name used briefly while under the spell of Loki
    (app-hrim)--X-Men I Annual#9

BLESSED-OF-LITTERS - god worshipped by Druffs until slain by Skrulls
    deemed multiple-moon eclipses deemed auspicious enough for Druffs to spawn asexually
    (app)--[Incredible Hercules#118], 119

    --X-Men: Smoke and Blood#1

BLESSING EMIL  - Morgana's father, husband of Regina
--Dr. Strange II#52 (53

BLESSING, MORGANA - former romantic interest of Dr. Strange and Victor Strange
    --Dr. Strange II#48 (49-52, 56-58, 61, 65, 71, 79,80, Dr. Strange III#3, 10-18, 20,21, [26], 29,30, 32(fb), 36, Dr. Strange III Annual#3/4

BLESSING REGINA - Morgana's mother, wife of Emil
--Dr. Strange II#52 (53

BLEVINS,                               - old ally of sir Denis Nayland Smith and enemy of Fu Manchu, went mad and organized the Cadre of Salvation
    (app)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#29 ([29(fb)] 29

    --Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#29

BLEVINS, HOLDEN - spirit, died in utero, mother killed by Ice Box Bob, sought vengeance on him          
--Blaze II#1([3(fb)],1-3

BLEVINS, WALLY - New Orleans accountant, possessed by Moondog the Malicious, until he was driven out by Brother Voodoo and Spider-Man by placing Blevins life in mortal peril
    (app-moondog)--Marvel Team-Up I#24


BLIGHT BEAST of KRAKOW - battled the infant Elsa Bloodstone

BLIMP - Shi'ar Imperial Guard/Superguardians
    floating on air
    (app)--X-Men II#124 ([133]

BLIN - Mahari

BLIND ALFRED (Althea           ) - roommate and former prisoner of Deadpool, encountered Captain America during World War II.
    elderly woman, master of witty comebacks                                         
--Deadpool III#1 ([], 1-3, 6-17, 19-25, 31(fb2), 26
, 61, Cable & Deadpool#36

BLIND ALI (Ali Al-Zubaidi) - Euro-Trash, mutant assassin, lost sight in the bombing of Baghdad, decapitated by El Guapo during rescue of Henrietta Hunter
    Heightened remaining senses
    *D* (OH2006#4-euro, app-euro)--X-Statix#13 (13(fb), 14d)

BLIND FAITH (professor Alexei Garnoff*) - mutant, soviet, led “Exiles” & Siberforce--underground movements dedicated to protecting and training other Russian mutants, also associated with the Underground Mutant Safe-System, requested aid of X-Men against Soul Skinner.
    telepath, mesmerize others, control actions + beliefs + memories
    "HOLY GHOST"* (app)--X-Factor Annual#1 (Soviet Super-Soldiers#1
, X-Men II#17-19, Starblast#1

BLIND FAITH of Earth-93060 (Travis      )
    --Warstrike#1 (2-4, Prototype#13, Ws5,6, Giant-Size Warstrike#1

BLIND GUY (    ) - foe of Doctor Eye
    (app-dreye)--Spider-Man Magazine I#5

BLINDFOLD (Ruth Aldine) - mutant, Xavier Institute, excused by Emma Frost, recruited by Pierce into Young X-Men, left group when reorganized by real X-Men
    (198)--[Astonishing X-Men III#4], 7 (8, New X-Men II#23, 37-41, X-Men II#201-204, Young X-Men#1-3, [4], 5-6

BLINDING BRAZIER of BALTHAAK - magic item, created as part of the Wager of the Octessence, housed within Temple of Balthakk, empowered Inferno
    BRAZIER of BALTHAKK* (app-inf)--Iron Man III#21/2, Avengers III#25 (named)

BLINDING VISION - Shi'ar ship circa 1000 AD, discovered the World
    --X-Men: Emperor Vulcan#2 (2 (fb)

BLIND JOE DEATH (                    ) - agent of Heathen
    (app)*D*--Punisher War Journal#74; (identified) #75 (76, 77d)

Blind Jonathan of Earth-53759 circa 2053 AD - mutate who encountered Adam Tyler
    (app-at)--Strange Tales I#21/4

BLIND JUSTICE (                                 ) - masked vigilante.
    blind, enhanced other senses
    *D* (app)--Solo Avengers#8 (9

blind man (    ) - father of Maggie Farrell (aka Johnny Sockets), saved from being hit by truck by young Matt Murdock, resulting in Murdock's mutation
    (app-js)--Daredevil I#1 (Daredevil: Fathers#6

"BLIND OWL" - @ World War I, Blackfoot, blinded by one of Uncegila's children, assisted Wolverine in slaying her
    (app-uncegila)--Marvel Comics Presents#94 (95-98

BLINDSIDE - Brood mutants, killed by X-Men.
    teleport short distances
    *D* (app-brood mutants)--Uncanny X-Men#232 (233,234d)

BLINDSIDE (Bobbi Chase) - Harriers, still operating solo after their break-up
    (M-Har)--Uncanny X-Men#261

BLINDSIDE (Nick Chernin) - Declun scientist who invented Oedipus, stole chemical and became a super-villain, drug killed Jackpot (Alana Jobson), defeated by Spider-Man; dated Commanda
    --Amazing Spider-Man II Annual#1 ([1 (fb)], 1

BLINDSPOT (Kylie Kopeikin) - Humanity's Last Stand's Mutant Liberation Front, killed by Simon Trask when she refused to battle the Punisher
    Generate flashes of light from her hands
    (app-mlf)--Punisher III#15 (16

BLINDSPOT (    ) - mercenary, former partner of Destiny, Mystique, and Rogue, involved with them on failed attempt to steal Adamantium-bonding process from Lord Darkwind, later
    Erase specific or lengthy period of memories from others on contact, restore them as well
    MEMORY THIEF* (OH2006#2, A-Z HC2)--[Rogue III#7], 8, (named) #9 (10(fb), 11(fbs), [8(fb)], [7], [8(fb)], 8-12

BLINDSPOT (Samuel Cheung) - designed invisibility suit, son of a member of the Church of Sheltering Hands, ally of Daredevil
    (app)--All-New, All-Different Marvel Point One#1/6

BLINDSPOT <or Blindside?> of Earth-148611 (Lionel Berry) - Clinic, Black Powers, killed by
    *D*--DP7#14 (17d

BLIND SPOT - New York waterfront bar where no one sees nothin'; Sean Boyle sold Peter Parker's wallet to Dolley here
    --Amazing Spider-Man#547

BLING! (Roxy Washington) - Xavier Institute, trained under Gambit
    release particles from skin at high velocity with "bling" noise
    (198)--X-Men II#171 (172-174, 177, 181, New X-Men II#23, [24], X-Men II#186, 187, New X-Men#32, 35, [42]

BLINK (Clarice Ferguson) - mutant, descendent of Apocalypse & Frederick Ferguson, kidnapped by Harvest alongside Husk + M + Skin, became involved in battle against Phalanx, sacrificed self to destroy Harvest, trapped within own displacement field.
    able to disrupt matter, energy, or even reality, potential to open portals to other dimensions
    (net)--(CF)[Uncanny X-Men#316], 317; (B) X-Men II#37

BLIP (Shzzzllzzzthzz) - Blips, electricity creature
    (app-blip race)
--Tales to Astonish I#15 (15(fb), 15, [Fantastic Four Unlimited#7(fb)]

"BLIP" race (Phzzzrrzztlzzzz, Shzzzllzzzthzz)
    - extraterrestrial electricity creatures, Intergalactic Council
    (Marvel Monsters, app)--Tales to Astonish I#15 (15(fb), 15, Fantastic Four Unlimited#7(fb), 7, Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet, [Maximum Security#1,2], 3

BLISS - Morlock serving Masque
    extend tongue with another mouth on it and poison bite
    (app)--Uncanny X-Men#261 (262, 487-491

BLISS - agent of unknown parties, ally of Mr. Huggins, pursued Freak of Science
    Hired muscle

BLISS of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD (                         ) - Theatre of Pain, Norn
--X-Men 2099#24 (25

BLISS, HOWARD - high school friend of Robby Reynolds, drug addict
    --Sentry II#6

BLISS, PHILLIP - homeless man, former chemist, wife left him for Mr. Six, used Zombie to attack lawyer, killed by Zombie under control of Papa Shorty   
    *D*--Tales of the Zombie#3

BLISS, URANUS - sister of Bambi Arbogast, had several collisions with Tony Stark amidst his changes into Iron Man
    --Iron Man I#120 (123, 137

BLISTIK (Victor Lillian) - radical vigilante, provides severe punishment for quality of life infractions and other misdemeanors, attempted to force Fabian Stankowicz to commit suicide quickly to avoid traffic jam from onlookers on bridge, fell into river after Captain America broke his staff.
    Used staff to fly and fire energy blasts
    Urban Avenger (app)--Captain America I#422

BLITZ (Jaime Zimmerman) - Enforcers
    --Web of Spider-Man#99

BLITZ (                 ) - Zoo
    *D* (app)--Gun Runner#3(4-6d)

BLITZANGRIFF (             Erskine?) - Vernichtalung Kommandos, electrocuted self on Eiffel Tower.
    Used electric weaponry/cable and insulated suit
(net-lostgen)--Adventures of Captain America#1(2,3d)

BLITZGEIST 2099 (                             ) - cyberspace assassin, defeated by Firelight
    --Spider-Man 2099 Special#1/2

BLITZIANA - Godpack.
    superhuman speed, female
--Thor I#472(484(fb#2),472,473,An19,Th474-477,480,FFU#9,481,482,483(fb),483,484 487-489

BLITZKRIEG - see BLITZANGRIFF (net-lostgen)--Adventures of Captain America#1

BLITZKRIEG (Franz Mittelstadt) - Schutze Hiellegruppe, cousin of Courier, killed by Zeitgeist
    Manipulate electricity
    der BLITZKRIEGER, GENERATOR* *D* (I#2,app)--Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1 (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#2, Incredible Hulk II#279, MSH:CoC#1,[2],3, Rom#65,[66]
, Captain America I#[387/2,388/2],389/2-391/2,393, 442d)

BLITZKRIEG SQUADRON - see BLITZ SQUAD--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#14

BLITZKRIEGER - see BLITZKRIEG (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1

BLITZSCHLAG, BARON von - see BARON VON BLITZSCHLAG--Avengers: Initiative#1

BLITZ SQUAD (Baron Strucker, Col. Klaue, Manfred Adler, Siegfried Farber, Ernst Mueller, Otto Rabe, Ludwig Schroeder, Fritz von Sydow)
    - @ World War II, Nazi counterparts to Howling Commandos,

    Klaue had an iron left hand; all named and described in Sgt.F#41                                                          
    Blitzkrieg Squad, Blitzkrieg Squadron, Blitz Squadron--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#14 (20, 41, 49

BLITZ SQUAD (Eins, Svei) - Hydra agents mutated by techno using variation of the Zemo ionic treatment, all with 80% of Wonder Man’s ability
    --Avengers & Thunderbolts Nov

BLITZEN - one of Santa Claus' elves

BLITZEN - invoked by Dr. Odd during a spell that transported Howard the Duck's vaudeville house to another dimension (though it was only intended to transport the stage)
    same as above?

BLIVET (Woodrow Mencken) - vampire, Undead MC.
    bald with eight-ball
    --Blaze II#10

BLIXEN - ant, formerly worked with Ant Man (Lang)
    --Micronauts I#19 (20

BLIZZARD (Gregor Shapanka) - costumed criminal, former agent of Justin Hammer, former scientist and employee of Tony Stark, fired for stealing from him,  briefly mutated to possess power without costume, killed by Iron Man 2020.
    used suit to generate cold, ice, snow, etc
    JACK FROST* *D* (I#2,D#16,M,net)--IM I#86(87F4#405MTU#56,IM#123,124,126,127IncHlk244AmzSpAn20d)

BLIZZARD (Donald “Donny” Gill) - Thunderbolts, given suit of Shapanka and employed by Justin Hammer, briefly turned from criminal path by Iron Man, recruited into Thunderbolts, left after costume destroyed by Wellspring
    info in New Thunderbolts#7
(U#1, M,
OH2006#2, A-Z HC2)--Iron Man I#223 (224     238,240 285,286Cap410-414            Tb26,35-37 NW II#9, IM III#31, She-Hulk III#
    New Thunderbolts#1-6, 14-16, 17
, 18, 19/100, 101, 102-105, 106-109

BLIZZARD (Randy Macklin) - wore suit of Shapanka
    --Marvel Holiday Special 1993

BLIZZARD (Mickey Quaid) - brief substitute for Gill
    --Silver Sable#21? (22?

BLIZZARD, Major KATHY of Earth-148611 - normal human, Paranormal Platoon

BL'LX - planet, former base of Lunatik

BLOAT, SID - tried to get the Avengers to quiet down his noisy neighbors, used his credit card to try to access Avengers Mansion, restrained by their security system
    (app)--Avengers I#192

BLOB (Fred J. Dukes) - mutant, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Factor Three, Freedom Force, X-Corps, X-Cell, former circus performer, close friend of Unus, temporarily further mutated by Onslaught., lost powers on M-Day
    extremely obese, highly resistant to injury, unable to be moved when doesn't wish to be, enhanced strength
    (I#2, D#2, M, A-Z#2
, A-Z HC2, net)--X-Men I#3 (7, 20, [26-28], Thunderbolts#33(fb), [XM29,30],31-39,  59,60, Avengers I#103(fb), Amazing Adventures II#12,13, Tb33(fb), Captain America I#174, Def#15,16,[XM104(fb)],Champ17(fb),[SVTU#14(fb),XM104(fb),104] Champs17 Def63-65, Spider-Man Unlimited II#12(fb), UXM#140-142, AvAn10, Rom31, Avengers I#222
    MarvFan7, UXM177,178 Sp91 UXM199 AvWC#84(fb) UXM206, XFac8-10, AvAn15, WCA An1 Cap333,334 [FallAng1], UXM223-227 NewMut65 Cap339 XFac30,31 Cap346 XFac33 DD269 XFac40 MCP#14/4 NM78 80 82 UXM255 NM86 Av312
    Pun29 NM88,89 Hlk369(fb),369 NM An7/2,UXM An15/2,XFacAn6/2 MCP#82/2 84/2-86/2 XFor5-7 9 XFac82 Dh19,20 Sleep17
Amazing Spider-Man II#61/502(fb6), XFor52,60,65,MavII#5,UX363,X83,UX364 X-51#2(fb1+3),1(fb4),1,2 Amz11 UX379,X99,UX380, X106, UX388, X112, XMU#33, UX401-406, WeapX#4, New X-Men: Academy X#14-15, Generation M#3, X-Factor III#18-20

BLOC (                  ) - mercenary, part of contest to steal Punisher’s guns, but taken out of fight early by Agent X and Outlaw.
    strong, wears mouth gag
    (app)--Agent X#2

BLOCH, Father VINCENT - mutant, escaped slaughter at the hands of Sabretooth
    --X-Factor I#138

BLOCK 47 GANG of Earth-238 (Sharon               ) - enemies of Crumby Gang
    (app-e238)--MSH (UK) #384

BLOCKADE - robot of Stranger
    (app)--Avengers I#317

BLOCKADE (Dexter Parrish) - assassin, mind turned off by Cable after he nearly killed Domino, possessed by Aentaros, who broke forced Blockade to break his own neck to escape capture when crippled by Cable.
    Red skin, enhanced strength and durability, skilled hand-to-hand combatant            
    *D*--Cable II#55, 56(named) (58(fb,coma), 68?, 79,80,81d)

BLOCKADE of Earth-691 - Rancor's Lieutenants, son of Bear, killed him when he fought for the Resistance, blinded fighting Guardians.
    Grow in size + strength + durability
    (net-handbook)--Guardians of the Galaxy I#8(                                        50

BLOCKBUSTER (Bart Dietzel) - ex-convict, father of Robert, strength enhanced by factor of twelve by Silas X. Cragg, killed by Foolkiller (Salinger)
    -MAN-BRUTE* *D* (app)--Omega the Unknown#7 (9d)

BLOCKBUSTER (                                 ) - see HEAT-RAY.
    armored arsonist for hire, suit supplied and financed by Justin Hammer, defeated and suit destroyed by Captain America.
    project flame and force blasts, augmented strength
    (app-heat)--Captain America I#258

BLOCKBUSTER (Michael Baer) - Marauder, cloned by Mr. Sinister.
    superhuman strength + durability, large + bald wm
    *D/Cloned* (D#18)--Uncanny X-Men#210, X-Factor I#10 (Thor I#373,374, UX240, 243
    X-Men: Messiah Complex#1d

"BLOCKO-SKELETONS" - giant robot forms used by "green thugs" against Thor, unable to stand up to the power of Mjolnir
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#4/4

BLOK (  ) - enforcer of Mister X, sent to test fighting ability of Wolverine, defeated by him. large asian male, mute, tattoos on face
    --Wolv II#159 (160, 161, [167], 168

BLOKE (Michael "Mickey" Tork) - X-Force, native of San Francisco, killed protecting Bastronian informant from hostile fire.
    Inhuman appearance, change colors+gain new powers with each color, superhuman strength+durability
    *D*-RAINBOW* (app)--X-Force#117(117(fb2), 117,118d)

BLONDE PHANTOM - see LOUISE GRANT MASON* - World War II heroine, partially retired to marry Mark Mason in 1949, had at least two children with him, became secretary and friend of She-Hulk (Jen Walters) after death of husband, physical age decreased by exposure to molten form of valley of the diamonds in Subterranea
    athletic, skilled fighter, used gun, wore eye mask, red evening gown
OH:GA, net)--(g) All-Select Comics#11 (Blond Phantom Comics#12-22 Marvel Mystery Comics#84-91 SubM comics#25-28,
Blackstone#2-4 All Winners II#1 Namora2 SunGirl#2,3; Avengers 1959#1-5, Shulk II#4(->Louise Mason)

BLONDE PHANTOM - see MILLIE the MODEL. character used in an advertising campaign--Millie the Model#2

BLONDE PHANTOM - see PHANTOM BLONDE--Sensational She-Hulk #2_

BLONDINE - former caretaker of Witch House, reincarnation of former priestess of Dagoth, former pawn of Dagoth, possibly married Henry Gordon
  (app-dag)--Marvel Premiere#7 (8

BLONKSY, EMIL of Earth X - depowered
    - ABOMINATION--Earth X #7 (mentioned)

BLONSKY, NADIA - see NADIA DORNOVA--Incredible Hulk III#50

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