BUMBLE-CLAWS - Demons; sent by Hak-Heru to kill the Ravager of Worlds (Imhotep)
    --Savage Sword of Conan I#203 (1992)

BUMPER BUGGY - see BIG BERTHA's BUMPER BUGGY--Deadpool/GLI - Summer Fun Spectacular#1

BUMPO, NATHANIEL STANLEY. - former neighbor of Punisher (Castle) + Spacker Dave + Joan the Mouse, morbidly obese, shut-in, body weight used by Punisher to suffocate the Russian, given large sum of money by punisher after he left, requires nursing care after "something important fell out of his bottom"
    Nathaniel Bummpo (MKE, app)--Punisher V#1 (Spider-Man: The Secret of the Sinister Six novel (292-298), Punisher#1, 2,3,5,9,11,12, [Punisher VI#19(fb)]

    --Captain Marvel I#45 (Ms. Marvel I#18

BUNDESADLER (Sigismund Bismarck) - German, victim of Morlun
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#30

BUNDSMAN (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#23

BUNDU - ally of Omar Karindu, possible member of the Cult of the Unliving Four
    (app-karindu)--Defenders I#42

BUNDY, Mrs. - Springdale high school, victim of Class Clown, nearly drowned in ink
    --[Marvel Comics Presents#96/4]

    --All-Winners Comics#4

BUNK of Earth-200111 (    ) - River Rats
    *D*--Punisher VII#9 (10, 11d)

BUNKER, RALPH - bank robber, partner of Jake Miller and Bambi Long, died in car wreck, body possessed by Pip the Troll
    --Infinity Gauntlet#1

BUNKY (    ) -
    --Daring Mystery Comics#1

BUNNY (    ) - chauffeur of the Thing
    --Thing II#5 (6

BUNNYHOPPER - computer program at Defender’s HQ at the Parringtons, based on childhood imaginary friend of Samantha Parrington
    --Order#2 (3-6

"BUNNY MAN" - see CASSADY, WES (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#302

BUNSEN, ISABEL "IZZY" - Daily Bugle Science editor
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#124

BUNSEN BURNERS (Damage, Egghead, Ronny) - Manhattan street gang, many killed trying to break into Punisher's van
    (app-dam)--Punisher War Journal#8

BUNT, TILLIE - waitress at Sweet Smell of Success beanery, former follower of Pop Syke
    --[Howard the Duck daily comic strip 6/7/77], 6/13/77

BUNT, Mr. - father of Tillie, died of heart attack after frantically pacing the waiting room floor while she was being born
    --Howard the Duck daily comic strip 6/19/77

BUNT, Mrs. - mother of Tillie, died after 10 years of eulogizing her husband in poetry; cause of death: Edna St. Vincent's Malaise, Terminal Couplets
    --Howard the Duck daily comic strip 6/19/77

BUNYAN, PAUL - Land of Legends, lumberjack.
    --Captain America I#383

BURBALLAK - mystic entity invoked by Urthona
    "Bowels of Burballak"--Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Suprenme#58

BURBANK, L. L. of Earth-712 - movie director, brother of Emil/Master Menace
    (app)--Thor I#280

BURCH, SONNY - defense under-secretary, directed the usurping of Tony Stark's technology, committed suicide after nearly killing thousands when they malfunctioned
    --Iron Man III#73 (74-76, 77d)

BURDICK, BLAKE - step-father of Cassie (Stature), husband of Peggy
    --Young Avengers#7 (Young Avengers Special#1 (fb), YA#7

BURDICK, PEGGY RAE LANG* - mother of Cassie (Stature), ex-wife of Scott Lang (Ant-Man), wife of Blake
    --Young Avengers#7 (Young Avengers Special#1 (fb), YA#7-8, 9

BUREAU 18 (Mathieson) - covert paranormal investigations
    1--Secret Defenders#18

BURGE, Mr. - art dealer, agent of Alicia Masters, briefly believed to be her new boyfriend by the Thing
    (app)--Marvel Two-In-One#67 (70

BURGEN - would-be world conqueror, used Gene Pool to maintain youth, mutated and pool destroyed by Death Wreck in 2085, sent Death Wreck back in time from 2099 in effort to prevent creation of Death's Head--which failed, killed by Death's Head in 2099
    *D* (app)--Death Wreck#1 (3, 4(p1-21), 1, 4(p25-28d))

BURGH, SAM - sought to kill Bruce Banner for damage wrought as Hulk
    (app)--Incredible Hulk I#293

BURGLAR (  ) - killed Ben Parker when surprised by him while robbing his house in search of hidden money of Dutch Malone, former agent of Mysterio, father of Jessica
    *D* (1960s, net)--Amazing Fantasy#15 (Amazing Spider-Man I#200(fb), 170, 193-195,[196],197-200d)

BURGOMEISTER of Transian village - see GELDOFF, HANS--Avengers I#36

BURGOS, EVERETT - Brand Corporation;
    obvious homage to Bill Everett + Carlos Burgos, creators of the Sub-Mariner and android Human Torch, respectively
    --Spider-Man: Mutant Agenda#2

BURGUNDY ( ) - former ally of Gideon Mace, sided with Power Man against him, widow of Jaime
    (app-gm)--Power Man#43 (44-46

BURI - see TIWAZ--Journey into Mystery I#97

BURI - Dwarves of Nidavellir, worked with Brok and Eitri in developing the Mjolnir Forge, cast it into the Gunin-Gap, but fell in as well
    *D*--Thor II#80 <582> (80 (fb, dies)

BURIED ALIEN - see FASTFORWARD (app-ff)--Quasar#17

"BURK" - Former right leg pilot for Quintronic Man
    (app-quintronic)--Incredible Hulk II#213 (214

BURKE - External/Highlord, slain by Selene?.
    precognitive powers, black hair, dressed in suit with tie
    *D* (net)--X-Force#10 (Gambit III#14, XFor10

BURKE, Mr of Earth-Who gives a Frog's Fat @$$ about Continuity - stablehand for the Clennons, pretended to be deaf, sought to sell info on Myles to Portia, killed by agents of the Kingpin
    *D*--Kingpin II#4 (4d)

BURKE, ELTON - former boyfriend of Amy Pope
    --Howard the Duck I#19

BURKE, ANNE - wife of Henry, pleaded with him to help stop threat of Sserpo
   (app-sserpo)--Amazing Adventures I#6/1

BURKE, GWYNETH - wife of Jack, adoptive mother of Job
    (app-job)--Man-Thing III#1 (2,4-7, Strange Tales IV#1,2, 3,4

BURKE, HENRY - great-grandson of Thomas, stopped threat of ever-growing lizard Sserpo by having Jupiterians take it away
   (app-sserpo)--Amazing Adventures I#6/1

BURKE, JACK - husband of Gwyneth, adoptive father of Job
    (app-job)--Man-Thing III#1 (2,4-7, Strange Tales IV#1,2, 3,4

BURKE, JOB - child of Ellen Brandt and Ted Sallis, conceived shortly before his transformation into the Man-Thing, given up for adoption, adopted by Jack and Gwyneth Burke, later abducted by Mr. Termineus
    --Man-Thing III#1 ([Strange Tales IV#2 (fb) /4 (fb)], [Savage Tales I#1 (fb) / Man-Thing III#5 (fb)], [Man-Thing III#5 (fb)], 1,2, 4-7, Strange Tales IV#1,2, 3,4

BURKE, KEVIN - former marine serving in Iraq; Archstone
    --Battle Scars#3

BURKE, MARY ALICE - see MARY ALICE ANDERS (app)--Spider-Man Unlimited#3

BURKE, THOMAS - 19th century, great-grandfather of Henry, biochemist, developed growth formula much later ingested by lizard that became threat of Sserpo
   (app-sserpo)--Amazing Adventures I#6/1

BURKE, TRACY - editor of Tech Support magazine, photojournalist and former co-worker of Carol Danvers at Now magazine. wf, red hair
    --Ms. Marvel#8 (9-11, 14, 17, Iron Man III#11, 23

BURKE, Dr. - psychologist? at Burke Wellness Center, examined Violet Lightner, associated with Henry Gyrich
    --Avengers: The Initiative Annual#1

BURKE WELLNESS CENTER (Dr. Burke) - examined and detained Violet Lightner
    --Avengers: The Initiative Annual#1

BURKE, Mr. - Upper West Side Community Association member
    (app-angie freeman)--Bizarre Adventures#25

BURKE, Mr. - former head of security of Metro Stadium, rendered obsolete after they purchased a new security system, attempted to convince them of his need via terrorist acts, exposed and defeated by Paladin
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#86/4

BURKE, Mrs. - Upper West Side Community Association member
    (app-angie freeman)--Bizarre Adventures#25

BURLEY, MICHAEL - Harry S Truman high school classmate of Nova (Rich Rider), boyfriend of Donna Lee Dover, bullied Rich Rider, unwittingly shoved him into position to receive Nova force from Rhomann Dey
    --Nov I#1(2-5,11,13-15,21-23

BURLEY, Dr. SAMUEL - father of Michael, one of world's leading nuclear scientists, mind controlled by Yellow Claw to develop Tidal Wave device
    --Nova I#13 (14, 17

BURLINGAME, CALVIN - Imperial Force, Secret Empire, father of Charcoal, attempted to use him to steal cryogenic compound, fell into compound
    --Thunderbolts I#53

BURNEMISSZA, DAMIEN - leader of the demon-worshipping Enclave
    (app-en)--Tomb of Dracula II#2 (2(fb1-3), 2

BURNER (Byron Calley) - mutant, Resistants, reported directly to Red Skull (Johann Shmidt).
    CRUCIBLE* (D#8, M-Crucible, app)--Captain America Annual#4 ([4(fb)], 4, Def78-80, 83, 87(fb), 87, Captain America I#346(fb), Def125(fb), 125, 126, 128-130, Captain America I#426 (fb)->Crucible (Captain America I#343 (346, 368, 394, 426).
    New Warriors II#6

BURNER PATROL - Exiles of Central City.
    Flame powers
    (app-greatcoordinator)--Fantastic Four I#294 (295

BURNERS of Earth-8410 circa 2020 -

BURNETT, JOEY - camera man, accompanied Harris Hobbs to Asgard, killed by Red Norvell
    --Thor I#273 (274,275,276d)

BURNING GALAXY - former home of Korbin, exploded by Surtur to use as a forge for the Twilight Sword
--Thor I#337

BURNING PUDDLE ( ) - mutant, Hyde Park Underground, attacked by Mr. Clean.
    highly corrosive sweat
    --Uncanny X-Men#395 (397,398

BURNING SKULL of the Hyborian era - Xuchotl, costume worn by one of the denizens of Xotalanc, skull allegedly taken from one of the demons that dwell beneath the city
    --Red Nails; Savage Tales I#2

BURNING TIGER - see QABIRI (app)--X-Man#71

BURNLEY, JACOB of Earth-148611 - gained Starbrand from Starchild
    --Starbrand (nu)#15

BURNOUT - Mutant Liberation Front, empowered chemically.
    Move at super-speed, used wrist-blades

  1. (Kristine Calverly) Died when deprived from drug
        *D* (app)--Punisher III#14 (15,16d)
  2. (Megan O'Toole) Possibly killed when Humanity's Last Stand's base exploded
        (app)--Punisher III#16

BURNS, Dr. RONALD - plastic surgeon, face scarred by fight between Silver Surfer + Tyros, acted as medic to homeless, opened medical clinic with money from Surfer
    --[Fantastic Four I#259,260], Tales of the Marvels: Blockbusters

BURNSIDE, HELEN - former employee of Beckham Technologies, suggested to the gauntlet steal the children from the broken earth, briefly recruited by Nate Grey as an assistant, cast down to the Broken world to allow them to have their vengeance on her. bf,glasses
    --X-Man#63 (64,66)

BURNSIDE, WILLIAM - formerly Captain America of the 1950s and the Grand Director
Captain America V#602

BURR, CLAYTON - Roxxon, supervised Cybertek
    --Deathlok I#1 (Marvel Comics Presents#62/4, Dlok I#1-3, Deathlok II#17

BURRON - Inhumans
    --Fantastic Four Annual I#21

BURROUGHS, agent - SHIELD, partnered with agent Sands, asked Iron Man to look into the Mandarin
    --Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin#1 (2007)

BURROUGHS, CHARLES - see BOROUGHS, CHARLES--[Daredevil#367], 371

BURROWERS race (Cholly ) - extraterrestrial, Snarkworld, sentient furry creatures living in caverns of Snarkworld
    --Power Pack I#23 (24-26, PP II#4

BURROWERS - team of 3 identical Inhumans, aided Seeker (Uys) in capturing Ahura
    (app)--Fantastic Four Unlimited I#2

BURROWS, JOHN - Salina, Kansas, vastly wealthy, owns a private zoo which was temporarily taken over by the Super-Apes, he was placed in his own cage, but released after an agreement was reached with the Super-Apes
    --New Warriors III#2 ([2(fb)], 2

BURROWS GANG of the Old West - tried throwing Lathrop off of his land and killing him, defeated by Black Rider
    --Marvel Westerns: Strange Westerns starring the Black Rider#1

BURST - former Genoshan mutate serving Exodus, killed by Lord Gator
    *D*--Quicksilver I#1

BURSTARR - negative zone, baluurian, son of blastaar, guarded reverse tachyon star, battled captain marvel/Genis, turned against father when he was going to let burstarr die at the hands of una-rogg, went to hala, allied with Supreme Intelligence, sent to punish Illerans for freeing Kahafans from the Badoon, neck broken by Genis-Vell, briefly revived when the Illerans refused to leave Kahafa
  similar powers to blastaar
    BURSTAAR* (app)--Captain Marvel V#24 (25, Captain Marvel VI#13

BURSTEIN, EMMA - wife of Noah, has served as a hostage to force him to use his Power Man process on others
    --Power Man & Iron Fist#67 (Cage I#12

BURSTEIN, NOAH - empowered Warhawk, Power Man/Cage, Jack Daniels, Bushmaster/Power Master + Power Men, former employer of claire temple, husband of Emma
    --Hero for Hire#1 (PM/IF#83(fb), HfH#1-4, 7, PowM#28, 33-35, 40,41, 43, PM/IF#49, 67, 68, 83, [Cage I#3,4],5-7, 12

BURSTEIN, - father of Noah, involved with Project: Nietzsche, the research of which presumably influenced Noah in empowering Luke Cage
    --Marvels Project#5 (2010)

BURTON, ?? - @ 1960, scientist, thought Zog might be benign, bombed the iceberg encasing him
    (app-zog)--Journey into Mystery I#56/1

BURTON, JOHN - 17th century, father of Paul, could sense witches, found Widow Malloy who possessed him when she died
   *D* (app-malloy,widow)--Journey into Mystery I#19/5

BURTON, PAUL - 17th century, son of John, could sense witches, burnt witch Widow Malloy without realizing she was possessing his father
   *D* (app-malloy,widow)--Journey into Mystery I#19/5

BURTON, SAMUEL - ca. 15th century, first in family line to sense witches, became witch-hunter
   *D* (app-malloy,widow)--Journey into Mystery I#19/5

BURTONWIL, lord - wealthy European socialite
    (app)--Master of Kung Fu#102

BURUNDA (Raoul Bushman ) - African country, capital city/Freedomtown, totalitarian republic, ruled by Bushman
    --Moon Knight III#2 (3, 12-14

BURUNDITE - metal, used by Spider-Man and Thor to neutralize a poison sprayed into the atmosphere by Dr. Octopus
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#337 (338,339

BURZAN, VASILJE - Carpasian minister of state
    --Wolverine and Nick Fury: Scorpio Rising

BUSCELLI, "BIG" JOHN - ganglord, caused accident that resulted in loss of Tamika Bodden’s legs when Dennis Bodden refused to work for him
    (app-ws)--[Fantastic Four Annual#26] ([Thunderstrike#11]


    --    ( Iron Man III#73

BUSH, WALKER of the Old West - mayor of Wells Junction, allegedly was elected when his father and brother fixed the election
    --Rawhide Kid III#2 (4, 5

BUSHA, Prof. EDWARD - Professor at New York University
    --[Gravity#1], 4


    (MESp)--Amazing Spider-Man I#27 ( DHoKF#22/2 30,MTU#56,Amz190,193,F4 I#207 , A194 Spec38-40 A201-205 Sp44-46 [SpWm29] A208-210 UncOrig7

BUSHMAN (Raoul Armand, Bushman) - terrorist for hire, former leader of Burundia, slew professor Alraune, nearly killed Marc Spector, which resulted in him becoming Moon Knight.
    Skull tattooed on face, pointed steel teeth
    (U#1,net)--Moon Knight I#1 (, Moon Knight VI#3 (fb), Moon Knight III#37(fb), I#1, 4, 10, MK III#1-3, 11-14, Moon Knight: Divided We Fall, Moon Knight IV#3,4, Moon Knight VI#2 (fb), Moon Knight VI#2 (fb)

    *D*(OH2006#2, app)--Iron Fist I#15 (Captain America Annual#10/2(fb), Iron Fist#15, Marvel Team-Up I#63, Power Man/IF#49(fb),PowM#48, 49(fb), PM49, 67(fb), 67, [Cage I#12(fb)]->pm)

BUSHMASTER (Quincy McIver) - Serpent Society, Thunderbolts army, younger brother of John, all four limbs amputated by ship’s propeller while trying to flee police drug boat, had serpentine tail + cybernetic arms grafted to body by Brand Corporation.
    Uses spikes on wrists, bm, shaved head
    (D#2, M)--Captain America I#310 (Captain America Annual#10/2(fb), Cap310-313, 315, 319, 341,342, Uncanny X-Men Annual13, Cap365/2,367/2, 380-382, Cap An10/2, Cap434-437, Thunderbolts II#107-108, [Punisher War Journal II#13], 14-15

BUSHMASTER, CRUZ - son of John, employed Hardcore, attempted to use his form to gain "Power Man" power, life force drained by John
    *D* (app)--[Cage I#1], (shadows) 6, 12 (12(fb), 6(fb), 12(fb), [1-5], 6-8, [11/12(fb)], 12d)

BUSHMASTER, JOHN - see BUSHMASTER (app)--Iron Fist I#15

BUSH RANGERS - group of thirteen unnamed violent inmates from Texas State Penitentiary, mutated by government (CIA) experiment, resisted control, took over Mars 2010 Space Station, most slain in battle with X-Force, though they also slew Spike and U-Go-Girl
    Metamorphs, duplicate form and powers of others
    (app)--X-Force I#125 (125(fb), 126-128

BUSHWACKER (Carl Burbank) - Hood's army, former priest and agent of CIA, former agent of Typhoid Mary, originally assassinated mutants, later acted as a mercenary, later claimed to be a mutant
    cyborg, has guns built into arms, able to alter format of guns
    (U#1, M, AMW, OH HC#2, net)--Daredevil I#248, 249 ( An4B/4 DD260,261 PWJ#12,13 DD I#380 Dlok II#2,[3,4],5 Nomad II#4,5 DD#334-336 DD An8, Elek5,7, [Alias#26], New Avengers#1,2,3(fb)/4(fb), Daredevil vs. Punisher#2-3, She-Hulk II#5, Punisher War Journal II#4, New Avengers#35, Annual#2

BUSTA BLOODVESSEL ( ) - former rapper, quit after had heart attack, employed by Anastasia at tattoo parlor, agent of Vinnie, saved him from second murder attempt by Deadpool.
    bm, shaved head
    --Deadpool III#46 (47,48

BUTANE - Warpy, Advocate.
    Red + flaming male, fly + project flames
    (net-cloud9)--Excalibur I#64 (65

BUTCH (Bruce Younker) -
    --Mystic Comics I#1/2

BUTCH (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#4

BUTCH ?? - Bratpack, Fatboys
  -SNITCH*--Longshot I#4 (5, NewMutAn2, UXM An10, DD I#238, 239, 241, 248, 250, 261-263, 265, An5/3, An6/2, PWJ#12, DD An7/4, An8/4, 8, DD II#8

BUTCHER - see GASTON the BUTCHER--Rattle of Bones; Savage Sword of Conan#18/4

BUTCHER - see MEPHITISOID (app)--Avengers I#378

BUTCHER - see TITANIUM MAN (Boris Bullski)--Champions#10 ([10(fb)]

BUTCHER of DIEBENWALD - see MENDELHAUS, KLAUS (app)--Captain America I#237

BUTCHER of LICHTENGARTEN ( ) - World War II, war criminal, old ally of Red Skull
    --Captain America I#101


BUTCHER T. WASHINGTON - outfitted with weaponry by Dionysus, defeated by Thor
    (app)--Solo Avengers#11/2

BUTH - Aerian, green, ally of Ka-Zar
    --Ka-Zar the Savage#3 (4, 9-12, 26-31

BUTLER, General - @ Civil War, led military gangs in a wave of terror through New Orleans, spirit revived in body of Rikki Eco by Diana and her mother
    *D/R/D* (app-sophia+strange)--Epic Anthology#1/3

BUTLER, Mr. of Earth-Ultraverse- father of Leann/Flood
    (app)--Flood Relief

BUTLING GAZETTE - magazine; Jarvis wrote an article on hosting parties
    --Giant-Size Avengers#1/2

BUTTE - Desert Dwellers,
    feminine humanoid rock, superhuman strength + durability, dozens of duplicates existed, most were destroyed by West Coast Avengers
    (app-desert dwellers)--West Coast Avengers II#17 ([24(fb)], Marvel Tales I#262/2, WCA17, [22], 24

BUTTERBALL (Vivian Dolan) - Grapplers, overweight
    --Thing I#33

BUTTERFLY (Dr. Vitrioli) - World War II era criminal, former curator at State Museum, stole treasured museum exhibits, ally of Lenny, controlled five lackeys, killed in battle with Captain America
    wore suit with sharp proboscis and wings, which allowed him to fly, used handgun
    *D* (app)--(g) Captain America Comics#3; Captain America I#112

BUTTERFLY ( ) - Avatars of the Mandarin.
    fly, cause bad luck
    (app-av) --Force Works#6 (War Machine#10, Iron Man I#312

BUTTERFLY (Lucy Priest) - Xavier Institute student body
    gossamer-like wings, fly up to upper atmosphere, wore sunglasses
    (app)--New X-Men#131

BUTTERFLY of Earth-57780 (   ) - helped Spider-Man apprehend Dr. Octopus, had giant wings
   (app)--Spidey Super Stories I#44/3

BUTTERFLY-BORE (    ) - mutant
    *D*--X-Men II#166 (166d

    --Marvel Knights 4 #25

    --Daring Mystery Comics#6

BUTTERWORTH, PAUL - Boston Bugle reporter, tried to do story on Dracula
    --Tomb of Dracula I#43

    Name proposed by Death's Head (Minion)

BUTTVIEW (    ) - biker, head shoved up his rear end and used as a servant by Hoss
    --Ghost Rider V#1 (2-6

BUX ( ) - roommate of Jam and Marita, befriended Nate Grey
    wf, red hair
    --X-Man#30 (32-37, 51

BUYUK, General - Turkish army?, sent to seal hospital attempting to quarantine Aban's disease
    --[Terror, Inc - Apocalypse Soon#2]

BUZZ - see DIABOLIK (app)--Marvel Premiere#35

BUZZ ( ) - regular at Daily Grind.
    pony-tail, trivia expert
    --Spider-Man#64 (65, Spectacular Spider-Man II#231, Sensational Spider-Man II#2, Amazing Spider-Man I#410, S69, A413-415, S75, Se9, Spider-Man Unlimited#14, S88, Se21, 29

BUZZ (    ) - apparent high school rival of Robby Reynolds for Lindy Lee's affections
    --Sentry II#4 (4 (fb),

BUZZ of Earth-MC2 (Jack "JJ" Jameson*) - New Warriors, superhero, suit of armor designed by Project: Human Fly for Buzz Bannon, took up armor after Bannon was killed by mercenaries, ally of Richie Robertson, son of John Jameson, grandson of Jonah, student at Midtown high school, classmate of May Parker.
    Fly, enhanced strength + durability + agility, 360’ vision, project energy stings and sticky liquid, armored keyed to his brainwaves, red + black costume
    (OH2006#2)--Spider-Girl An1999/7( Buzz1 SpG 1999 An7 Buzz 1 2(SpG 18,20-22) Buzz3 SpG 23 42 50, 56, 67, 68-70, 71, 77,78, Last Hero Standing#1-5, SpG#98-99

BUZZARD - New Men, Animen
    (app)--Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (1(fb), 1

BUZZARD PEOPLE (Ytitnedion) - Tunnelworld. 
    (app-ytit)--Defenders I#79 (79(fb), 80-83

BUZZ-BOYS of Earth-905 ("Beast Boy," Bubbles, Cornea, "Red Devil," Topper)
    - mutants, terrorized humanity
    (app-earth905)--What If II#13

BUZZSAW - see RAZORBLADE (app)--Avengers I#130->Slasher

BUZZSAW ( ) - mutant, Children of Heaven, uncertain fate, may have gone to live with cousin in Brooklyn after Phillip's defeat
    (app-coh)--X-Factor I#47

BUZZSAW ( ) - Power Tools
    (app-power)--Captain America I#373/2 (374/2, 376/2, 377/2


BWOKK - planet, home of the "Bwokkian" race, under Kree jurisdiction
    (app)--Annihilation: Ronan#1

"BWOKKIANS" (Homma, Lo-Kalla, Metz, Nonna, Qa-Kabar)
    - under Kree jurisdiction, semi-humanoid; a riot started after Ronan slew Metz for murdering his bride-to-be, Homma, as their marriage would have brought peace to their tribes; Ronan neither knew nor cared that the murder occurred after Homma slept with Metz's shield-bearer
    (app)--Annihilation: Ronan#1

BYAKKO - The White Tiger - ; corresponds to Oshtur per Ian McNee's Catalogue of Correspondence
    --Marvel Tarot#1

BYAN'HANTANDU race - extraterrestial, ancient race, travel from galaxy to galaxy removing potentially dangerous objects from inferior races, utilize some Grunds + Darbians as servants, abducted Cloak and Old Man when he got in the middle of the quest for an object created by Franklin Richards, cloned Cloak
    (app)--Cloak & Dagger III#2 (3(fb), 2,3

BYELAI, ODETTE - vampire, ballerina, underwent bird-like transformation initially, staked herself as her dancing skills diminished and after Dracula forced her to turn into a bat-woman.
    *D/R/D* (app)--Tomb of Dracula II#5/2

BYFREXIAN race of Reality-8116 - outer planet of Vega, frigid
   (app)--Epic Illustrated#1 (2-3

BYGVIR - Asgardian
    --Thor I#336/2

BYRD, Senator HARRINGTON - sought to force Iron Man to give secrets to government
    --Tales of Suspense I#46 (Iron Man: the Iron Age#1,ToS#46,47,66,68-77,81-85,Av33,ToS I#89 IM I#10,41,99,100

BYREL - see WHITEMANE, BYREL--Power Pack I#4

BYRNES, GAYLE WATSON* - sister of Mary Jane, ex-wife of Timmy, mother of Kevin and Tommy, former dance student, husband left her after second pregnancy
    --[Amazing Spider-Man I#246(daydream)], 258 (258(fb ) 291,292
[A394],395,Sp218,A396,Web120 PP:Sp19

BYRNES, KEVIN - son of Gayle and Timothy, older brother of Tommy
    --[Amazing Spider-Man I#246(image)], 258(unnamed)
A347 Sp218 PP:Sp19

BYRNES, THOMAS "TOMMY" - son of Gayle and Timothy, younger brother of Kevin
    --[Amazing Spider-Man I#246(image)],258(unnamed)(
A347 PP:Sp19

BYRNES, TIMOTHY - ex-husband of Gayle, father of Kevin and Timmy, left family during Gayle’s second pregnancy
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#258 (258(fb

    scientist, developed android bodies for Darkhawks

BYRRAH - Atlantean prince, son of Brynn, cousin of Namor + Arkus + Dara, grandson of Thakorr, frequent ally of Krang + Attuma + Dr. Dorcas + Llyra, frequently plotted against Namor, eventually slain by agents of Suma-Ket
    *D* (U#1,M)--(g) Young Men#28 (Sub-Mariner Comics#35 ;
    Tales to Astonish I#90 (Saga of Sub-Mariner#2, Namor II#5, Saga#5, Marvel: Lost Generation#3, TTA#90,91 SubM#33 50,51 AF I#36/Av270 AF#37,38,39(Av272),AF40 Namor d

BYSSHE - Mys-Tech agent, keeper of the souls of Karnos
    release energy blasts, humanoid female
    --Warheads#8 (Motormouth & Killpower#7

BYTE (Curtis Vogel) - Bacillicons
    *D* (app-bac)--Digitek#1 (2-3d)

BYTER (    ) - Gladiators, Howlers, canid member
    (app-gladiators)--Beauty and the Beast#2

BYTE - sound-powered Gammadroid created by Mad Thinker, intended to be 10x more powerful than its predecessors

BYTER of Earth-93060 - creation of Pilgrim

B'ZZK race - Microverse, attended planetary council
    (app)--Micronauts I#26/2

BZZK'JOH - sorcerer of Megrim, offspring of Sombra and an insane demon, threatened the entire universe with his warped sense of humor until defeated by Howard the Duck + Korrek + Man-Thing + Jennifer Kale
    (app)--Howard the Duck I#22(23

Bzztl - son of Vuk, present on Collector's Prison World alongside Vuk; escaped Prison World destruction
    (app-dbari)--Wolverine II#136 (137, 138

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