"B-TEAM" (Beetle/Jenkins, Blacklash, Blizzard/Gill) - agents of Justin Hammer
    --Iron Man I#223

B'TERAK - N'Garai, active in Abergylid, Wales, captured people whose souls were used in failed effort to restore Kierrok, slain by Pixie with soul dagger
    *D*--Free Comic Book Day 2008: X-Men#1 (1d)

B'TUMBA - Wakandan, son of N'Baza, old friend of T'Challa, allied with AIM to sell Vibranium, eventually sacrificed life to save T'Challa from AIM
    *D* (app)--Avengers I#87

BUBBA (John Prong) - serial killer, ?possible brother of Soap?, slept with and then killed in self-defense by Soap
    *D*--Punisher VI#13 (14d)

    --Iron Man IV#15 (15 (fb)

BUBBLE ( ) - Tektos
    (app-tek)--Genetix#2 (3-6

BUBBLE (    ) - mutant of Mount Haven, killed by nannites
    *D*--X-Treme X-Men#28 (30

BUBBLES of Earth-905 (    ) - Buzz-Boys
    Floats atop multi-colored bubbles
    (app-earth905)--What If II#13


BUBO the CLOWN (    ) - children's entertainer
    --[What The?#15]

BUBONICUS of Earth-691 - commits genocide by spreading disease.
    transmit variety of infectious diseases
    (app)--[Guardians of the Galaxy#34], 35 ([55 (fb), 57 (fb), 35 (fb), 34], 35, [55-57], 58

BUCHANAN, AL of Earth-80521 - old barge captain, directed Bishop to Cable
    --Cable II#2

BUCHANAN, ALIX - widow of Henry, captured by Singularity, freed by Layla Miller, forgave Guido for his unwilling role in Henry's death
    --X-Factor III#10 (11-12, 14

BUCHANAN, CHARLES H. "CHARLIE" III - captured multiple times by Spider-Man who never remembers him, began dating Sarah Klein
  -CROOKMAN* (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#3 (4, [Spider-Man#38 (fb)], 38-40

BUCHANAN, DIXIE* - encountered John Blaze/Ghost Rider, had romance with Blaze, guarded brain dead Lucifer host and killed it when it became the last surviving version, shot and apparently killed by stray bullet as cops fired on Lucifer host
    *D*--Ghost Rider VI#2 (14 (fb), 14-17, 19d

BUCHANAN, PROF. HENRY - formerly of Singularity Investigations, worked on a virus that only targeted mutants, sought X-Factors help in escaping and being protected from Singularity, killed by Strong Guy under instruction from Damian Tryp Jr.
    *D*--X-Factor III#10 (10d)

BUCHANAN, SAM  - Darkhold Redeemers, Paranormal Law Enforcement Team, former member of Interpol, assigned to protect Victoria Montesi, took on Exorcist gun after Siege of Darkness, sought vengeance on forces of darkness for apparent death of Victoria Montesi, made peace with Vengeance when teamed up with him against Psyphon
    (app)--Ghost Rider III#28 (Darkhold#1, GR III#31, Darkhold#2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8-10, Midnight Sons Unlimited#1/2, 2/2, Dh11,Spirits of Vengeance#13, Dh12, Morbius#13, Dh13,14, Nightstalkers14, GR44, Dh15, Morb16, Dr. Strange III#60, SoV#17, Ns15, GR45, Dh16, MCP#145/4, Doc61, SoV#18, MSU#4, Marvel Comics Presents#153/3,[154/3],155/3, Morb29, MCP164-166, 167-169, 172,174,175/2

BUCHANON, odinson MOCO - 2099, Church of Thor
    --Fantastic Four 2099#4

BUCHER, WILHELM - nazi, 4th Reich, extremely racist, involved in plot against Fu Manchu and Shang-Chi - Raymond Strawn
    (app)--Master of Kung Fu I#23 (23(fb), 23, 24

BUCHETTA, VITA "The Headcutter" - Mob Princesses
    (app-piranha)--Terror INC#6 (7

BUCHINSKY, Colonel - led secret military operation in effort to stockpile cocaine for a cocaine standard of wealth.
    patterned after Charles Bronson
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#330, 331

BUCK of Earth-77105- see CAPTAIN AMERICA (Barnes) (app-earth-77105)--What If? I#5

BUCkies (Lemar Hoskins, Jerome Johnson, Hector Lennox) - partners of super-patriot, later went on to become Battlestar, Right-Winger, and Left-Winger
  -BOLD URBAN COMMANDOS--Captain America I#323(326->see individual entries)

BUCKLEY, DAN - Daily Bugle employee, assistant to J. Jonah Jameson
    --[Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1], [Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1]

BUCKMAN, EDWARD - Council of the Chosen of Hellfire Club, arranged attack of Mark III Sentinels against X-Men, slain and succeeded by Sebastian Shaw + followers
  *D*--X-Men I#97 (X-Men II#139(fb2), X-Men: Hellfire Club#4 (fb([XM I#96],97))

BUCKMAN, HORACE - former husband of ??, served as nutritional supply to her twin-like tumor until slain by locals
    --Giant-Size Wolverine#1 ([1 (fb)], 1

BUCKMAN, LEELEE - daughter of Horace, found Wolverine after he had fallen from near orbit
    --Giant-Size Wolverine#1 ([1 (fb)], 1

BUCKMAN, Mrs. - wife of Horace, mother of Leelee, born with twin-like tumor, which continued to grow back and eventually took over her life, survived via connection to Horace, encountered and attacked Wolverine after Horace was slain, convinced to stop fighting by Leelee, left to die
    --Giant-Size Wolverine#1 ([1 (fb)], 1

    --Spider-Man#57 (Web of Spider-Man#124

    (net-preff)--(g) Frontier Western#3

BUCKTHORN - Elves of Ptherworld, accompanied Black Knight/Dane Whitman and Captain Britain to Otherworld to battle forces of Necromon
  --(UK) Hulk Comic#20/2

BUCKY (James Buchanan Barnes) - original partner of Captain America, member of Young Allies, Invaders, Liberty Legion, Kid Commandos; father died in a freak accident while teaching training parachute maneuvers, became camp mascot at Camp Lehigh, became Captain America’s partner after discovering him changing into costume, eventually died trying to dismantle a missile of Baron (Heinrich) Zemo
    purpose/function discussed in Captain America V#5
    *D* (I#13, D#16, M, OH: BoD, OH: Gold, OH:GA, net)--(g) Captain America Comics#1 (2-47, Cable & Deadpool#45, YoungAllies1-20, Civil War: Front Line#9 (fb);
    Avengers I#4, Av56 (Cap: SoL#12(fb2+4)/Captain America IV#26 (fb2)/Captain America V#3 (fb)/Cap V#12(fb)/Cap V#14(fb), AdvCap3+4 Cap/Citizen V An1998(fb), Sgt.Fury13, Captain America III#32(fb2), CapAn9/2(fb), Captain America V#15 (fb), Captain America V#5 (fb <1942>), Cap:SoL#12(fb1), Wolverine Origins#16-20 (fb), Tales of Suspense I#63 65 66 Cap:SoL#7, Captain America IV#26(fb1), Cap V#42 (fb-1942), F4#405(fb), Thor Corps2, GS Inv#1 WarM#15,16, Captain America Annual 2001(fb), Cap/Fury: Otherworld War, Captain America 65th Anniversary Special, Marvel Fanfare I#5/2, Captain America V#3-4 (fb <1944>), Cap V#37 <August, 1944>, Winter Soldier: Winter Kills#1 (fb, xmas 1944), [Avengers Classics#4/2 (fb)], Avengers Classics#5/2, Cap V#12(fb), Cap:SoL#12(fb5), Cap:SoL#12(fb6), Av56d/Cap:SoL#12(fb3)/Av4(fb,d)/Captain America IV#26(fb3), Captain America V#8 (fb)/Cap V#11(fb)?-->Winter Soldier
    Avengers Annual#16(d), She-Hulk II#53(d)

BUCKY (Senator Frederick "Fred" Davis) - post World War II Invaders, all-winners squad, v battalion penance council, former batboy for new york yankees, helped Bucky Barnes form liberty legion, acted as partner of Captain America/So76 and Cap/Patriot & Golden Girl/Ross, taken out of action by bullet @1949, retired costume identity, helped form penance council
    (M)--(g)"All-Winners#19"; Marvel Premiere#30 (W? I#4, CapAn6(fb1) AllWinners19 CapComics48-58 AW#21 Cap59, She-Hulk II#22, Cap60-66, W? I#4, Cap285, Citizen V+VB#1(fb), CV+VB#1(fb), [Tb ],40,[41], 49

BUCKY - see NOMAD/Monroe. @ 1950s, partner of Captain America of the 1950s, used variant of super soldier formula, went mad due to lack of exposure to vita-rays, placed in suspended animation when became increasingly paranoid
    --(g)"Young Men#24"(25-28 CapComics73-75;
Cap I#153 (155(fb), Marvel: Lost Generation#1/2, Cap153-156, Cap236(fb), Cap281(fb)->Nomad

    --Captain America I#110 (111-113(-pg18), Av106(fb),107(fb), Captain Marvel VI#14, Cap113(pg19-),

    partner of Captain America (John Walker), abandoned identity when discovered its racial connotations
    --(BUCkies) Captain America I#323, (Bucky) Cap334 (380/2(fb) 372/2(fb) 381/2(fb1) 323,327,334,335,338,339->bs)

BUCKY (Julia Winter) - infant, informally adopted by Nomad/Monroe because mother was a drug addict, reclaimed by mother when broke drug habit, adopted by Giscard Epurer after she was killed by 88 and Nomad was sent into suspended animation, eventually placed with the Winters family
    (net)--Nomad I#3 (4, Nomad II#1-4, 5, 8-17, Captain America V#7(fb, named)-->Julia

BUCKY of Counter Earth-Franklin (Rikki Barnes) - Young Allies, former partner of Captain America of Earth-616 during his time on this world, grand-daughter of Richard and Peggy Barnes, former dancer and gymnast, brother involved with and killed by World Party, helped Captain America against World Party + Red Skull + Master Man.
    athletic, skilled fighter, wf, brown hair
    --Captain America II#1 (2,5,6,8,10(fb),10,11, HR:tR#3, 4, HR:YoungAllies(fb), YA, [Thunderbolts#51], 52, 72, 74, 75

    --Marvel Preview

    --Thor I#300 (Incredible Hercules#116-117

BUDDY ?? - Teen Brigade
    (app-teenbrigade)--Marvel: Heroes & Legends '97

BUDDY of Earth-88194 - Shadow, parents killed in youth, lived in number of foster homes, created own friends, adopted by Yaisa
  Sense other Shadows, control creations, used them to kill other Shadows
  -SHADOW KILLER*--[Powerline#4], 5 (6(fb), 5(fb), [4],5,6

BUDGE, HARRISON - agent of the Silent Ones, former master of Lotus Shinchuko, given her by Silent Ones as reward after his first successful mission, captured the Sons of the Tiger in New York, used variety of weapons to test them, defeated twice by them
    (app-SO)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#7/5 (9(fb), 7/5, 8/4

    (app-snakeroot)--Daredevil I#319

BUEL - extradimensional overlord, emerged through Babylon portal, attempted to use Sphere af Sara-Kath to conquer Multiverse, defeated by Spider-Man and Dr. Strange
  -PLASMMAGE*, GREMLIN LORD* (app)--Sensational Spider-Man II#21 (22(fb), 21-23

BUERER, HEINRICH - Dutch ex-patriot, former top SS agent circa World War II, stole English pound printing plates from English treasury with intent of flooding the market with English pounds to devalue them and disrupt the English economy, forced to bury them and flee, while all others associated with the project perished in the bombing of the Parliament, May 10; adopted alias of English citizen Chauncy and created a map to relocate the plates; in recent years, worked with Trevor, relocated fragments of the lost map, sought the plates/press for counterfeit English pounds, instead pulled into a chest...
    CHAUNCY--(Chauncy) Marvel Two-In-One#30; (Buerer) 31 (31 (fb), 30-32

    Crazy Eight --Wonder Man II#19 (20,21, 25

    --Howard the Duck IV#2

BUFFALO GEODUCKS - baseball team
    --[Ghost Rider VI#15]

BUFFALO GEODUCKS - little league baseball team sponsored by adult team, threatened by Lucifer, saved by Ghost Rider (John Blaze)
    --Ghost Rider VI#15 (16-17

BUFFALO SNORT - @ World War I, chief of Piegan Blackfoot tribe, enlisted Wolverine to battle Uncegila
    (app-uncegila)--Marvel Comics Presents#94 (95-98

BUFFER ZONE of Earth-982 (         ) - invented force field to replace car airbags, fired when company downsized one week before finishing invention, defeated by J2 with the aid of Miller Hallendale
    Project force field or use it as an offensive weapon, unable to use it as both at once

BUFO – Animates, frog evolved by Ani-Mator
    --New Mutants I#59

BUG of the Microverse (      ) - Micronauts/Microns, Insectovorid of Kaliklak, master thief.
    Cling to surfaces, agile, uses Rocket-Lance to project force blasts
    "LOVERBUG*" (OH2006#2, net)--Micronauts I#1(
MicroN II#20, [Cable II#37],38,Bug1 AlphaF II#10,11 CaptMarv V#6(fb) 6, 7, 12, 15

BUG - Encoders, cybernetic right eye and hair
    --Dark Angel#5, 13(named)

BUG of Earth-93060 (         ) - agent of Solitaire.
    computer expert
    --Solitaire(uv)#5 (6-9, Ultraverse Double Feaure#1/2

BUGEYE - Frogs of Central Park, conspired to become ruler
    --Thor I#363 (365, 373

BUGEYE (Abner ) - Appalachian people, mother pregnant during leakage from Three Mile Island, twin brother of Banjo
  Project bubbles that cause unconsciousness or repel others
    (app-cal)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#156 (156(fb1-3), 156

BUG-EYED VOICE (Arthur Bigelow) - Springdale criminal, "Speedball Revenge Squad," former partner of Rebound, former insurance investigator, stole items he knew were highly insured.
    Wore mask to disguise voice, wore lenses to enhance peripheral vision
    (app, OH:AZU#1)--Speedball#6 ([New Warriors I#66 (fb)], 66, I (heart) Marvel: Masked Intentions

BUGGSIE (    ) -
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#15

BUGLERS in BLACK - "Color Criminals," defeated by Spider-Man and sent to prison
    sextet?, marched down the street playing bugles loudly
    (app-cc)--Amazing Spider-Man: A Book of Colors and Days of the Week

BUGOUT (Prof. Juan Felipe) - former Panamanian government researcher conducting secret experiments involving large doses of radiation to flies and mosquitoes.
    Transformed into bug-like creature
    (app)--What The?#24

BUGSHIP - craft of Goldbug

BUGSY of the Microverse - Little D’s Den O’ Thieves
    (app-ld)--Micronauts I#53

BUKENYA, RIEK - Ugandan mutant, abducted and forced to serve in rebel army until powers surfaced, escaped and brought down rebels, but killed in the process
    slow down time around himself


BUKOWSKI, BARTH - SHIELD I, led investigation into Cult of Kali
    --Spider-Woman I#13 (16

BUKOWSKI, BUCK - lawyer, former assistant district attorney in Los Angeles, antagonist of Jennifer Walters.
    wm, brown hair, glasses
    (app)--She-Hulk I#2 (3-6, 9, 10, 12, 17,18, Marvel Team-Up I#107, Sh19, 21,22, [25]

BULAT, CRISTU of Earth-200111 - son of Tiberiu, Romanian, formerly ran Serb militia against the Muslims, came to USA and ran slave prostitution ring, captured and disemboweled by Punisher
    *D*--Punisher VII#25, (last name given) #27 (27(fb), 25-28, 29d)

BULAT, TIBERIU of Earth-200111 - father of Cristu, Romanian, formerly ran Serb militia against the Muslims, came to USA and ran slave prostitution ring, captured and burned to death by Punisher
    *D*--Punisher VII#25, (last name given) #27 (27(fb), 25-29, 30d)

BULK ( ) - mutant, ally of Glowworm, killed by Purifiers of High Evolutionary.
    Immune to radiation, great strength, large wm
    *D* (app)--X-Factor I#7 ([7(fb)], 7, New Mutants Annual#4d

BULK (David Beiderbecke) - New Paramounts, mutated by huffing gasoline fumes from Gamma Base
    Hulk-like form & power
    --[Nextwave#8], 9 (9 (fb), [8], 9-10

BULKY DULK of Earth-18801 (Howard the Duck) - after arriving on the world of hairless apes, Howard was mutated by gamma rays into a Hulk-ish sort
    (app)--Howard the Duck II#8

BULL, le  ( ) French operative allied with the Nazis during WWII, sent to America to steal the Cosmic Depressor, a device able to be used as a powerful weapon, fought and defeated by Captain America.
    He was an extremely talented fighter and a skilled soldier.
    --Captain America Comics#17/3 (August 1942) “Machine of Doom”

BULL ( ) - criminal, led gang
    (app)-Tales of Suspense I#59 (Power Man & Iron Fist#55

BULL - see DeRUYTER, ANDREAS (app-dr)--Marvel Team-Up I#100/2

BULL ( ) - Committee of Five, hand-to-hand assassin, defeated by moon knight
    *D*--Moon Knight I#4

BULL (            ) - 'Vores
    (app-vores)--Marvel Comics Presents#52/3

BULL of ANU - same as Bull of Heaven? --Conan the Barbarian I#10

BULL of CRETE - defeated by Hercules as the seventh of his twelve labors
    --Thor I#356 (356(fb)/Hercules III#(1(fb)/3(fb)

BULL of DAKA-JUR - see DAMIRU (app-ragashah)--Savage Tales I#9/2

BULL of HEAVEN - @ Mesopotamian, avatar? of Ishtar, slain by Gilgamesh and Enkidu. as a result, Ishtar demanded retribution and Enkidu was chosen to die
    --Captain America Annual#11 (11(fb), Conan the Barbarian I#10?

"BULL" BROGIN - see BROGIN, BULL (app-ttrio)--Fantastic Four I#23

BULLDOZER - automaton of Modok, created from clay by him
    (app)--Captain America I#133

BULLDOZER (Henry Camp) - Wrecking Crew, Masters of Evil, former master sergeant in US Army.
    wm, metal helmet, used for butting
    (D#15,M)--Defenders I#17 (18,19, Iron Fist I#11,12, Thor I#304 SecWarI#1-3,Thor383(fb),SW#4-12 Spec125, Marvel Age Annual#1, Av273-277 Spec126, Marvel Age Annual#1, DamCont II#1 Thor418 426-430 JiM I505 Thunderbolts#1, MTU II#6 10,11 AvIII#15,16,18(fb),17,18, 44, Thunderbolts: Life Sentences, Thing: Freakshow#1, Av77-80
    , [New Avengers#1-3]

BULLDOZER, LIVING  - see BULLDOZER automaton (app)--Captain America I#133

BULLET (Buck Cashman) - mercenary, former covert agent for us government, former agent of Typhoid Mary, assisted Kelco in fighting ecological protestors, father of Lance.
    Strong and durable
    (U#1,M,MKE)--Daredevil I#250 (251,252,259,260,267,291, Avengers: Deathtrap: Vault GN, Cap410-414 Elek5,7, Marvel Knights I#11, 12, Daredevil II#71(fb)

BULLET of Earth-982 ( ) - Wizard’s Warriors.
    bm, uses gun firing power pellets

BULLET BIKER (Dillon Zarro) - criminal, used motorcycle and advanced weaponry, former act at Carson' Carnival at same time as Hawkeye, participated in Crossfire’s hunt for Hawkeye
     (app)--Solo Avengers#13 (Avengers Spotlight#23-25


BULLETPROOF MAN of the Old West (Cack Clugg) - 19th Century, pickpocket, exchanged live ammunition for blanks against his foes, making himself appear to be bulletproof, exposed and defeated by the Rawhide kid
    (app)--Rawhide Kid I#26 (26(fb), 26

BULL-FACE (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#65

BULLFINCH, Mr. - obese, drug dealing, pedophile; employed Shiv and Mr. Kapeland, attempted to arrange immunity via Nick Fury from charges in return for turning in the larger drug cartel with whom he worked, killed by Wolverine
    *D*--Wolverine: Bloody Choices (Wolv: BC (dies)

BULLIT, SAM - crooked candidate for district attorney
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#91 (92, Daredevil I#131

"BULLSEYE" - see MILLER, MICHAEL (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#98

BULLSEYE (Lester or Leonard  ) - master assassin, Thunderbolts (CSA), former agent of Kingpin and Eric Slaughter, killed Elektra and Karen Page, spine broken in fight with Daredevil, healed by adamantium bonding process of Lord Darkwind, temporarily driven insane by brain tumor which was then removed, crippled in battle with American Eagle
    Unerring throwing aim with all manner of objects - Benjamin Pondexter, "DAREDEVIL"
    (I#2,U#1,M,ME,MKE)--Daredevil I#131 (Bullseye: Greatest Hits#1(fbs), Elektra I#2(fb1), Bullseye: Greatest Hits#2-4 (fb), DD#131,132 141,142,146 DpIII#34(fb) 36(fb) DD159-161,169-172,181,191,196-200, DD I#380 Cap372-374,377 DD284-290 Pun101-103, PWJ#79,P104,PWJ#80,Pun III#1,Elek2(fb3),1,2,DpIII#16, DD II#4,5 Dp28 PP:Sp6 GamIII#17(fb),16,17, 19,  Deadline#2, DD II#28, Dp61, Daredevil: Target#1, DD48, 49, [Identity Disc#2(fb)], 1-6, Bullseye: Greatest Hits#1(fb), 1-5, I (heart) Marvel: Outlaw Romance#1, [Punisher vs. Bullseye#1 (fb)], 1-5, [Daredevil II#78], 79, 84, 86, [Thunderbolts#110 (fb)], 110 (fb), Civil War#4-7, Civil War: The Initiative#1/2, Thunderbolts: Desperate Measures, Thunderbolts#110-115

BULL's EYE ( ) - employed by Hydra to assassinate Nick Fury, succeeded, but it turned out to be an LMD, killed by Dum Dum Dugan  .
    Used gun with unerring accuracy
    *D* (1960s, app)--Nick Fury agent of SHIELD I#15 (15d)

BULL TOTEM - associated with Toro Rojo
    (app)--Avengers I#370

BULOWSKY, BIG BULL - violent thug, attacked Warriors Three during their NY adventure quest driven by Myron Maxwell 
    (app-Maxwell)--Marvel Spotlight I#30

BULUKU - all-father of Voodoo Gods, ruler of the Great Beyond
    (app)--Thor I#300, (identified) Dr. Strange III#17 (Incredible Hercules#116-117

BULWAR - Asgardian warrior
    --Thor I#197 (198

BULWARK ( ) - assassin, agent of Itzhak Berditchev
    (app)--Avengers I#340

BULWARK (Oswald Boeglin) - Hellions, German mutant, mutated into vampiric servant by Emplate, captured by Weapon X, placed in Neverland, possibly exterminated there.
  Transform from scrawny frame into massive hulking body. Red hair, straps, great strength + endurance + durability
  (net-hellions)--[Generation X#11], 12, (named) 13  (14, 57, Weapon X II#5


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