CORA - extraterrestrial of unidentified race, lived on +/- originated from Uuex; kidnapped, sold by Gholar to Kio, rescued by Venom, given Bhiv to watch over her family
    drug YT-29 could be made from her people's blood
    (app)--Venom: Space Knight#1

CORAK - Atlantean soldier
    --Defenders II#5

CORAL - Atlantean
    (app)--Sub-Mariner I#56

CORAL - Microverse, Homeworld, Seazone, sister of Aquon, daughter of Tybalt, killed by Karza
    *D*--Micronauts I#30 (31, 52, 55, 58d)

CORAL - Ravens
    (app-ravens)--X-Factor I#56

CORAL CRAB - mystic item sought by Strange
    --Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#64

CORAZON, GILBERTO - father of Anya/Arana, widower of Sophia, investigative reporter for the New York Herald
    --Amazing Fantasy II#1 (Arana#12(fb), Arana: Heart of the Spider#7(fbs), 8(fb), 10(fb), AF#1, 2, 5,6, Arana: Heart of the Spider#1-4, 6, 8-10, Spider-Man & Araña Special: The Hunter Revealed#1, Ms. Marvel II#7, 12, 18

CORAZON, SOPHIA - mother of Anya/Arana, former hunter for the Spider Society, deceased, spirit possibly visited her while she was training for the Spider Society
    --[Amazing Fantasy II#1], (seen and named) #5 (Arana#12(fb), AF#5(fb), Arana#7(fb), [8(fb-funeral)], 10(fb), AF#5, Arana#12, Spider-Man & Araña Special: The Hunter Revealed#1

CORBEAU, Dr. PETER - Starcorps, Starcore
    --Incredible Hulk II#148 (Ms Marvel#6(fb), Hlk148, Avengers I#103, Hlk172, X-Men I#98,99(Classic X-Men#7), 100(CXM8), CXM8/2, UX101(CX9) 107,108, Uncanny X-Men#135,136, 150, 154, 158, X-Men: The Return, Avengers West Coast An5/2, Wonder Man II#7, Av344,345, Iron Man I#314,319, UX360,X-Men II#80, X-Man#55, X100,101, Maximum Security#1

CORBEL, Dr. - corrupt physician, old associate of Wolverine, delivered an injured young boy back into the custody of Bullfinch
    --Wolverine: Bloody Choices

CORBEN, - agent of Romany Wisdom.
    bf, shaved head, fly, mentally stun nervous system of others
    --X-Force I#114

CORBETT, BUDDY - Con artist who fled from Spider-Man; J. Jonah Jameson made Spider-Man's "attack" of him a media event, angering Spider-Man enough to almost beat up Jameson.
    --Web of Spider-Man#13

CORBETT, CAPTAIN of the Old West - see CAPTAIN CORBETT (app-circus)--Kid Colt, Outlaw#106

CORBETT, Lt. RICHARD M. - former soldier in "Nam," used as pawn by Satana to kill Miles Gourney, slain by Satana after realizing that the Four had wanted her to kill Gourney
    *D*--Haunt of Horror#2/6 ([2/6(fb)], 2/6d)

CORBETT, RON - trained for the '84 (topical) Olympics, and was so agile he earned the nickname "Spider-Man".  His parents were present at a bank robbery foiled by Spidey, but his mother was taken hostage, and when his father tried to protect her, he was shot and killed.  And so Ron blamed Spidey for his dad's death, yadda yadda, and (in this issue) sets out to ruin Spidey's name by impersonating him.
    --Web of Spider-Man#21

CORBIN, agent - SHIELD II, part of surveillance team under Pyle that botched an attempt to contact Captain America, assigned inventory duty at Virginia storage center where he was killed by AIM double agent Billups
    *D*--Captain America III#25 (26,27d)

CORCORAN, MICHAEL - American scientist, defected to Russia, fell in love with Laura Matthers, executed by KGB agents associated with Damon Dran to frame the Black Widow
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#11

CORD, DREXEL - former competitor of Anthony Stark, father of Janice, created Demolisher robot and sent it to destroy Iron Man, died trying to protect Janice from it
    *D* (app)--Iron Man I#2

CORD, EDWIN - former head of Cordco, husband of Sylvia, father of Angela, engaged in criminal activities including development and use of Raiders + Firepower, funded Jury
    --Daredevil I#167 (Iron Man I#145 156 IM#226 229-231 233 Thunderbolts#23,24,28

CORD, JANICE - daughter of Drexel, formerly dated Tony Stark
    *D*--Iron Man I#2 (6,7, 9-15, 17,18, 21,22d)

CORD, JOE - Longtime friend of the Chameleon, released from prison by the Hulk through the Chameleon's machinations, caught in the Chameleon's conflict with the Hulk and Spider-Man, died protecting the Chameleon from police gunfire.
    --Marvel Team-Up I #27

CORDCO (Drexel + Edwin Cord, Cal Oakley, Basil Sandhurst )
    - corporation, bought out by Stark Enterprises to force Oakley to implant biochip in Tony Stark’s spine
    --Iron Man I#2


Cordco Satellite - Hijacked by Dr. Octopus and his Sinister Six and used to threaten the world with an alleged deadly poison unless Dr. Octopus was given world domination. In reality, it was used to disperse a chemical rendering cocaine addicts dependant on the newly discovered rare element Burundite, which was in the sole possession of Dr. Octopus. Thor helped Spider-Man negate the effects of the chemical by dispersing burundite into the atmosphere after the Six's defeat.
--Amazing Spider-Man I#338

CORDITE ( ) - leader of Shadowforce Alpha, lover of Clash, wounded in effort to kill Col. Broga
    skilled leader, wields firearms & grenades
    (app-shadowforce alpha)--Amazing Spider-Man SSS#1/3 (Spider-Man SSS#1/3

CORDON - Rigellain, Sandorr’s Hunters, killed by US government agency. Teleport himself and others, virtually unbreakable armor
    --Fantastic Four III#51

CORE - former base of XERO with an AIM stronghold, possibly in Central City, California

CORE - apparently Subterranean base of Father and the Descendants
    --Secret Avengers

CORE CONTINUUM dim (Roma, Saturnyne, Starlight Citadel) - pocket dimension at center of all alternate earths
    -- ,Fantastic Four III#10(named)

COREN, MARC - circa 1959, began shrinking due to phase 1 assault of Ozt & Zak, restored to normal after sent into space in "Moon satellite" and exposed to cosmic radiation
    (app)--Tales of Suspense I#1/5

COREY - Warheads Kether Troop, technician

COREY, Dr. RAYMOND - US government physicist, along with James Scully trapped in Bermuda Triangle time warp, antagonized Scully, bm
    (app-blazsk)--Skull the Slayer#1(2-8, Marvel Two-In-One#35,36

CORIANDER, MARCUS - pawn of the Trust, directed the Punishment Squad, killed by Angela after betraying Alaric
    *D*--Punisher I#3 (3d)

CORIN of the Hyborian era - father of Conan
    *D*-- (Savage Sword of Conan#119

CORINTHIA of the Hyborian era - nation
    city-states: Ezar bar Q'um, Khumar Rhun
    worshipped Anu and Mitra
    Savage Sword of Conan#71

CORKER, RED (    ) - escaped criminal, shot by FBI agent Dale circa 1942
    --Daring Mystery Comics#3


CORKEY - former editor of the Daily Star newspaper circa 1942, poisoned by Old One for John Bradley
    (app)--Mystic Comics I#9/3

CORKIN, BUD - football player, illiterate but given pass through college by Dean Shahidi, manipulated by agent Hal Leech
    (app)--NFL Superpro#11

CORKS,  - US Army, encountered Warbound, fought in Gammaworld
    --World War Hulk: Warbound#3

CORKSCREW (Timmy Glenn) - mutant, tried out for X-Force, killed another in try-outs, subjected to Code X and killed by Doop when he failed
    Transform hands into corkscrews
    *D* (app)--X-Statix#1 (1/2d)

CORKY (   ) - bartender in Toronto, Canada, formerly employed Eugene Judd (Puck)
    (app)--Alpha Flight I#1

CORKY - pet dog of Joey and Annie Antonelli
    (app-bennythetorch)--Daredevil I#313

CORKY - wooden cork, served as pretend companion to Mr. Immortal while he was in buried coffin
    (app)--Great Lakes Avengers I#2

CORKY the CLOWN (Corky? Franklin) - Quentin Carnival
    --Ghost Rider II#64

CORLEY, DUNCAN - corpse reanimated when it was displaced by Paul Beare,who sought the grave for himself for astrological reasons, removed Beare’s corpse and sought revenge on anyone involved with the exhumation until skeleton defeated and returned to its original grave by Dracula after he learned the entire story from Inspector Chelm.
    skeleton, superhuman strength, reform after destroyed
    *D/R/D* (app)--Tomb of Dracula I#16 ([16(fb,d), 16(d))

CORLISS, dean - Empire State University
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#70

CORLISS GANG (    ) - Oakland, California gang, rivals of the Jadoo
Venom: Funeral Pyre#1

CORMA - Hyborian Era, princess, daughter of Aballah Bin Kor, abducted by nomads on the way to marry Khelru Shan
    --The Slave Princess; Savage Sword of Conan#12 (12(fb2)

CORMAC- Evil Walkers, agent of Necromon, led group of Goblins against forces of Merlyn on earth, right hand cut off by Black Knight/Whitman wielding Excaliber
    - SWORD-MASTER (app-walk)--(UK)Hulk Comic#16/2 (17/2-19/2

CORMAC of Connacht - @ 200 AD, Gaelic warrior, allied with Bran Mak Morn and Kull against the Romans
    --Kings of the Night; [Savage Sword of Conan#17/4], 42/3 (43/4

CORMAN, - AGK Corporation, possessed by Virus
    (app-virus)--Peter Parker: Spider-Man#48 ([48(fb)], 48,49

CORMORANT - Reckoning War
    --[Avengers: Initative#9], Fantastic Four I#25 (2020)

CORNEA of Earth-905 (    ) - Buzz-Boys
    Fire eye-blasts
    (app-earth905)--What If II#13

CORNELIUS, ABRAHAM B. - Weapon X Project, medical specialist responsible for Adamantium lacing and mental programming of Logan.
    wm, red hair, beard
    --Marvel Comics Presents#73 (Weapon X II#23(fb2), MCP73-84, WX25(fb)

    --[Mighty Avengers#12]

CORNELIUS of Earth-9602 ("Amalgam") - assisted Prof. Nichols
    --Legends of the Dark Claw#1 (1(fb)

CORNERSTORE on CREATION - Ian McNee's magic and curio shop, Brooklyn
    (app)--Mystic Arcana#1

CORNERSTONES of CREATION (Crown of Wisdom/Serpent Crown, Mirror of Beauty, Rose of Peace/Ebon Rose, Sword of Strength/Sword of Bone) -
    (Mystic Arcana-Talismans, app)--Conan the Barbarian I#128 (129, Mystic Arcana: Magik#1/3, Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1/3, Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch#1/3, Mystic Arcana: Sister Grimm#1/3

CORNFED - Livewires, destroyed by hivemind mechas, collected by Stem Cell to be rebuilt
    resident healer and support guy
    --Livewires#1 (2-4, 6

CORNUCOPIA (Carla Ballenger) - Berserkers, former cook on environmental survey.
    wf, auburn hair, briefly gained ability to generate unlimited quantities and varieties of food & clothing, superhuman physical abilities
    (net)--X-Men/Alpha Flight I#1 (2)

CORNWALL, ELIZABETH - mother of Julia/Arachne/Spider-Woman, wife of Walter
    --Spider-Woman II#
    Ms. Marvel II#8, 14

CORNWALL, WALTER - father of Julia/Arachne/Spider-Woman, husband of Elizabeth
    --Spider-Woman II#
    Ms. Marvel II#8, 14

CORONA (Dagny Forrester) - former scientist, sister of Cedric, mutated by own experiments, which also caused epidemic of Soho Fever, captured and experimented on by Cedric when attempted to stabilize powers.
    Fly, heat powers, protective aura, alter physical state of objects on contact, reverts to freakish form when powers siphoned, this form has a thickened hide, enhanced speed + can transmute elements
    (net)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#176 (176(fb),176,177, Spider-Man Unlimited#3, Marvel Knights Spider-Man#6, [12?]

CORONA (Thena*) - Eternals, New Breed
    --Eternals: Apocalypse Now

CORONA (Carlos Araújo Carvalho) - Order, Initiative, Helios-type, kicked off the team for publicly drinking/partying after the defeat of the Infernal Man, killed by Black Dahlias
    conduit of the sun
    --Civil War#7; (identified) Order#1; (full name revealed) #5 (

CORONA of Earth-Here Comes Tomorrow -
    ---X-Men II#152 (153?, 154?

CORONAR (Sunpyre) - Microverse world
     --[Big Hero Six#3/2 (2009)]

CORONARY (James Sharp) - Psionex, Thunderbolts army
    affect body functions of others, alter composition of own body
    (net-psi)--New Warriors I#4(15,16 53,[53] 60 63,64, Annual#4, Thunderbolts II#107-108

CORONER ( ) - evil entity, encountered Silver Surfer and Gargoyle (Christians), associated with Tenebrae
    --Silver Surfer III#139([Strange Tales: Dark Corners] Surf142(fb),139-145

CORONER, PHINEAS T. - Demon-Fire, obsessed with maggots
    *D* (app)--Vampire Tales7 (8d)

CORPO, SYLVIA - brought stone gargoyles to life, rebelled against her self-proclaimed rule, fell to her death down elevator shaft
   *D* (app)--Venus I#16/1

CORPORATE HEADHUNTER 2099 ( Cullen)-alchemax --Spider-Man 2099#27(28

CORPORATE RAIDERS 2099 (Pembert+4, Vlad the Impaler?)-alchemax --Spider-Man 2099#27(28


    -nationwide business-like criminal organization
    (1970s, app)--Captain America I#213 (Incredible Hulk II#212, Cap213,214 Marvel Premiere#39,40, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#23(fb),25,[27,29,30],31, MarvPrem44, Marvel Two-In-One#47,48, Cap217,218 220 222,223 225 Machine Man I#7-9 Hlk228-230, Cap228, Hlk231, Cap230, Hlk232, Cap231, Hlk233, Hlk234-237, Cage I#13,14, Heroes for Hire II#3 (fb), 3-5

CORPORATION MAN - Thinking Men of Palo Alto, ran in Summer Solstice Burnout, dark skin, suit, devoured in Tophetti's Tunnel of Terror
    --Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu#1d

CORPORUS - Inhuman
    --Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1

CORPSE (Kagel Kager)  -
    --Young Allies#15

CORPSE-MEN (    ) -
    --Mystic Comics#1

CORPUS DERELECTI - Humanity's Last Stand's Mutant Liberation Front, cyborg.
    body dead and able to move normally, superhuman stength, immunity to most forms of harm, personal energy field

CORRIGAN of Earth-Kennedy not shot by Oswald - killed Oswald before he could pull the trigger, though Kennedy was then killed by the other assassins
    He died when Immortus wiped out that timeline   
    (app-eknkbo)--Avengers West Coast#60

CORRIGAN, ARCHIBALD "Archie" - pilot, former owner of south seas skyways, brother of Burt and , flew cargo for Tyger Tiger, killed by assassins hired by Gen. Coy and prince Baran. bm
    *D*--Wolverine II#4(5-7 11-16 17,18 31,32 Wolverine: Doombringer, Marvel Comics Presents #62,63, MCP152-155 Wolv87 Wolv II#98d)

CORRIGAN, BURT - older brother of Archie, based in San Francisco, inherited entirety of wealthy estate from father, fought against reformation of Gehenna Stone, has difficulty separating fantasy from reality, imagines self as characters from movies. bm, balding
    --Wolverine II#11 (12-16

CORROSION ( ) - mutate, brother of Dismember, created by Catalyst
    generate acid through skin
    --Sabretooth + Mystique#2 (3,4

CORRUPT (Hank, Vana) - people of Christ's Crown mutated by Blackheart
    --Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Punisher: Dark Design

CORRUPTOR of the Hyborian era - see OVADA--Conan the Savage#5 (6

CORRUPTOR (Jackson Day) - Hood's army, former agent of Imus Champion, former leader of Inner Circle, former factory worker at chemical plant in Jamaica Queens, mutated by exposure during fire at the plant, attempted to use Hulk in plot bring in progressively more super-heroes which he could control, temporarily took over Project: PEGASUS and Squadron Supreme, released from the Raft, became mayor of Smyrna, Delaware, corrupted the entire town by infusing flowers with his sweat
    Manipulate others on contact, powers most effective if victim is in a highly emotional state, dark blue skin, white hair
    -Andrew Kapplehoff, John Peabody (I#3,D#3,net)--Nova I#4([20],21 Incredible Hulk II#263-265, Marvel Comics Presents#32/4, Nova II#4,9,10 [Avengers III#5],6, [New Avengers#1-3]/4(fb), New Warriors III#6, [Union Jack II#1], 2-3, [New Avengers#35], Annual#2

CORSAIR (Christopher Summers) - Starjammers, formerly of US Air Force, father of Cyclops, Havok, & Vulcan; abducted from earth by Shi'ar, wife killed by D'ken, placed on slave planet where befriended others to form Starjammers, apparently slain by Vulcan
    extensive knowledge of terrestrial and Shi'ar weaponry
    *D (I#10, D#3, M))--X-Men I#104(156(fb) 144(fb) 114(fb) 156(fb) 154(fb) 108(fb), Classic X-Men #15/2 UX391(fb), XM I#104,CXM14,XM107, XM108(CXM15),109(fb), X-Men: Deadly Genesis#3 (fb), Uncanny X-Men#154-159, 161,163,166,Ex116(fb),UXM167 XMen Special Editon#1, UXM168 Marvel Graphic Novel#5, UXM173-175 177 New Mutants I#19, UX200,201 203 NM50,51 Excalibur I#17, XMen: Spotlight on Starjammers1,2, UXM275-277 Wonder Man II#8 Avengers I#350,351, Marvel Comics Presents#149/2, Marvel Holiday Special 1994/6, Starjammers#1-4, Wolverine II#135-138, Galactus the Devourer#5,6, Deadpool III#43 UX391, 482, 484-485, 486d)

CORSAIRS (Dryad, Quill, Specter, Three-In-One (Celeste, Mindee, Phoebe)
    - Xavier Institute, students training under Cyclops
    (New X-Men Yearbook)--New: X-Men: Academy X#2

CORSI, TOM - former West Chester county policeman, along with Sharon Friedlander, mutated into perfect human Native American form by Demon Bear, assisted against Reavers and Acolytes, hired as gym teacher for Generation X
    (OH: BoD, net)--New Mutants I#19 (20, 26, 35, 36, 38, 39, 43, Uncanny X-Men#212, 254, Alpha Flight I#88, 90, UXM278,  298, [Generation X #50], 53, 57, 59-60, [New Mutants II#7]

CORTES, MARIA PILAR - Valencia, deputy Minister of Defense, investigated Guardia Civil's capture of X-Men
    --X-Treme X-Men#1 (2, 3, X-Treme X-Men :XPose#1, XTXM#32,33

CORTEZ, CARLOS - @ 1836, Renegades, Mexican, opposed the dictatorship of Santa Anna
    expert knife thrower
    (app-renegades)--Western Gunfighters II#1/5 (4/3

CORTESE, "CRUELLA" - Mob Princesses
    (app-piranha)--Terror INC#6 (7

CORTESE, FRANK - Ex-assassin, hired mercenaries to attack Spider-Man on the Chameleon's behalf.

CORTEZ, ANNE-MARIE - Acolytes, shot by SHIELD, healed by Fabian, died in fall of Asteroid M.
    used large gun
    *D* (2006#1-acolytes, app)--X-Men II#1 (2, 3d)

CORTEZ, FABIAN - former leader of the Acolytes, Upstarts, born into great wealth and social standing, has sought to kill Magneto and replace him, nearly killed by Exodus after he took Luna hostage in Genosha, apparently killed by Magneto after regaining his full power in Genosha.
    Amplify powers of others for positive or negative effect, wm, red hair
    *D* (OH: BoD 2004, net)--X-Men II#1(2,3 [Avengers I#357], Quicksilver#1 Heroes for Hire#8 [Quick4],5,6, 11,HsfH#16,Q12,HsfH/Q’98,XMen: Magneto War, Magneto Rex1-3, X-Men Unlimited#24/2, X-Men II#96, UXM An1999, UXM379,380, Magneto: Dark Seduction#1-4

CORTEZ, Mrs. - wife/widow of Lionfang
    (app-lionfang)--Hero for Hire#13

CORTIZAR, REYNALDO - Medellin, former bodyguard to Enrique Moreno, employed after Moreno was driven into exile by the Columbian government, hired by Lotus and accompanied by Prince to try to kill Hawkeye, nearly successful, but shot in the back of the head by the Terminizer
    *D* (app-stoneperfs)--Avengers Spotlight#31 ([31 (fb)], 31d)

CORTLAND, EGBERT – rich boy, befriended Subbie
    (app-Subbie)--Kid Komics#1

CORTMAN, NEVILLE - vampiric husband of movie starlet Wanda Warren, turned her into vampire
    (app-Warren, Wanda)--Spellbound I#7/2

CORUCUC - Celtic man, @ 200 AD?, captured by the Lost Race, but freed by Berula whom he had previously saved
    --Savage Sword of Conan#68/2 (69/2

CORUM of the Hyborian era - grandfather of Conan
    -- ([Conan the Barbarian I#269]

CORUSS, GREG - corrupt pharma CEO, produced toxic anti-cancer drug, hired mercenaries to push drug's passage into other countries, stopped and killed by Cardiac
   *D* (app-cardiac)--Web of Spider-Man I#108/2

CORVASIO, Mr. - owner(?) of Casino Alexander
    --[Wolverine: Under the Boardwalk#1]

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