BROW ( ) - one of the criminals who sought the Black Tiger costume, presumably killed in plane crash
    *D* (app-bt)--Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu#21/5 ([22/5d]

BROWN, ABRAHAM - Sons of the Tiger, brother of Prowler, bm
  -BLACK TIGER*, WHITE NINJA* (D#12)--Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu#1 (7/5(fb), 1/3, 2, 3(fb), 3, 4/2, An1, DHoKF#6, 7/2-9/2, 10/3, 12/2, 14/2, 16/3, 17/2, 18/2, Marvel Team-Up I#40, DHoKF#19/2-24/2, 26, 29/2, 30, 32/3, Power-Man/Iron Fist#65, 74, 81, 82, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#10/2, 12/3, Prowler#1, 3, 4, Pulse#9

BROWN, ABRAHAM LINCOLN - @ 1983, African-American, New York congressman, ran for president, targeted by the Swords of a New Dawn, slain by Ghost Tiger for Yi Yang
    *D*--Daredevils#11/3 (Mighty World of Marvel II#7/3, 8/3d)

BROWN, ARNOLD - see IMPERIAL HYDRA—Strange Tales I#135

BROWN, BENNINGTON of the Old West - Iron Mask's Circus of Crime
    (app)--Kid Colt I#112 (127

BROWN, "BOOM-BOOM" of the Old West 1870s - former prize fighter, helped Two-Gun Kid against Grizzly Grogan
    --Two-Gun Kid I#64 (88,90-94,96-98

BROWN, CHARITY - @ 1691, Salem Massachusetts, former ward of Goodman Alden, spirit connected with Dracula, who sought her love, she was framed by Goodman Alden and killed as a witch when she spurned his advances
    *D* (app)--Dracula Lives#1/2 ([1/2(fb)], 1/2

BROWN, Det. CHUCK of Earth-93060 - cop, brother of Jamal
    --Hardcase (uv) #2

BROWN, COLLEEN - bitten by Dracula
    --Tomb of Dracula II#3

BROWN, FRANCIS LEROY - vampire hunter, hired by father of Mary Jo Bentley to avenge her, sought to kill Dracula while he was trapped in human form, shot him twice, but was thrown off a roof and killed by him.
    wm, brown hair + beard, wore cowboy hat
    -Cowboy--Tomb of Dracula I#65, 66(named) (64,65,66d)

BROWN, FRANK - Cousin of Mary Jane Watson's mother Madeline, allowed Madeline and her two daughters to live with his family during Mary Jane's adolescent years.
    --Amazing Spider-Man I #259

BROWN, HOBIE - - see PROWLER--Amazing Spider-Man I#78->prowl. Sensational Spider-Man#16-18,26,27(fb1),28-->Prowler

BROWN, JAMAL of Earth-93060 - cop, killed by Headknocker
    *D*--Hardcase(uv)#1 (Ultraverse Year Zero: Death of the Squad#3, HC#1d)

BROWN, KENNY - Daily Bugle

BROWN, LAURA - Hydra, Shield I, daughter of Arnold/Imperial Hydra, former lover of Nick Fury, turned against father and aided Fury against him, Deltite form created, original form recovered and brainwashed into serving Hydra
    (net-fury)--Strange Tales I#135 (137-141,152-156,158,159, SHIELD I#4, 9-11,13,15, Spider-Woman I#13-15, 16(fb)([15])), 16, Nick Fury: agent of SHIELD II#44, Kitty Pryde: Agent of SHIELD#1

BROWN, LESTER - NYPD, Internal Affairs, alcoholic, investigated Det. Scott McLawry, sobered up and discovered evidence against him with Wolverine's help
    --Wolverine II#188 (189

BROWN, LINDA - mermaid, spent time with "Aunt" May and "Uncle" Ben, returned to the sea in 1962
    (app)--Strange Tales I#97/3

BROWN, LOIS - see LONDON, LOIS (app)--Dazzler#21

BROWN, MARY - @ 1962, helped Thing from the Hidden Swamp get its spaceship out of the muck, transformed from plain to beautiful by him
    (app-thing)--Tales to Astonish I#30/3

BROWN, MINDY S. McPHERSON - see McPHERSON, MINDY--Amazing Spider-Man I #78

BROWN, MICHAEL - interviewed regarding the assault on the Human Torch outside the Lazer Club
    --[Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1]

BROWN, NICK - father of Lois London, ex-husband of Katherine Blaire, step-father of Dazzler
    --[Dazzler#20], 21(name+picture), 27 (28

BROWN, RACHEL - @ 1860s, former lover of Reno Jones, captured by the Dawson gang, sold to Col. Johnson, stolen by Grey Fox, liberated by Ruby, but apparently never reunited with Reno
    (app)--Gunhawks#1 (1(fb), [2(fb), 1, 2(fb)], 3-7

BROWN, Dr. RICHARD - UK's Super-Soldier program scientist
    --Super Soldiers#

BROWN, TARKINGTON - affiliated with the mayoral office, afflicted with terminal disease, sought to kill those he viewed as corrupt, learned Daredevil’s secret identity from Heather Glenn while she was drunk, died of disease
    *D* (app)--Daredevil I#195 (Iron Man I#171/DD#195,196d)

BROWN, ___ - spokesperson for Manhattan's General Hospital, interviewed by Terry Morrow
    --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1

BROWN, agent - Canadian Secret Intelligence Service
Omega Flight#1 (2-3, Marvel Comics Presents#1/3-12/4

BROWNE, BLAINE - Daily Bugle reporter, accompanied by Peter Parker to investigate gang takeover of tenements.
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#120

    (net-preff)--(g) Reno Browne, HGC#50

BROWNING, Mr. - mutant, prodigy with electronics, hired by Densham, unwittingly rebuilt "Metallak" which was a sentry that then killed him
    *D* (app-met)--X-Men Unlimited#33/2 ([33/2(fb)], 33/2

BROWNING, Dr. JOSEPH - pre-modern era, psychiatrist, possessed by the Demon in your Head
    (app-mental)--Uncanny Tales I#11/3 (11/3(fb), 11/3

BROWNING, Colonel MacINTYRE of Earth-148611 - army
    --DP7(nu)#21 (Justice#22

BRUBAKER, ED - Daily Bugle reporter, co-wrote report of Captain America's assassination with Kat Farrell
    --Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1 (May, 2007)

BRUBAKER of Earth-523001 - court bailiff
    (app-earth523001)--What If Karen Page Had Lived?

BRUCE ?? - @ 1965, discovered and exposed the hoax beyond the Floating Head
    (app-floating head)--Tales to Astonish I#8/1

BRUCE ?? - Students of Love, killed when the commune burnt down
    (app-sol)--Web of Spider-Man#40 (41-43

BRUDER, HANS - Nazi scientist, worked alongside Abraham Erskine, Eric Schmitt, and Professor Burstein in Project Nietzsche (development of German super-soldier)
    --Marvels Project#1, (first name revealed) #2, (surname revealed) #5 (2-3, 5-6

BRUEN (    ) -
    --Daring Mystery Comics#6

BRUISER (    ) - middleweight Boxer, enjoyed torturing opponents, sought to gain weight via experimental pills, increased weight sent him into Subterranea, where he became the personal punching bag of the Mole Man
    (app-molemen)--Tales to Astonish I#16/3

BRUISER ( ) - Bronx bully, defeated by Jarvis and the neighborhood members he rallied against him
    (app/ )--Avengers I#201/2

BRUISER - see McPHEE, LEMUEL--Spectacular Spider-Man II#151

BRUISER (Molly Hayes) - Runaways, 11 years old
    (OH2006#2, 198)--Runaways#1, (named) 6 (17(fb), 1-10, 11,12, 13, 14, 15-17, [18(fb)], 18

BRUKNER, ALBERT - immoral financier, exposed by Daily Bugle, targeted by Cardiac
   (app-cardiac)--Amazing Spider-Man I#359

BRÜKNER, ILANEY - former commercial pilot, quit after plane crash, nearly killed in battle between Ajax + Deadpool, hired by Deadpool as pilot, German wf
    (app)--Deadpool III#18 ( 26-28, 30-33

BRULE, the SPEAR SLAYER of the pre-Cataclysmic era - @ 20 000 bc, Pictish barbarian, Borni clan, ally of Kull, ancestor of Bran Mak Morn
    --The Shadow Kingdom; Monsters on the Prowl#16 (Savage Sword of Conan#55/4 (fb), Marvel Team-Up I#112, Kull the Conqueror I#1,
  Savage Sword of Conan#42/3(fb), 55/4 

BRUM NEBULA - planet and race visited by cosmic-powered Human Torch while seeking allies against Galactus, sought to direct him against their rival race
    --Fantastic Four#521

"BRUMM" -  agent of Sultan, ally of Blowfly, opposed Tigra
    (app-blowfly)--Marvel Comics Presents#162/3 ([164/3]

BRUNDER (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#40

BRUNHILDA ?? - tailor of Terror. Little Person.
    Terror: "I'm allergic to certain kinds of wool."
    Brunhilda" "Then get some skin that ain't allergic."
    (image, TI#6, p23)
    --Terror#6 (10, [Terror II#1 (fb)]

BRUNNER, PAUL - killed, brain mutated and sent to Xavier Institute
    *D*--X-Men II# , (named) 194 ([194 (fb)], 194

BRUNNHILDE (HILDA) - Axi-Tun, Space Gods
    *D*--Invaders I#1(2d)

BRUNO ?? - agent of corrupt landlord, partner of Tony, threatened Audrey and her gra'ma, driven off by Daredevil
      (app-audrey)--Marvel Comics Presents#81/4

BRUNO of Earth-Nightside - Others, vampire, bouncer at the Nightmare House, ally of Sydney Taine, aided in raiding Arkady Dread's offices, given leadership of the vampire sect after the takeover plot was foiled

    *D*--Hulk!#11 (12d

BRUNO, GIORDANO - Renaissance mage
    --[Legion of Monsters: Satana#1]

BRUNO, NICK (    ) -
    --Daring Mystery Comics#1

BRURUTHIAN PARAMECIUM REX - planet destroyed by the Brethren, collected by the Collector
    --Avengers I#335/2 (339(fb), 335/2, 336

BRUSHFIRE (    ) - enemy of Gravity
    pyrokinetic, superhuman durability

BRUSHOV, General YURI - Russian soldier, directed the Red Guardian (Shostakov), ally of General Ling, presumably died in the destruction of his base
    (app)--Avengers I#43 (44

BRUSKIN, ALEXI - see COMMISSAR (Alexi Bruskin) (app)--Champions#7

BRUTACUS - Salem's Seven, oldest brother
    lion-like man, enhanced strength + speed + durability
    *D* (D#19)--Fantastic Four I#186 (Fantastic Four Annual#14, F4#223, Marvel Age Annual#1, Vision & Scarlet Witch II#3,5, Avengers Annual 2000, Marvel Knights 4 #25

BRUTAG of Earth-691 - Reavers of Arcturus, robot
    (app-roa)--Marvel Presents#9 (10

BRUTALE, el (Tavio Brutale) - mobster, employed Dr. Friday and his zhambi, slew him when he attracted too much attention, presumably slain by one of his zhambi
    *D?* (app-drfriday)--Moon Knight III#6 ([6(fb)], 6-7

BRUTAL ONES-see TARGOTH (app)--War Machine#14

BRUTE (Reed Richards of Counter-Earth) - Frightful Four.
    transform into large purple hulking creature with immense strength and durability
    (1970s, app)--(RR) Marvel Premiere#2; (B) Warlock I#6 (7, Fantastic Four I#176-179, 181-183, [Fantastic Four Unlimited#3(fb)], 3, 9, Paradise X: The Heralds#2 (fb), 1-2, Fantastic Four III#47, 49

BRUTE-see DePRAYVE (app-dep)--Werewolf by Night I#24

    yellow, strong, plastic, absorb others into self
    (app-rh)--Savage She-Hulk I#19(->SEEKER. 24,25->entity)

BRUTE ( ) - Trash.
    large, superhuman strength, mentally challenged?, bm, mute
    (app)--Power Pack I#31 ([32(fb)], 31-32

BRUTE - Morlock, agent of Masque, brother/partner of Hump, killed by Cable.
    large + strong
    *D* (app)--New Mutants I#91 (99, 100d)

BRUTE (    ) - criminal program, along with Gunsmith and Whiplash, downloaded by "Badgal" into other people, transforming them and making them into her agents
     --Big Hero Six#1 (2008)

BRUTE of Earth-1298 (Henry McCoy) - alternate dimensional counterpart of Beast, the Six, lost intellect when Havok of his world sabotaged his attempts to cure Iceman after trapped in frozen state by Loki, mutated further by S'ym + N'astirh, temporarily under control of Goblin Queen, fought off her control with assistance of Scotty Summers, briefly regained intellect after mind-blast from Charles Xavier.
    Green skin, amphibious, demonic appearance, hooves, enhanced strength, razor sharp claws
    BEAST (net)—Mutant X#1(24(fb) 3(fb) 1-8,An1999,MutX#9-12,15-19 21-24

BRUTE of Earth-Thunderguard (Ben Grimm) - alternate dimensional counterpart of the Thing, Fatal Force

BRUTE that WALKS (Howard Avery) - skinny scientist, sought to bulk up to impress Sally Barton, serum transformed him into giant, hairy monster that sought revenge on Sally, eventually the serum wore off and he was credited for having driven off the monster;
    Information was prevented from becoming public knowledge by Control
    MONSTER MAN* (Marvel Monsters, app)--(g) Journey into Mystery I#65 (65(fb), 65

BRUTE FORCE (Fieldstone, Fizgig, Hoarfrost, Hoopsnake, Ingot, Loblolly, Scarum, Watchfire)
    - agents of secret empire iv, recruited from troubled small towns or other disenfranchised areas of usa, scanned for certain genetic profiles, mutated in their genetics lab, defeated by thunderbolts + usagent + jury
  (net)--Thunderbolts#31 (32

BRUTE FORCE (Hip Hop, Lioheart, Soar/Slipstream, Surfstreak, Wreckless) - [Star Comics], cybernetically enhanced animal warriors
    (app)--Brute Force#1 (2-4, Deadpool Bi-Annual#1

"BRUTEFORCE" of Earth-Hercules 2300 - Assassins Guild
    (app-assassinsguild)--Marvel Comics Presents#39/3 (40/3

BRUTO, NICK (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#62

BRUTTU (Howard) - scientist, transformed by atomic radiation into duplicate of monster from comic book he had read, eventually reversed the mutation, became lover of Anne Benson
    (app)--Tales Of Suspense I#22

BRUTUS - Deviant mutate, briefly led Deviants after Ghaur’s seeming destruction by Dreaming Celestial, organized Subterranean wars + persecution of Deviant mutates, killed when he was exposed as a mutate.
    green skin, wore body armor able to project force field, used energy rifle
    *D* (app)--Avengers Annual#20 (20(fb), 20, Incredible Hulk Annual#17/2, [Iron Man Annual#12], Avengers West Coast Annual#6d)

BRUTUS - Inner Guard
    *Des* (app-innerguard)--Avengers III#32 (33

BRUTUS of Eurth - X'Changelings, counterpart of Beast
    (app-eurth)--Avataars: Champions of the Realm#2

BRUTUS KLOR - see KLOR, BRUTUS (app)--Magik II#3

"BRUUK" - see MONSTER from the LOST LAGOON's children (app-monster)--Marvel Super-Heroes III #6/2 (Summer, 1991)

BRUUT of Earth-93060 ( ) - agent of Malcolm Kort, probably killed in explosion of Visionary Productions.
    Superhuman strength + durability
    *D* (app-mka)--Exiles (uv) I#1 (2-4d)

BRYANT, SAMANTHA JANE - wife of Jonathon/Digitek, specialized in microelectronics, formerly worked for both Miracle Systems and Nakasoni
    (app-dig)--Digitek#1 (2-4

BRYCE, ARCHER - head of Bryceco
    (app)--Web of Spider-Man#113 (114-116

BRYCE-JONES, CAMERON of Earth-982 - student at upper saddle river high school, classmate and antagonist of rina/wild thing, rich father.
    once kidnapped by thrash bandit. wf, blond

BRYLUKAS of the Hyborian era - vampire/bat-like creatures from a past era, preyed on the ancestors of the Yuetshi until a priest cast a spell to imprison them within their resting holes, freed when Conan extinguished the fire that maintained the spell, attacked the Zaporoskans pursuing Conan
    --The Road of Eagles; Savage Sword of Conan#38 ([38 (fb)], 38

BRYN - Atlantean, mother of Byrrah

BRYNOCKI - toy-like creation and servant of Mordillo, continued to serve his skeleton and later avenge his death, created Ultra-Robots and Golden Dawn cult, eventually activated self-destruct mechanism destroying both himself and Mordillo's skeleton appears as child-like marionette, based on Mordillo isle, later reprogrammed by Arcade, served him on Murderland until being reprogrammed again by Tony Stark
    Alter clothing and appearance, uses dangerous weaponry
    (app, OH:AZU#1)--Master of Kung Fu I#33 (34,35 72-75,119 Rom47 MoonK+MoKF SE, Thing II#1-3

BRYS, AMY - impregnated via genetic material from Human Torch (Johnny Storm) via nanotech aided implantation from Psycho-Woman, leapt into timestream to prevent others from locating/harming her
    --Fantastic Four Annual#32

BRYSON (Bryson Bale) - Brotherhood, fell in love Malon Reeves, sacrificed self to kill her father
    *D* (app)--Brotherhood#4(5,6d)

BRYTHUNIA of the Hyborian era (Tamera)
    people of the Lema plains worshipped the stag god


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