BLOOD (Atrocity, Caretaker, Embyrre, Foundry, Metarchus, Patriarch, Ranter, Raydar, Regent, Rubach, Salome', Seer, Truthsayer)
    - original allies of Spirits of Vengeance, former guardians of the Medallion of Power
    (app)--(caretaker) Ghost Rider III#25, 28; (blood) Spirits of Vengeance#14 (GR III#42+43(fb), [Marvel Comics Presents#145/4(fb)], SoV#16(fb), SoV#14, Morbius#17, Marvel Comics Presents#146, Midnight Suns Unlimited#4

BLOOD of the GODS of the Hyborian era - valuable gems of Alwazir, cast into the Vilayet Sea by him due to the deaths caused by the seeking of the gems, unknowingly still sought by Vallon + Conan
    --Savage Sword of Conan#28 (28(fb1, 3)

BLOODAXE - evil spirit within Executioner (Skurge)'s axe, possessed Jackie Lukus, then Thunderstrike
    -EXECUTIONER* (M)--Thor I#449, 450/3 (Th451,452, Ts1, 9,11, Th455,456, Ts16-18, 21-24, Thor II#49, [50]

BLOODBATH (Mordecai Kovax) - son of Emil and Klara, developed blood disease requiring him to drain blood from others, outfitted with armor
  (app)--Midnight Sons Unlimited#2 (2(fb), 2

BLOODBATH - forced Hangman (Jason Roland) to deliver him souls
    --[X-Factor#224.1], (possessing Sally Roland) X-Factor# 225  (2011), (full) X-Factor#227

BLOODBATH - Heavy Metal, cybernetically enhanced shark, fought Brute Force
    (app-Brute Force)--Brute Force#1 (2, 4

BLOODBATH of Earth-93060 ( ) - mercenary, worked for Malcolm Kort, killed Tinsel, killed by Ghoul
    *D* (app)--Exiles (uv) I#1 (2-4d)

BLOOD-BEAST of DAKA-JUR - see GHAMOLA (app-ragashah)--Savage Tales I#9/2

"BLOOD-BEAST" - see ORIZABA, THERESA (app)--Chamber of Chills#5/1

BLOOD BROTHERS ( ) - Hood's army, Roclite twins, former agents of Thanos, sent to Earth during Maximum Security, one apparently slain by Drax the Destroyer
  Immense strength and durability which varies inversely with distance between each other
  (M, AMW, net)--Iron Man I#55 (Marvel Feature I#12, IM#89,80, Avengers I#252, Quasar#12, Maximum Security#1, XMen II#107, MaxSec3, New Avengers#1,2,3(fb)/4(fb), Drax the Destroyer#1-4, New Avengers#35, Annual#2

BLOOD BROTHERS (Izzy(d), Loc(d), Nemo ) - motorcycle gang, enemies of Road Warriors, assisted X-51 against them and XERO and AIM
    Given advanced motorcycles able to morph into battle armor by X-51
    (app)--X-51#10 (11,12

BLOOD BROTHERS of Earth-93060 (Bloodgrip, Bloodtrap, Blood Rattle, Blood Mama)
    - assassinated an ultra for Aladdin
    --Codename: Firearm (uv)#0 (1,2

BLOOD-CHILDREN of OVADA - humans transformed and hosting portion of essence of Ovada
    (app)--Conan the Savage#5

BLOOD CIRCLE (Dr. Theodore Jackson, Henry Sage) - vampire coven, sought to develop Sunwalker formula
    --[Marvel Team-Up II#7]

BLOOD COUNTESS - see BATHORY, ELIZABETH (app)--Dracula Lives#4/5

BLOODCURDLING SCREAMS - heavy metal band

BLOOD EAGLE - virus taken from Uncreated by Black Air.
    attacks blood when victim becomes excited
    --Excalibur I#89, 90(named)

BLOODGEM - power item, conduit for Hellfire Helix, allegedly created by extradimensional race of elders to conquer other dimensions, served as conduit to Alpha + Omega Stones to   empower Guardians of the Galaxy, formerly held by Ulluxy'l Kwan Tae Syn, shattered into fragments by being who would become Ulysses Bloodstone, fragments empowered Ulysses Bloodstone + Maha Yogi + others, apparently required five guardians to complete ritual necessary for their crossing of dimensions
    (app-exo)--Marvel Presents#1 (Rampaging Hulk I#4/2(fb), Thunderbolts#45+46(fb), RampH#8/2(fb1)/MarvPres1(fb)

BLOODGEM - see GODSTONE (app-otherrealm)--Amazing Spider-Man I#124

blood-goddess of debasement - referenced by Mung of Sakaar
    possibly the same as the supreme nine-headed death deity and/or god of carnage--[Punisher War Journal II#12]

BLOODGRIP of Earth-93060 (Carl DeMarco) - Blood Brothers
    --Codename: Firearm(uv)#0

    briefly possessed hammer of Thor 2099
    (app)--Spider-Man 2099#17

BLOODHAWK ( ) - mutant created by genetic experimentations of father, son of Teacher, taken by him and retreated to isolation of island Maura, assisted by Avengers in defeating Monolith, killed when intercepted powerful vibratory force blast designed to fell Thor in order to free Avengers from Stinger.
    Fly, bird-like features and wings, superhuman strength, suffered from periodic bouts of insanity
    *D* (app)--Avengers I#179 (179(fb),179,180d)

BLOODHAWK 2099 (Lemuel Halcon) - XMen2099, environmentalist, guardian of the desert, family killed at age 14, escaped group who wished to experiment on him.
  Transform into red-skinned, winged, savage warrior
  (net)--X-Men 2099#1(2-4,Rav14,15,XM5,Doom14,XM6,9,10,D19-22,XM2099#17,2099 AD#1,20,24,25,31

BLOODHAWK, VLAD of the Hyborian era - see VLAD BLOODHAWK (app-vas)--Red Sonja III#8

BLOODHOUND ( ) - Sensor Squad, cybernetically enhanced olfactory senses, killed by Dr. Doom
    *D*--Moon  Knight III#39

BLOODHOUND of Earth-148611 (Major Edward Zentner) - Clinic, Paranormal Platoon

BLOODHOUND MISSILE - Deviant weaponry, supplied by Kro to Lizard Men to defeat Monster Hunters.
    open to release a set of coils that  ensnare their target
    --Marvel Universe#6

BLOODHOUNDS - Kree armored warriors, hunt out any female that has not had surgery to remove their ability to control men, can track blood across galactic distances
    (app)--Captain Marvel V#13

BLOODHOUNDs of Earth-93060 - dog-like humans, working for Aladdin and Master of the Hunt, sought to capture Freex and Breakdown
    --Freex(uv)#3(4,5, 15/Ultraverse Premiere#9/3

BLOOD LEADER (Stoker Collins) - leader of the vampire-worshipping System cult
    *D* (app)--Morbius#25/2

    able to assume form + memories + abilities + personality of any of ancestors

BLOOD-LUST (    ) -
    --Daring Comics#12

BLOODLUST (Beatta Dubiel) - Polish mutant, Femme Fatales, Band of Baddies, de-powered during M-Day
    enhanced speed + agility, razor sharp claws
  (app-femf)--[Marvel Comics Presents#48],49 (50, AmzSp I#340, 343, [Cap387,388],389-391,[392], Marvel Knights Spider-Man#6, [12?]

    (app)--Spider-Man 2099#35

BLOOD MAMA ( DeMarca) - mother of Blood Brothers
    --Codename: Firearm(uv)#

BLOOD OPAL - magic item used to summon Whole Moon Hawk
    (app-wholemoonhawk)--Dr. Strange III#63

BLOODPACK (Selena, old man/Verdelet) - revenants of Verdelet, rebelled against him, sought to ally themselves with Morbius against him, slain by Verdelet who had infiltrated them as the Old Man
    --Midnight Sons Unlimited#6 (6(fb2, des)

BLOOD RATTLE of Earth-93060 (Barry DeMarco) - Blood Brothers
    --Code: Firearm (uv)#0

BLOODRAVEN of Eurth ( ) - alternate dimensional counterpart of Red Raven, Champions of the Realm, Legion
    --Avataars#2 ([3(fb2)],2(fb1),3(fb1)

BLOODRAVENS (Priestlord) - Avians, violent sect, set bomb which brought the Defenders, summoned the Wayfinder
    --[Defenders II#5], 6 (7

BLOODROSE (Richard Fisk*) - son of Kingpin, opposes plans of father, has drifted back and forth from criminal activity on own
    -SCHEMER*, ROSE* (net)--Web of Spider-Man#89

BLOODRUSH 2020 (Jake Keller) - investigator, set to investigate Red Mist in Bloodrush#1, as part of Red Mist storyline

BLOODS (Carl Lucas, Willis Stryker) - street gang
    --Cage I#2?

BLOODSBANE of earth-blade (Rutaer) - saved from White Worm as a youth by Blade, trained under him as vampire hunter
    --(Rut) Blade#1/2,(Bb) Blade#1/2/2

BLOODSCREAM (     ) - centuries old mutant vampire, ally of Roughouse, agent of Mauvais, former bodyguard to Gen. Coy + agent of Black Tarantula, sought to drink blood of an immortal to gain immortality.
    Cause others to bleed on contact, reputedly only able to be killed by blade not carved by mortal hands, mentally control victims
    BLOODSPORT* (U#1, OH: Wolv, net)--Wolverine II#4, 17(named) (78(fb#2+3), 4,5,6(fb),6,7, 17,18, 77,78,80,82-84,86, X-Men Unlimited#9, Wolv123, Amazing Spider-Man I#435, Marvel Knights Spider-Man#6, [12?], Iron Man IV Annual#1

BLOODSEED (Ellissya, Lysander, Nepenthe, predecessor) - , created by a race of ape-like demi-gods on an planet Themax-2?, given false memories of his life as a king alongside queen Ellisya. The title Bloodseed refers to the champion of the battle to the death of all the Genespawn
    (app)--Bloodseed#1 (1+2(fb), Marvel Frontier Comics Special#1/4, Bloodseed#1,2

BLOODSHADOW ( ) - leader of Coven, killed by Wolverine
    telepathy, black form with red patterns
    *D* (app-coven)--Marvel Comics Presents#132 (133-135, 136d)

BLOODSHADOWS (Carla, Chen, Cyrus Cutter, Glory, Hector) - former depression era gang in New York, taken over by Blade after he was forced to kill Cutter; relocated to London with Blade and became occult-hunters, eventually slaughtered by Lamia, destroyed in modern era by Blade
    --Blade: Vampire Hunter I#6 (6 (fb), Blade III#4 (fb), 5 (fb), 7 (fb), Blade: Vampire Hunter#6 (fb), 6

BLOODSHED (Wyndell Dickinson) - mutated by agents of Phillipe Bazin, brother of Ricky
    (CWBDR, app)--Web of Spider-Man#81 (81(fb1+2), 81, Spider-Man Unlimited#4 (fb), 4, Heroes for Hire II#1, Civil War: War Crimes#1

BLOODSHED of Earth-93060 (Samo Chang) - Dragon Fang, Dragonfire, mercenary with enhancements
    (app)--Solution(uv)#1 (6(fb), 1, 15-17, Ultraverse trading card #49

    demonic creature, pursued Joaquim Naverro
    --X-Men 2099#33

BLOOD SOLDIER - robot used by Fortress, used to test New Genix, allegedly was a replica of ones used to exterminate the mutants during the Horizon Wars;
    Steel Raven took control of the robot to force the New Genix to utilize their abilities to the utmost against it
    (app-ng)--Marvel Comics Presents#175/1 (175/3

BLOOD SPIDER (Michael Bingham) - trained by Taskmaster to duplicate abilities of Spider-Man, hunted Venom (Thompson)
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#367 (Venom II#37

BLOODSTAIN (         ) - trained operatives of Scourge organization, died in battle with USAgent, killed when bullets bounced off his shield
    -SCOURGE I-7*, Mike Walker *D* (app)--USAgent#3 (4(fb), 3, 4

BLOODSTONE - created centuries ago by Kaman-Ru, obtained by Swami Rihva
    Would reveal a map to Kaman-Ru's ancient treasures when bathed in the blood of a supernatural being
    (app-swamirihva)--Werewolf by Night I#7 (7(fb), 7

BLOODSTONES - Fragments of the Bloodgem, which empowered Ulysses and Elsa Bloodstone, Merlin Demonspawn, etc
   (app-exo) --Marvel Presents#1 (...Captain America I#357/2-364

BLOODSTONES - soul fragments collected by Belasco, as he collected each fragment from a soul it became increasingly corrupt; when he filled his pendant with all six bloodstones he would be able to summon the N'Garai to Earth
    --Magik I#1

BLOODSTONES - name for Black Market diamonds

BLOODSTONE, AZTEK of "Earth-22791" - daughter of Elsa, twin sister of Maya, apparent mutant, monster hunter
    (app-defenders22490)--Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions: Bloodstone: Have you met my Sister

BLOODSTONE, ELISE - widow of Ulysses, mother of Elsa and unnamed baby boy
    (app)--Bloodstone#1 ([1(fb)], 1-4

BLOODSTONE, ELSA "ELLIE" - Nextwave, daughter of Ulysses and Elise, ally of Adam/Frankenstein Monster, given Bloodstone choker by Adam; fought Zarko the Flying Squid
    Superhuman strength + durability, immortal
    (OH: Hor, app)--Bloodstone#1 (Nextwave#8 (fb), Bs1-4, [Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters (fbs)], Nextwave#1-12

BLOODSTONE, MAYA of "Earth-22791" - daughter of Elsa, twin sister of Aztek, apparent mutant, monster hunter
    (app-defenders22490)--Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions: Bloodstone: Have you met my Sister

BLOODSTONE, ULYSSES ( ) - Monster Hunters, ally of Frankenstein Monster, former nomad from Vanaheim @ 8000 BC, empowered when fragment of Bloodgem implanted in chest, eventually killed in modern era when gem surgically removed by Conspiracy, managed to destroy gem-monster / Hellfire Helix before withering away.
    past encounter with Fin Fang Foom
    Immortal, enhanced physical abilities, minor telekinesis
    *D* (I#13, D#16, M, OH: BoD, app)--Marvel Presents#1 (1(fb)/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#16/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition#2/Captain America I#357/2(fb), MarvPres2(fb)/OHotMU D#16/Marvel Universe#7(fb), [Rampaging Hulk I#8/2(fb)], OHotMU D#16/Marvel Universe#7(fb), Defenders II#9(fb), [RampHulk#3/2(fb)], [Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty#6/2(fb)], [6/2(fb)]/RampHulk8/2(fb), Cap:SoL#6/2, RampH8/2, 8/2, 8/2, Cap:SoL#6/3, 7(fb), 7, X-Men: Hellfire Club#2, MarvUn7(fb),  OHotMU D#16, RampH8/2(fb), [Bloodstone#4(fb)], Strange Tales I#73/Marvel Universe#4 (fb), MarvUn4(fb), 4-7, [Marvel: Lost Generation#2(fb)], 2, OHotMU D#16, [Bloodstone#1(fb)],[ Marvel Monsters(fb)], MarvPres1,2, [RampHulk#3/2(fb)], [6/2(fb)], 1/2-6/2, 8/2d, Cap357/2+358(skeleton)

BLOODSTONE CHOKER - worn by Elsa Bloodstone
    (app-elsa)--Bloodstone#1 ([1(fb)], 1-4

BLOODSTONE CURIOS - Boston Museum containing numerous artifacts gathered throughout the life of Ulysses Bloodstone

    Boston Mansion established by Ulysses, later transformed into Bloodstone Curios
    (app-elsa)--Bloodstone#1 ([1(fb)], 1-4->Curios)

BLOODSTONE ISLAND - former base of Ulysses Bloodstone (and before that the Gargoyle (Yuri Topolov), located in Largos, Tropic of Cancer (in or near the Caribbean)
    --Rampaging Hulk I#2/2

BLOODSTONE MANOR - see BLOODSTONE CURIOS (app-elsa)--Bloodstone#1


BLOODSTORM - clone of Dracula, possibly merged with Hannibal King and Frank Drake?

BLOODSTORM of Earth-1298 (Ororo Monroe) - the Six, alternate dimensional counterpart of Storm, transformed into vampire by dracula, transformed Gambit into vampire, formerly served by Kitty Pryde and fed off of Forge, given serum by Brute that allows her to control Bloodlust and withstand the sun
    Transform into mist, control vermin, hypnotic stare, control weather
    -STORM *D/R*--Mutant X#1 (12(fb),13(fb) An2000 MutX#1-8,An1999,MutX#9-12 15,16 18,19, 21-23, 24=5, 26(fb1),26, 28-31, Paradise X: Heralds#1-3

BLOODSTORM of Earth-93060 ( ) - mercenary, hired by Vittorio Sabatini

BLOODSTRIKE (Eric Conroy) - Folding Circle, Thunderbolts army, former Chicago enforcer working for Mr. Kellington.
    Mystic markings, superhuman strength + durability
    (OH2006#4-FC)--New Warriors I#17 (21-25, Thunderbolts II#107-108

"BLOOD-SUCKER" - Vampire, killed criminals in San Francisco, confronted by Angel, sought to taste a mutant, attacked him, slain when impaled through the back and chest with a metal pipe by Archangel.
    white eyes, vampirism
    --X-Men: The Curse of the Mutants: X-Men vs Vampires#2

"BLOODSUCKER" - Vampire, imprisoned numerous humans and drained them, attacked Wolverine when he found the safehouse, tried to kill him, told him that Lord Xarus would change mutantkind forever, decapitated by Wolverine.
    white skin, vampirism
    *D--X-Men II#1

BLOODSWORD 2099 - Thorite
    -BLOODHAMMER*, BLOODMACE* *D* (app)--Spider-Man 2099#14 (17, 35d)

BLOODTHIRST - Lilin, possessed Morbius, caused him to murder Louise Hastings
    --[Morbius#1], 20 (Marvel Comics Presents#144

BLOODTIDE (Duke Mannery) - Demon-Fire, mayor of Malevolence, Maine, presided over covens in Malevoence, based within lightouse, killed with own staff by Morbius.        
    Mesmerize others, used staff to focus power, transform into being of living seaweed with shell for head
    *D* (app)--Vampire Tales#4 (5d)

BLOODTIDE (    ) - At'la'tique, Fathom's Five, mutated by pollutants, imprisoned by American authorities
    manipulate water
    (app)--New Thunderbolts#1 ([3 (fb), 2 (fb)], 1, 2?, 3, [4], 5, 6?, [9]

BLOOD TIGERS - cult worshipping _______, cared for Sabretooth after his Adamantium was forcibly removed by Apocalypse
    --Gambit III#8 (9

BLOODTRAP of Earth-93060 (Johnny DeMarco) - Blood Brothers
    --Code: Firearm (uv)#0

BLOODWASH - bio-weapon used by Red Skull
    --Avengers III#

BLOODWING ( ) - Shiar, Crystal Claws, brother of woman killed in explosion of ship, caused by Captain Marvel/Genis, attacked him to try to get his sister to ascend into the Aerie
    --Captain Marvel V#14 (14(fb)

BLOODWITCH of Earth-6706 (    ) - Panther's Bloodforce
    --New Exiles#2 (3-4

BLOODWRAITH (Sean Dolan*) - former squire of Black Knight (Dane Whitman), possessed by Ebony Blade, given magical armor, killed Victoria Bentley, absorbed massive  amounts of energy and power from restless souls of Slorenia, bound to them by Scarlet Witch and trapped in Slorenia.
    Superhuman physical powers, thirst for blood and power
    -BLACK WRAITH* (A-Z#2, card, app)--Avengers Annual#22 (Avengers I#366/2, Namor I#60-62, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1, [Avengers Unplugged#6 (fb)], 6, , Avengers III#37(fb), 36,37, [39?, 40?]

    --USA Comics#16

BLOODY BESS ( ) - Crimson Pirates.
    white skin with red marks around eyes, white hair
    --Uncanny X-Men#384 (385

BLOODY CLAWS - New York gang defeated by Earth Lord
    (app)--Thor I#426/2

The BLOODY CROCODILE (Freeman Mosher) A gardener on the Southern plantation estate belonging to the poor Crawford family, dressed in a crocodile costume and began murdering the estates occupants in order to steal hidden Civil War treasure.
    --Captain America Comics#19/1 (October 1942) “The Case of the Haunted mansion”

BLOODYFLY of Earth-93060 ( ) - empowered by Prof. Papillon
    --Night Man(app) I#17 (18,20

BLOODY MARY - see TYPHOID (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#150(151,SpecSpdm213,214

BLOODY MARY - leader of Bacchae. dark hair, spiked tiara
    --Fantastic Four III#7, (named) Peter Parker: Spider-Man Annual 2000 (F4#7, 20, PP:SpAn2000


BLOOFER LADY - see WESTENRA, LUCY--Stoker's Dracula#3

BLOOM, ASTRID - former Empire State University student, mutant, manipulated own sister to kill parents after they began to neglect her, manipulated Emma Frost to turn her against humanity and to join with her
    telepath, control others
    --[Emma Frost#13], 14 (15(fb), [18(fb)], [13], 14-18

BLOOM, Mr. - father of Astrid
    *D*--Emma Frost#15 (15(fb, dies)

BLOOM, Mrs. - see Mrs. CHILTON
    --Emma Frost#15

BLOOM, LUANN (TIME BUOY#6C) - nurse to Nighthawk, actually a robot created by tribunals ; ; ;
    --Defenders I#98

BLOOM INDUSTRIES (David Joshua Bloom (d) + Richard Bloom ) -weapons technology manufacturer,began superhuman program, stole data from Stane International + Stark Enterprises + Roxxon Oil Company + Power Broker. After David was killed, Richard used the data to develop the technology for tracer
    --Deathlok II Annual#2 (2(fb), 2

BLOTT, BRIGADIER THEOBALD "INKY" - head of F.I.6, killed by Necrom
    *D*--Excalibur I#45 (49

BLOTTO - Movie monster blob which consumed everything in its path, created by Clive, reduced to scrap by Spider-Man. (TV) 
    --Spider-Man (1967): "Blotto"

BLOW DRYER (    ) - threatened outdoor high society party, defeated by Human Torch
    used giant supersonic blow dryer
Hostess Cup Cakes ad "Blown About", published in Micronauts I#27 (March, 1981) and other Marvel books that month.

BLOWFLY ( ) - pilot + slave gatherer for Sultan, partner of Heinrich + Slug + "Brumm + Dudikoff + Opaque + Outback + Red Lens + Smylex," flew Tigra to Sultan’s headquarter and abandoned her there. wore body armor
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#162/3 (163/4, 164/3

BLOWHARD (    ) - Morlocks, Tunnelers, slain by leader of Savage Wolf gang.
    Generate powerful winds focused through pipe
    *D* (D#18-Morlocks, app)--X-Factor I#11

BLOWHARD (Grey ) - mutant, Children of Heaven, served Phillip, left group when Philip was defeated.
    wm, brown hair, unknown power
    (app-coh)--X-Factor I#47 (47(fb)

BLOWHARD, WERNER - B.E.S.T., smashed in face by mace during delusion of Dr. Reich caused by Winda Wester
*D* (app-best)--Howard the Duck II#4/2

BLOWOUT of Earth-148611 (Harley Mook) - Paranormal Platoon, controlled by Ayatollah Khomeni, killed by Nightmask
    *D*--Draft#1 (War#1, 2, 3d)

BLOWTORCH ( ) - costumed professional arsonist, hired to burn down Roscoe Building for insurance money by owner, defeated by Spider-Man.
    Wore heavy armor with flame throwers on wrist
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#67/4

BLOWTORCH of Earth-Thunderguard (Johnny Storm) - Fatal Force


BLOXID - planet on which Rocket was wanted for criminal violations, possibly including this one: posing as a bipedal raccoon, Blackjack O'Hare murdered someone here, framing Rocket.
Rocket Raccoon II#1]

BLUCHER (    ) -
    --All Winners Comics#8

BLUDGEON (Anthony Manning) - empowered by Power Broker, Fangs, former agent of Karl Malus, former partner of Mangler, chest inadvertently severely lacerated by Razorblade.
    bm, strength-augmented, shaved head, used energy blaster, wore a jetpack
    (app)--Captain America I#328 (362/2, 363/2, [364/2], 419

BLUDGEON ( ) - Si-Fan, Cyber-Ninjas, augmented.
    nullify gravity
    (app-cyber)--X-Men II#62, 63(named)

BLUDGEON ( ) - mutant, agent of Ransome Soul, partner of Cudgel.
    enhanced strength + durability, wears cloak
    --Uncanny X-Men#383 (X-Treme X-Men#40-45

BLUDGEONER (    ) - agent of Yellow Claw, partner of Compressor and Transformer, battled the Avengers, killed when detonated self in failed effort to slay the Avengers
    cyborg, hands replaced with giant hammers
    *D* (app-bct)--Avengers I#205 (205d)

BLUE - see DEATH's HEAD (Minion) (app-dh)--Death's Head II#3

BLUE AREA of the MOON - section of Earth's moon with its own earth-like atmosphere, created eons ago by Kree, inhabited by Uatu and formerly the Inhumans
    --Fantastic Four I#13 (Av133(fb)

BLUEBEARD - fairy tale character who took seven wives, killing the first six for disobedience
    --not in MU

BLUEBEARD - see LANDRU, HENRI DESIRE (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#12

BLUE BEARD (Arnold Perril) - Former science editor of the New York Metro newspaper, discovered "neuron rays" to control minds, patterned self after original misogynist, kidnapped four women with plans to kill them
    (app)--Moon Knight II#4

    briefly used gymnastic ability, as well as costume and weapons designed by Jason and Mr. Ionello, sought to become partner of spider-man
    (1990s, net)--Untold Tales of Spider-Man#11 (12,13d)

BLUEBIRD (Zora Loftus) - former police criminologist, built wings designed on those of the Vulture, became a thief, defeated by Spider-Man
    winged costume, fly, ultrasonic weapon
    (app)--Spider-Man Annual 1982

BLUEBIRD BROTHERS - "Color Criminals," defeated by Spider-Man and sent to prison.
    quartet using winged costumes to fly
    (app-cc)--Amazing Spider-Man: A Book of Colors and Days of the Week

    (net-gold)--(g) USA Comics#5

BLUE BLAZE (Spencer Keen)-
    (net)--(g) Mystic Comics#1 (2-4

    first form that Robby Reynolds' psychotic form took
    --Sentry II#5 (5 (fb)

BLUE BULLET (Prof. Jonathon Gold) - World War II, Polish Jew, brother of Golem, concealed own religion, designed armor, forced to work for Nazis when they discovered his true past and threatened to kill his brother, defeated by Invaders who freed him from the Nazis, forced to work for Battle Axis under similar threat, stopped Dr. Death from activating Oscillatron, gunned down by Skyshark.
    Wore a suit of steel armor capable of flight
    *D* (net)--Invaders I#11 (22, Invaders II#3,4d)

BLUE CLOUD, MARY - Lakota, daughter of Elizabeth and unnamed father, ally of Iron Fist, sought by Chi
    precognitive dreams
    Iron Fist III#1 (2-6

BLUE CONDOR () - Euroforce

BLUE DIAMOND (Sol Harriman) - Costumed Nazi spy active during World War II
    --Human Torch Comics#11

BLUE DIAMOND (Elton Morrow) - World War II, Liberty Legion, discovered diamond while exploring the Antarctic, ship shot down by guns from Nazi u-boat, gained power when diamond exploded and impregnated body, retired and married childhood sweetheart after war, returned to anthropology, body began to degenerate as he became elderly, converted into living diamond by Star Dancer and went into space with her, captured and imprisoned by Stranger, freed by Quasar.
    Great strength and durability
    (OH:GA, net)--(g) Daring Mystery Comics#7 (8);
    Marvel Premiere#29 (Invaders#6, MarvPrem30, Marvel Two-In-One Annual#1, MTIO#20, Inv35-37, MTIO#79, [Quas16], Invaders III#2(fb), 9

BLUE DIAMONDS - rare gem found in Africa, sought by Chinese for Maser technology, most destroyed in an explosion
    (app)--Master of Kung Fu I#113

BLUE DIVER (Captain Rogall) - submarine used by group of eco-warriors, attacked by the Darkstar submarine after discovering radioactive waste, saved by Namor
    DEEP DIVER (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#149/3

BLUE EAGLE (    ) - Liberteens
    wears blue wings, uses handguns
    --Avengers: The Initiative Annual#1/3

BLUE EAGLE of Earth-712 (James Dore, jr) - Squadron Supreme, fourth and final identity, son of American Eagle, died when Lamprey drained energy from wings,
  fell to death from broken neck, wings adopted by Skylark
  -AMERICAN EAGLE*, CAP'N HAWK*, CONDOR* *D* (D#12,M)--Squadron Supreme I#2(3-12d)

BLUE EAGLES of Earth-712 - law enforcement division of New World Order, enforce martial law
    --Squadron Supreme: New World Order#1 (Exiles#77

BLUE ERIK OF ILLERYIA - slain by the "City of Dreams"
    --[Marvel Fanfare I#41(fb)]

BLUE GLASS BOTTLE - allegedly brought to Asia from Lilliput by Gulliver, used by Elias Dane, dropped and shattered by him
    shrink and contain others
    *Des* (app-dane)--Tales of Suspense I#34 (34(fb), 34d)

"blue gorilla" - escaped from London Zoological Society, came under control of the Giger as their special enforcer, died trying to kill Wolverine and Doc Samson
    *D* (app-giger)--Marvel Comics Presents#137 (138, 139, 141, 142d)

BLUE HOUSE - shelter for women and children in trouble, supported by Invisible Woman
    --Marvel Holiday Special 2004/3

BLUE LIGHT (    ) - see LUMIRE BLEUE, la
    --Fantastic Four#541

BLUE MAN - see KANG (I#6, D#6, M, ME, Young Avengers Director's Cut, OH: Av2005)--

BLUE MARVEL (Adam Bernard Brashear) - US Marines during Korean war, mutated by anti-matter energies, served as costumed hero until exposed as African-American, convinced to go into hiding to avoid interfering with developing Civil Rights movement in US by President Kennedy; married Marlene Frazier/Agent 314/Candace; came back out of hiding in modern times to stop Anti-Man
    (OH: A-Z U2010#1)--Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel#1 (2009)

BLUE MARVEL - duplicate of Marvel Boy/Grayson created by Thanos from Eon's bod using Infinity Gauntlet, persisted for some time but mentally deteriorated
    -MARVEL BOY/Grayson duplicate* (app)--Quasar#26; (BM) Quasar#41 (26,27, 40-43

BLUE MAX 2099 (Maxine Sands)-
    --[Punisher 2099#10], 14 (27

BLUEPRINT MATRIX - alleged point of origin of the multiverse
    --Hell's Ang#5

BLUE SHARK (     ) - New Genix.
    superhuman strength + speed + durability + vision, wm, blond
    (app-ng)--Marvel Comics Presents#150, 175(named)

BLUE SHIELD (Joseph Cartelli) - gained power from long-term exposure to belt of unknown origin, infiltrated mob to expose and destroy them, head of security at Project Pegasus, briefly served as test subject.
    Enhanced physical abilities, generate protective force field
    (I#2,M,net)--Dazzler#5 (14, [Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,2],3, Marvel Age Annual#1, Captain America I#352, Quasar#8, Marvel Super-Heroes III#3/5(fb), 3/5, Quas51,52, 57, Avengers III#6, Amazing Spider-Man#549], 550

BLUE SKY - codename for Worldmaker Engine; benevolent terraforming/weather control technology conceived by Tony Stark; shelved in favor of government funded weaponized Winterman technology in hopes of reverse-engineering technology from it
    WORLDMAKER ENGINE*--Free Comic Book Day 2010 (Iron Man/Thor)

BLUE STONE of Eurth ( ) - alternate dimensional counterpart of Blue Diamond, Legion of Liberty, Champions of the Realm
    (app-eurth)--Avataars#2 ([3(fb2)], 2(fb1)

BLUE STREAK (Don Thomas) - S.H.I.E.L.D. I Super-Agents, double agent of Corporation, exposed as traitor by Vamp and badly beaten by her to prevent him from exposing her, killed by Scourge.
    Wore rocket-powered roller skates and later an armored suit
    *D* (D#16, app)--Captain America I#217 (218,228,229, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition#20: Blue Streak, [Cap318(fb)], 318d)

BLUE STREAK (Jonathan Swift) - Ricadonna's Rogues, Fast Five, inherited equipment from Thomas, mutated by Skrull organ transplant
    --Heroes for Hire II#3 (4
    Valkyrie: Jane Foster#1

BLUE STREAK (    ) -

BLUE STREAK of Earth-982 ( ) - Dream Team, Avengers.
    female, enhanced speed, blue hair
    --A-Next#4 ( AN#12,SpG#13,WildTh II#4/2 SpG#25, Last Hero Standing#1-5

BLUE TALON (Yamura) - agent of Damon Dran, killed when punched into gas main.
    Skilled swordsman, martial arts
    *D* (app)--Daredevil I#92d

BLUE TOTEM - see KANG (I#6,D#6,M,ME, Young Avengers Director's Cut, OH: Av2005)--Avengers: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow

BLUETOOTH ATHENA - sword of Avona
    --Civil War#7, (identified) Order II#1 (2

BLUE WAIL of Earth-982 -see PHIL URICH.
    former superhero identity, sonic powers

BLUMBURTT, PHIL of Earth-Howard the Duck movie adaptation - assistant to Dr. Jenning, sought to become a world renown scientist, helped Howard banish the Dark Overlord
    (app-darkoverlord)--Marvel Super Special#41

    --Thor I#229 (231,232, 236, 238,239, Dr. Strange II#30, [54(fb)]

"BLUNDERBOLT WOSS" of Earth-81113 - pursued Hulk-Hare
    (app-Hulk-Hare)--Marvel Super Heroes II#103

BLUNDERBUSS of Earth-58163 - mutant, bouncer, friend of Angel Salvadore, possessed and killed by Proteus
    *D*--Exiles I#69 (69d

BLUNDERBUSS ROSS and the Hulkbustin' Posse of Earth-84112 - sheriff, pursued Two-Gun Hulk in wild west setting
    (app-Two Gun Hulk)--Marvel Super Heroes II#104

BLUR of Earth-148611 (Jeffrey Walters) - DP7, Paranormal Platoon
    *D* (DP7#19)--DP7#1 ( Justice#16, Psi-Force#29/2

BLUR of Earth-Supreme Power (Stanley Stewart) - counterpart of the Whizzer
    ATLANTA BLUR--Supreme Power#1, (named) #4 (1, 3, 4

BLURRY ( )-bianca laniege's dwarves.
    superhuman speed
    (app-bl)--Generation X#40 (42,44

BLURZZ race - Transport ship crashed on Sloggo-Prime, rapidly had 83 generations and believed the crater valley to be their holy land, left when the Sloggs brought the issue to trial under She-Hulk
    Hyper accelerated bird creatures
    (app)--She-Hulk III#7 ([7(fb)], 7

BLUSH - nightclub, associated with Professor van Hosen and the Pink Lady

BLUSTAR - Darbian, lobotomized servant of the Byan’Hantandu, attempted to retake object of interest from Cloak
    --Cloak+Dagger III#3

BLUTO - criminal, agent of Roberto DeNatale
    (app-den)--Amazing Spider-Man I#262

BLYTHE, JILLIAN - Daily Bugle reporter
    (app)--Spider-Man's Tangled Web#11 (20

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