C-10 KILLER-BOTS 2020 - see BAINIES (app-bain2020)--Machine Man II#1

C-28 DEATH-DEALER 2020 - Baintronics robot, sent after Machine Man, destroyed by him
    (app-bain2020)--Machine Man II#1

CAAN, DAVID of Earth-93060 (     ) - ultra, photographer, killed by Rafferty
    enhanced senses and agility
    *D* (app)--Firearm (uv) I#12d

CABAL (Harry Lennox, Johnny Leone, Mike Powell, Paul Trent, Jim Zafar, Vinnie )
     - organization of former police, created Savage Steel armor to use as judge + jury + executioner against those they considered to be criminals, developed rift, attempted to kill their less radical members, disbanded, survivors arrested
  (net)--Darkhawk#4 ( Darkhawk Annual#2, Dh50

CABAL (Blackheart, Dormammu, Hela, Mephisto, Satannish)
    - elite clique of demons within the Lords of the Splinter Realms
    FIVE-FINGERED HAND*--Captain Britain and MI13 Annual#1

CABAL of SCRIER (membership: Charles Bates, Samuel Fox, Martin Zantz/Outrider)
    - secret cabal inspired by Scrier entity, outfitted with advanced technology by Norman Osborn after he co-opted them during his years in Europe, assembled Traveller’s Host, many members turned away from Osborn's aims, while others remained with him in the Order of the Goblin
    (net)—Amazing Spider-Man I#394 (Spectacular Spider-Man II#217, Amz399, Spider-Man#56, Spec222,223, A401,Sp224, Spider-Man Unlimited#9, A402,S59, Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Alpha, A403,404, Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Omega, A416,417, 434,435, Sensational Spider-Man#32, A440, Spider-Man: Revenge of the Green Goblin#1(fb2), Peter Parker: Spider-Man Annual 1999
    SCRIERS* (
AZU#2)--Amazing Spider-Man I#394

CABAL of Earth-93060 - scientists working for Anton Lone, empowered Rush, Kutt, and Solitaire
  --Prime(uv) I#12 (Solitaire#10-12, Ultraforce II#4

CABAN, LAURIE - sister of Catiana

CABBAGE ( ) - Warpy, Seraphim.
    green + obese + resilient + strong, limited intellect
    --Excalibur I#62

CABBATOIR - weapon designed by Mr. Badwrench, cab that could release a number of blades on remote activation and kill the occupants
    --Punisher VI#10?,11

cabbie (        )
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#1

cab driver (    ) - brought Morbius to Slade Mansion
    (app-monster)--Marvel Preview I#8

    (198, app)--NYX#4 (4-7, NYX: No Way Home#1-6, X-23 I#1

CABE, BETHANY CAMILLA ?ANN? - former Stark Enterprises security chief, former bodyguard, partner of Ling MacPherson, former lover of Tony Stark, widow of Alexander van Tilburg, mind briefly transferred into body of Madame Masque and vice-versa by Theron Atlanta.
    Expert in firearms and hand to hand combat
    -Bethany van Tilburg, IRON MAN*, MASQUE* (U#1, IM, net)--Iron Man I#117(128(fb) 117,118 120-127 128 129 131,133,134 135 137-139 140,141 142,143 145 146 [151],152,153 193-195 198,203(fb),199-201 203,204 205 207,208 211 289 305 306 An15 307 308,WarM#8,IM310,ForceW#6,8 IM313,315, 318-320 [FW#10] [IM322] 327-329, IM III#1

CABEL, JUSTIN - werewolf circa 1555, son of Nathan and Cara Cabel, transformed into werewolf by werewolf brother of step-mother, Marta, slain by Nathan with sword coated with silver by Solomon Kane
    *D*--Sword of Solomon Kane#2

CABEL, MARTA - second wife of Nathan, stepmother of Justin, brother of unidentified evil warlock who became a werewolf, gypsy mystic, slain by Justin after he was turned into a werewolf by her brother
    *D*--Sword of Solomon Kane#2

CABEL, NATHAN - circa 1555, old friend of Solomon Kane, father of Justin, relocated to Germany in failed effort to have gypsy woman Marta save his dying wife, Cara; subsequently married Marta, forced to slay Justin after he became a werewolf
    *D*--Sword of Solomon Kane#2

CABER (Cairbre) - Celtic god of speed + bards
    (M, app)--Thor I#398 (417/2, 418/2 423 425,426

CABINET of the NISANTI - see NISANTI CABINET--Dr. Strange: The Oath#1

CABLE (Nathaniel Dayspring* Askanison*, Nathan Christopher Summers*) - cyborg mutant, the Twelve, Six Pack, X-Force, former leader of New Mutants, Clan Askani, Clan Chosen, son of Cyclops + Madelyne Pryor, widower of Aliya/Jennskot, adoptive? father of Tyler, infected with variant of transmode virus as an infant by Apocalypse, brought to future @ 4000 by one of Askani, raised by Redd + Slym, trained by Sisterhood of the Askani, purged techno-organic virus following the cure of the Legacy virus, lobotomized self after nearly bringing peace to Earth, merged with Technarch embryo
    Telepathic powers formerly limited by constant battle against transmode virus, formerly had access to teleportation and time travel via Greymalkin/Professor;
    when lost powers, simulated them with various forms of technology
    SOLDIER X*, TRAVELER, Nathan Winters (M, OH: X2005, 198, Civil War, CWBDR, net)--New Mutants I#86 (X-Force II#2(fb), Cable and Deadpool#26-27 (fb), Cable & Deadpool#42 (fb), Cable minus 1, Wolverine/Cable: Guts & Glory, Incredible Hulk II#444(fb), XForce#1(fb), 8(fb), Cable II#87(fb),  43(fb), 33(fb), Cable & Deadpool#34 (fb), Cable: Blood+Metal#1+2(fb), NewMut86-90, 91, 92, NewMut An6,XForAn5,UX An14 Wolv:RoT NM93,94, UX270,NM95,XFac60,NM96,XFac61,UX272,NM97,XFac62 Ex41 UX273 NM98,99 100 An7,NW An1,UX An15, XFacAn6, Wolv41-45 Quas28(fb) XFor1-3,Spdm16,XFor4 , Marvel Team-Up III#19, Shadow Riders#1/2, MCP#90/3-97/3 XFor5 Cap406,407 XFor6-10, X-Force Annual#1/3,  Warheads#4,5, X-Force#11, XFor11-15 Cab:B+M#1+2, XM14, XFor16, UX295, XFac85, X15, XFor17, UX296,XFac86,X16,XFor18 Cab II#1-3 Warheads#5 MotorM+KP#6,7 Shadow Riders#1-4, XFor35,36 Cab13-15 Wolv II#85 Cab16 XFor39 Cab17,18 19 XFor40,41 X40 XFor43 UX321 X41 Cab20,XM:Prime [UX322], Cab21,XFor44,Cab22 XFor45-47 Cab23-28 XFor+Cab An1995 XFor50,51 Storm1-4, Cab29, XMan13, Cab30, XMan14 Cab31, XFor54(fb),Cab32,XFor55,Cab33,34,Hlk444,UXM336,Cab35,Ons:MU MarvHolSp1996/5 XMan25 Cab36 37-39,40 XFor63,64 Cab41(fb),41 Cab42, Captain America II#6, Cab43, Hlk455, XFor+Cab An1997,Cab44 45+46,XMan30,Cab47 XFor69,70 Cab49(fb),48-53,54 XFor75 Cab+MachM An1998,MachM+Bast An1998 Cab55,56,X77/Cab57,58 Wolv 1/2,Cab59-62,Dp22,XMan46,Cab63,XMan47, Wolv139 Cab64,65 Cab1999 Cab66-69 70 XMU#23 [CabAn1999(fb)] Cab71, [Contest of Champions1, 2], 3,[4,5] AstXM II#1-3,UX375, Cab72-75 X96,UX377,Cab76,X97,[UXM378]/Cab77/[Wolv148],UXM379/Cab78 79-81 82,83, Cab84(XMU#27 UX381,382,383(fb),384,X104,UX385) X105 UX386,387 Cab85,86 UX388, UX An2001, Gambit + Bishop: Sons of the Atom#3-6, XM: Search for Cyclops#1-4, Cable90-92, Deadpool#61, Cab93-96, Cab97-100 X108Cab101-104 105 106 107, [Soldier X#1(fb)], Domino II#2, Soldier X#1-6, 7, 9,10, 11,12, Weapon X#6-8, [9], 10-13, Cable and Deadpool#1-6, 7-10, 11-12, 13-14, X-Force II#1-6, Dp15-18, 19, 20-23, 25(fbs), 24-25, 26-29, 30-32, 33-34, X-Men II#190-193, Civil War#2, Amazing Spider-Man#534/CW3-4, [Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1], X194-196, 197, 198, Cable & Deadpool#40, X199, C/D41, X200//C&D42, X205, UX493, XFac26, NX45, X206, UX494, XFac27, NX46, X207, [Cable & Deadpool#50], Cable II#1-5, 6

CABLE of Earth-1610 -
    (OH: UltSecret)--Ultimate Spider-Man#87

CABOT, CHESTER - father of Abel, Abraham, Ben, Jason, Julia, Kennie, & Richie; son of grandmother Cabot?; wealthy, led enmity against the Guthries, claimed to have poisoned Thomas Guthrie, located the Razors armors and wore them against the Guthries and X-Men, slain by Sheriff Pete
    *D*--Uncanny X-Men#437 (438-440, 441d)

CABOT, JULIA - lover of Josh Guthrie, committed suicide when Josh was killed by her father, unaware that he would heal
    *D*--Uncanny X-Men#437 (438-440, 441d)

CABRE-RIOS, Capt. JENNIFER of Earth-691 - 31st century, Sol III, died during contact with wormhole, remade as solid hologram controlled via personality program by Sol, body cloned and given cybernetics to allow her personality program to be added
    Wf, blond, star over right eye
    (app-soliii)--Cyberspace3000#1 (1, 5(fb), 1-8

CACCONE, RALPH - friend of Frankenstein's monster, former member of Manhattan youth gang, parents created and killed by Night Creature, abducted with monster by ICON, then to Switzerland to Veronica Frankenstein's manor
    --Frankenstein Monster#13 (14-18

CACHE - sentient computer, program initially created by Josh Hoard, developed intelligence under direction of AIM, given human form, took control of Parliamech and sought to access and store all information from all of its contacts, defeated by Captain America at the request of Hoard, taken into police custody, initial defeat apparently part of a plot to inform Captain America of the truth behind Protocide, easily escaped from custody after doing so, trapped inside data storage device by Cameron Klein
  --[Captain America III#33], 34 (Captain America Annual 2000 Cap 38,39

CACHES, FABIAN - son of Black Tarantula and Marina
    --[Amazing Spider-Man I#434], 436 ([Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula#1 fb)], [AmzSp434], 436(fb), 436

CACHES, MARINA - ESU, professor of criminal psychology, formerly taught Mary Jane Parker, ex-wife of Black Tarantula, mother of Fabian
  --Amazing Spider-Man I#427 (Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula#1 (fb), [1 (fb)], 436(fb), 427,428,433,434,436(fb),436

CACHONE, LEGS (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#29

CACTUS - Desert Dwellers, created from Sequerro cactus plant, dozens exist, most were destroyed by West Coast Avengers, but one survived to be incarcerated in the Vault.
    Mobile semi-humanoid cactus, fire quills, regenerate damaged portions of body
      (app-desert dwellers)--West Coast Avengers II#17 ([24(fb)], Marvel Tales I#262/2, WCA17, [22], 24, AvSpot26/2

CADAVER (Bradley) -
    --Mystic Comics II#2

CADAVER ( ) - mutated by treatment to cure fatal disease, ran shelter society.
    Absorbs life force from others
    (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Power Pack + Cloak & Dagger: Shelter from the Storm

CADAVER (Cody Fleischer) - Secret Defenders, life force drained by Malachi, empowered by Moebius Stone, possessed by servant of Agamotto
    Used Sword of Bone, heal from wounds, composed of mystical blue flame
    -PALE HORSEMAN* (Mystic Arcana, app)--Secret Defenders#16 (17-25

CADAVUS - Exiles of World War II. disabled, wheel chair able to fire energy blasts
    (app-ex)--Captain America I#102, 103 (104,115,117,118,Ast.Tales4,5

CADENCE INDUSTRIES - Entertainment Media, front for AIM, collected corpse of MODOK
    --Captain America I#315

CADRE (Dementia, Shard, Vortex) - Hellbent foundlings, offspring of human mother and Hellbent Prime, discovered on doorstep of upstate New York monastery @ 20 yrs ago, raised by Knights Templar
  --Web of Spider-Man Annual#9 (Moon Knight III#

CADRE - see HOST--Uncanny X-Men#275

CADRE of SALVATION - mercenaries employed by Blevins, many posed as Si-Fan
    (app-blev)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#29

CADRE CARTEL of Earth-712 - see SERPENT CARTEL (app-serp)--Avengers I#148

CADRE K (Fiz, Goroth, Nuro, R’Tee, Spunje, Zcann)
    - band of rogue k class/mutant Skrulls, organized and trained by Professor X, dedicated to saving other mutant Skrulls from extermination, assisted heroes of Earth during events of Maximum Security
    (net-handbook)--X-Men II#97, (named) Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet#1 ( Uncanny X-Men#387, Bishop: Last X-Man#15, Maximum Security#2, X-Men Unlimited#29, MaxSec3

CADUCEUS (Mark Cadmon) - Young Gods, former American physician in Chicago @ 1919.
    healing powers
    (U#8, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8, app)--Thor I#300, (named) Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8 (SpecSp An8/3, Thor301(fb), 300, [SpecAn8(fb)], 8, 8/2, Marvel Comics Presents#101/2-103/2, 105/2, 107/2-109/2

CADY, coach - trained fighters for Rey Trueno
    Superhuman strength & durability
    --Thunderbolts#76 (77, 78, 79

CAESAR (Julius Caesar or an imposter) - hostess ad, traveled forward in time, encountered by Captain America and Nick Fury
  (app)--Ideal#1; <August,1978 books>/ Tarzan#15, Fantastic Four IV#5

CAESAR ( ) - formerly of Order of the Askani, disillusioned after meeting Cable, slaughtered Virgil & other members, attempted to kill Cable & friends, apparently killed by would-be space ship designed by homeless man
  *D*--Cable II#58 (70(fb2), 58, 70d)

CAESAR, JONATHON - former landlord of Peter and MJ Parker, became obsessed with MJ, abducted her, hired Styx + Stone, imprisoned, had Peter + MJ thrown out of their apartment,attempted to kill mj again,killed by hal goldman,another obsessive fan
    *D*-Amazing Spider-Man I#304(305-309,313,[314] SpecAn9/3 [A326 331],332,333,337-339d)

CAFE BRIOCHE - restaurant owned by "William Wagner"
    --Ms. Marvel#11

CAFE' des ARTISTES (Jean-Claude + Sylvette Lauziere) - site of Billy Bates' slaughter
    --District X#13 (14(fb), 13-14(fbs), 13-14

CAFE du CLEVELAND - featured Larraine and her Remarkable Protuberance
    --Howard the Duck daily comic strip 6/23/77

CAFE EL SID - Yancy Street?
    --Fantastic Four#539

CAFE INDIGO of Earth-982 - meeting place of students from Midtown high school
    --Amazing Spider-Girl#1 (

CAFE JOSIE - former restaurant owned by Josie before she bought the bar
    --Daredevil: Battlin' Jack Murdock#1 (1-2 (fb)

CAFFEINE CAFE - Greenwich village coffee shop frequented by Peter Parker and friends
    --Spectacular Spider-Man III#6

CAFFREY - extraterrestrial, member of the Borozil Clan, dominant part of psycho-sexual relationship with Tlaango, tried as a slave owner by Genis-Vell, exonerated when nature of relationship revealed, killed by Karl Coven for contempt of court
    MASTER* (app)--Captain Marvel VI#10 (10d)

CAG - Mahari, participated in assault on Earth

CAGE (Carl Earl Lucas) - Bloods, Avengers, father of child with Jess Jones, empowered by super soldier variant (containing acetovaxidol (AVX)) by Noah Burstein.
    POWER MAN/Luke Cage* (M, OH: MK, ME, SecWar, Civil War, CWBDR)--Cage I#1 (2-20, NFaoSH II#36 MCP131/3-136/3 SecDef15-17 SpUnl#18/2 Ts13,14-->pm
    Alias#1, Cage II#1-6? Alias#15/DD36, DD II#38, 39, 40?, 43, 48, Alias#25, 26, 28, Secret War#1-3, [4,5], Spider-Man Unlimited II#1, Pulse#6(fb), DD II#56, 59,60, Iron Fist IV#2(fb), Captain America and the Falcon#5, Pulse#1, 3-5, GLA#2, New Avengers#1,2,3(fb), 3, [Marvel Team-Up III#7-8]/9/[10], [Pulse#7-8], 9, Cable & Deadpool#20-21, Young Avengers Special#1
    NA#9-15, [AmzSp525], Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#2, MKSpdm20, FNS3, MKS21, A527, FNS4, MKS22, Pulse#11-13, 14(fb), Black Panther IV#10-13, 14(fb), 16, 17, Daredevil II#78, 80-81, 83, Marvel Team-Up III#25, Fantastic Four#543 (fb), Civil War#1, BP18, Iron Man IV#14, Civil War#2-3, Heroes for Hire II#2-3, CW4, Fantastic Four#539, Amazing Spider-Man#534, Civil War: Front Line#9, Punisher War Journal II#2-3/Civil War#5-7/Amz-537-538/BP25, Captain America V#26, New Avengers#28-30 (fb), 27-33, Immortal Iron Fist#2, 5-6, Incredible Hulk III#109, [110-111], World War Hulk: Frontline#2, World War Hulk: Aftersmash#1, IIF#9-14, NA#33-37, Annual#2, NA38, IIF#16, Daredevil II#107-109

CAGE - storage facility for the Psycho-Warriors; south London
    --Dark Angel#11

CAGE - maximum security prison for super-criminals
    --Wolverine II#1__ ( Tangled Web#16+17?, Underworld#1

CAGE, DANIELLE - daughter of Luke Cage & Jess Jones
    --Pulse#14, (identified) New Avengers#34 (Black Panther IV#14(fb), New Avengers Annual#21, BP17, NAv22, Fantastic Four#543 (fb), BP18, Captain America V#26, New Avengers#28-30 (fb), 31, 33, 34, 36, Annual#2, NA38

CAGED BIRD - see CRIMSON DYNAMO (Yuri Petrovitch) (app)--Champions#7

CAGLIOSTRO (presumably O-Bengh) - 17th Century Italian master sorcerer, enemy of Dracula, associate of Comte Saint Germain, allies of Brothers of Mercy and Bel Demonia, trained Dr. Doom in sorcery, killed Murgo (agent of Dracula) and stole Darkhold from him, imprisoned for life in Italy by the inquisition, left mystic doppelganger in his cell and escaped to live out his days as the gypsies’ warlock king ,composed the Book of Cagliostro, which was the gypsies’ most sacred talisman, @ 1800 encountered and became lover of Marie LaVeau, imparted secret of immortality to her.
    Used Golems
    Allesandro di Cagliostro, Endless One, possibly Althotas (OH2006#2, app)--[Dracula Lives#1], 5/2 (Lofficier's Book of the Vishanti, Iron Man I#149, Dr. Strange III#15/2, Avengers I#187(fb),Tomb of Dracula II#3/2, [DracL#3/7(fb)], DocIII#15/2, Marvel Fanfare I#42, DracLiv5/4, 6/5//ToD II#3/2,  Dr. Strange III Annual#2/4

CAGNAR - Vanir
    --Thor I#338

CAHAILL and JONES  - Members of the Daily Bugle's board of directors
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#199

CAIERA the OLDSTRONG - Sakaar, warbound shadow?, lieutenant to the Red King, betrayed by the King when he sacrificed her and an innocent village in an effort to destroy the Hulk, after which she joined the Hulk's Warbound and later married him and became pregnant with his child before being killed when the SHIELD ship's warp core exploded
    immensely strong and durable, unleash destructive force
    (WWH, Planet Hulk)--Incredible Hulk III#92 (98 (fb), 92-95, 96-99, 100-104, 105d

CAIMAN - Cult of the Jackal, Wundagorian evolved from reptile (presumably a cayman)
    (app-cult)--Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (1(fb), 1

CAIMAN, el (    ) - Bogota, Columbia cocaine dealer, targeted by High Evolutionary’s armored Eliminators, fought them alongside Punisher, then turned against  him.
"The Great White" *D* (app)--Punisher Annual#1

CAIN - Biblical legend, son of Adam + Eve, killed his brother, Abel, presumably reincarnated, owns Boarding House of Mystery
    --[Howard the Duck III#3],4(5

CAIN - gris gris man made by Ruby Avedon, empowered by Baron Ciemeire
    --Ghost Rider III Annual#2/2

CAIN, JUDAS (    ) -
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#15

CAINE, KNUT - criminal/terrorist empowered by Dagger of Loki
    -LOKI*, MAD VIKING* *D* (app)--Tales to Astonish III#1 ([1(fb)], 1

CAIUS of LACEDAEMON - Spartan mystic, active during Peloponnesian war (432-405bc), became Sorcerer Supreme circa 400 BC, held all three Eyes of Agamotto, defeated Necrotech
    (app)--[Doom 2099#13] (
Marvel Tarot (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (hardcover) Vol. 7: Appendix: Magic (from the journals of Ian McNee) (fb) - BTS

CAJUNANGEL17 (Angelica    ) - American girl, friend of Gennady Gavrilov via e-mail
    --Crimson Dynamo#1 (2, 3, 5, 6

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