CAROL ?? - circa World War II, aboard ship targeted by Ubermadchen
    --Miss America 70th Anniversary Special#1 (2009)

"CAROL ??" - Sisters of Grace
    large African-American, superhuman durability
    (app-sisters)--Black Axe#1 (2(fb), [3(fb)]

CAROL ?? - Extraterrestrial woman from race with powers similar to Spider-Man's, sought to return her people to their homeworld after years of being stranded on Earth, aided by Spider-Man. (TV) 
    --Spider-Man (1967): "Home"

CAROLE ?? - nurse, patriotism re-inspired Captain America (Steve Rogers) after his revival from frozen stasis
    --Captain America: Man out of Time#4 (2011)

CAROLYN ?? - Children of Satan, befriended Morbius and brought him to Madame Laera
    (app-cos)--Vampire Tales#1

CARONDELET, MELANEE - New Orleans assistant district attorney, old friend of Namor who saved her when she fell out of a boat as a young girl, investigated the King Cake Killer
    - MINNOW--Namor I#51 (51 (fb), [51 (fb)], 51

    (--New Mutants I#29 (Uncanny X-Men#259,260, 270,273,274, 278, 280,X-Factor I#70, 71->StrG.
    [X-Treme X-Men#37(fb)], 37-39

CAROUSEL - SHIELD datacore facility, Chicago, destroyed by Fury
    --Secret Warriors#1

CARPATHIAN, AMBROSE - 19th Century, Arcane Order of the Night
    (app-aon)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#170 (170(fb)

CARPATHIAN, ANDRE - Arcane Order of the Night
    (app-aon)--Amazing Spider-Man I#350

CARPENTER, ASTRELLA - Counter-Earth-High Evolutionary, sister of Rex, friend of Adam Warlock, presumably destroyed along with Counter-Earth
  *D*--Warlock I#1 (2,4,6-8, Incredible Hulk I#177,178

CARPENTER, BEVERLY - @ 1934, Devilís Lake, North Dakota, daughter of Paul and Lindy, fiancť of Stuart, met Dracula while on a cruise, killed by own father under the influence of the Devilís Heart
    *D*--Giant-Size Dracula#4

CARPENTER, Colonel JONAH of Earth-93060 - Aladdin, obsessed with golf
    --Wrath (uv)#2

CARPENTER, HUMBERT - uncle of Walrus, empowered him
    (app-wal)--Defenders I#131

CARPENTER, Dr. JERRY - Polar Station One, slain & impersonated by Fin Fang Foom
    *D*--Hulk vs. Fin Fang Foom#1 (2008)

CARPENTER, JULIA of Earth-982 - alternate future counterpart of Spider-Woman
    --Spider-Girl#37 ( 42, 43

CARPENTER, LARRY - ex-husband of Spider-Woman, father of Rachel, former spokesman for Liberty party, killed by heart attack caused by Manipulator
    *D*--Iron Man I#214 (Avengers West Coast#84(fb(Spectacular Spider-Man II#125(fb))), IM#214, Spec125, AWC#78, 84,85,86d)

CARPENTER, PAUL - @ 1934, Devilís Lake, North Dakota, father of Beverly, widower of Lindy, became possessed by the Devilís Heart, Lindy died fleeing from him, killed Anton Nyborg and father Aimes, killed self after he killed his own daughter
    *D*--Giant-Size Dracula#4 (4(fb1-3), 4

CARPENTER, RACHEL - daughter of Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter) and Larry, pre-teen
  --Iron Man I#214 (AWC#84 (fb (Spec125(fb1+2))) IM#214 Spectacular Spider-Man II#126, [IM An12/4], Avengers West Coast#75(fb),75 78,84-86 88-90, Secret Defenders#20, ForceWorks#4, 4/2, Marvel Comics Presents#167/4,168/4, FW 5/2, 8, 13, 15-19, War Machine I#22, [FW#21], [Spider-Woman III#1], [Ms. Marvel II#7], 8, 14, Omega Flight#2-5, Marvel Comics Present#7/4, 9/4-12/4

CARPENTER, REX of High Evolutionary's Counter-Earth- formerly possessed by Man-Beast
    --Warlock I#2, (named) #3

CARPENTER, RONSON - @ World War II, Native American, sent to Nazi concentration camp, rescued Deadly Dozen, died trying to save the Dozen
    *D* (app)--Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#2 ([2(fb)], 2d)

CARPIAX (Trlík, Dakrít) - Skrull creche world, raided by Cadre K to save Skrull mutants
    --Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet

CARPIN, JEAN du PLAN - Knights Templar, led a mission for Giacomo Montesi into Tibet in hopes of discovering the Nine Wise Men of Kamar-Taj circa 1246 AD
    --real world figure; Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#13/2

CARPO (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#39

CARR, BOBBY - celebrity, dated MJ Watson, stalked by Paper Doll
    --Amazing Spider-Man#559 (560-561

CARR, CURTIS - research scientist, director of research and development at Stark Prosthetics of Stark Enterprises, formerly worked for Mainstream Motors, invented Alchemy Gun, had brief criminal career until inadvertently destroyed own foot as Chemistro, forced to reveal secrets to Chemistro successors, invented nullifier device, brother later destroyed his other foot.
    -CHEMISTRO*,HI-TECH* (app)--Hero for Hire#12 (12(fb), 12, Power Man#38(fb), 37(fb), 37-39, Power Man/Iron Fist #94(fb), 93-94, 96, [Iron Man#251(fb)], 251-252, [Deathlok III#11(fb)], 11

CARR, JACQUELINE - Astronomer, Denver Space Observatory director, employed Captain Marvel, assaulted by Deathgrip, saved by Eon Ray
    (app-deathgrip)--Captain Marvel I#55 (56

CARR, JANICE - ally of Living Mummy + Dr. Skarab, girlfriend of Ron McCalister, former student of Dr. Skarab
  (app-skarab)--Supernatural Thrillers#5 (14(fb2), 5,7-15

CARRADINE, JESSICA - daughter of the Burglar who killed Ben Parker, dated Ben Reilly until he told her he was Spider-Man
    --Sensational Spider-Man#0 (6(fb), 0, 1, Amazing Spider-Man I#407, Spider-Man 65,Spectacular Spider-Man II#231, Sens2, Spec232, Sens3, A410, S67, Spec233, Sens4, A411, S68, Spec234, Sens5,6

CARREAS, HORACIO - see HORDE--World War Hulk: Warbound#2 (3-5

CARRERA, MIA - ESU, girlfriend of Roger Hochberg
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#223? ( MTU I#124,128

carriage - spectral horse-driven carriage that nightly transported the Judge from Grammercy Park to the Zeitgeist dimension
    (app-judge)--Deadline#3 (3 (fb), 3

    --[Civil War: Front Line#7]

CARRIE ?? - lover of Keith, adopted Zero, saved from Dr. Kurakill's experimentation by Iron Man and Zero
    (app)--Iron Man I#79 ([79(fb)], 79

CARRIE ?? - District X, mutant
    sheds skin
    --District X#7 (10

CARRIE ?? - Black Dahlias
    --Order II#5?, (identified) #6 (6 (fb), 5, 8-9

CARRION - origin uncertain. apparent clone of Miles Warren aged beyond death by artificial aging machine, has also claimed to (or has been described as) have been Anthony Serba infected with genetic virus created by Miles Warren/Jackal, killed in fire while battling Spider-Amoeba .
    Float on air, kill or age others with a touch, generate corrosive red dust, repel organic material
    *D* (D#16,M, OH: Spdm2005, net)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#25 (26-30,31d, Spider-Man: Dead Manís Hand

CARRION (Malcolm McBride) - former pawn of Carnage and Shriek, Empire State University graduate student, followed Peter Parker into Miles Warrenís laboratory, discovered and infected with "Carrion virus"
    (M, OH: Spdm2005)--(mm) Spectacular Spider-Man II#147, (car)149( 162,163, Spec201, Web of Spider-Man#102, Amazing Spider-Man I#379, Spider-Man#36, Sp202, W103, A380, S37, Sp203, ASp390-393, 403, Nightcrawler III#9-10, [11]

CARRION (Dr. William Allen)-agent of ,former shield scientist, exposed himself to carrion virus
    (OH: Spdm2005)--Spider-Man: Dead Manís Hand

CARRION CROWS Ė large crows used by Underlings to attack Dargon and Fairy Folk

CARRIWHITE ACRES - false psychiatric center run by August Masters for the Secret Empire
    (app)--Defenders I#102 (102 (fb), 102

CARROGONE, Dr. - mutated Happy Campers
    (app-hc)--NFL Superpro#10

CARROLL, BERNARD - father of Sophie, killed her?, then captured and killed 9-10 other teenage girls, captured but defeated by Nomad (Rikki Barnes)
    --Captain America#606/2 (2010); 607/2 (last name revealed)

CARROLL, SOPHIE - daughter of Bernard, killed by him?, corpse kept in his basement
    --Captain America#606/2 (2010); 607/2 (last name revealed)

CARROTHERS, ERNEST - chauffeur of Wasp/Janet van Dyne. wm, dark hair
    --Avengers I#212 ([213], 217, 221,222, 224, 271

CARROT TOP - military alias of Henry Peter Gyrich
    --Avengers: The Initiative#1

CARRUTHERS, of Earth-93060 - Aladdin

CARRUTHERS, DIANE - Stark Enterprises
    --Iron Man Annual I#9

CARRUTHERS, ETHAN - British orphanage inspector, helped Rom protect children from Dire Wraiths

CARRUTHERS, Dr. GIDEON - geologist, old friend of Reed Richards, summoned him to investigate the meteor crash of the Brain Parasites, briefly hosted and mutated by one
    (app-brain)--Fantastic Four I#227

CARRUTHERS, JAMES - empowered by Mephisto to drive Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch) from the Earthly plane in exchange for healing his injured brother; Ghost Rider willing reverted to Dan Ketch (departing the Earthly plane) in order to force Mephisto to fulfill his part of the bargain
    --Ultimate Super-Villains: Mephisto: Child's Play

CARSON, Dr. BARTHOLOMEW - neurophysicist, designed cerebra-chip, Crime-Master had his daughter kidnapped, coercing him into implanting his thugs with it
    --Untold Tales of Spider-Man#23

    (net-preff)--(g) Blaze Carson#1

CARSON, BRETT - student at District University, briefly mutated and used as pawn by Anubis
    (app-an)--Son of Satan#6 (7

    --Team America#11 (12

CARSON, HELENA - head of Dermafree, face scarred by Mystique to force her to give information on her stolen genetic material, sought alliance with Helmut Stein
    --Mystique I#14 (15-18

CARSON, JOHN W. "JOHNNY" - talk show host, interviewed various super-powered characters, based on real-life TV host
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#50 (Daredevil I#46, Avengers I#77, ASM I#99, CapAm I#248, West Coast Avengers II#4, 25, ASM I#305, Avengers Spotlight I#23, Marvel Comics Presents I#39-40

CARSON, LEN  - @ 1970, wrote Starr the Slayer, summoned to the past and slain by Starr when he considered writing Starr's death and ending the strip
    *D* (app-starr)--Chamber of Darkness#4/3

CARSON, MARCELLA - Carson's Carnival of Traveling Wonders
    --[Avengers I#19], 223 ([65(fb),19(fb)],223

CARSON, MITCH - SHIELD, overpowered by Iron Maniac, in line to earn Pym's armor until it was unwittingly donned by McCarthy, wore Pym's prototype armor, face badly burnt by O'Grady's jets
    --Marvel Team-Up III#21 (22, Irredeemable Ant-Man#11 (fb), 1-6 (fbs), 3-7, 9, 10-11

CARSON, Lt. PAUL - LAPD, friend of Black Widow
    --Daredevil I#87 (88, 94, 96-101, 105-107, 117

CARSON, PHILLIP - agent of Jeremy Locke, bodyguard, assistant
    --Elektra II#12 (13-16, 20-22

CARSON, RICHARD - stuntman, formerly piloted Raydeen the Shogun Warrior, dated Deena
  --Shogun Warriors#1 (2-20, Fantastic Four I#22_

CARSON, ROSELLA - @ 16th Century, vamped by Dracula, brought to his castle, Solomon Kane was sent recover her, but destroyed her when found she was a vampire
    *D*--Dracula Lives#3/3(3/3d)

    --Mystic Comics II#4

CARSON, (    ) -
    --Captain America Comics#48

CARSON, (    ) -
    --Mystic Comics II#3

CARSON, - employed by West Coast power brokers, employed the Seekers in an plot to steal the Metahumes from Flynn,  but the Metahumes overpowered the Seekers
    --Spider-Man: Friends & Enemies#2

CARSON's CARNIVAL of TRAVELING WONDERS (Bullet Biker, Hawkeye I, Swordsman I, Trickshot, Marcella+Mr. Carson)
  --Avengers I#19(fb)(65(fb),19(fb),SoloAv2(fb),Av223

CARSTAIRS, ALBERT - @ 1960, elderly blind man, foiled Orogo
    (app-orogo)--Journey into Mystery I#57

CARSTAIRS, EMILY - generic female flirt
    (app-gen)--Generic Comic Book#1

CARSTAIRS - butler at Bentley castle

    --Iron Man IV#29 (30-31, 32?

    --USA Comics#2

CARSTON, - Sons of the Serpent/Sons of the Shield
    (app-sons)--Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty#8

CARTEL (Bullfinch + Copeland(d), Dr. Corbel ) - drug operation
    --Wolverine: Bloody Choices

CARTER ?? - mutant, Xavier Institute, taken out by X-Men on Halloween
    --X-Men Unlimited II#1/2

CARTER, professor - European mad scientist, created growth formula used to create Krang, created an anteater to slay Krang
    (app-krang)--Tales to Astonish I#14

CARTER, BRAD - former actor in PDQ Wernerís monster movies, former lover of Samantha Eden, ally of Bloodstone, killed by mutate servant of Centurious when investigated destruction of Bloodstone Isle
    *D*--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#2 (Marvel Presents#1,2, Rampaging Hulk I#1-6,8/2d)

CARTER, CAROL - daughter of John, friend of Bob Brant
   (app-brant,bob)--Man Comics I#26/1 (26/3, 27/1, 27/3, 28/1, 28/3

    --Tales of Suspense I#48 (Iron Man: Iron Age#1, ToS#48

CARTER, CLEM of the Old West - robber, brother of Nancy, led gang
    --X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book 1: The Past

CARTER, DAVID - High Evolutionary's Counter-Earth
    (app)--Marvel Premiere#1 (2, Warlock I#1-4, 7,8 Incredible Hulk I#178

CARTER, JOHN - Warlord of Mars
    -- ; John Carter: Warlord of Mars#1

CARTER, JOHN - scientist, accidentally helped bring Torr to Earth, body usurped by Torr until Torr was slain by Paul Ramsey
    (app)--Amazing Adventures I#1 (1(fb), 1

CARTER, JOHN - father of Carol, United Nations delegate, kidnapped by False Face, saved by Bob Brant
   (app-brant,bob)--Man Comics I#26/1

CARTER, LEROY - see LEROY AMES (app-dc)--Jungle Action#21

    STUDENT NURSE--Linda Carter, Student Nurse#1 (2-9, Patsy Walker#?,

    NIGHT NURSE* (2007#8, app)--Night Nurse#1 (1(fbs), 1, 2(fb), 2, 3,
    ?Daredevil II#58?, Pulse#?9?

CARTER, MARGARET "PEGGY" - daughter of Harrison + Amanda, former girlfriend of Captain America @ World War II, member of French Resistance, former agent of OSS, Avengers Crew, sister of Sharon, injured and sent back to USA in 1944
  Mademoiselle (net)--Tales of Suspense I#75/2 (Captain America V#25 (fb), Captain America I#162(fb) ToS#75/2(fb) 77/2 161-163,165-167,[169],174,175,176,178,179,181,182, 183-188,191, 231-233,235,236 325 Thor420 Cap351,Av302,Cap353 355,AvAn18/3,Cap363,Av311,Cap365 AvSpot#26 Quas6, Cap368,370,371,[Av324/2(fb)],Av319/2,322/2-324/2,Cap373,374 [376],[Quas20] Cap379,379/2 380,381,[382],383, Cap384,Av329-331,Cap385 Web75 Thor433 Cap387,388 392 393,Av332,[333],Namor An1 Av334 336,[337] Cap395 [396] , Cap396/2 [397/2] Av341 NewWar22 Cap398 Quas32 Cap400/2 401 402 [Quas60] Cap431 Ts13,16 Cap431,438,Av1999(fb1)

CARTER, NANCY of the Old West - school teacher, friend of Two-Gun Kid
    --X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book 1: The Past

CARTER, RUFUS - ally of Shang-Chi, former CIA agent, kick-boxing champion, bm
    (app)--Master of Kung Fu I#96 (99, 120

CARTER, SALLY ANNE* - young woman, abused by mother's boyfriend, saved from assault by truckers while hitch hiking by Black Widow (Natalia Romanova), captured by agents of 2R?, sent to be Cutting Corporation test subject, rescued by Black Widow with aid from Yelena Belova and Matt Murdock
    SALYANA--Black Widow III#1 (3-6, Black Widow IV#2 (fb), 3-6

CARTER, SHARON - SHIELD I, Femme Force, involved in development of the Contingency, daughter of Harrison + Amanda, former lover of captain america, reported dead for several years while on top secret mission, recently revealed to be alive, located and freed Nick Fury from pocket dimension when he was believed dead, temporarily promoted to head of SHIELD while Nick Fury took leave of absence, apparently impregnated by Captain America, brainwashed into shooting Captain America by Dr. Faustus, fetus either slain or transported through time by Arnim Zola
    Martial arts expert and weapons specialist
    -AGENT 13*,Irma Kruhl (D#16,net)--Tales of Suspense I#75, Captain America I#103(Captain America V#25 (fb), Cap I#162(fb) ToS#75/2,76/2 85/2 92/2-94/2 Cap:SoL#1(fb), ToS#95/2(fb) 97/2 98, 99/2 Cap100-104 108 113-116 122 124 127 132 135-137 139-157 159-163 165-167 169 176-182 MTIO#4,5,  Cap184-186 202 204 206 207 209-212 217 218 Cap231-233, "237", 446(fb),445(fb),[443] 445-454,CapIII#1,3,4 Fury/Agent13#1,2, Cap9-12 13,15-17,19,20,21,30(fb) 25-28,30,31 Av32 IF/Wolv2-4 Cap33-35,An2000 X106 CapAn2000/2 Cap37-39 [IM36(fb)], Spider-Man: Marrow#1 Thunderbolts#48,49 Cap41 X111 ThunB#51 Cap42 Wolv162, 164, Secret War#1 (fb), Tb53, Cap45-48(fb), Cap46-48, [Elektra II#2], 4, Cap49, Wolverine/Captain America#1-4, Captain America IV#31,32, [Captain America V#6 (fb)], 2-4, [5], 6, 8-9, 12-14, 16-17, 19-21
    New Avengers#18, [19], 20, Ms. Marvel II#1, Marvel Comics Presents II#2, Captain America V#22 (fb), 24, 25, Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America#5, Cap26, 27 (fb), 27-30, 31-32, [33], 35-36, 37-42

    (net-preff)--(g) Spaceman Speed Carter#1 (2-5

CARTER, SUZANNE - 2099, friend of Galahad
    --2099 Unlimited#6/2 (2099 Apocalypse#1

CARTER, TAD - Promise, son of atomic scientist, influenced Lorna Dane.
    Telekinetic, telepathic
    --Amazing Adult Fantasy#14 (reprinted Marvel Age#104); X-Men: Hidden Years#16 (17,18

CARTER, WHIRLWIND (Henry Carter) -
    (net-gold)--(g) Daring Mystery Comics#4

CARTER, Dr. - scientist, involved with Namorita in project to create teleportation device utilizing a portal through the Negative Zone
    --Human Torch III#11

CARTER, - fireman
    *D*--Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin#4 (2007)

CARTER and LOMBARDO - Advertising agents who approached Spider-Man about representing Corona Motors; their deal led to the creation of the Spider-Mobile.
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#126 (
Spider-Man/Human Torch#3

CARTERET (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#46

CARTHUS - Inhuman, religious leader, spiritual advisor.
    Blue male with tentacles on head
    (app)--Inhumans III#2 (3, 7, 9, 12, Inhumans V#1, 2

CARTIER, ANTON - friend of Donna and Simon Garth
    --Tales of the Zombie#2

CARTLAND, DOUGLAS ARTHUR - Cross Technological Enterprises
    --Avengers Annual#13

    alias used while time traveling to 1867 with Bishop
    --X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book 1: The Past

CARTWRIGHT, "BAT" - vampire?, grandfather of Dalton?
    --Ghost Rider II#48 (Marvel Westerns: Outlaw Files: Texas Kid

CARTWRIGHT, DALTON - vampire?, partner of Tabitha Arcanne, great-great grandfather vamped by Dracula
    *D/R/D* (app)--Ghost Rider II#48

CARTWRIGHT, VICTOR - producer of the "So You Want to See It" show, encountered Lizard Men
    (app-lizard)--Tales to Astonish I#24

CARTWRIGHT, VICTOR - film maker, duped Dragoom into believing there were other Vulcans on Earth, causing him to flee
    (app-dragoom)--Strange Tales I#76

CARTWRIGHT,  - Marrs Corporation?, agent of Kearson DeWitt in controlling Tony Stark's nervous system via the bio-replicant synapse override system
    (app-dewitt)--Iron Man I#262 ([260 (fb), 256, 258-261], 262, [263-266]

CARVER - agent of Centurious, sliced flesh away from Blaze to reveal hellfire
    possibly demonic, possibly a human mystically enhanced by Centurious
    --Spirits of Vengeance#9 (Ghost Rider III#42, Spirits of Vengeance#23

CARVER ( ) - mutant, Morlock, led sect that remained following the transportation of the majority to the no-time dimension, defended the actions of fugue and battled Wolverine in single combat, fell into fiery pit attempting to save Fugue.
    Virtually invulnerable, extend large spike from back of hand
    --[Wolverine II#156], 157

CARVER, Dr. ANN of Earth-691 - @ 2001, helped Maureen Raven and her children against the agents of the Martian Masters, killed by human agents of the Martians
    *D*--Amazing Adventures II#18 (18(fb, dies)

CARVER, HELEN Ė employee at Project Pegasus, rescued by Quasar after Omnivoreís attack
    --Quasar I#8

CARVER, LONNIE - brother of Thunderbolt
    *D*--Daredevil I#69 (Power Man#42(fb)

CARVER, agent - SHIELD I, psych department, interviewed Vision, suggested Avengers pretend not to realize Yellowjacket was Hank Pym
    --Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes II#5

CARVERS ( ) - 4 armored mercenaries to protect Morelle Pharm., stopped by Nightwatch

CARYN ?? - see CARYN EARLE (MESp)--Peter Parker: Spider-Man#30

CARYTH HALYAN - see SHIP (starlord)--Marvel Preview#14

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