENTIA - demon from Realm of Madness

DEMENTIA of Earth-148611 (Deborah Brownles) - Clinic group G, shot at the Clinic

DEMETER - Olympian goddess of the harvest, mother of Persephone, invoked in creation of Ardina, Olympus Group
    -CERES (app)-- (unidentified) Avengers I#50, [(mentioned) Avengers West Coast#61, (active behind-the scenes) Fantastic Four I#21] ([Order#4], Hercules III#4?

DEMETER (Abramoff, Mr. Matson, Olargen, Petrofsky) - @ 1890, ship used by Dracula to travel from Varna to London, slaughtered the crew en route
    --Stoker's Dracula; Dracula Lives#10

DEMETER - transport ship of Thanos
    --Cosmic Powers#1 (2, 3

DEMETER estate - considered as base for the Order
    --Order II#5

DEMETRIO of the Hyborian era - former inquisitor of Numalia, saved from Man-Serpent by Conan, sought to give him a quick death later when forced to attend to his execution by king Nimed, stopped by Kulan Gath
    --Conan the Barbarian I#7 (257

DEMETRIUS ( ) – agent of Mr. Kline/Assassin, partner of Slasher, lost powers and left incoherent when got too close to Marianne Rodgers.
    Precognitive, transform into giant, powerful form
    (app)--Iron Man I#41

DeMILLE 2099 - Theatre of Pain
    --X-Men 2099#24

DEMI-GOD - Strike Force One, clone of Hercules
    --Heroes for Hire#12

DEMI-MEN - constructs of Starr Saxon, as well as some mutants
     --X-Men I#49

DEMING, Dr. RACHEL of Earth-93060 - studied cure for Theta virus, formed Exiles, retired after almost all of them were killed under her leadership
    (app)--Exiles (UV) I#1 (2-4, Break-Thru#1,2, [Ultraforce I#0B], 3?, Warstrike#5

DEMIURGE - sentient lifeforce of earth's biosphere, incarnation of power of creation, father of Atum/Demogorge, possibly responsible for creation of the founding members of the pantheon of earth’s gods
    detail in Encyclopedia Mythologica: Council of Godhead entry
    (app-demogorge)--Thor An#10 (Silver Surfer III An7/2(fb)

DEMOGOBLIN - demon from Otherplace, merged with Hobgoblin (Macendale) by Nastirh, split off into separate entity, former agent of Carnage, eventually killed by Hobgoblin when sacrificed life to save a child from a burning building, sought to kill sinners and destroy other demons
    -HOBGOBLIN* *D* (M, OH2006#3, net)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#147, Web of Spider-Man#86 (Spec147, Moon Knight II#33, Ghost Rider III#17, WebSp86,87, Spider-Man#25, [Infinity War#1]/Marvel Comics Presents#112/2, Web93, Spirits of Vengeance#5, Web94,96, MK III#45,46, Amazing Spider-Man I#378, Spider-Man I#35, Spec201, Web102, A379, S36,Spec202,W103,A380,S37,Sp203, GR III#40, [Spider-Man/Human Torch#5(fb)], Spider-Man#46-48d)

DEMOGORGE - God Squad, form taken by Atum when slaying gods, designed to slay gods that had outlived their time, slaughtered majority of the elder gods, summoned by Gaea to defend her from set, drove set from earth, inadvertently summoned by death gods when attempted to merge their realms, manifested power in Thor to defeat Set during events of Atlantis Attacks, apparently destroyed after consuming the Skrull god Sl'gur't
    -ATUM*, GOD-EATER* (OH: AZU#3, app)--Thor An#10 (10(fb), Iron Man Annual#10/ (fb), Thor Annual#10, Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide#1 (fb), Thor Annual#14, Incredible Hercules#117 (fb), 117-119, 120d)

DEMOGORGE - spell from the Darkhold, used by Blade to become Switchblade, eventually reversed
    Transforms user into powerful form able to slaughter other magical beings and gain their power

DEMOLISHER - Drexel Cord's robot
    *D* (app-cord)--Iron Man I#2


DEMOLISHER - see DEATHLOK the DEMOLISHER (app)--Deathlok II#29 (31-34,DD#335-337

DEMOLITION-MAN - see D-MAN (M-D-Man)--Captain America I#328

DEMOLITION DERBY (Basil Mendelsohn) - Hostess ad Spider-Man villain
(app)--Hostess Twinkies ad "Spider-Man and the Demolition Derby" (Fin Fang Four Return!#1/5

    Unlimited Class Wrestler, former football player, strength-augmented by Power Broker in order to join professionals, but discovered he was too strong, joined UCWF, befriended Thing, fought addiction from Power Broker’s narcotic pills
    (OH2006#3)--Thing#28 (Captain America I#328(fb), Thing28,29, Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide#1 (fb), Thing#33-35, Cap328->DM)

DEMON, the - enemy of Davey and Prince of Good - Satan's agent on Earth
    --Mystic Comics#7 (1941) - Mystic Comics #10 (1942)

DEMON - see GROTTU. African translation (app)--Strange Tales I#73

DEMON - see DEMONICUS (app-mordo’s minions)—Strange Tales I#128(132,141-143->demonicus)

DEMON’s disciple ( ) –fled to Dr. Strange for assistance
    (app-mordo’s minions)—Strange Tales I#128/2

DEMON ( ) - Mongolian? witch doctor briefly empowered by Norn stone
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#123(124,125

DEMON (Gene Simmons) - KISS
    --[Howard the Duck I#13?], Marvel Super Special#1 (5, Kissnation, Howard the Duck III#6

DEMON (Marea ) - Satanist, leader of cult, involved with Project: Glamor, attempted to sever ties after encountered Man-Thing, whom she believed was the demon she worshipped, shot by Harris for Selbert/Brass, fled into swamp, either drowned after fighting off Harris or was rescued by Man-Thing.
    limited psychic power *D* (app)--[Marvel Comics Presents#1/2],3/2(4/2-10/2,11/2d?

DEMON - see van DAEMON--Wolverine/Punisher#1

"DEMON" ( ) - ancient wish-granting mutants, imprisoned in other dimension, sent back by Dr. Morgan
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#40/1

demon - see elder demon (app)--Silver Surfer: Dangerous Artifacts

demon of the Elder Earth - summoned by Zakura to attack Chane, slew Zakura's daughter, Seela, banished by Zakura
    --Savage Sword of Conan#67/3

demon - see "BLACK TEARS" --Black Tears; Savage Sword of Conan#35

demon - possessed Satanist Mr. Chesterton until exorcised by Gabriel Rosetti
    --Haunt of Horror#4/5

demon - possessed infant jenny Christopher until exorcised by Gabriel Rosetti
    --Haunt of Horror#5

demon - see DEVIL’S HEART. immense living heart dwelling in cave below Devil's Lake, possessed others
    (app)--Giant-Size Dracula#4

demon - unidentfied, encountered John Blaze
    --Midnight Sons Unlimited#4

demon - servant of Aan Taanu, sent to possess Morton Klasser, directed him to try and kill Allison Lamb, forcibly removed by Omen, who blinded it, causing it to kill itself in an effort to fly back to Aan Taanu.
    small, green, winged creature
    (app-at)--Midnight Sons Unlimited#9/2

demon - agent of Shuma-Gorath, released when dr. strange destroyed many of his talismans in order to defeat urthona, attacked family of jason roark, actually gained power from his subconscious to allow him to continue battle and feel important, returned to prison by dr. strange
    —Strange Tales II#19/2

demon - see WATER ELEMENTAL. agent of Shuma-Gorath, freed from imprisonment when Dr. Strange destroyed his talismans to defeat Urthona, Dr. Strange killed the man he was possessing in order to defeat him
    (app-we)—Strange Tales II#1 (2

demon - minor, possessed Ed Windhart with his consent + corrupted him totally, destroyed along with host by Dr. Strange
    *D*--Marvel Comics Presents#19/3 (20/3

demon - minor, possessed Bobby Windhart, gained access when his father allowed a demon to possess himself, exorcised by Dr. Strange
    —Marvel Comics Presents#19/3

demon - see YIGGORUM (app)—Daredevil Annual#4B

demon - attempted to kill Gretchen in order to destroy the baby she was carrying
    --Wolverine II#44

demon - see MARGLAR (app)--Hellstorm#4

demon - agent of Beelzeboul (app-beel)--Terror INC#3, 4

demon - summoned by Zreate'th, defeated by Hellcat
    (app-zreat)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#1

demon - summoned by Lhosong and Tibetan Monks to protect them from the Chinese Army, slaughtered both soldiers and monks, tried to kill Iron Fist (Daniel Rand); green skin, red spots, giant, three eyes, fangs, claws, three fingers and one thumb on each hand, strength, invulnerability, optic fire blasts, slain when Iron Fist brought down the monastery around him
    --Namor the Sub-Mariner Annual#3 (1993)

demon - giant lizard monster unleashed by the Seven
    (app-zodiak)--Ghost Rider III#12

demon - responsible for forcing Gabriel Rosetti to pluck out his own eye, possessed senator Bill Bohenon who was running for president of USA, exorcised by Gabriel
    --[ ],Marvel Comics Presents #106/4

demon - stationed at gate to Hell, controlled by the Wolf Demon
    --Werewolf by Night II#4

demon - allied with Malekith, sent him to battle Black Knight and Malcolm Drake
    --Heroes for Hire #14

demon - Crimson Cosmos, bonded to Cyclops and became associated with Earth, manipulated X-Men in order to return to own realm
    "Naculum"--X-Men: First Class I#4

demon of Earth-93060 - native of the Wold, unnamed agent of Boneyard
    MAXI-MAN*, WILEY WOLF--Prime (uv) I#4 (5, Mantra I#5, Elven#1,2, Mantra21

demon of Earth-93060 - possessed Gus
    --Mantra(uv) Infinity (Mantra II#1,2

demon of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - trapped in Savage Land, awakened by Strange
    --2099: World of Tomorrow#1

DEMON’s HEART of Pre-Cataclysmic Era - pendant, actual heart to demon controlled by Sarna, destroyed by Kareesha, killing the demon
    --Savage Sword of Conan#9/5

DEMON from BEYOND - see XOTLI (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan of the Isles

"DEMON in the BLACK ROBES" - @ 1898, priest of Scandinavian village, led villagers in efforts to destroy Lenore after she turned into a werewolf
    (app-lenore)--Frankenstein Monster#5 ([5 (fb)], 5

DEMON in your HEAD - drives its hosts crazy, possessed Rene Benoit, John Franks, Dr. Joseph Browning
    (app-mental)--Uncanny Tales#11/3 (11/3(fb)

DEMON of the CAVES of the Hyborian era - see BLACK STRANGER--Treasures of Tranicos; Savage Sword of Conan#47

DEMON of the CAVES - summoned by Sardeth-possessed Phil, battled the Thing
    (app-sardeth)--Marvel Two-In-One#90

DEMON of the DARK - acted to protect Necrodamus in an underground cavern and was savagely beaten by the Hulk
    (app-necrodamus)--Defenders I#1

DEMON of the DARKHOLD - see CHTHON (app, OH: Horror)--

DEMON of the DELLA GEMS - planet of the Aris, impaled on stalagmite during fight with Raza + Hepzibah
    (app-aris)--Marvel Comics Presents#149/3

DEMON of the DIAMONDS - guardian of the Diamonds of Doom, defeated by Namor
    (app)--Tales to Astonish I#73 ([72(fb)], 73

DEMON of the DUNES (Martu?) - encountered Arabian Knight, possessed his family, attempted to trick him into slaying his own son to free his family, dispelled when the Knight refused to kill his son
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#47/4 ([47/4], 47/4

DEMON of the LOST LAND - see JAGGTA-NOGA--Conan the Barbarian I#5

DEMON of the MASK - Netherworld of Eternal Doom dimension, encountered by Dr. Strange in his quest to learn secret of Eternity, briefly captured him, but then seemingly destroyed by him.
    Able to enslave visitors
    (app)—Strange Tales I#136

DEMON of the PIT - see JAGGTA-NOGA--Conan the Barbarian I#5

DEMON of the SANDS - gigantic demon summoned by Rakses via Orb of Ra, returned to sands after N'Kantu retook the Orb

DEMON of SMOKE of the Hyborian era - summoned by Zeriti, slew Imbalayo
    smoke creature, absorbed heat, could consume bones and blood, leaving behind only skin and clothes
    (app)--Hawks over Shem; Savage Sword of Conan#36

DEMON who DEVOURED HOLLYWOOD - film, demon originally played by Jason Roland who made deal with Satannish to become better actor and had suit bonded to skin by him, a remake was attempted more recently, but was sabotaged by Roland as Hangman
    (app-hang)--Tower of Shadows#5 (Avengers West Coast#76-79

DEMON without HUMOR - see EKL'R (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#50/3

demon baby - product of ancient Hand magic, summoned by Lawrence, used to further empower the Jester, then entered Lawrence, who shot himself through the head, killing it as it exited his mouth
    *D*--Daredevil II#73 ([75(fb)], 73-75(fb), 75d)

DEMON BEAR - native of Badlands, demonic creature formed from William and Peg Moonstar by ??? and sent after Mirage, enemy of Moonstar
    --[New Mutants I#1], 18 ([17],18,19,20(des)

demon bull of the pre-Cataclysmic era - presumptive agent of Anu, summoned by Xanthes, slain by Kull
    *D*--Kull the Conqueror III#3

demon cowboys - former victims of the Bounty Hunter (Lemuel Haskill), sent to claim his soul after he missed the time to turn over Blaze's soul
    rode demonic steeds, immune to hellfire, projected own hellfire
    (app-bounty)--Ghost Rider II#32

DEMON-DRONES of Earth-Charnel - see SPAWN of CHARNEL (app-earth)--Death3#2

DEMON DRUID - see MORDRED (app)--Black Knight Comics#1

DEMON DRUID - see ULTIMUS—Thor I#209(Ex20->ult)

DEMON-FIRE (Apocalypse, Arachne, Bloodtide, Phineas T. Coroner, Death-Flame, griffins, Katabolik, Poison-Lark, Reaper, Rigor, Sister Saint)
    -satanic cult, based in Malevolence, Maine and San Francisco and Gallow’s Bend, Nevada, encountered and all were eventually slain in battle with Morbius  
    (1970s, app)--Vampire Tales#2 (3/6,4,5,7,8

DEMON-GOD - see XOTLI (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan of the Isles

DEMONICA - island north of Hawaii, raised and ruled by Dr. Demonicus when he tapped the tectonic plate over a magma hot spot, site from which he attempted to bring Raksasa to earth dimension, sunk when klaw inadvertently destroyed the pillar of stone supporting the island
    *D*(app)--Avengers West Coast #73 (73 (fb), 73-74, 93 (fb), 94, 95d)

DEMONICUS - Minions of Mordo, former partner of Adria and Kaecillius
    -DEMON*, Tyrone Lewis (app-mm)--Dr. Strange II#56

demon lords - masters of Stonecold
    (app-stonecold)--Nightstalkers#7 (7 (fb)], 7-9

DEMON-MOTHER - see KTHARA (app)--Marvel Spotlight I#24

DEMONOLATER - pre-Cataclysmic era, elder race, became one of the wolf-men, led them in an assault on Valusia, slain by Kull
    (app-wm)--Kull the Conqueror II#2

    --Daring Mystery Comics#3

demon priests - attempted to sacrifice Eiko Shimura, fought off by Nightcrawler
    --Classic X-Men#23/2

demon-princess from the lower regions of Asmodeus' Empire - Dormammu fell in love with her, but Umar dissolved her and scattered her across 146 universes
    --[Defenders III#3]

    form/identity assumed under Mikas' control
    --Iron Man I#43

DEMON REALM (Vera Gemini, Belathauzer) - alien world composed primarily of solid matter with little open space, physical laws are almost entirely reversed
    --Defenders I#58

DEMON REALM - associated with the Black Mirror
    (app)--Tomb of Dracula I#4 (4 (fb), 5

DEMON REBELS (Shribe, Warkon) - Stenth, oppose the class system of the City-Keepers, inhabitants of spider-city
    (app-stenth)--Inhumans I#8 (9

DEMON RIDER - see DEVIL RIDER (app)--Red Wolf I#6

DEMON-RIDERS - agents of Mogul
    - SATAN's FORTY HORSEMEN* (app)—Thor I#141/2 (142/2-144/2, 474(fb), Avengers III#1

DEMONS (Aan Taanu, Abysss, (Father) Adam, Aesklos, Agathon, Agent of Hell, All-Devourer, Allatou, Anchor Slugs, Angra-Mainyu, Animus, Aqquoonkagua, Arachne, Arimanes, Arioch, Asmodeus, Asmodiar, Asteroth, Atarata, Avandalia, Avarrish, Azmodeus, Azotharoth, Ba’al, Bad Dealer, Bailiffs, Baphomet, Basilisk, Bat-Servitor, Battletide, Beast, Beast-Men of the pre-Cataclysmic era?, Beelzeboul, Belathauzer, Belial, Beliar, Bellil, Belphegor, Big Mother, Bitterhorn, Blackheart, Bloodbath, Laroximous Boneflayer, Boogyman, Herbert T. Brimstone, Brutus Klor, Bumble-Claws, Buttview, Bzzk’joh, Cat, Catherine, Challenger, Cha’sa’dra, Clowns, Conqueror Worms, Copperhead, Chthon, Orleans Cooper, Crotus, Culex, Daboia, Dagon, Dagoth, Daimon, Damballah, Dansker, Dargil, the Dark, Dark-Crawler, Darklove, Dark Masters, December, Defiler, Delusion, Dementia, Demogoblin, “Demon in Your Head,” Demon of the Caves, Demon of the Dark, Demon of the Della Gems, Demon of the Dunes, Demon of the Mask, Demon of the Sands, Demon of Smoke, Demon Bull, Demon-Riders, Demon-Steeds, Demon Shade, Demon Thing, Demon-Thing, Demons of the Frozen Nethervoids, Demons of Rang-Sabb, Denak, Deuteronomy, Devil’s Heart, Devourers of Souls, D'Kay, Doggerel, Donna the Designer, Dormammu, Dragon of Solvantia?, Dragonus, Dreamqueen, Dryminextes, D’Spayre, D’Sprytes, Dusk, Dwarf, Dweller-in-Darkness, Dykkors, Dyskor the Purveyor, Nicholis Eblis, Elderspawn, Ehrthold, Ek’lr, Ellin, El-Ron's demons, Elyma, Erlik Khan, Exile, Exiter, Eye Killers, Familiar, Fashima, Fear-Eaters, Feeders from the Sky?, Flame, Fourth Assembly of the Second Quarter of Hell, Fraxix, Gaea, Gang of Nine, Gargoyle (“Son of Pan”), Gart, Vera Gemini, Ghasta, Ghaszaszh Nyirh, Ghoul-Hyena of Chaos, Girth, Gnit, Gog and Magog, Gormac, Great Beasts, Guardian Spirit?, Gunthar, Haazereth Three, Haemovore Kings of the Outer Dark, Hanon Tramps, Harpies, Hedron the Faceted, Helgor, Helleyes, Hellfire, Hellfred, Hellhound, Hellish All-Seer, Hellphyr, Hellstorm, Herlequin, High Seers of Nox, Hive, Hoss, House of Shadows, Hykos, Hyppokri, Ikonn, Ikthalon, Inanna, Inferno (Slifer), Infinks, Ishiti, Iuriale, Jaggta-Noga, January, Jergal Zadh, Jerry the Accountant, John Law, Kalumai, Karath, Kathulos, Kazann, Keeper, Khats, KhLθG, Kierrok, Kkallaku, Klytus, Krogg, Kthara, Laurox, Legion, Lilith, Lilin, Little Skitterling, Lloigoroth, Lucifer, Ludi, Lurking Unknown, Malachi, Maledril, Malevolence, Manitou, Man-Serpents, Many-Mouthed Monstrosity?, Marglar, Mephista, Mephisto, Messenger, Midwife, Mr. Jyn, Molgotha, Moloch, Monstrosity, Morbific Ghouls, Myth Monster, N’Astirh, N’Asteris, Necromancer (of the Realm of Madness), Neith, Nergal, Nethergods, Neurotica, Nezaral, N’Gabtoth, N’Garai, Nigguraab, Nightbeast, Nightfire, Nightmare, Nilrac, Ningal, Nirrem, Nojinjo?, Nox, Null, Nuraldin?, Old Horned Genty, Olivier, Omm, Oranah, Ormuz, Oruthu, Otei?, Pang, Paranoia, Pariah/Spirits in the Stone, Pazuzu, Pazuzu (demon horse), Phemous, Phobia, Montgomery H. Price, Puishannt, Pythonissa, Raga, Rakasha, Raksasa, Rath, Reaper (Gracul), Rhymers, Rhz’arr, Ribbon Kings, Riglevio, Ruby Sphinx,  Ru’tai, Sammael, Saphira, Satan, Satana, Satannish, Saturnine, Scarlet Legionnaire, Scarlet Personage, Se'irim, Serpent Men of Set, Servicer, Servitor, Set, Shining Clan, Shuma-Gorath, Siffror, Skald, the Ska’r, Skarabrous, Skritch, Skull-Face, Skull Sea, Sky-Horde, Sligguth, Sombra, Somnambulist, Soul-Drinker, Spite, Stalkers, Strigae, Sub-Men, Succubus, Surisha, Sykos, S’ym, Tabak, Tartressus, tauro-demon, Iao Thamungazoth?, Thaug, Thazarra?, Thog, Troids, Tsathoggua, Tyanon, Ullikumus, Uncegilia, Undying Ones, Unthinnk, Villiven, Virilian, Visimajoris, “Emil Vogel,” Void-Eater, Vril, Vulkanus, V’Zarr-Than, Warlocks, water elemental, Wayfinder, Whirldemons, Whisperer, Wild One, Wish-Demon, Wolf Demon, Wolf Men, Woody the Copyrighter, Wretched One, Xuthl, Yammuz, Y’Garon, Yiggorum, Yog-Sokot, Yukthalok, Zagan, Zahgurim, Zannarth, Zarathos, Zath, Zhilla Char, Zom, Zreate’th, Zughtuu, many others)
    new since OHotMU HC#3 list - Bellil, Laroximous Boneflayer, Chosk-Dynn, Exador, Marrakant Hellguard, Oktid, Tul'uth, Virilian
    new since OHotMU SC#3 list - Atarata, Bat-Servitor, Beast-Men of the pre-Cataclysmic era?, Herbert T. Brimstone, Bumble-Claws, Demon Bull, Demon Thing, Demon-Thing, Demons of the Frozen Nethervoids, Demons of Rang-Sabb, Dragon of Solvantia?,
Een’Gawori Slugs, Familiar, Feeders from the Sky?, Fourth Assembly of the Second Quarter of Hell, Guardian Spirit?, Imhotep, Jaggta-Noga, Many-Mouthed Monstrosity?, Marinette-Bwa-Chech, Nojinjo?, Nuraldin?, Otei?, psychlodermic mindphibians, Servitor, Skull Sea, Sky-Horde, Iao Thamungazoth?, Thazarra?, Tyanon
    invoked: Hezaba, Muses under the Mountain, K'Thalgloth, Sisiutl
    (I#3, D#3, MarvZom, OH HC#3)--Strange Tales I#110

    --Dr. Strange III#90

DEMONS of DEATH - see SETH’s WARRIORS (app-seth)--Thor I#387

DEMONS of DENAK - see DENAK (app-denak)--Strange Tales I#149

DEMONS of DESPAIR - giant monsters used by Grog to try to prevent Thor and his allies from escaping
    (app-seth)--Thor I#399

Demons of the Frozen Nethervoids - summoned by Kulan Gath--Conan the King#27

DEMONS of KHAA - see KHAA, demons of (app-bellil)--Savage Sword of Conan#114

DEMONS of LIBERATION (Mills, Ed, Vic, Toby) - Four Vietnam vets disfigured by napalm, sought to publicize the plight of themselves and other vets, kidnapped Sybil Mills; one was killed while fighting the Man-Thing, the others surrendered
    (app)--Man-Thing I#11 (11(fb), 11

Demons of Rang-Sabb - invoked by Xennus--Doctor Strange#46 (April 1981) (page 14 panel 3 (mentioned))

DEMONS of SHUMA-GORATH - encountered by Dr. Strange and Kaluu on journey to battle him
    —[Strange Tales II#13/2]

demons of STOKER - see STOKER's demons (app-stoker)--Gambit II#4

DEMONS of VASSILISA (app-vas)--Red Sonja III#8

demons of "Warnlin" of Universe-7711 - part of Lyissa's dark forces
    (app-chen kan)--Rampaging Hulk I#4 (4 (fb), 4d)

DEMONSEED of Earth-93060 - originally created by Hardcase while trapped in Limbo, evolved into demonic entity, enemy of Tulkar race
    --[Ultraforce(uv) II#10],14(14(fb) 10,12,13,UV Unl#2 Ultraforce#14

DEMON SHADE of the pre-Cataclysmic era - shadow creature unleashed from rock formation, battled and destroyed by Kull
    *D* (app-noratz)--Kull the Destroyer I#23 (24d)

demon shrike - creature of Sakaar, one was sent to fight a lion on Earth during the Warbound's occupation of Manhattan, tore the lion apart in 9 seconds
    (app)--World War Hulk: Front Line#4

DEMON SOLDIERS - agent of Dr. Demonicus, costumes patterned after him
    --Godzilla#4 (5(fb), 4-5, Shogun Warriors#7-12, 13-14

DEMONSTAFF of Earth-Thor: Once and Future Thor (Harlan Gorko) - enemy of Dargo/Thor
    (app)—Thor I#440 (Thor Corps#1-4, Thor440(fb)

DEMON-STEEDS (Malah, Zulum, 1 unidentified; formerly Amon, Hecate, Set) - transportation for Hellstorm, they are actually demons forced to serve him, destroyed while assaulting Heaven, reformed
    *D* (app)--Marvel Spotlight I#12, 14(named) (13 (fb), 12, Ghost Rider II#3, MarvSpot13-14, Defenders I#24-25, 94, 106, Hellstorm#9d, (new steeds) Punisher IV#2

DEMON SUN of Earth-Demon Sun - possessed by unknown being, used the K'Kyltrhi, attempted to consume the solar system, fought off by Marjorie Brink
    (app-brinkmarjorie)—Marvel Comics Presents#61/4

DEMONSWARM - spawn of Raksasa, released into earth dimension by him, assisted Dr. Demonicus and Pacific Overlords, turned on an killed each other when cut off from contact with Raksasa.
    bat/piranha hybrids, brown
    (app-rak)--Avengers West Coast#93(93 (fb), 94-95

DEMON THING of the Hyborian era - summoned by Dharmi Shan to kill Conan and Lylah, returned to Hell after being badly burnt by Conan
    --Savage Sword of Conan I#200 (1992)

Demon-Thing of the Hyborian era - sent by Tsotha-Lanti to kill Conan, posed as Zenobia, slain by Conan
    Nether-Devil, Thing from Beyond--Conan the Barbarian Annual#5

DEMON TREE - prime computer that extraterrestrial left on Dinosaur World
    —Devil Dinosaur#6 (7

DEMONTUR of the pre-Cataclysmic era - killed by a wolf-man who subsequently cursed him
    --Kull the Conqueror I#8

DEMPSEY - Dalmation, pet and first successful subject of HE Wyndham's genetic accelerator, mutated by Isotope E, escaped, killed by three hunters who mistook him for a deer
    (app)--Thor I#135 (X-Factor Annual#3/3 (fb), Punisher Annual#1/3 (fb), Thor#135 (fb)

DEMUZAAR of the Hyborian era - mystic mask, apparently arrived on Earth like a fallen star in the distant past (or pre-Cataclysmic era, at least)
    transports those exposed to its blinding light to the realm Khaa
    (app)--Savage Sword of Conan#114 (114 (fb), [114 (fb)], 114

D’EMZLA - M’Ndavian, representative to the Charter

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