CONSECUTION of COLORS (Prismatic Bridge of Asbru, Crimson Cosmos, Purple Dimension, Raggadorr) - group of dimensions associated with various colors and filling a space between the Inner Realms of the Elder Gods of Earth and the Archipelago of Anguish and Redemption; Brona's Barrier separates the Inner Realms from Consecution of Colors and other outer realms (although the Bridge of Asbru allows passage through Brona's barrier), and a treacherous passage was found through the Winding Way that opened up the Archipelago of Anguish and Redemption.
    --Marvel Tarot#1

CONSCIENCE - aspect of Master Mold (Steven Lang version), built to ease loneliness, caused ship containing the Retribution Virus to fly into orbit and self-destruct when he learned it would kill 92% of humanity as well
    superhuman strength and durability, used staff able to emit electrical shocks and laser blasts
    (app)--[Marvel Comics Presents#19], 20 ([20(fb), 21(fb)], 20-24

CONSERVATOR ( ) - used advanced technology to create wildlife preserve on his own secret island, Castillo, convinced to turn Castillo into a public resort by Ka-Zar, Namor, Shanna, and Wolverine
    (app)--Wolverine: Global Jeopardy#1 (1[ (fb)], 1

CONSOLIDATED CONGLOMERATES inc (Maxine Walters, Stanley + John Lumus (d) )
    --Power Man/Iron Fist#114 (115-117

CONSORTIUM - intergalactic business conglomerate with interests on thousands of planets, traveled to earth to destroy Her after she interrupted their dealings with U’surp’r, battled Alpha Flight and Avengers, defeated when Galactus consumed their Mothership’s power source, although the battle devastated Toronto.
    uses citizens of member planets as foot soldiers, overseer traveled in immense mothership
    (net)--Alpha Flight I#97 (98-100

consortium of nations (Mr. Smith) - organized against Thor and the Church of Asgard, detonated nuclear weapon on Thor and launched assault on Asgard
    --Thor II#65 (66

CONSPIRACY (Atlan, Dr. Juden Bardham, Centurius, Bubbles O’Day, Kaballa; Ulluxy’l Kwan Tae Syn (former member))
    - sought the power of the Bloodgem/Hellfire Helix/Exo-Mind, removed Bloodgem fragment from Ulysses Bloodstone, killing him; essences absorbed into crystalline entity formed by the Exo-Mind, apparently died when its form was destroyed by the moribund Ulysses Bloodstone
    (1970s, app)--[Rampaging Hulk I#1/2],4/2([1/2-3/2],4/2-6/2,8(d))

CONSPIRACY of EVIL - text written by Harold H. Harold; copy owned by Vengeance/Kowalski
    --Ghost Rider #31 (2009)

CONSTABULARY of Earth-691 - intergalactic police force
    --Guardians of the Galaxy Annual#4 (Guardians of the Galaxy#51,[52],53,60/2

CONSTANTIN, NIKO - Russian, closest to a success in the Wolf Spider project, encountered James Barnes in Russian prison
    --Captain America#617 (2011)

CONSTANTIUS of the Hyborian era - Kothian mercenary, led armies of Khauran under Salome, had Conan crucified, crucified by Conan after being defeated
    The FALCON* *D* (app)--A Witch shall be Born; Savage Sword of Conan#5

CONSTANZO, Dr.  of Earth-93060 - worked for Col. Robert Rinaldo, designed squash creature that defeated Lord Pumpkin
    --Prime (uv) II#11 (12-15

CONSTRICTOR (Frank Payne) - mercenary, former agent of SHIELD I + Corporation + Justin Hammer + nihilist Viper, former partner of Sabretooth, Frightful Four, Masters of Evil, Six Pack, Initiative, Shadow Initiative, given uniform and cables by Justin Hammer, apparently infiltrated Corporation for SHIELD, but became  mentally unstable after killing someone in a shoot out, badly beaten by Serpent Society after betraying them to Captain America, nearly executed by Scourge of the Underworld, former roommate of Deadpool and Copycat/Titania imposter, has used armor enhancements from the Tinkerer and served Lucia von Bardas, acted as hero in struggle against Arcade, hands severed by KIA, received prosthetic attachments able to extend cables/tendrils
    Uses body armor and electrically charged cables on wrists, originally Adamantium, later Vibranium
    -Franz Schlichting, Franklin Schlichting (I#3, D#3, M, Secret War#4)—Incredible Hulk II#212 (Marvel Comics Presents#74/3(fb), Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#36(fb), Deadpool III#35(fb), IncHulk212, Captain America I#228,229,231, Iron Man I#126,127, Power Man/Iron Fist#66, Hlk265, Captain America Annual#5, PM/IF#78,84, Cap281,283, Marvel Two-In-One#96, Cap309-311, Fantastic Four I#333, Marvel Comics Presents#74/3, 86/3-92/3, 119/2,120/2, Spectacular Spider-Man II Annual#12, Web of Spider-Man An8, New Warriors An2, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD III#36, Cap410-414, Marvel Fanfare II#6, Thunderbolts#24,25, Gambit III#11(fb),11 16-18 Deadpool III#38,42(fb) 39-41 43, Black Panther III#22, Dp44, BP23, Dp45, 61 Hood#2-6, Peter Parker: Spider-Man#51, Agent X#6, Weapon X II#26, 28, She-Hulk I#9(fb), 9, Secret War#3-5, Cable and Deadpool#7-10, Wolverine III#30, [New Avengers#1-3]/4(fb), Marvel Team-Up III#7, Thing II#1-3, [Thing II#8 (fb)], 8, Avengers: The Initiative#1, 5, 8 (fb), 10, 12, 13

CONSUELA ?? (See SANCHEZ, CONSUELA) - Avengers West Coast support staff, maid
    --Avengers West Coast#77(84, 89,90, Force Works#4

CONSUELA ?? - former girlfriend of el Guapo, left him after his affairs after joining X-Statix were exposed

CONSULTANT (    ) - arranges powers and promotion for super-villains, set up Jackie Dio to become Underworld as part of plot to take down Mr. Pain for bounding checks to him
    Doc, HIPPO (Potamus of Power, Water-Cow of Crime, Semi-aquatic mammal man of Might), MECHANIC, unidentified man in bandages--Underworld#1 (2-5

CONSUMPTION - agent of Thanos, brought him into contact with Parnival Plunder
    --Ka-Zar Annual 1997

CONTAGION (Winsor    ) - grew up in a strange school/orphanage setting with other inbred “cousins”, and seemingly by Dr. Doom, who taught them the balance between technology and magic; after Contagion’s powers developed, he struck out on his own to make his mark on the world by spreading refined diseases. Over the following years, he researched and learned more about his powers. He recruited his team of unkillables and experimented on them heavily. He contacted a Shi’ar from space and got a hold of the technecrotic virus, then killed the Shi’ar and infected his son, Flip; captured and tortured Wolverine
    --Wolverine: Best There Is#1 (2011)

CONTAGION 2099 ( ) - Freakshow
    --X-Men 2099#6

CONTAMINATED ZONE 2099 (Avian, Herod) - part of Fatherland where failed experiments involving the transmode virus were sent
    —2099: World of Tomorrow#2

CONTEMPLATOR (Tath Ki) - Elder of the Universe, philosopher, teacher, investigator of reality
    -MISTER BUDA* (I#3, D#3, M, AZU#2, app)—Marvel Treasury Special#1, (named) Captain America An6 ( [Marvel Comics Presents#125/4-131/4], 132/4 Quasar#37, Spider-Man Unlimited#13, Iron Fist II#1, Annihilation: Ronan#3, [4]

CONTEST of CHAMPIONS - Grandmaster contested against Death for power of life and death, ultimately sacrificed own life to resurrect the Collector
    (OH:AZU#1)--Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1

CONTINGENCY (Condor, Killdeer, Kite, Rapture, Shrike)
    - SHIELD II black-ops organization, designed to take out Wolverine and perhaps other specific mutants
    (OH2006#2)--[Weapon X: Draft: Kane], Wolverine/Captain America#1 (2-4

CONTINUUM - secret project under development by the Olympus Group
    --Incredible Hercules#127

CONTINUUM CORTEX - Knowhere, built into the brainstem of the decapitated Celestial
    nexus point to anywhere and anywhen in the universe
    --Nova IV#9

CONTINUU-TECH - interviewed Peter Parker
    --Amazing Spider-Man#546

CONTRACT ( ) - mercenary, Corporation
    (app)--Cage I#13(14

CONTRARES, ANASTASIA - town of Revelation, queen of street rod racers, lost control of Cadillac in canyon and died @1961, spirit survived and periodically encounters the people of Revelation, met johnny storm. wf, blond, drives el dorado
    *D/spirit*--Fantastic Four III#33 (34

CONTRARY of Earth-93060 ( ) - Ultraforce, created the Freex and other mutates with Wetware from the Fire People, organized the Academy of the New Elite, worked with the Freex, vanished after the events of Black September.
    pleasure and pain powers, used technology of the Fire People
    -WETWARE MARY* (app)--Freex (uv)#9 (10,11, GS Freex#1/2, Prototype#13/UVP#6/4, Ultraforce#0A+B,1,2, Freex#13,14, UF#2-6, UF#7, Frx16-18, UF8,9, Mantra I#24, UF10, UF/Avengers prelude, Avengers/Ultraforce, Ultraforce/Avengers)

CONTRASEPSIS - antibodies dispatched by Eternity to destroy the Odotopians, eventually became a threat to Eternity itself until excised by Dr. Strange, Gravity, and the Fantastic Four and sent into a pocket dimension
    (app)--[Fantastic Four#546, 547], 549 ([550 (fb)], 547 (fb), [549 (fb)], 549-550

CONTRAXIA - planet of Contraxians
    --Jack of Hearts#2 (2(fb), 2-4

CONTRAXIAN race (Codabac, Kaina/"Marcy Kane", commander Varga, "Marie Hart", Smythe, Priestess of the Sun )
    - extraterrestrial, humanoid, darker-hued left side, sought means to rekindle their sun’s dying energies, sent natives to earth posing as humans
    (D#15, app)--[Spectacular Spider-Man II#32], Jack of Hearts#1, 2 (2(fb), 1-4

CONTROL - alleged group involved in the creations of superhumans on Earth to increase funding for the military, originally formed based on recommendations of Reed Richards after his contact with Gormuu, eventually collapsed as the superhuman population became so large and the group was stretched so thin. Dissolved after funding wound up in the hands of the Mad Thinker, Ultron, and Wizard

      (app-garner/harrison)--[Conspiracy#1] ([1+2(fbs)]

CONTROL 7 - mercenary espionage unit
    --Power Man/Iron Fist#112

CONTROLLER (Basil Sandhurst) - Inner Circle of New Enforcers, Crossfire's Crew, former agent of Thanos, former electro-mechanical/chemical research scientist at Cordco, crippled in accident, created exoskeleton and slave discs, design improved by Thanos.
    Exoskeleton gains power from those attached to his slave disks
    (I#3,D#3,M,net)—Iron Man I#12(13, 28, Captain Marvel I#28-30, IM88,89,91, 225,[226], Avengers: Deathtrap: The Vault GN, Captain America I#365-367, [Web of Spider-Man#99],100, IM292,293, Iron Man An15, Avengers Unplugged#5, Heroes for Hire#1,[2,3],4, Iron Man III#13(fb),12,13, Spider-Man: Breakout#2 (3(fb), 4(fb), 1(fb), New Avengers#1-3/Spider-Man: Breakout#1(fb)/NA#4(fb), Spdm: BO#1-5, New Avengers#35

CONTROL PEARL - used by Serestus to direct Torg
    (app-torg)--Avengers III#43

CONUNDRUM (     ) - enigmatic entity, unknown past association with jack o’lantern, connection to kingdom of Sufind, student of eastern mysticism, attempted to obtain the hand of Mumthazi, kidnapped Sufind ambassador’s daughter tabriaz, battled Prodigy/Spider-Man.
    Puzzle-like face with constantly changing features, master of illusion, emit nerve gas
    (OH: Spdm: BiB, app)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#257 (258

CONVENT of LIVING FIRE of Earth-691 circa 31st century (Godhead, Mother Superior) - existed on surface of Topographical Man, empowered Nikki to destroy it
    (app-top)--Marvel Presents#6 (7

CONVENTION of FORNAX - apparently a Kree-Skrull treaty that forbade torture of prisoners of war
    --[Avengers I#94]

CONVERSION CHAMBER - see KIBER's CONVERTER CABINET (app-kiber)--Black Panther I#11

CONVERSION RINGS - magic items, formerly attached to Zxaxz’s crown, used by Spellbinder and then Roy fortune to tap into magic power, destroyed by Roy after death of Zxaxz and imprisonment of Erica/Spellbinder.
    caused progressive insanity with increases in power
    *Des*--Spellbound#1 (2-6, Marvel Comics Presents#138/2-141/2,142/2d)

CONVERTER CABINET - see KIBER's CONVERTER CABINET (app-kiber)--Black Panther I#11

CONVERTI-CAR - airship designed by Henry Pym, used by he and the Wasp
    --Tales to Astonish I#

convict (    ) - on death row @ 1960, duped Beast-Man of Zendu into swapping minds with him
    (app-beastman)--Tales to Astonish I#12/3

CONWAY, SWEENEY - vampire circa 1975, vampirized by Al Virgil, vampirzed the blind Jerry Donder, incinerated by sunlight while wearing Donder's dark glasses as a disguise
Vampire Tales#10/4

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