COSAK - Asgardian
    --Thor I#248

COSBY M-43 amphibious flyer - used as transport for Renegades, dropped on top of Zom-possessed Iron Man Hulkbuster armor
    *D*--Incredible Hulk III#107 (111d)

COSGROVE, Mr   - senior accountant for Delazny Studios
    --Ghost Rider II#14 (15,17

COSGROVE of Earth-M - Midwestern US bigot, friend of Lindstrom, reacted with hostility and violence to the arrival of the Silver Surfer and Ardina in his neighborhood
    (app-earthm)--Silver Surfer hardcover

COSGROVE, RALPH "HOSS" - @ World War II, Deadly Dozen, former professional wrestler, sent to prison for assaulting an officer, removed for unwillingness to take orders, etc.
    *D* (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#98 ([98(fb)], 98, Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#1(fb)

COSMIC AVENGERS of Earth-Ultra-Vision (Commander America, Irondroids, Jhen the Gammazon, Starhawk, Tachyon Torch, Thor)
    - @ 2126-2130, fought in Earth/Kree/Skrull war, battled alternate dimensional counterpart of Korvac and Guardians of the Galaxy during the events of Time Quake
    (app)--What If II#19 (36, 39

COSMIC BEACON - homing force that summons the Celestials to earth. Kro tried to prevent it from being activated, but failed
    --Eternals I#1


COSMIC BLOWHOLE - point singularity that had flow of suction reversed several years ago by Dr. Angst using the Plunger of Patooti, released large number of Encroachiverses
    --She-Hulk II#14(14(fb)

COSMIC CALCULATOR - magic item used by Pro-Rata as mystical force bank, required jeweled Key to unlock full power
    (app-pro)--Howard the Duck I#1

COSMIC CLAIMS COURT - headquarters of the Magistrati, briefly presided over by She-Hulk
    --She-Hulk I#7

COSMIC COMMANDO UNIT-ONE (Fanto, Morfex, Ruger, Stellung, Urg, Vort, Xenith) - Charter
    (app)--StarMasters#1 (2,3

COSMIC CONTAINMENT UNITS - thirty Cosmic Cube-like items used by the Goddess to create the Cosmic Egg
    --Infinity War#5 (Infinity Crusade#2 --> Cosmic Egg

COSMIC CONTROL ROD - power source of Annihilus
    --Fantastic Four Annual#6

COSMIC CUBE - device created by containing energy released by the Beyonders every thirty years within a force field.
    Alters reality according to wishes of wielder

    --Captain America Comics#17

COSMIC EGG - power item formed from thirty Cosmic Containment Units by the Goddess, used to form Paradise Omega
    --Infinity Crusade#2

COSMICIZER - designed by red ghost to amplify power of himself and super-apes, required additional parts for completion, for which he forced the black fox to serve him, plot discovered and cosmicizer destroyed by spider-man
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#255

COSMIC KEY - magic item from Maltesia, used by Pro-Rata in attempt to activate the Cosmic Calculator, later evolved the Cockroach, returned to Maltesia by Hemlock Shoals
    (Jeweled Key to Cosmic Calculator)--Howard the Duck I#1 (Howard the Duck II#4(fb), I#1, II#4

COSMIC KEY - see SCORPIO KEY (app)--Wolverine/Nick Fury: Scorpio Rising

COSMIC MESSIAH - sculpted by Puppet Master, given life by Alexei Ganger using portion of Silver Surfer's life force, attempted to convert all life on earth into harmonius energy, convinced not to do this by Alicia Masters, left for space
    --Silver Surfer III#135, (named) 136 (138

COSMIC MESSIAH of Earth-691 - see O'MEARA, SHAN (app-soliii)--Cyberspace 3000#3

cosmic portal - accessed Dark Nebula and Dweller on the Threshold


COSMIC RAY of Earth "1961" ( ) - Fantastic Four, son of Human Torch and Crystal, brother of Luna/Spike
    (app-earth1961)--Fantastic Four/Fantastic Four Annual 1998

COSMIC RING - made from a fragment of the Cosmic Cube, held by Chen Hsu, who allowed the Ringmaster to briefly "steal" it; the Ring returned to Hsu after the Ringmaster's defeat
    --Marvel Team-Up III#7 (7/[8]/[9]/[9/2]/10

COSMIC SPHINX - attempted to merge Worldmind into one collective consciousness, defeated in past by Black Bolt
    --[Inhumans III#6]

COSMIC SQUISH-plot of Dr. Angst in which he sought to release the Encroachiverses to compress the Earth-616 dimension, except five dull locations which would form his Insipiverse, defeated by She-Hulk, Howard the Duck, Terror, Louise Mason, & Brent Wilcox
    --She-Hulk II#14,15(named)

COSMIC WHEEL of CHANGE - used by Creators to alter the Universe
    (app-creat)--Dr. Strange II#24 (27(fb), 24, 27, 28

COSMO (    ) - Imperial Guard
    (app)--X-Men II#123 (124-126, Uncanny X-Men#480

"COSMO" (    ) - "Terrigen Marines"
    --Silent War#5 (6

COSMO - telepathic Golden Retriever/Labrador cross, former Russian cosmonaut, became head of security for Knowhere, joined Nova against Abyss
    (Pets)--Nova IV#8 (8 (fb), 9 (fb), 8-9, Guardians of the Galaxy II#1-3 [6 (fb)], 4-6

COSMO’s COSTUME WORLD of Earth-982 - made costume for Charlie Phillips

COSMOPOLIS of Earth-712 - city in New Troy, hometown of Hyperion and Nighthawk
    --Squadron Supreme I#1

COSMOS, B.J. - see BJ COSMOS. (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#14

COSMOS PRODUCTIONS (B.J. Cosmos) - made film abut Spidey for Green Goblin, though it was cancelled
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#14

COSMULTIGIZER - a Cosmic Multi-Energizer, able to amplify the powers of any weapon 1000x, it was purchased by Xanja, but ended up being sent to Earth, and Spider-Man and another alien, Vaalu, prevented him from obtaining it to conquer other worlds
    (app-xanja)--Web of Spider-Man#25

COSSACK ( ) - Russian terrorist, blackmailed New York with blindness weapon created by Dr. Hermann Shreck
    (app)--Daredevil I#217

COSTA, BRUNO - criminal, brother of Frank, presided over the execution of Forrest Hunt, resulting in the deaths of the Castle family as well, slain by Punisher
    *D*--Marvel Preview#2 ([Punisher War Journal#3(fb)], Marvel Super-Action#1(fb), [Punisher: Year One#2], 3, Marvel Super-Action#1(fb, dies)

COSTA, FRANK - criminal, brother of Bruno, Maggia, head of the second largest East Coast crime family, possibly possessed by Olivier, slain by Audrey
    *D*--Marvel Super-Action#1 ([Punisher War Journal#3(fb)], [Punisher: Year One#2], 3, Marvel Super-Action#1(fb, dies)

COSTA BRAVA - South American country, capital city is San Gabriel, ruled by president Javier La Brava, briefly taken over by Black Metal and his allies for Kingpin and Teng Yun-Suan
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: The Agent (GN(fb) GN

COSTA BRAVA LIBERATION FRONT (Victoria Maria Consuela) - assisted by Agent in overthrowing Black Metal and his mercenary team
    --Agent GN

COSTA DINORA - island, targeted for assault by Jody Choate/Steel and his super-soldiers, but plan abandoned to attempt to slay Mickey Ditillio
    --[Marvel Comics Presents#8/2]

COSTA PERDITA - South American war-torn nation, used as a base for the Enclave's Beehive productions in which the new female Warlock was created
    --[Warlock IV#1], 4 ([1-3], 4

COSTA SALVADOR - sought by "Evil Inhumans" to conquer and claim as their own
    --Incredible Hulk II#119 (120,121

COSTA VERDE (Kamekeri, Silver Claw ) - Central America, guerillas formerly allied with Living Laser, portion briefly taken over by Kulan Gath and transformed into Hyborian era version of itself;
    site where Taskmaster went to regroup after a defeat by the Avengers
    --Avengers I#35(Avengers III#28(fb), Av I#35 Thor246 Av III#8, 27-30

COSTAGUAY - Caribbean island run by President Alvarez
    (app)--Chamber of Chills#5/1

COSTANZA, JAKE - District X, married mutant with voice control power, kept her gagged until the cops freed her, at which point she forced officer Gus to shoot him
    *D*--District X#1 ([1(fb)], 1d)

COSTANZA, ?? DANZIGER - District X, mutant, wife of Jake, kept gagged by him due to her power, manipulated Officer Gus into killing Jake when freed; killed by Officer Gus
    control others with voice
    SIREN* *D*--District X#1 ([1fbs)], 1

COSTAS, JIMMY - Young man, down on his luck, stole purse in a moment of weakness but turned it in to Spider-Man, who gave him a second chance; may have been the nephew of the Burglar who killed Ben Parker.
    --Web of Spider-Man#26

COSTELLO, MICHAEL - Avengers lawyer, intended to defend Namor in court
    (app)--Avengers I#270 ([278], 286

COSTELLO, VINNIE - firemen, incinerated by ??
    *D*--Human Torch II#2

COSTRANNO of the Hyborian era - Argossean sorcerer, lived in Zamar, powered by ring on finger, beheaded, revived, sought revenge on Berthilda for stealing his ring
    (app)--Savage Sword of Conan#1 ([1(fb)], 1

    --Captain America Comics#18

    --Human Torch#6

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