CARA ?? - see LEBLANC, CARA ("Secret Warts")--Sensational She-Hulk#15

CARAGONNE, DORREEN - friend of Silhouette Chord, given drugs supplied by Tzin
    (app-Tzin)--Captain America Goes to War Against Drugs#2

CARANER - planet, home of Morg
    --Silver Surfer III#69 (Cosmic Powers Unlimited#5 (fb), Silver Surfer III#69, 70 (destroyed)

CARAPACE (    ) - Morlocks, attacked by Sentinels, rescued by Beast and Marrow
    (app)--Wolverine II#900/3

"CARAPACE" (    ) - name suggested for unidentified tech villain by Spider-Man
    --Amazing Spider-Man#583; ("Carapace")
Amazing Spider-Man Extra!#3 (2009)

CARAVAN of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD ( )
    - transport objects
    --[Marvel Vision#1, X-Nation#1]

CARBINE - criminal munitions dealer, ally of Ice, agent of Huns and Street Amazons
    --Killpower: the Early Years#3

CARBON - Elements of Doom
    --Avengers I#188 (Avengers Collectors Edition#1

CARBON - Elements of Doom
    --Thunderbolts I#6

CARBON - Fury Secret Base 16
    --[Secret Warriors I#1/2]

CARBON COPY MEN - see XARTAN race (app)--Journey into Mystery I#90

CARBONE, JULIUS - father of Rosalie, brother of Salvatore, former capo of the Carbone family
    --Punisher War Zone#1 (2-6

CARBONE, ROSALIE - daughter of Julius, inherited leadership of the Carbone family, placed 5 million bounty on Punisher, hired assassins and Bullseye, eventually killed by Leslie Geraci
  *D* (app)--Punisher War Zone#2 (3-6, 7,8, [9], 10,11, Punisher War Journal#61, 63, 71, 73, 74, 75, Punisher II#100-103, PWJ79, Pun104, Double Edge Alpha, Punisher III#5d)

CARBONE, SALVATORE - see THORN (MKE, app)--Punisher War Zone#1

CARBONI, GUIDO - former Maggia boss, used the Carboni Club as a front for his operations, shot Monty Walsh, exposed by Captain Universe (Walsh)
    (app-walsh)--Marvel Spotlight II#11

CARCAINIA of the Hyborian era - Turanian city, driven to madness by dehydration caused by the Drought Monster
    --Savage Sword of Conan#72

CARCASS - extradimensional, mystic entity, agent of chaos, released during Infinity Crusade, attacked Land of the Dead in an attempt to begin the Unmaking which would dissolve eternity into chaos, summoned members of Alpha Flight to Land of the Dead, apparently destroyed by Shaman while resisting his attempts to trap him in a structure of pure order.
  Manipulate and animate souls, alter perceptions of reality
  (net)--Alpha Flight I#125 (126

CAR-COP - creation of the the World, involves the brain of a whale under the hood of a car
    --X-Men II#144

CARDENAS, PACO - deceased uncle of Morgan Sinclair
    *D* --Punisher II#68

CARDIAC (Dr. Elias "Eli" Wirtham) - owner and administrator of biological research firm, surgeon, brother died at a young age, learned that a drug company had developed a cure, but held off on release for a more favorable economic climate, dedicated life to punishing those who commit wrongdoings within the confines of the law.
  Heart replaced with compact beta particle reactor, skin replaced by artificial covering over a Vibranium mesh neural web, uses pulse staff and hang glider
  (M, OH: Spdm: BiB, app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#344( 360+376(fb) 344 359,360 376,377 SpUnl#1/ , Nwatch3, BlackCat#1-3, Nw4, SpdmUn7/2,Nw7,9-12,SpUnl#14 Wolv134,140, Marvel Team-Up III#5

CARDIAXE (Chris Paxton) - industrial spy hired by Damon Morelle to learn Eli Wirtham's secrets, stole prototype battlesuit and axe
    (app)--Nightwatch#6 (7(fb), 6,7

CARDINAL ( ) - I.C.O.N. agent in charge of capturing Frankestein's monster in Manhattan
    *D* (app-icon)--Frankenstein Monster#14 (15-18d)

    Air Force, Masters of Evil, mercenary, father of Meteorite, former boyfriend of Sprocket, former security agent for Sea Urchin’s smuggling operation, briefly attempted to turn away from life of crime, distributed food to starving refugees in Rawanda.
  Wears winged costume to fly
  (OH2006#5-Harrier)--New Warriors I#28 (Tb67(fb(1-3) 28 35,NT II#4,5,NWar54-56 Tb24,25, Tb: Life Sentences, 67(fb4) 64->harrier)

CARDINAL, JONATHAN - fostered civil war in Mohannda, fought Black Panther, Black Axe
   --Black Axe#5 (6-7

CARDINAL'S GUARD - private armored enforcers of Jonathan Cardinal, remotely operated
   --Black Axe#5 (6-7

CARDINALS of the Universal Church of Truth (Raker) -
    empowered by the belief batteries, which store the collected prayer power of the Church's trillion-plus faithful, enabling them to do anything they believe they can
    --[Guardians of the Galaxy II#1], 2 (3

CARDINALE, CARLOS - son of Poison
    (app)--Web of Spider-Man Annual#4 (Marvel Comics Presents I#60/2-67/2, Spider-Man I#64

CAREGIVER (Rubanna Lagenris Quormo) - Elder of the Universe, dedicated to nurturing and communing with living things, rescued Origin after attacked by Soul-Eater.  
    Three-breasted female
    (app)--Quasar I#37 (40 47-49

CARELIUS of Reality-6311 - @ 40th century, king of small kingdom, father of Ravonna
    (app)--Avengers I#23 ([23(fb)], 23,24

CARETAKER (    ) - Blood, allegedly created Medallion of Power, formerly acted as mentor to John Blaze and Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch, based at Cypress Pool Cemetery and later by a cemetery in the Smokey Mountains, eventually slain by Blackout and Dan Ketch, passed mantle onto granddaughter, Sara.
    (app)--[Ghost Rider III#25],28 (GR42+43(fb), [Marvel Comics Presents#145/4(fb)], [GR25],28 SoV#1? 34-36 39 SoV#14,GR42,SoV#15,GR43,SoV#16 GR44,[MCP#143],Darkhold#15, Morbius#16,[MCP#144], DocIII#60,SoV#17,Ns15,GR45,MCP#145,146,DocIII#61,SoV#18,MSU#4 SoV#19 GR III#53,54 An2/3 Morb29, GR#58,60,61, Ghost Rider VI#26, 27d)

CARETAKER (Sara ??) - granddaughter of previous Caretaker, former sister at Sacred Heart Convent for the Sisters of the Holy Sepulcher, drawn to Caretaker by a dream, gained memories on contact with Caretaker's library, succeeded him as new Caretaker
    --Ghost Rider VI#26 (27 (fb), 27-27

CARETAKER (    ) - teacher of Yokai-Raida, committed sepuku than reveal true origin of Ghost Rider powers
   *D* (app-yokai-raida)--Ghost Rider VI#30

CARETAKERS (Kammar, Ular, Zolthar)
    - three survivors of a starship (the Comet) sent to earth years ago by Beyonders to watch over Savage Land, crashed on Earth, watched over mankind, created Children of the Comet, credited with creation of werewolves + Cat People + Maha Yogi + Sphinx, opposed by Daemond, encountered by Morbius, attacked by prematurely awakened Children of the Comet under control of Tara, apparently killed in explosion of Daemond’s base
    Caretakers of Arcturus (OH2006#1, app)--Adventures into Fear#21 (21(fb), F4 I#316(fb), Dr. Strange III#29/2/AdvFear#21, 22, 25,26

CARETAKERS of Asylum of Earth-Guardians (Dr. Pazz-Ko, Dr. Roh-Ma)
    - orbit planet and supervise its existence
    (app-as)--Marvel Presents#5

CARETAKERS - slaves of the Masters of the Black Stars
    --Thor I#219 (220

CARETAKERS - robotic servants of Mainspring, maintain his satellite
    --Warlock III#1 (3-8

caretaking automaton - created to guard the elder demon, destroyed by it after its release
    fire eyeblasts
    (app-elder demon)--Silver Surfer: Dangerous Artifacts#1

CAREW, father of Earth-Shadowline - St. Anthony’s church, most interested in television
    --St. George#1

CAREZZI, count - see COUNT CAREZZI (app)--Dr. Strange II#9

CARGILL, Dr. - Nobel Prize winning scientist, father of Turbine, designed her equipment
    (app-turbine)--Spider-Man: Chaos in Calgary#4

CARGILL, JOANNA - Acolytes, Genoshan ambassador of international mutant affairs, former member of Alliance of Evil, briefly controlled by Phoenix/Jean to oppose Magneto.
    bf, superhuman strength and durability
    -FRENZY* (2006#1-acolytes, 198, net)--Uncanny X-Men 298 (300, Cable II#11, X-Men: Prime, X43,44, Quick#11,HfH#16,[Q12],HfH/Q'98 XM:MagWar UX366(fb),366 X86 UX367 Magneto: Dark Seduction#1-4 X111,UX392, X-Men II Annual#1 (2007), X201-202
    X-Men: Legacy#208 (fb), 208-209, [210]

CARGILL, JOANNA - newspaper columnist, encountered Peacemonger
    --Marvel Comics Presents#27

CARGO ( ) - ally of Geronimo Crow.
    teleport self and others
    --Wolverine II#154 (155

CARIDAD, FELIX GUILLERMO - former president of Tierra Verde, husband of Sister Salvation, father of Palo, employed Geist as advisor, attempted to use Roughouse as his country’s national hero by infusing him with cocaine from el Jardin del Rey, ultimately was exposed to large amount of cocaine himself, body consumed in release of Spore.
    dark hair & moustache
 *D* (app-spore)--[Wolverine II#17],18(18(fb),[17],18-21,22d)

CARIDAD, PALO - son of Felix and Sister Salvation, soldier, injected with cocaine from el Jardin del Rey to become father’s superhuman agent,
saved from effects of Spore by Sister Salvation
    (app-spore)--Wolverine II#22 (23

CARILLON - planet, destroyed and entire race exterminated by the Haalmhad
    *D*--Marvel Preview#15

CARIN of the Ultraverse - Gwendor--Mantra I#13

CARINA - daughter of Collector, sent to spy on Michael/Korvac, fell in love with him, forced Avengers to kill her after she betrayed him
  Carina Walters*D* (app)--Avengers I#167 (174(fb),175(fb),167,168 173-176,177d)

CARINA PRIME - Earth-Starlord, Carinian Cluster, base of the Probiti training institute

CARINIAN CLUSTER (Bovric, Carina Prime) - "Earth-Starlord," star system, utilize the Probiti, sought for takeover by Hareth Damyish
    --Starlord#1 (2

CARJACK ( ) - masked criminal, stole cars from driver, killed by Judge
    *D*--Thunderstrike#1 ([1], 1, [Deadline#1 (fb, dies)], 1

CARL ?? - former agent of the vampire Amber
    (app-amber)--Tomb of Dracula II#3/5 (3/5(fb), 3/5

CARL ?? - Bonded with one of the Life Foundation's symbiotes, fought Spider-Man and Venom.
    --Venom:  Lethal Protector#4

CARL ?? - Daily Bugle

CARL ?? - mutant, District X
    --Uncanny X-Men#450

CARL ?? - TV reporter, reported on seeming return of Captain Mar-Vell (actually the Skrull Khn'nr)
--Captain Marvel#2 (2008)

CARL of Earth-11418 - Americommand, lobotomized Bruce Bannner
    --Captain America Corps#3 (2011)

CARLA ?? - wife of Ralph, joined him in the Swamp Tank, attempted to seduce Ka-Zar, sabotaged Ralph's weapon, raped and killed by Swamp Men after Ralph was unable to defend her
    *D* (app-swamptank)--Savage Tales I#1/5

CARLA ?? - high school classmate of Bruce Banner, originally nice to him out of pity, but revealed dislike when he kept trying to protect her from her abusive boyfriend Kim
    --Incredible Hulk III#77 (77-79(fb), 81(fb)

CARLA, agent - SHIELD II, appointment secretary for nick fury
    --Deathlok II#5

CARLA ?? - mutant, part of British Hyde Park Underground
    --Uncanny X-Men#395, (named) 398 (395,397,398

CARLA ?? - Texas 911-operator, took call that led police to observe slaughtered illegal Mexican immigrants, slain by National Force
    *D*--Punisher War Journal II#6 (6 (fb), [7 (fb, dies)]

CARLIN, Lt. ART - NYPD, 63rd precinct
    --Punisher VII#31

CARLING, ROSE - see WU, ROSE CARLING--Logan: Path of the Warlord

    --Iron Man Annual 1999

CARLISLE, MELISSA BOWEN - mother of Dagger, wife of Phillip, ex-wife of Lord of Light, abandoned Dagger to enjoy the jet set
  --Cloak & Dagger I#4 (4(fb),II#2 [StrT II#9] 12 14

CARLISLE, PHILLIP - step-father of Dagger, moved to New York to take care of her, cared for her after she was blinded by Night, poisoned by D-Lite
    Mr. Bowen *D*--Cloak & Dagger I#4 (4(fb),II#2,3,StrT II#3 [9] 12,14,15,[16],17,C+D III#2,3,4-6,PowP#53 C+D#12,13,17-19

CARLO ?? - circa 1940, policeman Carlo, saved from criminals, including Jimmy, by Human Torch (Jim Hammond), helped him join the police force
    --Marvels Project#2 (2009)

CARLO - Dr. Bong's giraffe-man servant
    --Howard the Duck I#17

CARLO, MONA of Earth-982 - possibly just an alias, obtained DVD listing everyone who ever obtained a payoff from Wilson Fisk
    --Amazing Spider-Girl#1 (2-6

CARLOS ?? - see ALVAREZ, CARLOS --Avengers West Coast#76 (80, 89d,90(d))

CARLOS ?? - ally of Julio
    --Young X-Men#3

CARMICHAEL - Fat Cobra's biographer
    --Immortal Weapons#1

CAROL - extraterrestrial woman from race with powers similar to Spider-Man's, sought to return her people to their homeworld after years of being stranded on Earth, aided by Spider-Man.
    (TV) --Spider-Man (1967): "Home"

CARLSON, major GORDON - encountered Captain America during World War II
    (app)--Avengers I#29 ([29(fb)], 29

CARLSON, Mr. - mayor's office employee, surveyed the homeless, arsonist, defeated and exposed by Lockjaw
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#68/4

CARLTONCO (Ray Lippert, Michel Souris) - Corporation, used money from Kingpin to briefly take over Damage Control
    --Damage Control II#1 (2-4

CARLY ?? - student, assisted studies of David Daily
    (app-daily)--Epic Anthology#1

CARLYLE of Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD - Death Duty
    --Wild Thing I#1, 2

CARLYLE, Ms. - Arms merchant, dealt with Dr. Octopus, defended from Speedball by him
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#127/2

CARLYLE, Ms. - Midtown High School, taught Peter Parker about the Ogalla Aquifier
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#522 (522(fb)

CARLYLE, - former employee of Nexus Industries, duped and kidnapped Dr. Octopus (Octavius), rebuilt his arms in more modern fashion, went on crime spree, stopped by Dr. Octopus and Spider-Man
      “Carlysle Calamari” (app)--Amazing Spider-Man II#43 (44,45

CARNELIA - Slavic nation
    --Iron Man I#1__ (Avengers/Thunderbolts#1

CARMEN ?? - 19th Century vampire, grand-daughter of Marguerite, encountered Frankenstein monster, destroyed by him
    *D/R/D*--Frankenstein Monster#7

CARMEN ?? - prostitute, slept with Lt. Frank Walsh to avoid arrest, beaten to death by him when she could see the Troids. BF
    *D* (app-troids)--Midnight Sons Unlimited#2/2

    --Wolverine III#27

CARMODY, ANDY - husband of Jane, father of Sue and two boys, possessed by Aentaros who directed him to slay Randall Shire and ultimately forced him to commit suicide.
    (app)--Cable II#79; (surname revealed) Cable II#84

CARMODY, Gen. DOUGLAS M. - see BOGEY MAN--[Power Pack I#1],2

CARMODY, JANE - widow of Andy
    --Cable II#79 (84

CARMODY, Captain JOHN of Earth-90200 - corrupt policeman, attempted to kill Frank Castle and his family, succeeded only in the latter and was subsequently slain by Frank Castle
    (app-earth90200)--What If? II#10

CARMODY, MARY - daughter of William/Eternal Brain
    (app)--Marvel: Lost Generation#9

CARMODY, SUE - daughter of Andy and Jane, two unidentified brothers
    --Cable II#79

CARMODY, Prof. WILLIAM - see ETERNAL BRAIN (app)--Red Raven#1; Avengers Forever#11

CARMODY, ??? - son of Andy and Jane, brother of Sue and other unidentified brother
    --Cable II#79

CARMODY, ??? - son of Andy and Jane, brother of Sue and other unidentified brother
    --Cable II#79

CARMODY INSTITUTE - 2nd headquarters of First Line, located on the coast of Maine
    (net)--Marvel: Lost Generation11

CARMONDIANs (Balb, Felfa, Balb & Jara + children, priest, schoolchildren, teacher)
    - extraterrestrial, Carmondy-4, natives worshipped Veeda Leebre, all but Jara committed suicide when Veeda was imprisoned by Godstalker
    humanoid, grey to pink skin
    (app)--Captain Marvel IV#4 (5, 6

CARMONDY 4 - planet attacked by Godstalker,
    --Captain Marvel IV#4 (5

CARNAGE (Cletus Kasady) - symbiote spawn of Venom, father of Toxin, bonded with psychopathic madman + serial killer Cletus Kasady, former inmate at Ravencroft, possibly murdered own parents as a child, symbiote briefly possessed Ben Reilly + John Jameson + Silver Surfer, symbiote stripped from him and consumed by Venom, given new symbiote in Negative Zone
    CARNAGE COSMIC*, SPIDER-CARNAGE* (M, OH: Spdm2004, AMW, net)--(Kas) Amazing Spider-Man I#344 (345(infected)); (C)359,360(named)(361-363, SpUnl#1, Web101, A368, Spdm35, Spec201, W102,A379,S36,Sp202,W103,A380,S37,Sp203,SU#2 W117 A394 Sp217 223 ,Venom: Carnage Unleashed#1-4, ASpdmSSS#1, SpSSS#1, VenSSS#1, SSpSSS#1, WebSSS#1,A403,Carn:MB,[Sens3],A410,S67,Sp233,Carnage: It's a Wonderful Life, Venom: On Trial#2,3, A430,431, PP:Sp10, P13,Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man#13,14, [Alias#26, 28(fb)], [New Avengers#1],2,3(fb)

    - original symbiote, briefly possessed Jameson
    --[Sensational Spider-Man II#3], Amazing Spider-Man I#410

CARNAGE COSMIC - symbiote of Carnage possessing Silver Surfer, symbiote returned to Kasady
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#430 (431

CARNAL SERPENT - immense snake of great magical and erotic power, sought by Priapus
    (app-priap)--[Terror#11], Cage16 (Sable#14


CARNEK of the Hyborian era - Corinthian, Ezar bar Q'um, counselor to king Alexian and princess Alissa, lover and former tutor of Alissa, with her had Alexian poisoned and sought to usurp throne from prince Nyad, exposed and imprisoned by Nyad with aid of Conan
    --Savage Sword of Conan#71

CARNIVAL (Gragnon, Rekxorm Sebastian) - Skrull slavers using carnival to attract and capture humans as slaves, encountered New Mutants, fled in starship, but left one behind
    --New Mutants I#92(92(fb)

    --Journey into Mystery I#116 ( Avengers III#1

CARNIVORE (Dick Chalker) - enemy of X-Factor, cousin? of Number One Fan + Vic Chalker, accidentally killed self before he could attack X-Factor, spirit revived by Satannish/Cloot to accompany Charon to battle X-Factor.
    Transform into humanoid dinosaur
    *D* (app)--X-Factor I#89 (An8(d)

CARNIVORE (count Andreas Zorba*) - Exemplar, former member of Council of Antiquarians, empowered by Fearsome Fist of Farallah.
  Superhuman strength + durability, savage fighter, sharp claws
    (app, net)--Iron Man III#22(PP:Sp11,Jug:8thD,Av23-25

CARNOTECH 2099 - living machinery used by Herod, sent spores which took over Washington DC
    --Doom 2099#35

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