BLACKWALL - former HQ of Black Air, infiltrated by Excalibur, contained link to demon’s crypt until severed by Excalibur
    --Excalibur I#

BLACK WASP of Earth-82101 (Janet van Dyne) - Became dark, spiteful, and violent following Hank's death, eventually quite the Avengers after she nearly let Captain America die
    WASP* (app-earth82101)--What If I#35/3

BLACKWATER, CHARLES - Legion of Night, former defense attorney, defended Beyond Reason Spiritual Fellowship, investigated and learned truth of allegations against them, shot and stabbed by them and fell to death, resurrected and healed by Omen, became medium to summon him
    (app-omen)--Legion of the Night#1 (1(fb), 1, 2

BLACKWELL, Lt. TAYLOR - VIGIL, criminal, eventually killed by Punisher in Laastekist
    *D*--Punisher II#73

 BLACKWELL the MAGICIAN - Stage performer with genuine magical power, persuaded Spider-Man to help him prevent the Castle Theatre from being demolished, later aided Spider-Man against the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn). (TV) 
    --Spider-Man (1967): "Farewell Performance"

BLACK WIDOW (Dean Tarlek) - hitman, dressed as a woman in a black funeral dress with a veil, defeated by Miss America.
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#58

BLACK WIDOW (Claire Voyant) - World War II, heroine, spirit medium driven by demon "Satan" to lay a curse on a family, who were killed in a car crash, the only survivor killed her in reverse, empowered by demon/Satan, sent to earth to retrieve the souls of those so wicked he could not stand to have them remain living.
    bulletproof, kill with a touch, leaves behind the mark of a black widow on her victims, possible weakness to chemicals
Madam Satan, the Spawn of Satan, Satan's Courier (OH2006#2, net-gold)--(g) Mystic Comics#4 (5,6, USA Comics#5,All-Select#1; Marvel Knights Spider-Man#9 (fb), Marvels#1

BLACK WIDOW (Natalia "Natasha" Alianovna Romanova) - Avengers, Champions, SHIELD I, Lady Liberators, Marvel Knights, former partner of Boris Turgenov/Crimson Dynamo, Russian, former spy, former ballerina, ex-wife of red guardian (Shostakov), former lover of Hawkeye and Daredevil, close friend of Ivan Petrovitch.
    maintains youth via unknown means
    -Nadine Roman, Natasha Romanoff, Natalia Shostakova, Nancy Rushman, Laura Matthers, OKTOBER, TSARINA*
    (I#2, D#2, M, OH: DD,
Mighty Avengers: WMF, ME,MKE, SecWar, CWBDR, net)--Tales of Suspense I#52 (Marvel Fanfare I#10(fb), Wolverine: Origins#9 (fb), Uncanny X-Men#268/Wolverine Origins#16, Captain America V#27 (fbs), Marvel Graphic Novel: Black Widow: Coldest War (fb), Daredevil I#88(fb(MarvFan I#10(fb), Avengers I#44(fb)), Captain America V#27 (fbs), Wolverine minus 1, Before F4:G+L#1-3, MarvFan10(fb), SoloAv7/2, Tos I#52, 53, 57, Untold Tales of Spider-Man#17, ToS#60, 64(fb), 64, , Av16(fb)/Marv:H+L 1997, ThunB#9(fb), Daredevil Annual#10/2(fbs), ?Wolv minus 1?, Av29, 30, 32, 33, 35-38, 39(fb), 40-44, [An1], Av45(fb), 46, 47, [48, 50], 52, 57, 59(fb), CaptMarv I#12, Av63, 64, 76, MarvFan10(fb), AmzSp86, MarvFAn10(fb), AmzAdv II#1/2-4/2, Av83, AmzAdv5/2-8/2, DD#81,82, 83/Marvels4, DD84-88, Hlk152, DD89-99, Av111, 112, I (heart) Marvel: Ai#1 (fb), 1, DD#101-107, ManTh I#1, DD108,109, MTIO#3, DD110-117, CodeHonor#2, DD120-123, Av137, MTIO#10, DD#124, Champs1-6, Av151, Ch7-10, MarvTreasEd#13, Ch11-13, GR II#23, MTU#57, Ch14,15, Godz#3, IM An4, Av163, SVTU#14, Ch16, SVTU#15, Ch17, Giant-Size Hulk II#1, Spec17(fb),18(fb), Av173-177, DD#155-157, 158, Av181, MTU#83+85(fb), 82-85, [DD#159], 160, 161, BizAdv25, DD#164, 165, MarvFan10-13, MTU#98, Av211, MarvGN#1, MSH:CoChamps1,[2,3], DD#187-190, 200, 201, Av239, MTU#140,141/CodeH#3, DD207,208, 217, 220, 222, WCA An1, DD236, 237, 239, 247, 252, An10?, SoloAv7/2, DD262, SoloAv14-16, Av305, AvAn18, F4 An22, AvSpot27/2, AvAn19/3(fb), Av313, PunWJ#9, Marvel Graphic Novel: Black Widow: Coldest War, UX268, MCP53/4, Cap373-377, NamAn1/3, Cap383, Av329-331, AvWC#69, MCP70/4, AmzSp348, IM269, 271-273, 276, 277, AF98-100, InfGaunt#2, 3, Av332,333, An20, AvWC An6, Marvel Graphic Novel: Daredevil/Black Widow: Abbatoir, Fury/Black Widow: Death Duty, MCP93/4(fb), 93/4, Av334-339, MCP125-130, Av341,342, MCP135/4, Av343,344, 345, Cap401,402, Av350/2, InfWar1,F4#367/IW2,MK41,F4#368,IW3,F4#370,IW6, MK44, ThorAn17(fb),F4 An25, IM284, Cap408/2, Av348, 349, Quas41, Av350,351, 352-354, 355, 356, 357 358,359 360 360/2 361-363 364-366 An22 Av367 368 369, 372 Surf III#93, Av374,375,375/2, Quas60, Cap430, ForceW#1, 2, Ts10, Cap431, DD332, Thunstr#13, Cap434, Av378-380, 382, Ts19, FW#10/2, Av382/3, IM315-317, Ts20, Av384, 385, 386,Cap440,Av387,Cap441,Av388, FFUnl#11, FW13,14, Ts23,24, Av389, AvUP#1, Cap443,444, Hlk434, Cap445, AvUP#3, Av:Cross, Av391, FW17, [Av392], WarM#20,IM322,FW#18,WM#21,IM323, Av393, FW19, WM22, IM324, Av394, Av:Timeslide, IM325, Av395, IM:AoI, SpdmTU#4, PunIII#1, Hlk440, Th495, Av397, AvUP#4, NewWar72, Av398,399, 400, 401, F4#415, XM II#55, Av402, Ons:MU(fb), Hlk:HU, [DD358], 361, AvAn1999(fb), Imperial Guard#1(fb), ThunB#1, 3, DD368-370, Tb9, DD371, Shad+Light#1, JiM#519(fb),517-519, AvIII#1-3, AvAn2001/2(fb2), CapIII#3, [Av4], DD375, Wolv125,126, I (heart) Marvel: Ai#1/3, IM III#6(fb), 5,6 8-10, 11(fb), DD II#1,2,4, XFor/Champs An1998, DD8, 9, Wolv134, [CoChampsII#1-3],4,5, DD#14, 15, DD/Sp2-4, BW#1-3, F4 III#27, Secret War#1-3 (fbs), 5 (fb), BW II#1-3, Av32, Tb43(fb), 43, Av33, Tb44, Av34, MarvKnights#1-3, 4-14, [AvIII#41], 43, 44, DD21, CapIII#50/5, MarvK II#1-6, DD33, Av55, Marvel Universe: The End#1, 5, 6, Marvel Knights: Double Shot#4/2, DD36/Alias#15, Hawkeye III#7,8, DD61, [62(fb)]/62(fb), 63, 64, Av86-88, Secret War#5 (fb), Marvel Team-Up III#6, Black Widow IV#1-6, Black Widow IV#1-6, [Captain Universe/Daredevil#1], Daredevil II#77-80, Wolverine: Origins#8-9, Civil War#3, Mighty Avengers#2 (fb), 1-5, 6 (fb), 5-6, Avengers: Initiative#8 (fb), Avengers: The Initiative#1, 3, Giant-Size Avengers II#1, [Captain America V#28], 29-30, 31-36, 41-42, 43-44

BLACK WIDOW (Yelena Belova) - Russian agent, trained by Pyotr Starkovsky as successor to Romanoff, trained in the Red Room, competed with Romanova to obtain Endless Fury, aided in preventing Col. Khan of Rhapastan from using it, taught lesson in treachery of career + superiors by Romanovna, empowered by AIM for Hydra using material synthesized from their original Adaptoid, attacked Avengers, defeated by adapting the madness of the Void, destroyed by Hydra
    SUPER-ADAPTOID* *D* (OH: Women, ME,MKE, app)--Inhumans III#5 (Black Widow: Pale Little Spider#3(fb), BW:PLS#1-3, Inhumans III#5, Black Widow#1-3, Inh III#5, Black Widow II#1-3-->Belova, Yelena)

BLACK WIDOW (Petra ) - dominatrix at Fabrika, took on role of Belova to satisfy Col. Pyotr Starkovsky, became obsessed with the role, killed Starkovsky, killed by Belova
    *D* (app)--Black Widow: Pale Little Spider#1 ([2(fb)/3(fb)], 1,2,3d)

BLACK WIDOW of Earth-9997 (Anna Romanova) - Ironmen, pawn of the Skull, associate of Czar Peter, daughter of Natasha?, enigmatic four armed Russian woman, leads Crimson Dynamos
    --Earth X Sketchbook, EX#8

    --Comedy Comics#11

BLACK WIDOWS (Natalia Romanova, Stacy Matheson, Anna, 25 others) - product of the Red Room, sent into covert operations in USA, controlled by pheromone therapy, etc., all except Natalia were killed so that Gynacon could use the pheromone products with patent interference
    --Black Widow IV#1 (6(fb), 5(fb), 1-6

BLACKWING (Joseph Manfredi) - Circus of Crime, Hydra, Skeleton Crew, Masters of Evil, son of Silvermane.
    trains + controls bats, given device to enhance control by Hydra
    -Guiseppe Manfredi, Joe Silvermane (M,
AZU#4)—Daredevil I#118 (121-123, Captain America I#396-398, 405/2-408/2,409,410, Thunderbolts#24,25->joey silvermane

BLACKWING ( ) - Heavy Mettle
    wears winged costume to fly, white + dark green costume, female, brown hair
    (app-hm)--New Warriors II#4 (7

BLACKWING (Barnell "Barry" Bohusk) - New Warriors, given technological weaponry
    STACY X*--New Warriors IV#1, (identified) 3 (1-6

BLACK WITCH (Feritt) -
    --Captain America Comics#8

BLACK WOMB (Amanda Mueller) - @ 1891, coerced by Sinister into gestating his genetic experiment, mother of Fontanelle.
    age suppression
    (app)--Gambit III#13 (
[X-Men: Legacy#213 (fb)], Gambit#13 (fb), 20 (fb), 13 (fb)], 13, [X-Men Forever#5 (fb), [X-Men: Legacy#213 (fb)], Gam21 (fb), 22 (fb), XMF#2 (fb), Gam21 (fb), 20 (fb), XMF#4 (fb)], XMF#4, [5 (fb)], [New X-Men#41/2 (fb)], 41/2 (fb), [41/2], [X-Men: Legacy#213 (fb), 211-212], 213-214

BLACK WOMB PROJECT (Carl Dent, Fred Duncan, Amanda Mueller )
    - black ops government funded genetics program started during World War II, used extraterrestrial technology, possibly raised the infant that would become Gambit
    --[Gambit III#21], 22 (22(fb),
New X-Men#41/2 (fb), 41/2

BLACKWORLD - alien planet with a similar history to Earth's, the result of terraforming which caused historical developments that took centuries on Earth to occur there in only hours, historical developments that took centuries on Earth took only hours here, natives destroyed themselves with nuclear war
    *D*--Thor I#195 (196-200, 201d

BLACKWULF (Pelops) - Deviant?, son of Tantalus, brother of Lucian and Id, former leader of the Underground Legion, former lover of Sparrow, slain by father and served as a meal to the Peacekeepers
    *D* (
1990s, A-Z HC2, app)--[Avengers I#370], Thunderstrike#6 (Blackwulf#9(fb), [1(fb)], [Av370], Ts6, Bw#1d, 2(d))

BLACKWULF (Lucian*) - brother and successor of Pelops, son of Tantalus, slew him and absorbed his power
1990s, A-Z HC2, app)--(Lucian) Thunderstrike#6; Blackwulf#1 (9(fb), [1(fb)], Thunderstrike#6, Bw1-9, Daredevil I#334,336,337, BW#10

BLACKWULF of Armechadon - leader of Underground of Armechadon; position passed down in succession as leader of rebellion against rule of Tantalus; modern version slain by Tantalus by hurling him into Nirvana
    *D* (app)--Blackwulf#8 (10d)

BLACK ZARANO of the Hyborian era - see ZARONO--Conan the Buccaneer; Savage Sword of Conan#43

BLACQUE, NIGEL "TRIAGE" - C.E.O. of Grace and Tumbalt, associated with 66 Bridges, captured and arrested with the aid of the Crew.
    Uses Armorex body coating and other high tech weaponry
    --Black Panther III#54 (55, 60, Crew#3, [6], 7

BLACQUE X (Malcolm ??) - great-grandson of Centennial
    --Alpha Flight III#8

BLADE (Eric Brooks) - Nightstalkers, SHIELD's Howling Commando monster unit, vampire hunter, former ally of Quincy Harker + Rachel van Helsing + Frank Drake, former ally of Orji Jones + Musenda + Azu  N’dammen + Ogun Strong, son of Lucas Cross, mother killed by Deacon Frost during childbirth, trained by Jamal Afari, briefly mutated and possessed by spirit from Darkhold, transformed into pseudo-vampire by bite from Morbius.
    immune to vampire bite, uses variety of bladed weapons, formerly specialized in wooden blades
    SWITCHBLADE*, DAYWALKER, Frank Blade, Bill, Malcolm Fitzhugh* (U#1, M, OH: MK
, A-Z HC2, CWBDR, ME, MKE, net)--Tomb of Dracula I#10 ([Blade III#6 (fb), 9 (fb)], Blade III#1 (fb)/Tomb of Dracula I#13 (fb), Blade III#1 (fbs), Blade III#3 (fbs), Blade III#4 (fb), Blade III#5 (fb), Blade III#7 (fb), Blade III#9 (fb), Blade III#10 (fb), 11 (fbs), TombDrac#30 (fb), Blade III#12 (fbs), ToD#10, 12-15, 17-19, 21, Adventure into Fear#24 ToD#24,28 MSU#6(fb2), VampTales8/4, 9, MarvPrev3(TombDrac30), MarvPrev8/2 ToD#41,42,43(fb) 43 44-49,[50-52],53,54 58 60 62, Marvel: Shadows+Light #1/2, Doc II#59-62 67, MCP#64/4, TombDracIII#1-4,  Nstalk#1(fb),1,GR III#31,Ns2-16;Doc III#65,66;Blade:VH#1- MSU#8 Blade –10, Blade:CCB#1,MTU II#7, GamIII#4 PP:Sp7,8 Blade:VH II#1-6, Tomb of Dracula IV#1-4, [Nick Fury's Howling Commandos #1 (Director's Cut)], [Marvel Team-Up III#7]/8/[9-10], Black Panther IV#12-13, 18, Blade III#1, 2 (fb), 2, 3, 4 (fb), 4, 5, [6 (fb)], 6, 7 (fb), 7-8, 9, 10, 11 (fbs), 11-12, Marvel Comics Presents#5 (fb), 7-12

BLADE ( ) - agent of Saduhl Singh, enemy of the worshippers of the White Cobra, partner of Fist + Gun, committed suicide rather than be captured
    *D* (app-gun,fist,blade)--Moon Knight II#5

BLADE of BLOOD - Ceremonial weapon of the Shosei Order, soaked in the blood of the deceased priestesses of that order, sought by Ryuki to unleash the demons of Ashurado, given to Hana when she took Amiko Kobayashi and Yukio hostages
    (app-mana)--[Wolverine: Soultaker#1], 4 (5

BLADE of the PHOENIX - created by Rookshir, channeled power of the Phoenix, later wielded by Korvus
--[Uncanny X-Men#478], 479 (479 (fb), [478 (fb) / 481 (fb)], 479, 481-482, 484 (fb), 484-486

BLADES (Wilson Fisk, Lou Rocko) - early youth gang organization in rise to power
    --Kingpin II#1 (2

BLADES (    ) - Oakland, California gang, rivals of the Jadoo
Venom: Funeral Pyre#1

"BLADE" BENSON of the Old West - see BENSON, "BLADE" (app-circus)--Kid Colt, Outlaw#106

BLAINE, FERGUSON - financial partner of Paxton Pentecost, usurped his control of FAUST, nearly killed by Pentecost in revenge
    (app-faust)--Marvel Team-Up I#18 ([18(fb)], 18

BLAINE, GIDEON - 19th Century magician, slain by Belaric Marcosa, spirit helped Werewolf and allies against Marcosa, sacrificed existence to save Buck Cowan
    *D/R/D* (app-bm)--Werewolf by Night I#34, 36 (36(fb), 34-37)

BLAINE, "KILLER" (    ) -
    --Mystic Comics II#4

BLAINE, SYCAMORE - Vietnam vet, fought alongside Logan (Wolverine), owner of "My Cold, Dead Hand" ammo shop, refused to give info on Wolverine to Cass Lathrop
    --Wolverine III#7 ([7(fb)], 7

BLAIR, CALEY - curator and museum guide at the Meuseum of Cultural History, had affair with Wolverine, killed by Revelation
    *D* (app-revelation)
--Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation#1 (1 (fb) / 2 (fb), [3]

BLAIR, DAVID - born circa 1936, son of Jane, brother of Paul, excited by 10/13/44 newsreel of Captain America's activities, threw dinner plate at Paul later that night in imitation of Captain America, mentioned in Ben O'Malley's article on super-hero imitation
    --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1
    --Black Widow IV#4

BLAIR, JANE - mother of David and Paul, married to soldier serving in 82nd Airborne as of 1944, took David and Paul to movies on 10/13/44, where they watched newsreel of Captain America's activities which incited events later that night, mentioned in Ben O'Malley's article on super-hero imitation
    --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1

BLAIR, NICHOLAS - corrupt CIA agent, former superior and friend to Rufus Carter
    (app)--Master of Kung Fu I#99

BLAIR, PAUL - born circa 1938, son of Jane, brother of David, excited by 10/13/44 newsreel of Captain America's activities, struck by dinner plate thrown by David later that night in imitation of Captain America, required 11 stitches in his mouth as result of (supposedly) America's first recorded injury as a result of super-hero imitation, mentioned in Ben O'Malley's article on super-hero imitation

    --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1

BLAIRE, BELLA - paternal grandmother of Dazzler, mother of Carter, lived with him after Katherine left him, helped raise Alison.
    wf, white hair
    (net)--Dazzler#1 (1(fb), 1, 3, 4, 9-11, 13

BLAIRE, CARTER - former judge, father of Allison, son of Bella, ex-husband of Katherine, threw Alison out when she chose singing career over law profession, sank into deep depression, recovered after resolved differences with Katherine, killed by Dust.
     wm, dark hair, moustache
    *D* (net)--Dazzler#1 (1(fb), 1, 3, 4, 9-11, 13, 17-19, 20-22, 25, X-Men Unlimited I#32(fb), Dazz41d)

BLAIR, DAVID - circa World War II, son of Jane, brother of Paul, hurt while acting like Captain America
    --[Daily Bugle Civil War Special Edition (September, 2006)]

BLAIR, JANE - circa World War II, sons Paul and David hurt while acting like Captain America
    --[Daily Bugle Civil War Special Edition (September, 2006)]

BLAIR, PAUL - circa World War II, son of Jane, brother of David, hurt while acting like Captain America
    --[Daily Bugle Civil War Special Edition (September, 2006)]

BLAIRE, KATHERINE - see Barbara London (net)--[Dazzler#1], 19

BLAISDELL, ROLAND - former head of M Branch, former presidential advisor, sought to kill members of X-Force to learn from their corpses
    (app-xfor)--Cloak+Dagger III#10 (10(fb), 10

    --Marvel Mystery Comics#5

Cable II#60

BLAKE, BECKY - lawyer, partner and former secretary of Matt Murdock + Foggy Nelson at storefront legal clinic, had feelings for Matt. disabled, wf, dark hair
    (MKE, net)--Daredevil I#155 (157,158 Cap234 D160,165,167,169,171,173-175,177,178,180 182 184,186,188 192 195,202,204,205,MTU#141 D206, 210 211-213,216 217 MarvFan27 D220 222,223,226 [231] DD II#8, 82-83, 85-86, 93, [95 (fb)], 95-96, 99, 101-102, 107-110

BLAKE, CLAY of Earth-93060 - tried to hire Alec Swan to investigate his father's death, nearly used as sacrificed to Hakeldama, rescued by Swan

BLAKE, DONALD - physician created by Odin as mortal identity of Thor
    other sources list him as a real person replaced by duplicate form   
    --Journey into Mystery I#83 (479(fb), JiM minus 1, JiM I#83, Thor483(fb),
    Thor III#1 (fb)
, Fantastic Four#537-538/Thor III#1, 2-8

BLAKE, EDEN of Earth-93060 - body taken over by Lukasz to become Mantra
    *D*--Mantra#1 (Ultraforce II# /

BLAKE, EVIE of Earth-93060 - daughter of Eden
    --Mantra I#1

BLAKE, GUS of Earth-93060 - ex-husband of Eden
    --Mantra I#2

BLAKE, GUS jr. of Earth-93060 - son of Eden
    --Mantra I#1

BLAKE, JOE - Wyatt Earp ally
    (app)--Gunsmoke Western#64/4

BLAKE, KENT - @ 1950s, special investigations department, active in Korean War, married Sue, active until modern era when killed by petty criminal Ryan, his ghost enlisted Spider-Man to help catch Ryan.
    wm, brown hair, skilled spy and fighter
    *D/ghost* (net-preff)--(g) Kent Blake of the Secret Service#1(2-14); Amazing Spider-Man Annual#13

BLAKE - former partner of Albert Poole (Hulk), driven off by him
    (app-hulk)--Strange Tales I#75/4

BLAKE - Wealthy obnoxious high school classmate of Peter Parker.
    --Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man#7

BLAKE, Det. - investigated arson of Paul Vance (Great Video), incinerated by him
    *D*--Amazing Fantasy II#15

BLAKE, Mr. of Earth-93060  - father of Clay, blackmailed by Mr. Cant, Darren Summers, & Alfred De Valerie, hired Duet to take out these three; but Duet had been previously hired by Summers, and Mr. Blake had a seizure and died soon thereafter
    --[Firearm#0 (movie?)]

BLANDITRON - weapon of SOOFI, designed to eliminate independent will to make better followers
    (app-soof)--Howard the Duck I#21

    --Mystic Comics II#2

BLANK ( ) - criminal, stole power battery for force field when inventor was hit and killed by a car, power battery drew Graviton back to earth, briefly served Graviton until Graviton grew tired of him and launched him into the ocean.
    wore slick, opaque gray force field, battery required recharging every twelve hours
1980s, A-Z HC2, app)--West Coast Avengers I#2 (2(fb), 2-4

BLAQUESMITH of Earth-Cable ( ) - Askani, sent Gauntlet to kill Cyclops while he was merged with Apocalypse, unwittingly supplied technology to Dark Mother.
    bug-eyed humanoid, able to create all manner of high-tech gadgetry
OH2006#2, A-Z HC2, net)--X-Men: Prime (X-Men: Phoenix#1-3 Askanison1-4 Cab II#25(fb) XM:P,Cab21,XMan6,Cab23,24,[25] XMan8,9,9/2,10,Cab29,30,XMan14,Cab31,30/2, 31/2,32, XFor54, [Cab33], 54-58, 60, 61, [Xman42-44], 45, 46, Cab63-70 CabAn1999(fb),An1999 Cab71,73 78 80-83 85,86, [XM:SearchCyclops#1],2,[3],4, Cab89,90, 91(fb), 91, 94, Weapon X#6-8, 10, 12, 13

BLARE ( ) - criminal, used sonic bombs, captured by Spider-Man
    (app)--Marvel Team-Up II#1

"BLARNEY" STONE - see STONE, ROY (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#26

BLAST - see BLASTING CAP* (app)--Cage I#11

BLAST of Earth-93060 ( ) - ultra, partner of Rocket, manipulated by Aladdin
    --All-New Exiles(uv)#9

BLASTAAR - Negative Zone, Baluuriian, widower of Nyglar, father of Burstarr, former ruler of Baluur, imprisoned in adhesion suit in space by subjects, later returned to lead empire, led Spaceknights in revolution against Annhilation Wave
    Generate explosive force from fingertips
    -the Living Bomburst, Blastarr (I#2, D#2, M
, A-Z HC2, Annihilation: Nova Corps Files, net)--Fantastic Four I#62 (MTIO#75(fb),F4#62,63, X-Men I#53, F4:WGCM#9,10, MTU#18(fb), MTU#18, Thor267,270 Inh I#1,2 Marv:S+L#1/3, F4#215,216, MTIO#75, F4#289,290 MCP#165/2 F4#318,Av310(fb),309,310,Hulk An18,F4UP#5,AmzSp433 Spdm90 [Warlock II#1,2],3,4 NW II#1 Web:ToSp13,14, Captain Marvel V#24,25, Thing II#6, Sentry II#3, Annihilation#5, [6]

BLASTER of Earth-691 - Mutants of Haven, Rancor’s lieutenants ,killed in battle against the Resistants.
    Fly emit deadly bursts of ionic energy from hands
    *D* (net)--Guardians of the Galaxy#8 (9,10d)

BLASTFURNACE ( ) - Humanity's Last Stand's Mutant Liberation Front, robot.
    incinerates compromised members, operated by remote control, teleport

  1. - destroyed itself when compromised
        *Des* (app)--Punisher III#13 (14d)
  2. - destroyed by Punisher
        *Des* (app)--Punisher III#15 (16d)

BLASTING CAP (Dhen) - Trash
    wm, generate explosive charges within inanimate objects, most insecure
    BLAST* (app)--Power Pack I#31 (32, Cage I#5, 11

BLATLEY, JONATHAN - MI-13, head of military applications research; Pete Wisdom discussed bad dreams with him

BLATT TWINS (    ) - former groupees for the Bronx Bombers and Brimstone
    (app-eblis)--Marvel Fanfare I#9 (9(fb)

BLAUHEIM, General -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#53

BLAZE- imaginary super-villain created by three ESU students (Ashley Crawford + Thomas + Barry) in an attempt to prove that they were smarter than Spider-Man
    (net)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#103

    masqueraded as real-life version with assistance from Spider-Man + Thomas, pretended to badly burn Thomas in order to teach Ashley + Barry a lesson
    (net)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#103

BLAZE (Kirk Donoghue)-outfitted and employed by foreigner,based on identity of i,hired to kill spider-man+black cat,defeated by them, killed in prison by foreigner posing as
Kris Keating to frame spider-man,used incendiary weapons,flame pistols,stun grenades
*D* (app, net)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#123

    --(g) Rex Hart#8

BLAZE, BARTON - father of John, Daredevil/stunt cyclist, died while trying to jump ten fiery cars on bike
    *D*--Marvel Spotlight I#5

BLAZE, CRAIG - son of John and Roxanne, kidnapped by Baal, rescued by Wendigo, whereabouts unknown
    --Ghost Rider III#22 (Ghost Rider VI#4 (fb), GR III#22, Spirits of Vengeance#1, Blaze II#3, 5-6, 10-12

BLAZE, EMMA - son of John and Roxanne, kidnapped by Baal, rescued by Wendigo, whereabouts unknown
    --Ghost Rider III#22 (Ghost Rider VI#4 (fb), GR III#22, Spirits of Vengeance#1, Blaze II#3, 5-6, 10-12

BLAZE, JOHN - former host to Zarathos, son of Naomi Kale, older brother of Dan + Barb Ketch, descendent of Noble Kale, raised by Crash and Mona Simpson
    -GHOST RIDER V,Frank Ryder (D#2,M)--Marvel Spotlight I#5 (GR III#11(fb), Ghost Rider VI#4 (fb), GR minus 1, GR II#9(fb), Ghost Rider VI#4 (fb), MarvSpot#5(fb), 5-11,GR II#1-81 Def145,146, Ghost Rider VI#4 (fb), GR III#14(fb),10-18 22 24,25 27 28 SoV#1,GR III#29,Morb1 SoV#2 Darkhold#1 SoV#3, Ns1 GR31,32 SoV#4 WebSp95,SoV#5,Web96,SoV#6 7-23 Blaze II#1-12 GR:Cross GR73-76 OvEdge9 GR77-86,88,89
, [Ghost Rider: Finale (fb), Finale, X-Force/Champions Annual 1998, Ghost Rider: Hammer Lane#1-6, Witches#1?

BLAZE, SIENNA - mutant, Upstarts, transported to Ultraverse, Exiles, sent back to Earth along with Black Knight & Reaper, but failed to reappear alongside him.
    Rip holes in earth’s em field,creating a giant energy burst and shockwave
    (net)--Stryfe's Strike File#1, Uncanny X-Men Annual#17/2 (X-Men Unlimited#1, UXM301, ANEx Inf,ANE#1,ANE vs XM#0,ANE#2,PhRes:Gen+Rev,ANE#3-5,SirenSp#1 ANE#6 7 8 9,10, ANE#11,UF#12,UlTUnl#2

BLAZEYE (Barbara DeGioga) - Metahumes.
    Fire heat beams from eyes
    (app-meta)--(BD) Spdm: Friends and Enemies#1,(B)2(3,4

BLAZING SKULL (Mark Todd) - World War II Invaders ally, modern day Invaders, American Reporter covering second Sino-Japanese war when Japanese shelling drive him underground to the Skull Men, who told him that he had been chosen by forces of destiny to champion their beliefs of freedom, liberty, etc., trained by them, eventually imprisoned in the Middle East, freed in order to join the modern Invaders.
    immune to fire, eventually learned to project flames, superhuman strength (varying), immortal, skilled fighter, initially wore mask to make face look like flaming skull
    Steve Valiant, Richard Stetson (OH: GA, net)--(g) Mystic Comics#5 (6-9;
    [Avengers I#97], Invaders II#2 (3,4, Midnight Sons Unlimited#9, [Avengers III#82(fb)], 82-84, Invaders III#0-3, 4, 6, 7-9

    Shock Troops, adventurer, occult investigator
    enhanced strength + durability, briefly had transparent soft tissue with luminescent skeleton
    -SKULL the SLAYER* (app)--Quasar#45 (46, [Captain America I#420(fb)], 420-->Scully

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