CONAL-k’un l’un,male,part of the trial of the many and the one,enslaved by h’ylthri, later allied with deathsting to revive h’ylthri, killed by deathsting
    *D*--Iron Fist I#2( Iron Fist III#1,2,3d)

CONAN the BARBARIAN of the Hyborian era (Conan Corim-son)- @ 10000bc, Cimmerian warrior, former mercenary and professional thief, later king of Aquilonia,    
    former lover of Belit, husband of Zenobia until her death,
    father of Conn + Radegund + Taurus with Zenobia, father of Ra Morgana by an unnamed priestess of the Order; fathered Conobar with Ursla, Kang Sho with Khitain woman
    son of Corin + Greshan; grandson of Drogin; grandson of Corum
    brother of Sibahn
    cousin of Humber + Locrin
    named for Conair of the Fenian/Ossianic Irish Myth Cycle
    <0-9y> - born on a snowy battlefield in Cimmeria, against the Vanir
   <10-19y> - at 15 fought in the Battle of Venarium (against Aquilonia,CB6/SSC6), Legion of the Dead ((SSC39); at 18y: Siege of Malaket (CB19-26) + other battles for (and against) Turan (CB30,31)
   <20-29y> - at 20: visited Khitai for Turan (CB32-35); at 23: fought for Crimson Company (CB52-55); with Belit (CB59-100); along Black Coast (101-108); Road of Kings in Zingara; Shem (SSC36); Khoraja against Thugra Khotan (Black Colossus/SSC2+3/CB247-250); Almuric; Free Companions until smashed by Turanians (SSC4); Khauan w/ Zuagirs- against Salome+Free Companions;
   <30-39> - at 30: with Zuagirs for a year; death of Yildiz, Yezdigerd b/c king; w/ Kozaki until defeated by Turanians, fought Yezmites (SSC31,32), Black Circle (SSC19), with Almuric in Koth (SSC20); merc in Argos, dispersed when betrayed by Strabonus ((SSC21); Barachan pirate (SSC45, Super Special, SSC9); Zingaran Bucaneer (SSC22,23,40-43); merc in Stygia; Xuchotl (ST2,3); Pict wars (SSC26,27,45,46); Tranicos (47,48)
   <40-49> - led rebellion and became king in Aquilonia (SSC49-52); Ascalante+Thoth (ConAn1), Scarlet Citadel (SSC30), Conan the Conqueror (GSCon1-4,SSC8,10)
   <50-59> - slew Yezdigerd, rescued + married Zenobia (Conan the Adventurer); 48-50: Conn born; 54: Taurus born; 59: Radegund born;
   <60-69> Conn 12 years old, against Thoth-Amon (KC#1-4); Conan 64y: Zenobia died at age 39 in birth of 4th child; 66y: Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan of the Isles, Conan the Savage#10, Conan Saga#95 (text)
    allegedly reincarnated in modern age, died saving others from Children of the Night (Savage Sword of Conan#6
   < REH stories + dates of publication in Savage Tales#2>
    AMRA*, ISHBAK*, KUKULCAN*, SHIRKUH*, "whelp of a camel molesting rot-crotched viper" (nickname from Ispirana)
    --REH’s ; Conan the Barbarian I#1 (
    Savage Sword of Conan #29(fb-late20s/early30s)
    Fantastic Four I#405(fb), Incomplete Death’s Head#11, Thor Corps#3, Marvel Saga#1

    -- ; King Conan#1

CONAN - Gaelic warrior, created by REH, preceded creation of Hyborian Conan

CONAN, NEAL - TV reporter, worked with Manoli Wetherall
    --[Uncanny X-Men#200], 226 (227, [264], Fantastic Four III#9, [27], X-Treme X-Men: X-Pose#1, 2, X-Treme X-Men#31, 46, UX445, New X-Men II#21

CONCHITA ?? - own infant child died, kidnapped Brian jr Daly to make her own, discovered and baby returned by Spider-Man
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#84

CONCIERGE, le ( ) - European Emissaries of Evil, French assassin, former agent of Kingpin,
    uses sabres
    --Daredevil I#378 (379

CONCLAVE (Mike Clemson, Manipulator ) - composed of members of every US government department and organization, sought to rule the country clandestinely, allied with Wilson Lambert, sent Deathweb to kill Michael Galvan
    (app)--Avengers West Coast#84 (85-86

CONCUSSION (Mikhail ) - Russian mutant, Exiles, former student of Alexei Garnoff, killed by Firefox.
    generate explosive force
    *D* (app)--X-Factor Annual#1 (Soviet Super Soldiers#1d)

CONDESSA  of Castella de Vigo - circa 1348 AD, had affair with unidentified Duque and the future Terror Inc
    --Terror, Inc - Apocalypse Soon#1 (1 (fb)

CONDO of SHADOWS - see HOUSE of SHADOWS (app-House)--Strange Tales I#120/2

CONDOR ( ) - Bird People, scientist, fled from own people, used genius for criminal purposes, temporarily controlled Powerhouse to battle Nova (Rich Rider), transformed into actual condor by Sphinx, evolved into mutated form while spent time on Paradise Island with the Ani-Mates.
    Fly, superhuman speed + strength + reflexes, sharp talons, designs + uses advanced weaponry
    (app)--Nova I#2 (3, 6(fb), 6-8,10 Nova II#2(fb) 3-5,7,8,10,13, Nova III#3,4,7, Amazing Spider-Man#562-563

CONDOR (        ) - Contingency.
    male, dark hair, used hand weapon
    --Wolverine/Captain America#1 (2-4

CONDOR of Earth-712 - see BLUE EAGLE.
    third identity. (I#10)—Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#10?

CONDOR, el ( ) - @ 1930, costumed leader of Delvadian revolution
    *D*--[Daredevil I#75]

CONDOR, el ( ) - Delvadian criminal, patterned after revolution leader, killed when statue of revolution leader fell on him
    *D* (app)--Daredevil I#75 (76d)

CONDOR, el ( ) - South American super-being, killed by Zeitgeist
    *D* (app)--[Captain America I#442(d)]

CONDUCTOR of Earth-93060 ( ) - apparently manipulated the lives of others (or at least Warstrike) via his conducting of music.
    --Warstrike (uv)#5

CONE, of Earth-7642 - lawyer of Heather Hite (Glider)
    (app-glider)--Spider-Man/Gen 13#1

CONE of SILENCE - designed to contain beings (specifically Cable), preliminary design stolen from US military by Deadpool for Cable
    gravimetric shell that cuts its contents off completely from the rest of the world

CONEY ISLAND CRUISERS (Bobo, Georgie, Cliff, Ernie, Bernie)
    - gang led by Big Thunder
    (app-bigthunder)--Captain America I#240

CONFEDERATES of the CURIOUS (Barko, Lucky Pierre, Chores McGillicuddy, Wendell Rand, Shadu, Contessa Vera Vidal)
    - adventuring associates of Orson Randall
    --Immortal Iron Fist Annual#1 (1 (fb), 1, Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death#1, 1/2

CONFESSOR (Yuri Medvedev) - Russian man, mercenary, assassinated KGB defector and hypnotized Maverick many years ago.
    Uses religious icons as weapons, such as exploding rosary beads, wears hood
    (app)--Maverick II#2(2(fb1),8,9,[10]


CONFUCIUS - Chinese philosopher, 551-479 BC
    --[Captain America I#269]

conglomerate entity - ancient being dwelling deep within the Earth off the coast of Greenland in the Arctic Circle, threatened by drilling project, sent plants and birds on rampage in order to summon Xavier to stop the drillers
    allegedly has ONLY 75,000 years to live
    --X-Men: First Class I#1

CONGO-RED of Earth-Amalgam - Super-Apes + Congorilla, Gorillagradd (app-rg)--Challengers of the Fantastic#1

CONGREGATION of FINALITY - dimension of Blackbody, housed soul of a member of each race consumed by Blackbody, destroyed, souls absorbed by Skooka
    —Silver Surfer III#112 (116-121

CONGRESS of REALITIES - organization of all nexus guardians throughout the multiverse, formerly associated with Thog and Ereshkigel
    (app)--Man-Thing I#1 (Quasar#50, Avengers: Terminatrix Objective#1, [Avengers Forever#9(fb)]

CONGREVIAN LOVE-SPHERE - obtained from planet#201 by Lila Cheney for Sam Guthrie on their anniversary
    --I (heart) Marvel: My Mutant Heart#1/3

CONIRAYA - Incan? god worshipped by the Kamekeri
    --[Avengers III#28]

CONJURORS - Crazy Gang of Earth-238, wore tuxedoes + used energy staffs, presumably destroyed along with their home dimension
    (app)--(UK) Marvel Super-Heroes #377; X-Men Archives: Captain Britain#1 (Marvel Super-Heroes#377, [Daredevils#6d]

CONKLIN, AMY- daughter of Shelly and Paul
    (app-shelly)--Thunderstrike #13/2

CONKLIN, PAUL, sr. - husband of Shelly, father of Amy and Paul, jr., killed when Redfield Electronics collapsed
    *D* (app-shelly)--Thunderstrike #13/2 (14/2, 15/2

CONKLIN, PAUL, jr. - son of Shelly and Paul
    (app-shelly)--Thunderstrike #13/2

CONKLIN, SHEILA - head of Conklin Industries, former lover of Cougar/Paul Conklin, killed him
    (app-coug)--Marvel Two-In-One#19

CONKLIN, Captain SHELLY - supervisor of Code: Blue, widow of Paul, mother of Amy and Paul, jr.
    (app)—Thor I#426 ( 432, 450, Thunderstrike#5,6, 11, 13/2-16/2, 23,24, [Thor492]

CONKLIN INDUSTRIES (Sheila Conklin) - on the verge of bankruptcy until saved by Paul Conklin/Cougar
    --Marvel Two-In-One#19

CONN of the Hyborian Era (Conan) - eldest son of Conan and Zenobia
    -- ; King Conan#1

CONN (    ) -
Marvel Mystery Comics#41

"Conn" (    ) - a pilot that dropped Iron Man over China.  (I think this is a position designator rather than a name -- Chris McCarver)
    --Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin#1 (2007)

    --(UK) Dragon’s Claws#1; Incomplete Death's Head#1

CONNAUGHTON, LIAM - Irish mutant, boyfriend of Bridget, pressured to serve terrorist group, resisted, captured and euthanized
    cause explosions in objects or beings
    (app)--Muties#6 (6 (fb), 6

    (app-swampcity)--Howard the Duck II#7 ([7(fb)], 7

CONNELL, KEN of Earth-148611 - first recipient of the Star Brand, caused the Pitt
    OLD MAN*, STARBRAND* (Starbrand#13, app)--Starbrand(nu)#1 (2-5, Spitfire#5, Starbrand#6-8, 9(fb), 9,10, Annual#1, StarB#11, 12(fb), 12, The Pitt, SB13(fb), 14-18, 19, War#3,4, Avengers Forever#12, Gambit III#19

CONNELLY, LINDA - Crater Falls, former employee of Dr. Rudolf Stern
    (app-sh'mballah)--The Incredible Hulk: Stalker from the Stars

CONNELLY, Off. - NYPD, investigated la Fantome

CONNELY, - Hydra, involved with project to re-empower Spider-Woman
    --Giant-Size Spider-Woman (New Avengers#14(fb), 15

    --New Warriors IV#4

CONNER, Captain - @ World War II, incompetent commander of Able Company, sought to kill Howling Commandos and Deadly Dozen for making him look bad, killed in action
    *D* (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#104 (104(fb)], 104, Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#4d)

CONNER of "Earth-58163"- officer under Exodus in attempted conquering of the Aborigines
    --Incredible Hulk III#83

CONNERS, BEATRICE - US government agent, formerly possessed by Malice
    --X-Factor I#102

CONNERY, ALICE - British health care/rescue worker, worked with Cannonball (Sam Guthrie)
    New Excalibur#6

    --Daring Comics#12

CONNOR, AVERY - daughter of Daniel + Veronica, mutated using material from Wolverine, sought as agent by Kiefer, relocated to Cayman Islands with mother after being saved from Kiefer by Wolverine & Elektra
    enhanced human physical abilities, enhanced healing, inherent combat instincts,
    @ 14 years old at first appearance
    (app)--Elektra/Wolverine: Redeemer#1 ([2(fb), 3(fb)], 1-3

CONNOR, Dr. DANIEL - research scientist, former agent of Kiefer, present during Weapon X Project's implantation of Adamantium in Wolverine, acted as husband to Veronica for the purpose of raising and studying Avery, killed by Elektra for Kiefer when he plotted to escape his role
    *D* (app-avery)--Elektra/Wolverine: Redeemer#1 (2(fb), [3(fb)], 1d)

CONNOR, Dr. VERONICA - mother of Avery, research scientist, former agent of Kiefer, present during Weapon X Project's implantation of Adamantium in Wolverine, acted as wife to Daniel for the purpose of raising and studying Avery, cared for Avery after the truth was revealed
    (app-avery)--Elektra/Wolverine: Redeemer#1 (2(fb), [3(fb)], 1-3

CONNORS, "AMBROSE" - CTE, fired Ronald English (Atom-Smasher), then had Warhawk kill him, plotted to sell nucleonic radiator to dictatorships until it was destroyed by el Aguila
    (app)--(unidentified, partially seen) Black Goliath#2, (identified) Marvel Team-Up I#92, (fully seen) Marvel Fanfare I#3/2 ([3 (fb)], BG#2, MTU#92, MarvFan3/2

CONNORS, BILLY - son of the Martha and Curt, developed cancer from exposure to Monnano’s chemicals, given Lizard chemical by father and transformed into another Lizard
    LIZARD*--Amazing Spider-Man I#6 (Spider-Man Unlimited II#15 (fb), Spectacular Spider-Man II#238(fb), A6(fb), A6, Untold Tales of Spider-Man#24(fb),24 A44,45, A74-77 Marvel Feature I#4, A165,166, Spectacular Spider-Man II#33,34 A252 Spec127 A313 365 SSpSS#1/3, Spec238,239,Spider-Man Unlimited#19, Spider-Man: Lifeline#3, Spider-Man: Quality of Life#1-4, Spectacular Spider-Man III#12(fb), 11-13, Sensational Spider-Man III#24-27

    <chronology incomplete>
--Amazing Spider-Man I#6 (Spider-Man Unlimited II#15 (fb), Spectacular Spider-Man II#238(fb),A6 Untold Tales of Spider-Man#9, X-Men: First Class I#2, A32 43-45 73-77, A102 106,Marvel Team-Up I#19,20->liz. A150 165,166 Spec32(p1-11),A192,Sp32(12+) [Marvel Super-Heroes:Secret Wars#1-11],12,A252, Spec127 A313 [Spider-Man#1-3], Spec238(fb),237,238
    Spider-Man Unlimited#19, Spider-Man Unlimited II#15 (fb), Spider-Man: Lifeline#1-3, Spider-Man: Quality of Life#1-4, Spectacular Spider-Man III#12(fb), 11-13, Sensational Spider-Man III#25 (fb), [23-26], 27, 35, 36 (fb), 36, [Avengers: The Initiative#1], 3, Amazing Spider-Man#552-554, 558

    --All-Select Comics#9

CONNORS, MARSHA - former girlfriend of Phantasm
    (app-phantasm)--Marvel Premiere#43 ([43(fb)], 43

CONNORS, MARTHA - wife of the Lizard, mother of William, died from cancer from exposure to Monnano’s chemicals
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#6 (Spider-Man Unlimited II#15 (fb), Spectacular Spider-Man II#238(fb) Amz6, X-Men: First Class I#2, A44,45 73 77 Marvel Feature I#4 GS Spider-Man#5 A165,166 Spec33,34 A252 Sp127 A313 365, Venom Super Special#1/3, Spectacular Spider-Man Super Special#1/3, Spec238,239,Spider-Man Unlimited#19, Spider-Man Unlimited II#15 (fb), Spider-Man: Lifeline#3, Spider-Man: Quality of Life#1-4d)

CONNOVER, HANNAH - wife of William, became Brood Queen, infected others, regained free will, placed in suspended animation to convince Firstborn she was dead
    Hannah Conover* (app)--Uncanny X-Men#233 (234, X-Men vs Brood: Day of Wrath#1(fb),1,2

CONNOVER, WILLIAM - husband of Hannah, leader of Glory Day ministry, sought as target by Mutant Liberation Front/Humanity’s Last Stand
    William Conover* (app)--Uncanny X-Men#233 (234, X-Men vs Brood: Day of Wrath #1(fb),1,2, Punisher III#12-16

CONOBAR of the Hyborian era - son of Conan and Urslaa
    PRIEST of the WILD* *D* (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#145 ([48(fb)], [258(fb)], [145(fb), 145d)

CONOR - Celtic Gods
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#30/4

CONOVER, ALYSSA - girlfriend of Rick Sheridan, killed in car wreck
    *D*--Sleepwalker#1 (3(fb), 1-4, 8, 13, 15, 19, [Ms. Marvel II#19 (fb, dies)]

CONOVER, HANNAH - see HANNAH CONNOVER (app)--Uncanny X-Men#233

CONOVER, JACOB "JAKE" - formerly Daily Bugle, fired post-Onslaught
    ROSE*--Daredevil I#131 (Amazing Spider-Man minus 1, DD#131 [135, Avengers I#62, Spectacular Spider-Man II#147], Green Goblin#4, Spec235, GrGob13,Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives#1-3-->Rose. Amazing Spider-Man I#421/2,428,430,Spec255

CONOVER, WILLIAM - see WILLIAM CONNOVER (app)--Uncanny X-Men#233

CONOWAY, SEKMEHT - Egyptian-American woman, daughter of Anwar Anubar, archeological engineer for Elysian Enterprises, encountered Ozymandias and Gambit in past, investigated temple of Garba-Hsien, sought Tomorrow Stone to revive mother who was apparently killed under mysterious circumstances, sought momentary princess
    --Gambit III#1(3(fb),1(fb)1,3 10 Gambit: Hunt for the Tomorrow Stone Cyber Comic, Gambit#12,15

CONQUEROR of WORLDS - see Dr. DENTON (app)--(OD) Slapstick#3

CONQUER-LORD ( Quinn) - Corporation, insane criminal, attempted to assassinate mayor of New York City, defeated by Moon Knight.
    Used death-traps and life-sized chess board, has pet rats, wm, bald
    --Marvel Spotlight I#28 (29

CONQUEROR WHEEL - power item, used by Syphonn to access earth dimension
    (app-syph)--Warlock II#2(3,4


CONQUEROR WORMs - winged creatures bred by Rigor Mortis
    (app-rigor)--Ghost Rider Annual#1/3

CONQUEST (Bridget Malone) - Exemplars, Irish woman, former agent of IRA, fought back against poverty and prejudice, empowered by the Kestrel Key of Krakkan.
    master of all forms of combat
    (app) --Thor II#17 (17(fb),17,Peter Parker: Spider-Man#11, Juggernaut:8th Day, Avengers III#23-25

CONQUEST of Reality-2775 - Ranshi ship, traveled back to modern day Reality-616
    (app)--Cable II#78; (identified) #81

CONQUEST, DAMON of Earth-148611 - son/ally of Daedalus Darquill, associated with the Farplace
    *D* (app)--Justice#1(15(fb) 1-5 7,8 10 11(fb) 13 15d)

CONQUISTADOR ( ) - criminal mastermind, employed Chico and a group of agents, kidnapped Beast + parents to force him to his bidding, attempted to use experimental device to conquer the world, apparently killed went it malfunctioned
    Wore armor, used electric-powered trident and shield
    *D* (1960s, app)--X-Men I#50/2 (51/2, 52/2, 53/2d)

CONQUISTADOR (Miguel Provenza) - mutant, former racketeer in Spain, battled el Aguila, aura disrupted by him.
    Possesses bio-aura connecting him to the earth, enables him to control plants and earth, as well as draw on them for strength
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#9/4

CONQUISTADOR - submarine in which the Children of the Vault developed, taken by X-Men, crashed into the Hecatomb by Cable
    --X-Men II#191 (191 (fb), 191-193, 194-196, 197-198, 199 (des)

CONQUISTADORS of la Hacienda (Alejandro, Diego, Capitan, 6 others) - fighting force
    (app-ha)--Man-Thing I#7 (8

CONRAD (    ) -
    --Human Torch#11

CONRAD ?? (    ) - commodities broker, regular at Three Strikes Bar, not a super-villain, pays bar tabs of others 
    --Cable & Deadpool#37 (39

CONRAD, LEWIS - pre-modern era, encountered Taboo, convinced world powers to help him to escape Earth, but they destroyed him when he proved traitorous
    (app-taboo)--Strange Tales I#75

CONRAD, STU - chief of staff for POTUS (GW Bush), enlisted Tony Stark for Department of Defense
    --Iron Man III#73 (74-78, 79, 83

CONROY (    ) -
    --All-Winners Comics#3

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