CASADA, CARLOS - rented a room to Sandman in his Sylvester Mann alias
  --Marvel Team-Up I#138 (Amazing Spider-Man I#280, [334,] AmzSpdm An24/3], Spectacular Spider-Man An10/3, Amz348

CASADA, MICHAEL - son of Carlos and Rosa, brother of Roberto
    --Marvel Team-Up I#138 (Amazing Spider-Man I#280, [334], AmzSpdm An24/3, A348

CASADA, ROBERTO - son of Carlos and Rosa, brother of Michael
    --Marvel Team-Up I#138 (Amazing Spider-Man I#280, [334], AmzSpdm An24/3, A348

CASADA, ROSA - wife of Carlos, mother of Michael and Roberto
    --Marvel Team-Up I#138 (Amazing Spider-Man I#280, [334], AmzSpdm An24/3, A348

CASADRAX - mineral, used by Lucifer to escape the Nameless Dimension
    --Captain America I#177

CASALES, Dr. - scientist involved with creation of the Children of the Vault, hired Sabretooth to kill him and his co-workers, told Sabretooth of the Children of the Vault
    *D*--X-Men II#191 (191 (fb), 191 (fb)

CASCADE (Ross Kincaid) - mutated and mind-controlled by Leader
    Transform into superhuman form & back, project bursts of water-like liquid
    (app)--Alpha Flight TSR module

CASCIOLA, Dr. - Genetech, killed ?by Terrax?
    --New Warriors I#1

CASE, - SHIELD, killed in invasion of Atlas Foundation
    *D*--Agents of Atlas#1 (1d)

CASE, Colonel PRESTON - army, resented bowing to superiors, activated Destroyer, battled Avengers until banished to extradimensional realm, assisted in battle against Dark Gods, returned to human form by Odin, body comatose while mind trapped in Destroyer
    --Thor II#1 (2, 11-14

CASEY - Time Variance Authority, railroad engineer
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#354

    (net-preff)--(g) Casey, Crime Photographer#1 (2-4

CASEY, AMY - Maine, wife of Charles, mother of Ginnie
    --Thor II#64

CASEY, CHARLES - Maine, banker, husband of Amy, father of Ginnie, duped by Loki into firing a gun and starting a battle between the Church of Thor and other religious groups
    --Thor II#63 (64

CASEY, JACK - World War II soldier, old friend of Jeff Mace, committed suicide, considered unpatriotic
    *D*--Captain America: Patriot#1 (2010) (2d)

CASEY, "KILLER" (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#20 (Captain America Comics#67 (post-war))

CASEY, VIRGINIA "GINNIE" - Maine, daughter of Amy and Charles, girlfriend of Trent Skoglund, injured or killed in a battle between the Church of Thor and other religious groups
    --Thor II#63 (64

CASH of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD ( ) - androgynous prostitute in Transverse City
    --Ghost Rider 2099#10(23

CASH, WILLIAM "COYOTE" - criminal, history of defeats against the Hulk
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#393/2 (393/2(fb1), 393/2(fb2), 393/2

CASHMAN, ROGER - former friend of Charles Hudson, ruined his career and stole his ideas until forced to give the latter back by Monstrollo
    (app-monstrollo)--Marvel Monsters: Where Monsters Dwell#1

CASIOLENA - Queen of Asgardian nether-realm, sorceress, formerly ally of Skurge the Executioner and Ollerus
    create or summon watch-dragons
    (app)--Avengers I#83; (identified) Defenders I#4 (Av83 (fb), [Def#4 (fb)], 4, [66 (fb), 67 (fb)], 66, [68 (fb), 67 (fb)], 67, [68]

CASIM, ADAM - former husband of Benny + Beth, mutated by occult energies of Shiv and the Malacoda Blades, targeted all people with the slightest interest in mysticisim.
    able to generate fire
    --Nightstalkers#5 (6

CA$INO - Run by Mashantucket Pequot tribe in Connecticut, assaulted by Mason, defended by Red Wolf
    (app-mason)--Marvel Comics Presents #170/4

CASINO of Earth-93060 ( ) - mercenary
    (app)--Solution#7(fb) (8(fb), 16/Ultraverse Premiere#10/2, Soln15-17

CASINO, Don THOMAS - New York gangster, taken hostage in Columbia, Punisher sent to rescue him to stop gang war, betrayed Punisher every step  of the way, got him back to USA and allowed him to assemble the gangleaders, then killed them all
  *D*--Punisher VI#13 (17(fb),13,14

CASINO, TONY - led Little People, brother of Thomas, sought revenge for life of belittlement
    *D*--[Punisher VI#16], 17 (17(fb), [16], 17

CASINO ALEXANDER - Atlantic City, New Jersey casino possibly run by Mr. Corvasio; Wolverine summoned there by Amber DeBlasio
    --Wolverine: Under the Boardwalk#1

CASKET of ANCIENT WINTERS - contains the legendary Fimbulwinter of Ymir, released by Roger Willis to stop Dark Elves from escaping, but allowed Surtur and his demons to escape, later re-closed by Roger Willis
  --[Thor I#345]


CASKEY, FRED - "Speedball Revenge Squad"
    --    ([New Warriors I#66 (fb)],

CASPER, JODY - Falcon's nephew
    --Captain America I#134 (138, 143, 154

"CASQUE" - Ruined
    (app-ruined)--Fantastic Four III#1

CASS - Haalmhad
    --Marvel Preview#15

CASS, "MAD DOG"-former informer for daredevil --Daredevil I#292 (295, 298

CASSADY,     - agent of Peter Malum, freed him, killed by him when opposed actually using the SLAM
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher/Black Widow: Spinning Doomsday's Web

CASSADY, WES - construction foreman, bitten by rabbit mutated by radiation poisoning, chooses not to use power on a regular basis in order to lead a normal life.
    superhuman speed, leg strength, senses when others are watching him, bm
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#302 (302(fb), 302

CASSANDRA - @ 1193 BC, Trojan, daughter of king Priam, sister to Paris and Hector, taken as slave by Agamemnon, gave birth to Teledamus & Pelops
    possessed power of prophecy, but cursed that no one would believe her
    (app-trojanwar)--Thor Annual#8

CASSANDRA - Gatherers, elderly woman
    (app)--Avengers I#355 ([355(fb)], 355(fb), 355,356, 358, 359(fb), 360, 363

CASSANDRA ??  - Marrs Corporation?, agent of Kearson DeWitt in watching over Tony Stark while they manipulated his nervous system via the bio-replicant synapse override system
    (app-dewitt)--Iron Man I#259

CASSERA, JOHN - father of Kid Deadpool, involved in organized crime, killed by Maxy Millions
    (app)--Deadpool III#50

CASSIDY, "BLACK TOM" (Thomas Samuel Eamon Cassidy) - mutant Irishman, professional criminal and mercenary, cousin of Banshee, second cousin of Siryn, longtime ally of Huggernaut, briefly possessed portion of power of Juggernaut, later merged with wood, torn in half by Penance, recovered, transformed into plant creature
    Originally fired energy blasts when in contact with wood, developed into giant, powerful plant creature
    Barrington (D#2, M, OH2006#1, net)--X-Men I#99, 101 ( XFor91(fb1) CXM#17/2 XFor91(fb2), XFor31(fb),XM103(fb),99,101 XMFor3(fb2) Uncanny X-Men#102,103(CXM#11) 122 XMFor3(fb1) SpWm37,38 AmzSp229,230 Marvel Team-Up I#150, [UX218] XFor1-3,Spdm16,XFor4,5 Deadpool II#1,2, GX#61(fb) GenX#24,25 [Spdm94?] UXM361,[368],XM88(fb),[87],88, UXM369 GX60,61, Cyclops#1, [UX410],411,412, X158-160, 161-164, New Excalibur#13, [19]

CASSIDY, "CASS" of Earth-93060 - father of Sal, attacked jd hunt to get his daughter back
    --Strangers#13/Ultraverse Premiere#4/2

CASSIDY, "KID" - 1870s, Nightriders, former partner of Reno Jones, son of slave owner that owned Jones’s family, rode beside him after the Civil War, gradually grew more hostile, drew on Jones, who shot him, joined Nightriders, killed by Reno Jones
  *D* (Outlaw Files, app)--Gunhawks#1 (1(fb)/Blaze of Glory#1(fb), 1-5, 6"d", Blaze of Glory#4(fb), 1-3,4d)

    former agent of interpol (I#13)--XM I#28(GX minus 1 CX#36/2 DpII#2(fb) GX#10+11(fb), XMen An3/2(fb) XFor38(fb)->Banshee. UX#129,CX#36/2 UX133,135 145,146 148 NewMut#3 UX175 193 NM26 MCP#22/3, NM46,UXM217, Legends of the X-Men: Steel Dogs and Englishmen, Five Decades of the X-Men: Up the Hill Backwards, MCP#18(fb),17/4,18-24->Banshee.)

CASSIDY, Dr. VIKTOR - chemist, old friend of Norman Osborn, invented Cassidy Crystals, driven insane by exposure to them
  (app-cc)--Spider-Man: Fear Itself GN(fb)

CASSIDY CRYSTALS - developed by Viktor Cassidy in effort to cure schizophrenia, actually generate intense fear, drove Cassidy insane after exposure, stolen from Osborn industries by White Ninja for Baroness who sought to use them to take over the world
  (app)--Spider-Man: Fear Itself GN (GN (fb), GN

CASSIDY KEEP - Ireland, familial home and birthplace of Sean Cassidy, home of Eamon O’Donnell & other leprechauns
    --Uncanny X-Men #101(102

CASSIDY PROJECT - U.S. government project involving Cassidy Crystals
    (app-cc)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Spider-Man: Fear Itself

CASSIOPEIA - Greek mythology--

CASSIOPEIA - Pantheon, daughter of Perseus.
    fire powerful energy blasts
    --[Incredible Hulk II#407(mentioned)],412/2 (413-416, 418, 421-425, 428, Hulk Annual 1997

CASTA of MEROË - active sometime between 50 BC and 50 AD, former soldier in Ashake's army, attempted to slay Ashake and usurp her power, slain by Ashake, Marada, and Arianrhod
Epic Illustrated#12 (12d)

CASTIGAN, - SHIELD agent, fired the Photon Disruptor for Jasper Sitwell
    (app-photon)--Iron Man I#174

"CASTIGATORS" (Walter Chin, Coombs, Cleve Gorman?, Mike Hauley, Lee Inoguchi, Quincy Jefferson, Burt Kenyon/Hitman, David Keeton, Al Levin, Joey Rainey?, Reiss/Mechanic, Ortiz, Joe Perrett, William Pope,  Snow?, Steeler Gus, Barry Thorne, Toecap, Rich von Burian/Sniper, Roger Wong, Eddie)
    - Frank Castle's war troop;
    also encountered Angela Wynoski, Khieu Dap, Ice Phillips;
    possibly John Carmody (What If? II#10)

CASTIGLIONE, RYAN of Earth-Amalgam -see kanto--B+B#1(1(fb1),1->kant)

CASTILE d'OR (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#2-3

CASTILLO, Dr. - former classmate of Reed Richards, treats super-heroes without questioning them, diagnosed disease killing Spider-Man
    --Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#1 ([1(fb)], 1, X-Factor III#6

CASTLE - see CASTLE, TREVOR (app)--Bullets & Bracelets#1

CASTLE, ALYSSA MOY* - old college friend and classmate of Reed Richards, expert of transdimensional physics, had several adventures with reed prior to his mutation, including saving of Prince Baran and search for the Claw of Bast, injured by mystic virus from Mephisto, healed by Margali Szardos, elected to stay with Shadow Hunters temporarily, helped found Nu-World, arranged the transport of Earth-807128's 26th century inhabitants there
    wf, long+dark hair
    (FFE, OH: FF, net
    --Fantastic Four#554 (555-557, 559, 561, 562

CASTLE, LISA BARBARA - daughter of Punisher, killed by mobsters
    --Marvel Preview#2 (Punisher Annual#4/1, Punisher War Zone#25(fb),
    Marvel Preview#2/Punisher VII#1(fb),

CASTLE, ELIZABETH of Earth-88194 - mother of Lenore, aged to dust by Dirk Ravenscore.
    Appearance controlled by emotions

CASTLE, FRANK - see PUNISHER--Amazing Spider-Man I#129

CASTLE, FRANKLIN of Earth -2992 circa 2099 AD - son of Cossandra/Punisher, grandson of Frank Castle and Elektra, refused to become the next Punisher despite his mother's training and insistence
    --Punisher 2099 II#1

CASTLE, FRANK DAVID - son of Punisher, killed by mobsters
    --Marvel Preview#2 (Punisher Annual#4/1, Punisher War Zone#25(fb),
     Marvel Preview#2/Punisher VII#1(fb),

CASTLE, GORDON of Earth-88194 - father of Lenore, kidnapped by Dirk Ravenscore.
    Open portals in space

CASTLE, LENORE of Earth-Shadowline - Powerline, formerly engaged to Eric Ravenscore, father kidnapped and mother killed by Dirk Ravenscore.
    Float in air, powers magnified when in vicinity of Victor Guillermos, fly, project energy blasts
    (app-pl)--Dr. Zero#1 (Powerline#3(fb), 1(fb), Dr. Zero#1, Powerline#1-8, Critical Mass#1/2, 2, 3, 4/2, 6, 6/2, 7/1-3

CASTLE, MARIA ELIZABETH - wife of Punisher, killed by mobsters
    *D*--Marvel Preview#2 (Punisher Annual#4/1, Punisher War Zone#25(fb),
    Marvel Preview#2/Punisher VII#1(fb),

CASTLE, TED - billionaire physicist, husband of Alyssa
    --Fantastic Four#554 (555-557, 561

CASTLE, TREVOR of Earth-Amalgam - Punisher + Steve Trevor, partner of Diana, father of Ryan Castiglione/Kanto
    CASTLE*, PUNISHER* (app)--Bullets & Bracelets#1 (1(fbs), Adventures of Spider-Boy#129, Castle, Castle#18, B+B#1(fb), Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour#1, 6, 7, B+B#1(fbs), Punisher#90-99, B+B#1

CASTLE of the DEVIL - home of Baron von Staler, Black Forest, Germany, 16th Century
    (app)--Castle of the Devil, Savage Sword of Conan#19/4

CASTLE of the LION THRONE - Halwan, Kamilabad, home of royal family, built in 12th century by Moors
    (net)--Marvel: Lost Generation#9

CASTLE of TAMAR-SHAR-KUN - see TAMAR-SHAR-KHUN's castle  (app-tamarsharkhun)--Savage Sword of Conan#61

CASTLE BLOODSTONE - see BLOODSTONE CURIOS (app-elsa)--Bloodstone#1

CASTLE COE (Lairds of Coe, Angus, Magnus, Minus Strathcoe) - underground passage built below it in the 1745 Rebellion by the Lairds of Coe as an escape route from the King's men, distillery built by Magnus in late 19th Century
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Blood on the Moors

CASTLE COMPUTREX of Earth-8206 - base of Adam II, built on former site of the White House
    (app-earth8206)--Captain America Annual#6

CASTLE CRIMSON - Hyborian Era, outside Khoraja, site of Mordek’s betrayal of Rodrik, given to Amalric/Malthom by Yasmela
    --The Slave Princess; Savage Sword of Conan#12

CASTLE DRACULA - Southern Transylvania near Snagov, ancestral home

CASTLE DRACULA - Borgo Pass; Dracula located here in the 16th century, dwelled there for nearly 400 years, inherited by Frank Drake
    Dracula salted Earth around the castle to protect it from certain forms of magic
    --Bram Stoker's Dracula; Tomb of Dracula I#1
    Blade III#11 (fb)
    ?Blade III#11-12?
    Avengers VII#12 - destroyed

CASTLE DRACULA - London, usurped from Shiela Wittier, formerly Castle Dunwick, destroyed by explosion of Quincy Harker's wheelchair, since rebuilt;
    --Giant-Size Chillers#1, (renamed) Tomb of Dracula I#30

    --Giant-Size Chillers#1 (Tomb of Dracula I#22

    (app-vf)--Frankenstein Monster#6 (Dr. Strange III#37

CASTLE FRANKENSTEIN - Geneva, Switzerland
    (app-vf)--Silver Surfer I#7 (Frankenstein Monster#10

    --Tales of Suspense I#11

castle of Guildern - royal palce of former king, Mendes, & Tristum
    (app-guildern)--Wild Angels

    (app-kargul)--Fantastic Four I#390 (Fantastic Force#11-13

CASTLE GRIMLOCK - Asgard, palace of Geirrodur
    --Warlock & the Infinity Watch#24

CASTLE JAPANAZI - Dr. Japanazi's headquarters in Pythagoras Dupree's "bubble reality"
    --Incredible Hercules#135

CASTLE MASADA - headquarters of V Battalion, located in northern Symkaria, near Latverian border,
    named for Masada, the mass suicide of a group of Hebrews to prevent them from being defeated or enslaved by ?? <detailed in Exiles#25>


CASTLE RAVENLOCK - Loch Ness, owned by Alistair Rampson, home of he and Rachel, formerly owned by Sir Gavin Ravenlock, used as a base by he and Mycroft for their submarine piracy, contained the Tower of Terror
    --Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#3 (3(fb), 3

CASTLE VHALKEN of the Hyborian era - outside Meshken
    --Savage Sword of Conan#70

CASTLE WINDSOR of the McKAY KEEP - Elsewhere, home of King McManus
    (app-elsewhere)--Power Pack I#47

CASTLEMERE, - Hellfire Club Inner Circle member
    (app)-- X-Men: Legacy I#215 (217, Wolverine: Origins#29

CASTONIS, Col. - Earth-Starlord, mercenary, agent of Hareth Damyish
    (app-dam)--Starlord#1 (2,3

CASTORP, ADRIAN LEVERKUHN - mutant, founder of M.O.N.S.T.E.R.
    six fingers, suffers from seizures
    (app)--Defenders I#142

CASTRO, - agent of Hellfire Club, wrecked New Mutants ship during trip to Amazon, later betrayed them to Sen. Gallo, apparently killed to prevent him from revealing Gallo's intentions
    *D*--New Mutants I#8 (9, 10, 11d)

CASTRO, ?? -  (Sussman & Castro), hired upcoming attorney Matt Murdock
    (app-sussman)--Daredevil: The Man Without Fear#4

CASWELL, - Sons of the Serpent, active in Centerville plot
    (app-sons)--Avengers 2000 Annual

CAT (    ) -  cat burglar, stole costume of Brown, ally of Belladonna, betrayed by her, defeated by Spider-Man
    PROWLER* (app, ME-Sp)--[Amazing Spider-Man I#29], 30->Prowler (Spectacular Spider-Man II#47 (47(fb), 47,48), Punisher War Journal II#4

CAT (Shirlee Bryant) - predecessor to Greer Nelson, former agent of Mal Donalbain, later mind controlled by him, wore costume to enhance physical attributes, passed on to Nelson and later Hellcat
    *D* (app)--Claws of the Cat#1 (1(fb), 1

CAT - see TIGRA.
    identity used while wore costume of Bryant
    --Claws of  the Cat#1 (2-4, Marvel Team-Up I#8, GS Creatures->tig)

CAT (Edward Lavender) - partner of Mouse, agent of Shroud, former agent of the Crooked Man, musician at Cat's Jazz Club, former cat burglar
    bm, electronic expert,
    (app)--Marvel Preview#21 (Marvel Team-Up I#93,94, [West Coast Avengers I#3(fb)], 3, Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/3, Shroud#1-4, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#14/3

CAT (Peter Chris) - KISS
    (app-kiss)--Marvel Super Special#1 (5, Kissnation

CAT (Shen Kui) - martial arts master, based in Hong Kong, lover of Pavane, father of her child, frequent ally and enemy of Shang-Chi, helped train the Agent (Rick Mason)
  (U#1)--Master of Kung Fu I#38 (39, 62-68, 103-105, [OHotMU A-Z#1: Agent (fb)],
  Marvel Comics Presents#4/3-8/3, Spider-Man 81, Heroes for Hire#10,11, 18,19, Wolverine II#167, Cable and Deadpool#7,8, 10(fb), 10, [20], 21-23

CAT - demon, encountered and defeated by Hawkeye, allegedly encountered past incarnations of him
    may be the Native American trickster god
    -TORMENTOR, TRICKSTER (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#39 ([39 (fb)], 39

CAT - see PRYDE, KITTY--New Mutants I#29?

CAT (Emma Malone) - S.T.O.R.M., Gene Dogs, team leader.
    Telepath, skilled combatant, wf, white hair
  (card, app-gd)--Gene Dogs#1 (2(fb), 2-4, Genetix#3,4

CAT of Earth-Otherplace (Kitty Pryde) - Earth-Otherplace, trapped in Otherplace, mutated and enslaved by Belasco, killed by Magik
  *D*--Magik#1 (2

cat - mutated into monstrous immortal creature by Victor Avery (Midnight Monster)
    (app-mm)--Journey into Mystery I#79

cat (    ) - Christianboro, former pawn of Null the Living Darkness
    (app-null)--Defenders I#103 (103 (fb), 103

cat - pet of Shang-Chi and Leiko Wu
    --Master of Kung Fu I#

cat - stinky, found by Peter Parker, sought by Mr. P and Mr. Q, subject of unknown experiment by AIM
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#27

cat - mutant, appeared to be human mutant, cared for by Beast, released after determined to be a mutant cat
    --X-Men Unlimited #36/3


CATACLYSM (Roy Fortune, Snaarl, Jenni, Tuff, Otiz, I.Q. ) - rock and roll band
    --Spellbound#2 (3-5, Marvel Comics Presents #138/2,142/2

CATALYST ( ) - former Hydra scientist and torturer
    able to control body functions of others
  --Mystique & Sabretooth#1 (1(fb)+2(fb)+3(fb,"d"),3,4

CATAPHRAX - Deviant warrior, Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, posed as professional wrestler to battle Ikaris/Iceberg Ike, succeeded in bringing him to Deviant Lemuria where a portion of his power was stolen, but was then forced to submit to Purity Time due to his deformities, lobotomized and placed in suspended animation until revived to serve as part of Ghaur’s Fifth Host, killed by Thena at request of Kro to put him out of his misery.
  Superhuman strength & durability, giant size, green skin, two mouths
  -ENIGMO*,The 10th Wonder of the World *D*--Eternals II#1(11,12d)

CATAPULT of Earth-93060 (Kevin Albers) - Deming's Exiles, comatose after destruction of the Stronghold, killed by
    *D* (app)--Exiles(uv)#1(2-4,[Break-Thru#1(c)], All New Exiles#4d)

CATARINO, ambassador - Portuguese, directed efforts to claim the surfaced Atlantis, sent in the Man-of-War
   (app-man-of-war) --Fantastic Four Unlimited#11/2

    --[ ], Dr. Strange III#83

CATASTROPHUS - Negative Zone; Chitinauts progenitor, fought Darkhawk and Talon, decapitated by Talon and Razor
   *D* (app)--War of Kings: Ascension#1 (2d

CATAVOLCUS of Earth-Who - extradimensional mutant sorcerer, agent of Melanicus, leader of the Neutron Knights, 3rd Century despot on Earth, after empowered by Melanicus began pillaging across time and space, sought the Dragon, possibly destroyed when it exploded
    (app)--Dr. Who Magazine#60 (66(fb), 60

CAT BURGLAR @ 1950s - had prehensile tail, killed by Tigrina of the Cat People who saw him as a mouse
    (app)--Astonishing I#18/4

CAT ELVES - small Elves of Alfheim, use cats as steed, took in Northstar when Loki tricked him into believing he was half elf
  --Alpha Flight I#81 (82

CAT-EYES (    ) - see BOY
    --X-Men II#167

CATFISH (Samuel Leon Quincy) - mutant
    fish-like humanoid
    --Generation X: Genogoths

CATHARI (Bible John) - ancient order of warrior/scholars devoted to combating creation's dark aspects, based in Chiaroscuro until it was torched in Calcutta by the Sons of Set, a few still exist in hiding
    (app-bible_john)--[Blade: Vampire Hunter#1] ([1-5, 7-10]

CATHARI - see THULE SOCIETY (same as above?)--Captain America: Hail Hydra#1 (2011)

CATHARINA ?? - @ 1943, allied with Logan in tracking down Dr. Maier, betrayed Logan to Maier after he took her sisters hostage, slain by Maier when objected to his killing Logan
    *D*--I (heart) Marvel: My Mutant Heart#1 (1 (fb, dies)

CATHCART, Col. ULYSSES - INSERT, impersonated by Phil Dexter
    --[Black Widow IV#2]

CATHEDRAL of the DEAD - sacred place of the Grateful Undead, contained the God and the false God of the Dead, destroyed by the God upon learning of the actions of the Grateful Undead
    (app-godofthedead)--Marvel Comics Presents#92/3 (93/3, 96/3, 97/3

CATHERINE - demon, former witch, burned at the stake in the 17th century, possessed others, including Gabriel Rosetti, father Artemis, and Bill Bohannon
  *D* (app)--Haunt of Horror#2 ([2(fb)], Monsters Unleashed#11(fb), HoH#2(fb), [2(fb)], 2, [Marvel Comics Presents#106/4(fb)], 106/4

CATHERWOOD, Mr. -butler at Garret Castle
    -- Black Knight I#1 Avengers Spotlight#39

CATHEXIS-RAY - designed and used by Leonard Samson to cure Betty Ross after she had been turned to stone by blood from the Sandman, drained gamma radiation from Hulk in the process, residual energy used to transform Leonard into Doc Samson, and remaining energy later used by Banner to return to the Hulk
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#141

CATHODE ( ) - Japanese criminal, stole the Statue of Liberty with a shrink ray
    (app)--Silver Sable#6 (7

CATHODE GLOVES - weapon of Count Tagar, given by the High Evolutionary.
    fire blasts from tips of claws
    (app)--Thor I#135

CATHODE RAY of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. ( ) - pirated Public Eye footage
    --Spider-Man 2099 Special#1

CATHRYN ?? - circa 1555 A.D.,, saved from sacrifice to Katzenborn dragon by Solomon Kane, killed while trying to help him
    *D* (app)--Savage Sword of Conan#22/2

CATHY ?? - partner of Tom Aldrin, paramedic in town overrun by zombies
    *D* (app-aldrin, tom)--Marvel Zombies Supreme#3

CATIANA (Tatiana Caban) - mutant, lives on the street with Kiden Nixon, etc.
    transform into animal hybrid of whatever animal's blood she touched
    (198, app)--NYX#4, (Catiana) 7 (4-7, NYX: No Way Home#1-6, X-23 I#1

CAT-ILLAC - high-powered vehicle used by Nightcat
    (app-nightcat)--Nightcat#1 (1(fb), 1

CAT-KILLER - see TWO-LEGGED RAT (app)—Speedball#5

CAT-MAN (David Merrywether) - raised in Burma by a tigress after his parents had been killed. From living with tigers for years, he gained superhuman abilities, such as super-strength, enhanced agility, natural night vision, and the legendary "9 lives" of cats. Eventually, David returned to the U.S. where he was horrified by criminals preying on the innocent. To stop this, he became a private investigator. Later, he would become an officer in the US Army. Assigned to stateside duties, he donned an olive and orange costume with a black cat-head symbol and became Cat-Man.
    apparently glimpsed by Rick Jones via accessing the Destiny Power
   --(g) Crash Comics Adventures#4 (September, 1940); (Marvel) [Avengers I#92 (pictured)]

CATMAN ( ) @ World War II, mental patient, duped into killing, fought Human Torch (Jim Hammond)
    *D* (app)--Captain America Comics#60/4

CAT-MAN (Townshend Horgan) - Ani-Men, Unholy Three, briefly empowered by scientists of Count Nefaria, died in battle between Iron Man and Spymaster.
    Feline agility
    *D* (I#13,D#16,M)--Daredevil I#10 (11,39-41, Marvel Team-Up I#25,XM I#94,95(CX3),Iron Man I#115,116d)

CAT-MAN - used by the Skrulls of Kral in their Great Games, fought the Primitoid
    (app-kral)--Fantastic Four I#92 (93

CAT-MAN (Sebastian Patane) - Ani-Men, killed by Death-Stalker.
    feline agility
    (I#13,D#16,M)*D*--Daredevil I#157(158d)

CAT-MAN (    ) - Ani-Men, present at Hammerhead's meeting
    --Civil War: War Crimes#1

CATMINT, JEMIMA - former secretary of Earl Gustav, duped into aiding him in unleashing Kazann and drilling a hole into Hell, finally turned on Gustav and forced him to reverse his spell, then spooked by Ruth into pushing Gustav to his death
    --Ghost Rider V#2 (3-6

cat-monster - Beyond Corporation, infected Mac Mangel with Ultra Samurai Seed, destroyed by Tabitha Smith
    --Nextwave#3 (4

CATON, MAXWELL - Maria Stark foundation, chief accountant
    --Avengers III#56

CAT PEOPLE of Hyborian Era - humans mutated by Shing Luu, used to slaughter fishermen for ,slain by Conan
    --Conan the Barbarian I#251

CAT PEOPLE (Flavius, Helen, Grigar (Balk), Gerark, Qord(AdvF), Balkatar, Tigra I, Skubar )
    - race of humanoid cats magically created from ordinary cats by Ebrok circa 9 centuries ago (12th century), eventually so many existed that they became a threat to the humans they were designed to serve, most were banished to the Land Within dimension, degenerated into demons, servants of Belasco)
    (U#1)--Adventures into Fear#22 (What If? I#35/2, Adventure into Fear#22 West Coast Avengers II#6, 15, Fantastic Four #314

CAT PEOPLE (Cougar, Richard Dannemiller, Faelar, Prof. Leon, Dr. Joanne Tumulo (d), Tabur, Captain Tyger)
  -created from the mating of original Tigra and the Balkatar, dwelled as secret society on Earth
  (U#1)--[Cat#1], GS Creatures#1 (Marvel Two-In-One#19, Marvel Premiere#42

CAT-PEOPLE - Pangean tribe, worship and sacrifice large cats
    (app)--Ka-Zar the Savage#1

CATRINA ?? - 1600s, mid-wife to Anna Beame, fled screaming at appearance of Nathan
    (presumably) *D* (app-nathan)--Ghost Rider II#34

CATRINI, SUSAN - telepath, imprisoned at Omega Flight HQ, used as power source for Guardian (Michael Pointer) and the Collective
    *D*--Marvel Comics Presents#1/3, (identified) #11/4 (1/3, 3/3d)

CATSAI of Earth-9602 (Elektra Kyle) - Elektra + Catwoman
    (app)--Assassins#1 (Dare the Terminator#168, 181, Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour#7, [Assassins#1], 1

CATSCAN of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD - information gathering program of cyberspace
    --Doom 2099#

CATSCRATCH of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD ( ) - Undead
    *D/R*--X-Men 2099#26

CAT's EYE (Black Cat, Loop, Paul Proust) - security firm, private investigators
    --Black Cat#4 (Web of Spider-Man#128

CATSEYE (Sharon Smith) - Hellion, abandoned at birth d/t feline appearance, raised by cats until discovered by Emma Frost, killed by Fitzroy.
  Transform into immense purple cat
  *D* (D#5)--New Mutants I#16 (17, Firestar#2,3, NM39, 43, 53,54, 56, 62, New Warriors I#9,10, Uncanny X-Men#281,[282d])

CAT's LAUGHING - band with which Lila Cheney has sometimes played
    I (heart) Marvel: My Mutant Heart#1/3

CAT's PAW (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#18-20 (April-June)

CAT's-PAW - radical animal rights activists, attempted arson on Columbia University facility, supplied with technology by Mandarin, blew up Gianni Glitz's ship
    (app)--Iron Man IV#16 ([16 (fb)], 16 (fb)

CATSPUR (Heron, Noon) - small mining + cybernetics planet, decimated by Cicatrice
    (app-heron--Death's Head III#14/2

CAT TAGS - designed by SHIELD, stolen by terrorists in plot to enable mass death of all American soldiers, plot foiled by Cap.
    Used to monitor soldiers, able to keep them alive or terminate them at will
    - Casualty Awareness Tracking system
    --Captain America V#4 (5, 6


CATWALK (Kimberly Dee) - Skrull Kill Krew, former model
    (app-skk)--(KD) SKK#2, (CW) 4 (2-5, [Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1]

CAT WOMAN – An American criminal with acrobatic agility that ran a small criminal gang, died in a car crash eluding capture by Captain America.
    --Captain America Comics#45/3 (March 1945) “The Human Beast”

CATWOMAN (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#6)

CAUL 7 - former Skrull planet

CAULDER, CANDACE - old girlfriend of Marc Spector, assisted him in battle against Red Dragon
    --Moon Knight V#1(2-4

CAULDER, SAFRON - former lover of Blade, dancer. bf
    -Safron DeVille--Tomb of Dracula I#12 (24, Vampire Tales#8/4,9, Marvel Preview#3, ToD I#47 52,53 58, Marvel Comics Presents #64/4 Blade: Crescent City Blues

CAULDERON, RUTH - former pawn of Dracula
    --Giant-Size Dracula#3

CAULDRON - etheric duplicate of Earth, utilized by Dr. Strange
    --Dr. Strange II#90

CAULDRON of CHTHON - used by Dormammu
    --Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#24

CAULDRON of CONVERSION - weapon of Axi-Tun, when a member of a race is added to it, it converts the virus to be lethal to that race
  --Star Masters#3 (Cosmic Powers Unlimited #4

CAULDRON of the COSMOS - used by Dr. Strange to find Eternity's missing aspects
    --Defenders I#15 (92

CAULDRON the SCALDING MAN (    ) - criminal, defeated by Thing & Giant-Man
    molten heat powers
    --Thing II#1 (She-Hulk II#6

CAULIFLOWER CLUB - meeting of former boxers at Antonio's
    --Iron Man IV#14 (14 (fb)

CAUSE CEREBRAL - society of geniuses
    --[Fantastic Four III#60]


CAVALRY (Crime-Buster, Stunt-Master, Thor Girl, Ultragirl)
    - Georgia Initiative
    --Avengers: The Initiative#18

    --Civil War: Front Line#1

CAVANAUGH, ALAN - formerly of IRA, ally of Iron Fist
    --Iron Fist I#5 (11(fb), 5, 11

CAVANAUGH, DYLAN - psychic, ally of She-Hulk, enemy of Ogden
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#48/2

    GREAT DEVIL CORKER*--Incredible Hulk III#92 (93-95, 101

CAVE (        ) - Black Christmess, kidnapped Toulouse under the guise of being terrorists attacking Lacy's but they are tracked down and defeated by Wolverine and Pinter
    --Wolverine III#49

CAVE of the SEVEN WINDS - netherworldly dimension adjacent to Hell, contained a portal to Hell, through which Satana hoped to return home
    --Haunt of Horror#2/5 (2/6, 4

CAVE of TIME - Asgard, portal into other time periods
    --Thor I#

CAVE of WINDS - see CAVE of SEVEN WINDS--Haunt of Horror#2/5

CAVE BAR - one of several rotating bases for Brethren of the Blue Fist
    --Tigra#3 (4

CAVE-BATS of Polaria - Microverse
    (app)--Micronauts I#32

CAVELLA?, JIMMY - framed for murder of Nicky's family, presumably killed by other mobsters
    *D*--[Punisher VII#20]

CAVELLA, JOANIE - mother of Nicky Cavella, killed by him
    *D*--Punisher VII#20 (20 (fb, dies)

CAVELLA, JOHNNY - father of Nicky Cavella, killed by him
    *D*--Punisher VII#20 (20 (fb, dies)

CAVELLA, KAREN - sister of Nicky Cavella, killed by him
    *D*--Punisher VII#20 (20 (fb, dies)

CAVELLA?, MO - aunt of Nicky, possible sister of Johnny, took over their mob family after Nicky killed his family, made Nicky her right hand man, also forced him to have sex with her, eventually killed by him
    *D*--Punisher VII#20 (20 (fbs, dies)

CAVELLA, NICHOLAS "NICKY" - mobster, slew own family for Auntie Mo, assisted her empire and forced to have sex with her until killed and replaced her, forced to flee to Boston after starting a war with David Kai, past love affairs with Rawlins, employed Ink and Pittsy, left New York on bad terms and relocated in Boston, called in by Larry Barrucci to deal with Punisher, managed to escape after Punisher wiped out all of his men, returned with Teresa Gazzera and made another attempt on the Punisher, but eventually abandoned by all mobsters; captured, shot in the abdomen, and left to die in the woods by the Punisher, corpse found soon after
    *D*--Punisher VII#2 (20(fbs), [22(fbs)], [2(fb)?], 2-6, 19-23, 24d, [25(d)]

CAVENDISH, Dr.  of Earth-1211 - investigated death of Jelly the Belly

CAVEOR PRIME - planet(?) on which the Cynodd had the Syntropists create a Syntropic wasteland
    --[Gun Runner#5]

CAVIAR KILLER (Joe    ) - killed wealthy people who refused to be charitable to the poor, formed the $ Cult, turned self in when the Cult got in a fight with Daredevil
    (app)--Daredevil I#242

CAVOURITE CRYSTAL - form space warps, formerly sought by Super-Skrull
    --Marvel Team-Up I#62 (New Mutants I#5,6

CAVOURITE CRYSTAL replica - crude duplicate built by NASA
    --Ms. Marvel#8 (11

CAVROPOLIS, ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" LANGWOOD - former wife of aspect of Eternity Socrates Cavropolis
    (app-aspectsofeternity)--Defenders I#92

CAVROPOLIS, SOCRATES - aspect of Eternity, became a shipping magnate in Patras, Greece, married Elizabeth Langwood, created psychokinetic harpy & Glaucus to oppose Sub-Mariner & Valkyrie
    (app-aspectsofeternity)--Defenders I#92

CAXON, DEVON - daughter of Caxon Oil Company owner, enforced mission to sell nuclear materials to foreign nation, apparently crushed by Coast Guard ship following conflict with Abraham Brown
    (app)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu I#12/2

CAYMAN of Earth-93060 (Evan Murayama) - Academy for the New Elite, Freex, Exiles
    transform into reptilian humanoid with super-strength and sharp claws
    (app)--Freex (uv)#10 ([10(fb)], 10,11, Prime I#13/2, Giant-Size Freex#1, Freex12/Ultraforce#1/2, Fr13,14, 15/Firearm I#15, Firearm15/2, Fr16,17, Godwheel#0-3, Fr18, [All-New Exiles#7], 7, 9-11, Ultraverse Unlimited#2, Ultraforce II#13

CAYRE, Dr. JONOTHON - rebuilt Air-Walker android, used Norm + Air-Walker prototype.
    developed ability to unravel genetic structures of others as well as resurrect himself
    (app)--Excalibur: Air Apparent ([Ex: AA (fb)], Ex: AA

CAZON - Froma, Tangers cartel, pursued to Earth by the Badoon bounty hunter Kodor on murder charges, killed Tanya, slain by Jazinda
    *D*--She-Hulk II#25 (26d)

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