BLACK OCEAN SOCIETY - long-dormant Japanese black-ops group taken over by Alexei Shotakov as Ronin

BLACK ORCHESTRA (Monica Rappaccini) - shadowy organization
    --Amazing Fantasy II#7 (7(fb)

BLACK ORCHID the UNKNOWN of Earth-9602 - Amalgam of Omega the Unknown + Black Orchid
    --[Exciting XPatrol#1]

BLACK ORDER - see THULE SOCIETY--Captain America: Hail Hydra#1 (2011)

BLACK ORDER (Black Dwarf, Black Swan/Yabbat Ummon Turru, Corvus Glaive, Ebony Max, Proxima Midnight) - agents of Thanos

BLACKOUT (Marcus Daniels) - Hood's Army, Helmut Zemo's Masters of Evil, former agent of Moonstone/Sofen, former research assistant to Dr. Croit, framed for Croit's crims and subjected to his "black star" experiment, trapped in Darkforce dimension for a time, where his sanity suffered, killed by cerebral hemorrhage caused by resisting mental commands of Helmut Zemo that were amplified by circuitry created by Fixer/Ebersol, briefly reanimated by Zemo to help destroy Photon (Genis-Vell)
    manipulate Darkforce
    *D* (D#2, 16, M, app)--Nova I#19 (Avengers I#238 (fb), [Nova19 (fb)], 19, Fantastic Four I#405 (fb), Nova#19, [Av238 (fb), 236], 236-238, Dazzler I#32, [32], Marvel Super-Heroes III#12/3, [Av273 (fb)], 273-276, 279d?, [Captain America I#427 (fb)], 427, [Thunderbolts II#100 (fb)], New Thunderbolts#18 (d), 19/100 (d), 101 (d)

BLACKOUT- Lilin, Hood's army, assassin, former agent of Deathwatch and the Firm, grandson of Lilith, murdered Barbara Ketch + Linda Wei, slain by Zadkiel for defeat by Ghost Rider (John Blaze)
    vampire-like powers and tendencies, albino, dampen artificial light around him, superhuman strength + durability, mechanical fangs + razor sharp claws
    (M, AMW, MKE)--Ghost Rider III#2 (3, 7-9, 14,15, 25, 28, Spirits of Vengeance#1, GR#31, GR53, 54, 66, New Avengers#1,2,3(fb)/4(fb), 35, Annual#2, Ghost Rider VI#26, 27d)

BLACKOUT TROOPERS ( ) - Landau, Luckman, & Lake, assassins, three sent by Dixon to kill Deadpool + Zoe Culloden
    --Deadpool III#23 (25

BLACK PANTHER (Bashenga) - ancestor of T'Challa, possibly the first to take the title, deduced that exposure to large amounts of Vibranium caused mutations, had Vibranium buried, created Cult of the Black Panther to keep intruders away from the mound
    *D*--Black Panther I#7(fb)

    --Black Panther I#7

    --Black Panther I#7

BLACK PANTHER (    ) - 5th century, directed slaughter of a tribe attacking Wakanda, allowed one to live to tell his tribe what had happened
    --Black Panther IV#1 (1(fb)

BLACK PANTHER (    ) - 19th century, fended off assault from group of South Africans including the great-great-great grandfather of Klaw
    --Black Panther IV#1 (1(fb)

BLACK PANTHER (Azzari the Wise) - @ 1920s + 1930s (?), created paradox of techno-jungle
    --[Black Panther I#1]

BLACK PANTHER (Chanda) - T'Challa's grandfather, husband of Nanali, helped + betrayed by Fritz Klaue, who killed his wife, built Panther Totem
    *D* (net)--Fantastic Four Unlimited#1

BLACK PANTHER (T'Chaka) - father of T’Challa, adoptive father of White Wolf, killed by Ulysses Klaw
    *D* (net)--Fantastic Four I#53 (Black Panther III#10(fb1), III#30(fb1), Black Panther IV#21 (fb), Black Panther IV#1(fb), BP IV#14(fb), BP III#10(fb2), 10(fb3), Jungle Action#15(fb), BP III#3(fb4), F4 I#53(fb)/BP III#5(fb2,dies)

    - uncle of T'Challa, father of T'Shan?, acted in place of T’Challa while he was being educated in USA, served until defeated by T'Challa
    --Black Panther I#8, (named as S'yan) Black Panther IV#1

BLACK PANTHER (T'Challa) - Avengers, son of T’Chaka, ruler of Wakanda, previously? engaged to Monica Lynne.
    peak physical abilities enhanced by mystic herb, genius in physics + advanced technology, accomplished inventor, designed Falcon's costume
    (I#2, D#2, M, OH: Av, OH: MK, CWBDR, ME)--Fantastic Four I#52 (BP III#10(fb2,born), Fantastic Four Unlimited#1/2(fb), BP III#27(fb), 10(fb3), BP III#3(fb3,child), BP IV#4(fb), BP III#5(fb1+2)/Jungle Action#15(fb)/F4#53(fb)/BP III#35(fb1)/BP IV#14(fb)/Av87(fb1(77(fb))/Marvel Team-Up I#100/2(fb)/BP IV#14 (fb)
BP III#26(fb), BP III#6(fb3)+10(fb4)(college) Av77(fb), 87(fb2)/[BP III#35(fb)]/BP I#8(fb), F4#52-54/MK4#21(fb), 56, 60, An5, ToS I#97,98/2,[Av51],ToS#98,99/2,Cap100/Av51, Av52, 53(fb), XM45, Av53, 54,55 56, An2, Av57,58, 280(fb), 59(fb), 59, 60, Cap113, [Av106(fb)], Av61,62 63, SubM I#14, DD#52, Av64,65, Cap114, JungAct#7(fb),16(fb), Av68, 69, 70,71/InvAn1, Av73,74 77(fb), DD69(fb), Cap121, Av75,76, Hlk128, Av77(DD69(fb)), Av78,79, DD69(fb), Av80, 81, DD69, Av82, 83, F4:WGCM#6-8, KaZar Quarterly#1/2, Av84, 85,86, 87, SubM I#35, Av88(fb), AstT#6/2,7/2, F4#119(fb),119, New Avengers: Illuminati (fb), Av99, 100, DD92, Av105([MTU#7]), 106-108, 109(MarvFeat I#10), Av110, DD99, Av111, 112, MTU#9,[10,11], Av113, 114, 115, 116,Def9,Av117,Def10(Av157(fb)),Av118,Def11, Av119, CaptMarv27,28,[29], Cap169-171, Av121-124, 125(CaptMarv31,32), CaptMarv33, Av126, MTU#20, BP III#6(fb), JungAct#6-8, [GS SuperStars#1], JA#9-15, Thor233, Av137, JungAct#16-18, 19-24, MarvPrem53(fb), DD An4, MarvComSupSp#1, Av159,160, MarvTreasEd#13, BP III#33(fb), CaptMarv50,51, Av161,162, 169(out), 164,165, [166], XM I#108, BP I#1-7, 8-10, 11-13, BP III#48(fb),49(fb), Av172, MTIO#40,41, Av173-177, AvAn8, MTU#87, Av179,180, 181, BP14,15,MarvPrem51-53, Def84-86, MTU I#100/2, Av211, DoCM GN, IM An5, Def84-86, F4#241, MSH:CoChamps#1,[2],3, Hlk278,279, DD235, 245(fb), Av238,239, [243], Spider-Man/Human Torch#4, MTU An7/2, [Cap318], WCA An1, DD245, BP II#1-4, WCA An3, MCP#16/2(fb),13/2-37/2, SoloAv19/2, Av305-308, AWC#47, AvAn18, F4 An22, MSH III #1/7, [MK III#14], [NFaoSH III#12], AmzSpAn25, SpecAn11, WebAn7, BP:P’sP#1-4, MarvFan I#60, [InfGaunt#2], DamCont III#4, Av335-339, Black Axe#6,7, BP III#6(fb), 11(fb), Av356, [BP III#35(fb)], MCP#148/3, AvColEd#1, Ex I#59,60, FFUnl#1, 1/2, F4#385, FanForce14(fb), F4#390,391, FanForce1,[2], NT II#18, FanForce4,5, F4#400/2, Ts20, F4:AR#1, Fforce10, 10/2, 11, 12, 13-15, Av394, OvEdge6, Av400, F4#416, IM#332, Ons:MU(fb), F4 II#4-6, 12, HR:tR#4, AvIII#1-3, CapIII#3, Av4, KazV#17, CableII#54, Magneto Rex#1?, BP III#3(fb2), 1(fb), 1-4, 4(fb), 5(fb), 5, 19/2, DD II#8, BP6(fb),7(fb), 8(fb), 9, Av19-22, BP10-12, 13, 14 15/2, 16,17(fb),15(fb),17(fb), CoChamps II#1-5, GX#59, Av23, F4#27, AntM’s BC, BP18-22, DP III#44, BP23, 24, 25(MaxSec3), BP26-29, 30(fb), 30-35, Av43, Tb57, DD II#23(fb), BP38,39, Cap50/5, Dp61, Order#5,6, Marvel Universe: The End#1, 5, 6, Av57-60, BP57, 58, BP41-49, [50(fb)], 57,58, [50, 51], 52-56, 59-62, Av66-70, 76, Av86-88, Hercules III#1(fb), She-Hulk IV#3?, [Black Panther IV#8(fb)], X-Men II#175, BP8, X176, BP9, Marvel Holiday Special 2006#1/2, Fantastic Four#543 (fb)
    Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#2, Agents of Atlas#6
, Black Panther IV#10-13, 14(fb), 14-15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 (fb), 20-22, Civil War#6-7/BP23-25, Fantastic Four#544 (fb), Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America#5, BP26, Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special #1, Fantastic Four#544-546, BP27-33, Wolverine III#52-53, Incredible Hulk III#109, [110-111], New Warriors IV#5, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#24, F4#556-557, Marvel Holiday Special 2007#1/3, BP34-38, FF562, BP39, 40 (fb), 40, [41 (fb)], 41

    --[Black Panther IV#1], 2 (3-6

    --Black Panther IV#2 (3-6?

    won title after Black Panther in personal combat
    --Black Panther III#21 (22

    (net-handbook)--Black Panther III#50 ([50(fb)], 50-54, 55,56, 59-62-->White Tiger)

BLACK PANTHER of Earth-Amalgam - king of Wakanda
    --Bullets & Bracelets#1(fb)

BLACK PANTHER of Earth-2992 circa 2099 AD (K'Shamba) - Wakandan, captured by Dr. Doom (Lucian), released under Doom's control, became hero of Wakanda, seemingly liberating it from Doom
    --Black Panther 2099#1

BLACK PANTHER of Earth-6706 (    ) - female, cousin of T'Challa, slew him after the meteor storm struck Earth, enemy of Namor
    --[New Exiles#2], 3 (4

BLACK PANTHER's BLOODFORCE of Earth-6706 (Black Dog, Bloodwitch, Iron Maiden, Rough Justice, Sandstorm) -
    --New Exiles#2 (3-4

BLACK PANTHERS - Skrulls of Kral, emulated civil rights movement group on Earth
    --Black Panther IV#33

BLACK PATCH (    ) - @ 1946, agent of ISBISA, latter day pirate, sent to hijack fur from Inuits
    (app-isbisa)--All-Winners Comics#19

BLACK PEARL - magic item, used by Dire Wraiths to summon, empower, and manipulate the Seaweed Man
    --Rom#34 (35

BLACK PHANTOM (Jack Halsey) – masked criminal that led a gang of thieves along the Mississippi River and robbed riverboats and businesses. He attempted to kill his twin brother, Tim, a captain of a steamboat. Died fighting the Sub-Mariner when his boat carrying TNT exploded.   
--All Winners #17 (Fall 1945) “The Black Phantom”

BLACK POWERS of Earth-148611 (Bazooka, Blindside, Chill, Friction, Indigo, Squirm)
    - Clinic, organization of African Americans, led by Indigo

BLACK PYRAMID - Heliopolis dim, fortress of Seth
    —Thor I#397

    hellfire club, identity used while under control of mastermind i--UXM#132

BLACK QUEEN- SELENE* - Hellfire Club-the BLACK PRIESTESS (D#2,M,net)--UXM189

BLACK QUEEN of Hellfire Club London (Emma Steed) - allied with Mountjoy
    form psionic knives able to slice thru the mind
    --Excalibur I#96 (97-100

    alias used as part of Norman Osborn's X-Men

BLACK QUEEN of Earth-1298 (Kitty Pryde*) - alternate dimensional counterpart of Shadowcat, Hellfire Club, vampire?, former servant of Bloodstorm
    --Mutant X#15

BLACK RAAZER - see RAAZER*--New Mutants Annual#7/2 (Uncanny X-Men Annual#15/2, X-Factor Annual#6/2

BLACK RACER (Ariana Saddiqi) - Serpent Squad, Serpent Society.
    Superhuman speed
    (D#6)—Cap I#337 (338, 341,342, UXM An13, Cap365/2, 367/2, Quasar#17, Cap380-382

BLACK RAVEN INN - 16th century, Nieder-Beerbach, employed Cathryn until she was slain by Katzenborn dragon
    [Savage Sword of Conan I#22]

BLACK RIDER (Kim Lewis) - Old West, bareback rider named Kim Lewis who took a costumed identity to stir up trouble for fun, exposed and forced to cease and desist by Two-Gun Kid
    --Two-Gun Kid I#5 (December, 1948)

BLACK RIDER (Dr. Matthew or Morris "Doc" Masters) - @ 1870, masked cowboy, road horse Satan/Ichabod
    (Outlaw Files, net-preff)--All Western Winners#2 (
Black Rider Rides Again#1, Western Gunfighters#7/2, Marvel Westerns: Strange Westerns starring the Black Rider#1

BLACKRIDGE - division of Roxxon
    --Wolverine: Weapon X

BLACKRIG - Highwayman’s truck
    (app-hwm)--US1#1( 3 9-12

BLACK RING (Athyr-Bast, Geb-Siris, Hak-Heru, Ptah Mekri, Shu-Onoru, Thoth Amon, Thutotemes, Zula;
    possibly Kulan Gath, Thugra Khotan, and Xaltotun )
    - Hyborian era, Acheronian and Stygian sect of sorcerers, practice ritual human sacrifice, mummification
    (app)--Conan the Conqueror; [Conan the Barbarian I#7]
    SSoC#203(fb), 205, 206, 10, King Conan#2

BLACK ROGER - see DARK ROGER (app)--[Avengers Spotlight#21/2]

BLACKROCK NUCLEAR POWER PLANT (Dr. Winchell, Ms. Vasquez, Mr. Noris)
    - Power plant attacked by Termini (stage 2) for radioactive material to feed on during its close down (also San Hernando Nuclear Power Plant)
    --Thor Annual#15

BLACK ROOK (Frederick von Roehm)-hellfire Club, servant of selene, sacrificed self in attempt to save her from nimrod iii.
    transform into beast-man when activated by Selene, sharp claws, enhanced senses + agility
    *D* (net)--New Mutants I#22

BLACK ROOK - see RED QUEEN of Earth-998--XMan


BLACK ROSE (Roxanne Simpson) - consort and creation of Blackheart, possibly returned to Earth and human form by Noble Kale
    (MKE)--Ghost Rider III#77, 78(named) (79-81, 83, 86,87, 89-93, Ghost Rider: Finale

BLACK ROTTER - see WILL CHANCE--ClanDestine#2?

BLACK SANDS - movie starring Moira Brandon as Cleopatra
    --Avengers West Coast #100/2 (fb)

BLACK SANTAS - members of Damnation Army, collected drug and liquor donations for homeless people, ran in Summer Solstice Burnout, killed when Deadpool replaced trophy with bomb
    --Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu#1 (1d)

BLACK SCHOOL - (Jack Riley, Daimon Hellstrom imposter) - originated in Iceland, branched to San Francisco

BLACK SEA dimension (People of the Black Sea) - Earthlike, telepathic natives claim to have ruled Atlantis in past until forced to flee from religious persecution
    (app)--[Daredevil I#77], Sub-Mariner I#40 ([40(fb), DD77], IM40

BLACK SEERS of YIMSHA of the Hyborian era (Master of Yimsha, 4 others, acolytes) - Himelian mystics, allied with Yezdigerd against Vendhya, abducted Yasmina,     slain by Conan + Kerim Shah + Irakzai hirelings
    - BLACK CIRCLE*--Savage Sword of Conan#16 (17-19

BLACK SHADOW - pre-cataclysmic era god/demon

BLACK SHADOW/WHITE SHADOW - destructive creatures of pure energy manifested by nearly mindless paranoid schizophrenic chinese mutant, placed in asylum in past after powers discovered, killed everyone there and began to attack and destroy cities around him, mutant killed himself by jumping onto wolverine's claws.
    black shadow would destroy everything in his path until driven away by white shadow, contact with any of the shadow forms would freeze living beings solid
    *D* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#39 (45(fb), 39,40, 42-47d)

BLACK SHUCK - spawn of Garm, battled Solomon Kane
    --Serpent War#1

    --Moon Knight I#16

BLACKSMITH (Winslow Smith) - ucwf
    --Thing I#29

    earth-morgan, queen’s vengeance
(app-emorgan)—Avengers III#2,5(named) (2,3)

BLACKSMITH (    ) - Desert Stars, replaced by Skrull?
    --Avengers: Initiative#16

BLACKSMITH (    ) - Desert Stars, Skrull infiltrator, identified and slain by Skrull Kill Krew
    --Avengers: Initiative#16

BLACK SNAKE (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#55

BLACK SPECTRE - female warriors entranced and led by Mandrill, weaponry supplied by one of Justin Hammer's companies
    - FEM FORCE*--Shanna#5, (named) DD I#108 (109, MTIO#3, DD110-112-->FemForce)

BLACK SPECTRE (Carson Knowles) - embittered Vietnam veteran, ran for city council, apparently killed when kicked off a building by Moon Knight
    --Moon Knight I#25 ([IV#1], 2-4, VI#15-18, 19d)

BLACK STARS - Elite Guard of the Union Defense Corps
    --Starjammers#1 (6

BLACKSTONE - treasured object of the Worms of the Earth, stolen by Bran Mak Morn and used to force them to slaughter Titus Sulla and his Roman legions
  --Worms of the Earth; Savage Sword of Conan#17/4

    (net-gold)--(g) Blackstone the Magician#2

BLACKSTONE 2099 ( ) - leader of Total Recall.
    form warp portals
    --Fantastic Four 2099#2 (3

    --Marvel Mystery Comics#63

BLACK STRANGER of the Hyborian era - demon, guarded the Treasure of Tranicos, used by Thoth-Amon to slay a Kordavan for Valenso, later summoned by Thoth to kill Valenso after his betrayal, slain by Conan with silver and fire
    - Guardian of the Treasure of Tranicos*, Demon of the Cave* *D*--Treasures of Tranicos; Savage Sword of Conan#47 (48(fb1+2), 47, 48d)

    --USA Comics#17

BLACKSUN (Raymond + Thomas Lightner) - see MYSTERIUM.
    father + son merged from 1936 to present
    (OH2006#7-mysterium, app-mysterium)--Marvel Two-In-One#21 (22, 23, 58(fb)-->Nth Man)

BLACK SUPER SOLDIERS (Isaiah Bradley, Maurice Canfield, Sgt. Lucas Evans, Jack Harvey, Hester, Larsen, Pitts, Plumb)
 - soldiers from Camp Cathart, forced into experimentation to test out the super soldier process;
    Six survived the process, but all but Bradley died during a trip to Europe; 
    US government attempted to erase/destroy all evidence of the project
    *D*--Truth: Red, White, & Black#1 (2-6

BLACK SWAN ( ) - assassin, badly beat Deadpool to try to push him out of his "noble" profession, minds/powers/personality temporarily swapped with Deadpool and Nijo, eventually slain by combined efforts of Agent X + Deadpool + Outlaw + Taskmaster, body stuffed by taxidermist
    Telepathic powers, wipe memories and functions from others' brains
    (app)--Deadpool III#65 (68(fb), 65-68, Agent X#14(fb), 13-15

    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#170

BLACK TALON (Pascal Horta) - an artist whose right hand (his painting hand) was crushed in a car accident. A surgeon transplanted the hand of Strangler Burns, a Black murderer who wanted to atone by donating his body to science, to the artist. The artist then claimed "the corpuscles of the dead killer's hand invaded my blood-stream -- slowly seizing control of my brain", forcing him first to paint, and then to create, scenes of death. 
    Inspired by the film The Hands of Orlac, or more likely its later remake with Peter Lorre, Mad Love, neither of which used the race angle. Dunno who's to blame for that one
--Captain America Comics #9 (December 1941) -  "The Case of the Black Talon" (
Young Allies#2

BLACK TALON (Desmond Drew) - voodoo witch doctor, son of Mama Limbo, leader of the Cult of the Dark Lord, posed as living loa to carry out the will of Mama Limbo, exposed as imposter, killed by followers
    *D* (D#2, M, Mystic Arcana, app)--Strange Tales I#172 (172(fb), [172], 173, Tales of the Zombie#6/5d)

BLACK TALON (Samuel David Barone) - Lethal Legion, wore same costume as Drew, created X-Humed, operated out of New Orleans
    (D#2,M)--Avengers I#152 (WCA II#2(fb),[Av151],152,[WCA II#1],V+SW II#1,WCA II#2,V+SW#2 WondM II# Shulk II#33-35 Captain America I#410-414, Deadpool III#29, Underworld#4-5

BLACK TALON (Thibodaux Boudreaux) - worshipped Duck Deity, eventually destroyed by him
    (app)--Howard the Duck II#9 ([9(fb)], 9

BLACK TARANTULA (Carlos LaMuerto) - criminal mastermind of Argentina, former ally of Fortunato, allegedly is an identity passed down from father to son over six hundred years, original was a scholar + warrior on Marco Polo’s first expedition to China, trained by mysterious sect of assassins, given their secret of immortality.
    allegedly immortal warrior, superhuman strength, heal others, uses men with shaved heads + energy weapons
    (1990s, net/spiderfan)—Amazing Spider-Man I#419 (shadows), 432 (435(fb), Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula#1 (fb), 431(fb), Daredevil II Annual#1 (fb), AmzSp#419, 420, 421/2, 422, [423], 424, [425,426], 428, 432, [433], [Wolv123(fb),123], A434, 435, 436(fb), 436, Spider-Man Unlimited#22, Daredevil II#82, 85-86, Daredevil II Annual#1, Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula#1

BLACK TARANTULA of Earth-982 (Fabian LaMuerto) - son of Carlos, crimelord, conquered the Scriers to stop them from assassinating Spider-Girl
    SCRIER PRIME*--[Spider-Girl#61], 64 ([61], 62, [63], 64-66, [69,70], 72, [73, 74], 75, 76-78, 79, 97-98, 99-100, [Amazing Spider-Girl#3], 4-6

"BLACK TEARS" of the Hyborian era - demoness, summoned to Akhlat by sorcerer to enforce his rule, eventually slew him and oppressed city until slain by Conan.
     Immortal and virtually invulnerable, had 3rd eye on forehead that could siphon life force of others and turn them into stone, eye is the only vulnerable spot
  *D*--Black Tears; Savage Sword of Conan#35

BLACK THORN ( ) - Imperial Guard, plant creature
    --Uncanny X-Men#157?, X-Men: Spotlight on the Starjammers#2

BLACKTHORN of Eurth ( ) - alternate dimensional counterpart of Hawkeye, Champions, raised Stvaan after Captain Avalon was sent into the past along with Dreadlord
    -PRESTOR JOHN? (app-eurth)--Avataars#1 (1(fb),2(fb),3(fb), 1-3

BLACK TIDE - poisonous bacteria released into New Atlantis by Tipton Chemicals, killed several Atlanteans until it was eradicated by gamma machine built by Bruce Banner
    —Hulk/Sub-Mariner Annual 1998

BLACK TIGER (Abe Brown, Brillalae) - legendary hero fo Murkatesh.
    wore dark head dress+ robe
    - BLESSED ONE (app)--[Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#20/5], 29/3 ([20/5, 21/5, 22/5, 23/3,24/4, 26], 29/3, 30, 32/3, Power Man/Iron Fist#81(fb), 82,
Marvel Age Annual#1

BLACK TIGER of Earth-93060 ( ) - mercenary agent of Dragon Fang, had ultra enhancments
   (app)--Solution#1 (6(fb), 1, 15-17

BLACK TIGERS - terrorists, opposed by Crime-Buster, Iron Fist, & Power Man
    --Power Man/Iron Fist#105

BLACK TOAD (Chuck McArthur) - @ World War II, former manager of Brooklyn Badgers, killed two players and the owner in an attempt to gain ownership of the team, defeated by Captain America + Bucky, leapt to apparent death when unmasked.
    wore black costume + cap + half-mask with pointed ears, used poison darts
    -TOAD* *D*  (app)--(g) Captain America Comics#7/2


BLACK TOM SAVAGE of Earth-Amalgam - see SAVAGE, BLACK TOM (app-gh)--[Generation Hex#1-letters?]

BLACK VULTURE of Earth-Amalgam - Vulture + Black Condor, Sinister Society
Magnetic Men featuring Magneto#1

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