COOGAN, DUFF - Yancy Street resident, friend of Nick Cromer, exposed to energy of the force of destiny and briefly manifested a giant rat symbolizing his fear of never leaving the slums; after he overcame his fears, the Thing and Dr. Strange destroyed the rat
    (app)--Marvel Two-In-One#6

COOGAN, - Duff's grandmother
    (app-cooganduff)--Marvel Two-In-One#6

COOGAN ?? - Pacific Northwest lumberjack, unwittingly blamed Namor for a Spike that killed his partner Will, knocked him out with a chainsaw
    (app-tess_Walker)--Namor I#26

COOJEECHISCUE of Earth-148611 ( Nadehzda) - Siberian Project, Red Sun.
    Project psionic cubes of force
    <CUBIC>--Psi Force(nu)#23 (27-29, Justice#29, PF30

COOK, KATE - Bethlehem High School student alongside Duncan Sebast

COOKE, JEN - social worker, assisted Punisher against the Bulat's slave prostitution ring, later worked alongside Marcie Miller
    --Punisher VII#26 (27-30

COOKIE - see MALONE, TED (app)--Origin#4

COOKIE (    ) - SHIELD, former cook for the enlisted men, replaced by Tony Stark's personal chef
    --[Iron Man IV#15] ([15 (fb)]

COOKIES of Earth-What The? ( ) - partner of Milk, grim & gritty, has an aunt with a rare but lingering heart condition
    Cookie-like exterior shell, superhuman strength, uses gun able to fire Fig Newtons
    (app-milkcookies)--What The?#7, 10/2

COOL MILLION ( ) - criminal mercenary, mutant?, hired by Hydra to defeat/kill Iron Fist and steal Contemplator's Anomaly object, kidnapped Lillian Hsu in attempt to force Iron Fist to surrender, defeated by Iron Fist and his car arrived at Hydra’s headquarters with Iron Fist and Anomaly.
    named after fee for hiring him. mentally persuade others, wm, long dark hair, wears suit and tie with sunglasses
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#128/4 (129/4

COOLER - prison of Ivan Pushkin
    (app-ivan)--Maverick II#10

COOLES (    ) -
    --Captain America Comics#5

COOLEY, CHARLES - insane, killed own daughter Jessica so she would stay pure, rather than become "corrupt" like her mother, kidnapped Cassie Lang and sought to do the same to her, stopped by Ant-Man (Lang), killed by Jack of Hearts
    --Avengers III#76/491

COOLEY, DAN - helicopter pilot for T.J. Vance to take pics of She-Hulk
    (app-Vance, TJ)--Fantastic Four I#275

COOLEY, FINN - IRA, face destroyed in explosion, uncle of Peter, sought Pops Nesbitt's booty, killed by his bomb
    *D* --Punisher VII#7 (8-11, 12d)

COOLEY, PETER - IRA, nephew of Finn, captured by Punisher, Lorrimer, and Yorkie Mitchell, forced to give information on Finn, either let go or killed by them
    *D?* --Punisher VII#7 (8-12)

COOLRIDGE, JOSHUA - brother of Melissa, son of Laura, arrested after brought in by Spider-Man for car theft, began educating self while in prison and then continued under Ezekial afterwards, reunited with family by Spider-Man
    --[Amazing Spider-Man II#55], 56

COOLRIDGE, LAURA - mother of Jack + Melissa
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#55 (56

COOLRIDGE, MELISSA - student at Midtown High School, daughter of Laura, sister of Jack, befriended by Peter Parker, who helped locate Joshua
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#55 (56

COOMBS, Mrs. - Watts schoolteacher, supportive figure in Bill Foster's youth

COOPER, BILL - penniless engineer, husband of woman sought by Victor Avery, dug hole to contain Midnight Monster
    (app-mm)--Journey into Mystery I#79

COOPER, CARLIE - old friend of Lily Hollister, forensic pathologist, daughter of Ray Cooper
    --Amazing Spider-Man#545/2 (546-548, 549, 552-554, 556-557, 560-561, 564, 567, 568, 569

COOPER, COLE - Daily Bugle photographer
   (app)--Web of Spider-Man#113 (114-116, Spider-Man Unlimited#9

COOPER, DAN - past through mysterious London fog, sent back to 16th century, believed to be insane and imprisoned by the Keeper, allowed the Keeper to be thought to be insane and imprisoned when he followed him back to the 20th century
    (app-keeper)--Strange Tales I#97

COOPER, DANNY - father issues, friends with Jay Spencer, trapped in elevator with Peter Parker
    --Amazing Spider-Man Family#6 (2009)

COOPER, FRED - assistant to Victor Cartwright, encountered Lizard Men
    (app-lizard)--Tales to Astonish I#24

COOPER, JOSH - "Vietnam" veteran, teaches children with severe learning disabilities, tenant of Anna Kappelbaum, former neighbor of Steve Rogers/Captain America, black male
    --Captain America I#237 (

COOPER, ORLEANS - demon, owner of Club Orleans, mistakenly believed to be a mutant, sought the power of the Inficio Aquilus, attempted to betray other demons, punished by them when he failed to produce the cards, sought vengeance on Jack Jessup
    (app)--Gambit IV#1 ([6 (fb), 1 (fb), 6 (fb), 1 (fb)], 1-2, [6 (fb)], 3-5, [5 / 6 (fb)], 6

COOPER, RAY - NYPD, forensic scientist, father of Carlie, blackmailed by Maggia
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man#548 (619-621

COOPER, ROGER "CAPS" - Harry S. Truman high school and Empire State University classmate and college roommate of Richard Rider, nephew of Megaman, aware of Rider’s alter ego. wm,brown hair
    --Nova I#1(2,3 6 8,9 11 13 14 16-18/2, Marvel Two-In-One An3, Nov20, Nova II#8,9, Nova III#1-7, New Warriors II#10

COOPER, Dr. VALERIE - Commission on Superhuman Affairs, special presidential assistant for national security and metahuman affairs, former liaison to X-Factor, responsible for recruiting Captain America (John Walker), negotiated pardon for Thunderbolts in exchange for retiring
    (U#2, 198)--Uncanny X-Men#176 (X-Factor I#142(fb1-3) Avengers West Coast#84(fb) UXM176 New Mutants#13 Secret Wars II#2(fb), UXM183-186,190,199 UXM84(fb) XFac9, Avengers An15, Iron Man I#214, AWC84(fb), Captain America I#333,334, UXM223 Cap335 UXM224 Cap344 346-348 350-352 354 355 UXM254 Alpha Flight I#88, Punisher: No Escape, Nomad I#1-3, UXM262-266 269 [NM95] XFac70-73 XMen II#2,3 XFor5 Nomad II#2 XFac74 75(fb),75 Incredible Hulk II#390,391,XFac76,Hlk392, XFac77,78 AF#107 XFac An7 7/2 Infinity War#1, New Warriors I#29,30, Av350 XM12 XFac79-84 XM14,XFor16,UXM295,XFor17 XFac86 Ex79,XFac108,109 116(fb) XM: Prime, XFac111,114 UXM326, XFac116,117 UXM328,Sabretooth SE#1,XFac119,121-123,124,127, XMen57 XFac132,133 Marvel Fanfare II#7, XMan26, XFac134-139 142 148 Fantastic Four III#11,12 UXM360 Thunderbolts#21(fb) 26,27,29,30 X-51#6, Fantastic Four III#27,[Tb33(fb),34],35-37, Gambit III#17, X106, Maximum Security#1(fb), Avengers III#35, Tb49,50(fb),50 Av44 USAgent II#1(fb),[2],3, [X-Treme X-Men:XPose#1], X-Treme X-Men#31-33, [46], Sentinel Squad ONE#1-3, 5, X-Men II#177-179, UX466, 468, 469-471, X-Men: The 198#2-5, X183-186, 187, UX472-473, Wolverine III#42, New X-Men#31, Civil War: X-Men#1-4, [Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1], X-Men II#189, X-Factor III#14, 17-18, 20, UX487-488, XFac21, Iron Man IV#23, 27-28, Avengers: Initiative#12, X-Factor III#29-31, 32, 33

COOPER, WHITNEY III - dated Alyssa Conover
    --Sleepwalker #4 (8, 13,15, 19-21

COOPER, Det. - investigated Bluebeard's abductions
    --Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu#4

COOPERSMITH, MARICA - Allentown, prosecuting attorney in Larry Ryan's case
    --She-Hulk II#27

COORDINATOR (Mr. Proctor) - Department H, Hull House
    --Alpha Flight II#2 (3,4

COORDINATOR (    ) – Leader of Jovian mutants Acumulador, Computador, Terrificador, and Camuflador; defeated by Cyclops. 
    Multiplies into numerous identical Coordinators.
    --Edições Gep#6

COOT's BLUFF (Mrs. Abrahms, Douglas Brenner, Mr. Denton, Sally Kellerman, Mayor Macabee, Cammi, Dex, Mavis)
    - Alaskan town, slaughtered by Blood Brothers, Lunatik, and Paibok
    --Drax the Destroyer#1 (2-4

    --[Gambit IV#1]

COOTIE TREMBLE ( ) - @ 1859, Marauders, mutated by Apocalypse, killed by Mister Sinister
    *D*--Further Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix #1(2-4d)

    --Uncanny X-Men#352

COPELIA - cosmic ballet
    --Enter the Heroic Age#1/3

COPPERHEAD (Richard Crandall) - a character from old pulp magazines
    (app-chesney) --mentioned in Daredevil I#124

COPPERHEAD (Lawrence Chesney) - Gang of Four, mimicked old pulp magazine hero Copperhead (Lawrence Crandell), published in Copperhead monthly, son of the man who posed for the cover illustrations, sent back to Earth to recruit souls for "Satan"
    copper armor, used paralyzing or lethal darts, generate images of pain and death
    *D/Reanimated* (OH2006#3, app)--Daredevil I#124(134+125(fb), [Human Fly#9(fb)], Daredevil#124,125d, Daredevil/Spider-Man#1-4(res)

COPPERHEAD (Arthur Reynold) - adopted identity and costume of Chesney
    (app)--Human Fly#8 (9(fb), 8,9

COPPERHEAD (Davis Lawfers) - Serpent Society, Serpent Squad
    Cling to surfaces, project electric discharge, fire grappling hook, release magnesium flare
    (M)--Captain America I#337 (338 341-344 Uncanny X-Men An13, Damage Control II#1, Cap365/2 367/2 380 434-437

COPPERSMITH, ALFRED - former employee of Zum Corporation, after fired he began poisoning their products; Daredevil saved him from the Punisher and he began to learn new working skills while in prison.
    (app)--Punisher II#10/Daredevil I#257

COPYCAT (Vanessa* Carlysle) - Weapon X project, former prostitute, former girlfriend of wade wilson, dated kane/weapon x, impersonated domino for tolliver for over a year when she was his prisoner, employed by taskmaster + wizard to pose as titania and room with deadpool in order to gain revenge on him for his interference with their plots back in the frightful four, assaulted siryn for suspected involvement with Deadpool, manipulated by Weapon X to use against Deadpool, killed by Sabretooth.    
    Duplicate appearance of others
    -DOMINO imposter*, TITANIA (MacPherran) imposter* (OH2006#3, net)--Deadpool I#1(Deadpool minus 1 -->Dom2 imp.
    Wolverine II#88, Cable II#37-39, Deadpool III#38-43, Black Panther III#22,Dp44,BP23, Dp45 49-56

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